The 7 births of Christ Jesus

I have decoded Islam here
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To complete the Abrahamic trio, this blog entry decodes Christianity

WARNING: the tree of knowledge is forbidden for Christians! If you are a believer and read on, you are in serious danger of learning something!
The KRST mummy ist born

Executive summary:

Holy Sprit = a Roman replica of the Egyptian Atum-Ra, the life force delivered through photonic power of the sun in Earth's athmosphere, the spirit (latin: air) of the sun (hely-helios, holy), which is taken in through breath (German: Atem)
Jesus =  a Roman replica of the Egyptian IU(-sa)/ later Heru (Horus, of the inundation), son of Atum-Ra; the eternal, ever-coming life force manifesting in physical nature, which is delivered through blood/ water by adding oxygen (air, holy spirit)
Maria = a Roman replica of the Egyptian Aset(Isis), the female, spiritual (non-physical) force of nature that self-creates and brings forth this physical life force (IU/ Horus/Jesus) without male assistance ("virgin" concept); later, Atum-Ra is added as the "father"
Christ = a Roman expansion on the Gnostic Christ and the Egyptian KaRaST/ Asar (Osiris), an eternal, cyclical power, also called "soul", which lies seemingly dormant during physical life, accessable through black Melanin crystals in the Medulla Oblongata/ chrystalized blood structure.
God = the lamb in heaven, the pineal gland, seat of the soul

Until recently, I had held that the discussion, whether Jesus lived or not, was not as important as understanding the allegories behind the story. But I have come to change my mind, because the concept of an alleged, historic Israel (which never existed), a historic saviour (who never lived), a pasadise that requires no individual work, a fall of man that never took place and was certainly not caused by a woman, all these endless misunderstood and corrupted concepts not only block spirituality, they also form the basis of the global Zionist mind control system, which this world is currently suffering under. As I am writing these words, differences between Islam and Christianity are once again being used on the geopolitical chessboard, to create an elitist world government through fulfilment of deliberately misinterpreted prophecy. Any attempt to create the celestial city of peace on Earth will forever be a futile endeavor, pursued by blinded fools.

A good starting point to understand biblical allegories
is a Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

As the great Alvin Boyd Kuhn states above, there is nothing historic to be found in the entire bible, as we know it, and this goes for both OT and NT. It is not entirely true, because upon superficial reading, you will find some historic elements in both OT and NT, e.g. in the gospel of Luke, but upon more careful research you will find that all places and names in the OT have a spiritual/ metaphysical meaning, and that the few historic elements in the NT that have been added were intended to historize the doctrine and lend it credibility. You will find that most names and locations in both OT and NT have not existed at the time of writing and may have been created later to support the historization of the myth. A simple example is Nazareth, which did not exist under this name, which we know from Roman records. The city name first appeared in the 4th century ACE, some 300 years after the NT was written.

The human mind has long suffered an eclipse and been darkened and dwarfed in the shadow of ideas the real meaning of which has been lost to moderns. Myths and allegories whose significance was once unfolded in the Mysteries have been adopted in ignorance and reissued as real truths directly and divinely vouchsafed to humanity for the first and only time! The early religions had their myths interpreted. We have ours misinterpreted. And a great deal of what has been imposed on us as God’s own true and sole revelation to us is a mass of inverted myths.
Gerald Massey
The lie about a historic, unique, human son of god who physically walked Earth, died and arose again in his own dead body amounts to suggesting that a Jewish zombie who lived 2000 years ago was the only human being who ever had the power to save us (from what, by the way?). At minimum, this grotesque simplification of ancient mythology affects believers of the three Abrahamic religions, so maybe some 4-5 billion of the current 7,3 billion people on earth, probably more than 50% of all people alive today, and this includes the atheists and unbelievers, because the doctrine also affects them, as I will explain. It is time to reject this anthromorphized, historicalized nightmare of an external saviour on which humanity depends. I will below try explain, how we got into this spiritual mess and touch on the original ideas.
The whole topic of Judeo-Christian myth is highly complex, so I will simplify.

Here my proposed hierachy of knowledge:

1. the highest level of truth must by its very definition be based on observations of nature and first hand human experience, this is called Gnosis (Gno is the origin of "know"). One who experiences something first hand, may claim personal knowledge to it.

2. as nature is full of things that will never be thoroughly explainable by us, which is due to our very limited 5 senses and limitations posed by alphabetic languages, the best way of capturing the modus operandi of nature and conveying such information to others without putting in a personal bias and distorting it, is mythology. Mythology/ mystery teachings are for this reason the highest form of transmitting truth. Mythology is the true, ancient language of natural and science.

