Zionism as a psy-op

I am going to approach this topic briefly from a historical side (none of us know the true history anyway), then shed light on the term from the spiritual side, and it should become crystal clear to everyone with eyes to see what Zionism really is.... a psy-op to induce fear.

The friends of Zion came into being in the late 1800´s. It is on record that this movement was financed by Nathan Rothschild. The payer is always the master. Nathan Birnbaum is on record for creating the term zion-ism. Moses Hess was involved in the fallacy of redifining the Judaic religious belief system as a phony national movement. In 1897 the first Zionist world congress took place in Basel (in the templar/ banker´s neutral Switzerland, the historic epicentre of destructive, engineered revolutionarism) and Theodor Herzl demanded a home for Jews in Palestine. In 1917 this territory was consequently promised by Lord Balfour to Lionel Walther Rothschild, which was a parody, because the territory belonged to the Ottoman Empire at this time. "The promised land" of the Jews was taking shape - in the form of a promise by corrupted administration to old money.

Starting 1925 the Hachschara began in Germany, these were the first organized preparations for migration by a minority of European Jews. The majority of European Jews did not want to trade living in Europe for settling in hostile, stolen territory in the middle of a desert without infrastructure; the majority had to be convinced to do so by the Zionist forces... In 1933 (note the Judeo-Masonic 33) the Havaara agreement came into force, which at that time supported the common interests of Germany and the Jewish (Zionist) Agency for facilitating the emigration of Jews from German territories to the Palestinian desert. Zionism and (so-called) National Socialism were working hand in hand. This cooperation came to a halt only when WWII broke out in 1939 and international monetary transfers were no longer possible.

Regular Jews have greatly suffered under both of these systems/ -isms, and both sides were ultimately controlled by the same forces: old money. We can retrospectively state that the Zionist agenda was carefully and intentionally pre-embedded into the re-arrangements of territory following WW1 and WW2 by higher powers, and by this term I mean powers that are above country leaders and single nations.

Isms are psy-ops, everyone should become aware of this. And psy-ops are based on the term psychology, Greek psyche corresponding to Germanic soul/ Seele - this word creation has a solar root (sol/ sel), which confirms the fact that psy-chology is nothing but the logic (word, logos) of the sun, which is astrology. All psy-ops are for this reason automatically explicable as zodiacal concepts, and it is no different with Zion-ism, as I will show below. The birth chart is a snap shot of your mind (sideral is the psychology and tropical are the ancestoral factors), so mind control plays with the forces of the zodiac. All mind control system are applied within the zodiac - your mind.

The biblical term Zion is mentioned as name for the temple mount in Jerusalem. This allegorical temple mount is 12.00 o´clock noon in the daily (tropical) solar cycle, and corresponds to June 21st in the solar year, the beginning of Cancer/ summer. Jeru-salem is literally Heru-hotep, the divine peaceful state of the psyche/ sol/ Seele within the so(u)l cycle, it is also sometimes the resting place or final destiny for the great solar heros. This metaphysical truth automatically exposes the term Zion-ism as meaningless in the material world. The priesthood has introduced yet another spiritual term out of context and downgraded it to something mundane, which serves confusion, hatred and division. The three Abrahamic religions are eyeing the temple Mount in mundane Jerusalem, which is madness, because Zion and Jerusalem are astro-spiritual allegories and not places on earth! We can reach Zion through cultivation of our birth chart and elimination of bad habits, surely not by taking a plane to Israel.

There is a another aspect to the term zion - phonetically, it corresponds to Zayin, the 7th letter of the Semitic Abjad, which means a weapon (or sword). Whether intended or not, this is precisely what Zionism is, it is a weapon. A weapon held by whom against whom? Well, it is obviously a weapon forged by high finance (old money, central bankers, old bloodlines of rulers from Persia, Egypt, etc) and held against humanity. There is this rogue, stolen territory, apparently armed with nuclear weapons, unchecked by weapon inspectors, protected by the USA, right on the mundane epicenter of the three major Abrahamic religions? Well, if that isn´t a powerful weapon for the hidden rulers to keep people in check.

Let me underline my point that all psy-ops are zodiacal concepts. There are several deeper cycles and models that I am aware of, one simple model that even non-astrologers might understand is the following. The 12 signs are really 6 axis with two polarities. The polarities are NOT good and bad, but rather each polarity on its own is bad, good always lies in the center, if both ends are balanced. There are 6 axis, each with one day and one night polarity. The social engineers aim to keep us in the six day polarities, and keep us away from moving mentally into the 6 night polarities. The result is the following:

1. Axis, Aries - Libra: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Aries, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with self-preservation, ego, self defense and an exalting (more than healthy) Sun, ruled by war god Mars. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Venus-ruled Libra, the part of the mind that is concerned with natural harmonies, partnership, natural law, fine arts and justice.

2. Axis, Taurus - Scorpio: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Taurus, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with material wealth, money, perseverance and the five senses. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Scorpio, where you utilize the Marsian forces within you to transform yourself, be investigative, mystic and transcendent.

3. Axis, GeminiSagittarius: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Gemini, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with external communication, business and using left-brain trickiness to your own favour. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Sagittarius, where you listen instead of talk and enrich your inner dialogues, you cultivate higher philosophies and understand higher concepts of life.

4. Axis, CancerCapricorn: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Cancer, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with home and family, feeding yourself and moving sideways in life, without progressing. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Capricorn, the great building sign, reaching a higher status in society and building things for yourself and others with exalting Marsian force. The norm is that whatever you build successfully will be taken from you in one way or the other either during or after your lifetime (taxes, lawsuits, etc).

5. Axis, LeoAquarius: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Leo, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with personal fun, cultivation of ego and child-like behaviour that is tied to material things. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Aquarius, where Uranus rules astrology, spirit and matter become balanced, brotherhood for the benefit of society is practiced and high oracles are understood.

