Replacing the capstone of the Great Pyramid

Initiation ceremony starts from the river (spine)

The measurements shown in this blog entry are based on a book unfortunately not yet available in English language, A. Klitzke, “Pyramiden: Wissensträger aus Stein” ("Pyramids: wisdom carriers of stone"). Klitzke is a freelance, independent Master Engineer and author. He meticulously studied the measurements of the Great MR for three decades. The book is chronically sold out, see link in German here. You can watch his presentations on Youtube and switch on English subtitles, if you are interested, see here.

The rest of the blog entry is based on my own conclusions and right brain syncretism.

The so-called Great Pyramid was not built by Khufu and certainly not in 2500 BCE. Khufu merely inscribed his name on it, a deed often done by rulers to claim great works of art for themselves to emphasize their own personal grandeur. Construction of physical art (temples, statues, etc) naturally began in the age of Taurus, around 4240 BCE, which was an earth age (in the sense of the elements, not the planet). Previous to this earth age, physical monuments were neither required nor appropriate! Gemini was an air age (mental), Cancer a water age (emotions) and Leo a fire age (age of spiritual enlightenment, also “Golden Age”). As shown in my previous blog entry, Heru-em-Akhat was built at the end of the penultimate earth age, which was the age of Virgo. The Great Pyramid would have been most logically constructed during the first decanate of the age of Taurus, Auriga, which motto is “mastership”, ruled by Capricorn, which conveys the idea of labor. I have shown in my blog that the entire area of Egypt is also ruled by Capricorn and corresponds to the first decan of Capricorn (Cygnus, "organization"), which is also ruled by Capricorn. Through organized labor a masterful monument was created around 4250 BCE. And no, it was not built by slaves, because slavery as a concept was unknown to the Khemau at this point in time. The creation of the human body is spiritually represented by Capricorn (cardinal earth). Astrology is the key, as usual.

In Greek mythology, Phaeton (Jupiter), son of Helios (the sun), crashes his father`s sun chariot and is turned into a swan - this symbolizes the fall of Jupiter in Capricorn and the swan is constellation Cygnus - this just as side note, a nice example to demonstrate how mythology works. Cygnus therefore symbolizes Saturn and when Hollywood puts out a movie called "Black Swan", you know they are talking about Saturnism ("Satanism"), because Saturn is the black planet. Currently this constellation can be seen in the night sky in Europe when you look straight up, it is easy to recognize. The winter signs can be seen in summer and vice versa.

Let`s resume - it is there for those with eyes to see that the Khemau adapted their means of spiritual and artistic expression (statues, temples, deities) to the theme of the respective part of the Great Year, which expresses the respective "tonality" of each time period, the frequency, the level of consciousness. This is the logical explanation why beautiful, fully functional temples on certain sacred sites have been repeatedly torn down and re-erected in a different way. This had a valid spiritual purpose. The respective deities and hieroglyphs and proportions of the temples had to match the natural frequency and theme of the present time period. Therefore it would be a task to renew temples and statues and mythology every 700-800 years, according to the signs and decanates and sub - decanates of the Great Year. This would also involve major transits, eclipses and other stellar phenomena, which we are not yet able to fully understand.

A capstone in the Egyptian Museum in Chi-Rho

The word “Pyramid” is a Greek misnomer, suggesting “fire in the middle” (pur means fire, a-mid suggests the middle part). This title is not so bad but it is no match to the original Khemau title “MR”, which is pronounced “Mer”, or “Mir”, meaning “vehicle/ house/ dwelling/ ship/ guardian/ beloved” (and many other, because each hieroglyph served as a whirlpool of associative information). Another term used was PR.NTR, or Per Neter, meaning “house of nature”. Both titles are talking about at the human body (beloved dwelling / house of nature). Our physicals body is and always will be our temple, our beloved vehicle, our natural house. It is correct to say that our body also has a “fire in the middle”, which is the human heart, ruled by Leo (fixed fire), which is the central of the 7 Chakras, but this title is nevertheless confusing for most people and has in fact led to all sorts of crazy, materialistic theories, which can be allocated to child fantasies and Hollywood programming. Spirituality works internally, all external theories are therefore secondary, if relevant at all.

The Great MR was also not a tomb. No mummy has ever been found there and this is because no mummy has ever been placed there. There are also no hieroglyphs to be found in the entire structure hinting at any type of burial of any physical person and this is because no such thing was ever planned or carried out in the MR. It is the spiritually numb 4-senses-driven, western scholars who see a sarcophagus and immediately conclude that this must have been a tomb. Wrong conclusion!

The Great MR was constructed as landmark of human knowledge in time and space, there for future generations (like us) to decipher and to understand. It also served as spiritual ritualistic site and also as an important initiation site. Neoplatonist Lamblichus, member of The Brotherhood of Luxor, has left us a description of such initiation procedures, as took place on the Gizah plateau during his time (around 300 ACE). It is not included in this account, which merely focuses on Heru-em-Akhat, but in earlier times the sarcophagus in the King`s chamber of the Great MR served initiatic purposes for 33rd degree candidates. The Sarcophagus is therefore, as Axel Klitzke highlights, placed on a 3,3 Royal Cubit wide stone. It is placed 3,3 cm lower than the entrance to the King`s chamber and the head of the initiate would be 3,3 Royal Cubits from the north wall, these are some examples of how a spiritual purpose is numerically encoded in stone.

The astrological symbolism of the Gizah plateau, Heru-em-Akhat (misnomer: Sphinx) and the Great MR is plain to see. The MR has 4 faces x 3 edges = 12 zodiac signs (4 trinities, the natural system, Dodecahedron- shaped universe of 12 mirrors, as hinted at in this blog: see here). 4 faces + 3 edges = 7, the number of spiraling evolution within the system of 12. A triangle itself always symbolizes joy, a square sorrow. Each of the 3`s rest on the basis of 4 (elements). 4 x 7 =28, which is the foundation of man, the number 28 pointing at the lunar nature of the MR. Indeed, the MR was constructed in a time when the Lunar ecliptic path was precisely above the Nile Delta, which was during the Age of Taurus. Therefore the MR is a monument primarily dedicated to Isis, who represents mother nature in Khemau mythology and is a Moon deity (waxing, good moon).

