The Lost Light

The title of this blog entry is the title of one of the key books that any spiritually interested person should be studying, no matter which religion. This great work is what I would call “heavy reading” and it took me from October 2013 – March 2014, so approximately six months, to read the 600 pages twice, to cross- research its claims and to subtract notes from it and conclude my studies. Retrospectively, I must have spent several hundred hours on this book alone. In my view, “The Lost Light” is the number one recommended book for getting a good handle on Judeo-Christian-Islamic mysticism (the three are closely connected and share the same line of prophets) and its contents should be school curriculum to reverse false spiritual programming of the past 2,000 years. 

In this brilliant book AB Kuhn turns on a divine beam of the lost light and shines it onto the diamonds contained in the sun papyrus/ aka helios biblios. The righteous clarity of this beam goes even beyond the work of Gerald Massey, which is something I thought I would never say. If you dare approaching this great work, you will quickly note that enlightened AB Kuhn was fully aware of his brilliance and that he predicts that his book will be the most important book of the century. Unfortunately, he was wrong on this. AB Kuhn, like other shunned writers, was far ahead of his time.

AB Kuhn Columbia University graduation photo

I have decided to reduce the time that I spend on writing this blog. There are too many revelations coming my way. I need to cool down on the information throughput – and move to better educating myself. “Education” is one of the many words thoroughly misinterpreted in today’s Mercury, left-brain society. Usually, we spoon-feed loads of information into our brains and consider this to be education. Etymology shows that the exact opposite is the true meaning of education:

Educare – from ex-ducere/ e–duco, “to lead out”, to pull out from within

True education is therefore not to load information into the brain, this is mere programming. True education is to bring forth natural, divine abilities and reckoning from within, to awaken the higher self. Western education is nothing but programming. 

The best quick read to understand what is wrong today

True education is to evolve from within, to bring out the best out of someone. The western education system was developed by the Jesuits and the purpose was to create obedient, stupefied, ignorant servants.

From what I can see about 95% of self proclaimed, modern (“fashionable”) occultists with whom I get in contact are helplessly stuck in Vatican/RCC/ Piscean age dichotomies and language based Magick. They are under a spell (-ing) and this is the main reason they cannot progress very far, and if they do, it is often in the direction of a spiritual dead end. The art of the inversed Magi is to create (false, confusing, harmful) images in our right brain hemisphere through the use of sound (e.g. words). I write this short blog entry to help to clean up some of this mess and to help others, to transcend or reverse the wrong programming and find enlightenment. As long as occultists use wrong terminology they remain slaves to the Vatican priests/ inversed Magi.

Here below some simple examples of Hegelian dichotomies, in short, these serve to keep discussion within certain pre-set boundaries, as to prevent discovery of truth. We need to dismantle these and transcend them:

- Creation discussion: either you are on the side of believing in a creational god or you are on the side of believing in purely mechanical, evolutionary, cellular development.

Solution: Both of these are beliefs. Both are true, and both are wrong. The lower self is the animal body, developed here on earth through evolution, the higher self is a fractal of universal mind. The structure of the universe is mind, which is non-local. This is why CERN is a pointless project and why there can be no unified field theory in physics. Pythagoras, who was initiated in Khemet (Egypt), gave us the universal formula, which in simple words, is “mind over matter”. He proved this axiom mathematically.

- Reincarnation discussion: either you believe in “it” or you don’t.

Solution: the incarnation/ karma concept, as known today, reached us from the East and it is seriously flawed.  There is a development cycle of mind/ spirit, but it functions very differently than we are being told by Eastern spiritual systems. These Eastern systems (Hinduism, Buddhism, later in Europe also Theosophy and Anthroposophy) derived from the original Dravidian system, which was brought to India by the Kushites (Ethiopians) to the Hindu-Kush area. These Dravidian teachings were degraded step by step over the centuries to more and more fit the agenda of the ruling Caucasian colonists and kings. There is also a strong (Caucasian) Greek cultural/ mythological influence, due to the conquest of Hindustan by Alexander the Great.

