The end of the double pact for the Age of Pisces

Dome of St. Peter`s Basilica, Vatican City
The bowl shape and the hole in the middle are of highest significance

In the previous blog entry I have hinted at the deeper meaning of the wheel of Gad (King James translation "will of god") and how it represents the cycle of reincarnation of the human soul (sol, sun spark). (side note: the wheel also explains both involution and evolution and is the key to the human psyche and it also shows the creation/ universe thinking process of the eternal. The zodiac is without doubt the greatest treasure of humanity. Anyone dismissing it is depriving himself of possible illumination.

St. Peter`s square is nothing but astrology. It shows the cardinal directions 
and the galactic plane and in the center we find an Egyptian obelisk, 
which tells us openly, where the priesthood got this science from.

The CERN dome, note that it has a hole on the top, just like all 
major cathedrals and domes in the world

It can be easily seen and proven in 1,000 ways that the entire Vatican/ Roman Catholic Church (The Holy Cat, the sphinx, the human body, half animal, half man) is based on the African mind science, which today is called astrology. The entire Vatican (I use this term collectively for the entire Christian scene today) including all churches, cathedrals and domes are overflowing with astrological symbols, which are not explained to church goers. The Vatican happens to hold back the key to liberation of humanity, nothing more and nothing less. It is actually holding two keys - the one to the Golden Gate and the one to the Silver Gate, as shown in their coat of arms below:

Vatican coat of arms
The silver key and the gold key, which unlock Gemini and Sagittarius respectively in the soul cycle
The crown represents the trinity (in astrology cardinal/ fixed/ mutual)
Note how the Vatican elevates the physical (cross) above everything else.

The golden key corresponds to knowledge of Astrology
The silver key corresponds to knowledge of Tarot

The priesthood is currently sitting on this treasure and jealously guarding it, because this Egyptian system holds the set of keys for world rulership, as we will learn. I provide my share of decoding the symbols in the text below. I have only just started to grasp the magnitude of this truth a few months ago, so allow me to present what I have so far. It is certainly more that one can digest quickly. Be invited to complete the picture! The truth is unstoppable.

Twin jet nebulae, one of hundreds of examples, 
how the bi-bowls work

A big push forward came when I watched “Primer Fields” on Youtube, which in my opinion is nailing the truth, it is spot on. If you are interested in science and haven’t seen it, watch it. It scientifically proves how a very distinct creation phase of the universe works during which visible matter is created from black chaos in the form of plasma ("fire"). Take note how “modern” physics describe the 4 states of matter (here) and how this is 1:1 the same as ancient astrology.

Earth = solid
Water = liquid
Air = gas
Fire = plasma
the four elements - yesterday and today and forever more
these are the building blocks of the universe

Modern science and astrology agree, because they have to agree, because astrology is the mother of all sciences. Primer Fields visibly demonstrates how matter is transformed into plasma (Fire), which is the way that our sun (Helios, Horus, Jesus) and how all suns are created. The curious thing is that only three parts of the series were published, while in part I it was announced that part IV would contain “a revolutionary re- interpretation of CERN data”. The author then left a note in his Youtube-channel that he “doesn’t have the time” to continue this movie series (see here). Interesting coincidence. Sounds like in a bad movie, doesn`t it. Well, what David LaPoint gave us is already a lot and in the following I will not repeat what is explained in the series but rather build right on top of this data and show how David`s findings are in complete harmony with astrological symbols, constellations and metaphysical concepts of the sun papyrus/ aka “holy bible”. This is big. What I am releasing below is not based on some some guess work, it is part of a grand, hidden scientific truth, which is slowly surfacing in our age. I will try to show why the series had to be stopped, because it came too close to the hidden truth too quickly. We are supposed to catch on to the truth in this age, but not so fast. But as I say, the divine truth is unstoppable.

picture from Primer Fields 
This is how plasma is created through electro-magnetism

In order to follow the magnitude of this blog entry, you first need to study what is presented in the Primer Field series and reflect on the findings (it is a simple finding with a very profound impact for both science and spirituality, two aspects of life seemingly at dispute, which is due to the fact that spiritual aspects of nature are not perceivable by the five senses and cannot be measured in the laboratory). These findings are here to stay, they won`t go away again. Traditional (university) science should take note sooner, rather than later, if they wish to make some progress. The central message of "Primer Fields" are two bowl-shaped electro- magnetic fields, which create a toroid field in unison to create an orb of plasma (visible matter in the form of “fire”). The word “bowl”, when spoken, is basically the same word as “bull”.

The red bowl gives you wings! 
Indeed, it does...