In order to decode the MR we clearly need to look at geometry, and geometry is the visualized language of numbers. In order to properly understand numbers, we need to briefly review the Pythagorean number system. It must be clear that Pythagoras learned all he knew in Egypt, where he spent nearly 20 years as student of Khemau priests. “Greek philosophy” is a misnomer. It should be “Khemau philosophy as seen through Greek eyes”.

a Greek student, educated at the feet of black Khemau priests

This means that discoveries such as the Tetractys or the Pythagoras Theorem on triangles must be attributed to Egypt. This is a fact which can be seen perpetuated in stone in the Great MR, which includes both above Theorems and is clearly thousands of years older than any Greek philosopher. Europeans merely re-discovered ancient knowledge and claimed it for themselves. So lets make a brief run down of the Khemau (Pythagorean) number system:
  • The Tetractys teaches us that 4 is the highest physical number, because 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 and 1 + 0 =1.
  • Secondly it teaches us that 1 (unity) is the highest eternal number, because all other numbers only break up this unity and are therefore less complete.
  • Thirdly, we learn that there are only 9 numbers in total, the 10 being the higher 1 (1 + 0 = 1), the 11 being the higher 2 (1 + 1 = 2), the 12 being the higher 3 (1 + 2 = 3), etc.

Briefly, here below the Pythagorean system of numerical meaning (this is an abbreviated explanation, for more details you may listen to this great audio lecture by M. P. Hall, here)

1: Monad, identity, unity, cause
2: Duat, dissimilarity, root of all ignorance
3: Triad, wisdom, moderation
4: Tetrad, intelligence, demiurge, mind = matter (4 elements)
5: Pentad, equilibrium in function, man
6: Heptad, harmony, labor, creation
7: Septad, natural law, creation in motion
8: Ogdoad, love, eternity
9: Ennead, limitation, imperfection (also: completion)
10: Decad, faith, new unity

12,000 year old (minimum) artifacts, a 13-step pyramid with an eye and a cobra with 33 lines on the front, both glow under black light. On the bottom of the pyramid is engraved in gold "the son of the creator returns". If you study this blog entry carefully, you will realize who this son is!

Today the Great MR counts 201 layers of stone, however it is documented that Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie originally counted 203 layers at the end of the 19th century, as documented in his books (see here), so 2 layers have somehow disappeared or been removed, perhaps for security reasons, or to obscure the meaning, we don`t know and it does not matter. If we now place the ancient Moorish Seal of the 13-step Pyramid on top of the Great MR, we have restored the MR to its full 216 layers, 203 + 13 = 216. The MR must have 216 layers in total and 216 is one of the main codes of the MR. Why the Moorish Seal? Because this is precisely what it symbolizes, the removal of the capstone. We must note that the 13-step pyramid with the capstone and an eye is at least 12,000 years old, which is proven by the artifact discovered by Klaus Dona (see picture above). The pyramid with the capstone removed symbolizes the rape of Egypt and was therefore used by the Moors (black inhabitants of Turtle Island, today called USA).

216 = 6 x 6 x 6, or 6³ (6 to the cube), there are also 2160 years in 1 great month of the Platonic year. 2 + 1 + 6 = 9, which is imperfection, in this case referring to the human body.

360º (full circle) – 216 = 144 of Revelation, which is 12 x 12, or 12², symbolizing the basic 144 types of human psychic prototypes according to their respective Sun-Moon birth chart combinations (or Sun – Ascendant combinations, as in Revelation). 144 is also the number of Moon signs crossed per year (2,5 days per Moon sign x 144 moons = 360º, full zodiac circle). There are for precisely this reason 1440 minutes in each solar day, 24 hours x 60 minutes = 1440 minutes (“min” is based on “moon”). This is a simple example to show that our measuring units have been designed to reflect and explain natural laws, a fact which we are no longer taught in schools and universities.

144 and 216 both equal 9 when numerically reduced (imperfection, completion), and 2 x 9 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9 as well. These are 2 imperfect completions within one imperfect completion, the full circle, which is also imperfect completion. All this refers to the fact that human beings during incarnation are naturally an imperfect completion, which must go through trials of life and learn to tame their animal nature.

The lime stone covers of the MR ( see above) have been largely removed to build houses in Kairo (Chi-Rho) and are therefore missing today but the covering can be mathematically reconstructed, because a small portion of the cover is still left. These cover stones measured 2/3 of the structure. Therefore the external facade of the MR symbolized 144/ 216 = 2/3, or 0,666…, another reference to the 666, which was later also embedded in Hebrew Revelation, as the “Beast”, which is uncivilized man, the untamed, uncontrolled animal body of human beings. This number is coded in many ways into the MR, e.g.:

666² Royal Cubits = sum total of all wall surfaces of the Kings Chamber
66,6 Royal Cubits = sum total of all inner and outer borders of the sarcophagus
6,66 Royal Cubits = sum total of the three main measures of the sarcophagus

The external façade of the MR therefore symbolized the physical human body, which is 2/3 of the trinity of man (physical body + spirit energy), which correspond to the Ascendant and to the Sun sign, the internal structure of the MR symbolized the soul, or 1/3 of the trinity of man, which in this case is the Moon sign.

Man is a trinity by nature and the great MR symbolizes this fact to those with eyes to see.

The MR was covered with limestone and had a golden capstone, the structure could thus be seen shining in sun or moon from a distance of many miles.

The sum of all numbers from 1 to 666 added together equals = 222,111, this number we find for instance encoded into the walls of the Queen´s Chamber, which measure precisely 111² KE x 222² KE. The numbers 11 and 22 are the two master steps before initiation to the 33rd degree (11 + 22 = 33), which occurs in the King`s Chamber. These two numbers were the only ones that would not be numerically reduced when creating or interpreting (Pythagorean) numerical codes.

360 + 216 = 576, this number 576 being one of the reference central planning codes of the MR, e.g. the height of the MR including the capstone was 5760 Inches, this measurement we also find encoded into the 1st and the 216th layer of the MR. 5 + 7 + 6 = 18, 1 + 8 = 9 (again imperfect completion!)

The most important number of the MR however is 127. In it we find again the 3³ (27), the 12 and 7, which stand for cyclical development (7 planetary forces, creation in motion) in a natural system of 12 (universe, zodiac). 12 / 7 = roughly the Golden Mean, Phi, 1,71….(Phi is actually 1,618…), so lets not give this thought too much weight. So the 127 symbolizes 1 (unity) in the cube of incarnation (trinity (3) to the cube = 27), and at the same time natural evolution (the 7 gets active in the 12, which is human life on earth as influenced by the planetary forces).

