Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone

Alchemy is applied astrology - nothing more, but also nothing less!

This blog entry explains 4 more "ancient mysteries":

- the Philosopher's Stone
- Alchemy's Great Work
- the Christian concept of "ascension"
- the Christian concept of "being born again"

“Khemet” was the native Egyptian name for what the Greeks called Aegyptos. It was also the word for “black” and used to distinguish the fertile Nile lands from the red desert soils. The modern words "Alchemy" and later "chemistry" were derived from Egypt's old native name. The "Al-" is the Arabic definite article "the." The art and the name of alchemy were adopted by Arabs from Alexandria (Egypt) and thence returned to Europe via Spain. Alchemy was the "chemistry" of the Middle Ages and early modern times. Since approx. 1600 the word has been applied distinctively to the pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold, which, along with the search for the universal solvent and the panacea, were the chief occupations of early chemistry.

Europeans at this time were already unable to grasp the spiritual concepts of Africa and "materialized" nearly all of these, leading to the endless chain of misbeliefs and confusions that we find in the western world today, when it comes to topics of spirituality. Africa may be financially poor from western point of view, but it is spiritually rich beyond European imagination . The western world on the other hand may have greater material wealth but it is spiritually poor.

What Europeans made out of the concept of Alchemy and the transformation process called the "Great Work" are no exception. While Africans were putting forth sophisticated concepts for internal improvement of character, Europeans interpreted this externally and physically. There is nothing spiritual about trying to produce physical gold. What would be the point? To get rich and powerful, one would asume. You don't need Alchemy to achieve this, you simply have to use your cunningness, step over other people and sell out to the system, no Alchemy needed.

Alchemical symbols are astrological symbols,
the "three principles" being the three modes (cardinal, fix, mutable)

The original Alchemy of Khemet is a purely internal, spiritual process, which is symbolized by transformation of pysical metals, using their astrological correspondences. In the same way, the Philosopher's Stone is not a physical rock that can be found or produced in a laboratory, it is also allegorical....and after this texts sinks into your consciousness, you will find that you know this Stone very well.

In the above image, Capricorn is at the bottom, representing the low point of the spiritual cycle, where we exist in our most dense form, the physical body. The beginning of human life is therefore ruled by Saturn, and the metal associated with Saturn is lead. In an allegorical way it can therefore be said that human beings begin their life as "lead". Journeying onwards through the zodiac, the following signs represent the following stages:

Capricorn: physical birth, youth = LEAD
Aquarius: mental development, adulthood = LEAD
Pisces: fading ego, adulthood = TIN
Aries: spiritual re-birth, enlightenment, 2nd youth = IRON, but exalting sun = GOLD

So, here we learn the recipee for making internal gold: after youth we take a mental step into adulthood, we then reduce our ego and desires, and if properly done (making the right offers in the temple, the human body, i.e. keeping he right diet), we may experience spiritual re-birth. This is the Christian NT concept of being "born again". It is a spiritual re-birth, and off limits for Christian believers, as long as they follow vicarious intermediaries of the church. It is also the OT concept of the Exodus (leaving the bottom half of the zodiac).

The original teaching of Khemet now becomes clear: the zodiac reveals to us that our physical life has as purpose the development of our true, higher self, which is our character. The Great work is therefore one automatically undertaken by everyone born on this plane, whether they want to or not. In our age, most people do not live a spiritual life ("the walking dead") and get stuck in lead, and are unable to unwind their lower self (ego).

The breast plate shows the color sequence of the four stages of Alchemy. The text on the shield reads "Ex duabus aqui unam facite, qui quaeritis sole et luna facere et dare bibere inimico vino. Et videbitis cum mortuum. Deinde de aqua terra facite, et lapidem multiplicastis". Translated, this means: From two waters make one, ye that seek the enemy of the sun, and the moon to do and to give to drink the wine thereof. And I see the dead. Then, do the earth out of the water, and multiply the Stone"
The mystical meaning here revealed: from the two waters (Aquarius) make one (combine physicality and spirituality), ye seek the enemy of the sun (Aquarius lies opposite Leo, which is ruled by the sun), and absorb the sun's blood, which is the life force energy (photonic power), and I see the dead (human beings in physical form), do the Earth out of the water (pass Pisces) and multiply the Stone.
We find that the four classic stages of the Magnum Opus, as shown on the breastplate of the knight above, find a perfect fit on the Zodiac:

