Anubis - man`s best friend

The research concerning German Truestory, as it covers nearly 2500 years, is quite comprehensive. I have 80% completed but it will take a little longer. I therefore post a very short note "in between", which is in fact closely related to my current work. I am getting a lot of help in my research. There is a powerful helper that all of us have, most of us know, but hardly anyone of us recognizes. I wish to introduce you to this helper.

Anpu/ Anubis statue assuming a basic Yoga posture

Greek Anubis is known to most people, less known as the original Anpu, "guide of dead" and/ or Apuat, "opener of the way". What is not understood at all today is the identity and function of Anubis. First of all, he is a Neter. This means, he is a force of nature within us. One of the natural concepts that control our interior. As such, he is not a real, physical being, but also not just a theoretical concept of mind. He is what we would call a "god", but this English term is more confusing than helpful. Better to get acquainted with the term "Neter", it is much closer to reality, natur(e).

Anubis in the weighing of the heart ceremony in the hall of Ma`at

In this blog post, you will not only be shown who Anubis is and what he does for us. In addition, you will also be shown how African spirituality works and how the Egyptian Neteru are to be understood. On one side, it is so simple that it can be taught to 6-year olds (even though it is too early in life for this kind of thinking, but the understanding can be prepared, so the adult will be able to activate the right brain hemisphere more easily). On the other hand, there is such a high level of genius behind the Khemau way of thinking that thorough understanding is an undertaking that must span over decades or even a lifetime. It is a right brain, associative exercise and the longer we reflect over the Neteru and the deeper we go within (meditate), the more knowledge will add itself over time, as more neuro pathways get connected and the Christian "Great wonder in heaven" unfolds, which is the connection of the two brain hemispheres and activation of the 90% dormant brain cells and what our modern scientists in their boundless ignorance call "junk DNA".

Anubis is a canine. Whether he sits on a block of stone, whether he stands on two legs or on four, whether he has a human or canine body, whether he has black or grey fur, is not that important for a basic understanding. The functions of Anubis in mythology are suited for advanced understanding of cosmology. So once you have grasped the basic concept, you can move on to studying his place within the pantheon of Neteru (natural principles within you). Plutarch describes him as son of Asar and Nebt-het (sister of Aset). He is the messenger of Asar. The roles of Anubis in the various rituals are cornerstones to further understanding. But first things first - what must first be accomplished is to understand the canine analogy and this is achieved by simply reflecting over the attributes that make a dog a dog:

1. Dogs are loyal
dogs can be domesticated and then become very closely, emotionally tied to human beings. They even mourn if the master dies. Loyalty never fades, as long as the creature is treated well and respect is maintained.
Be loyal to yourself and others as long as you are treated well.

2. Dogs are content
if basic needs are satisfied, dogs tend to be very happy creatures. They display great joy when the master pays attention to them, when they receive food, when they are stroked. They are very positive creatures.
Think positive! Appreciate what you have and you will lead a happy life.

3. Dogs protect 
if there is a threat to the alpha animal, the human master, dogs can become ferocious and violent and fight to their death against enemies
It is your duty to defend yourself and loved ones. It is your duty and right to do this in a ferocious way. Be kind and loving but never let others step over you.

4. Dogs are social 
They live in packs and there are clear hierarchies within a pack and the strongest animal is the natural leader. Food is shared within the pack.
We should have strong, natural leaders who care for the human pack. Whoever does not suit these simple attributes is no leader and should be replaced. Sharing is an important principle that allows the entire group to prosper.

5. Dogs process language
even though dogs do not understand the meaning of words, the sound of words can be taught to them and they can act accordingly. Only very few animals have this capacity
Actually we are the same. Words are meaningless sound containers, but we process a meaning out of them and act accordingly. Words are hugely important for expressing our needs to others. Careful selection of words and an effective rhetoric are vital for being successful in life. Our loyalty and value as member of the community can be measured according to the truth of our words. Liars are sooner or later exposed.

6. Dogs can learn 
Dogs are among the few animals that can be taught, that can be educated and that can learn while growing up and improve their character
Same for human beings.

7. Dogs listen
Dogs have a very fine hearing sense, they can adjust their ears like antennas. When they hear a strange noise, they freeze and listen very intensely.
Listening is a very powerful tool in life. It is the basis for any kind of understanding. We can listen to words, but also to the "languages" of nature. Nature is the greatest teacher, so the listening faculty is the pathway to higher learning and illumination. 

8. Dogs have a fantastic olfactory sense
Dogs can smell things that have existed months or years ago, things that are not within the range of perception of human beings. They can sniff out almost anything, their sense of smell cannot be fooled
We, too should try to cultivate our ability to "smell out" things, to listen to our intuition, to activate right brain thinking greatly enhances this ability. We must try to smell out the bullshit around us. Belief and trust are often based on good intentions, but in this world they usually lead to disaster, because naivety and belief without verification sooner or later get punished. 

9. Dogs bark
when something is not right, dogs speak out and make themselves heard very clearly. Their voice is loud and powerful. Of course this can at times also be annoying and overdone or a sign of fear
When we witness injustice around us or when we or the people around us are treated in the wrong way, we have the duty to speak out with loud and clear voice. Let truth be known! Shout at injustice! Make yourself heard! The downside we all know, there are certain people who love to hear themselves talk and make a lot of noise about nothing. This should be avoided.

10. Dogs dig
for some strange reason most dogs love digging in dirt or sand
This is one of the most important attributes of Anubis. We too must dig deeply, which means to research information. We cannot expect to live in freedom if we don`t make an effort to dig in the dirt. Whenever we are presented with information, we need to start digging. It should actually be a pleasure! Especially in the age of WWW, there is not a thing under the sun that cannot be studied online. Anything you wish to dig into, help yourself! 

11. dogs are scavengers
in wilderness, canine animals tend to eat the dead
The "dead" have always been an analogy for people living in the flesh. We are the dead. This great analogy is maybe the deepest part of the wisdom. Out thinking and speaking (including internal dialogues), whichever nature it may be, tends to consume us during life. Only wild dogs consume the dead. Domesticated dogs do not do this, they follow the master`s voice. 

Anubis in a yoga position signalling that he is true of heart
Try this position yourself, it is very powerful

These attributes spontaneously came to my mind. There are likely more. The Khemau analogies are perfect in their selection. Anubis is by far our best friend during physical life. He is our way of operating our speech faculty, because our speech works not only as communication tool to others - it also serves as thinking bridge internally, for our internal dialogues. What you tell yourself is influenced by Anubis and in turn influences your life. He is the one who can "open the way" to higher thinking. He is guiding you through your life. He is not fully under your control, because you are walking your stars on Earth, but if treated well, he will be very loyal to you and serve you well and facilitate your life.

But beware! Anubis is also one of the two great corruptors, tempters and seducers. He can play great tricks on you and accomplish exactly the opposite in your life, ergo mislead you and block the way (to learning). In our time language has been decayed to word containers. The cymatic/ vibrational effect hardly ever corresponds to the intended meaning. Words can be used for great lies. You can be literally caged within the language that you use. I have posted two extensive blog entries on this topic and explained how and why this is the case and how it can be avoided.

Anubis acting as embalmer (preserver) of mummified Asar
A cultivated speech center makes the eternal self incorruptible

In star lore, the great truth written in the heavens, Anubis is associated with the Dog Star Sirius, who loyally follows his master Osiris, our eternal nature/ DNA. Stars are far more powerful than planets. They are much older, more advanced and produce their own light. Planets merely reflect light and "color" it. Sirius has a purging nature - he purges impurities in our birth charts, things in our lives that are not harmonious. His heliacal rising signaled the opening of the Egyptian year (the exterior opening of the way). Sirius is our sun`s father, as I have explained in my blog entry about the Sphinx (misnomer). In Christian myth, which is based entirely on a reduced and diluted version of Khemau mythology (and some elements of other religions), we are told about creation being done through words. The WORD was first made flesh (incarnation) and later made truth (Maakheru). being true of word is one of the highest spiritual goals in life. This refers to spoken words, but much more importantly, the words that we speak to ourselves internally.

