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What is magic?

The below text contains the true definition of what magic is - and what it is not!

The modern terms magic/ magician derive from Strongs's Greek 3097 μάγος, ου, ὁ, transliteration: magos, plural magi, which is acknowledged as a word of Persian origin, and was adopted by the Greeks, who were fascinated with the Persian astrological priestclass and labelled such knowledge as Chaldean.  Magus/ Magos/ Magi/ Magician correct translation is "a member of the priestly class", yet more precise "member of the Zoroastrian/ Persian priest class", so an oriental astrologer, a wise man from the East, who is learnt in the Holy Science, which is astrology. Astrology (astro = star, stars produce light, logos = Greek "word"), so astrology is the word of light, and as the bible correctly states god to be light, astrology is the word of god, the signature of creation. 

We stop to summarize: magic is the art of the Persian priest class, astrology
Or more simple: magic = astrology

Members of such priestly, astrological class have created the scriptures that we know (e.g. Tora, OT, NT, Quran, etc are all astrological works). Their art, literally the art of the Magi, the magic art, is to "affect the effects" of the stars. Astrology reveals that physical life is an illusive effect - the below (Earth) is a reflection of the above (heavenly bodies), and human life is therefore an image that is controlled and defined through the Elohim, the Rishi, the Cosmocrators, the heavenly bodies. Chaldean astrologists (Persian Magi, magicians) understood that the physical world is only the effect, while the source lies in the spiritual realm (stars). The art of the Magi is therefore concerned with images (and later imagination). The word sorcerer has the same meaning as magician, because the Magi studied the source of life, which is the spiritual realm, the stars. Physical life is only the effect, the image.

Magi, magician, image, imagination, magic, magus - all these words are closely linked to astrology

While the Persian Magi used their knowledge to determine the images (e.g. events) that the heavenly wanderers create in the physical, our modern Magi took the original, ancient science completely off the table, ridiculed it publicly, making sure that we do not take it seriously, and instead started creating images in our minds that fit their plans for the physical. An important technique to achieve this is to invert reality - more bout this below.

There are several ways of provoking images in other people's heads: this can be done verbally, by telling stories, or, as done in our times, via screen play and direct images, no individual imagination needed. Visual media (t.v., cinema) information enters the subconscious mind directly and unfiltered, because the subconscious has no way of differentiating between what is real and what is not (t.v.). This is a type of subtle hypnotic programming. A more skillfull and more profound programming can be done through words, because words have a peculiar effect on the human mind. Nowadays, words are meaningless sound containers and develop their meaning only in the mind of the recipient, and such meaning can be controlled. Let's take the word magician as an example: if I ask you to imagine a magician standing in front of you and you play along, the word magician will provoke a visual reaction in your mind and you will visualize whatever you deem to be a magician. In our times, such imagined magicians will likely look like Gandalf or like a stage magician with a cylinder, black robe and white bunny. Depending on how you have been programmed by society/ state education/ t.v., the word provokes an image in your head, your imagination. It is a non-verbal automatism. You have a fixed image about something you have actually never seen. This is modern magic.

The exoteric Art of the modern Magi is therefore not only to study the word of light and use it to their favor, but also to execute mind control on the public. Modern words have been manipulated and contain magic spells, a certain spelling, which is what a magic spell is. Playing with phonetics for example, serves to confuse our minds to a certain degree. Just look at how they make our children learn different spellings for one and the same sound. This is intentional, a deliberate tool to distract their minds and keep them confused. Words can also be arranged to hide secrets in the plain open, and they can be used to distort information. All these operations belong into the realm of the (modern) art of the Magi, the priestly class, specifically the more recent priests of the past 3,000 years, who started to hide more than to reveal, to trick more than to help, to distort more than to clarify, to take more than to give. Great magicians can indeed execute a very high degree of powerful mind control on unsuspecting subjects - and this is precisely what they are still doing in our times.

Telling stories evolved into creating cryptic, allegorical texts, using words and names that create/ deliver images to the reader's imagination, and such images may take a potential effect on life through impression on the spirit. This is the one, true definition of magic, and nothing else! Nowadays, magic is the art of applying lingusitic and phonetic techniques to control other people. The most devastating magic tool ever employed is television. The television program is what programs the mind, and this is why it is called a t.v. program. Watching t.v. has a hypnotic component to it and the devastating effects of television on society are a subject rich enough to fill a book. A great book to read on this topic is the one above, here the author's summary:

(...) My own feeling is that that is true – that it's very important to improve the program content – but that television has effects, very important effects, aside from the content, and they may be more important. They organize society in a certain way. They give power to a very small number of people to speak into the brains of everyone else in the system night after night after night with images that make people turn out in a certain kind of way. It affects the psychology of people who watch. It increases the passivity of people who watch. It changes family relationships. It changes understandings of nature. It flattens perception so that information, which you need a fair amount of complexity to understand it as you would get from reading, this information is flattened down to a very reduced form on television. And the medium has inherent qualities which cause it to be that way.
And the book is really about television considered from a holistic point of view, from a biological point of view – perceptual, environmental, political, social, experiential, as well as the concrete problems of whether a program is silly or not. But other people deal with that very well. My job was to talk about television from many of these other dimensions which are not usually discussed.

Druidic ceremonial wands were made of the wood of the Holly tree, thus Hollywood alludes to magic, the art of creating images, both in your mind and on t.v. screen. This is proof/ evidence that the U.S. film industry has been founded with the very idea of executing mind control. Some modern Magi are known to us, these are top producers like Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. They are aware of modern magic and they shove it right in our faces, and if you dare researching who founded the large Hollywood Studios, well, you will find they are all (self-procalimed, Khazarian) Jews, really not surprising to well educated minds.

So, what is Black Magic?

The original Art of the Magi was to explain the images of physical life through astrology (the word of light). If we want to label this as "white magic" (light sources of Earth are the Sun, stars and the Moon), in the sense of the upstairs ruling downstairs and the physical following the spiritual, then we can expect black magic to be somewhat of the opposite, and this is precisely what it is.

The modern tyranny of opinions of self proclaimed occultists and self designated Satanists, etc, will provide all sorts of uneducated, mind-controlled explanations for what they believe black magic is. You are unlikely to find any member of the broad public who can correctly explain what magic is. The true definition of black magic can only be understood through astrology, and I will not grow tired to emphasize, that astrology ALWAYS is the key. Astrology, the word of light, is the source and the solution for all mysteries.

The color black alludes to planet Saturn, and Saturn rules Capricorn/ Aquarius, which oppose the two signs that are ruled by light in the zodiac. Leo/ Cancer are ruled by the Moon and the Sun respectively, and they lie 180 degress opposite from Capricorn/ Aquarius, which are both ruled by Saturn (see picture above). It is even more than just an opposition - it is an inversion. The Sun in winter time inverts what the Sun has accomplished in summer time, it effects the opposite. While summer creates outgoing life and natural expansion, winter creates a retreat of nature and life, therefore it is called invierno in Spanish, because it inverts summer. Black Magic, the color black referring to Saturn, is therefore the art of creating inverse images, to control life from downstairs to upstairs, so the physical is elevated above the spiritual. In fact, the spiritual is not acknowledged at all in modern science, this is why it is pseudo science and cannot progress and not explain anything at all. All they produce are theories, and these are taught as truth in universities. The blind are leading the blind.

