The key to the underworld

In the following I present a syncretism of mind, science and religion. Nothing here presented is new. All of the here presented is going to be considered "modern" (fashionable, German “Mode” = fashion) again in the age that has just started. It is the recurring wisdom from the Air-age of Gemini (upper and lower Egypt), which returns in this Air age of Aquarius and which will be the nucleus of the scientific world religion for this age towards the middle of Aquarius, in approx. 600 years. Aquarius/ Uranus rules astrology. As we wake up from the mind control systems of the Piscean age, we are bound to realize how language has decayed and finally been designed as an auto- suppression tool. Every age can be divided in three decans. The decan transitions of the last 2500 years look as follows (from my personal notebook):

on the left side you find the approximate years (this depends on when we assume the ages start, I take the year 2012 but there are logical, valid other opinions, e.g. 1881, 1914, etc), you then see the 3 decans of each respective age including the constellation, the key word for this time period and on the very right, you find my interpretation of the major theme of each period.

E.g. from 582 - 1297 ACE we were in the Pisces decan of Andromeda, which was ruled by the moon. This time frame corresponds to the demise of Rome until the Middle Ages faded out. It was a time of self-sacrifice, where as a species, we made our own lives miserable. The concept of "sin" is based on the Moon ("Sin" was the Moon deity of Akkad, Babylonia), which ruled this decan. This was followed by 715 years of "verity" (truth), the decan Cepheus, ruled by Jupiter and here we experienced Renaissance (rebirth of mind) and humanism. 

The first decan of the Age of Aquarius is depicted as Cetus, the great sea- whale monster, this is our current location. It is the Libra decan of Aquarius, ruled by Venus and by far the largest constellation of all 48. Cetus is about finding a new balance after the Age of Pisces, the whale monster must spew out the lies and uncertainties of Pisces through his blowhole, the emotions of Pisces thus dissolve in fresh mental air of Libra/ Aquarius. Venus introduces its love vibrations, but the world will remain stuck in materialism for some centuries. True mental liberation will only set in between 2,500-2,700 ACE, when Pegasus takes over! 

What you have just read is a prophecy, because this is what a prophecy means: a speaking of truth based on scientific knowledge of the zodiac.

Greek prophetia: "the gift of interpreting the will of god"
"will of god" = wheel of Gad = zodiac

The final versions both the German and the English language were created by biblical scholars, the former by the controversial character Martin Luther (he created the first bible in German language and suggested to burn down the houses of all Jews and he also revived fear in a big way), the latter by Shakespeare/ aka Francis Bacon, head of the King James council (thousands of new words introduced). As religion, myth and language were one and the same in Egypt and Egypt is the mother of all religions, we therefore find an Egyptian element in Germanic languages (English is a Germanic language), which extended itself through the myth, religion and “alphabets” of the ages, all the way from proto-Cananite to the Western/ Persian and Cyrillic alphabets:

It can be recognized by any three year old, that the main Alphabets from the first (Phoenician, note, that Phoenicians called themselves "Ethiopians", not Phoenicians!) to the newest (Latin, Western, Cyrillic, Persian) are based on the same religio-scientific ideas, the same symbols, the same original concept and they carry the same meaning (more or less). The key is to focus on similarities, not on differences. Differences separate, similarities unite:

When language trees are shown, they usually stop at the “Proto- Indo – European”, which excludes Africa and Asia, here an example:

When you dig deeper you will find “theories” about yet earlier common levels, such as this:

This kind of "theory" suggests a common basis of Afro-Asiatic and Eurasiatic (these are not my word constructions) languages. The depiction above is in so far correct. What is wrong in such theories is that it suggests that "Egyptian", Semitic, etc did not form the basis of Indo- European languages and that it represents a different arm of language development, which is a mistake. Language development was not always linear! At the very least, some Semitic and Egyptian words have been re-introduced into German languages by the religious language designers. This is a fact, simple example: Greek word for Heru was Horus, this gives us the English "hour". Another one of my favorites is "wizard" which is clearly derived from "wizzer", which was an early name of Asar (Greek Osiris). 