Are you afraid of Anubis yet?

Oh I forgot, this is what Hollywood makes of Anubis - an aggressive predator, a wild animal, a war lord. Believe you me, the current ruling system of power, which uses Hollywood as propaganda central disguised as "entertainment" does not want you to understand and cultivate Anubis within you. A cultivated, healthy Anubis makes people impossible to fool. They sniff out the bullshit.

Time to revive this great deity, this great patron of a healthy society. 
All hail Anubis, our greatest friend!


The science of money

This is a another post that continues on the theme of "the 144.000 that shall be saved" mentioned in Revelation. The zodiac wheel, when properly understood, serves to explain all things in this universe, no matter on which scale, no matter whether hidden (spirit) or seen (matter). There are 12 energies active on each planet of any solar system and these are distributed according to the shape of the ecliptic, the travelling speed (length of solar year), the obliquity of the ecliptic (varying under magnetic pull of Sun and Moon, causing the Great Year), the rotation speed of the planet (day and night), the rotation of the solar system and finally, the rotation of the milky way itself. The 12 forces are a matrix combination of three modes (creation, existence, destruction) and four states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma, see here).

One of these 12 forces is the existence of solids, this is a force related to physical matter that can be experienced with the 4 senses. In the Zodiac this mode/ state of matter is symbolized as Taurus, the Bull. Taurus stands for the formation of electro-magnetic torus (Taurus) fields, which is the creation step the universe takes for creating a plasma sphere (sun), which in turn creates through torus fields the illusion of what we perceive as dense matter through photon rays (planet Earth). The word "Money" and "Moon" are based on the same root word and the Moon rules cardinal water (Cancer) - and indeed money behaves a lot like water, and we speak of things like cash flow, liquidity, current-sea (currency), off-shore, (sand) banks, economy drying up, etc. Monetary supply to an economy is like a water faucet: if you turn it on and let it flow freely, the economy will boom; if the faucet is closed, there will be a recession and the economy "dries up". Simple as that. Economic theorists eat your heart out. At the time this blog entry is written, central banks have opened their faucets completely, but the money flow gets stuck on the (sand) banks, which is intentional.

The Moon exalts in Taurus!

Just like the Moon, money is a main driver of human thought, emotion and action

Just like the Moon moves all water (and remember, the human body is 7/8 water), Money is the term for the great fiat power that moves all dense matter. Just like the Moon has no light of its own, money itself is worthless and powerless, but through money (or through reflected photons), anything physical on Earth can be moved or controlled, this includes people, resources and lands. In our times everything physical can be traded, bought and sold through fiat money, so it is perfectly represented by Taurus, the Bull. What are the secrets of money? What leads to loss of money? What attracts money? What is the behavior of money? To those who apply astrology and know the secrets of the life wheel, there is no need for any type of financial counseling or advice from financial "experts". All that is needed is astrology (true logic), the adaptation of celestial lessons to mundane phenomena.

I am TAURUS: money/ wealth, the great physical fiat power
I have GEMINI: my wealth is business, communication and all commercial activities. I naturally own communication channels, newspapers and all corporations. Whoever controls me, ultimately rules all communication and commercial enterprises. I have two faces - I give people (physical) power but I also cause their (spiritual) ruin. In esoteric circles it is said that it is a luxury to be born poor. In this way I have both Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hide in me.
I think CANCER: my thinking, communicating and enterprising is all about feeding things and creating a sense of belonging for myself. This is why advertising for financial services is usually clothed in arguments of "family" and "home" and "finding peace" and aimed at arousing great emotions (usually fear and greed). The more of me people receive, the greater their hunger for more will be. But people are deceived by advertising and the image they have about me, because my thinking is to find a home and peace for myself, not for the people who own me. I like to find rest in big accounts, I may rain in small drops, but I always like to flow back towards the sea. I easily slip through the fingers, only when I find rest in a lake (large account), I can remain still.

I feel LEO: my happiness is to show off and this is why there is a huge market for luxury articles. People who receive a lot of me and don`t show me off, become unhappy. Old money and great fortunes bring great pride with them, even though great fortunes are in generated by dominating other people (piracy, drug trade, people trafficking, war, banking, big oil, etc). I feel like a king because I can buy anyone and anything in this world. No matter in which way I am accumulated - my accumulator will feel pride and this pride requires the accumulator to show me off in some way. Old money is smart and doesn`t show off to the public, but it is by my very nature required that I am at least shown off to other old money. Status symbols are a must. I force people to have them. My happiness is also to settle down and have children (generate interest).
I will VIRGO: my pride and joy is to have employees who work for me. All physical things on Earth serve me and this includes the brains of many people. I rejoice when I am being analyzed, budgeted, grouped and well organized. The better I am conservatively taken care of and serviced, the stronger I get.
I analyze LIBRA: my enemy is marriage and partnership, because close relationships usually don`t work out well when there is a lot of me involved. Expensive divorces can separate me and diminish my power. I generate greed, so close relationships of any kind can quickly become my enemies. My enemy is also the law and contracts of any kind, because they can set boundaries to my power. My enemy is also the law of universal balance, because such natural rules force me to unite and divide against my will.

I balance SCORPIO: my partner is egoistic desire, greed and jealousy and I go hand in hand with both creating and satisfying these motives. I transform people when they see or receive too much or too little of me, such transformation can be to the animal level or to higher aims. Both ways are possible through either having too little or too much of me. I therefore balance myself in the transformation of people. My partner is also sexuality, because material wealth attracts the opposite sex. I also naturally bring great trials to people, e.g. temptations, material losses and gains, strong ego focus (lower three chakras, also called the "devil", which is planet Mars, ruler of Scorpio). My partner is also mystery, because I like to hide myself in obscurity and in fact I have to do it to protect myself. My partner is also a strong focus.
I desire SAGITTARIUS: dangerous for me are long travels, because I am passed through many hands. Dangerous for me is also too much optimism and risk taking, because it can lead to losses. Dangerous is also too much truth and sense of right and wrong, because my accumulation is usually connected to deception and activities that exploit others. Generosity and higher philosophy are also a danger to me.
I see CAPRICORN: my luck/philosophy is social status. The more of me someone has, the higher this person will be in the (occult) power hierarchy. Climbing the social ladder is connected to my ownership and my ownership in turn also defines hierarchy. My luck is that through me all physical things on Earth can be built. If there is enough of me, there is nothing (physical) that cannot be achieved. I never take impulsive decisions but take aggressively what I want. My philosophy is also to be self-centered, in my view I exist for myself, not for others.

I use AQUARIUS: my success is that I can make dreams come true. I use secret brotherhoods and also philantrophic channels that are disguised as humanitarian Foundations, which at the same time allow me to avoid paying taxes. I use knowledge and friends and networks to achieve my goals, which means, great fortunes naturally tend to conspire.
I know PISCES: my secret hope and dream is chaos and dissolution. I know the value of belief systems, in fact I am based on a belief system myself, because if people don`t believe in me, I lose my value very quickly. I know that I have hidden enemies, who long for my possession.
I believe ARIES: my loss is caused by impulsive behavior and spontaneous, uncontrolled actions, like spontaneous spending. I also lead to losses if purely egoistic motives prevail and my owners are too selfish or arrogant.

As can be seen from the twelve forces influencing money, money is the great dividing tool of the Piscean Age, and we will eventually be forced to get rid of it and acknowledge that it doesn`t work for humanity any longer, it is blocking our progress. There are thousands of examples where money is blocking progress, just think about planned obsolescence (computers, light bulbs, car tires, etc), patents being blocked by big oil companies and old money protecting itself against progress in society. The prison industry in the United States is a great example to show how money enslaves us. This industry is booming like crazy and this is only for money, nothing else.