And now, to underline my point and to have some fun, I demonstrate to you what black magic is, by using the example of black magic itself. Modern definitions would make you think that magicians use physical objects (magic wand, hat, spell book, etc) to somehow affect the physical realm (e.g. to make a white rabbit appear). The opposite is true: the original art of the Magi was to use spiritual information (birth charts, transits, observations at night, etc) to understand the effects of the spiritual realm upon the physical. The original meaning was inverted, thus the human mind is confused and unable to re-think the concept, and accepts the 180 degree inversion as truth. This is a very powerful social engineering tool, and it is based on knowledge of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a depiction of how your mind functions, therefore it is the natural basis for all mind control systems. You may now understand why from early age, our kids (a kid is the offspring of a goat, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) are made to believe that magicians can make physical objects appear (e.g. to pull a bunny from the hat), it ascertains mind confusion, because as adults we understand that this is just a physical trick, while the real Magi would be able to conjure things into your life without you even noticing it at all, for example, by creating an inverted definition of what black magic is. Confused yet?

Images like this one (Baphomet) are promoted as Satanic or as related to black magic

Satanism (black magic) refers to Saturn-ism and is therefore all about inversion of reality. This technique has no moral aspect to it, it is neither good nor evil, unless used with a maliscious intention in mind, e.g. to hide true science from the public. The modern image of Satanism is based on inverted truth and therefore a deliberate hoax to mislead the public. It is one of many spiritual dead ends that have been created by the real Satanists (the modern inverted Magi). The goat that you see above is simply Capricorn, the goat, one of the twelve zodiac signs. There is nothing evil about goats, I can assure you! Hahaha! The hand gesture implies "as above, so below", and the Moon in the sky is inverted to be a black Moon below. There is a torch eminating from the pineal gland. The chakra system is hinted at in the form of Hermes' rod in the stomach area. The figure has female breasts, as to symbolize that polarity is unified, the figure is a hermaphrodite. The pentagram on the forhead is the Venus star, and Venus is the star of enlightenment, based on its natural appearance as evening and morning star. There is absolutely nothing negative about the entire image, but the author did try to make it look scary...and this is on purpose.

Damn, I am standing in a Venus pentagram and I don't know why -
maybe I should use a Saturn hexagram next time?

Satanism/ black magic, involving pentagrams, sacrifices, the goat, ceremonial hocus-pocus and regalia, carrying an evil notion, is an exoteric hoax intended to mislead the public.

Secret agent Crowley in his Freemasonic regalía

There is nothing to be gained from playing around with sigils, magic wands, sacrifices, etc. The visualization techniques practiced in black magic may train the mind to some degree, this may be the only benefit. But you can light a million candles, blabber what you want, imagine whatever you wish, chant spells, dance around, have sex, make somersaults, whatever you want, the only effect will be that you have to clean the room up later. Plus, we have yet to meet a self-proclaimed, modern black magician or Satanists, who pursues something that is not ego-driven (money, sex, power, revenge, etc). Popular black magicians, such as Church of Satan members or Aleister Crowley, have been set up as something they never were. Crowley was a Freemasonic secret service agent and serving the system. The Church of Satan was a popular hoax, supported by various sell-out Hollywood celebrities (knowingly or unknowingly). Vinegar producer Anton Lavey was a paid helper in this scheme.

Hello, Hollywood named me Freddie Krueger

To round this off, I decided to demontrate an example of how well aquainted Hollywood is with the concepts explained in this text, and how well they know astrology! Many, many Hollywood movies shove the fact, that Hollywood producers are acquainted with higher knowledge, right into our faces. I have chosen one popular Hollywood horror movie, to demonstrate this fact.

The classic flic "A Nightmare on Elm Street", featuring Johnny Depp in his very first role, is overflowing with Saturn/ Capricorn symbols. Elm trees, just like pine trees, and other evergreens, are all ruled by planet Saturn. Saturn is the symbolic "Satan" in scriptures, and rules the Winter time, during which nature pulls back and "dies" (for a little time).

The main character's name is Freddie Krueger, which underlines the Saturnian idea, because German Krueger means "potter", and the potter (or builder, or mason, or architect) was none other than the Egyptian Ptah (note how the sound of the English Word potter copies the sound of "Ptah"), later Khnum, the goat headed deity that formed the Ka and the Ba on the potter's Wheel. Freddie wears a sweater with black and red stripes, because Saturn (black) rules Capricorn and Mars (red) exalts here. The black Saturn hat is also not accidental. His glove has sickle blades on it, because Saturn's ring apears like a sickle, the sickle of the grim reaper, father time, who is Saturn, ruler of physical life.

So, we find here a Hollywood horror movie character with sickle hands, whose name refers to Capricorn, the goat, which is ruled by Saturn (Satan), wearing a sweater with the correct astrological color code, acting in a movie that talks about a nightmare (Saturn rules the time from 0 a.m. to 4 a.m.) on a Street full of trees that are ruled by Saturn. Coincidence ruled out, evidence presented, I would say!

newspaper horoscopes are one way of publicly ridiculing the Holy Science

Like most good things that are available to us, the inverted Magi try to either ridicule or "make evil" (invert) whatever they wish us to stay away from. The same applies to magic. If you want some true magic in your life, the Holy Science of astrology is the only way to achieve this. From my own experience (Gnosis), I can tell you, the hidden treasures are beyond description. If you study the patterns of the Zodiac with an open heart, your mind will start expanding automatically. Many people ask me how this is done. Just look at what is there, try to find patterns, reflect on the symbols and signs, watch the zodiac at night. You must develop an authentic inner urge to understand astrology, and then follow your heart. Be prepared to invest 100's of hours, if not, a lifetime of studies.



Are you captain of your ship?

note the jewel between the horns

This text is completely off the chain. I composed it in my head, while attending a children's birthday party last week. When bored and without possibility of escaping, I drift off, let my mind make free associations, let things connect, I then type a few words into a search engine, and in some cases end up getting a revelation. While the other parents use their Smartphone to catch Pokemons, I sit there and crack ancient riddles. I love it.

The equinox points carry highest importance for human life. These are the two moments in the annual solar cycle, where darkness and light are in perfect equilibrium, day and night are of equal length, duality is balanced. These are also the points in the zodiac where the great solar heroes are born - and why they are often born twice! One is the entry into Earthly realms, the other spiritual (re-) birth.