6. Axis, VirgoPisces: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Virgo, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with fixing problems, dealing with diseases and applying great detail to minute material things. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Pisces, where you let go of all problems and your ego, you find inner peace and have all your enemies in open awareness.

This is one fairly simple model that thoroughly explains the functionality of social engineering/ psy-ops work. One might ask, where is fear in this model? Fear is indeed not to be found here, because fear is the great enemy of the entire mind system - meaning, if people are predominantly in fear (of weather change, war, disease, police, poverty, crime, etc..), none of the 6 axis can be balanced and none of the 12 disciplines can be properly cultivated.

We´ve got nothing to fear but fear itself.
The things that we fear are a weapon held against us.

Israel is a biblical expression for the dome of stars, in combination with the lunar/ solar system, which culminates in the zodiac. There was no ancient Israel, and this statement is fully supported by the fact that no single artifact has ever been found from such a fictional country, not one vase, one statue, a grave, nothing. This is because Israel is a metaphysical expression and not a historic site. The twelve tribes of Israel are the 12 zodiac signs, out of which the twelve solar types of people are born. These are also the 12 Christian disciples, which refers to discipline, because these are the 12 disciplines of mind in which one must excel during material life, while under the powers of the zodiac. No Hebrew nation ever existed, and the Hebrew teachings (it is a misnomer to say Hebrew people, because a language group is not an ethnicity) were an archenemy of the cradle of civilization, which was Khemet, and not Greece, India or Mesopotamia.

decadence is an overly focus on Taurus and lack of Scorpio

Where will Zionism lead the world? If you want to understand Zionist strategy, simply read their quasi-manual, the Protocols of Zion. It does not matter at all whether this is an authentic document or not, because the contents are 100% on point. This document reveals most of what is happening behind the scenes on a greater scale, e.g. media control, dumbing down of children through left-brain education, gender confusion, anti-family measures, surveillance, chemical war on fertility, censorship, false history, general decay of values, decadence, war-mongering, division, infiltration, propaganda, pornography, filth, pedophilia, false science, surpression of truth, digitalisation, etc etc etc. These just popped to my mind randomly, because they are all obvious to me.

So, Zionism is a weapon against your mind. It is a very cunning, destructive and potentially lethal thorn in the flesh of the world. Unfortunately, there is currently no way for us to take this thorn out. Over the next 300 years we are going to experience a transformation to a completely digitized, unnatural surveillance society. I am afraid this will be inevitable for humanity, for we must learn the hard way that (electric) technology is a great danger to our very own existence. I do hope my prophecy will be wrong, but I am afraid it is not.

Take note of the weapons that are held against you. But do not get depressed or scared by them. There is nothing to be scared of as human being. There is no such thing as death in nature. Nothing can harm your higher self, it is eternal and indestructible.

Hotep and be well.


The Da´ath board - flat earth zetesis

I received a number of requests for writing something about the shape of the earth. Here we go!

For people familiar with the flat earth debate who are open minded and trying to find veritas/ truth, there is little value in me here repeating the known arguments for and against the different models, such discussions can be found on popular websites and in published literature. If you are new to the topic, I recommend downloading Eric Dubay´s free PDF on the topic, this will get your brain motor started. The most prominent scientific treaty on the topic is probably this one:

Zetesis = questioning things, debating, research...

Let me admit right up front that following my personal studies, I am currently convinced that the ball earth model is a deliberate, Jesuit-created fraud. But even though I am heavily biased, I would ALWAYS keep my mind open for new data and evidence, even though I am quite convinced that no such proof for a ball earth is possible at all. There is no ball earth.

But before examining the shape of Earth, we should examine its supposed movements in the heliocentric model. The proposed movements are 100% impossible and the reason is simple: there is no parallax in the night sky, the zodiac constellations have remained unchanged since thousands of years. On top of this indisputable fact, NASA themselves have accidentally proven that earth lies at the center of what we call the universe (all things), you find my argumentation here and here. Next, I perceive NASA´s Moon story as an easily exposable hoax, you find my arguments on this topic here. Following my argumentations and conclusions, I would assume that earth lies central and unmoving, UNLESS someone proves otherwise. Note how the angle of proof reverses. From this position it is a much smaller and also logical step to question the spherical earth model. We should note that NASA have been telling us that stars are spherical and this is an already exposed lie, because since a few years we can look at the stars ourselves, using high-power-zoom cameras. If you use a telescope or camera that is strong enough, you will see for yourself that stars (and the smaller so-called planets) are twinkling, colorful light spots, obviously electrical by nature.

also see this short amateur video here.

My main reason for favoring the flat model however is even simpler and it has to do with my favorite (and in my view most important) field of research, which is mythology. Amongst all ancient cosmologies and mythologies, there is not a single word or image about heliocentricity or a spinning ball. Unlike most other scholars I hold that ancient people possessed higher thinking powers (due to zodiacal influences during the Great Year) and the fact that many ancient mythologies show a flat earth is enough for me to assume that earth is flat - UNLESS proven otherwise! Again, the angle of proof is reversed - I would have to be convinced about the sphere, because for me the standard model should be what we see and feel - a motionless, peaceful, flat earth, with clear directions, a blue sky above and red earth below. All of nature strives upwards.

cognitive dissonance
When discussing this topic with other people, you need to be aware that the general public is indoctrinated into blindly believing and accepting the scientific models that the system has put forth and they are indoctrinated not to question information. Our entire education system is structured to train people not to question things. Just learn, and repeat. For this reason, people are not interested in debating something of which they believe they already know the facts. This problem usually suffocates a possible debate about the shape of the earth before it even starts. There are several mechanisms in place that prevent people from discussing something that may threaten their world view, some induced, some biological, others fear based. In case you do find open minded people who are interested in the topic, the below may help to structure the conversation and avoid wasting your time.