The Red Bull logo uses the same wordplay (see above), and it shows one of the most ancient religious symbols, which is the sun between two mountains (or lions), in this case between a double bull (bi-bull), this logo holds a crystal clear religious message. In the exact same way, we have in Primer Fields a double bowl, a “bi-bowl”. And you may note that this word is also practically identical with the spoken word “bible”. The bible contains two parts, an Old Testament (OT) and a New Testament (NT). The first is mainly about a lunar volcano deity called Yahwe (one of the 7 Elohim), thus the color of this book is blood red, as for planet Mars in Aries (the wars and slaying of enemies are allegories of the sol breaking free from flesh, it is NOT real history). The second book is about a heavenly principle descending to earth in human form, which is played by Ya-Shu-Wa, having the Egyptian air deity “Shu” added in the middle, thus the color of this book is heavenly blue. This bible/ bi-bowl or bi-bull (note that papal decrees are also “papal bulls”) linguistically corresponds to the bi-bowl of electric fields that create a sun/ Demiurge (remember, English is the youngest of all languages, so this kind of wordplay was created by the priest class when the Shakespeare council created the King James translation, Shakespeare was an artist name of Francis Bacon, he left the undeniable proof of this in Psalm 46, this was his esoteric signature).

Next, we note that the bible in its final form (after much revision and eliminating texts, the Apocrypha) has been constructed as a double pact (the Greek word for “Testament”, Diatheke, signifies a one-sided, legal pact) in and for the age of Pisces by the high clergy (which are the modern successors and heirs of the priests of Amun-Ra, Canaan and Babylon, there can be no doubt). The OT contains the Torah (English spoken “Taura`”), which is the (war heavy, Marsian) pact for the Age of Aries (roughly 2000 BCE – 0 ACE), based on texts from the age of Taurus (roughly 4000 BCE – 2000 BCE). In the age of Pisces (roughly 0 ACE – 2000 ACE) however, the Greek Ptolemies (who grabbed Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great) created the NT, New Covenant (Testament, Diatheke) in Koine Greek, to produce the combined Bible (bi-bull, bi-bowl), or double pact for the Age of Pisces. Important thing to note at this point is that the astrological symbol of Pisces IS showing the two bowls (see above). And it is also showing the two “exits” from the structure, as shown in Primer Fields and displayed thousandfold on Hubble images.

Next, we take note that the astrological symbol for Taurus is also showing the bowl structure (see above), this time the plasma ball and only one of the two bowls (the upper, red, electric, divine, fire, masculine one). This IS the Torah (Taura`) that was created during the age of Taurus and brought to paper by the so-called Jews (IU/ JU plural, "male-female" androgyne deities, this is not a race or tribe, but an exiled spiritual class from ancient Khemet) during the age of Aries. They were a slightly different cast than the original Hebrews (Heb Heru, House of Horus, the priests of the light of Egypt).

Torus (Taurus) field around Mother Earth

This Taurus linguistically also corresponds to the torus field (Taurus - torus, same word, when spoken), also referred to as “toroidal” field.

Next, take note that Pisces is the great fish mother of the ancient world, the place of birth of the second Adam, which is divinized man, represented and “played” by Jesus in the NT. This is the place where the mutable waters (the collected experiences and feelings that were gathered during incarnation) are transformed (mutated) into the basis of the next sol cycle. Whereas in Aries (arise! anagram) the Christ (KRST) is born (the Vatican moved the festival of Christmas from spring equinox to the winter solstice in 356 ACE, in order to accommodate the fact that Mithras and Bacchus were born at the winter solstice, this was a spiritual marketing trick). Taurus on the other hand represents the bull of matter, which the Orion constellation intends to slay, Orion representing the mummy of Osiris, which in Khemet was called “KRST”, the Karest, or “Christ”. This topic is quite complex, but it all fits like a glove. 

IF Orion (the sol hero) succeeds in slaying the bull, it may move on to the next phase of transformation in Gemini, where in the 5th degree he passes the Silver Gate (one of the two Vatican keys). If the silver key is not available and the KRST didn’t succeed in slaying the bull, then the place of heavenly peace, Cancer, the Scarab, Jerusalem, cannot be reached. Instead, and here I am guessing, the sol may make a cross move to Scorpio on the galactic plane (the galactic plans is touched by Taurus and Sagittarius, the signs Gemini to Scorpio lie above it). The sol misses the fiery bull`s eye (Aldebaran) and instead moves to “score” in “pi”, the measure of the circle.