This blog entry applies a syncretism of symbols, mythologies and poetry about these two points. Left brain analysis cuts apart and kills the laboratory frog, only right brain syncretism unites, produces clarity and enables us to attain higher knowledge. This means this text will jump right through the millenia and connect similarities where ever they occur. By reflecting on symbols, mythologies, stories and characters explained in this short text, you will be able to start generating an understanding for the high relevance of the equinox points for your own life. We will syncretize the following:
- the Illead/ Homer's Odysse/ Virgil's Aeneid
- Jason and the Argonauts
- Joshua and the walls of Jericho
- the trojan horse
- the Exodus and Passover
- Jesus' ministry at the age of 30
- The Horus myth
- Adam Kadmon, the zodiac man
- brain anatomy
- the tree of life

In Christian mythology, which is based 100% on Egyptian knowledge, we find the boy Jesus of 12 years, who disappears for 18 years, only to reappear at the age of 30 to start his ministry. In similar fashion, the OT, which is the prequel to the NT, tells us about a 1st and a 2nd Adam. And yet many thousand years earlier, Kemet created the original mythology about Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger, which are titles given by European Egyptologists. In Kemet, these were Heru-Makhu (the falcon/ the lion above, Makhu = "scale", so the sun in Libra), the eternal child of 12 years, and Amsu-Heru, the adult child of 30 years (The risen lion above, the sun in Aries). The numbers 12 and 30 have several meanings, they are the respective orbital periods of the outer planets Jupiter (12 years) and Saturn (30 years), but also the number of decans counting from the summer solstice to the end of Libra (4 signs x 3 decans) and to the end of Aries (10 signs x 3 decans), respectively. Egypt followed a year that was based on decans.

In the flag of New York above, you see the two equinox points in the form of two ladies, to the left Aries (note the RAM's horn on the spear), to the right Libra (scales of justice, in our times unfortunately blindfolded). It is slightly off topic, but the flag also shows the Roman Eagle (the American bird was the fire Phoenix, not the Eagle) ruling the (fake) ball Earth. You will also note the sailboats in front, and we start this text off by revealing the great sail boat analogy that has been used in several well-known works of classic, Greco-Roman poetry:

The above picture is a perfect analogy for human life, utilizing the four elements, which are the four fields of human experience: a solid vessel (Earth, physical, 5 senses) has to make its way through the stormy seas of life (Water, emotions and desires), it is driven forward by catching wind in its sails (Airthought), and navigating (making decisions) according to the starry heavens (Fireaction).

This beautiful analogy is the basic theme of Greek classic works of poetry such as the Illiad/ Odyssee, and Jason and the Argonauts. The inspiration for these works however, also the blueprint for Abrahamic mythologies, lies in Egypt, in the form of the Bark of Ra. It should be noted that early Greek and Roman works were created by black Africans, as both Rome and Athens were founded by non-Europeans, referred to as Etruscans, Minoans, etc. The notion of western culture originating in Greece or Rome is a lie of history. All major philosophers went to Alexandria to receive their training. Europe was educated by Alexandria and later by the Moors of El Andalus (The lightwalker, today Spain, the title being a reference to Sagittarius, because Spain is ruled by this sign).

Still today all ships are given female names. This is due to the zodiacal idea of cardinal wind on fixed water (see image above), which is Libra. Libra is the physical womb of the zodiac (compare to Adam Kadmon further down in the text), and therefore, following the great boat analogy, the natural birth place for all boats (of life), it is cardinal Air (wind in the sails), located directly above Scorpio, the ocean of fixed Water. Libra is the day house of Venus, therefore all boats are female.

The steering wheel of sailing boats is shaped like a compass rose, the eight spokes showing the true natural solar year, as seen when looking due South at night in the northern hemisphere, with sunrise to the left (East, vernal equinox), zenith on the top (South, summer solstice), sunset to the right (West, autumn equinox), and midnight at the bottom (North, Winter solstice). The other four spokes of the wheel are the cross quarter holidays, of which only two have survived into modern times (North-West, Halloween and South-East, Mayday), which is a result of modern ignorance of astrology, which defines the true solar year. January 1st is NOT new year, never has been and never will be. The names of the months underline this fact: September (sept, seven) is the 7th month, not the 9th. October is 8th (octa, eight), November 9th (nove, nine) and December 10th (deca, ten). The natural new solar year starts on March 23rd (Julian/ Gregorian calendar).

Sekhmet, the female lion of ferocious power of solar energy,
carrying our modern symbol for Leo above her head

The zodiac unfolds its deeper secrets once we set it to its original place, allocating New Year to Tehuti 1st, which corresponds more or less to the beginning of Leo - only in this way the 12 symbols reveal their power! And it is no coincidence that the astrological symbol for Leo is the Kemau symbol for Ra energy/ life spirit. Whoever postulates that the Zodiac is not Egyptian has not discovered its deeper secrets. Whoever discovers the deeper secrets automatically knows that the Zodiac can only be Egyptian. No other place on Earth has a flood beginning annually in summer and a drought in Winter.

Today the most neglected part of the boat/ steering wheel analogy is the Fire element, the navigation of vessels by the stars. As long as one is unaware of what is above (stars, planets, transits), one will not understand the below (daily life). Navigation through life needs to be based upon knowledge of the birth chart. The birth chart is your map for navigation of your body vessel through physical life. It provides the reason, the purpose, it shows the gifts and challenges, as well as the destiny. If you don't study and apply your chart, you are steering your life vessel without navigation tools. You might get lucky, or unlucky, certain things may work or not work, but you will not be in a position to properly steer the vessel, and you remain tied to planetary cycles, which means that certain things keep running in your family line and certain themes keep appearing in your life.

The second take away from the boat analogy is that you need to calm the sea and the storm in your head. You need to wind down your desires and impulses coming from your body, and this includes the chain of thoughts that is fired at you by your lower brain (Cerebellum), day and night. Thoughts can be like a raging storm, if not properly managed. Emotions can be like tidal waves, they can literally knock you off the boat. To be captain of your ship, you need to know where you are going in life, and astrology is the only means of studying this information and calming the storms.

We now move on to break down symbols, poetic analogies and hidden meanings, surrounding the equinox points, Aries and Libra. The text you are about to read is very special, to my knowledge it is the first publication of the highest meaning of several great analogies that are used in classic poetry and mythology. I am getting used to this kind of "being first" but it still feels strange: why has noone else been able to crack these riddles before me? Why are there thousands of scholarly interpretations out there, none of which are even near the corrrect answer? Why do people take everything literal? What, for example would be so great about a story, in which people conquer a city and kill all people inside? The answer follows in the text below.

Note that the ram of Aries is at the top, and 
Taurus at the back of the head.

The key to this chain of allegories, as usual, is the Zodiac, in combination with human anatomy. Studying Adam Kadmon, the zodiac man (see image above), we take note that our head is ruled by the two signs of Aries and Taurus, the bull residing in the lower part and the sheep occupying the very top. The RAM and the BULL also correspond to our lower and higher brain, as well as our two brain hemispheres, as follows:

(in pc's the Random Access Memory), the (b)right brain, holistic and timeless, the CerebRUM

(indeed it produces bullsh.... most of the time), the left brain, sequential and analytic (cutting), the CereBELLum

We mostly use the Cerebellum in our daily lives, while major parts of the much bigger Cerebrum lies dormant and is not used, especially in our times where the Jesuit education system ensures that we stay out of the right brain hemisphere from earliest age. The sacred/ secret is that the dormant brain cells of the Cerebrum can be activated, and the way how this works is described in several mythologies and classic poetry, many times in a warlike scenario. If certain steps are taken during adult life, the right brain hemisphere is activated, syncretism sets in and the thinking process can be moved into the higher brain, the Cerebrum, Aries, where the god of war Mars rules and the sun exalts (western "enlightenment" concept). The lower brain, the Cerebellum, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus and the Moon exalts, which is the exalted ego. This explains the mythological advice, not to get entangled with females, this refers to brain anatomy, not to physical women!