The starting point, also when talking to people who have not yet passed the mental hurdle of ridiculing the topic, should be to reverse the angle of discussion: ask people, what evidence they believe they have for a ball earth that flies through space. In this way, you start into the discussion in a leading position. If you start by promoting the flat earth model, you will be in a defensive position, which will get you nowhere at all, you will waste your time; make the ball- believing people defend their view and ask for supportive, scientific evidence. You then reject the following arguments as unacceptable and unscientific:

1. electronic photo/ computerized images, because we cannot be sure whether these have been manipulated. Military technology is usually 20 years ahead, and examples of fake images distributed to the public are abundant. Many NASA pictures have been revealed as computer generated (CGI) and in some cases NASA even admits on their website that images are fake and/or have been altered. They don´t tell us in which way, so all of NASA´s images must be rejected as evidence. We do not know whether pictures are real and we have no means of scientifically verifying this. Take a moment to look at the pictures that NASA has given us over the years, below a very obvious example of fake images. Look at these images for a while....at least one of them must be a CGI fake:

2. we reject as unscientific all videos and photos that use fish eye/ Go-pro camera lenses, because these modern lenses distort curvature and perspective.

3. testimonies from NASA astronauts, because NASA is a Freemasonic organization and most astronauts were Freemasons themselves, including all 12 who claimed to have travelled to the Moon in 1969. If people ridicule this point, ask them what they know about organized Freemasonry and its role in history. Ask them about Operation Paperclip. Ask them who Wernher Von Braun was and ask them why this former Nazi has Psalms 19:1 on his gravestone. Note that the original word used in the OT is firmament, Strong´s Hebrew 7549, which means an extended surface. Check out my view on the great lies of Freemasonry here.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."

If we can agree for a moment that the above three sources of data are unscientific and non-evident, ball-earth believing people may at this point try to change the topic, because the conversation would go into an area where it contradicts their induced worldview and potentially threatens it. This triggers biological defense mechanisms in their mind and they will squirm and feel uneasy in the discussion, try to ridicule or escape, this is a biological mechanism. This is also the point in the conversation where people would have to start using their own brain, developing their own thoughts and applying logic. Even open minded people will be forced into a thinking pause, and then realize and admit, if they can, that there are no other things that could be offered as evidence for a ball earth that is flying through space, specifically nothing scientific. We rely completely on NASA and government education for truth. People must realize that this is a problem in itself. All other space agencies are controlled by NASA, by the way.

The next step is to lead the conversation to the scientific, experimental side. Which scientific experiments have been conducted over the centuries to establish movement and shape of the earth? Chances are high that the people know absolutely zero about this research field. They are usually completely unaware about scientific efforts in this area and arguments around the laws of perspective and spherical trigonometry. They don´t know what a Gyroscope is, they haven´t studied the Analemma, don´t know semiotics, noetics, epistemology, semantics, syllogistics, zetesis, apophatism, and of course they have no clue about things like the ecliptic, the tropical year, right acsension, obliquity, Fibonacci, the golden ratio...should we go on? The state of knowledge of the general public is so limited in modern times that it is hard to believe, and this includes academia! People know a whole lot of useless shit, this is the sad truth. We think we are so advanced because we can build computers, but we don´t even know how a magnet works. People´s heads are filled with useless crap.

A gyroscope explained here
How Polaris proves a motionless earth here

So, most people you talk to will most likely not be acquainted with any of these laws and concepts, because these are not taught in school and therefore don´t exist in their view. Taking the time and effort to learn these laws is too much to expect from the average person. And why should people take the efforts and learn something new? Just to destroy their own world view and to go through the pains of swimming against the stream? Just to feel bad because they have been lied to in school? Just to realize that they have been the fools and that there are smarter people who convene in secret to control society. There is no obvious reward for tearing down one´s own world view.

If people are unfamiliar with key laws and astronomical concepts, you should consider ending the conversation, and telling them that without basic knowledge, you are wasting your time talking to them. Alternatively, you can explain that the horizon would have to drop 200 inches for every 5 miles distance, or 5 meters for every 8 kilometers. You can support this fact by drawing a ball on a paper and demonstrating the drop. This means if you observe a building from only 8km, you should not be able to see the bottom 5 meters of it, due to earth curvature! Now check out this example:

When this law is understood, tell them that all experiments that have been conducted (under scientific conditions!) over the centuries have failed to show any curvature at all. These experiments can be repeated on land, water, ice, anywhere on earth at any time; there is no measurable curvature.

I will now add something new to the conversation, and connect to the title of this blog entry. A year ago, when getting into this topic, I noticed a wordplay, which for my personal taste was just too cute to be a coincidence. The popular dart board is phonetically identical to the Hebrew da´ath - which means knowledgeDart had the original, Germanic/ Norse connotation of a pointed, flying arrow....which is precisely, what knowledge is. Let´s take a look at what we can learn from the knowledge board:

All major games and sports emanating from the Anglo-Saxon culture were designed by secret society members/ adepts - why should it be different with the game of darts? The knowledge board contains knowledge about the shape of the earth. A dart board has several concentric circles: the arctic circle, the tropic of Cancer, the equator (this one is missing in my note above), the tropic of Capricorn, and finally, the antarctic circle. This is a perfect fit.

Next thing that I would like to throw into the discussion, are recent impulses from the work of Ken Wheeler. Ken does NOT subscribe to the flat earth model and he would probably hate my blog, this needs to be made clear. According to Ken´s study results, which I find breathtaking, evident and correct, space is created by magnetism, and every magnetic field shows electro-magnetic retardation, which is a phase shift of red and blue. This is the famous egg of creation, an occult mystery that Ken solved and needs to be given all credit for, but that´s another topic.