- Occultism discussion: either perceived as something bad (church goers), or as something good by those who see no good in churches.

Solution: Both is neither good nor bad: occult simply means “hidden”. The hidden aspect of nature is the spirit world, because it cannot be perceived by the 5 senses. Spirit is the other side of the coin of matter. The spirit world is part of the universe, just like matter is. The bad aspect of occultism is perhaps what the Vatican practices: to hoard thousands of precious books in their vaults and hide them from the public.

The world is not black and white. There is only one human race, with various shades of Melanin concentration in the cell tissue/ DNA program. The term “racism” is thus also meaningless, a mind control term. There is only one human race and one planet that we share.

Let`s set the record straight on inversed Vatican mind control programming. As a very simple rule, the inversed Magi have turned most concepts to the exact opposite, which is a very powerful technique based on our brain structure. This technique is an abusive practice of a spiritual concept. The “world upside down” was first described as spiritual analogy in the Book of Hades. The biggest lies are the most successful ones. There is no real defense against spiritual programming if you are not aware of it, because the spirit, which is the counterpart to matter (everything in the universe is both spirit and matter, two sides of one coin) is controlled through SOUND/ Cymatics. Spirit obeys sound, there is no active defense against this mechanism. Your very own spirit is commanded by sound. In fact, we are also created by sound:

persona, latin per sona, through sound

Hu (matter) – min (Mind), Sanskrit/ Khemau roots

Logos was translated as “Word”, which is not sufficient. Logos is actually mind logic, the logic is sent forth by the universal mind and made physical on Earth, “sayings of the Lord (Law Ward)”. The sol speaks through the body, so this is another sounds reference.

words of power used by Khemau priests to heal people and instruct their spirit, this corresponds to the Saturn sphere in Kaballah (Paut Neter)

So, as a very simple rule, all spiritual concepts which the Roman Catholic Church/ Empire/ Inquisition murderers have declared to be “bad” or “evil” are actually essential to help bring forth our true divinity (education) and be able to practice spirituality and be happy and have a meaningful life (without any church or priest who gets in the way). Some of the below meanings are taken from "the Lost Light", others are based on various others, printed and appreciated sources. Take note that modern (fashionable) etymology is designed to hide roots that are older than Sanskrit (e.g. Khemau spoken hieroglyphs). Let`s jump right in without any particular order:

Man. Spirit of divine mind in the process of descending to earth. (Mutable fire of Sagittarius, Jupiter lightning), also Venus as the bright/ morning star, brings the soul fire from “heaven”, this is the soul/ Christ, also represented as Sirius in Freemasonry as “Blazing Star”.

Man. Spirit of divine mind descended to earth. (Cardinal earth of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn/ Satan),

“lived” backwards, there is no such entity and especially not outside of man.

active building power of life, stepping stone, it is good under disguise, universe mind is both good and evil. The concept of evilness only relates to human beings, because we have free will, all other parts of the universe are subject to DNA/ spirit/ instincts/ natural laws. Evil is the absence of sunlight/ illumination. Therefore backwards it is “live” and life comes from sun photons.

divine fire obliterates generational stains, inner fire seeking to exit the physical body. We all go through purgatory during our physical life. The truth burns from within until the water body evaporates.

fire of divinity, also constellation Leo (German “hell” = light”) strong celestial fire in summer months. Leo is fixed fire. “Hel”/ “Helios”, same linguistic root.

based on German “Wissen” = knowledge, the female principle in nature. Witches are people who practice spiritual healing based on herbs and know how to take advantage of the Moon cycle. The German word “Hexe” also refers to the number 6/ hexagon, Greek “hex” = 6. Also refers to “Hekau” and “Hecate”. The RCC burned all people, who knew.

Garment of shame
human body. The incarnated soul descends into this dense body in Capricorn and feels “shame” for its spiritual fall.

all chemical life processes are based on burning (breathing, digestion, learning etc). Therefore burning is a symbol for life.