The fact is, that Canaan was an outpost of the Ethiopian empire, inhabited by black Africans. The same is true for India, where the originals were the black Dravidians in the Kush area (as Kushites, from the ancient Kingdom of Kush in what is today called "Africa". The name "Africa" is based on Scipio Africanus, who defeated Catharge. The land is named after the conqueror, not the man after the land). The same is true for Europe (Yoruba), where Moorish-Ethiopian people inhabited the Mediterranean south during and after the last ice age, these are the “mysterious” (yeah, right, for those under Masonic- Caucasian mind control) cultures in Italy (Etruscans), Greece (Minoans, who “mysteriously” disappeared) and in Spain (Moors ruled even later, from 700-1492 ACE). The same is true for the Americas, where the Mound Builders and the black Olmecs lived for thousands of years before any Asian or European people settled. When the Moorish empire gave way to the Caucasian imperialists in what is today called USA, the co-rulership was undermined, European Masons rewrote world history and blacks were made to believe that they were imported from Africa. I might do a full blog entry on this subject.Slavery is the most cunning tool to eliminate birthright of conquered people. This is why we find the Seal of the Moors on the 1$-bill. The Caucasian seal is on the right, the Roman eagle. This is why we have TWO SEALS.

If you understand ceremonial/ chaos magic you should know that these are two sigils....not one. The only possible reason can be that there are two equally qualified parties involved in the often misunderstood undertaking of creating a new secular order. The pyramid is the seal of the ancient Moors, the eagle is a symbol created in ancient European empires, e.g. Rome and is the Seal of the Europeans who entered "America" (another misnomer).

Why is it so important to get the historic record straight? Plenty of reasons, we need to understand our roots, otherwise we cannot grow. One aspect of this is that we need to understand the origin and meaning of the languages that we are using today. We absolutely need to realize that we are using sound containers for communication which carry a meaning that in most cases, we dont understand at all. We are thus under a spell, which is the spelling. Deeper truths can not be communicated in such empty or misleading sound-containers. For seeking truth we therefore have to move back to symbols and myth for greater understanding, as our forefathers have done before the Roman world invasion and the Vatican- Roman Catholic church took control of world affairs during the age of Pisces. Rome rules today. In the below I will first expand on some basic myth (high science) and then discuss some hidden aspects of the most powerful symbol available to mankind. Sounds promising?

The underworld, or Amenta, or Abyss, or in the latest, spiritually most confused version called „hell“ is and always has been and always will be, our life on planet Earth. To “enter Amenta”, to “go to the Abyss” or to “descend into the underworld”, means that a divine, psycho-physical spark of universal consciousness, channeled through the sun (demiurge) of the respective solar system (“sol”, sun, Sonne, soul, helios, Horus, Jesus, etc) enters material, physical, unconscious flesh to gather self- experience. The divine father thus meets unconscious, physical nature. This is typified as the “death” of the soul, or better, its mummification, ergo preservation in a sleep-state. The mummy in Egypt was called KRST, or “karast” and this is the origin of the word “Christ” (via the detour of Greek “Christos” which means oil). Oil is used for mummification. These are the basic elements defining the Christ, there are of course more. The Christ/ KRST is referring to a universal principle implanted in unconscious matter.

This planetary significance is the external meaning of all myth relating to the terms such as “hell” or “Amenta”, it is life on earth. The concept called “soul” (sol means sun) is a universal, occult principle of nature. It is occult (hidden) because it cant be perceived by our 5 basic senses. This doesn’t mean that it is not there, it only means that we can`t perceive it or prove it in the scientific methodology. This is the point where 5-senses based material science is destined to fail and needs to reach out to its twin brother, religion. These two siblings have been separated by European invaders in Africa 2,000 years ago and it is time to reunite them, because they need each other. For sake of completeness, in the zodiac Amenta is entered in Libra, the exit (bible Exodus in the Old and Crucification in the New Testament) is achieved in the spring equinox, this means, last Friday.

