Are you captain of your ship?

note the jewel between the horns

This text is completely off the chain. I composed it in my head, while attending a children's birthday party last week. When bored and without possibility of escaping, I drift off, let my mind make free associations, let things connect, I then type a few words into a search engine, and in some cases end up getting a revelation. While the other parents use their Smartphone to catch Pokemons, I sit there and crack ancient riddles. I love it.

The equinox points carry highest importance for human life. These are the two moments in the annual solar cycle, where darkness and light are in perfect equilibrium, day and night are of equal length, duality is balanced. These are also the points in the zodiac where the great solar heroes are born - and why they are often born twice! One is the entry into Earthly realms, the other spiritual (re-) birth.

This blog entry applies a syncretism of symbols, mythologies and poetry about these two points. Left brain analysis cuts apart and kills the laboratory frog, only right brain syncretism unites, produces clarity and enables us to attain higher knowledge. This means this text will jump right through the millenia and connect similarities where ever they occur. By reflecting on symbols, mythologies, stories and characters explained in this short text, you will be able to start generating an understanding for the high relevance of the equinox points for your own life. We will syncretize the following:
- the Illead/ Homer's Odysse/ Virgil's Aeneid
- Jason and the Argonauts
- Joshua and the walls of Jericho
- the trojan horse
- the Exodus and Passover
- Jesus' ministry at the age of 30
- The Horus myth
- Adam Kadmon, the zodiac man
- brain anatomy
- the tree of life

In Christian mythology, which is based 100% on Egyptian knowledge, we find the boy Jesus of 12 years, who disappears for 18 years, only to reappear at the age of 30 to start his ministry. In similar fashion, the OT, which is the prequel to the NT, tells us about a 1st and a 2nd Adam. And yet many thousand years earlier, Kemet created the original mythology about Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger, which are titles given by European Egyptologists. In Kemet, these were Heru-Makhu (the falcon/ the lion above, Makhu = "scale", so the sun in Libra), the eternal child of 12 years, and Amsu-Heru, the adult child of 30 years (The risen lion above, the sun in Aries). The numbers 12 and 30 have several meanings, they are the respective orbital periods of the outer planets Jupiter (12 years) and Saturn (30 years), but also the number of decans counting from the summer solstice to the end of Libra (4 signs x 3 decans) and to the end of Aries (10 signs x 3 decans), respectively. Egypt followed a year that was based on decans.

In the flag of New York above, you see the two equinox points in the form of two ladies, to the left Aries (note the RAM's horn on the spear), to the right Libra (scales of justice, in our times unfortunately blindfolded). It is slightly off topic, but the flag also shows the Roman Eagle (the American bird was the fire Phoenix, not the Eagle) ruling the (fake) ball Earth. You will also note the sailboats in front, and we start this text off by revealing the great sail boat analogy that has been used in several well-known works of classic, Greco-Roman poetry:

The above picture is a perfect analogy for human life, utilizing the four elements, which are the four fields of human experience: a solid vessel (Earth, physical, 5 senses) has to make its way through the stormy seas of life (Water, emotions and desires), it is driven forward by catching wind in its sails (Airthought), and navigating (making decisions) according to the starry heavens (Fireaction).

This beautiful analogy is the basic theme of Greek classic works of poetry such as the Illiad/ Odyssee, and Jason and the Argonauts. The inspiration for these works however, also the blueprint for Abrahamic mythologies, lies in Egypt, in the form of the Bark of Ra. It should be noted that early Greek and Roman works were created by black Africans, as both Rome and Athens were founded by non-Europeans, referred to as Etruscans, Minoans, etc. The notion of western culture originating in Greece or Rome is a lie of history. All major philosophers went to Alexandria to receive their training. Europe was educated by Alexandria and later by the Moors of El Andalus (The lightwalker, today Spain, the title being a reference to Sagittarius, because Spain is ruled by this sign).