Hebrew exegesis

Riotous living
life in matter

Red hair
sun allegory

one who has access to source, i.e. knows how to control and direct spirit (Ra, Chi, Kundalini, Ki, spirit)

Great old dragon
primordial darkness before mind created matter

Man. We are all moon stars (future stars who are currently influenced by the moon while in this body). Until very recently you could find this definition under “human being” in Black`s Law Dictionary: Human being = monster.

Black cat
Egyptian “Mau”, temple cat, has the capacity to absorb heavy thoughts, it feeds of our lower feelings and transforms these. The black cat was the most sacred animal in Khemet.

Tem-on (“setting sun”), deity within us, the Daimon (daemon) is our guide in physical life, as Socrates tells us, it is our inner guardian angel, the angel (angle) of light. Basically it is melanin in the pineal gland

angle of light.

old English “ghust”, breath

Magic (k)
art of the Magi, to utilize sound (words, language, music, chants, Mantras, words of Power, Hekau) to command spirit

see witch

“of the people”, so everything before the Roman Empire infolded into the RCC and destroyed all other spiritual systems in Europe, in Latin paganus meant “of the countryside” and in Roman military jargon, a “pagan” was a civilian, i.e. someone non-military.

battle of life in flesh (Har – Makhu – Adon, Lord/ Law-ward of the two horizons/ equinoxes), this fight is being fought by each and every one of us during our physical life (“death”)

Shedding blood
sun photons provide their energy, the sun is “bleeding”, this is the central theme of Rosicrucian symbolism. Also “Mesrem” means “tear of the eye of Ra” and this became “Moslem” and Ra is of course the sun energy. This very word also became the Hebrew word for Egypt “Mizraim”. The idea is to shed spiritual blood, not physical.

sacre (sacred) facere (to make) – to make sacred, Sacrum = tailbone in spine, also coccyx. If you want to sacrifice an animal, no need to kill it, this is cruelty, based on ignorance.

Knowledge. Da`ath is a Kaballah term. With full knowledge, life is transcended, knowledge is a wormhole – if knowledge is perfected, life is obsolete. This is da`ath and the biggest secret of this planet is that you cannot die. Your body dies, but the spiritual counterpart of the body is eternal. There is no death for the spiritual you. Can you imagine how hard it is to control people who are aware that they cannot die? Try fighting against an army of soldiers who are spiritually initiated, they will be impossible to beat.

refers to the spelling of words, the basis of using sounds (of power or deception), the art of the Magi, the word “Magick” itself is a spell that most occultists are under

Babylonian Moon goddess. As soon as deity moves into flesh, sin (lunar, watery, emotional) behavior is the natural consequence of the “Law” (Romans 7:7). Before the command to incarnate, there is no Law. Once the command is received, Law (Maat/ mathematics of physical nature) takes over and Sin is the much desired, natural mathematic result. Sin is lust for life. The Law is received in two tablets, these are the two brain hemispheres.

Descent/ fall of man
man means mind (Sanskrit Manas, also “Manna”). The mind enters physical matter and thus falls, or descends the spiritual hierarchy. This is the great law of incubation: the higher incubates in the lower. Plants incubate in minerals. Men incubate in animal bodies. The fall is something good, it serves a higher purpose. The letter “J” was later invented to show the ascension back up.

Slave in Egypt
Slavonic people, there is no ancient word for “slave”. “Egypt” is a word construction based on Greek Aegyptos. The ancient country was called KMT, or Khemet. This is an allegory to describe people who are in their lower, animal nature. They must reach the promised land, which is their higher nature. They must part the red/ reed Sea, which is our blood/ human body.

Pit of mire
human body (mire is a mixture of the Earth and the Water element)

mental darkness after descent, amnesia of true, higher self. This is the idea behind deities like Bacchus, wine gods. Wine / Vine grows in Virgo, thus we get the birth of a virgin. It can also be spiritual pleasure derived from higher learning.