3. from mythology arose spiritual practices and rituals, which serve the initiated to influence mind and spiritual powers non-verbally for achieving well-being and healing

4. as most people are not in position to understand 1.-3., especially in our dense age, mythology and mysteries naturally decayed into fables, fairy tales, legends, Maerchen and in this way later also into false history.

5. power structures learned to abuse and create such decayed mythology and finally engineered organized religions and folk tales. These belief systems (belief is the opposite of Gnosis) serve ruling elites as control tool over large populations, as mass scale mind control systems. Organized religion attempts to historize mythology, all of them do this.

6. the lowest ranking organized religions, because they suggest external salvation and insist on impossible history without scientific verification, are the most popular ones, the three Abrahamic religions. All three are built on a grotesque, elitist saviour concept, a fall of man that has never happened, a false morality that depicts darkness and female energy as something evil and all three are in fact sequals of the same doctrine, the ink has flown from the same Greco-Roman pen.

7. the lowest of the three Abrahamic religions must be Christianity, because the NT is not only based on historic events which never took place, it is also full of scientific errors, it externalizes salvation and introduces an artificial morality to nature and a very troubled image of what is good and what is evil. The Christian faith also offers an astonishing ZERO spiritual advice to believers, no help at all with body, mind or soul. All other religions offer at least some bits and pieces, but Christianity ZIP, just guilt, sorrow, fear and false hope. The Roman church has managed to turn an African, liberating life science into an artificially historized, restricting, depressing, death cult.

a Roman catholic chapel in Poland

Christian churches are usually located near a grave yard

Despite Christianity ranging on the lowest rank of spiritual knowledge - and this is difficult to understand for most people, because it requires to realize a contradicting truth - the bible does contain a large amount of beautiful and correct natural science, but ithis is deeply covered in allegory and mostly deals with the astrological aspects of the solar year. The NT is perhaps the best astrology book available today, and the Hebrew OT is an initiate handbook on human anatomy. It is a patchwork of older texts and more ancient mythology and older spiritual systems and rituals, and the NT is a (somewhat helpless) copy of these ideas with a solar expansion, and based on re-written accounts of the OT and ideas gathered by European imperialists from the territories they conquered and destroyed, most importantly the library of Alexandria, which Theodosius burned down in 391 ACE after looting it, so nobody else could have this knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Historically, we can therefore summarize that war mongering, imperialist, Caucasian left-brain idiotai overran a decaying, "dark skin" spiritual world, destroyed all cultures and spirituality, then realized that they needed religion as mind control system for dominating large populations and therefore put together patch work mythology, sold it to the public as new and later even claimed it to be historical. They then simply killed everyone who disagreed. Talk about an aggressive marketing strategy!

The patchwork of texts contained in the OT can be traced to older works, some of them reaching back as far as Mesopotamia (e.g. Epic of Gilgamesh), and some of them even further to root myths of Africa, which had culminated in the wisdom of Khemet. The NT then was a solar fable put together by the Ptolemies/ Piso family/ Greco-Roman power elite for the purpose of creating a system that would unite many beliefs. Christianity was finally established as state religion by the ruthless, homosexual murdering psychopath Constantine. But also the NT contains some literary, spirtual gems, because some high initiates' texts were used as basis, the most tragical one probably being the initiated Saul of Tarsus, a vehement church opponent, who as "revenge" was posthumously declared to be St. Paul and authored large parts of the NT texts in one way or another. He would have turned in his grave, had he known that his works would be used for putting together a fable about a historical, physical Christ.

What the three Abrahamic religions are, and I say this with no hatred, is a simplified, to some extent very detrimental and dangerous, children-level trash version of the Egyptian mysteries. As the catacombs in Rome prove, the Roman Church was founded on a set of funeral and pyramid texts, which scholars today falsely call a "book", and not just this, they call it the "Book of the Dead", which is a joke in itself, because "death" is a Hebrew word creation and the Hebrew tradition is a diluted, misunderstood expansion of Khemau science, that went to great efforts in eliminating the matriarchal cosmology of Africa. In addition, Europeans who came to Egypt to be educated - and the great scholars were ALL educated here - had to rely purely on the verbal tradition, they could not study texts first hand and could not behold the depth of African spirituality, because this is captured in sacred carvings (hieroglyphs). Roman and Greek invaders were not even remotely able to grasp the meaning, not even with help of the Rosetta Stone after 1822. White scholars have ever since been quite happy to associate one European letter to each hieroglyph, while each of these symbols has hundreds of fractal, holistic meanings.