For enlightened people, money has no function whatsoever. It is money that keeps us from meeting the farmers next door, because we run to the supermarket. It is money that keeps us trapped in the mortgage plan and in the jobs we dislike. It is money that causes greed and envy in us. It is money that triggers theft, violence and murder. It is money that causes people to lose their touch with reality. It is money that emphasizes and cultivates the lower, animal side of people. It is money that gives us fear of loss, fear of the future and fear of other people. It is money that separates society into classes. It is money that separates us from being independent and self- sufficient. It is money that finances and creates all wars. It is money that is currently impoverishing the countries of Europe, robbing our savings through negative interests and inflation and enabling high finance to take our assets. It is money that is destroying peace and creating hatred.

Money is of course only a tool - it can be used for good and bad. But who is holding this tool in hand? Who decides whether to do good or bad things with it? Certainly not the politicians certainly not the people. In Europe ever since the Bank of England was created in 1694, there has been no real money that works in favour of society. Try the central bankers and billionaire Foundations and you are getting closer. Try the RCC, which has been hoarding wealth in the form of lands, people and money beyond imagination and you are hitting the bull`s eye. As soon as fiat power is created, it becomes prone to abuse by people with low motives.

Natural tribes have no money, no police, no written law and no prisons. These things are not required for a functioning society of civilized human beings. They are phenomena of a materialist, uncultivated, uneducated, uncivilized, morally decayed, dummed-down society, which unfortunately is what we live in today. The level of education is still falling...how low can we go? I say, much lower.

"Primitive" means to be first. Is it always bad to be primitive?
"Modern" means to be of current fashion. Is it always good to be modern?

In these modern times it is about time we get more primitive and civilized again. I can already hear the critics "I don`t want to live as a caveman again" - well, if we keep the money system, this might just happen, because money naturally leads to war (I know Pisces and I believe Aries).

If you want to be stinking rich, this is easy - just move up the ladder in any part of society and sell yourself out. Those of us who assist most in distracting and dominating our fellow human beings, are paid the highest salaries, have you noticed? Bankers, starlets, sports stars, actors, judges, ....

as long as a nurse earns less than a banker, society is damaged.


The science of marriage

The term Honeymoon is referring to the Beehive cluster in Cancer. It takes the work of two busy bees to build a good marriage. The mystical marriage between lower self (Moon) and higher self (Sun) corresponds to Cancer and Leo. Honey represents the sweetness in spiritual life, the Moon is the animating force of nature. The study of "above" provides great insight for life "below".

This is a quick post to continue on the theme of "the 144.000 that shall be saved" mentioned in Revelation. The zodiac wheel, when properly understood, serves to explain all things in this universe, no matter on which scale, no matter whether hidden (spirit) or seen (matter). There are 12 energies active on each planet of any solar system and these are distributed according to the shape of the ecliptic, the travelling speed (length of solar year), the obliquity of the ecliptic (varying under magnetic pull of Sun and Moon, causing the Great Year), the rotation speed of the planet (day and night), the rotation of the solar system and finally, the rotation of the milky way itself. The 12 forces are a matrix combination of three modes (creation, existence, destruction) and four states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma, see here).

One of these 12 forces is the creation of gas, this is a mental force, the creation of ideas and is symbolized in the Zodiac as Libra, the Scales or the Balance. Libra refers to mathematical equations and one such mental equation in human life is partnership and marriage. Below I have expanded some thoughts specifically on marriage - what are the secrets of marriage? What undermines marriage? What strengthens marriage? What is the purpose of marriage? To those who apply astrology and know the secrets of the life wheel, there is no need for any type of marriage counseling or advice from psychology "experts". All that is needed is "as true logic" (astrology), the adaptation of celestial lessons to mundane phenomena.

I am LIBRA: a marriage
I have SCORPIO: My wealth is the trials that I offer, be it in connection to love and sex, or the challenges of partnership, these trials are the spiritual wealth that I offer to those who dare to walk the path of life together. Therefore my wealth is greater than that of a loose, interchangeable or platonic relationship, or a relationship that is purely based on sex, or sexual practice that has the sole, egoistic goal of achieving spiritual enlightenment. My wealth are not only the trials as such, but also the fact that I enable partners to pass these trials of life together with a close ally. An important part of me is sexuality, which can have a transforming character, if based not just on common libido (love, sex drive) but on higher, spiritual philosophy. What is today referred to as "Tantric sex" or "Kundalini sex" is not only the cornerstone of the esoteric tradition of Qaballah, and therefore hidden basis of all three Abrahamic religions, it is also based on the Khemau Paut Neter and spiritual concept of the Ka and the Ba in combination with Ra energy. Sexuality can take place on three levels - animal, human and higher self.
I think SAGITTARIUS: My thinking, communicating and enterprising is all about high set, idealistic and lofty goals. The partners naturally have long range plans, think about procreation and the founding of a family. The partners must therefore by nature switch into an optimistic mode, trusting in destiny and their luck, and be prepared to combine this with a preparedness to stay flexible. This faith in destiny is the spiritual component of marriage. My existence arises out of pink skies and I am the mental bond for people on their life journey to a distant future. The aim is to make the best out of this life together, truly a noble philosophy.

I feel CAPRICORN: My happiness is linked to daily hard work, because I tend to get weaker if not properly taken care of.  Partners may at times feel grounded, maybe even imprisoned within the mental walls that I set. I demand daily work and communication to prosper and last. It is also of vital importance for the marriage partners to develop a clear understanding of hierarchies. Who is leading in which aspect of life? Without daily work and good cooperation, a marriage is unlikely to be a happy one. My happiness is all about building things, paving a path.
I will AQUARIUS: the joy that I provide is the intimate knowledge between the partners. My joy is greatest if the partners can be closest friends, who develop a confidential, very private, secretive pact with one another. This pact should ideally be based on highest human ethics. I also rejoice whenever partners are matched according to the elements of their birth charts, because in such cases it is most likely that I will last a lifetime.
I analyze PISCES: my enemies are chaos and entropy, which over the years are often used as excuse for having "drifted apart". My enemy are also organized religions, especially if these tend to oppress female energy, as is the case in the three Abrahamic religions. In this sense the male dominance systems labelled as "marriage" in many countries today are a disgrace to my name. Another enemy can be hidden rivals or enemies of the family. Last but not least, indifference and the undoing of the operative self in any way (drugs, addictions, alcohol, etc) often destroy me. It is not good enough to believe in a partner, the qualities must be known and visible. Belief is the opposite of knowledge and therefore my enemy.

I balance ARIES: my partner is conflict of any kind. The secret of marriage is for the partners to become best friends with the greatest enemy of their own ego (lower self). Marriage is so intimate that no weaknesses can be hidden and the ego must constantly be tamed to keep the balance between the partners. Thus the real choice that marriage partners have is the choice between inner conflict (adjusting and managing the ego within) or to risk external conflict. Marriage disputes are the consequence of the scales of Libra moving out of balance (Aries lies opposite from Libra). Each partner represents one of the pans of the scale, only if both partners actively adjust their "weight" over time according to the challenges of life, can the scale remain in balance. It can often be seen that one partner (often the woman) tries to balance the scale by herself, which in the long run is impossible and usually leads to divorce or violence. In a positive way, my partner is also initial action, no marriage can exist without impulses. This is the magic effect of surprises, gifts and spontaneity. My partner is also right brain, syncretic thinking, because if both partners realize that their own happiness is linked 1:1 to that of the partner, they perceive themselves not as separate, but as a unit. The RAM is is the right brain hemisphere.
I desire TAURUS: Dangerous for me is money and this is in both directions. If there is too much money, it focuses the mind of the partners on external things that are perceived with the senses (luxury, entertainment, etc). Money generates new desires and new desires are often mistaken as being superior to older ones, while the truth is the opposite. The original desires had led to the marriage and will again become unsatisfied when replaced by new ones. This is the great divorce trap, to be under the illusion that happiness will be greater with a new partner. If there is too little money, family life becomes strained  and there is external pressure and disputes are the result. Taurus also symbolizes lust, which can lead to cheating, cheating destroys trust and the loss of trust means that I may not last very long.
I see GEMINI: my luck/philosophy is communication and mental flexibility. As long as partners communicate openly and cultivate a worthy adult-level dialogue, I have a great chance to last and be fulfilling. The twins are also a symbol of deepest unity between the partners, so my philosophy is unity of two divided parts, no matter what. If there is a general understanding that nothing and nobody can divide the partners in their minds, I will see great luck. I am activated by partners "giving each other the word of promise" before witnesses. The spoken word is the very starting point and basis for me, the word is my creation. To be true of word is a very high spiritual goal in life (Maat Kheru, or Maa-Kheru).