Just like the sun moves from one sign into the next, the same can be said about story characters or gods: if the sun moves from Pisces into Aries, it becomes Jupiter-Ammon. If the sun moves from Aquarius into Pisces, it becomes a Mermaid. If Aries pushes into Taurus, this takes a more violent form, because war-god Mars is ruler of this zone and he is symbolically going to war - but not against external enemies, rather internal ones...

Battering ram - German Rammbock/ rammen - to ram, to knock down

The perfect symbol for this push from lower to higher thinking is the battering RAM - a war tool that has supposedly been used for sieges on cities since ancient Akkad. The symbology is spectacular, because in our head we find the battering RAM in the form of the Hippocampus, also called Ammon's Horn, or Cornus Ammonis, a brain element that resembles a sea horse (hippos - horse/ kampos - sea monster), but it also matches the shape of a battering ram/ ovine horns:

The Ammon's horn, as extension of the spine,
resembles a battering ram that is pushing upwards into the Cerebrum

A physical battering Ram is used to knock down doors, castles and walls. and also the symbolic door between the lower and the higher brain. When Cain slays Abel (literally "a bull"), this is the same concept.

The origin of the astrological symbol for Aries is the Hippocampus

Joshua 6, tells us a story about Joshua, who came from Nun. Nun is Egyptian for primordial darkness/ Pisces, and what this means is that the sun has moved from Pisces into Aries. This precise step - from Pisces to Aries - is what also has been called the Exodus, the Passover, the journey from Egypt to the promised land, the exit from Hades. It is the mental and physical dawn after the night/ underworld. And as I have explained in my blog, Hebrew in its original form is ibri - "one who has passed over" (the equinox line, to Aries).

Joshua's army now attacks the city of Jericho, and we consult a metaphysical bible dictionary and find:

 Jericho, jer'-i-cho (Heb.)--place of fragrance; his sweet breath; his life; his animation; his soul; his mind; his spirit; his moon renewing.

The Cerebrum is being activated, the walls of Taurus fall.
The soldiers are blowing into their Shofar horns for this reason.
Shophar (Strong's Word 7782) translates as "Ram's horn"

Jericho is referred to as the Moon City, now, the Moon exalts in Taurus, and a city in former times was a fortified place, it is in fact fixed Earth, the idea of unmoveable, fixed matter, ruled by the ego, which is what Taurus stands for.

Smith's Bible Dictionary provides further clues which prove the zodiacal nature of this story:

Jericho, a city of high antiquity. (...) In its immediate vicinity the sons of the prophets sought retirement from the world; Elisha "healed the spring of the waters;" and over against it, beyond Jordan, Elijah "went up by a whirlwind into heaven." (2 Kings 2:1-22)
which is Gemini, mutable Air, which follows Taurus, the place of the NT ascension.

The sun, coming from Pisces, now plays the Battering Ram/ Cereb-RAM to enter/ break down the city of the Cere-BULL-um. The priests of Joshua walk around the city 7 times with their trumpet RAMs, blowing the Shophar horns "in front of the Arch", which is the skull dome, your head, also the top half of the zodiac, Aries - Virgo.

The tree of life inside the Cerebellum

As prequel to Homer's Odyssee, there is a fruitless, 10-year siege on the city of Troy. Knowing that the soul cycle starts in the Beehive in Cancer (Jerusalem), we count 10 signs until Aries and we reckon these 10 signs had to be fruitless, because the fruit is given by Hathor in the tree of life, the 11th station, in Taurus:

Hathor (Venus) providing soul food to the souls that have manage the Exodus,
sitting in the tree of life of the Cerebellum

The Cerebellum contains the tree of life, the fruit that is passed to the Manes by Hathor in the Sycamore tree, a concept that was twisted in the Hebrew OT, because the male-crazed priestclass was trying to demonize the female element within spirituality and transform the world into a "men's world". While Hathor waited in the East in Taurus to provide essential soul food to the Manes, the Tora moved Eve to the West into Libra and made her guilty of the fall of man, which is a Hebrew invention to create a patriarchy, the result of which we see in our male-crazy world today. In the same instant, the priestclass moved Paradise (arru-hetep, the fields of peace) from being a reward at the end of a worthy physcial life to some historic setting that never existed, from which men were expelled, because Eve just had to have a bite of that Apple (of knowledge), which is correct according to the zodiac, but leaves women with being guilty.

The last decan of Aries is pulled into Taurus

In the Aeneid, Virgil expanded on this theme and described how a horse decoy was used to enter the city (of Taurus), the Trojan Horse.

TRoy, TaurRus, Jericho, all the same place.

If you study the decan system, you will note that the third decan of Aries, the one before Taurus starts, is ruled by Sagittarius, the horse, and it is this decan that is being pulled into Taurus, the city. Once entering the city, all people are killed, meaning that the activity of the Cerebellum is halted, the higher mind takes over, with the exception of one great harlot, which is physical matter/ the exalting Moon.

The city walls are crumbled into bricks, and "bricks" is one of the code words for Gemini, which follows Taurus. If the city is conquered, the soul (solar) cycle is broken, the plane of the Milky Way can be crossed, the Gate of Gods can be reached and the painful learning process in physical form is over. This is what these ancient texts are talking about. And there is NOTHING historical in these stories, all sites and chracters are allegorical. So, eat your heart out, all self-proclaimed Jews of this world, if you have pale skin color, you have no Jewish roots whatsoever, the Lion of Judah is black African, as black as can be!


The Vatican priests call themselves "The Holy See" for two reasons: firstly, they watch the stars, they see them. Secondly, the Vatican control system is based upon Maritime Law, the Law of the Sea, which is a complex legal system, designed in a way that people do not understand it. But once made aware of, the idea becomes rather simple, it is based upon ignorance of the zodiac:

As shown above, all new life vessels enter the world through water (womb, the womb in the zodiac is Libra), and Libra is also the sign of Law. A birth certificate is issued and the newborn is registered by the state (state power has been collaborating with church power since long). On the basis of the birth certificate, according to Maritime Law, the ownership of the new vessel is taken over by the State, meaning, newborns cease to belong to their parents legally once the birth certificate is signed and the child is registered. Maritime Law also deals with currency, banks and money, all terms linked to the water element. This system assumes that people are not the captains of their own vessel. Instead of free men on the land, Maritime Law assumes enslaved men on the waters.

When Jason and the Argonauts search the Golden Fleece, it is the wool of Aries, golden, because the Sun exalts in Aries, and wool, because Aries is a sheep. The Golden fleece is therefore a symbol for the western enlightenment concept, activation of higher brain elements (Pineal Gland, Optic Thalamus). This is the spot, where the original Ra's solar bark of a million years exits the underworld, carrying with it the Manes that have managed to pass through Amenta. The mythology of ancient Kemet remains uncontested in its precision and beauty.



Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone

Alchemy is applied astrology - nothing more, but also nothing less!

This blog entry explains 4 more "ancient mysteries":

- the Philosopher's Stone
- Alchemy's Great Work
- the Christian concept of "ascension"
- the Christian concept of "being born again"

“Khemet” was the native Egyptian name for what the Greeks called Aegyptos. It was also the word for “black” and used to distinguish the fertile Nile lands from the red desert soils. The modern words "Alchemy" and later "chemistry" were derived from Egypt's old native name. The "Al-" is the Arabic definite article "the." The art and the name of alchemy were adopted by Arabs from Alexandria (Egypt) and thence returned to Europe via Spain. Alchemy was the "chemistry" of the Middle Ages and early modern times. Since approx. 1600 the word has been applied distinctively to the pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold, which, along with the search for the universal solvent and the panacea, were the chief occupations of early chemistry.

Europeans at this time were already unable to grasp the spiritual concepts of Africa and "materialized" nearly all of these, leading to the endless chain of misbeliefs and confusions that we find in the western world today, when it comes to topics of spirituality. Africa may be financially poor from western point of view, but it is spiritually rich beyond European imagination . The western world on the other hand may have greater material wealth but it is spiritually poor.

What Europeans made out of the concept of Alchemy and the transformation process called the "Great Work" are no exception. While Africans were putting forth sophisticated concepts for internal improvement of character, Europeans interpreted this externally and physically. There is nothing spiritual about trying to produce physical gold. What would be the point? To get rich and powerful, one would asume. You don't need Alchemy to achieve this, you simply have to use your cunningness, step over other people and sell out to the system, no Alchemy needed.

Alchemical symbols are astrological symbols,
the "three principles" being the three modes (cardinal, fix, mutable)

The original Alchemy of Khemet is a purely internal, spiritual process, which is symbolized by transformation of pysical metals, using their astrological correspondences. In the same way, the Philosopher's Stone is not a physical rock that can be found or produced in a laboratory, it is also allegorical....and after this texts sinks into your consciousness, you will find that you know this Stone very well.

In the above image, Capricorn is at the bottom, representing the low point of the spiritual cycle, where we exist in our most dense form, the physical body. The beginning of human life is therefore ruled by Saturn, and the metal associated with Saturn is lead. In an allegorical way it can therefore be said that human beings begin their life as "lead". Journeying onwards through the zodiac, the following signs represent the following stages:

Capricorn: physical birth, youth = LEAD
Aquarius: mental development, adulthood = LEAD
Pisces: fading ego, adulthood = TIN
Aries: spiritual re-birth, enlightenment, 2nd youth = IRON, but exalting sun = GOLD

So, here we learn the recipee for making internal gold: after youth we take a mental step into adulthood, we then reduce our ego and desires, and if properly done (making the right offers in the temple, the human body, i.e. keeping he right diet), we may experience spiritual re-birth. This is the Christian NT concept of being "born again". It is a spiritual re-birth, and off limits for Christian believers, as long as they follow vicarious intermediaries of the church. It is also the OT concept of the Exodus (leaving the bottom half of the zodiac).

The original teaching of Khemet now becomes clear: the zodiac reveals to us that our physical life has as purpose the development of our true, higher self, which is our character. The Great work is therefore one automatically undertaken by everyone born on this plane, whether they want to or not. In our age, most people do not live a spiritual life ("the walking dead") and get stuck in lead, and are unable to unwind their lower self (ego).

The breast plate shows the color sequence of the four stages of Alchemy. The text on the shield reads "Ex duabus aqui unam facite, qui quaeritis sole et luna facere et dare bibere inimico vino. Et videbitis cum mortuum. Deinde de aqua terra facite, et lapidem multiplicastis". Translated, this means: From two waters make one, ye that seek the enemy of the sun, and the moon to do and to give to drink the wine thereof. And I see the dead. Then, do the earth out of the water, and multiply the Stone"
The mystical meaning here revealed: from the two waters (Aquarius) make one (combine physicality and spirituality), ye seek the enemy of the sun (Aquarius lies opposite Leo, which is ruled by the sun), and absorb the sun's blood, which is the life force energy (photonic power), and I see the dead (human beings in physical form), do the Earth out of the water (pass Pisces) and multiply the Stone.
We find that the four classic stages of the Magnum Opus, as shown on the breastplate of the knight above, find a perfect fit on the Zodiac:

Nigredo, blackening, melanosis: Capricorn, Saturn = LEAD
Albedo, whitening, leucosis: Aquarius, Saturn/ Uranus = LEAD, whitened by Uranus
Citrinitas, yellowing, xanthosisPisces, Jupiter = TIN, yellowed by Neptune, also the yellowish color before sunrise
Rubedo, reddening, iosis, Aries, Mars = IRON, Sun exalts here = GOLD, sunrise

alternatively, the voyage could be continued through the zodiac/ metals as follows:
Taurus, Venus = COPPER
Gemini, Mercury = QUICKSILVER
Cancer, Moon = SILVER
Leo, Sun = GOLD

..but this recipee makes less sense, because physical death occurs at 5 degrees sidereal Gemini (Gate of Man), so the Great Work would not be achievable during physical life and not be a practical teaching.

We can now identify the Philosopher's Stone. The "rock" being code for Capricorn and a philosopher being a lover of wisdom, the philosopher's Stone is nothing but yourself, containing a soul (sol, sun), which is the "Rock of Ages", the "Stone that is the Shepherd of Israel", which externally is represented by the Sun, the "shepherd" who moves around the zodiac circle, just like a shepherd moves around his flock of sheep. The sun moves through the zodiac and turns lead into gold (from Libra to Aries on the equinoxes and from Capricorn to Cancer/ Leo on the solstices). And as the sun represents the soul's (sol = sun) journey through eternity, it teaches us the path that human life takes, revealing both what is required and what is possible for us. Human life, as Egypt knew, is eternal and only 50% of the cycle takes place in the physical form. The Great Work during this time, when our higher self is captured and mummified within the tomb (Christ concept), the human body, is to transform one's character, to lift up the entire creation from physicality to spirituality, to move from lead (the heaviest of all metals) to gold (the most refined and pure).

the planetary/ chakra scale fits the Alchemical Great Work perfectly -
because it is one and the same thing

The above image shows how the planets/ metals are associated to the internal chakras, and to develop these, means to move upwards in the body, literally to ascend to heaven....but on the inside! According to the NT 144,000 will ascend, and these are the 12 solar signs x the 12 ascendants. "Heaven" is an allegory for your head (note the blue color of the top chakra above). The "furnace" of Alchemy is an allegory for your body, because it acts in a similar way: burning elements and producing heat.

Alchemy as put forth as physical craft is a hoax!

It is amazing how much complicated nonsense has been published by Europeans during the past centuries. Even great scholars like Paracelsus, who published texts that show great insight into health matters, have published complicated and unpractical rubbish on the topic of Alchemy. UNLESS, and I find this the most likely solution, some texts have been falsely attributed to certain scholars after their death, in order to confuse the public about spiritual topics. There is evidence for such fakings, e.g. here and this looks credible to me and makes perfect sense. It fits the agenda of dumbing down the public, in order to preserve the church power.