Note how the word "Inertia" sounds like "in earth".....the dialectric plane
would be the earth plane in this model

It is a scientific fact that the earth´s north pole (acrtic circle) corresponds to magnetic south, here we find high frequency, blue shift energy, which is healing by tendency. The magnetic north corresponds to earth´s south pole, which in the flat model would have to be allocated beneath the earth surface, pointing downwards... unless, and this is what I offer for discussion, we are talking about a ring magnet. In the ring magnet model, the blue shift would be towards the middle, and the red shift outwards. This means, if we consider the flat earth model, the further one would travel outwards on the disk (away from the north pole), the less possible it should become for life to exist. If one would travel far enough, one would at some point simply drop dead from the long wave, destructive red shift energy.

Expanding this theory (and that´s all it currently is.... a theory), it would be entirely possible that the earth disk is much larger than the part that we know, and that the outer lands beyond the ice wall of the antarctic circle are 100% uninhabitable. This could be the reason for the longest lasting military treaty that is in force today, which is the Antarctic treaty. Well, if this the case, who knows what the hell can be found out there - I find it probable that there is nothing at all - just death rays and lifeless lands. The sun´s furthest reach south is the tropic of Capricorn, so the further out we go, the darker and icier it should get.

from my notes: the sun´s movement over flat Earth....in scriptures referred to
as "the meeting tent with god", e.g.Exodus 33:7
The movements of sun and moon in conjuction with the Analemma, also support the flat earth model perfectly. In the above image you see the movement of the annual sun above earth. This model, and this model only, also explains Perehelion and Apohelion, the fact that in winter the sun is closest to earth and vice versa, an officially admitted fact that lacks explanation in the heliocentric model....because it is wrong.

Another thing you might enjoy researching are the two operations above, they are very telling. In summary, ths topic of earth´s true shape is a very rich one and it offers plenty of room for our own research. The dummed down discussion in some internet forums are often infiltrated by shills and also full of uneducated morons.

If you ask me, the double torus and inertial plane, as shown in the image above, are the apple of creation. The apple´s core, french coeur, meaning heart, the green heart of the apple, heart being an earth anagram, is also the green center of the chakra system, the 12-petal lotus, the 12-ness of the zodiac, the blue shift on top corresponds to Jupiter exalting in Cancer, the red shift below is hell, with Mars the red planet exalting in Capricorn. The torus field is the Taurus-field, the big apple, the apple that was dropped when Newton let it fall to the ground and introduced his gravity nonsense!

The apple dropped...meaning the true science of the Taurus field was eliminated!

Krishna and his cows (Tauruses, toruses).....this is magnetism and its Taurus fields. Do you yet see how ancient mythology is far superior to science?


Revelation of time and space

During all times the ruling elite have made great efforts to promote and establish a wrong world view. And indeed very successfully so. Whoever wants to break out of this mind control system has several difficult, mental hurdles to take. Swimming against the stream is never easy. Doubt, fear and ridicule are the awakened mind´s companions. To those who have succesfully taken the first steps of awakening - you are my audience! This blog entry will put your thinking gears in motion.

how are time and space connected?

In what follows below, I lay out in greatest possible simplicity, what space and time are and how they connect. The solution is so simple that it should beg our minds what on earth our modern, main stream, knucklehead, indoctrinated, self-proclaimed scientists have been doing for the past 300 years. Logic and the art of thinking are no longer taught in modern universities, and most of what is taking place in modern academia is mutual back padding in the form of peer reviews, regurgitation of spoon-fed disinfo, and perpetuation of errors that the RCC/ Jesuit-supported social engineers have put forth. All the Newton, Kopernikus, Keppler, Galilleo, Einstein, Hawkins rubbish theories about bent time, curved space, wild mathematical, abstract theories, which do not correlate to reality at all and similar unproven nonsense in the areas of quantum mechanics and relativity - these theories are for the trash bin.

This little text that you are reading right now, in this simple, low-key blog that you somehow discovered on the internet, composed by a non-expert who has no diploma in physics on the wall, and who has zero financing for research, should demonstrate to you that our main stream scientific academia system is a hoax and that the science communites at the top are under monetary and mind control. This text here, to my knowledge, is the very first text that reveals the true nature of time & space in a divinely simple and easily understandable, illustrative way, avoiding unneccessary mathematical abstractions, complicated formulas and pseudo-scientific word creations. Mother nature is complex, but divinely simple in her workings, and she doesn´t use math at all. Math is a human contrivance, a tool for describing processes that take place in nature. Math of any kind is utterly useless in defining anything real, because math can only describe processes. Math cannot qualify things, it can only quantitfy - at best. For these reasons math is overvalued in physics, and we do much better without it. Let´s instead solve the riddle of time and space using simple observation of nature.

plato´s cave

The first step must be - and this is where main stream science fails on a regular basis - to ontologically define the terms that we will be talking about. Before hastily starting to describe what a thing does, it must first be established whether it is a thing at all. This important step in describing reality is the key message of Plato´s cave analogy - and the main point here is not just that the people in the cave mistakingly believe that the shadows are real things, much deeper yet, the analogy teaches us that the shadows on the wall themselves are not real things as such. A shadow is caused by the deprivation of light and therefore it is only an effect. A shadow is not a real thing of its own and it therefore does not have any properties. Only something that can be reified can have its own properties. Attributes themselves cannot have attributes. A shadow is not a thing and therefore does not have attributes. It requires metaphysical thinking and logic to dissect reality, and modern scholars simply do not have it and worse yet, they don´t even realize that they don´t have it. It is the worst form of ignorance.