The internal meaning, on the micro plane so to speak, is that the “underworld” represents our subconscious, our psyche, or the astral world, or, as the genius Khemau priests termed it, the night sky, or “Nut”. This is the Christian/ Islam/ Jewish/ Buddhist/ Hindu/ xy/ Masonic/ put any religion here - concept called “heaven”. If you go to heaven you enter your higher mind, activate your right brain hemisphere, you become lucid both night and day, you have both eyes open, figuratively speaking. You reach “freedom”, which means that you get your dome free, your dome being your head. If thy will is done in heaven as on earth (Nut and Geb), then this refers to the hermetic synchronizing of your conscious thoughts and your subconscious mind through...what? Through the breath (Shu)!. You unite Nut and Geb, earth and heaven, you harmonize yourself with your very own higher nature. And this union happens to be the grand goal of all spiritual systems, the problem is, that currently nobody remembers this and the priest class of the above systems don’t actively teach it.

The deities or “gods” (the most confusing term) of all religious systems of any geographic area or age of history, have represented and are eternally representing rules of mind, which are like whirlpool attractors that influence our being and that give structure to our higher and lower self. This is what Khemau African mind scientists called “Neteru” and from this term we have derived the modern English/ Germanic word “nature”/ “Natur”. No language connection from Egyptian to Germanic languages? It is the same word as in ancient Egypt and we must raise our thoughts again to grasp the original, deep meaning of this term. The universal mind is nature, and we are a fractal of universal mind, each one of us.

This beautiful wheel (will) is the key to the underworld, because it shows, how subconscious mind, or the “universe”, operates and “thinks”. It is possible to further break down each decan into 12 and again each 12th part into 12, this goes into infinity. First step is to be aware of the four seasons (child level), next we have the 12 zodiac areas of the year (adult level), next are the above 36 decanates/ decans (which your Deacon in church should be teaching you, because this is the meaning of his name), this is the entry point to the mystic level of thinking. Everything beyond this point has the potential to lead to illumination. The sun illuminates the zodiac areas throughout the year. The same can take place in your mind.

The Khemau have spent several hundred thousand years visualizing this fundamental truth and they have succeeded in mapping out the complete inner psyche of man, which they accomplished by observing the external night sky, mapping it and making right brain associations between their inner and outer realities. Based on these observation and further explorations of their infinite, internal heart-mind through trance and ritual, they have succeeded in extracting the fundamental Laws of Neteru (rules of universal mind) and then translated these into 12 basic, human needs, which each and every one of us experiences during “death”, which is our life on earth. These are the following and in case you are not convinced, see if anything is missing or anything “wrong” from your point of view, or you maybe have a suggestion on how to improve the wisdom collected during several hundred thousand years:

Aries – the need to fight, to make a stand, to have friction
Taurus – the need to satisfy the 5 senses, to have wealth
Gemini- the need to learn, study and communicate
Cancer- the need to nurture and to belong, to rest
Leo- the need to be your own master (control emotions) and to have offfspring
Virgo – the need to solve problems through analysis and to provide service
Libra – the need for love, partnership, harmony and balance
Scorpius – the need for sex, magic, transformation and mystery
Sagittarius – the need for meaning and illumination
Capricorn – the need for mundane achievements
Aquarius – the need for brotherhood and knowledge
Pisces – the need for peace, self- undoing, secrets and mysticism

Each of these areas in our lives has a certain vibration and each vibration correlates to a certain time of the year, a certain aspect, or quality of sun rays. These again correspond to planetary vibrations and electro-magnetic aspects of nature, to certain substances, to certain stones, to certain colors, moods, tones, metals, notes, etc. It is all connected through vibration. If we say that a "father" has sent a son/ sun to us, this means that sound frequencies have created a sun that in turn creates a solar system, in which the souls are (solar). It is fun to play with language, once you realize that it makes sense to do this and leads to higher understanding. Etymologists, eat your heart out! The roots that you show never go back to Khemau hieroglyphs and the main reason is, that you can’t read and understand them. But the knowledge is returning to us….