I wish you and your loved ones great succcess in Alchemy!


Disney's family agenda

Following Socrates' advice below, this blog entry will not talk about the man and also not talk about places and events. Instead, we will here exclusively focus on the ideas contained in the stories. There are several hidden or embedded themes that go through all major Disney successes. I have here picked the one, grand guiding thread, which I believe lies at the heart of the entire Disney agenda, and as you will see below, this thread is obvious, once made aware of.

Just as side note, keep the above quote in mind and look at the mentally retarded presidential discussions that are ongoing between the two comic characters in the U.S. election show. Minds could not be weaker than this - and I refer to those, who watch and discuss it.

The very fact that Disney was able to openly and uncontestedly transport such a theme to the public for nearly one century, if you reflect upon it, proves two things:
#1 society is engineered from the top, and
#2 the mass of the people is utterly unable to recognize such themes.
Even when made aware of an engineering agenda, most people will flee into denial. Admittably, the adorable and cute Disney characters make it hard to see through the agenda, but it is time to wake up to the truth and open our eyes.

The European heavyweight Plato nails it. Now, who tells the stories in our society? For daily news, it is the media, but for "entertainment" (there is no such thing for the subconscious mind), it is Hollywood, and Hollywood is ruled by old money, and old money invests into stories that are to their favor. How this works in the case of Disney, you are about to see below.

In the following, I present a list of major Disney successes and take a look at these from the point of view of the family. There is an almost hair raisingly obvious, in the public eye completely unrecognized theme in all of these movies. Once made aware of, you will see that it is an elephant in the room. You will ask yourself, why you did not recognize it before. If you then research further, you will observe, that children entertainment in all western countries follows a common theme.

Now, take a LOOK yourself, then further below, I will explain the aim and outcome of this engineering agenda, finally applying the concept to the zodiac wheel, which is the only tool able to reveal its ultimate power and logic. As I have pointed out in my blog, the zodiac is a representation of how the human mind works, therefore all mind control systems can be revealed through it.

Keep in mind that the target audience for these stores are your children (!).

1937 Snow White
An orphan girl lives with her wicked stepmother

1940 Pinocchio
A puppet boy enters life without a mother and is tragically separated from his father

1941 Dumbo
An infant boy is cruelly separated from his mother and left to his own fate

1941 Bambi
I his first winter in life, Bambi’s mother is killed

1950 Cinderella
After the deaths of her mother and father, a girl ends up under the tyranny of an evil stepmother, she is later saved by royalty

1950 Treasure Island
A boy leaves his mother for great adventure

1953 Peter Pan
Children escape their non understanding parents

1967 Jungle Book
An orphan boy is raised by animals in the jungle

1970 Aristocats
Three children are forcedly separated from their mother

1977 The Rescuers
An orphan girl is rescued from captivity by mice working for a UN sub group

1981 The Fox and the Hound
An orphaned boy is the main character

1985 Return to Oz
A girl lives with her uncle and aunt, parents are nowhere to be seen

1988 Oliver and Company
An orphaned child is left abandoned

1989 The Little Mermaid
A teenage girl living only with her father is tricked by an evil woman

1991 Beauty and the Beast
An evil woman transforms a young royal into a beast

1991 Aladdin
A street orphan is being taken advantage of

1994 Lion King
A young boy is traumatized by the death of his father and has to face life's challenges on his own

1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
A deformed baby’s mother is killed, he is raised in a cathedral

1997 Herkules
A young boy is kidnapped and grows up as an outsider with his foster parents

1999 Tarzan
An infant's parents are killed and he grows up in the jungle

2000 Dinosaurs
A mother abandons her nest, the offspring is raised by monkeys

2002 Treasure Planet
An isolated teenager is abandoned by his father

2003 Finding Nemo
A family is almost killed, leaving only the father and one crippled boy, who are then tragically separated

2003 Brother Bear
A bear takes care of an abandoned cup

2011 Mars Needs Moms
A boy’s mother is abducted and replaced by a robot

2013 Frozen
The parents of two teenagers die in a storm

We observe that Disney movies seem to have a serious issue with healthy family structures. In fact, healthy family structures are nowhere to be found in the most popular Disney movies. Instead, Disney confronts the children audience with traumatizing deaths, separations, evil women and show children growing up in which ever way, but surely not in a normal family. It can be said that the stories are distinctly anti-family and often anti-female, showing evil women to be the enemies of children.

This agenda opposes nature, where mothers are naturally the children's greatest protectors. In animal and human life, mothers are often prepared to give their own lives to protect their offspring. The idea of showing movies to children that turn this concept upside down, is the attempt to shatter their natural trust into their parents at earliest age and anchor the idea of possibly mastering life without the guidance and care of their parents. Now, who benefits from this? The zodiac exposes this concept:

Family is represented by Cancer, and it is opposed by Capricorn, the sign of hierarchies and governments. By moving children's mindset away from home/ parents, it automatically drifts towards the external world, which in our time is organized and tightly controlled by government.

Note that in Cancer (family) the greater benefic Jupiter exalts and spreads his fortune in abundance, while in Capricorn, the lesser malific Mars exalts and results in great strife, confrontation and unrest. THIS is where the social engineers want us to be!

Ever since the priesthood has been corrupted some 2,500 years ago, the (covertly) declared enemy of governments has been the family. When there are strong family structures, government is not needed. Oppressive government has to be interested in weakening family structures, and the Disney mind control system is a part of their machinery to achieve this in a hidden, playful, innocent looking way.

If you now count 1+1 together, you will find that Disney, supported and driven through Masonic power structures, through its work has transported a fundamental Masonic agenda, which is to weaken family structures and strengthen government structures, which have been and are still today controlled from behind the scenes, not exclusively by Zionists/ Masons, but to some degree, certainly yes.

Some further agendas that are being transported through Disney are for example:
- lower class criminals need to be defeated by royal/ upper class hero figures
- sympathy for authority figures is promoted
- there is a covert pedophile element (e.g. Winnieh Pooh, Peter Pan, Duck family)
- occultism is distorted as to make it seem like something that it is not (e.g. twisted concept of "magic")
- male, working class, loser-type anti-heroes are given sympathy 
- child rebellion against parents is promoted
- no intact family structures
- women are often displayed as evil
- distortion of mythologies
- distortion of historical events
- political agendas
- ....


The 33 deceptions of Freemasonry

This blog entry completes the quartet of Abrahamic belief systems and designates Masonry to be a Capricorn system, which is based on the Ptah/ Khnum Memphis mystery school, which had its central place of worship in Memphis/ Egypt.

Knowing that I have some Masonic readers out there, I can only say, don't be personally offended, check the facts, learn the holy science, and if you seek truth, leave the lodge, for, spiritually, it is better to walk alone than to walk in bad company.