Now - it so happens that Ken Wheeler (whom I follow on Youtube, Ken doesn´t know me and has not endorsed this article) has evidently and conclusively proven that space is an attribute of magnetism. All magnitude (Cartesian coordinates, 3d-world, space, material world, matrix, Kosmos, universe, whatever you wish to call it) is caused by magnetism. Space, being an attribute of magnetism, therefore has no attributes of its own, because it is not a thing by itself. We therefore know that space could never curve or bend, in fact, we know that space could do nothing at all, and that is has no properties. Or yet more directly, we know that space is no thing and therefore does not exist as a thing of its own. Space is a product of magnetism, it is a field modality. Just like a shadow is the product of light, space is the product of magnetism. No magnetism, no space. No light, no shadow. We now see why it is called magnetism, like magnum or magnitude. The word itself magically reveals its meaning! And we also see a connection to mage and magic.

Let's now examine the ontological nature of time. Imagine a clock without arms. Does time stop when the arms of the clock are removed? In fact, if the clock was all that existed, and the arms were being removed, yes, the concept of time would stop! Why would time stop? Because without moving clock arms there would be no space or magnitude and no movement. But the movement of the arms was the very thing that defined time in the first place. Time is a human way of defining space, or movement. Movement may only occur in space. No space, no movement, no time, this is Platonic reductionist logic, indeed very powerful. Night and day are caused by the movement of the sun above Earth. If the sun stops moving, night and day would cease to exist. This means that day and night are not real things of their own, they are only attributes of the sun´s movement. In the same way, if the clock has no arms, there is no magnitude, therefore no space, so time also ceases to exist. Platonic logic enables us to see the true nature of things. We summarize that:

  • time is a measurement of space
  • space is an attribute of magnetism, a field modality
  • magnetism is the loss of inertia
  • inertia is the stillness outside of time & space

a giant walking over earth would appear to be moving in slow motion

Let´s now make it conclusive and obvious, that time is nothing but a measurement of space. Surely you have observed that large things seem to move slowly and tiny things seem to move quickly. The airplane taking off in front of you seems to move slowly, while the mosquito in your kitchen seems to move faster than your eye can see. The elephant moves his legs in slow motion, but ants on an anthill seem to move so quickly that you cannot even see their legs. Why is this so? We are now able to solve this riddle using Platonic logic. Logical thinking reveals that this must be a phenomenon related to size. We are observing things from our own, human point of size reference. From the giant´s point of view, he is not walking any slower than we walk, it just seems this way from our point of view, our individual scale of reference. The length of one footstep for human and giant is vastly different, but in the respective scale of reference, which is defined by the magnitude of the observer, the length of one footstep is the same. When the giant takes one step, we may take 20 steps in the same time, because our feet have much less magnitude. Time (for one footstep in each case) is different only because magnitude differs. Time is a measurement of space, and it is no thing of its own and therefore does not exist.

why do childhood days seem to last longer?

The next logical conclusion is that animals smaller than us should have a shorter life and larger animals should live longer than smaller ones. Looking into nature we find that this is precisely the case! But this is only from our human point of view, our experience of reality relating to our own body size (magnitude). This explains why our childhood days seem to have lasted longer - this is because children are physically smaller than adults and one day (as defined by the sun´s movement) will indeed feel longer for a child than for a grown up. Time is like a measurement rod, and just like a measurement rod, time does not bend or change its shape. And just like a measurement rod, time is adjusted to the size of the observer.

I will now point out two types of time travel:

1. you drive to another city in your car and use the navigation system to calculate your arrival time. The system says that you will arrive at 4:14. You now start stepping on it like crazy and while doing this, you observe that the system tells you that arrival time will be earlier and earlier - by stepping on the gas you are passing through space faster and able to manipulate your time of arrival. Instead of at 4:14 you arrive earlier at 4:13 and have travelled to the future (figuratively speaking) by 1 minute. You can experience at 4:13 what usually would have happened at 4:14. Time is a measurement of space!

2. this is a scientific experiment that has been performed 1000´s of times and it works perfectly, but mainstream science doesn´t understand why: take two identical plant seeds, expose one of these to the north pole of a magnet, and you will observe that the plant which was exposed to the magnet will grow faster than the other. The plant exposed to the magnet is travelling to the future, because it is executing its growth programme faster, time got retarded. Time is a measurement of space!

One final word on what is called space travel - this is also a hoax. The Greek word kosmos means the world, Latin universum means all things together and the word space refers to magnitude. NASA even admits they cannot pass what they call the Van-Allen-Belt, see here. We live inside a dome on a flat disk, which is easily proven by applying spherical trigonometry. There is a firmament which may not be passed. There is no such things as outer space. Space is a field modality, a product of magnetism and fields are non-local - no magnetism, no space.

and since this is a spiritual blog, also one last word on the spiritual significance of all of this:

Inertia is the peaceful, non-local state of being that lies outside of time and space. This is our home and we return to it when time & space seize to exist upon material death of our grossest body. Consciousness and subtle bodies are eternal.

The Christ shall return!....meaning that you, one day, will return home. Hallelujah!


Of Vampires and werewolves

I had this post on the backburner for a few years. It is yet another shining and vivid example that demonstrates that astrology is the very fabric that makes up our western culture: everyone is familiar with the stories, but nobody quite understands the deeper meaning. Popular stories and fairy tales are well known, but the existence of a deeper meaning is not even realized. From the point of view of the initiate, the general public is a brute, uneducated mob.