The number 127 is also a hidden code of genealogy and the behavior of DNA, which is an important aspect of Asar (Greek: Osiris). Any person walking this planet carries the DNA of precisely 126 ancestors + 1 (the own DNA) = 127. The 126 = 2 parents + 4 grand parents + 8 great grand parents + 16 etc + 32 + 64 = 126. Add your own and you have 127 of Asar. 1 x 2 x 7 = 14, which are the 14 pieces of Osiris (DNA) that were scattered in the world and hidden by Seth and had to be recollected by Isis (mother nature). 1 + 2 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 (unity of Asar). We receive our own unique DNA through a combination of 6 levels of our ancestors on each parental side, which totals 28 on one parent side (2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1 parent) and 56 from both parents together (5 + 6 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2 parents). The 7th level of DNA is our own, completing one septenary system of spiral development, therefore our children corresponding to the ever coming new octave, which is the new sun hero, or Horus. We now also clearly see the concept of Iu-em-Hotep (Imhotep), “he who comes forever in peace with the number 7”. The number eight (love) is the new child. As a grown man he will be the new 9 (imperfection). The young and old Horus combined are the Heru-em-Akhat (misnomer: Sphinx).

The number 127 was also the Maya sacred number symbolizing “stepwise development”, which is the very idea behind constructing step pyramids in the first place. The 127 are the contents necessary for one octave of human progress, 7 steps plus the new product = 8 (octave). We are here dealing with creation of both human consciousness and also physical matter, which is merely the mirror image of spirit (energy). We are also talking about the laws of DNA behavior, the laws of time and also the laws of distances and measurement. Measurement of the ancient Khemau always referred to measurement of both space and consciousness.

Another revelation of A Klitzke`s book is the proof how the anglo-american and Metric systems of measurement are connected and complement another:

1 U.S. inch = 2,54 cm (fixed definition since 1959)
1 U.S. Survey foot = 1200/3937
1/ 2,54 = 0,3937007…., this defines the “U.S. Survey Foot”

The U.S. measures are defined through the Metric system!

Now the interesting thing that A. Klitzke re-discovered is the “Urzoll” or “original inch”, which is 1 / 0,3937 = 2,54000508001016002032004064008128…. centimeters. This number contains a doubling sequence of the number 127: 2x127 = 254, 4x127=508, 8x127=1016, etc.

Now we take Enoch (this is the word basis of ”Inch”, same word!) from the Book of Enoch (Book of the Inch), who stayed 365 years on earth (one revolution around the sun to measure the globe). In this book Enoch defines the polar (axis) distance of planet earth as 500,500,000 Inches, which, when we take the newly re-discovered “Urzoll”, calculates to 12712.7254 km, again displaying the doubling sequence of 127 (127…12,7…254) and thus clearly proving Klitzke is correct.

In the Great MR we find this represented through 127 stones per side in the MR basis (the stone plateau on which the MR is constructed). The same number 127 also corresponds to the number of fugues per MR side. The sum of all 127 fugues of one side measure 6,451612903225 cm, which equals 2,54 x 1/0,3937. All of these mathematical facts are beyond any type of coincidence, to the contrary, they impressively demonstrate the superiority of black African mystical science and knowledge of nature.
  • We conclude that the MR base shows the polar axis in centimeters 
  • We also conclude that the MR contains both the ancient and the modern Inch and that it also uses the metric system (centimeters, meters) as “mediator” between the two other measures. 

Similar “math in stone” can be found in the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland (see above), which construction was started in 1440 ACE by Knight Templar and lasted 44 years, 1440 x 44 = 63360 Inches = 1 Mile, as initiated Europeans longed to copy Khemau wisdom. The church is decorated with corn plants, which were officially not known in Europe before the bogus "discovery" of the new world.

Next, 4 / pi (4 elements divided by the number pi, which mathematically defines the circle) = 1,2732…., this number contains all sacred numbers in nature, the 12, the 7, the 3, the 1, the 127.

The number sequence (1) – 2 – 7 – 3 – 2 shows astonishing relevance throughout nature:

- human pregnancy lasts on average 273,2 days (approx. 9 months)
- the Moon orbits the Earth in 27,32 days
- absolute zero lies at -273º Celsius (273,15)
- Expansion of gas works at 1 / 273,2 per ºCelsius
- The area of a square to an enclosed circle is like 1,2732 to 1
- The Earth globe cut in half would offer a surface of 1,2732…x10(8) km²
- The rotation of the sun on average is 27,3 days
- Gravity acceleration of the sun is 273 m/s²
- Acceleration of the Moon around Earth is 0,273 cm/s²
- (I am sure there are more examples)

Klitzke goes on to prove that the terrace of the MR is 23216cm / 1SE = 365,240327, which is the length of one solar year. (SE = sacred cubit, which is 025.025 x 1 Inch). Klitzke also demonstrates how the Mayan Hunab is defined as 1SE / 0,6 = 105,939….cm. The Moon Pyramid in Tehutican has a width of 144 Hunab precisely. We see the 144 appearing again on a different continent. Well, Tehuti is a Khemau deity! And if you wonder how Tehuti came to Mexico you need to study my blog.

The Earth polar diameter is precisely 12.000.000 Hunab.
The Sun polar diameter is precisely 1.320.000.000 Hunab.


I argued earlier that The Great MR was constructed as landmark of human knowledge in time and space, there for future generations (like us) to decipher and to understand. In this context it is vital to understand the astrological component and mythology well. This includes the Horus – Seth battle, which is an internal struggle in each one of us, the erecting and re-membering of Asar (I explained the DNA component), but it also must include the external stars.

The Gizah plateau, just like Teotihuacan (Tehuti-can) is arranged according to the Orion belt (see above).

As can be seen this fits the above star map, because Orion is located next to Taurus and I have argued that the MR was built at the beginning of the Age of Taurus. The belt of stars points to Taurus on one side and to Sirius (Osiris anagram) on the other side. Horus (Orion) stands between Osiris and the bull of matter!

Add to this the fact that the Moon is the central theme of the MR, and the Moon exalts in Taurus (!), and you have the astro-puzzle completed. All the pieces add up perfectly from the astrological side. The meaning therefore becomes clear beyond any doubt and the only person not able to understand this will be the person who has not studied astrology. The entire monument symbolizes man in his struggle during life. It is about mastering life, the theme of "mastership" (Auriga). The MR therefore IS, in a way, a master - ship.