Still today all ships are given female names. This is due to the zodiacal idea of cardinal wind on fixed water (see image above), which is Libra. Libra is the physical womb of the zodiac (compare to Adam Kadmon further down in the text), and therefore, following the great boat analogy, the natural birth place for all boats (of life), it is cardinal Air (wind in the sails), located directly above Scorpio, the ocean of fixed Water. Libra is the day house of Venus, therefore all boats are female.

The steering wheel of sailing boats is shaped like a compass rose, the eight spokes showing the true natural solar year, as seen when looking due South at night in the northern hemisphere, with sunrise to the left (East, vernal equinox), zenith on the top (South, summer solstice), sunset to the right (West, autumn equinox), and midnight at the bottom (North, Winter solstice). The other four spokes of the wheel are the cross quarter holidays, of which only two have survived into modern times (North-West, Halloween and South-East, Mayday), which is a result of modern ignorance of astrology, which defines the true solar year. January 1st is NOT new year, never has been and never will be. The names of the months underline this fact: September (sept, seven) is the 7th month, not the 9th. October is 8th (octa, eight), November 9th (nove, nine) and December 10th (deca, ten). The natural new solar year starts on March 23rd (Julian/ Gregorian calendar).

Sekhmet, the female lion of ferocious power of solar energy,
carrying our modern symbol for Leo above her head

The zodiac unfolds its deeper secrets once we set it to its original place, allocating New Year to Tehuti 1st, which corresponds more or less to the beginning of Leo - only in this way the 12 symbols reveal their power! And it is no coincidence that the astrological symbol for Leo is the Kemau symbol for Ra energy/ life spirit. Whoever postulates that the Zodiac is not Egyptian has not discovered its deeper secrets. Whoever discovers the deeper secrets automatically knows that the Zodiac can only be Egyptian. No other place on Earth has a flood beginning annually in summer and a drought in Winter.

Today the most neglected part of the boat/ steering wheel analogy is the Fire element, the navigation of vessels by the stars. As long as one is unaware of what is above (stars, planets, transits), one will not understand the below (daily life). Navigation through life needs to be based upon knowledge of the birth chart. The birth chart is your map for navigation of your body vessel through physical life. It provides the reason, the purpose, it shows the gifts and challenges, as well as the destiny. If you don't study and apply your chart, you are steering your life vessel without navigation tools. You might get lucky, or unlucky, certain things may work or not work, but you will not be in a position to properly steer the vessel, and you remain tied to planetary cycles, which means that certain things keep running in your family line and certain themes keep appearing in your life.

The second take away from the boat analogy is that you need to calm the sea and the storm in your head. You need to wind down your desires and impulses coming from your body, and this includes the chain of thoughts that is fired at you by your lower brain (Cerebellum), day and night. Thoughts can be like a raging storm, if not properly managed. Emotions can be like tidal waves, they can literally knock you off the boat. To be captain of your ship, you need to know where you are going in life, and astrology is the only means of studying this information and calming the storms.

We now move on to break down symbols, poetic analogies and hidden meanings, surrounding the equinox points, Aries and Libra. The text you are about to read is very special, to my knowledge it is the first publication of the highest meaning of several great analogies that are used in classic poetry and mythology. I am getting used to this kind of "being first" but it still feels strange: why has noone else been able to crack these riddles before me? Why are there thousands of scholarly interpretations out there, none of which are even near the corrrect answer? Why do people take everything literal? What, for example would be so great about a story, in which people conquer a city and kill all people inside? The answer follows in the text below.

Note that the ram of Aries is at the top, and 
Taurus at the back of the head.

