The secret of "Quantitative Easing"

....is Qualitative Hardening.

I have previously touched on the "art of the inverse magi". One practical application of this art has evolved into one of the most powerful media propaganda techniques today. It is the secret of how to perfectly disguise a huge lie and how to sell it to the public as something different. This is best done by changing the name of a thing into the exact opposite of the nature of a thing. Examples:

- no fly zone: the zone where attacks are flown
- saving a country: destroying it
- freeing people: enslaving them
- terrorist: freedom fighter

you get the idea.

Following this simple technique, we can easily expose the true intention behind "Quantative Easing" (QE), which is "Qualitative hardening". Thus the current seemingly lunatic actions of the Federal Reserve (and soon the ECB) serve their intended purpose extremely well, which is to harden economic conditions for the people in certain countries (not for the corporations, of course).

In the media the mechanism of QE is being portrayed as incredibly complicated, but actually it is quite simple. There is no money printing going on in the context of QE. The notion of "money printing" is entirely false and this plays on the mass ignorance of how banks operate. Only Central Banks (ECB, FED) can print money, corporations with a full banking license enjoy the privilege of multiplying such central bank money electronically by lending it out against interest (approx. 10:1, so for every dollar you hold in your bank account, the bank can lend out 10$). Money creation therefore has two distinct steps, the smaller part is actual printing, the much larger part (about 10:1) is computer multiplication based on central bank reserves.

Since the "crisis" was kicked off in 2008 with the Lehman sacrifice (Lehman was one of the FED owners), the FED has been engaging in "open market operations", which means they follow a defined schedule of purchasing certain assets in the open market, this can be followed here.

Sorry for the bad quality - it is near impossible finding this graphic on the net, IMO because it conclusively proves how the FED deliberately crashed the market in 2008 through massive selling of assets (negative POMO, or negative QE, see above)

The FED is buying U.S. Treasury Securities, which in simple words is government debt. This debt is being bought from private institutions and high street banks, thus providing liquidity (computer money) to such private entities. The crux of the matter is however, that such liquidity does not automatically reach the economy, because the banks are currently "playing it safe" or "acting conservatively" and not lending out (creating) money, neither to one another, nor to private corporations. This can be considered a conspiracy in itself because the major banks are in agreement not to fulfill their primary role in the economy (lending out money), the FED knows this, nevertheless they continue following their policy. It is blatantly obvious that the FED policy is ineffective for stimulating the economy and one has to be very naive to think that they do not know this.

Money flow can be compared to an electric current or water flow. If the faucet is closed, no water flows and the economy dries up. Simple as that. If you want a recession, close the faucet. If you want prosperity and expansion, open the faucet.

Answer: to the owners of the central banks. 
The FED is a private corporation. The ECB to a large extent as well. 
The USA is in large part in debt to China and to even higher extent, to the FED.

The money therefore assumes a circular movement (FED, banks, corporations, government, FED, etc.) which doesn`t involve the working force and as a result, only two things happen:
a) government debt increases and
b) some privileged bankers get million dollar bonuses (as reward for their compliance in taking down the country).

Whoever has the highest salaries (media stars, sports stars, CEOs, bankers) plays the greatest role in enslaving his fellow human beings, this is how our society currently operates.

As a result, economic conditions are hardening, there are less jobs, more foreclosures, lower wages, lower demand, less competition and finally, lower prices, if things would be allowed to run their natural way. If you follow the logic you will have to recognize that this must be the intention of QH (Qualitative hardening). Banks are bailed out with public funds (public labor in the form of money), bankers pocket record breaking boni, governments dive deeper and deeper into unsustainable debt, the public becomes more dependent on government aid (e.g. Obama-care, Hartz IV, etc), things become more centralized and communist (the concept of a central bank itself is a communist concept), the corporate landscape is being "cleaned" from weak players. Money, power and wealth is being consolidated.