The world should come to realize, that all annual holidays celebrated by the human family are based on the quarters, decans, constellations and keywords of this wheel. I might quickly break them down, just to demonstrate the point:

Christmas: 3 days after winter solstice
New Year: entry into the Taurus decanate (exaltation of the Moon) of Capricorn
Epiphany: 12 days after Christmas, to represent the sun going through all 12 signs
Ground Hog: 40 days after winter solstice
Valentines Day. Libra (partnership, love) decanate in Aquarius
Lent: 40 days before spring equinox (Pisces deprivation)
Fool`s Day: entry of Leo decanate (blind courage, stupidity)  in Aries 
Easter: 1st Sunday after 1st full moon after spring equinox (sun resurrected)
May Day: entry of Virgo decanate (Maypole errrected for virgin matter) in Taurus
Mother`s Day: 2nd Sunday in May (usually Auriga, Mastership, because the mother is the master builder)
Ascension day: 40 days after Easter
Father`s Day: 3rd Sunday in June (Aquarius decan in Gemini, male Reason)
Homeland Day: July 4, Scorpius decanate in Cancer (home), note the Mars fireworks
Labour Day: 1st Monday in September (Herkules decanate, 12 labors are the 12 zodiac)
Halloween: last day of Scorpius decanate in Scorpius (incarnation in flesh about to take place)
All Saints: entry into the Pisces decanate in Scorpius (incarnation has taken place)
Thanksgiving: 4 weeks before Christmas, Sagittarius decanate in Sagittarius. Note that this holiday is fixed by Presidential note, so there is a commercial/ business factor involved. The idea of the decanate is Devotion, not to go shopping or eating like crazy.

Each of these holidays has a crystal clear, astrological meaning, which corresponds to the great story in the sky which is told by the 36 decan constellations. All of these festivities are therefore based on the wheel of Gad (Tribe of Gad = Hebrew Aries in the sun papyrus, aka helios biblios) – misnomer or exoteric version: “will of god”. Same goes for Hindu/ Jewish, etc holidays (holy = sunny days = deities).

The wheel also shows involution (12 ideas of creation) Aries to Pisces.

The wheel also shows evolution (12 actions of the unfolding) from Pisces to Aries

There are 3 divine crosses (3 modes):

Here we find 4 wombs in which 4 seeds are planted. The respective seeds must die to produce new life, therefore these are 4 exits. 

Here we find 4 infoldings into new seeds. These are therefore generative areas.

Here we find 4 unfoldings out of the respective seeds. 

These are 4 divine trinities (4 cycles):

These are the above divine crosses arranged into elemental cycles. A period of gestation takes place in the quarter that doesn`t include the respective element. In the Earth cycle, the seed of physical matter is created in Taurus, it is planted in Virgo and unfolds in Capricorn (life in the body of flesh)

In the Water cycle, the emotional seed of love is created in Scorpio (feelings of the parents during sex), it is planted in Pisces and unfolds in Cancer (soul liberated, this is Jerusalem, Heru-Islam, Horus-Salem, the place of heavenly peace)

In the Air cycle, the mental seed is created in Aquarius (your thought structure as adult individual), it is planted in Gemini and unfolds in Libra (opening the book of life, entering the judgment hall of Ma`at, which takes place at the beginning and during life in flesh, not thereafter!)

In the Fire cycle, the seed of will and intuition is created in Leo in the form of a heart seed (decision to incarnate), it is planted in Sagittarius (in the bible called "Lucifer") and unfolds in Aries (birth of the divinized, 2nd Adam, resurrection)

Below the birth chart of the universe, showing the 4 beasts that Ezekiel saw, which correspond to the 4 New Testament gospels (gad spells = zodiac areas, aka 4 seasons). This is why you see a man, a bull, a lion and an eagle on basically every Christian church today :

ONE LAW: Sex (electro-magnetism) = Scorpius = Mathew (Matiu, Ma`at) = WATER
ONE AGENT: Form = Taurus = Mark (March, to march) = EARTH
ONE TRUTH: Mind = Aquarius = John (Anup, J.O.H.N.) = AIR
ONE PRINCIPLE: Will = Leo = Luke (Lux, light, the sun) = FIRE