All is Atum, all is the ecliptic, all is astrology.

these two figures are characters in the same story

1. VAmpires
It doesn´t matter whether the modern Vampire figure is ascribed to John Polidori (1819) or Bram Stoker (1897); both authors were in some way linked to secret societies, and secret society members are to some degree familar with higher knowledge. Stoker was introduced into high society by Henry Irving, and may have been member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, but this remains unconfirmed. Exoteric myths and religions are for the general public, esoteric truth is eliterian knowledge. Not all people are equally equipped to understand it. Anyway, the Vampire story itself boils down to astrology, so let´s syncretize the Vampire figure:

Draco is the celestial Drac...ula

First we note is that VAmpire begins with two letters that make up the square & compass, a cute side detail that confirms that we are dealing with a (Masonic) Saturnic ('satanic') figure, because the deepest origin of compass & square is the Saturn hexagon. If the V is written in short case v, it looks like an r and we then get ram-fire (pyr/ pir = fire) , the ram referring to Aries, the place of the exalting sun, ruling 6.00-8.00 a.m., the time when vampires must be back inside their coffins. Drac(ula) is a direct reference to Draco constellation, which covers more than 200 degrees of the zodiac, all the way from Sagittarius to Aries - precisely the roaming area of the zodiacal Vampire.

The coffin in a Masonic drawing. What you see here is a Saturnic theme, all symbols pointing to Capricorn/ Aquarius, the goat and the man, which combined are the goat-man, Satan (Saturn)

The coffin is the Vampire´s home and a coffin, along with the tomb, or mausoleum, are ancient symbols for Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. The coffin symbolizes the human body, because the soul is taken down to Earth to it´s symbolic grave, it is entombed in the human body, the womb leads to the tomb (Greek sema/ soma). Thus, the Vampire´s home is Capricorn, the place of the goat. This explains the legends about a chupacabra, which in spanish literally means, a sucking goat. Thus, the vampires rise at 0.00 a.m., midnight, the time when Saturn takes rulership of nature. Modern myth makers have made this area the Geisterstunde, something to scare the kids with (kids are the offspring of goats).

A vampire bat - nature offers the perfect mythological prototypes, because the zodiac is the animal wheel, and this animal wheel corresponds 1:1 to the human psyche.

The vampire can transform itself into a bat, because bats live in caves, and one of the symbolic names of Capricorn is the cave, the tomb, the grotto, the mausoleum. It is the same allegorical cave in which allegorical Mohammad received the Q´uran, the same fairy tale cave that Ali Baba tries to open, the same allegorical cave that Plato used for his famous cave analogy. Prominent Masonic lodges look like tombs, and this is because Masonry is the Capricornian branch of the Abrahamic quartett. Neoplatonist literature some 2,000 years ago already mentioned the bat as an animal that carries the soul down to the shadows. Of course this is not meant literally, it is astro-poetry. The bat-cave is Capricorn, and another modern Saturnian figure living in this cave is Hollywood's Batman.

The vampire finds his death (which is his spiritual release!) at sunrise, 6.00 a.m., because Aries is ruled by Mars, Mars as red planet represents iron, and iron in nature means death (and transformation). It is here, in 1st degree Aries that the old sun is taken to its funeral and the new sun is taking up its ministry (monthly work). In the soul cycle, this is the place where the physical human body dies, the body is reduced to ash (burnt by the exalting sun), the undead vampire is liberated. He has been sucking blood, because the sun gave its solar rays as food to him, it can also be poetically said that the soul is feeding off the human body. The vampire hates garlic, because garlic poisons the blood. It is important to realize that blood is the soul carrier, the sea water equivalent of primordial creation (Maria/ Aset / Isis concept). A vampire can be killed with a silver bullet, because the Moon represents silver and she is located in opposition to Capricorn, ruling Cancer, which means that the Moon is in her detriment in the bat-cave. A vampire can also be decapitated, because decapitation is an analogy for a sign rising above the horizon.

In summary, the vampire symbolizes your nature. To be more precise, he represents the shade, or double, or dark doppelgänger, the vital spirit or psyche, which is your higher self, the real you, the you that is entrapped in physical life and trying to get back home. You are the undead, living in a coffin and feeding off blood.

2. Werewolves
Werewolves are a mythical figure from Eastern Europe and not ascribed to a particular author. The werewolf belief is a typical example of decaying myth, a story that originally evolved from the Zodiac, but has lost its origin, the myth has moved too far out of sight.

this is the same wolf that we find in the fairy tale of little red riding hood

Old english wer = man. We are dealing here with at a man-wolf, he is a shape shifter, thus the main theme here is transformation. Lupus, the wolf, is the last decade of 10 degrees of Libra, the Gemini decan of Libra. Gemini is the two-faced sign and we are observing here a mythical character with two faces, one of them turning evil, this is also the basis of the Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hide story. Lupus is the victim, the celestial, symbolic victim, that is. The soul has fallen to Earth and is now transformed into a human animal (or animalistic man), the sun becomes the victim of viscious Scorpio. This victim has to walk the Via Combusta, the Kreuzweg of Christ Jesus.

the Moon and Scorpio are not best friends

Transformation is again triggered by iron- ruled Mars, this time in the area of the Mega-therion, the great beast, which is Scorpio, because Scorpio constellation is humongous. Scorpio is all about transformation and it is here where the astral spark gets converted into a divine spark, that falls from heaven (Sagittarius) and is then entombed into the human body (Capricorn). Scorpio literally symbolizes transformation into an animal, and this is precisely what the man-wolf does in his Lycantrophy. He symbolizes the celestial victim, who is eaten on the altar. He is Jesus at his last supper.

The werewolf can also be killed with a silver bullet, because the Moon (silver) falls in Scorpio. This is also why the werewolf howls at the Moon and why wolves are associated with Libra/ Scorpio and why Lupus becomes the victim in the first place. The wolf is the perfect natural prototype.

an Etruscian vase, as old as 2,500 years, showing a man in wolf-clothing,
this is pure astro-mythology.