The key to this chain of allegories, as usual, is the Zodiac, in combination with human anatomy. Studying Adam Kadmon, the zodiac man (see image above), we take note that our head is ruled by the two signs of Aries and Taurus, the bull residing in the lower part and the sheep occupying the very top. The RAM and the BULL also correspond to our lower and higher brain, as well as our two brain hemispheres, as follows:

(in pc's the Random Access Memory), the (b)right brain, holistic and timeless, the CerebRUM

(indeed it produces bullsh.... most of the time), the left brain, sequential and analytic (cutting), the CereBELLum

We mostly use the Cerebellum in our daily lives, while major parts of the much bigger Cerebrum lies dormant and is not used, especially in our times where the Jesuit education system ensures that we stay out of the right brain hemisphere from earliest age. The sacred/ secret is that the dormant brain cells of the Cerebrum can be activated, and the way how this works is described in several mythologies and classic poetry, many times in a warlike scenario. If certain steps are taken during adult life, the right brain hemisphere is activated, syncretism sets in and the thinking process can be moved into the higher brain, the Cerebrum, Aries, where the god of war Mars rules and the sun exalts (western "enlightenment" concept). The lower brain, the Cerebellum, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus and the Moon exalts, which is the exalted ego. This explains the mythological advice, not to get entangled with females, this refers to brain anatomy, not to physical women!

Just like the sun moves from one sign into the next, the same can be said about story characters or gods: if the sun moves from Pisces into Aries, it becomes Jupiter-Ammon. If the sun moves from Aquarius into Pisces, it becomes a Mermaid. If Aries pushes into Taurus, this takes a more violent form, because war-god Mars is ruler of this zone and he is symbolically going to war - but not against external enemies, rather internal ones...

Battering ram - German Rammbock/ rammen - to ram, to knock down

The perfect symbol for this push from lower to higher thinking is the battering RAM - a war tool that has supposedly been used for sieges on cities since ancient Akkad. The symbology is spectacular, because in our head we find the battering RAM in the form of the Hippocampus, also called Ammon's Horn, or Cornus Ammonis, a brain element that resembles a sea horse (hippos - horse/ kampos - sea monster), but it also matches the shape of a battering ram/ ovine horns:

The Ammon's horn, as extension of the spine,
resembles a battering ram that is pushing upwards into the Cerebrum

A physical battering Ram is used to knock down doors, castles and walls. and also the symbolic door between the lower and the higher brain. When Cain slays Abel (literally "a bull"), this is the same concept.

The origin of the astrological symbol for Aries is the Hippocampus

Joshua 6, tells us a story about Joshua, who came from Nun. Nun is Egyptian for primordial darkness/ Pisces, and what this means is that the sun has moved from Pisces into Aries. This precise step - from Pisces to Aries - is what also has been called the Exodus, the Passover, the journey from Egypt to the promised land, the exit from Hades. It is the mental and physical dawn after the night/ underworld. And as I have explained in my blog, Hebrew in its original form is ibri - "one who has passed over" (the equinox line, to Aries).

Joshua's army now attacks the city of Jericho, and we consult a metaphysical bible dictionary and find:

 Jericho, jer'-i-cho (Heb.)--place of fragrance; his sweet breath; his life; his animation; his soul; his mind; his spirit; his moon renewing.

The Cerebrum is being activated, the walls of Taurus fall.
The soldiers are blowing into their Shofar horns for this reason.
Shophar (Strong's Word 7782) translates as "Ram's horn"

Jericho is referred to as the Moon City, now, the Moon exalts in Taurus, and a city in former times was a fortified place, it is in fact fixed Earth, the idea of unmoveable, fixed matter, ruled by the ego, which is what Taurus stands for.

Smith's Bible Dictionary provides further clues which prove the zodiacal nature of this story:

Jericho, a city of high antiquity. (...) In its immediate vicinity the sons of the prophets sought retirement from the world; Elisha "healed the spring of the waters;" and over against it, beyond Jordan, Elijah "went up by a whirlwind into heaven." (2 Kings 2:1-22)
which is Gemini, mutable Air, which follows Taurus, the place of the NT ascension.

The sun, coming from Pisces, now plays the Battering Ram/ Cereb-RAM to enter/ break down the city of the Cere-BULL-um. The priests of Joshua walk around the city 7 times with their trumpet RAMs, blowing the Shophar horns "in front of the Arch", which is the skull dome, your head, also the top half of the zodiac, Aries - Virgo.