For the Christian apologists and believing sheep out there, here below the 12 names of Jesus, as he “plays” the sun moving through the 12 mansions that our father created for us, according to divine St. John. These mansions are the houses of astrology. I also added the 12 Khemau Neteru, which I base on teachings of Dr. Alim Bey, but slightly modified according to my view ( Shu as Air deity in Gemini and Ptah in Sagittarius, Ju-Ptah, or Jupiter, or Jew Peter, rules both Sagittarius and Pisces). Christian mysticism is a highly rewarding, hermetic mystery system to study and it includes some of the most beautiful poetry ever brought to paper.The world must stop to take it literal. The discussions about Jesus must stop, it is the message  of the allegories that truly count.   

you can follow Iesous`steps through the zodiac, one by one, scene by scene, verse by verse.

This wheel also shows the soul cycle, which I have described here.

This wheel also shows many of the appropriate, metaphysical correspondences of our active Alphabets:

This is a fantastic exercise to expand your mind. Think of any word and see in which part of the wheel the letters are located. I give some examples above, noteworthy: QRSTU, SKORPION, STYX, ZYON, GNOSYZ, the Masonic G/7 at the top, etc. Want to know where the river Styx must be crossed? Easy, it runs between Sagittarius and Pisces. Want to know, where Eden is? It is located in Gemini. You  get the idea. In many cases, this wheel will provide the right "flavor" of words, especially in the religious area. Most sacred, religious words take letters from all four corners to signal divine completeness. 

The wheel is also the basis of our numerical system. (currently forgot which source this was, I think it was Alvin Boyd Kuhn, or Carey)

The wheel can reveal our destiny and purpose in life (proper birth chart interpretation, according to the correct, ancient principles, not the modern "I am Leo, so I have courage" stuff. It is also not a tool for fortune telling, however it has ALWAYS been used throughout history, to time events, in order to achieve harmony of vibrations. This is why great emperors employed astrologers - and this is still the case today, make no mistake on that. If a war is to start in any given year, it will most likely "happen" in the first decan of Aries (May 22-30).

This wheel, if you meditate on it, will give answers to all questions. To study and meditate on your own birth chart is the meaning to “praise the Law-ward”, or Lord (Hebrew Adon). It is the key task advised by the Book of the Dead, the Papyrus of Ani.

This wheel is the biggest treasure of the human family, and it has the power to eliminate all conflicts in the world and unite all religions and create peace. For some believers it may seem difficult to accept the true meaning of the bible, to more and more people it will instead come as liberation of mind (free the dome).

This wheel is religion.

This wheel is science.

This wheel is mind.

Anyone out there who wants to know learn how to understand your own birth chart, I advise we all start studying hieroglyphics and intensify studies of the Book of the Dead (you are the dead in this life on earth) the oldest religious book of the world. This is no easy path, but extremely rewarding. Only in this way we can get the teaching from the horse`s mouth, no intermediaries, no priests, no churches, with direct access to divine knowledge, no translations by obscure priests, no language confusion, no bad translations. Hieroglyphs are chaos fractals, we can literally dive into them, they have endless depth.

Anybody interested in their own chart, I supply 3 page summaries, which do not focus only on interpretation, but much more importantly, teach how to interpret your chart for yourself. Because you are the best interpreter of your own subconscious and the truth that you give to yourself has the potential to set you free (free your dome). This is the original, true path of ancient initiation. I charge €300 per chart, for several reasons. First reason is that I don’t have time to do work for people who are not geniously interested, second is that it takes me about 4-5 hours to create and individualize such a document, the third reason is that I want to give people the opportunity to give something back and finally, this is really not my business at all and I only offer the service for the sake of offering it, to make my knowledge available. I use such money to further the cause of human enlightenment (e.g. study more literature and supply more information through this blog here). In case you are interested, write a note to me through the comment box and include your e-mail address. I will not publish your comment and instead write back to you by email directly.

Shalom, Islam, Peace, Hotep!

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