I use CANCER: my success is to create a home and a sense of belonging and nourishment for the partners. If I am well cultivated, I provide nourishment for the partners, both in the sense of physical nourishment, and also as soul food or food for thought (Eucharist, Wedjat, Eye of Horus, Eye of the Moon). If successful, I provide peace to the partners and their offspring and allow them to age in joy within a loving environment.
I know LEO: my biggest hope and dream is that offspring is produced and the partners have children. To resurrect Asar, to enthrone Aset, to give birth to Horus, to continue the DNA strand of eternal life. My hope is that life can be fun despite all trials, that the family can be vital and in perfect health, that the parents can be proud and their home be filled with the divine sound of laughter. I hope that the partners always have the courage to face the trials of life together.
I believe VIRGO: my loss is caused when the partners become open enemies and start separating. Service attitude can also lead to the undoing of marriage, both expecting too much and giving too much can lead to problems. My loss is caused by left brain, separative, analytic thinking, where partners perceive themselves as separate, individual happiness centers that are unconnected. It is also threatening to be overly analytic, which literally means to divide things and discuss them as if they were separate from another, which naturally leads to hurt feelings and fruitless discussions that lead to frustration. Finally, any type of mental or physical disease may break a marriage.

Egyptian Meri is the root word from which Mary, merry and also marry are derived. Another name for Egypt was Ta-meri (the land of the beloved). The English term love (based on German Liebe) originally referred to libido, and this is sexual drive, which is something that animals also have. The higher, human definition of love must therefore be to resurrect divinity, to create life. Higher love is the discovery that things are not separate, everything is one. One uni (singular) verse (harmonic words in a melody). Resurrecting divinity is an entirely different concept than modern ("fashionable") romantics (Rome - antiques). It was Rome who introduced the erroneous concept of Rome-ance through mandatory theater plays and social engineering in the form of "art". Before Rome destroyed ancient cultures in Europe, our ancestors knew that marriage is far too important to allow emotions to take the lead. Bennu Asar, the phoenix bird, resurrects DNA and all culture, we know her as Venus, the goddess of love.

Only fools fall in love!
Stand tall in higher love, know your birth chart and you will never fall in life or love!

I dedicate this blog entry to King Ra Semba Ba, who is perhaps the greatest publicly known spiritual leader of our age. I also dedicate it to all women, the true master builders, the architects of the future. I wish you the strength to select well the men that you allow to become fathers of your children. 


The anatomy of Judaism

I was inspired to write this blog entry by the Revelation of St. John, which for Christianity is literally a book with seven seals. This book will remain sealed for our Christian friends, because they have been trained to look outside for salvation. They might be surprised to learn that it is the Jews who hold the key to the seven seals and they might be even more surprised to learn that they themselves can also become Jews and use this key to open the seals. In order for this to happen, they need to overcome church dogma and the easiest way to do this is to READ their own scripture.

"Blessed is he who reads"
Revelation 1:3

As usual, this blog entry is not intended to offend anyone, in the very opposite manner, it is meant to shed more light on the beautiful, allegoric system of spiritual, scientific poetry of both the Tanakh/ Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, to lift up the pupils of these schools to a higher, metaphysical, Cabalistic/ Gnostic level of understanding of the science contained in these precious texts.


What defines a "JEW"?

So, we either have to be born from a Jewish mother or to officially convert? Says who? Currently nobody and nothing seems to be able to provide a logical, conclusive definition of the title "Jew", which is coherent with scripture, the very source of the term. The whole topic of Jews and Judaism, especially for German speaking people, is a political "hot potato". But as Germans love potatoes, I figure it is time to take this potato from the fire and taste it. The truth is always simple - only lies are complicated. There must be a simple explanation of what a Jew is - and indeed there is!

Time to cool down the potato and make a nice German Kartoffelsalat!

The letter J was (re-) introduced to language only around the 17th century, so all words starting with a "J" need to carefully examined for their original spelling and meaning, this includes Jerusalem, Jesus, Judah, Judea, Jew, Jehova, Joshua, Jonas, James, to name only a few, because there are many more! This is important because all terms starting with Y and I - two distinctively different letters in terms of esoteric meaning - were thrown into the J-collective during the last 400 years. In the Tanakh/ Old Testament, the original Hebrew word used for English "Jew" is Yehudi and it appears more than 70 times in the OT. The term is applied in the context of several story/ "genealogy" lines and also mentioned by some of the prophets. But none of the OT texts provide an open definition of the term. But they do provide hints that are rather plain to see. I would like to quote here only one selected, very telling passage from the OT, which in my view is suited to explain the term:

Jeremiah 32:12: "(...) all the Jews (Yehudim) that sat in the court of the prison"
If you read this blog entry until the end and reflect over the allegories, you will know which prison these Yehudim are sitting in and under which Law the court operates that is mentioned here. It is the Law of incarnation and the prison of the body of flesh. The Yehudim are sitting in the court (of the hall of judgment, Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur) of the bodies of flesh (prison for the soul), and the natural Law applied in this court is the law of karma and cyclic incarnation. Case closed, one might say. The Old Testament is here esoterically hinting at what the New Testament (NT) then explains more openly.

Hebrew garden of paradise (PRDS - pardes)

The NT is of course not part of Jewish scripture, and Jewish scholars might claim that the New Testament contains "anti-Jewish" elements. This is true, but only for those who have no spiritual understanding of these texts, so in other words, it is only true on the most superficial level, the literal understanding, the child level of exegesis. As pointed out previously in my blog, Jewish (and Christian) exegesis must be done on four levels (Earth, Water, Air and Fire), and the one of highest interest is the mystic Sod level (fire). Proceeding on this Sod level, the NT offers a clear definition of the term "Yehudi", and this is nothing negative at all. We put our attention on the chapter called "Romans", because this chapter deals with things that oppress spiritual progress inside the body, just like physically, the Roman Empire oppressed the nations within its territory ("body"):

Romans 10:12: "For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him"
The word here used for "Greek", Ἕλληνος is sometimes incorrectly translated as"Gentile", but Hellenos means Greek and Greek only. On the lowest, literal level this passage tells us that there is no difference between a Jew and a Greek. So apparently being a "Jew" does not refer to an ethnicity , let´s read on:

Romans 2:28: "For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical"
This passage is so straight forward that it does not even require much mystic interpretation, you only have to read what is there. Someone merely "outwardly" is not a Jew, neither is "circumcision" something outward and physical. We may conclude from this that both "Jew" and "circumcision" refer to something non-physical (spiritual), internal. Could the text be more clear than this? Well, yes...it gets even more clear in the next verse:

Romans 2:29 But a Jew is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter. His praise is not from man but from God.
So, a Jew is one inwardly...and one inwardly is someone who goes into meditation and looks to the inside! The circumcision is the one of the heart, this is referring to the heart Chakra, which can be circumcised (Strong Hebrew word 4061 περιτομή, which means to "cut around"). We can indeed cut around this Chakra, because Chakras 1-7, 2-6 and 3-5 are energetically connected, the heart Chakra (4) can be circumcised. And as the above passage tells us, circumcision is a matter of the heart and not of the penis.