In addition, we need to be aware that currently there is no real "money" in use in western nations. We haven`t had real money in our hands for a long time in Europe. The USA havent had real money in circulation since the "New Deal" of Roosevelt (one meaning of "New World Order"). Since the New Deal there are only bank "notes". A "note" is nothing but debt (you need to use a legal dictionary, see here). So dollar notes are "I owe yous". So, what is being owed and to whom? Money is the product of past labor and labor is therefore, through the fiat power of money, owed to the issuer, which is the FED, and the FED is owned by European banking aristocracy "old European money", so to say.

So here is the grand key to the current world debt slave system. For every single dollar that is created and in circulation, the U.S. population is in debt in equal amount, plus interest! Therefore the debt could never be payed back in full, even if a politician would try (which they wont). This means that everything that is being consumed and owned is in fact not property of U.S. citizens, everything tangible, including the people themselves, serves as collateral for the foreign debt. This makes the population debt-slaves. All western nations have been broke and in such debt systems since the Geneva conference.

So, if you zoom out and set aside emotions and let go of illusive mind programming and false ideas about what a nation state is supposed to be and what rights you think you have, this is what is going on, a giant consolidation of wealth and power. Less people own more.

The Euro crisis has been based on Greek mythology: 
the bull (Zeus) abducts and violates goddess Europa - sounds familiar?

Concerning the Euro-crisis - this has "magically" disappeared from the media around a month ago, April 20th, just in time for the election. I am going to make a prophecy here: the Euro crisis will come back in full swing after September 2014. I am basing this prophecy (Grk. prophetia - to know the wheel of the zodiac) on the retrograde action of Pluto, which set in around April 20th and will continue until mid September 2014. Now, don`t get me wrong: I don`t mean to say that the actual Pluto cycle is controlling the crisis. What I do mean to say is that those who control the crisis make use of planetary cycles. I have described the Pluto cycle here and explained how it is the "revolutionary" cycle. Go back one cycle of 240 years and you are around the year 1776 (declaration of independence).

In our time, society is run by making extensive use of

- orchestrated speculation (media, manipulated markets)
- psychogenic inducement (food genetics)
- preemptive consent (media, social engineering)
- synthetic synchronicity (alignment of planned events with planetary energies)

(terms coined by Moorish scientist Dr. Phil Valentine)

The last point, synthetic synchronicity, is the basis of what is to come in the next years. The financial crisis (misnomer, it is a consolidation of wealth and power) will last until 2023 (another prophecy), so we have about 9 more years to go through this nonsense. What will follow this is Pluto in Aquarius, which means that humanitarianism will be revolutionized. The inverse magi, IMO, can be expected to instigate social revolutions and civil wars in this time frame (after 2023).

The constant hype about "system collapse" in my view is just that: an intended, well-constructed hype, closely connected to deliberately misinterpreted and Hollywood-enforced bible prophecies. Things have been prepared a long time. The sell out of the U.S. heavy industry to China started under Klan-member and known racist Ronald Reagan in the 1980`s, so we are 35 years into this program of deconstructing the USA as world power. Things are not happening by accident, there are very intelligent and cunning people at work behind the scenes. If something happens in politics, it is long planned. If someone doesn`t comply, they either get Strauss-Kahned or as last resort JFKed.

Hi! I am Barry Saetoro . I was raised as Muslim in Indonesia, mother a known CIA prostitute, father a controversy (Marxist poet Frank Marshall Davis? Malcolm X?), known to be interested in males (Michael is always close), reported by some as crack and cocain user, known to hang around in student times with the only real terrorists the USA ever saw (Weathermen), known to be close with Marxist circles, apparently no U.S. citizen, using a fake birth certificate, suspected to have family roots in Kenia. Known to read every word he says from a teleprompter, known to stutter when it is taken away, known to have attended Bilderberg conferences, known to be killing civilians with drones on daily basis, shall we continue?Oh, forgot to say, I also won the Nobel Peace prize and was celebrated as Messiah when I took my office.