It may have been a Million years ago
The Light was kindled in the Old Dark Land
Withi which the illumined Scrolls are all aglow,
That Egypt gave us with her mummied hand :
This was the secret of that subtle smile
Inscrutable upon the Sphinx's face,
Now told from sea to sea, from isle to isle ;
The revelation of the Old Dark Race ;
Theirs was the wisdom of the Bee and Bird,
Ant, Tortoise, Beaver, working human-wise ;
The ancient darkness spake with Egypt's Word ;
Hers was the primal message of the skies:
The Heavens are telling nightly of her glory,
And for all time Earth echoes her great story.
Gerald Massey foreword to "Light of Egypt"

Following the title of this blog entry, I will now attempt to explain in simple words the 7 births of Christ Jesus, which are as follows:

1. Birth in nature
2. Birth in mythology
3. Birth in star lore
4. Birth in the solar myth
5. Birth in eschatology
6. Birth in organized religion
7. Birth in history & doctrine

Churches today uphold 6. & 7, but they intentionally try to camouflage 3, 4 and 5, and absolutely put under taboo anything concerning 1 & 2, so to keep the true meaning hidden, and true interpretation blocked. Enlightenment is therefore intentionally denied. Salvation is made impossible, spirituality is destroyed. We are enslaved and confused in false doctrine.

The Christ (KaRaST) and the Jesus (Iesous, Ya-shu-wa) are two entirely different concepts

which have been mixed up by the male-crazy, Judeo-Roman solar myth makers, so in 1. & 2 I will treat them seperately for better understanding. The further back in time we move, the more meaningful the concepts become. The more we move into our own day and age, the lower the Gnosis.

1. Birth in nature
Over thousands of years, people observed nature's cycles and came to the conclusion that all processes in nature are cyclic, meaning that there is never an end and never a beginning. The most obvious cycles were those of light and darkness, life and death, linked to water and heat. Khemet specifically observed the unique example of decay and rebirth of the Egyptian nature, which is connected to the annual inundation cycle of the Nile river. Observable, but for human beings uncontrollable forces of nature, such as drought, moisture and light and weather phenomena were carefully related to another by the shamans. It was observed that nature had a number of blue prints, things that were identical throughout nature, and observable in similar forms on various levels. Animated life was a perfect reflectation of natural forces, it was all connected. This concept of natural forces that are outside the control of human beings was named "Neteru", from which we today get the Germanic Word "Natur"/ English "nature".

 Horus slaying Apap (drought), this became St. George, slaying the dragon

a) IU - the ever coming one
The Africans recognized that there was an eternal- ever-coming, life-giving principle within nature and localized this source of life in the element of water. They recognized that sea water was nearly identical with human blood in its composure, and that the water element was the life-giving principle on physical Earth, and that all physical life came to Earth through water/ blood. In the solar year, this was observable, as unique location in the entire world, in ancient Khemet/ Egypt in the form of the anual Nile inundation. There was a life-giving principle penetrating the dry and hot desert each year, forever and ever. This life force generated food / a food chain.

a) KRST - the seat of the soul
In parallel to the outside world, Shamans also ventured into the inner, dark world, and they realized that physical life did not evolve chaotically, but that there was hidden principle that systemized being beyond life and death, and which would lie dormant and passive during physical life. It was like a domino chain of eternal life, a force that was erected and entombed again and again and took many forms, but always stayed the same.

Four key "Christian" scenes (annunciation, conception, virgin birth and
adoration of the child), Temple of Luxor, 1380 BCE

2. Birth in mythology
Anthopomorphic myths (myths involving human characters) were a late phenomena. Human characters were preceded by natural myth, then myths based on totemic animal types, then lunar myths and finally solar myths. So the Jesus and the Christ concepts (two different ideas alltogether) were also first born as natural observations/ myths, then put into a lunar context, then solarized and finally put into human form. 

a) the original Horus/ IU as Jesus prototype
The oldest mythology traceable in the world is that of Sut-an as master of the pole and creator of the physical world. Sut-an could be translated as "dark portal", and this is talking about Melanin in the Medulla Oblongata, the "mouth of god". One of his 7 helpers (the seven dwarfs, aka Pygmies, first human beings on Earth) was the force of light, which was later put into scene as his opponent, as mythology decayed. This original mythology far preceded dynastic Egypt by many thousands of years. Sut was the primal source of physical creation, the source of physical being, the power of darkness (unseen light, dark and void space). Horus later became its complementing, but also opposing force (two brothers, twins), the "hero" of physical nature, the annual life bringer in the form of the Nile inundation, the revival of life and nature. Later in the solar myth, Sut (Seth/ Set) and Heru were portrayed as the ever- competing ("fighting") twins of darkness and light, while originally, Horus had been the life force in blood/ water.