The ancient symbol of the school of "Judaism", the Menorah shows the 1-7, 2-6, 3-5 connection, the Chakra system of the human body. But this incredible symbol does even more than this

The spheres of the solar system in their natural order from left to right, starting from the center of the solar system (sun) to the most outer physical (non-gas) orb (Saturn), as shown in the image above, provides the key to planetary rulership of the 12 zodiac signs and also reveals the title "Ottoman" (as in Ottoman empire), this is syncretism in its finest form! The Menorah is also the key to the number PI but this is a more complex topic.

180º zodiac axis pairs:
1-7 Sun - Saturn: Leo - Aquarius / Cancer (Moon uses sun light) - Capricorn
2-6 Mercury - Jupiter: Gemini - Sagittarius / Virgo - Pisces
3-4 Venus - Mars: Taurus - Scorpio / Libra - Aries

The historic tradition of the science of Yehudi is revealed by the fact that Hebrew "Yehudi" is pronounced in the exact same way as Egyptian "Tehuti" (pronounced je-huti, just like ye-hudi, the written word follows the oral tradition, not vice versa!) so the esoteric Egyptian spiritual title "Iu" (Gerald Massey wrote about this extensively), which means "the ever coming one" was later transformed into "Ju" or "Jew", while "Yehudi" originally referred to worshipers of Tehuti (also "Thoth"), an Egyptian Neter, which morphed into the Greek Hermes and later into the Roman Mercury. In anatomy, Tehuti as a Neter (natural force) symbolizes the Medulla Oblongata, which is the "mouth of god" that is being symbolically opened during the opening of the mouth ritual, it is the "messenger of god", the gateway to memory of present and past lives, which one can cross by meditating, planet Mercury being closest to the sun and having the fastest orbit ("winged feet"), the Ibis scribe who "writes" everything that happens into the book of life (your memory), the mind recorder that goes beyond space and time, the Medulla acting as gateway between physical memory (RAM) and non-physical, eternal memory (also called Akashic records).

Tehu-ti ("double" - "measure"), Egyptian god of wisdom, astrology, divination, 
mathematics, perfect equations of mother of nature

It is Tehuti who finally helps Horus (the initiate struggling to reach his higher self) to defeat Set (the lower self) with his wisdom, which he obtains by looking inside, meditating, being still, just like the sacred African Ibis bird in nature, who remains for hours in the same position and seems to be floating on one leg above the water and reflects his image in water - this is the true spiritual definition of a Yehudi, "JEW" - so if you meditate and look inside and reflect your image, you can refer to yourself as a Jew, and indeed you may reach the promised land, which is the higher consciousness that you hope to reach by your practice, which you can only find in heaven, which is your higher brain, that can be activated.

The Greek interpretation of Tehuti, "Thoth" was the root word basis for the modern term "thought". Thus, in a more precise sense (and you will find this interpretation confirmed in metaphysical bible dictionaries), a "Jew" is a thought - one inwardly. All the thoughts are inside the prison (body, brain), being judged by your true self, recorded by your Medulla and weighed against a feather (Hall of Ma´at).


Whenever we see the suffix "-ism", we can be sure that we are confronted with dogma. Anyway, if we accept "Iudaism" as a collective term for people who read and interpret the Torah/ Tanakh and study the school of Tehuti for a moment, then Iudaism would include all people who consider themselves - according to their own interpretation - as "Yehudi/ english Jews", whether they meditate or not and whether they are more inwardly or outwardly people. So here we have the source of the difficulty that people experience when trying to define "Iudaism" and "Jew" - from a spiritual point of view this is not and never has been a homogeneous ethnic or religious group of people, it is only today a modern grouping of people who are under the impression that they can claim somehow exclusivity to something that everyone has in their brain (Medulla Oblongata) and that anyone can use by practicing meditation techniques and activating the Chakra/ endocrine glands. The simple truth is that a "Jew" is one who practices meditation and Iuda-ism is just that - an "-ism", a dogma.

The "Ju"-sound in the term "Judaism" can not be directly associated with the word "Jew", because "Jew" is an English middle age word construction and the original Hebrew title was "Yehudi". We will see that the term "Iudaism" actually derives from the term "Iudah" as in "The Lion of Iudah", which we will examine a little later.

Iudaistic worship began approx. 2000 year BCE, along with the change from the Age of Taurus to the Age of Aries, thus mythology tells us about a war-like, vicious deity named Yahweh. This was amended 2,000 years later with the introduction of peaceful, forgiving Piscean Yashuwa (previously Joshua) character, who was created by adding the "Shu"- syllable into Yahwe. Yashuwa, the bringer of balance, because "Shu" is Air/ breath. This original worship must be clearly distinguished from the later -ism created by Rabbis.

So how and when did light skin Caucasians giving themselves the title "Jews" and taking land from Palestine enter the picture? It makes no sense from ethnic or spiritual point of view, so the answer is found in a political movement called "Zionism".

Seal excavated in Khazaria - the Saturn star (misnomer: star of David)
this natural symbol never was a symbol of "Judaism" - the ancient symbol of Judasim 
has always been the Menorahnot the star of Horus/ star of Saturn/ star of David. 

The symbol was derived from the hexagon vortex on planet Saturn. The area of Khazar, as I have shown in my blog, is ruled by Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn.

A kingdom never mentioned in our Jesuit school system

Here we stumble over the fascinating history of the (very real) Kingdom of Khazaria (approx. 650 - 970 ACE), which happened to be on of the most powerful empires during the early middle ages, even though we learn nothing about it in school - at least I didnt hear a word about it in Germany. One day, their king decided that Khazarian royalty shall convert to Judaism. So here we find the very first Caucasians coming into "Judaism". After being gradually defeated by the Rus people (later Rus-sians), the Khazars were forced to migrate towards Europe, primarily through Poland to what is today called Germany (the two traditional hot spots of Ashkenazi Jews). This is of course "doubted" by certain "experts", which is not really a surprise, because this migration threatens the lies of the Jewish Diaspora and of modern Caucasian Israel. The implication is that not a single non-melanated, Caucasian person in this world today has any historical, spiritual, hereditary or any other right to any territory in the Middle East, whatsoever. The whole story is a Zionist lie, based upon a deliberate misinterpretation of spiritual allegories.

So, I would argue that Juda-ism, just like Islam-ism and Christ- ianity, or -ism are nothing but ancient spiritual (mystery) schools twisted and perverted to erect worldly power structures, which are very intelligently designed to enslave people and rule their minds. Torah/ Tanakh, Holy Bible and Holy Koran are beautiful books filled with spiritual allegories, but organized Religions that attempt to make the allegories historic, are mind control systems. The people in modern Israel are under heavy mind control, same as the majority of Christians and Muslims. God save us from organized religion!


a) Hebrew is first of all a Semitic language, just like Arab. This term is not referring to ethnicity, a territory, a physical tribe, or any historical sites or people. Hebrew is a language, so there can be no person who "is a Hebrew". One can study, speak, read and write Hebrew, but nobody can be a Hebrew, just like nobody can be a French, or a Romanic, a Celtic or a Dutch or a German (dear "German" readers, listen up! you are currently being fooled out of your inherited birth titles).

Someone who seriously argues that a Hebrew is a descendant of the biblical Eber, the great great grandson of the biblical Noah, a living man who packed 15 million animals into a boat, and not a spiritual allegory, should be sent back to spiritual kindergarten (Earth level exegesis, the children level). Same goes for people arguing that "Semites" (another language group miraculously transformed into an ethnicity) are descendants from Shem, Noah´s son. Noah didn`t physically exist, so neither did his sons or grandsons. They only existed as beautiful allegories.