One last word on Freemasonry and vampirism - High Masonry (I am talking about the controllers in the shadows, not the lower degree rankings), who have used the lodges as Judeo-Masonic revolutionary tool, have indeed been sucking blood from society. Just like vampires, only the bright light of the exalting sun can eliminate them, because knowledge is not wisdom. There may be intelligent idiots with an IQ of over 200. The world is ruled by such intelligent idiots. They may have a lot of horsepower in their brain, but completely lack gnosis in their hearts. The decorated Harvard professor may be insanely intelligent but a spiritual beggar, the simple bush farmer may have a low IQ and yet be a spiritual, shining light, in tune with nature.



Symbology of Domino's Pizza

If you have heard about Pizzagate, Comet Ping PongJohn Podesta, Bill Clinton´s joyrides, Jeffrey Eppstein´s island and you have been awake and interested enough to follow the gazillion cases of abuse committed by the Catholic Church and their allies, the below will simply add a further stunning puzzle piece into the picture of global organized pedophilia. If you are new to this topic and sleeping, you might fall off your chair, or dismiss this info as conjecture.

 read on to find out what this motto is referrring to

It seems obvious to me that pedophilia is the glue that holds the global oppressive power structure together. If you reach a certain echelon in any part of society, one day you will sit in a saloon with cameras and in come the children to sit on your lap. You made it! You are are now an official club member and member for life, because pedophilia carries a potential 20-year jail sentence.

Often, spiritually awakened people become frustrated, when they realize that they cannot wake up others. There is no need to get frustrated. The level of verity (truth is a weaker term than veritas, because truth is faith based) that any person can bear depends on the level of soul development. Higher developed souls are able to face veritas without getting shook up by emotions, and do not get depressed by negative information. Sleeping souls are moved even by something as profane as novels, or t.v. movies, and truth scares and depresses them. If you think that you could get nightmares from waking up to the global pedophilia networks, this text is not for you.

Domino - dominate minors, look at the logo and let it sink
Pizza - this word is phonetically similar to ped-sa (as in ped-ophilia).
Slice - a slice of pizza has the shape of a pubic area. Slicing up children is definitely one of the things that are being practiced.

The logo above shows two cubes - seeing this logo in the sick light that it needs to be seen in, one cube may show two breasts, the other cube one hole. The number 21 also refers to the U.S. legal drinking age. Age 12 on the other hand may refer to puberty. These meanings are far fetched, but one thing the 3 dots do NOT symbolize, are the first three stores, which is the official narrative. As the global/ elite ritual abuse is a Capricornian/ Satanic (Saturn rules Capricorn) practice, the number 21 may also refers to Dec 21st- the time of the year when Saturn (Satan) takes rulership. A cube also refers to human life.

Now, interpretations and allegations as the ones above make little sense if there were no proper backround to these, no probable cause. But as I had expected, a 5-minute research into the founders of Domino´s is enough, to have pedophilia written all over your research sheet. Therefore, in my view, Domino's pizza should become the new mothership of pizzagate. we should also shine a light on Little Ceasar´s and Pizza Hut.

I will not bore you with personal details of individual people, but the founder, Mr. Monaghan, ended up in a Catholic orphanage at age 6. He aspired to become a priest but was expelled from the seminary for disciplinary reasons. He became a champion for the pro-life movement and his "invaluable" friend, Cardinal Bevilacqua is perhaps the most notorious protector of dangerous sexual predators, in the history of the Catholic Church in America. He is an alleged member of Opus Dei and known as knight of magistral grace in the Military Order of Malta, these are powerful positions in the global elite structure.

just one of countless pages that pop up:
Pizza-Vatican Connection, Domino's Pizza Founder Tom Monaghan Connected to Catholic Child Abusers
So, the 2nd biggest pizza chain in the world is promoting the pedophilia agenda openly, they have been hiding in plain open, which is, when we come to think about it, the only way to organize global crime, because the power structure gets weaker, the further it reaches down. Anyway, they have been shoving their child abuse/ torture/ ritual killings/ whatever they do right into our faces.

...put our sick intentions directly into our logo

...steal and abduct millions of children worldwide and destroyed them in every possible way
...hide our intentions in the plain open


The denotation of physics

In today´s thinking and science, the words physical and material not only have the same connotation, but even more disturbingly, in people´s minds they also have the same denotation - both terms supposedly referring to matter, physicality, solidity, material...

This is a severe case of language decay: the de-evolving of word meanings. Our modern language is packed with such decayed word meanings, but the perhaps most significant and tragic example is the one addressed in this blog entry.

The English words physics/ physical are derived from Greek ta phisika/ physika, which translates to "all things natural". The original Greek term does not mean all things material, but rather all things natural, a term that suggests inclusion of non-material things, i.e. things that are not directly perceivable by human senses. All material things are natural, but not all natural things are material, which shows that the modern meaning of physics has been greatly reduced when compared to the original denotation. What we today understand as physics are only the mental ruins of the original Greek ta phisika, which also included meta-physics. Any meta-physician would at the same time be a physician and vice versa. Meta-physics without a proper embedding into physics is like building a cathedral without having studied architecture. Talking about physics without expanding into meta-physics is like baking a cake with nothing on it.

Today, we are getting the meta-physics wrong (we confuse was is real and what is not real), and as logical conclusion, we are failing in ontology and also in cosmology. Epistemology is frequently confused with meta-physical topics. In Epistemology, reasoning is flexible, but Metaphysics require razor-sharp logic and true science.