Nota Bene: other politicians are no better, I just highlighted Barrack Obama because he is such an extraordinary example of a constructed media character. Also I dont care the least bit about color of skin or sexuality or religion of this man. I only make these notes to demonstrate that everything about this man is a lie.

All of these things need not be scary or frightening. They are actually quite meaningless, if you ignore them. It is entirely up to you whether you allow these things to distribute negativity in your mind/ psyche/ life, or whether you remain peaceful, let them pass and focus your mind on positive things (which can be hard, I admit, if you lose your home or work).

It is very important not to step into the fear/ hatred trap.

Be well and Hotep
= everlasting, internal peace that cannot be affected by external events of any kind


Classic reading - book list

La Barca de Luna

This blog does not contain intellectual fast food. Even though not always referenced, the texts that I put together are based on a solid, literary basis. Reading books is - in many ways - an important tool to expand knowledge rapidly and profoundly. Most importantly, reading the right books and reading them with an open, inquisitive, flexible mind. Some people tell me that it is not easy to find the right books. I get many requests asking me to suggest literature. Now, I argue that new books are usually not better than old ones. In fact, in my experience, the opposite is the case - the further you go back, the better the books become.

In the following I present a short list of essential classic writings that, in my view, all independent researchers should be aware of . Tons of reproduced, regurgitated rubbish is available to us today via internet. In order to truly learn about our past and about our ancestors and how they lived and thought, it is better to start at the beginning and to read the real thing and to be your own interpreter.

The chain of spiritual myth roughly went as follows:

  • Unified world religion during the golden age
    • Dogon/ Yoruba
      • Ethiopian > Khemet (Egypt) 
        • Gnostic blacks > Hebrew > Hellenistic > Christian > Islam                 
        • Dravidian blacks > Vedic Brahmanism > Hinduism > Buddhism
        • Chinese blacks > Taoism
        • Olmec blacks > Inka, Aztec, Maya, Moundbuilders, Washita
All these systems (and all others on the planet) are connected and thus different expressions of the same ideas. To regard these systems as different, means to block mental access to understanding them. The most rewarding system must naturally be the system of origin, and this is the one which has been perfected (not created) in black Khemet (today Egypt is inhabited by Arab conquerors with light skin, these are not the original inhabitants. Not that skin color means so much to me, it is just that a lot of Masonic propaganda has been placed in Hollywood movies, etc. to fool the world into believing in ancient Egyptians having white skin, which is a lie. Only the last few rulers of the Ptolemaic dynasty had white skin).

I therefore recommend to ultimately focus on the Khemau mythology, but to also get acquainted with the holy writings of other major spiritual disciplines, e.g. Qu`ran, Bible, Zohar, Talmud, Rig Veda, Pistis Sophia, Apocrypha, Pyramid texts, Book of the Dead, Book of Gates, Homeric Hymns, Hermetica, Kybalion, Orphic poems, Avesta, etc.

This will automatically put you into a position of power, simply because you know what you are talking about and you can easily dismantle false arguments. There have always been enlightened individuals speaking out against religious ignorance and madness. The following will highlight some of these brave people and also some of the brilliant minds, who did the opposite and sold out to lies. Some of them might have been what I call useful idiots, others may have taken money or high offices (note how Christian apologists were declared to be "saints"), yet others may have been threatened and have feared for their lives. We will never know for sure, but it is important to read the Christian apologists, just to get all sides of the argumentation.

My list may not be complete but it sure enough provides more reading material than anyone can handle in his spare time in the next couple of years. In today`s time of information overflow and near unlimited access to information, it is easy to download free PDFs of all listed works mentioned below. It may not be possible or absolutely necessary to read all of these writings, but it is very helpful and enlightening to know that these texts exist and to roughly understand the contents. Our world would be a better place, if more people would study these writers, instead of reading modern (fashionable) garbage and Dan Brown nonsense.