Orion is the fertile area of the heavens, the womb of stars, a fact known by many great occultists (see above a very famous example) and also to the NASA Nazis, who are withholding this information from the public on behalf of the Vatican. This underlines the genealogy/ DNA aspect mentioned earlier. Orion (the man, Horus, the great hunter) must attempt to slay the bull (fixed earth, dense matter, material affinities, ego attributes of the soul, driven by the senses). His hunting dog is Apuat (Greek Anubis), the canine master of languages, the guide during lifetime (“death”) and communicator to our ancestors.

We can therefore also lift the secret of the three chambers of the MR, which are the Subterranean Chamber, the Queen`s chamber and the King`s Chamber (bottom to top). The Queen`s chamber is the chamber of Isis, mother nature, our present state. The subterranean chamber is the chamber of beasts, the place we mentally go to when we act out purely on animal nature (instincts, emotions, desires, ego motives). The King`s chamber is the chamber of Asar, the higher self, which adepts are to reach as a result of spiritual initiation to the 33rd degree.

The path of trials is symbolized by the passage through the awe-inspiring Grand Gallery.

The symbolic death of the ego is lived in the sarcophagus (mock death as in Freemasonry). It can be clearly seen that there are no decoration or hieroglyphs around this sarcophagus, no distractions from inner spirituality desirable at this stage. There is also no lid and it seems unlikely that grave robbers would have stolen such a heavy, worthless stone plate.

Furthermore, there is an anatomic component to the entire arrangement of temples along the Nile river, which symbolizes the human spine (see above)/ Chakra system of the body. The Geat MR itself also represents brain anatomy (King`s Chamber Pineal/ Thalamus, Queen`s Chamber Pituitary, underground Chamber Carotid/ throat).

The connection from spine to skull is called "Pyramid" (or Medullary Pyramids) in anatomy (see above) and the Nile Delta symbolizes the cerebral nerve system of the country.

Danny Wilten has made a very nice effort in visually explaining the connection of anatomy, geography and stars (hermetic law) see his rich Youtube channel here. He proves beyond any doubt that the Gizah plateau is located precisely at the point that corresponds to the Medullary Pyramids.

Tree of life.....something wrong here....read on

As a syncretic side note, these three chambers of the Great MR alsorepresent the Ka (individual soul), the Ba (higher collective soul) and if you add the word MR to this you receive MR-Ka-Ba, or Merkabah, which is the “vehicle of our higher and lower soul”, which is the light vehicle, nothing but the human body! If you add the photonic power of sunrays, fire of Ra, or Ur –RA to this and change the R`s to L`s (the famous Chinese speech impediment), you get Ka-Ba-Urra, or Ka-Ba-Allah, or Qaballa, which shows without any possible doubt, where Arab and Hebrew spiritual teachings truly came from. If you study the Kaballah, you will note that it centers on Malkuth (animal chamber), Yesod (Queen Isis) and Kether (Monad, unity, King`s chamber). You should then also automatically be drawn to ask what Tiphereth may be.

For all spiritually seeking readers out there, this is your homework: I am giving you a hint, the commonly known arrangement of Sephiroth 5,6 and 7 on the tree of life (see above is intentionally wrong. The true science should only be accessible to the serious student! It is therefore your own task to find out what is wrong with Tiphereth and you will find the answer in the Hebrew translation of the Sephiroth in combination with knowledge of astrology, specifically the planetary attributes. Whoever sends the right answer to me, gets a free birth chart reading according to Ptolemy and Book of the Dead. I am curious about the response. If you manage to crack the code, you are already doing pretty well spiritually. Take your time.

HOTEP and may many people out there start understanding spiritual science. May many people realize what Tiphereth truly is. Tiphereth is the true key to freedom. You already know the answer, but finding it out for yourself will be more powerful than me telling you.


The True Riddle of the Sphinx

HOTEP – another revelation follows in this blog !

There is much discussion about the historicity, the geological and archaeological aspects of this impressive monolith statue – and there is also some Greek-made confusion surrounding it. The true riddle of the Sphinx however, which hardly every gets any air time, MUST be the question of its purpose: What is the message of this monument?

The intention behind my blog is not for me to achieve scientific acceptance or to discuss with scientific peers, to gain status quo or to publishing a thesis or anything else connected with my own person - it is intended to enlighten readers through presentation of spiritual facts and astrological insight, which is based on higher logic. I have no intention of getting stuck on the micro level. Whoever wishes to stay on the ground, so be it - whoever wishes to lift off and elevate their minds, be my guest! Truth resonates naturally, you can feel it, only lies need complex explanations.

Let`s take a simple three step approach to this topic:
  1. Let`s briefly discuss the name “Sphinx” 
  2. Let`s briefly comment on the possible age of the statue 
  3. Finally, let`s decode the message 

1. The name of the statue

„Sphinx“ is the Greek name for an ancient Kemetic mystical concept, hewn in stone. This Greek word “Sphinx” means „strangler“ and it was introduced in the Greek mythology surrounding Oedipus, which is dated roughly to 5th century BCE and assigned to various Greek poets writing at that time. In this myth, the sphinx is a viscous monster, a demon of destruction and bad luck, a throat cutter, a strangler,just like the Greek name implies.

The Egyptian concept on the other hand, the original mystical concept represented in ancient Egypt and hewn in stone on the Gizah plateau, is quite contrary to the Greek interpretation, therefore we must begin approaching this topic by making it very clear that the word “sphinx”, from the point of view of the original intention of its masterful creators, is a misnomer:

Misnomer - a wrong or inaccurate name or designation/ a wrong or inaccurate use of a name or term/ a word or term that suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong

We have thus taken a linguistic hurdle that most other authors already fail to take. So, if this black African statue is not a "sphinx", then what is it? The Kemet builders of this impressive statue, which by the way is the largest in the world and made from a single block of stone, weighing thousands of tons, originally standing at a height of 66,6 feet (more about this in one of my future blog entries, where I decode the geometry of the Great Pyramid), referred to it by the name of “Heru-em-Akhat”, which literally translated could mean “Horus of the two horizons”, or “Light hero of the double horizon”, or as I would translate it (moving away from a limited, literal, left brain translation, to a more rich and meaningful, right brain translation of expressing in our modern language what the ancients were trying to convey to us through the hieroglyph symbols), the “balance of human life- light”, or yet better “balance of the spirit force operating through the core of the Earth”. So just by examining the name of the statue, we get plenty of valuable information which points us into the right direction. The statue has something to do with "light" and "horizon".