The two bowls creating an entire milky way galaxy - same concept
The visible part is therefor in the form of a ring or flat disk, 
the same phenomenon can be seen on planet Saturn

Enough to get the head spinning? Here is more:
The Bible creates Jesus out of “Psalms”, means:
The bi-bowl creates the sun out of plasma

“Plasma” is an anagram of “psalm”. This is a typical, priestly linguistic trick, if you study scripture, you should be aware. The translation of the OT from Hebrew to Greek (Septuagint) was already a disaster, much more so the translation of the NT from Greek to Latin and then to English (King James magick).  If you are not yet familiar with the art of the Magi/ Magick, study Gerald Massey, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Santos Bonacci, and read "Piso Christ". With these four sources alone you will be busy at least one year, if you study several hours per day. If you wish to dismiss any information provided here, you need to dismiss these authors and sources as well, which would be very foolish in case you haven`t studied them. Dismissing information without looking at it is by far the most foolish thing to do. This just as small hint for the "nay"-sayers out there. It takes a lot of time and effort to crack these codes.

The child (planet) contains the seed of the father (sun), 
in the likeness of the father, the bible is pure science!

Next, note that the earth contains a miniature sun in its core (earth core, see above). According to the law of correspondences, man also contains such a miniature sun, therefore we have an “aura” (aur = gold, golden light of the sun inside, these are our very own Primer Fields). So the entire concept of the double bowl also holds true for planet earth and for each human being.

Note the toroid has two exits...

From what I gather from Primer Fields, the plasma particles (sol sparks = us) can either exit the cycle (reincarnation cycle) at the bottom, through the blue bowl, which according to all myth would be negative or “bad” in terms of sol development, most definitely corresponding to the much feared “second death” of Khemet and illuminated St. Paul, the most inspired, Gnostic writer of the sun papyrus, who was transformed from Saul to Paul by the Roman Church as “revenge” after his death. Or the sol spark may “ascend” through the red bowl “to heaven” (Red Bull gives you "wings"!).

The "dome” of earth may at times be too full of “particles” (= souls). It is a known scientific fact that the earth changes its polarity every couple of thousand years, which is the magnetic pole shift. Now, wouldn’t it be fitting if it does this, when the “dome” becomes too full? Meaning, when there are too many incarnated beings on it? Would it not perfectly fit the picture, as during the Iron Age (Pisces) people were prohibited by the Vatican to make their ascension? People simply couldn’t get the hell out of this place in that age (“hell” corresponds to helios, a place of light, which is summer, where it is hot). I showed in my previous blog entry how an air baptism is necessary for ascension, in the most recent past people couldn’t get it, and people could not complete their sol cycle and the earth is therefore somewhat crowded. This is as we move out of the Iron Age. I am painting this picture merely as somewhat of an analogy, but there is most definitely some truth in this.

To complete this blog entry, here below the rough sol cycle:

LEO: the free sol (fixed Fire) makes the courageous move to enter the reincarnation cycle (here lies much spiritual confusion between the "fall" and the "descent", one voluntarily, the other a necessity, or punishment). In Leo the spiritual heart, which will be the blueprint of the next physical heart, is formed, this will be the seed carrier of the divine spark during physical life. The holy grail (constellation Crater, the Cup) is filled with the blood of the sun (photons, symbology emphasized in the Rosicrucian system) and the cup is offered to physical matter (Virgo).

VIRGO: here the divine seed is implanted in virgin matter (mutable Earth) by the "masturbating" deity (e.g. Kepher-Ra). This is one of the two wombs in the cycle, the ancient great water mother (Mary, Meri, Venus, Tiamat, Typhon, Thallath, Apt, later Isis) the physical womb for the spiritual, divine seed. It is the house of bread (Beth lekhem, Beth-Anu), the house of life and wine (divine blood of the sun). Mary Elizabeth is the mother of the first Adam, John the Baptist, which is unspiritualized man.

LIBRA: matter here is activated by the divine wind (holy ghust, cardinal Air, the breath of life), the sol seed enters the judgement hall of Ma`at, which is the gate to entering the physical, human body. Here the celestial heart seed is weighed against a feather and if too heavy, the sol spark incarnates accordingly (cardinal Air).This is the place of judgement, which takes place before and most of all, during life, not is some hypothetical afterlife. The heart see will judge and it will act as the "mind" during lifetime (the mind is not the brain).

SCORPIO: in this house of death and transformation, the sol spark "dies" (is mummified, poisoned or falls asleep) and transformed into human, physical emotional attributes (fixed Water), it loses its memory, poisoned by the Scorpio sting and intoxicated by spirit (the wine). At this point the zodiac passes beneath the galactic plane, the "underworld", or Amenta, or Abyss, which represents life on earth. 

SAGITTARIUS: here Prometheus/ Lucifer brings the sol spark (mutable Fire) from the gods to the creature that is now half animal, half man. The lower, animal half is stampeding ahead, while the divine, upper half is still looking back and aiming its arrow at the heart of the Scorpio that stung him. Lucifer, the light bringer, represents the divine soul on its descent ("lightning from heaven"). Phosphorus is essential for brain functions.