Human body (Masonic symbol). The last supper should be taken on the coffin lid

Ram fire (Aries cardinal fire). Human beings, active from midnight to sunrise, so winter solstice to spring equinox. Garlic is toxic to cell membranes (see work of Dr. Sebi). A vampire is an allegory for a human being, a Rosicrucian joke, if you like. During the day rests in the coffin (body), at night can roam freely and seek soul food (blood).

of divine intellect, later reconstitution, compare Horus/ Dionysus myth. You need to re- member, to collect the (14) pieces (members of the body). The sol tears itself apart for human spiritual growth

House of Death
Scorpio, incarnation, the soul “dies”, or “falls asleep”, or “gets mummified”, which is the Khemau Karast, later “Christ”/ Greek Christos. The house of da`ath/ spiritual transformation.

Rivers turns to blood
human blood and sea water are nearly chemically identical, only that blood contains a divine spark. Flesh receives a divine component.

Blood cleansing
menstrual analogy

of blood/ incarnation

Furnace of fire
Earth. The double pool of fire of Khemet

Destroy enemies
leave Pisces and move to Aries (Gad), Pisces motto is secrets and enemies, Aries is ruled by the god (Gad) of war, Mars

Pandora`s box
possibilities of future lives, we need to try to open it during physical life

Fallen angels
fallen stars after the pole shift, the stars that are no longer visible, because they are now below the horizon, there are 7 pole stars in 7 aeons, this is nothing but a long term time measurement. There are two pole shifts in one Great Year, the stellar backdrop moves approx. one degree every 72 years, so 360 x 72 = 25,920 years. Next pole shift should occur in approx. 4,000 years (age of Capricorn/ Sagittarius)

the head is bruised in Taurus, the heel bruised in Sagittarius. An allegory to say that the sun leaves a certain area of the zodiac. If the “Bull is slain”, the sun moves into the next sign, which is Gemini.

series of decisions during our physical lifetime, a “day” here is understood as lifetime. The judgment is passed by yourself, not by some external entity or judge. YOU are your true and only judge, because you are a divine spark of universal mind.

End of the world
mistranslation, end of the age (telenten aion)

Unlucky 13
there are 13 moon cycles per year, the moon controls your Lower Self (animal electrical impulses called “emotions”)

Judas kiss
sun in Scorpio

from Urrah, fire (ur) of the sunlight (Ra)

Mu-Ham-Maat, Egyptian mystery title, "one pulled from darkness to light/ equilibrium"

Hebrew Aries (Tribe of Gad)

Bu Wizzer is a name of Osiris, Lord of transformation, the Wizard of Oz is the Wizzer of Os-iris

This is what spontaneously came to my mind. I hope it becomes clear to all interested, self-taught occultists that:

a)      there is nothing good or bad about occultism. It is a natural thing that certain things are hidden from our very limited senses. 

b)      the Western, European magickal systems that were exoterically spread are the spiritually blind grand children of original African mind science and teachings about our divine Higher Self

c)      there is a highly valuable way of interpreting scriptures (according to Jewish exegesis PARDES, which is the root of the word “paradise”)

d)      astrology is the master key to all spiritual/ occult systems, no matter if aboriginal cosmology in Australia, Hebrew teaching, Akkadian deities, Inka gods, whatever it may be, the common root is astrology.

Take care and re – member, if you act as a medium, you basically lend yourself to something that you do not know. It is the very lowest form of spirituality to become a medium. High level mediumship actually requires spiritual weakness and ignorance and a degree of self-undoing that is not advisable.

If you want to know what is the problem about mediumship, read the wild fantasies contained in Blavatsky`s Secret Doctrine ("...the Earth is hollow", "mythical creatures living before a deluge", etc), one of the favorite books of Adolf Schicklgruber (artist name: Hitler). Based on such nonsense received from unknown spiritual entities through trance, we get confused, useful idiots like David icke, who literally quotes Blavatsky teachings chapter by chapter. David clearly has inside scoop about upper society relationships but when it comes to spirituality he is hopelessly lost. Another example is Jay Weidner, who seriously talks about "Archons" being microscopic entities controlling our brains. Millions are being made with further confusing the already confused.

Also a word on the much revered Crowley: he turned mad in his last days. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find this to be a goal for myself.


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