2. The possible age of the statue

We now very briefly move into the discussion field of modern, western left-brain scientists, who have no deeper perception and are not spiritually enlightened or initiated and primarily try to solve spiritual mysteries by using laboratory equipment. Before I state my opinion, I would like to emphasize that the relevance of this discussion is quite meaningless compared to the message that the statue actually carries. The content (spiritual message) is much more important than the form (matter, data, age, geology, name of the architect, precipitation, pharaonic dynasties, etc.).

For some it may be surprising to realize that several of our modern sciences actually point to the same answer, and these are Geology, Meteorology and Astronomy. The problem with today`s world of divided science (“science” implies division) however, is that the different scientific faculties do not work together and do not share data and often compete for glory, or better yet, feel attacked by another and are often forced to hold their ground. Whoever differs in opinion within a faculty, threatens the status of others and is therefore excluded, whoever is not member of the faculty, has no right to a "scientific" opinion. What a parody. Another problem is the fact that none of the scientific faculties today understand Astrology and Mythology, which are the master science of nature and its communication vehicle, serving as vehicle to support a Cosmology.

The commonly accepted theory today (it is a paradox in itself to accept a belief or theory) is that this statue dates to approx. 2500 BCE, so it would have been built within the reign of Khafra (Chephren). Egyptology clings to this belief like a toddler to a pacifier. Many scientists also believe that Heru-em-Akhet must have been built at the same time and by the same people as the rest of the Gizah plateau, which is naive beyond words. It is now time to step beyond belief and theories and to start using logic. The believers are wrong!

Geologists confirm that the last time Egypt was subject to severe flooding, was at the end of the last Ice Age, so approx. between 15,000- 10,000 BCE, so this would have been a bad time to cut a monument into the ground (Heru-em-Akhet was carved into a ditch in the ground, cutting the stone from top to bottom).

Geology confirms that the water erosion marks surrounding this ditch must have been caused by water precipitation (and this refers to falling water, not rising water) and the last severe rainfalls according to Meteorologists apparently took place between 7,000 and 8,000 BCE, so this would make it necessary to date the construction before this time.

Astronomy confirms that the precession of equinoxes, which is a scientific fact, caused by the wobbling of the earth axis, would date the beginning of the age of Leo at approx. 10,500 BCE.

The answer is therefore that Heru-em-Akhet must have been built between 8,000 – 10,500 BCE. The final key is astrology, and in part 3. below I will demonstrate why the date of construction of Heru-em-Akhat can be assumed as 10,500 BCE, unless proven otherwise.

"Time only has a reference in the affairs of men" - modern Physics confirm that both time and space are illusions created by mind. Consciousness is not static, it evolves in cycles.

Egyptologists, and historians in general, have a nasty problem that just won`t go away: according to what they can excavate and perceive with their four senses, the entire Egyptian culture appeared suddenly, “out of nowhere”, having its cultural peak at the beginning and decaying thereafter. This is also a main argument against the possibility of Heru-em-Akhat being older than 2,500 BCE. An older dating than approx. 4,500 BCE would violate their linear interpretation of time/ history/ evolution. The reason why scientists with this kind of thinking will never make much progress or be able to solve any riddle is because their perception of what history and time are, is wrong. History and time are not linear, because they are both linked to consciousness of the observer and progress/ evolution (of consciousness) move in spirals. History is an organic undertaking in the minds of men.

There are several significant spirals, or cycles of time, e.g. the day of 24 hours (we act consciously and then digests the learned while sleeping), secondly the solar year, which has March 21 to September 22 as “day” (spring and summer) and September 23 to March 20 as “night” (autumn and winter) and thirdly, the Platonic, or Great Year, caused by the rotation of the Earth axis, which results in a progression of the fixed stars as perceived from Earth of one degree every 72 solar years, which gives us 2160 years per zodiac sign (30 degrees) and 25920 years for the entire cycle (360 degrees). This Great year, similar to the daily and annual cycle, also contains a “day” and a “night”. This manifests as human consciousness progressing and then again reducing, like ebb and flood, the only difference being that the flood rises higher each time around and the following ebb doesn’t go as far back as in the previous cycle.

Beginning of the Age of Leo is marked as 10,000 BCE in this diagram (see left side), which simplifies the Great Year by using 2,000 years per sign instead of 2,160.

The part of the Platonic year corresponding to highest progress and enlightenment is that of Leo, also sometimes called the “Golden Age”, which is a somewhat wrong designation, because this is mixing a biblical allegory (see Daniel 2) with Far East philosophy based on the Yuga system. But the basic idea of a period of “highest awareness” within the Great Year is nevertheless correct.

I conclude that the statue was constructed 10,500 BCE, symbolizing the transit from the age of Virgo (front of the statue) to Leo (back of the statue). The astrological nature of the statue is underlined by various other facts concerning the Gizah Plateau, most of which simply surpass the understanding of Egyptologists, because they are not trained in sacred geometry, astrology and cannot compute mythology and true spirituality.

(Side note: the 10,500 BCE date happens to coincide with the findings of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock. Robert Schoch, Anthony West and Schwaller de Lubicz addressed the precipitation and geological evidence in their works, in case you wish to research)

3. The true message revealed

Let`s now get to the interesting part, the part that you will not be told by any other source or website – the purpose of the construction of Heru-em-Akhat. This is by far the most important aspect of the entire topic, the rest of the discussion actually fades to nothingness in light of the MEANING of the statue. It so happens that we will one day have to admit that 99,9% of our scientific discussions were negligent – we (the scientific community) were behaving like children who were observing the statue with our senses, but our eyes could not see. Our spiritual understanding was blocked by our own low vibrations. Scientists, even progressive ones like Anthony West, don’t yet realize how their research is completely overshadowed by the overwhelming spiritual significance of what this statue is really trying to tell us.

Definitely a good entry point to the subject of Egyptian spirituality - but no deeper understanding of spirituality to be found here. It is largely an elucidation on the work of Schwaller de Lubicz.