Mohammed - crown - infinity, "last seal of the prophets"
Jesus - pineal - light, "the light of the world"
Moses - throat - sound, communicated the Law
David - heart - air, "beloved"
Abraham - solar plexus - fire, "passed over water"
Noah - naval - water, builds boat on flood
Adam - root - earth, "red Earth"

b) The Hebrew term for "Hebrew" is "Ivri", "ibriy" which means to pass over or one from beyond, plural Ibrim, which became the allegorical character "Abram" by changing the vowels (Arab Ibrahim). All bible characters are allegories and are used to make spiritual principles interact in a metaphysical "play" that explains anatomy, spiritual practice and cosmology. One who has passes over (the river xx or the so-and-so Sea, Eber) is a spiritual allegory for someone who takes a step forward in his or her spiritual development. Abram ("passed over", also Ab means "father","heart", and ram is a reference to Aries, the cerebrum) is therefore renamed to Abraham ("passed over water", because he managed to pass the 2nd Chakra of Water). In the exact same way Jacob, the heel catcher, referring to Adam Kadmon, the Zodiac man, which is the natural man (Ya`aqob or Ya`aqov, meaning "heel-catcher", "supplanter", "leg-puller", "he who follows upon the heels of one") becomes Israel (one who wrestles with god) once he decides to start awakening his higher self, go inside and meditate. These are spiritual steps, internal transformations.

Hosea 4:6: My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge

c) in a wider context, even though I disapprove trying to mix spiritual allegories with historic events, the term may be based on Heb Heru, which is the Egyptian house of Horus, referring to the priest class that primarily worshiped Horus, the re-born sun in Aries, where the sun exalts and Mars rules, providing perfect fit to the term "Abraham", who has passed over the water (Pisces, Noah, 2nd Chakra). If anyone physical at all, it would be the House of Horus who had "passed over"  from Egypt to the Egyptian colony Canaan (compare Genesis 12:6), due to the forced exile of the followers of Akhenaten after the Armana period, possibly the true Galut (Greek "Diaspora"). Abraham indeed came from "Ur", which means "fire", because Abraham corresponds to the 3rd Chakra, which is the solar plexus (fire), ruled by Mars energy. Knowledge of astrology, anatomy and Caballah clears away the cobwebs and unlocks the allegories.


Iudea was a Roman province from 6 - 135 ACE, which after 135 ACE was renamed to "Syria Palestina", following the Bar Kochba revolt. The Hebrew Torah is much older than 6 ACE, so any association between "Yehudi" (modern English "Jew", sounding like Ju) and this Judea are not possible, unless we are dealing with time travelers. The "Ju" sound is not part of the spoken Hebrew term "Yehudi"!

Indeed we find that as Babylonian province (586 - 439 BCE) and during occupation by the Achaemenid Empire (539 - 332 BCE) this territory was called Yehud Medinata or simply Yehud. The Roman term "Iudea" was derived from the Greek term "Ioudaia", so this is where the "I" entered, which was later conveniently transformed into a "J". The Greco-Roman adaptation of "Yehudi" is based on Egyptian "Tehu-ti". 20th century Zionists eagerly revived the Greco-Roman name and renamed the Westbank area as "Judea and Samaria", after 2000 years of carrying the name "Palestine" / "Philistine". This would be like chasing away all Spanish people from Southern Spain today and claiming this land for Celtics, or chasing away Bulgarians and re-claiming this territory for Thracians. Apart from the irrational ethnic argumentation, this is a bit late, I would say.

"Iudea" as location is used as allegory in scripture for the 4th Chakra, the heart Chakra (called Thyatira in Revelation). The 4th Chakra is also called David ("beloved") and is also associated to Ya-Shu-wa, or Joshua, later renamed to "Iesous", because the "Shu"- syllable refers to Air. The breath (Air) is a vital part of meditation practice, so Ya-Shu-w (or Jo-shu-a) is essential for all Yehudim. Going into the words shows how Judeo-Christian allegories are syncretically connected and derive from Egypt.

Christianity (Karest Ani), Asar school, Karast --> Christ, Horus --> Iesous, Meri -->Mary, Asar -->Lazarus, Set --> Satan
Islam ("peace"), Ma`at school, Salem --> Islam, Mizraim --> Moslem, Urra-->Allah
Judaism (Iu, Tehuti), Tehuti school, Tehuti --> Yehudi, Iu-->Iudah

All three Abrahamic religions ("Abraham" is a mystery title) are based on three Egyptian mystery schools, so behind the three rings is indeed one ring to rule them all, which in fact is the true Lord of the Rings, the true Sauron....ruling the ring of Saturn, because Saturn-ism is part of all three of these mystery schools!

In today´s world we are therefore facing tensions between the followers of three ecclesial Frankenstein creations of Khemau mystery schools that originally dealt with meditation and breath techniques and spiritual self improvement, not with exterior belief systems or a god sitting in the clouds. It was man who created god, not vice versa.


Not to be confused with the Roman province Iudea (formerly "Yehud"), the Kingdom of Iudah is an allegorical, non-historical country which in scripture broke away from an allegorical, non-historical Kingdom of Yisrael. The indisputable fact is that not one single artifact has ever been found by archaeologists to support the historicity of either one of these allegorical locations, so we are clearly talking about spiritual allegories here, not historical territories. If there is a claim to historicity, then this must be based on some kind of physical proof offered as possible evidence. So far nobody has been able to find or offer any such physical proof that could be termed "evident". The one single item (Merneptah Stele) that was found in Thebes (so in Egypt, not in Palestine!) is certainly not evident proof that could be used to argue for a historical country. There needs to be archaeological proof on location, and it is more than clear that there is none. Zero. Zip. Palestine is one of the most extensively excavated areas in the world, so it is not a valid argument to say that we only have to wait a little longer until "one day" we find what some people hope should be there. Over the centuries a lot of false proof has been placed, all of which can be easily exposed as created after the fact.

One quick word on the writings of the so-called "Jew" Josephus, author of "the history of the Jews", which is frequently quoted - it has been evidently proven, in a scholarly way, that "Josephus" was one of the many pen names of the main author of the New Testament, Arrius Piso. This particular name "Jospehus" was an insider joke, because Arrius Piso (Aries Pisces) created the Jesus character and is therefore the intellectual father of Jesus, so he plays "Joseph". Here we have the writings of someone creating false history and at the same time flanking his lies by writing under a different pen name as "historian".

The Lion of Iudah - celestial LEO

All alleged "history" constructed for "Kingdom of Judah" and "Kingdom of Yisrael" is therefore based upon one single source only, and this is the allegorical text called the Holy Bible. The break away of "Judah from Israel" is a spiritual allegory, not referring to a physical location on this planet. The tribe of Iudah is the astrological sign of Leo, the twelve tribes are the 12 signs. When Iesous (the sun, the higher mind) passes into Leo, he is called "The Lion of Iudah". According to the text, Iudah broke away from Yisrael, because Yisrael refused to accept Rehoboam as their king. Rehoboam (Hebrew: רְחַבְעָם) means "he who enlarges the people", so Yisrael ("wrestling with god") refused to take the next spiritual step. Our inner part that still wrestles with god must be left behind, if we wish to progress with our praise - "Iudah" means praise. The "Kingdom of Iudah" are the 30 degrees of Leo in the zodiac wheel, the "tribe of Iudah" are the people born as sun sign Leo. This is not to be confused with Iudas, disciple of Iesus, who plays Scorpio and gives Iesous the Judas kiss (Scorpio sting) and sells him for 30 pieces of silver (30 degrees of Scorpio).


