Revelation of time and space

During all times the ruling elite have made great efforts to promote and establish a wrong world view. And indeed very successfully so. Whoever wants to break out of this mind control system has several difficult, mental hurdles to take. Swimming against the stream is never easy. Doubt, fear and ridicule are the awakened mind´s companions. To those who have succesfully taken the first steps of awakening - you are my audience! This blog entry will put your thinking gears in motion.

how are time and space connected?

In what follows below, I lay out in greatest possible simplicity, what space and time are and how they connect. The solution is so simple that it should beg our minds what on earth our modern, main stream, knucklehead, indoctrinated, self-proclaimed scientists have been doing for the past 300 years. Logic and the art of thinking are no longer taught in modern universities, and most of what is taking place in modern academia is mutual back padding in the form of peer reviews, regurgitation of spoon-fed disinfo, and perpetuation of errors that the RCC/ Jesuit-supported social engineers have put forth. All the Newton, Kopernikus, Keppler, Galilleo, Einstein, Hawkins rubbish theories about bent time, curved space, wild mathematical, abstract theories, which do not correlate to reality at all and similar unproven nonsense in the areas of quantum mechanics and relativity - these theories are for the trash bin.

This little text that you are reading right now, in this simple, low-key blog that you somehow discovered on the internet, composed by a non-expert who has no diploma in physics on the wall, and who has zero financing for research, should demonstrate to you that our main stream scientific academia system is a hoax and that the science communites at the top are under monetary and mind control. This text here, to my knowledge, is the very first text that reveals the true nature of time & space in a divinely simple and easily understandable, illustrative way, avoiding unneccessary mathematical abstractions, complicated formulas and pseudo-scientific word creations. Mother nature is complex, but divinely simple in her workings, and she doesn´t use math at all. Math is a human contrivance, a tool for describing processes that take place in nature. Math of any kind is utterly useless in defining anything real, because math can only describe processes. Math cannot qualify things, it can only quantitfy - at best. For these reasons math is overvalued in physics, and we do much better without it. Let´s instead solve the riddle of time and space using simple observation of nature.

plato´s cave

The first step must be - and this is where main stream science fails on a regular basis - to ontologically define the terms that we will be talking about. Before hastily starting to describe what a thing does, it must first be established whether it is a thing at all. This important step in describing reality is the key message of Plato´s cave analogy - and the main point here is not just that the people in the cave mistakingly believe that the shadows are real things, much deeper yet, the analogy teaches us that the shadows on the wall themselves are not real things as such. A shadow is caused by the deprivation of light and therefore it is only an effect. A shadow is not a real thing of its own and it therefore does not have any properties. Only something that can be reified can have its own properties. Attributes themselves cannot have attributes. A shadow is not a thing and therefore does not have attributes. It requires metaphysical thinking and logic to dissect reality, and modern scholars simply do not have it and worse yet, they don´t even realize that they don´t have it. It is the worst form of ignorance.

Now - it so happens that Ken Wheeler (whom I follow on Youtube, Ken doesn´t know me and has not endorsed this article) has evidently and conclusively proven that space is an attribute of magnetism. All magnitude (Cartesian coordinates, 3d-world, space, material world, matrix, Kosmos, universe, whatever you wish to call it) is caused by magnetism. Space, being an attribute of magnetism, therefore has no attributes of its own, because it is not a thing by itself. We therefore know that space could never curve or bend, in fact, we know that space could do nothing at all, and that is has no properties. Or yet more directly, we know that space is no thing and therefore does not exist as a thing of its own. Space is a product of magnetism, it is a field modality. Just like a shadow is the product of light, space is the product of magnetism. No magnetism, no space. No light, no shadow. We now see why it is called magnetism, like magnum or magnitude. The word itself magically reveals its meaning! And we also see a connection to mage and magic.