To facilitate this complex matter, which by priestly intention has been made as complicated as possible, we can say that the Abrahamic doctrine has produced 4 cardinal belief systems , which give the following order (from my notebook):

Note that I have here assigned Christianity to Cancer, even though it has been designed for the Piscean age. It is correct to allocate Christianity to Cancer, because the Christian "god" is Gad the Marauder, planet Jupiter, who exalts in Cancer ("in heaven"), and Cancer is ruled by the Moon ("Sin" concept), and the NT narrative culminates in Jesus riding into Jerusalem on two donkeys, which is Cancer.

Let's re-cap who are the Abrahamic deities:
Christianity: God/ Gad = Jupiter worship
Judaism: Yahweh = Mars worship
Islam: Allah = Venus worship
Masonry: G.A.O.T.U. = Saturn worship

By studying the above Cardinal systems on the divine animal wheel, we may understand the way in which religions (external belief systems) were being designed by the priest class. These exoteric religious systems are mind control systems, and all proper mind control tools have to be designed on the zodiac wheel, because the zodiac is a perfect symbolic representation of how the human mind works - therefore, it must be the natural starting point for creating any type of mind manipulation or control. The zodiac is a symbolic representation of mind - both individual and also universal, because we and the father are one. It is man who crated god, not the other way around.

The similarity of the above symbols is key to understand. The Masonic Square and Compass (far right) has a number of legitimate spiritual meanings, for example: from square to circle as symbol for moral perfection, union of higher and lower nature, "as above so below", two trines in perfect harmony, etc. - but most importantly, this symbol is a reduction of the Saturn hexagram (far left, erroneously called "star of David"), and this simple, overlooked fact provides a very strong clue towards the authors of this secret society. A cube is the symbol for physical life, and a cube fits perfectly into the Saturn star, therefore Saturn being venerated as creator....but only of the physical world!

There is a never ending discussion about how old Masonry is and how its roots are shrouded in mystery, etc. Truth is always simple, only lies are complicated. Now, Capricorn, the zodiac and sacred geometry are as old as the creation of this realm, but the lodge/ fraternal system can actually be traced to fairly young efforts, which date back not much more than 250 years. So instead of joining the debate about historicity, I am going to suggest that perhaps Masonry is yet another historic deception, the "craft" in the form of a secret society with a lodge system is a fairly young invention, and the mythology follows Abrahamic myth 1:1, so perhaps it is safe to state that this mystery school has been revived for certain engineering purposes. It is clear that lodges do good work on the lower levels, but it is also clear that Masonic handwriting is on a number of historic events, many corporations and many of Masonry's deeds are not good at all.

Capricorn symbol resembles a 76

Capricorn, cardinal Earth, is the 10th sign (counting from Aries, the first sign), and it has beeen the realm of Khnum/ Ptah, the original and first potter, or builder, carpenter, mason, architect, constructor, or creator. Jesus was a carpenter, Hiram a Mason, Khnum a potter and Solomon a temple builder, to name some prominent examples. The motto of the 10th house (not sign) is "I build", and this area of the zodiac is where the Ka and the Ba were first mythically created on the potter's wheel by Khnum, which later became Adam and Eve. Memphis was the center of worship, and Ptah was likely the very first full blown creator god, who created the physical world through his "Word", which should sound very familiar to our Christian friends. And also our Masonic friends have been looking for a lost Word. Both should search in Memphis, where the writing is on the Wall.

Concerning the Masonic "G", there are plenty of interpretations abound, all of which are somewhat correct, but only on lower levels of interpretation. Let's crack this riddle: Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the 7th sign from heavenly peace in Cancer, and "G" is the 7th letter of our modern alphabet, the 7th god (all letters are deities). Alternatively, the 7th sign from the starting point of the zodiac, Aries, is Libra, where Saturn exalts, so in both cases, "G/7" leads us to planet Saturn.

By using the zodiac, we thus have established the simple connection between the letter G, the number 7, planet Saturn and the Compass & Square, which is actually a reduced Saturn symbol, Saturn also being the 7th orb in the Chaldean planetary order - according to rotational period as perceived from Earth, so:
1. Moon,
2. Mercury,
3. Venus,
4. Sun,
5. Mars,
6. Jupiter, 
7. Saturn

NOTE: only in this planetary order, Helios lies at the center. In physical nature, the Earth plane is central, the Sun moving above the Earth plane(t).

There is no deeper meaning of G/7 than this astrological connection. The zodiac always provides for the deepest level of meaning, because it is the source of mind. The solar nature of the above symbol is supported by the rays that are emanating from the circle.

The letter G also has the shape of an (all seeing) eye (of Osiris in Amenta, which is the chain of ancestors that observe us), and in addition, the shape of this letter consists of a circle and a square, these facts being in further harmony with the Capricorn/ Saturn connection. The watcher in Amenta (the underworld) is actually you, because your deepest nature is that of an uninvolved observer, which is the concept of the Egyptian Ba bird. This eye is also found on the step pyramid of the Moorish Seal on the 1-Dollar bill, because Asar (divine DNA) is passed on through a system of stepwise generation.

Freemasonry's Great Architect of the Universe (G.A.O.T.U.) is therefore the mighty Neter Ptah, who created the physical world by building the path ("path" - Ptah anagram) through the underworld (Amenta). He is the first great builder, and he is none other than planet Saturn, the father of time. In pre-Osirian mythology, Ptah constructed the underworld with his 7 helpers, which were (according to Massey) 6 pre-human souls + one human (group) soul. You can read details in Massey's great work "Egypt - Light of the World", a book which I studied for the last year or so. In our time these 7 helpers became the 7 (gold-) mining dwarfs in the Maerchen of Snow White (the "poisoned" winter sun).

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is also the 7th orb, and our 7th weekday used to be Satur(n)day, Sunday should be first, and this confusion has been created by the mentally ill murderer and Christian founding father Constantine, who changed the 7th day from Sabbath to Sunday in 335 ACE, when the Christian Sun cult was rolled out and all correct science had to be destroyed.

The "G" may also stand for Gammon, the secret one, a name of Jupiter Ammon, an ancient name of the sun, which yielded the confusing wordplay of Jew-Peter, Greek petros being the rock, the living stone, which shows that litholatry is really heliolatry and explains why Jesus (the sun) is called "the Rock", when he enters Capricorn. Remember that in Greece the father of gods was Jupiter (Zeus), thus we received J-Zeus from the priestly baffoons.

Genesis 49: the stone is the shepherd of israel,
= the sun looks after (moves around in) the zodiac,
"Israel" meaning royal fire, which is nothing but the sun within the zodiac.

one of 1000's of Masonic symbols

In the spiritual, or creational zodiac, Capricorn stands for the renewal of physical nature, and it is for this reason the sign of human creation, physical renewal and evolution. It is also for this reason that we call our children "kids", because this designates the offspring of goats, and Capricorn is the goat, the devil, the opposer, whch is nothing but the human physical form, the opposer to heavenly peace in Cancer, which lies 180 degrees opposite Capricorn. It is the seagoat, physical life springing up from the Sea, which is pre-destined to die again. The goat also symbolizes thirst, and this connection only makes sense with the seasonality of the Nile flood, another proof that the Zodiac is Egyptian.