(Short note on the Winter solstice: here the 7 Elohim, the brute forces of physical life, are released on the sol. This is the lowest point in the sol cycle, here the KRST (Christ), the mummified (preserved) sol spark is quickened, not born! It is offered in the manger for the animals to consume as divine food. Jesus is clearly not born here, the Vatican has made a mess of the symbols for marketing purposes. Jesus is born in Pisces. In the winter solstice it can be said that the Christ is born in the human body, but this principle is eternal, so the term "birth" is somewhat misleading.)

CAPRICORN: here the physical body containing the sol comes into operation (cardinal Earth) and the sol starts moving upward again, using the physical experience as stepping stone for developing itself. The lowest point in the sol cycle has been passed. This sign is ruled by Saturn and "Satan" means nothing more or less than deity incarnated in physical flesh. The sea goat represents the principle of evolution, just like Cancer on the opposite side of the wheel is involution, the place where physical experience is folded back into the form of a seed.

AQUARIUS: this represents adult life associated to learning and knowing things (fixed Air), the two rivers emerging from this sign are air (spirit) and water (matter), the milk of Isis and the water flood of Nephtys (which is not and never has been a physical flood). The flood is the submersion of celestial fire into the waters of matter. Noah needs to build his ark here and steer it to Mt. Ararat (Cancer, this is where you find the constellation Argo). 

PISCES: this is the second womb of the wheel, the ancient great fish mother (Vishnu, Ioannes, Dagon, Atergatis, Neith) which gives the "2nd birth", birthplace and womb of the transformed sol spark as divine mind (man, min, mind), in the NT played by Iesous (the higher mind). This is also the place for Carneval (latin: "goodbye to flesh"), shortly before leaving the body at Easter. The Book of the Dead (better Book of divine coming forth) tells us that Isis conceives (in this case new moon at the winter solstice) and Neith gives birth (Pisces). 

ARIES: "arise" anagram, here the sol leaves the body (cardinal fire), which is the Exodus.The children of IS-RA-EL may now leave Egypt (the lower six signs Libra to Pisces) and enter the promised land (upper six signs). They cross the celestial river Eridanus. This is the place of resurrection of the redeemed solar saviors of all ages and religions (Horus, Jesus, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, etc), ritually celebrated in Easter/ Ostara/ Ishtar/ Ester/ a star, the star of the East, the place where all stars rise.The sols leave the boat of the moon and enter the solar boat of heaven. 

TAURUS: together with Scorpio, this is second generative area are in the cycle. This is the place where the information of the physical heart, collected during life (really "death"), is implanted into the sol vehicle, the spiritual body that one will be occupying in "hell" (helios, German "hell" = light, Leo, summer area). Note how the Vatican has twisted this process in a grotesque way, using the art of the Magi, Magick (language based implanting of imagery). Taurus represents transformation from the physical back to the invisible, just like Scorpio represented the opposite. The second eye of Horus is restored here, the one that represents spiritual sight (Aldebaran, the bull`s eye).

GEMINI: this is the spiritual counterpart to Sagittarius, so here the fire (sol) returns "to the gods". It is also celestially represented by Orion, who slays the bull and whose loin isthe Orion Nebulae, the birthplace of stars (souls), the place of the throne, where you find the all-seeing eye. The sol in its ascension is now reunited with its spiritual twin. Duality, sexuality, electro-magnetic existence is transcended and the sol vehicle is transfigured "on the mount" (precisely between Gemini and Cancer), freeing itself of all physical attributes and leaving the time-space paradigm. 

CANCER: finally, this is the much desired place of heavenly peace, Aarru Hetep, Islam Peace, Heru Hotep, Allah Shalom. The sol is now free from the physical but it carries the new Earth seed within it, just like Capricorn carried the sol seed on the opposite side of the wheel. The cycle is about to begin again...

LEO: The new spiritual heart of Leo is created, the sol prepares to reincarnate again, see beginning.


Be invited to participate in cracking the riddle of the soul cycle together. This is the real Da Vinci Code going on here (I didnt watch any of these movies, but I am pretty sure they are nonsense). So far I have decoded about half of the 12 zodiac symbols (e.g. the 69 of the the crab referring to miles between equator to the North pole)….we need all twelve to get the full picture. Let`s put some pressure on the system.  There is no turning back in this Renaissance.

Peace, Hotep, Islam, Shalom

PS: Ukraine is a U.S. financed coup, as usual. I salute all Ukrainian readers of this blog, I noted 20  just this week. Your alphabet has 33 letters for a reason! світ

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