Let's now examine the ontological nature of time. Imagine a clock without arms. Does time stop when the arms of the clock are removed? In fact, if the clock was all that existed, and the arms were being removed, yes, the concept of time would stop! Why would time stop? Because without moving clock arms there would be no space or magnitude and no movement. But the movement of the arms was the very thing that defined time in the first place. Time is a human way of defining space, or movement. Movement may only occur in space. No space, no movement, no time, this is Platonic reductionist logic, indeed very powerful. Night and day are caused by the movement of the sun above Earth. If the sun stops moving, night and day would cease to exist. This means that day and night are not real things of their own, they are only attributes of the sun´s movement. In the same way, if the clock has no arms, there is no magnitude, therefore no space, so time also ceases to exist. Platonic logic enables us to see the true nature of things. We summarize that:

  • time is a measurement of space
  • space is an attribute of magnetism, a field modality
  • magnetism is the loss of inertia
  • inertia is the stillness outside of time & space

a giant walking over earth would appear to be moving in slow motion

Let´s now make it conclusive and obvious, that time is nothing but a measurement of space. Surely you have observed that large things seem to move slowly and tiny things seem to move quickly. The airplane taking off in front of you seems to move slowly, while the mosquito in your kitchen seems to move faster than your eye can see. The elephant moves his legs in slow motion, but ants on an anthill seem to move so quickly that you cannot even see their legs. Why is this so? We are now able to solve this riddle using Platonic logic. Logical thinking reveals that this must be a phenomenon related to size. We are observing things from our own, human point of size reference. From the giant´s point of view, he is not walking any slower than we walk, it just seems this way from our point of view, our individual scale of reference. The length of one footstep for human and giant is vastly different, but in the respective scale of reference, which is defined by the magnitude of the observer, the length of one footstep is the same. When the giant takes one step, we may take 20 steps in the same time, because our feet have much less magnitude. Time (for one footstep in each case) is different only because magnitude differs. Time is a measurement of space, and it is no thing of its own and therefore does not exist.

why do childhood days seem to last longer?

The next logical conclusion is that animals smaller than us should have a shorter life and larger animals should live longer than smaller ones. Looking into nature we find that this is precisely the case! But this is only from our human point of view, our experience of reality relating to our own body size (magnitude). This explains why our childhood days seem to have lasted longer - this is because children are physically smaller than adults and one day (as defined by the sun´s movement) will indeed feel longer for a child than for a grown up. Time is like a measurement rod, and just like a measurement rod, time does not bend or change its shape. And just like a measurement rod, time is adjusted to the size of the observer.

I will now point out two types of time travel:

1. you drive to another city in your car and use the navigation system to calculate your arrival time. The system says that you will arrive at 4:14. You now start stepping on it like crazy and while doing this, you observe that the system tells you that arrival time will be earlier and earlier - by stepping on the gas you are passing through space faster and able to manipulate your time of arrival. Instead of at 4:14 you arrive earlier at 4:13 and have travelled to the future (figuratively speaking) by 1 minute. You can experience at 4:13 what usually would have happened at 4:14. Time is a measurement of space!

2. this is a scientific experiment that has been performed 1000´s of times and it works perfectly, but mainstream science doesn´t understand why: take two identical plant seeds, expose one of these to the north pole of a magnet, and you will observe that the plant which was exposed to the magnet will grow faster than the other. The plant exposed to the magnet is travelling to the future, because it is executing its growth programme faster, time got retarded. Time is a measurement of space!

One final word on what is called space travel - this is also a hoax. The Greek word kosmos means the world, Latin universum means all things together and the word space refers to magnitude. NASA even admits they cannot pass what they call the Van-Allen-Belt, see here. We live inside a dome on a flat disk, which is easily proven by applying spherical trigonometry. There is a firmament which may not be passed. There is no such things as outer space. Space is a field modality, a product of magnetism and fields are non-local - no magnetism, no space.

and since this is a spiritual blog, also one last word on the spiritual significance of all of this:

Inertia is the peaceful, non-local state of being that lies outside of time and space. This is our home and we return to it when time & space seize to exist upon material death of our grossest body. Consciousness and subtle bodies are eternal.

The Christ shall return!....meaning that you, one day, will return home. Hallelujah!

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  1. amazing as always! thank you from deepest heart

  2. Please give us more on your thoughts about the flat earth idea. Everything else that we see in the sky is circular/spherical; why is this earth different? Thanks!

  3. So...pics of Earth from “space” are photoshopped? Why does Earth look round in photos from shuttles and satellites? How is the curvature of Earth / ocean spoken of and recorded by sailors explained if Earth is not spherical?

    1. It looks round becáuse round lenses are used. Concerning the "sailors" who speak of curvature, can you give an example?