Some of the writings, if known to the broad public, would quickly put en end to certain fruitless discussions, for example, whether "Jesus" lived or not (I put this name in quotation marks because the original text never mentions this name, the letter "J" was invented only in the 17th century. Take it as a homework : what was the name mentioned in the original text? Which is the original text?). Philo-Judaeus (see below) would have been a contemporary of this alleged Jesus (misnomer) and Philo wrote extensively about everything of importance that happened during his lifetime, but not a single word about a man named Jesus can be found in his writings. What could this mean?

Other writings reveal how history was written as tool for power and how fake history was created by the ruling elite to support expansion of power, e.g. Flavius Josephus, who invented Jewish history in order to make the Old Testament historic. Why did he do this? Because he was the main author of the New Testament and "Flavius Josephus" was simply one of his many pen names.

Now.....there is no way you can know whether what I have just stated is true or not - unless you pick up the books and read them yourself. Be invited, there is a very rich banquet. The book titles highlighted in yellow are "must reads" in my opinion:

Early Greek writers:

Homer, ancient Greek epic poet, 8th BCE: Iliad, Odyssee

Hesiod, ancient Greek philosopher, poet, 7th BCE: Pandora’s Jar, Works and Days, Theogony

Thales, Greek philosopher, 6th BCE, “first true mathematician” (from a Caucasian point of view, that is)

Heraklitus, Greek philosopher, 6th BCE, “Logos”, ever changing nature

Phythagoras, Greek philosopher, mathematician, metaphysical genius, 6th BCE, initiated and educated in Egypt

Herodotus, Greek historian, 5th BCE, “father of history”, The Histories

Anaxagoras, Greek philosopher, 5th BCE, “Nous”, four elements

Pindar, Greek lyric poet, 5th BCE, greatest lyric poet

Empedocles, Greek philosopher, 5th BCE, four elements, On Nature

Sokrates, Greek philosopher, 5th BCE, Dialogues, developed the Socratic Method, which is still very useful today. Ask a lot of questions and never stop doing this!

Plato, Greek philosopher, 4th BCE, student of Sokrates, teacher of Aristotle, metaphysical genius, initiated and educated in Egypt, Dialogues, Republic, Metaphysics

Aristotle, Greek philosopher, 4th BCE, initiated and educated in Egypt, teacher of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy Soter I (first Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt, founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, whose descendants were the authors of the New Testament)

1st century BCE

Cicero, Roman philosopher: On the Republic, huge influence on Latin language, enemy of Julius Caesar dictatorship after he crossed the Rubicon in 49 BCE and destroyed the Republic

Diodorus Siculus, Greek historian, Bibliotheca Historica

Ovid, Roman poet, Metamorpheses

Horace, Roman poet

1st century ACE

Virgil, Roman poet, Aeneid

Seneca, Roman stoic philosopher, advisor to Nero, Tragedies, later suicide, “erare humanum est”, On anger

Philo Judaeus, Judeo-Hellenistic philosopher, Proto-Gnostic, would have been a contemporary of Jesus, not a single word about Jesus in his writings

Josephus, Romano–Jewish historian, Antiquities of the Jews, Jewish Wars (pen name of Arrius Piso, author of the New Testament)

Plutarch, Greek historian: Isis & Osiris, Parallel lives, Moralia

Marcus Manilius, Roman astrologer/ poet, astrologer of Caesar Augustus: Astronomica

Epictetus, Greek stoic philosopher, Discourses, practical philosophy

2nd century ACE

Claudius Ptolemy, Greco-Roman poet and astrologer: Tetrabiblos

Celsus, Greek philosopher: On the true doctrine

Basilides, Gnostic teacher in Alexandria

Valentinius, Gnostic teacher in Rome

Tertullian, Christian writer

Clement of Alexandria, "church father"