Heru/ Iu(sa), the ever coming one/ life force of the Nile flood, was the "saviour" prototype in blood soul that would be converted into Jesus by the Roman Church.

a) the Osiris/ KaRaST as Christ prototype
The Karast (KRST), meaning "anointed" is the term that has been translated into English "mummy". A mummy is a preserved body that is made incorruptable. The KRST replaced the original concept of Sut-an, dark Melanin. In the mummification process, oil is used and Greek "christos" means oil. The NT was written in Greek and Greek "chrestos"also  meant "a good man". A good man, preserved (anointed) in oil, is what the Greco-Roman priests were later writing about, as they tried to humanize the spiritual concept of the "oiled/ anoined one", the mummy. The Christ word creation also builds on the idea of the chrystal (sands) surrounding the pineal gland ("sands of time"), which refers to the seat of the "mummified" soul during life, the "throne of destiny".

It was clear that a part of nature (today reduced to "DNA code", as if it were merely mathematical) was periodically re-erected in the form of a human spine and then faded again, but the underlying force of nature was eternal and incorruptable. This was associated with a number of Neteru, and later most famously became personified in mythology as Asar (Osiris), who then became the father of Heru (the animated soul hero) and husband of Aset (Isis), the mother principle of nature. Atum and Ptah were previous types of the mummified solar gods, Atum "the red" being transferred into the Hebrew OT Adam, the Adam finally into the NT Jesus.

Asar on the tat-pillar

The concept of crucifixation arose within the Asar myth. Asar was first the power inside the tree, his backbone being erected periodically during the Winter solstice (as quasi South Pole of Amenta). Some scholars claim that Horus was crucified, but in my understanding this concept derived from Asar, not from Heru. You may want to review the symbology of the Asar hieroglyph in my previous blog entry on Asar here

Asar, the lord of life, the (unconscious) underworld, DNA, spiritual food and internal darkness in physical matter became the prototype for the Roman Christ.

The original Trinity was:
Asar-Aset: androgynous matter of father-mother
Heru: soul in water/ blood
(Atum)-Ra: spirit in air/ breath, based on photonic power

Note: female matter was removed from this Trinity by the male-crazy, war  and death cults of Europe. Atum-Ra or Amen-Ra became the "father" and Heru the "son", or male sun. No female element was left in the Trinity! What a sad and meaningless Trinity the Roman Church has created!

The three Kings that followed the star are located in Orion's belt.
The three magi correspond to the pineal, pituitary and optic Thalamus glands.

3. Birth in star lore
Mythology was constellated in the heavens at a stage, when anthromorphized myth had started to be of fashion, but not yet entirely replaced totemic animal types. The nightly stars still today show all of Khemet's glory and heritage, as the zodiac is an African/ Egyptian mind science, as can be proven in many ways. Only when applied to the Nile inundation cycle, the Zodiac reveals its original natural rhythm, with the new year starting on Tehuti 1st (approx. July 20th, so beginning of Leo), the time when the inundation of the Nile really became strong (like a roaring lion) each year.

Horus (IU, later Jesus) is still today constellated in the form of 7 hero figures, all of which show the anthromorphized character in different stages during the solar year. Asar/ Christ can be associated with Orion, the only one of the 7 star heroes above the celestial equator, the constellation of the Sa-Hu mummy. Asar was also played by planet Venus (Bennu-Asar, the Egyptian fire Phoenix), because Venus as evening and morning star depicts the way through the underworld (Libra to Pisces).

the Dendera zodiac, including the 36 Egyptian decans

We can find Egypt's mysteries transformed into star lore in all 12 signs and 36 decans in the planesphere. The changes that were made to the constellations by Europeans can be traced back by comparing today's imagery with the one shown in the Dendhera Zodiac. The changes were mostly done to hide the original science and also to give more weight to the European version of the myth.