As seen on many old postcards, Masons are correctly associated with goats

The symbol of Capricorn resembles a "76", because it is the 7th sign from Cancer, which as symbol has a 69. 69 + 7 = 76. Can you now see the solar orb above with the 76 on it and see that it represents Capricorn? Amongst Jakob's (Jakob = zodiac) sons the one "playing" Capricorn is Naphtali, and Naphtali also refers to petroleum (oil from the rock). Do you think some people in the upper class know the holy science? Rest assured they do! The 76 oil symbol above is a very clear Masonic signature.

Masonic myth is jam-packed with Biblical contents and obviously part of the Abrahamic family of mythology, some simple examples are King Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem, god, Boaz, Goliath, the 12 tribes of Israel, Hiram of Tyre, Babylon, the Arch and Enoch, all being mentioned in the Masonic myth of Hiram Abiff. All these are Hebrew biblical, allegorical, non-historical figures and places. Masonic myth is 100% constructed upon the bible (OT and NT) and is thus from the same feather and ink, the same belief system. The Hebrews chapter in the OT is actually Royal Arch Masonry (RAM). Why do none or maybe few Masons realize this? Because they are not thinking syncretically and they are under Masonic mind control, which in the end of the day is same as Christian mind control. Blessed are those who read!

Mystery title system:
Entered Aprentice =  Jew
Fellow Craft = Hebrew
Master Mason = Telios

The "lost Word" of freemasonry is INRI, an abbreviation of the four elements, perhaps also the lost Egyptian Hekau of Ptah, "all nature is renewed by fire" (fire signs always precede Earth signs in the zodiac wheel!), all of this is complicated, rather useless Hebrew mysticism, the primal goal of which is clearly to hide the science, so that the priest class would not lose its power.

The Three Ruffians who slay Hiram (the sun) are the three other cardinal points of the zodiac. Aries, the RAM stands also for Royal Arch Masonry, the Royal Arch being the zodiac "roof" pointing due South (North of the equator). It is the Ark of the Covenant that no Indiana Jones will ever find, unless he searches due South in the sky at night. "Covenant" (coming together) refers to the two equinox points, because it is the zodiac (ecliptic) that brings the equinox points together.

Hiram is the master orb, the brightest one, the Sun, which loses its power in winter time, and winter season starts with Capricorn. Masons "seek that which is lost", or slain, or has died, and which is resurrected in 1001 other world myths. Jesus is 3 days in the tomb, same story. "RAM" refers to Aries, and Hiram is therefore the temple builder, it is the higher (right) brain, the mind. Linguistically, these terms have an Aramaic background, which again follows the biblical example and shows Masonry to be Abrahamic. The master is buried in his Mausoleum, which is Capricorn.

Hi, we have no clue what the esoteric meaning of the aprons is,
but the other guys wear it, too.

The Masonic apron is also Judaic, because Judaism went to great length in eliminating the female element in Cosmology, the apron serving as symbolic gender bending tool to erase duality, the wrongs of the mother, it was the garment of shame, a menstruation cloth worn at puberty by young women. Just like in the Christian church, the Islamic Mosque and the Jewish Synagogue, all men wear female clothes and Jesus and his disciples show men with long hair for this reason. No women allowed in the lodge, remember? The master builders are women, because they build new life in their wombs. No man can ever be a master mason, apron or not.

The 33 degrees do symbolize the human spine, but also the three winter signs, which are signs 10 + 11 + 12 = 33. Humans are born with a 9-month gestation period, so we are missing 3 months (3 signs) in the womb, therefore symbolically requiring 3 initiation steps to completion. I prefer my own 360 degrees initiation, full circle, mastership of the entire zodiac.


Let us now move to the some modern time proof of workings of Freemasonry. In order to find such proof, all we need to do is follow the symbols. Research proves that the Masonic lodge system that was created in Europe and USA is nothing but a Jewish tool for social engineering to their favor in the sense of Zionism, a fact that many "old school" rulers knew, e.g. the Romanows, Hitler, etc. I suggest to study the work of Billington, "Fire in the minds of men", to grasp the historic context. He is the librarian of the U.S. Congress and not just anybody, you will find this book to be highly sophisticated and the red line that goes through it is that most revolutions and wars were initiated through the network of Masonic lodges, starting with the French Revolution in 1789.

The lower levels of the lodges are unknowing, a useful external cover, they are made to learn Hebrew words and practice useless rituals, no offense, I am just calling a spade a spade, just trying to help, because spiritually, these rituals get you nowhere at all, they are pointless formalities, cultivating the character, maybe, but not advancing lodge members in any true way. The system is a waste of time, to leave the fraternity is maybe the best advice, and if you havent joined, don't do it. You make yourself part of a negative egregor, an organisation, of which you simply do not know what is being done at the top.

Here some examples of modern masonic signatures:

Area 51, letters 5 and 1 are EA, "Entered Apprentice", the UFO deception is Masonic
NASA, being a Hebrew Word meaning "lies", all astro-nuts who claimed to have walked the Moon were U.S. Masons
KKK, the letter K being the 11th lettter, 3 x 11 = 33, Albert Pike was a member, for example

Orange, political parties, "colour" revolutions, the House of Orange, "orange" being the only word in the English language depicting a color, which adds up to 33 in Gematria (check above)
IXXI, 9-11 in Roman numerals, the letters IXXI looking like two pillars guarding compass and sqaure, you may want to check my blog entry on the astrology of 911 and see that the grand theme was a Saturnian (Saturn in Gemini)
G7, a format in which our world leaders meet
Corporate logos, some of which I have explained in my blog, including McDonald's, 76 Oil, etc.

Hollywood movies, such as the Trueman Show, the 5th Element and 1000's more. One special example may be mentioned here, which is "Clockwork Orange" by master film maker Kubrick. Note the word "orange" being a reference to Masonic power, and the movie reveals to us Masonic social engineering strategies, including mind control programs and recruiting gangsters to act as police force.

 a metal worker (builder) and a 13-step pyramid....hmmmmm
Monuments and buildings, I choose here an example from Frankfurt/ Germany, which shows a metal worker in front of the Messe-tower, a building that has a 13-step pyramid with a red shining eye on top, and which hosts the offices of Zionist money mafia Goldman Sachs.
Dating and timing of events, 911 being a good example, but also WW2, which started 1933, with 33rd degree Mason Roosevelt being inaugurated in the same year as 32nd president. WW1 on the other hand started in 1914, and 19 + 14 = 33, so both WW's have a 33-code.

There are countless more examples, and I stop at this point. The emperor has no clothes. The signs are clear to read for those with eyes to see.

In summary, we have thus identified 4 cardinal, exoteric belief systems used to divide and conquer society on the faith level:

Judaism: war mongering
Christianity: passiveness, stupor
Islamism: twisting law and judgment
Masonry: social engineering (building society)

The positive news is that there needs to be no competition about who is worshipping the real god. As can be seen when watching the sky, the 4 Abrahamic gods (Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn) are co-existing in the sky 100% peacefully. Hermeticism and Buddhism worship Mercury, the Moon belongs to natural healing/ Wicca, which completes the list of lords/ gods.

These 7 cosmocrators however have been bestowed with their creational power by an unseen mind, which is the part of cosmology omitted in these systems.

HOTEP and peace amongst all faith groups!