The Book of the Dead - true contents revealed!

So...... the hottest thing that is currently happening on this planet, from a spiritual point of view, is that spiritual master and king Nesu-Bit, Maser Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi is revealing the esoteric, divine, original interpretation of the oldest religious writings available to mankind, the Prt M Hru/ misnomer "Book of the dead", which he has received in deep trance from his ancestors. You find his credentials and website here.

Ra Sema Ba states as his life mission to reactivate the "black" ("black" here mentioned as reference to KMT, the Black land, not to the misnomer based on UCC colorable Law that is used for enslavement in USA today) gay gatekeepers, which were the original Khemau high priests/ shamans. The brilliant thing for non-black heterosexuals (such as myself) is that while the Ra Golden Beetle mystery temple is reserved for mentioned black (KMT) gay community, the High Oracle of Ra has also permitted him to offer the set of teachings to the entire world, i.e. to make them public (a high oracle is one that works on a binary mathematical code and provides guidance for action, the Tarot would be an example for a low oracle).

The result is a set of short and simple to understand Youtube videos (you find them here) which are uplifting to watch and enlightening. There is no better material out there today - anywhere, not printed, not in videos, this is the hottest stuff out there today, it is cutting edge in terms of humanity regaining its powers and re-membering our true nature. The teachings offered in these videos come from a pure and divine place. It is currently my joy studying these videos and learning the sacred carvings (Metu Neter, hieroglyphs). In parallel to the videos I use a copy of Budge`s Papyrus of Ani translation and a copy of "Egyptian Grammar" by Gardiner.

Hapi, union of the two lands
Note how modern (fashionable) scholars have taken this literally and keep talking about two geographic areas in Egypt that were united. This is a spiritual allegory and it refers to uniting the upper and the lower self. This is a great example of how Caucasian left-brain limited thinking abilities have led to a flawed writing of history and destruction of spirituality.

The word "gay" has a double meaning not by accident: it refers to homosexuality but it also refers to being happy. The origin of the word "happy" is Hapi, the androgynous Nile deity. This is the "happy hippo" of the Hapi Nile valley. Hapi-ness means being gay. If sexual duality is removed, the original, androgynous state of union is revealed, which automatically eliminates all tensions between two seemingly opposite poles, also called "electricity". The original androgynous unity, manifested as physical homosexuality, therefore occupies a divine role within physical creation, it is closest to the universal origin of nature (Amun/ Nu). The fact that the word happy derives from such unity, should make this clear to us. Happiness arrives as soon as duality vanishes.

Hapi rules the Age of Aquarius, which has just begun.

Hapi also rules the master science of astrology.

Hapi is the union of Science and religion. It means scientific religion and spiritual science.

Aset (Greek: Isis) with her wings spread - note the throne on her head

Today`s negativity towards gayness comes from a spot of insecurity and fear. Today`s hetero men no longer understand what the true role and power of masculinity is, therefore their very own perception of the role as men is based on mis-education and insecurity and this is often being projected on the homosexual community, out of pure helplessness. Most men today are under the impression that they hold more power than women, which is an illusion! The seat of power ("a seat" = Aset = Isis) is always the female energy. When a throne is pulled away from under a male by a female, he falls. The true, strong masculine male is aware of his inferiority (men are degenerated women in terms of evolution, this can be easily proven by looking at our anatomy) and actually draws his strength from this knowledge! He realizes that his power derives from the female throne and therefore protects the woman and gives her love (love = libido, not the Rome- antics, the antiquities of Rome, which are romantics and for fools!). In a harmonious relationship the male trades in love for power - the female grants power for receiving love. It is a simple equation that is hardly ever properly understood today. The world is going to be in trouble, as long as males keep suppressing female energy, as can be seen in all male-crazed Abrahamic religions. Female energy is not electric outgoingness, it is magnetic stillness and peace. Women are the master builders, a fact that is celebrated on Mother`s Day, which takes place this Sunday, which is the 2nd Sunday in May and the entry of the sun into the Virgo decanate of Taurus, the last third of Taurus, if you will. It is the Auriga decanate and the astrological motto is "mastership".

One plate of the Papyrus of Ani 
This scroll is what scholars call a "Book of the Dead"  

Getting back to the "Book" (misnomer, it actually is a scroll that was placed in tombs of deceased N`gus (later called "pharao" by Caucasians) of the "dead" (misnomer). Hru/ Heru is divine light and refers to the concept of human beings in physical life, it is physically activated DNA, a miniature version of divine mind interacting in coagulated mind substance (matter).

The tomb scrolls should properly be translated as:

"instructions on how to bring forth your divine inner light", or 
"the manual of how universe and human beings are related", or 
"scroll of cultivating divine light"

or as the Golden Beetle system calls it 
"The book of Gold"

My studies of Prt M Hru and Metu Neter (Hieroglyphs) are going to take up most of my time, therefore, as mentioned in my last blog entry, I have less time available to dedicate to this blog. Nevertheless, I will update once in a while.

Stay Hapi!
Ra Sema Ba`s teachings will show you, how.

Light Peace! Heru Islam! Hotep Ra! Jeru Salem!

PS: there are 3 types of ISLAM:
- the original African system of Peace (Islam means peace)
- the exoteric system developed and controlled by the Vatican, which was designed for the Arabic world to divide & conquer
- the underground version of Islam, which is called Masonry. High masons wear a Moorish Fez.

Ignorance is the human dis-aster ("against the stars")

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