A brief word on art: only if a piece of art stands the test of serving as stepping stone for higher understanding and uplifting man, it may rightfully be labeled as “cultural art” – culture being defined as refinement of individuals or societies - if there is no such cultural function, it is not art in the understanding of Khemet and also not according to my personal definition. Here you find this topic masterfully explained by Manly P. Hall: here. In ancient Egypt, idolatry or creating art without permission was persecuted by the priesthood – for very valid, important reasons. The priests knew that art (music, fashion, stories, myth, statues) controls spirit through perception and that misguided art could be used as a tool for misleading people and for bringing out their worst (animal) side, so acting counterproductive to culture (refinement of people).

This example of modern "art" perfectly summarizes and demonstrates the fallacy of what today is erroneously classified as "art". This is one of the Mekkas of modern art, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. It is a cold, unnatural pile of industrial debris with no proportions, no life and properly decorated with a steel spider. Fucking ugly, excuse my French.

Art is and always has been a spiritual technology! In our time today, this is one of the many powerful weapons used against us. Art is used to make us buy useless products. Art is used to make us feel inferior. Art is used to make us more of an animal and to control us. Art can be used to estrange us from mother nature (e.g. the above Guggenheim metal nightmare). Just watch the news and a random Hollywood movie afterwards and you will understand.

The Lions Gate in Mycenae, officially dated to 13th century BCE

Lets examine “Hero of the two horizons” the common translation of Heru-em-Akhat:
Heru: light, specifically the spiritual light force operating through the core of the Earth and the human heart
Horizon: Heru–izon, Greek izon = “equal”, so "equal light"

Flag of New York - a modern example of ancient symbolism. Note how the two figures hint at Aries (left, holding a Ram`s horn) and Libra (right), the sun in the center, sailing boats signifying your voyage in your water body. Excelsior means "higher"

The point on the horizon which Heru-em-Akhat has been looking at so intensively since over 10,000 years (or 4,500, it doesn`t matter) is Due East, the equinox point (the place where ecliptic and celestial equator meet), the place where the stars appear to be rising at night, when we are at the equinoctial points of the year (spring and autumn equinox).

Two lions in front of the Arts Institute in Chicago, Illinois. 
How many visitors would guess that these are based on the idea of the double Horus?

The horizon has a colossal significance for human life, because our two natures (human and animal) are indeed balanced on the (time) horizon. As such the horizon also represents the space between yesterday and tomorrow, which is the eternal now, in which we live. The two equinoctial points represent the elder and the younger Horus, or sub-consciousness and elevated consciousness. The two equinoctial points are addressed in various religious mythologies, e.g. as a place between 2 pillars, 2 lamps, 2 gates, 2 animals, 2 mounts, (also as Cherubim), or perhaps most widely known but least understood, Iesous between the two thieves on the cross (of matter). The significance of all of this is human life on planet Earth. The valley, space, door or gate between the two objects, or in the case of Christian myth the cross (of spirit and matter), symbolizes nothing else than physical human life. Take a metaphysical bible dictionary and look up "two thieves" and you will learn that they represent yesterday and tomorrow. One points to the future, the other says "remember me". A beautiful allegory indeed - because thoughts concerning yesterday and tomorrow ARE thieves, which take away our consciousness from the now.

A similar spiritual concept is that of Har-Makhu, the divine sun god of spirit and matter. Add “Adon” to this and you have Har-Makhu-Adon, better known as Armageddon, which is nothing but the spiritual strive (“war”) fought on the horizon between the two objects, better said, the upwards strive in human life during the incarnation cycle.

  • The physical space occupied by Heru-em-Akhat symbolizes your physical body.
  • The hind animal (Leo) part of Heru-em-Akhat symbolizes spirit (energy), consciousness, which are functions of the animal body that was provided to us by evolution on Earth. Note, how this part of statue is sitting down and holding still, remaining ever in a calm, passive state.
  • The front human (Virgo) part symbolizes the observer, the part of us that is devoid of spirit (energy) and merely attentively observes life, which is our true, higher self. Note how this part of the statue is upright, alert and wide awake, observing the horizon Due East.

The message of this statue from our ancient forefathers is that we should do as Heru-em-Akhat does – we should calm down and learn to control our animal nature (this includes thoughts, emotions, desires, wants, physical actions) and SIT THE BEAST DOWN, so it can learn.

These gentlemen are demonstrating the practical application of the Heru-em-Akhat lesson

The "beast" (man, 666) is supposed to learn to know himself, so he can be more human and less animal. How is this being done? It is being done by observing the stars that rise Due East - which means to learn the science of astrology.

Our subconscious mind, which we cannot consciously control, no matter how we try, operates according to higher, natural laws. These are laws not made by man. Another word for such Law is "mathematics". The rising stars control our hind part, but not our front part. This means that there is a certain pre-set destiny and fate deriving from date and place of birth in combination with DNA of our ancestors. We can make our choices within this pre-set destiny, so certain fate may be avoided and destiny optimized through knowledge of self and behavior that pays respect to and is based on knowledge of higher Law (mathematics). Our vehicle for doing this is free will, the only free element within the human psyche, the part that animals do not have. Animals are purely driven by spirit (instinct, senses, body chemistry). So if we as humans act purely according to our thoughts, emotions and body chemistry, guess what - we are behaving like animals. This is why the western world is currently a madhouse. And it is also the reason why our rulers are covertly mocking us by coding consumer articles with the number 666.

These words were allegedly written on the Delphi oracle.

The message of Heru-em-Akhat summed up in two words: KNOW THYSELF !

Heru-em-Akhat has been erected not just for the contemporary people of the Leo age – it has been placed there for you and me, for the modern people entering the Aquarius age, which is a scientific, mental age, ruled by Uranus, the Christ of heavens, so we can remember our human nature.

There is also a perfect correlation between Gizah, the Nile Delta, the Orion constellation and human anatomy. This should not be left unmentioned and I will elaborate on this in future blog posts. The same arrangement of pyramids, by the way, can also be found in Teotihuacan in Mexico. The name of this place is based on Khemet “Tehuti”, so it should be Tehutican. Why do we find a pyramid in Mexico with the name of a KMT deity? The answer is within my previous blog entries.