Here a short list of aspects of life, where this particular case of de-evolution of language has lead to an erroneous, limited understanding of the nature of reality - ta phisica: all things natural:

They have made light material...
...in the form of photons, general relativity and quantum theory. No human being has ever seen or will ever see a light photon, because they do not exist. Light has no material aspect to it. Is light physical in the true denotation of the word? Yes, because it is natural! Is light physical in the narrowed connotation of material? No, not in any perceivable way. General relativity necessitates the speed of light to be constant, with one photon bumping into the next, but this can be easily disproven. When light passes through different media, e.g. a glass of water, it slows down.....but coming out of the glass and water, it accelerates back to its previous speed? Well, how does light accelerate back to its speed instantaneously? Ask any modern pseudo physician to explain this to you, and you will see that they can´t explain it. This is because light is not material and it does not have a speed - it is rather a pertubation (disruption) of the ether and has a certain rate of induction, which adjusts to material barriers. (study Theoria Apostasis on Youtube, Ken Wheeler is the greatest genius of our time)

They have made god material...
...in the form of talking about what he does (e.g. Genesis), which shows that texts like the bible can be very misleading and dangerous, as they are too deeply veiled in allegory for the average person to understand. The modern god concept is an insane assumption if there was any. There is nothing in this world which would allow a backwards conclusion that the concept of a god as conscious being is correct in any way. God has not created man, man has created god. Ancient spiritual systems did not involve any gods, only forces of nature (e.g. neteru of Khemet). Forces of nature like Anubis or Osiris clearly belong into the realm of ta phisika - all things natural. Platonic Monism and Buddhism are correct in this instance, because they assume no god concept (in connection with a conscious being). But on Sod level exegesis, even the Abrahamic religions are correct, because the Christian god is Jupiter, Allah(t) is Venus and Yahweh is an elemental god, to make it really simple. These concepts clearly belong to ta phisika - all things natural.

Nevertheless, both atheists and materialists are just as wrong as the creationalists, because truth does not lie at either pole - truth lies at the center of the seeming dichotomy, because the very separation of science and religion is a fallacy, based on the de-evolving of words. Both sides are currently unable to apply logic, because they are caught in an artificial dichotomy. To believe something or not to believe something is the same, low mental platform. The task is to apply logic and to re-search and to know, not to believe. If we say that we don´t believe in something, we are just as limited as the one believing in it.

They have made doctors and medicine material...
....by even calling doctors physicians. No wonder, that medical doctors are the second highest cause of death, right after cancer. Today´s medicine is utterly unable to heal people, because it only focuses on material aspects of the body. Medical doctors for this reason are - unfortunately - amongst the biggest idiots of our time. The ones in the upper echelons, so-called opinion leaders, are exactly that, and not knowledge leaders, they are also more often than not money whores to big pharma. Peer reviewing and science based on mutual consent does not even deserve the title science! Our medical system is based on intellectual fascism. Doctors (latin teachers) should not even be allowed near patients, as long as they have not studied astrology and meta-physics. Medical doctors are dangerous to our health.

They have made heavenly bodies material...
...and tell us science fiction fairy tale stories about Mars robots, different universes, bent space and time, 12 Freemasons landing on the Moon (69) in June (69) 1969 (69). It is not possible to land on something that is not material. Neither the Sun nor the Moon are material objects, neither are the other wandering and fixed stars. NASA is nothing but a money-extracting freak show.

They have made the Ether material...
...because the original Greek word aer, as used in aerospace, and today used as English air, had the denotation of non-material Ether, not some connotation of supposed molecules making up that what we breath in within our athmosphere - athmos, another Greek term referring to the Ether. This modern misconception extends itself to breath meditations and other breathing exercises - these were not just referring to material air, but rather to the Ether, the spiritual basis of space and time. Ether is the source.

They have made power material...
...but nature proves in the form of magnetism that true power lies hidden. Power can never be seen in the open, it always acts from behind the scenes, think about magnetism, dielectrics.... The same is true for mundane or political power - what you are shown on television is a stage show with useful idiots. True power always lies hidden. The true power that lies hidden are the money changers, the bankers, the people who make decisions about the emission of money. Over the millennia, various cultures have been in the tight grip of these money changers, and on many, many occasions, countries have expelled them. They are the leeches who create nothing, the ones who have never cultivated agriculture or built a nation. They are the ones who control the mass media. They are the ones who finance wars and destroy countries. And... very importantly, you may not talk about them, because it is against the law!

They have made the five elements material...
...ask any idiot modern astrologer and they will explain to you some material rubbish about the elements. The four elements are rather to be understood as dissipation of energy, extension of the mind (mene, mono, moon, Mond, mind), the principle of (e-) motion and the principle of solidity, the fifth element being the Ether, which is zero point, inertia, the Christ, whatever you wish to call it. These concepts do not have their origin in things purely material, they are based on meta-physics.

They have made evolution material...
...while evolution takes place on the level of the four elements. Material evolution is a fact, but anything that evolutes must also have involuted. We don´t ever witness nature producing something out of nothing. The zodiac explains involution in detail. Evolution´s etymology reveals that this term means that something is being unrolled. So simplest logic suggests that this something has also been rolled up. Spiritual involution precedes material evolution. Material evolution is one aspect, more importantly, there is mental and spiritual evolution over time, and this does not roll out in a linear or circular fashion, it rather evolves according to the form of the reciprocating, precessional hyperboloid torus field, which surrounds Earth.

Guess who I am?

They have made sun worship material...
...because true sun worship does not concern the material sun, nor is it about getting a tan or taking in warmth and energy. Helio-gnostic wisdom addresses the spiritual aspects of the sun that lie beyond the material. True sun worship is not primarily concerned with the orb that you see in the sky. Ancient people have never been so narrow minded as to worship the material sun. This idea is so stupid that only modern ("fashionable") people could think this way. They are also dumm enough to assume that Jesus, Abraham and Mohammed were real men, so what more can we say?

"We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl!"