The tree of life inside the Cerebellum

As prequel to Homer's Odyssee, there is a fruitless, 10-year siege on the city of Troy. Knowing that the soul cycle starts in the Beehive in Cancer (Jerusalem), we count 10 signs until Aries and we reckon these 10 signs had to be fruitless, because the fruit is given by Hathor in the tree of life, the 11th station, in Taurus:

Hathor (Venus) providing soul food to the souls that have manage the Exodus,
sitting in the tree of life of the Cerebellum

The Cerebellum contains the tree of life, the fruit that is passed to the Manes by Hathor in the Sycamore tree, a concept that was twisted in the Hebrew OT, because the male-crazed priestclass was trying to demonize the female element within spirituality and transform the world into a "men's world". While Hathor waited in the East in Taurus to provide essential soul food to the Manes, the Tora moved Eve to the West into Libra and made her guilty of the fall of man, which is a Hebrew invention to create a patriarchy, the result of which we see in our male-crazy world today. In the same instant, the priestclass moved Paradise (arru-hetep, the fields of peace) from being a reward at the end of a worthy physcial life to some historic setting that never existed, from which men were expelled, because Eve just had to have a bite of that Apple (of knowledge), which is correct according to the zodiac, but leaves women with being guilty.

The last decan of Aries is pulled into Taurus

In the Aeneid, Virgil expanded on this theme and described how a horse decoy was used to enter the city (of Taurus), the Trojan Horse.

TRoy, TaurRus, Jericho, all the same place.

If you study the decan system, you will note that the third decan of Aries, the one before Taurus starts, is ruled by Sagittarius, the horse, and it is this decan that is being pulled into Taurus, the city. Once entering the city, all people are killed, meaning that the activity of the Cerebellum is halted, the higher mind takes over, with the exception of one great harlot, which is physical matter/ the exalting Moon.

The city walls are crumbled into bricks, and "bricks" is one of the code words for Gemini, which follows Taurus. If the city is conquered, the soul (solar) cycle is broken, the plane of the Milky Way can be crossed, the Gate of Gods can be reached and the painful learning process in physical form is over. This is what these ancient texts are talking about. And there is NOTHING historical in these stories, all sites and chracters are allegorical. So, eat your heart out, all self-proclaimed Jews of this world, if you have pale skin color, you have no Jewish roots whatsoever, the Lion of Judah is black African, as black as can be!


The Vatican priests call themselves "The Holy See" for two reasons: firstly, they watch the stars, they see them. Secondly, the Vatican control system is based upon Maritime Law, the Law of the Sea, which is a complex legal system, designed in a way that people do not understand it. But once made aware of, the idea becomes rather simple, it is based upon ignorance of the zodiac:

As shown above, all new life vessels enter the world through water (womb, the womb in the zodiac is Libra), and Libra is also the sign of Law. A birth certificate is issued and the newborn is registered by the state (state power has been collaborating with church power since long). On the basis of the birth certificate, according to Maritime Law, the ownership of the new vessel is taken over by the State, meaning, newborns cease to belong to their parents legally once the birth certificate is signed and the child is registered. Maritime Law also deals with currency, banks and money, all terms linked to the water element. This system assumes that people are not the captains of their own vessel. Instead of free men on the land, Maritime Law assumes enslaved men on the waters.

When Jason and the Argonauts search the Golden Fleece, it is the wool of Aries, golden, because the Sun exalts in Aries, and wool, because Aries is a sheep. The Golden fleece is therefore a symbol for the western enlightenment concept, activation of higher brain elements (Pineal Gland, Optic Thalamus). This is the spot, where the original Ra's solar bark of a million years exits the underworld, carrying with it the Manes that have managed to pass through Amenta. The mythology of ancient Kemet remains uncontested in its precision and beauty.


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