Nigredo, blackening, melanosis: Capricorn, Saturn = LEAD
Albedo, whitening, leucosis: Aquarius, Saturn/ Uranus = LEAD, whitened by Uranus
Citrinitas, yellowing, xanthosisPisces, Jupiter = TIN, yellowed by Neptune, also the yellowish color before sunrise
Rubedo, reddening, iosis, Aries, Mars = IRON, Sun exalts here = GOLD, sunrise

alternatively, the voyage could be continued through the zodiac/ metals as follows:
Taurus, Venus = COPPER
Gemini, Mercury = QUICKSILVER
Cancer, Moon = SILVER
Leo, Sun = GOLD

..but this recipee makes less sense, because physical death occurs at 5 degrees sidereal Gemini (Gate of Man), so the Great Work would not be achievable during physical life and not be a practical teaching.

We can now identify the Philosopher's Stone. The "rock" being code for Capricorn and a philosopher being a lover of wisdom, the philosopher's Stone is nothing but yourself, containing a soul (sol, sun), which is the "Rock of Ages", the "Stone that is the Shepherd of Israel", which externally is represented by the Sun, the "shepherd" who moves around the zodiac circle, just like a shepherd moves around his flock of sheep. The sun moves through the zodiac and turns lead into gold (from Libra to Aries on the equinoxes and from Capricorn to Cancer/ Leo on the solstices). And as the sun represents the soul's (sol = sun) journey through eternity, it teaches us the path that human life takes, revealing both what is required and what is possible for us. Human life, as Egypt knew, is eternal and only 50% of the cycle takes place in the physical form. The Great Work during this time, when our higher self is captured and mummified within the tomb (Christ concept), the human body, is to transform one's character, to lift up the entire creation from physicality to spirituality, to move from lead (the heaviest of all metals) to gold (the most refined and pure).

the planetary/ chakra scale fits the Alchemical Great Work perfectly -
because it is one and the same thing

The above image shows how the planets/ metals are associated to the internal chakras, and to develop these, means to move upwards in the body, literally to ascend to heaven....but on the inside! According to the NT 144,000 will ascend, and these are the 12 solar signs x the 12 ascendants. "Heaven" is an allegory for your head (note the blue color of the top chakra above). The "furnace" of Alchemy is an allegory for your body, because it acts in a similar way: burning elements and producing heat.

Alchemy as put forth as physical craft is a hoax!

It is amazing how much complicated nonsense has been published by Europeans during the past centuries. Even great scholars like Paracelsus, who published texts that show great insight into health matters, have published complicated and unpractical rubbish on the topic of Alchemy. UNLESS, and I find this the most likely solution, some texts have been falsely attributed to certain scholars after their death, in order to confuse the public about spiritual topics. There is evidence for such fakings, e.g. here and this looks credible to me and makes perfect sense. It fits the agenda of dumbing down the public, in order to preserve the church power.

I wish you and your loved ones great succcess in Alchemy!

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  1. My apologies for commenting here, but I couldn't find an email address. What book or reference material would you recommend for learning Astrology in-depth but in a pretty systematic way. I really have very little understanding of it but really would like to learn. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. if you are really new to the subject, you can go with mainstream publications like "astrology for dummies", etc. It is a good book! Moving on, you then need to study deeper information, as contained in "The Light of Egypt" by Burgoyne, or "Textbook of astrology" by Pearce. You can listen to Manly P Hall's audio lectures on astrotheology, and you can go to Santos Bonacci's YouTube cannel and watch his video presentations, which are the best available on the planet. Go from oldest to newest! Keep in mind that you are embarking on a study of the holy science, the highest knowledge there is, so be patient and be prepared to go on a mental journey of several years. If you study and meditate on the zodiac, your higher brain will be activated at some point. Be sure to keep a vegetarian diet. Higher knowledge is only attainable with a clean temple.