St. Irenaeus, Christian apologist

Justin Martyr, Christian apologist

Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor, stoic philosopher: Meditations

3rd century ACE

Origin, "church father"

Plotinus, Neoplatonist, philosopher, “father of Neoplatonism”, teacher of Porphyry

Porphyry, NeoplatonistAgainst the Christians

Lamblichus, Neoplatonist from Syria

Eusebius, Roman historian, “father of church history”, right hand of Constantine

4th century ACE

Julian, emperor and philosopher, Greek writer, nephew of Constantine: Against the Galileans, Hymn to the sun

Firmicus Maternus, Latin astrologer: Matheseos 8 books

St. Augustine, Roman historian, “father of church history”

5th century ACE

Macrobius, Roman writer: Saturnalia

Proclus, Greek Neoplatonist philosopher, Platonic Theology, metaphysics

Simplicius of Cilicia, Neoplatonist

a term referring to the revival of true teachings, but also literally "rebirth", i.e. the revival of knowledge concerning the eternal nature of life, teachings of reincarnation that were lost during the Christian era

15th century ACE

Marcilio Ficino, humanist, philosopher, astrologist, Neoplatonist: translated Plato into Latin and translated Corpus Hermeticum (“Hermetica”, includes one page called “Emerald table” and the Poimandres)

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola: Neoplatonist, 900 thesis, Oration of dignity of man

Cosimo de Medici: Neoplatonist, refounded Plato`s academy

16th century ACE

Giordano Bruno: heliocentric world, astrologer, burned at the stake by RC inquisition

18th century ACE

Thomas Taylor: translated Plato/ Aristoteles into English

20th century ACE

Manly P Hall: greatest Hermeticist/ Neoplatonist of our "modern" time. Received 33rd Degree of masonry without being a Mason. As independent researcher, we was able to publish his knowledge freely.

As final note on this reading list. None of the above Caucasian authors were finally able to even remotely touch on the genius of African cosmology and natural science. There is no such thing as Greek philosophy. Our current understanding of history as a whole is wrong. The current history has been designed by Masons, it is a fairy tale. I will further explain true history in following blog entries.

If you want to have true spiritual insight, study the Dogon, the Zulu, the Yoruba and Khemet spiritual cosmologies, this compromises highest science.



The Book of the Dead - true contents revealed!

So...... the hottest thing that is currently happening on this planet, from a spiritual point of view, is that spiritual master and king Nesu-Bit, Maser Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi is revealing the esoteric, divine, original interpretation of the oldest religious writings available to mankind, the Prt M Hru/ misnomer "Book of the dead", which he has received in deep trance from his ancestors. You find his credentials and website here.

Ra Sema Ba states as his life mission to reactivate the "black" ("black" here mentioned as reference to KMT, the Black land, not to the misnomer based on UCC colorable Law that is used for enslavement in USA today) gay gatekeepers, which were the original Khemau high priests/ shamans. The brilliant thing for non-black heterosexuals (such as myself) is that while the Ra Golden Beetle mystery temple is reserved for mentioned black (KMT) gay community, the High Oracle of Ra has also permitted him to offer the set of teachings to the entire world, i.e. to make them public (a high oracle is one that works on a binary mathematical code and provides guidance for action, the Tarot would be an example for a low oracle).

The result is a set of short and simple to understand Youtube videos (you find them here) which are uplifting to watch and enlightening. There is no better material out there today - anywhere, not printed, not in videos, this is the hottest stuff out there today, it is cutting edge in terms of humanity regaining its powers and re-membering our true nature. The teachings offered in these videos come from a pure and divine place. It is currently my joy studying these videos and learning the sacred carvings (Metu Neter, hieroglyphs). In parallel to the videos I use a copy of Budge`s Papyrus of Ani translation and a copy of "Egyptian Grammar" by Gardiner.