While the OT contained astro-theology as only one of its ingredients, the NT moved the scenery to a predominantly astral setting. The OT did arrange some concepts according to the Zodiac, including Genesis, the 10 plagues and other imagery, but the NT really took astro-theology to another level and showed the roamings of Christ Jesus as a solar voyage through the 12 zodiac signs and thus not only combined KRST and IU into one hybrid "good for all" character, but also wrongly personified this life-giving force of nature (water/ blood) with the physical sun ("son" of Gad), which is misleading and confuses the mind concerning the natural concept. What the priest class has pulled off in this respect is truly incredible. It is not admirable, because it is cunning, but to me it is incredible to see the level of intellect displayed in the process of engineering truth into fables and lies.

Horus in his pre-human, totemic form
was displayed as a fish of the Nile inundation

I will not go into deciphering all allegories here, because this would require a thousand pages and a few years of your time. But I do list some examples to hightlight what was done by the Roman priests.

Upon careful study of the original Greek teexts, Christ Jesus in scripture has two birthdays and is crucified twice in the solar year/ zodiac. This is because Horus (Nile inundation, Jesus, IU) began in Cancer (the "manger" is the beehive constellation) and life started receding in the autumn equinox, while the Christ (DNA, Asar) would be periodically erected in the Winter solstice and be crucified in the spring equinox. So, the natural science is correct, but by uniting two principles into one human avatar, the riddle becomes hard to crack.

The last one on the right is plain wrong:
Christ does not belong into the lap of Mary!

Mary, the Egyptian meri ("beloved") Isis, was constellated as Virgo, the blood mother (soul of blood), with the milk mother Neith being constellated as Coma ("desire"), who was played by Mary, wife of Cleopas in the Christian fable. It should have been this Mary of Cleopas who was impregated by wind, not the virgin Mary. The power of the original mythology wipes away all silly western belief systems and exposes the Christian fable for what it is: a plagiarized, bad copy of the original.

4. Birth in eschatology
Definition of eschatology here
Natural phenomena were at some stage transformed to symbolize the human life experience, death and rebirth.

During their mystical journeys in trance they discovered that there were two types of spirits surrounding us: elemental spirits and ancestoral spirits. Both were worshipped in different ways around the globe in all cultures. It was clear that after "death" (this word did not exist in Khemet) something remained and that this something was of spiritual, eternal nature and was immortal. Through out-of-body experiences it also became obvious that we are not our bodies, we merely temporarily reside in them.

While Horus had been a spiritual bringer of life (and later the power of light), Jesus has been proclaimed as unique "son of God" - a magical solar wordplay, "sun of Gad"/ Sun in Aries. Crucifixation (on the quinoxes) and ascension ("springing up" in spring time) were now all of the sudden exclusive privilege of a Jewish Zombie. The eschatology created for believers on the other hand, consisted of two dark boogeymen (originally Sut and Apap) and a terrible underworld (hell) on one side and a male, all-forgiving human-like guy sitting in the clouds, on the other. A pretty emberassing, children-level concept, if you think about it, but it works until this day to profoundly confuse billions of people and deeply impact how the mind works concerning good (god) and evil (Eve, who made men fall).

The Egyptian underworld, which can be associated with our subconscious mind, was transformed into a place of punishment for "sins". The heaven analogy (clouds are the brain) was used as great positive and father, which is actually only our electrical brain, that produces all sorts of nonsense. So the good and helpful (inner reflection, darkness and peace) was re-engieneered and marketed to be something scary and the bad and confusing (left brain analysis, science and cunningness of mind, also called "intelligence") was elevated as "god". The Christ was simply declared as the same thing as Jesus, so the dark Melanin portal the eternal DNA, the watchful ancestors and the pineal gland as seat of destiny were erased from the science.

The entire eschatology was reverse-engineered and heavily mutilated!

5. Birth in religion
There is only one historical Jesus, which is the Talmudic Yeshu Ben Pandera. And there is only one mythical Christ, as this is a title for someone who has activated the pineal gland and opened the crown chakra, a high initiate.

The NT's Jesus Christ was a hybrid character of:
- the Druid Esus
- the Phoenician Ies
- the Indian Krishna
(just by taking these three it becomes apparant how social engineers tried to combine three main prevailing belief systems of their conquered empire, the European Druid system, the middle East Ies and the far East Krishna)
- the Khemau double Horus (Heru) and Osiris (Asar)
- Sol Invictus
- the Gnostic Christ
- the multitude of other crucified saviours from around the world
- Apollonius from Tyre
- Yehushua, a spiritual leader of the Essenes in Qumran
- Jesus Ben Pandera of the Talmud
- the Greek Zeus

The name "Iesous" is a mix between Greek Zeus (Jupiter) and Greek IHS ("sun"), so it is the sun in Jupiter, because the myth was invented for the age of Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter.

