Of Vampires and werewolves

I had this post on the backburner for a few years. It is yet another shining and vivid example that demonstrates that astrology is the very fabric that makes up our western culture: everyone is familiar with the stories, but nobody quite understands the deeper meaning. Popular stories and fairy tales are well known, but the existence of a deeper meaning is not even realized. From the point of view of the initiate, the general public is a brute, uneducated mob.

All is Atum, all is the ecliptic, all is astrology.

these two figures are characters in the same story

1. VAmpires
It doesn´t matter whether the modern Vampire figure is ascribed to John Polidori (1819) or Bram Stoker (1897); both authors were in some way linked to secret societies, and secret society members are to some degree familar with higher knowledge. Stoker was introduced into high society by Henry Irving, and may have been member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, but this remains unconfirmed. Exoteric myths and religions are for the general public, esoteric truth is eliterian knowledge. Not all people are equally equipped to understand it. Anyway, the Vampire story itself boils down to astrology, so let´s syncretize the Vampire figure:

Draco is the celestial Drac...ula

First we note is that VAmpire begins with two letters that make up the square & compass, a cute side detail that confirms that we are dealing with a (Masonic) Saturnic ('satanic') figure, because the deepest origin of compass & square is the Saturn hexagon. If the V is written in short case v, it looks like an r and we then get ram-fire (pyr/ pir = fire) , the ram referring to Aries, the place of the exalting sun, ruling 6.00-8.00 a.m., the time when vampires must be back inside their coffins. Drac(ula) is a direct reference to Draco constellation, which covers more than 200 degrees of the zodiac, all the way from Sagittarius to Aries - precisely the roaming area of the zodiacal Vampire.

The coffin in a Masonic drawing. What you see here is a Saturnic theme, all symbols pointing to Capricorn/ Aquarius, the goat and the man, which combined are the goat-man, Satan (Saturn)

The coffin is the Vampire´s home and a coffin, along with the tomb, or mausoleum, are ancient symbols for Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. The coffin symbolizes the human body, because the soul is taken down to Earth to it´s symbolic grave, it is entombed in the human body, the womb leads to the tomb (Greek sema/ soma). Thus, the Vampire´s home is Capricorn, the place of the goat. This explains the legends about a chupacabra, which in spanish literally means, a sucking goat. Thus, the vampires rise at 0.00 a.m., midnight, the time when Saturn takes rulership of nature. Modern myth makers have made this area the Geisterstunde, something to scare the kids with (kids are the offspring of goats).

A vampire bat - nature offers the perfect mythological prototypes, because the zodiac is the animal wheel, and this animal wheel corresponds 1:1 to the human psyche.

The vampire can transform itself into a bat, because bats live in caves, and one of the symbolic names of Capricorn is the cave, the tomb, the grotto, the mausoleum. It is the same allegorical cave in which allegorical Mohammad received the Q´uran, the same fairy tale cave that Ali Baba tries to open, the same allegorical cave that Plato used for his famous cave analogy. Prominent Masonic lodges look like tombs, and this is because Masonry is the Capricornian branch of the Abrahamic quartett. Neoplatonist literature some 2,000 years ago already mentioned the bat as an animal that carries the soul down to the shadows. Of course this is not meant literally, it is astro-poetry. The bat-cave is Capricorn, and another modern Saturnian figure living in this cave is Hollywood's Batman.

The vampire finds his death (which is his spiritual release!) at sunrise, 6.00 a.m., because Aries is ruled by Mars, Mars as red planet represents iron, and iron in nature means death (and transformation). It is here, in 1st degree Aries that the old sun is taken to its funeral and the new sun is taking up its ministry (monthly work). In the soul cycle, this is the place where the physical human body dies, the body is reduced to ash (burnt by the exalting sun), the undead vampire is liberated. He has been sucking blood, because the sun gave its solar rays as food to him, it can also be poetically said that the soul is feeding off the human body. The vampire hates garlic, because garlic poisons the blood. It is important to realize that blood is the soul carrier, the sea water equivalent of primordial creation (Maria/ Aset / Isis concept). A vampire can be killed with a silver bullet, because the Moon represents silver and she is located in opposition to Capricorn, ruling Cancer, which means that the Moon is in her detriment in the bat-cave. A vampire can also be decapitated, because decapitation is an analogy for a sign rising above the horizon.

In summary, the vampire symbolizes your nature. To be more precise, he represents the shade, or double, or dark doppelgänger, the vital spirit or psyche, which is your higher self, the real you, the you that is entrapped in physical life and trying to get back home. You are the undead, living in a coffin and feeding off blood.

2. Werewolves
Werewolves are a mythical figure from Eastern Europe and not ascribed to a particular author. The werewolf belief is a typical example of decaying myth, a story that originally evolved from the Zodiac, but has lost its origin, the myth has moved too far out of sight.

this is the same wolf that we find in the fairy tale of little red riding hood

Old english wer = man. We are dealing here with at a man-wolf, he is a shape shifter, thus the main theme here is transformation. Lupus, the wolf, is the last decade of 10 degrees of Libra, the Gemini decan of Libra. Gemini is the two-faced sign and we are observing here a mythical character with two faces, one of them turning evil, this is also the basis of the Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hide story. Lupus is the victim, the celestial, symbolic victim, that is. The soul has fallen to Earth and is now transformed into a human animal (or animalistic man), the sun becomes the victim of viscious Scorpio. This victim has to walk the Via Combusta, the Kreuzweg of Christ Jesus.

the Moon and Scorpio are not best friends

Transformation is again triggered by iron- ruled Mars, this time in the area of the Mega-therion, the great beast, which is Scorpio, because Scorpio constellation is humongous. Scorpio is all about transformation and it is here where the astral spark gets converted into a divine spark, that falls from heaven (Sagittarius) and is then entombed into the human body (Capricorn). Scorpio literally symbolizes transformation into an animal, and this is precisely what the man-wolf does in his Lycantrophy. He symbolizes the celestial victim, who is eaten on the altar. He is Jesus at his last supper.

The werewolf can also be killed with a silver bullet, because the Moon (silver) falls in Scorpio. This is also why the werewolf howls at the Moon and why wolves are associated with Libra/ Scorpio and why Lupus becomes the victim in the first place. The wolf is the perfect natural prototype.

an Etruscian vase, as old as 2,500 years, showing a man in wolf-clothing,
this is pure astro-mythology.

One last word on Freemasonry and vampirism - High Masonry (I am talking about the controllers in the shadows, not the lower degree rankings), who have used the lodges as Judeo-Masonic revolutionary tool, have indeed been sucking blood from society. Just like vampires, only the bright light of the exalting sun can eliminate them, because knowledge is not wisdom. There may be intelligent idiots with an IQ of over 200. The world is ruled by such intelligent idiots. They may have a lot of horsepower in their brain, but completely lack gnosis in their hearts. The decorated Harvard professor may be insanely intelligent but a spiritual beggar, the simple bush farmer may have a low IQ and yet be a spiritual, shining light, in tune with nature.


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