Hapi, union of the two lands
Note how modern (fashionable) scholars have taken this literally and keep talking about two geographic areas in Egypt that were united. This is a spiritual allegory and it refers to uniting the upper and the lower self. This is a great example of how Caucasian left-brain limited thinking abilities have led to a flawed writing of history and destruction of spirituality.

The word "gay" has a double meaning not by accident: it refers to homosexuality but it also refers to being happy. The origin of the word "happy" is Hapi, the androgynous Nile deity. This is the "happy hippo" of the Hapi Nile valley. Hapi-ness means being gay. If sexual duality is removed, the original, androgynous state of union is revealed, which automatically eliminates all tensions between two seemingly opposite poles, also called "electricity". The original androgynous unity, manifested as physical homosexuality, therefore occupies a divine role within physical creation, it is closest to the universal origin of nature (Amun/ Nu). The fact that the word happy derives from such unity, should make this clear to us. Happiness arrives as soon as duality vanishes.

Hapi rules the Age of Aquarius, which has just begun.

Hapi also rules the master science of astrology.

Hapi is the union of Science and religion. It means scientific religion and spiritual science.

Aset (Greek: Isis) with her wings spread - note the throne on her head

Today`s negativity towards gayness comes from a spot of insecurity and fear. Today`s hetero men no longer understand what the true role and power of masculinity is, therefore their very own perception of the role as men is based on mis-education and insecurity and this is often being projected on the homosexual community, out of pure helplessness. Most men today are under the impression that they hold more power than women, which is an illusion! The seat of power ("a seat" = Aset = Isis) is always the female energy. When a throne is pulled away from under a male by a female, he falls. The true, strong masculine male is aware of his inferiority (men are degenerated women in terms of evolution, this can be easily proven by looking at our anatomy) and actually draws his strength from this knowledge! He realizes that his power derives from the female throne and therefore protects the woman and gives her love (love = libido, not the Rome- antics, the antiquities of Rome, which are romantics and for fools!). In a harmonious relationship the male trades in love for power - the female grants power for receiving love. It is a simple equation that is hardly ever properly understood today. The world is going to be in trouble, as long as males keep suppressing female energy, as can be seen in all male-crazed Abrahamic religions. Female energy is not electric outgoingness, it is magnetic stillness and peace. Women are the master builders, a fact that is celebrated on Mother`s Day, which takes place this Sunday, which is the 2nd Sunday in May and the entry of the sun into the Virgo decanate of Taurus, the last third of Taurus, if you will. It is the Auriga decanate and the astrological motto is "mastership".

One plate of the Papyrus of Ani 
This scroll is what scholars call a "Book of the Dead"  

Getting back to the "Book" (misnomer, it actually is a scroll that was placed in tombs of deceased N`gus (later called "pharao" by Caucasians) of the "dead" (misnomer). Hru/ Heru is divine light and refers to the concept of human beings in physical life, it is physically activated DNA, a miniature version of divine mind interacting in coagulated mind substance (matter).

The tomb scrolls should properly be translated as:

"instructions on how to bring forth your divine inner light", or 
"the manual of how universe and human beings are related", or 
"scroll of cultivating divine light"

or as the Golden Beetle system calls it 
"The book of Gold"

My studies of Prt M Hru and Metu Neter (Hieroglyphs) are going to take up most of my time, therefore, as mentioned in my last blog entry, I have less time available to dedicate to this blog. Nevertheless, I will update once in a while.

Stay Hapi!
Ra Sema Ba`s teachings will show you, how.

Light Peace! Heru Islam! Hotep Ra! Jeru Salem!

PS: there are 3 types of ISLAM:
- the original African system of Peace (Islam means peace)
- the exoteric system developed and controlled by the Vatican, which was designed for the Arabic world to divide & conquer
- the underground version of Islam, which is called Masonry. High masons wear a Moorish Fez.

Ignorance is the human dis-aster ("against the stars")