We also find the "holy cat" (Heru-em-Akhat) coded into Catholicism (cat - holy- cism), bearing in mind that "Khat" is Egyptian for "body" and "holy" is based on helios - the sun, we will see that Christianity is a coded, poetic carbon copy of Egyptian spirituality, talking about the sunny body, which consists of balanced light photons. The two equinoctial points in the bible are "played" by the old and new Adam and also by Jesus and John the Baptist - when one equinoctial points ascends, the other must descend (see above quote of John 3:30). The twin Christ aka double Horus can be seen in the catacombs of Rome, which is a museum of mythical types.

The message of Heru-em-Akhat is beautiful indeed - let us hope that more and more people will be able to understand it. The message is needed in our mess - age!

PEACE, be well!


Language is the lockdown

I get some occasional critique and ridicule for how I apply etymology, which is defined today as "the study of the true sense of a word”. This science originated from the philological tradition (study of language through written sources, in the sense that word structures based on single letters are being analyzed and compared), a definition that automatically highlights the obvious shortcoming of such studies, because they don`t include symbolic languages. The science later adapted to also include more ancient languages, including the so-called most ancient Sumerian Cuneiform (a symbolic language), which is dated to 3350 BCE. But language studies, just like the Bible and like alleged history of man, stops here, in Mesopotamia, because history before this time has been wiped out, which is a Masonic agenda, as I have explained throughout my blog. Modern studies are made to concentrate on the (in my view erroneous) concept of "language families", which ignorantly labels the area of ancient Khemet as "Afro-Asiatic", basically a desert area in terms of language. According to these studies South America speaks "Indo-European", well that is really smart! It was colonized by Europeans, so the question must focus on the question, which languages were spoken BEFORE Europeans arrived. (see map below).

It is like a bad joke: today`s science of etymology includes all sorts of symbolic, oral and written languages (Chinese, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, etc) but excludes the language that gives us the oldest (religious) writings and "books" available on the planet (Pyramid Texts, Book of the Dead, Coffin texts, etc). Specifically the ancient Egyptian tongues are nowhere to be found in the science of etymology, primarily because Egyptians of the early dynasties (the peak of Egyptian civilization, it decayed thereafter) utilized Hieroglyphics and modern scholars don`t know how to decipher these and even if they were under the impression that they could decipher them, they still would not know how to pronounce the spoken language. It is part of the conspiracy of Egyptology to simply not promote further studies in this area. Can you imagine that the best translations Egyptology has to offer are still those of E.A. Wallis Budge, a brilliant scholar but unfortunately a spiritual basket case, which date back 100 years? No progress in 100 years should get us thinking, what is wrong here. Modern linguists, stubbornly refusing to look into the occult, are also in the dark about the usage of esoteric languages used by the priest class. Just like Khemet used a multitude of calendars for different purposes, they also used different mystery languages, some of which were only spoken in the temples and these happened to include Hebrew and Latin.

What scholars and private researchers quickly overlook, and this is the problem of the modern, purely left brain, “logical” application of etymology (a problem also rampant in all other modern separated sciences), is that etymons (“true, primitive words”) and morphemes (“smallest meaningful unit of a language”), the alleged smallest building blocks of language leading to alleged "root words", are by no means at the heart of language development. The much more important aspect, and simple logic will confirm this to anyone who stops and thinks, are the phonemes, the basic units of sound, or voice. The seen aspects of languages are computed by the left brain, but the sound takes effect on the right brain. Language started off as sound symbolized by written words, not as written words suggesting sound! Written texts were gradually introduced over time as a means of capturing sound. This process naturally had to lead to a loss of meaning and the step from a pictorial system such as the sacred carvings (Hieroglyphs) to alphabets was a huge step backwards that opened the doors for disaster. This is the reason why alphabetic languages were in ancient times exclusively used by the priest class and not revealed to the public, because the priesthood knew that language development could wreak havoc in the hands of people with a malicious intent.

Spoken language is much, much older than written language. In today`s western languages (specifically Germanic and Romanic), one sound can have a multitude of spellings, e.g. the sound “k” (brief exhaling sound) can be written today as c, ch, q or k, all of which can also be pronounced in a different way or fall silent in different word arrangements. So the letters, which are the building blocks of words, have become interchangeable and thus in themselves meaningless. Thus the door has been opened for all sorts of meaningless or distorting, misleading spellings. Language is the primary tool to trick the minds of men today. This was bound to happen, but it is now time to realize and repair language. It will take several hundred years to accomplish this on broad scale, but those who are awake can start the process for themselves and become their own priests.

"Proto-Canaanite" should be "Khemetic dialects and mystery languages" as designed esoterically by African priesthood

Written language was first established in the form of an alphabet in Phoenicia (this was actually just one seaside city in Canaan, which was an outpost of Khemet) by the so-called Hebrew, the House of Horus. At this stage, every letter was designed to have its own proper, divine, meaning pertaining to creation. As a result, it was possible to mentally “dive” into words, as every word contained letters and each single letter again became a new word of its own (e.g. the letter “D” became “Daleth” in Hebrew, which contains D (Daleth), L (Lamedh) and T (Taw), each again being a word, each containing letters, and so on, this goes into infinity) and thus the alphabet system of language was originally very meaningful and "holographic", each word serving as a whirlpool of information, following natural laws and at disposal for individual interpretation and spiritual understanding of reality.

There were 22 consonants and originally 7 basic vowels (which were not written, only pronounced, as in Hebrew), 22/ 7 = Pi = 3.1428... (circumference divided by diameter of a circle) this is also why the magic number is 227 (2+2+7=11, 1+1=2, duality, one step before completion of the new 12, the new system, this is based on Orphic and Pythagorean number systems, which were taught to these European gentlemen in Egypt). Thus the idea was to create a full 360 degree circle of sounds, which reflected the spiritual idea of cymatic creative forces emitted by primordial unity (the circle) to set itself up in the Monad (dot in the circle) and to create 3D- realm in order to be able to experience itself. Cymatics controls spirit and spirit is the unseen half of creation while matter is the seen half and result of the unseen. SPOKEN language was thus designed and acknowledged to be a tool of creation.