Yisrael (verb לִשְׂרות lisrot, "wrestle"; the second half of the name is אֵל El, "God") means "wrestled with god", which is an allegory for the internal struggle that one experiences during awakening of the higher nature, passing through the Chakras. (Y)IS, RA and EL may also refer to female deity (Isis), male deity (El) and sun/ moon energy (RA), so androgynous light, the source, full god potential obtained when one reaches the 6th chakra, the pineal, where one may enter a "wrestling match" with deity.

an example of a temple resembling the human body (China)

As pointed out, there is no evident proof available for assuming an ancient country by the name of Yisrael, so this is the typical kind of lie that is so enormous that few people are able to grasp it. Yet, no museum on earth has a single shard of pottery on display from this alleged ancient kingdom or Iudah, because these locations have been created as an allegory, just like the rest of the bible, both Tanakh/ Torah and New Testament. People did of course proceed to create physical locations that match the ones in scripture, it was especially the corrupted  priesthood who had an interest in doing so. By making the allegories historical, people could be distracted from going within and practicing true spirituality, which is inside, the Holy Land, the temple of god, which is the human body.

The modern state Israel uses the Saturn star on its flag (and not the beautiful Menorah, ancient symbol of Yehudi worship), because Zionists are openly showing that they wish to be the rulers of the new Great Month, the Age of Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn (Saturn-ism is also the basis of the word "Satanism"). Saturn-ism, or Satanism, as presented to us by the media and churches as something "evil" is spiritual nonsense. Saturn is one of the planets in our solar system. He is the Great Malific in astrology, but our ancestors worshiped him, because he brings the challenges in life that let us grow. In the same way, the entire Israel situation today will be a huge learning experience for the planet, so not something good or evil, and if so, then only temporarily evil (especially for the families living in Palestine) but entirely good in the long run, because this lie will be exposed without a doubt and provide a learning effect for the whole world. 

Israel is a nice example of a territory that was named after a biblical term and not vice versa! The territory, which was occupied by the Ottoman empire, was promised to Lord Rothschild in the Balfour declaration of 1917 as a reward for bringing the USA into the war through propaganda by Northcliffe. Thus it indeed became the "promised land" in a kind of twisted way, because it was promised from one Saturnist/ Zionist to another. These people are many things, but certainly stupid is not one of them.


This is a Greek term introduced in the Septuagint ("G"), the "official" translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek language. The original Hebrew term Galut means "exile" in a negative context. This term refers specifically to people who left the allegorical kingdoms of Judah (and some say Roman Iudea, but this would not be possible, unless we are dealing with time travelers). As mentioned, Iudah corresponds to Leo, and it is in Leo where the incarnation wheel begins and the soul sparks that enter this circle are dispersed from one "country" (Leo) to all countries (12 sign of the zodiac), the spiritual Galut.

If you wish to "bring your people home", then they must travel around the zodiac wheel all the way from Leo to Cancer, which is the heavenly city of Jerusalem ("light peace"), because here a fresh astral body (cardinal Water) is formed and free of physical limitations of any kind. The "New Jerusalem" is the new astral "you", when you have completed the cycle. But the land may only be reached by the chosen people, the Yehudim, the ones who practice meditation.


Through its implausibility, truth withdraws itself from being recognized 
Heraclitus of Ephesus 
(not a literal quote, author´s interpretation)

Oh, no! He dares to touch this hot potato! Everybody put on your fear cap and look to the ground! How dare this guilty German Gentile even talk about the topic!

He is an anti-Semite (no, Semitic is a language group, I like these languages and the people who speak them)
He is denying the Holocaust (nope, would never do this)
He hates Jews (no, I like thoughts, and I also like Yehudi, people who look inwardly and meditate, in fact I do that myself).
He is a racist (no, there is only one human race).
He is a revisionist (no, thank you, I would not like to see such horrors again).
He is a Neo-Nazi (no, I am not a "new" AshkeNazi).
He is right wing (no, I use both brain hemispheres)
He is.....well, he is avoiding all the meaningless word creations and has activated his higher brain and using both wings to fly, pretty scary, huh?

Greek "Holo-Caust" translates to "completely burned" or "something that goes up" and is used in scripture to describe burnt sacrifices. The original Hebrew term "Olah" (Strong´s Hebrew 5930, "that which goes up", "whole burnt offering"is used 289 times in the original Hebrew text and nearly 200 times in the Septuagint. It was then later created as new Latin word in the Vulgate which became the official bible of the Catholic Church after the Council of Trent in 1543.

When the sun moves from one sign to the next, lets say, from Aries to Taurus, the allegory will say that "the lamb has been sacrificed" (made sacred), or the "Bull has been slain", etc. Lets create mythology for all twelve signs (I am making these up):

Aries - the lamb is sacrificed, the sheep are shorn
Taurus - the bull is slain
Gemini - the children are sacrificed/ drowned/ baptized with water
Cancer - the home/ castle is burned, there is a siege on the city
Leo - the lion is tamed by a woman
Virgo - the virgin is sacrificed, the woman is married
Libra - the law is broken, the judge is poisoned
Scorpio - the snake is under the hoofs of a horse, the eagle is shot down with an arrow
Sagittarius - the rider falls from the horse, the horse runs away
Capricorn - the goat is sacrificed
Aquarius - the man is engulfed by a whale, the man enters a boat
Pisces - the whale is caught, the water dries up

As you can imagine, non- initiated people can easily misunderstand such allegories and these are the people who actually take a goat and kill it, or punish women for not being a virgin. Children level spirituality, Earth level. We forgive them because they know not what they do.

“If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise.”
- Tacitus

Concerning the reason why the term "Holocaust" has been associated with WWII, I see a greater picture of a process that included the "burnt offering" of millions of people (civilians and soldiers) to Saturn as a deity, because we know that certain Saturnists were directing both World Wars from behind the scenes. So to "deny the Holocaust" would be a stupid thing to do, because according to the term itself, this is precisely what happened. I would be the last person on this planet to deny that a severe Holocaust took place.

Dresden and Hamburg - completely burnt (Holo Caust)

In fact, when I think of something "completely burned" I immediately think about the 1,500 ft high tornado of fire caused by the firebombings of civilians in Hamburg (Operation Gomorrha), the allied firebombings of civilians in Dresden and Berlin, the Eisenhower death camps where 1,5 million Germans were starved to death, the entire firestorm that broke loose on German civilians, the scorched earth tactic utilized by the Russian Army, the censored Nuremburg trial protocols, Operation Paperclip, the many grotesque war crimes of the Allies that are never persecuted, because all guilt was blamed on the German people as losers of the conflict. This included the today completely debunked "six million" lie, which may be the result of a twisted, literal understanding of the phrase "ye shall return" (TaShuVU, see details here), which has a peculiar numerical fit that would call for a "loss of 6 million". This propaganda started already in 1869 (!), so 2 years before Germany even existed as a country! Talking about a long range plan....

I will provide more insight in one of my next blog entries, a big project that will be called "TRUEstory Germany" and which will surely be censored, just like my TRUEstory USA. There is only one single camp left today where the propaganda lie of gas chambers may still be told to tourists - and this is located on Polish territory. All camps on German territory are no longer allowed to perpetuate this "six million" lie, nor are they allowed to still tell fantasy stories about the gas chambers, which were used for daily disinfection of clothing due to the Typhus epidemic, also called "famine" (hunger) disease, because it makes victims look as if they were starving:

American reporters view the bodies of prisoners 
who had died of typhus in the Dachau concentration camp

As final word, using today`s terminology, let us never accept arguments about a general "Jewish conspiracy", this is completely inappropriate, because only a few, very wealthy people are in control of world affairs and some of them take cover under the hood of certain religious schools, but this serves as deception and "bait" for us to fight each other!

There is only one human race! Thus there can be no race "-ism".

Peace to all Jews!
150,000 Jews served in the German Wehrmacht, amongst these 15 Jewish Generals and 2 Field Marshalls- Heil (helios/ sun energy) to these brave Jewish-German troops!

Hail to all Yehudi!

Here is the solution to the conflict (attention - humor)



Happy Halloween

Here a quick post which ties in to the previous one about Asar/ DNA/ ancestor worship.