Diagram of the names of god according to QBLH by Kircher

Now, if we accept these ideas for a moment and imagine that we would be able to apply and use a language which is based on such creative sounds that mimic original creation, then our spoken words would automatically serve as bridge from our thinking (unseen, noumenal world, "heaven", the mind) to the universe (physically seen, phenomenal world, "earth", the body), allowing us to - partially, gradually - influence manifestation of physical reality according to our intentions. We can also deduct that when we speak in our modern languages, the intended meaning of the words we use, which we do verbalize with an intent to affect the phenomenal world, may actually take an effect which we are not intending. We may be saying things that we don’t intend to say at all, perhaps the opposite or something entirely different. What we intend as result of our thoughts and what we then put out as creative sounds expressing our intentions, are no longer aligned, in fact they are often in contradiction. Thus we are unknowingly forced by modern language to create a (spiritual) reality that we do not intend (spiritual, because Cymatics affect spirit first, which then takes its effect on matter) . So, how could language decay in such a way and who influenced our languages and twisted sounds to create such reality as we have seen during the Iron age of Pisces?

English is the youngest language in the so-called civilized world, it is a Germanic language and clearly has an occult history, meaning that the language designers were never openly revealed and in some cases given obscure alter egos to camouflage their true identity, best example being Shakespeare, who was Francis Bacon and who headed the King James Bible council, which effectively introduced thousands of new words to the English language. As “Shakespeare” he also took a major influence on language through "entertainment" (there never has been such a thing in history, art automatically effects the 4 senses and takes an effect on spirit). He left his occult signature in Psalm 46 of the King James Version, there in plain sight, for those with eyes to see. Bacon was also instrumental in establishing the “scientific approach”, which is purely based on left brain logic and 5-senses “proof” as basis for capturing reality, thus 50% blind. This is no coincidence and served to further reduce people`s capability of understanding nature in a syncretic, holistic way, because 50% of nature is not perceivable by our 4 senses (there actually are only 4 senses, not 5).

The kingdom that nobody learns about in school - Khazaria. Note the similarity of "Khazar" with Kaiser, Zar, Ceasar, all titles of highest social status and power, based on "Khazar", the country that nobody learns about in school. Khazaria was a Caucasian ("white skin") populace that decided to adopt the Jewish faith (which was originally black African). From the above region they moved primarily to Poland and to what today is Germany, where they became the Ashkenazi, on which basis was created the mind control term "Nazi"

But let`s stay on topic and recap. In summary, English is a Germanic language, the German language itself had a significant Hebrew influence through the large Ashkenazi population (Hebrew speaking, “white skin” Khazarians entering Germanic speaking territories from the Kingdom of Khazaria). Hebrew itself is an esoteric (not taught to the public) Egyptian temple language that was first revealed as exoteric alphabet (from Aleph - Beth, the first two letters) in Canaan, which was an outpost of the Heb Heru following the critical Armana Period (these things are not taught in school today and modern etymology fails to take account of Egyptian dialects and mystery languages, this is my main thesis). So if this was the case, we should be able to find Egyptian phonemes and etymons in both German and English words, and this is precisely what I have been explaining in my blog, here some examples of “Ankhlish”:

Noon – Nun
Autumn, Atom – Atum
Hour – Horus

Set (as in sunset) - Seth
Kaefer (German "beetle") – Kepher
Hero – Heru
Father – Ptah
Mother – Muta

(The other family members, like uncle and aunt, nice, etc. are also based on Egyptian language, but I cant find the source right now)
Christ – Karast
Happy - Hapi
Nature – Neter

Mother natureMedu Neter
Math Ma`at
Joseph – Iu-Sef
Mary – Meri
Conscious – Khonsu
Satan – Set

Thought - Tehuti (Thoth)
Alchemy, chemistry - Khemet
Baby - bibi
Desert - deshret
Statue - shtut

There are also plenty of examples of Hebrew words that became English, e.g. DaaTH became deathSHiT(h) became shitHoa became whore, these are powerful examples from the Qaballah, showing how key spiritual concepts were deliberately made to be utilized as something "bad" by the public. Needless to say, Ankhlish also contains a multitude of Greek and Arabic and other words, it is a colorful mix of spells taken from all parts of the world. As a result, today`s spelling of English and also of Romanic languages (based on Latin, which the Romans clearly did NOT invent themselves, but was transported to the Italian peninsula from Khemet) is a complete mess. It is actually a SPELL that we are being made to cast on ourselves without knowing and I will now show a practical example of such a typical spell, which relates to our working lives as modern slaves. As I have been emphasizing, English has been gradually re-designed as slave language to serve as tool for oppressing populations and was thus elected to be the world language. The notion that such phonemic occurrences as the ones demonstrated above and below could be a “coincidence” is naive. There is no other language on the planet that has so many phonetic similarities between opposing mental concepts:

When you go to work in a suit (Sut = Set), you wear a tie (you are tied, symbolic gallow around your neck), on your shirt you have a collar (a dog has a collar,” collar” means to capture) and cuffs (i.e. hand cuffs). You awake (a wake is a funeral celebration) each morning (mourning is what you do at a funeral) and go off during the weekdays (weak daze) to earn (ashes are placed into an urn) your living at various jobs (Hebrew JoB means “persecuted”) and undertakings (funeral undertaker) until you come to the weekend (the weak end of the deal, only two days off versus five slave days). You work in a corporation (dead corpse) all life to pay your mortgage (death pledge).

We spell (cast a spell on ourselves) words (a ward is a prison) to pronounce terms (prison terms) that produce a sentence (a sentence is a prison term). We use curse (a curse is a hex, a spell) words in writes (rites) and cursive writing. We speak our language (languid means weak or faint from illness or fatigue, languish means to grow weak, or to be forced to remain in an unpleasant situation) in phonetics (phony ethics).

This example shows how the English language applies double meanings to create a weakening of spirit. As described above, the yet deeper (Qabalistic) influence comes from the phonemes which can be deciphered through the Hebrew numeric system in conjunction with the Gold and Silver Key, which are astrology and the sacred Tarot respectively. The 22 Hebrew letters match the 22 Major Arcana, which constitute the 12 Zodiac signs and 10 spheres of our solar system. In case you wish to learn how to decipher and apply this code, there really is just one outstanding source that I would recommend and these are the teachings of the ancient Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a Brotherhood that no longer exists - or do they? Try to find out...

Language is the great lock-down today
Language is the key to all mystery
Phonemes are the primary tool for reconstructing true history 
Words are the bridge from thinking to the universe

Becoming aware of the nature (Neter) of our language (languish) will help us to start breaking the spell (ing) and start bringing presents (presence) into our lives by being aware that we are not a ware (a commercial good).

On the positive side, if you feel depressed, consider this to be a deep rest.