It is time for us to re-learn the true meaning of our holidays (= holy days, helios deos = sun deities). This gives infinitely more meaning to these precious days, to the seasons, to the annual sun cycle and to our life on earth subject to these cyclic changes. Knowing the true meaning of these holy days means an immediate enhancement of life quality and happiness. Here a crash course on one of the sunny deities, which at the same time is a crash course on natural science and astrology:

There are four major holy days in the year, and these correspond to spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice, which are the starting points of the respective seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, therefore these are "cardinal holy days".

In addition there are four cross-quarter holy days, which correspond to the middle of each of the four seasons, more precisely, they are each celebrated 40 days after the respective cardinal holy day. The number 40 is mentioned almost 150 times in the Holy Bible and this is no coincidence. It symbolizes a period of gestation and also the 33 steps + cycle of 7, so not just physical, but especially spiritual gestation.

These 8 holy days are the 8 spokes within the divine wheel of life. "Divine" is based on the term "divination" and this refers to the art of reading signs, to have insight, to discover hidden knowledge, to predict future events - all of which can be summed up in the term "astrology". This 8-spoke wheel has been incorporated into Buddhism, Christianity, Tarot (Hebrew divination), Hopi traditions, (enter more spiritual systems here):

Buddhist wheel of Karma, 8 spokes

medieval Christian wheel of life, 8 spokes

Tarot wheel of Fortune (ROTA), 8 spokes

Buddhist wheel of life (note the 12 zodiac signs on the outer ring), different holy day system

natural wheel of the year, which is the basis for all the other wheels that you have seen above

Here you see the wheel arranged to the natural order, on the left side we have spring rising, Easter, this is the beginning of the new solar year (in the East, thus Easter), which should be our true New Year celebration on March 21st. Summer solstice is on the top, this was Litha, the ancient festival of fire (begin of summer season), then we have Mabon in the fall (the sun falls below the horizon), this is today a bit forgotten, just like the summer festival of fire. Finally we have Yule, the winter solstice festival on the bottom, which today has morphed into a mix of Spring and Winter celebration, due to the spiritual marketing strategy of the Roman Catholic Church.

I wish to add that Easter by its nature is an Earth and fertility festival (therefore bunnies and eggs, etc), Litha a Fire and action festival, Mabon a Water and emotional festival and Yule (or "Christmas") is an Air or mental festival, which should be a time of reflection, not of shopping. Halloween is right between emotion and reflection.

I have turned this picture upside down so that Yule appears on the bottom (sorry about the inverted Venus star in the middle :-), because the upper half of the wheel corresponds to the day, the angelic world, the Masonic Royal Arch and the lower half of the wheel corresponds to the "underworld", or the night of the year. As you can see, Halloween is celebrated at the end of October, this is the entry to the underworld, the passage to Hades, the road to inferno ("invierno" means winter, so inferno is cold), Hades corresponds to Pluto, who co-rules Scorpio (in Greek mythology Hades was later renamed to "Pluto"). The underworld has always been and will always be physical life on planet Earth - or on any other planet within a solar system, because astrology is a universal science, applying to all life in the universe. Every single planet in the universe experiences 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes, also each planet within our solar system, think about it.

The length and rhythm of day and night and the seasons on any sphere in the universe that is located near a sun, depends on orbit shape and speed, rotation speed on the own axis and finally on the angle of the own axis  (in the case of Earth 23.5 degrees). If there is no axis angle, there are no seasons. 

In the incarnation wheel, which is one of the deeper, esoteric meanings of the zodiac, Scorpio corresponds to the transformation from cardinal air in Libra (holy ghust, sunny spirit) into a fixed water body, which is the emotional (or astral) body, which is a distinct stage within the process of incarnation of the fire soul into a physical body of flesh (earth body, Capricorn). Within the system of decanates this corresponds to the entry of the Ara (Altar) decan within Scorpio, which is ruled by Pisces and has the motto "responsibility". The soul spark sacrifices itself here on this celestial altar and "alters" its state. This also gives you the theme of martyrdom, transformation, or "death" (misnomer) within Scorpio. Sacrifice (sacre face) means to make sacred, this is not necessarily connected to killing animals, it can also be food offerings, which is the more spiritual, vegetarian version. No bloodshed required, unless you are into black magic.

Rothschild masked party, 1972

On Halloween (the hallowed evening, the halo-eve, the sunny evening, pre-Christian "Samhain" referring to Saman, the Celtic lord of death and transformation, Samhain used to be Celtic New Year), the soul spark celebrates its last night of freedom and folly, before assuming "responsibility" within a new astral body and getting ready to enter the animal body. This is why on Samhain/ Halloween our forefathers used to wear animal masks, to show that souls are getting ready to put on their "masks" of flesh, which is the very idea of having a masquerade. The souls are masked by a body of flesh. It is also the idea of humanizing animals, which is frequently done in Disney/ Hollywood movies. Animal masks and talking animals are frequently used as allegory for the process of incarnation. It also explains why the so-called "elite" (see Rothschild party above) likes to celebrate this way - putting on masks and having anonymous orgies or masquerade parties, during which you could act as you please, because you could not be recognized. In higher circles of society true spirituality has always been better known, organized religions are always hijacked, altered versions of true spiritual teachings and are developed as control tools for the believing masses. The biggest mind control system on the planet is currently Christianity, the written words are precious, but the mundane church is a parody of these words! In fact the sages who wrote the Old Testament specifically referred to the coming "monstrous" church apparatus which would twist truth as "Babylon the Great".

celebration of All Saints Day on a cemetery in Poland

In various Christian denominations this night, which should consist of folly and "partying" but which has been transformed into something about fear, monsters and mourning, is followed by All Saints Day on November 1st, because from this day on in the zodiac wheel of incarnation, the free souls are no longer free, but now have to show responsibility and try to become "saints". The term "Saint" (latin sanctus, "very holy", so very sunny, consecrated, sacred, which is the fixed fire in the Sacrum, "kundalini", all this refers to solar energy) esoterically refers to fixed stars, and this is precisely what we will become when we have evolved through all realms of incarnation: a fixed star that sacrifices its blood (sun photons) for other evolving souls. This is the beautiful truth about the cycle of life.

Vietnamese shrine for ancestor worship

Halloween and All Saints Day, or whatever we wish to call it, is the proper time of the year to pay tribute and to worship our ancestors, who have already completed their incarnation task and who witness our struggle from the astral sphere, and also take a semi-active role within our very own life through DNA (Asar/ Osiris) and are therefore a distinct part of us. Thus, if we are in conflict with our mother or father, we are actually in conflict with ourselves.

The pumpkin represents the full moon, in fact the Celtic calendar was Moon based and the festival was in former times defined by the respective Moon cycle of the year. The unnatural solar calendar was introduced by the Romans and it is a cause of great confusion today, also in the science community. In Egypt this calendar was only used for taxation purposes, not for any type of spiritual tradition or measurement of cyclic time. It is a lifeless, unnatural, static and somewhat meaningless calendar system and we should get rid of it as soon as possible. The light inside the pumpkin refers to our pineal gland inside the skull, which is the seat of deity during incarnation. It also hints at illumination of the skull, which is the result of studying and understanding nature. If you are looking for creation, look inside!

Concerning the term "pagan" - in Roman jargon this meant, of the people (referring to civilians). Most people today are not even aware that the Celts occupied nearly all of Europe, including Spain, France and parts of Germany. This term is often arrogantly applied in a negative way by Christian believers who have not yet understood that the church murdered their ancestors, destroyed their culture and that anything non-pagan, according to the very meaning of the word, is martial, or militaristic and has to do with war. Christianity was spread by the sword, not by the word. I would prefer to be pagan any old day.

1 Corinthians 3:16: 
Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1 Corinthians 6:19: 

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Luke 17:21: 
Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.