As pointed out, the Roman goal had to be to unite all major pagan (original, local, non-militaristic, "of the people"-typ) spiritual beliefs into one (militaristic, non-pagan and violent, male-driven) system, which could be centrally controlled from the Italian peninsula. Most of the above can be seen pictured in the Catacombs of Rome, including a mummified baby in the lap of a black woman, an early prototype of the Osiris-Horus fusion.

The two Maries standing behind the Christ

Isis (Aset) was the blood mother who conceives, this became virgin Mary. Nephtys was the milk nurse. Neith was actually Coma, a constellation within Virgo, but this was way too complicated for simple minded Europeans, or it was deliberately simplified by the priests to camouflage the science. When Shu (air) impregnates Neith (Virgo), they simplified by saying the holy spirit (Ra) descended on the virgin Mary.

To say that Jesus again rose in his physical body is pure fable, because this originated as spiritual myth and depicts a process in the spiritual Amenta (hidden Land) and not on physical Earth!

The Egyptian mysteries were transformed into "Miracles" (the star Mira in Pisces was the name giver for this Word creation).

Jesus is of course an IU ("Jew").

6. Birth in history
Mythology was transformed into fake history, there was no historic Israel. There was no captivity of Jewish people in Egypt or Babylon. There was no mean pharao chasing them. There was no woman in a garden who caused the expulsion of the male from Paradise. There was no man who received Stone tablets from the clouds. Nobody ever walked on water in physical life. These are all spiritual allegories, each meaningful and valid, but not properly understood and explained.

Concerning the NT, none of the personage of the story existed in real life, they are all allegories. The 12 disciples are the 12 disciplines of the zodiac, based on the 12 cranial nerves of the human brain. The animal circle is located within the human mind, not external.

Cesare Borgia lent his face to Jesus. Aries Piso played the character in Athens. Constantine transformed Serapis into Jesus in the Council of Nicea in 325 ACE, and moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday in 335 ACE. Jesus was put on the cross in 680 ACE through the 6th council by Pope Agathus in the 82nd decree. Before this time, he was always standing next to the cross, with the sacrificial lamb being on the cross (Aries, spring equinox). The text itself was altered in 1468 ACE by Tacitus, to change the lamb to a "man". In 1827 the Apocrypha was taken out of the bible, which was the oral law and key to understanding anything at all in the bible.

If you study the original Greek text, you will be astonished to find that Jesus was not even crucified, it is Simon the Cyranean who carried the cross and Jesus is alive after the passion, not after death!

Churches are unfortunately the biggest enemy of human self enlightenment



Russia moving from left to right?

In the past month my readership was mostly Russian. It was the very first time that Russian readers have taken the no. 1 spot of readers, which up until now had always been occupied by US-American readers.

I thought I take this opportunity to throw in the middle some historic facts about "-isms" and the origin of the revolutionary faith. Few people are aware of the origins of the political left-right spectrum. This short entry is supposed to provide some clarity. The information is mostly based on "Fire in the Minds of Men" by Billington. This is one of those prescious books that are simply priceless!

The terms "left " and "right" were introduced as political labels in the late 18th century, specifically during the French Revolution (1789), which was the bloodiest and most inhumane of all so-called revolutions. These two labels were a product of the extreme violence during these awful years, the violence which originated from the Jewish-led and founded Masonic lodges, the reign of terror originating from the Palais-Royal, the Grand Orient and Cercles Sociales.

"Left" were the violent, occult, anti-human, anti-establishment and most of all anti-Christian forces that were driven and rolled out through the Masonic revolutionary networks.

"Right" were the pro-Christian forces who were trying to defend what had been accomplished over the past 2000 years. Christianity in itself was a tragedy, but nevertheless, it was the social order that had been grown and cultivated over nearly two millenia, so to tear this order down was an outright attack on civilization and culture.

The secure basis for all European/Russian revolutions have traditionally been Brussels and Switzerland. The primary protagonists behind the revolutionary can be described as mostly being homeless, Jewish journalists. The magic of journalism indeed replaced the Church in Europe. Before journalism, people would listen to preachers. In the age of journalism, people would now listen to anonymous Jewish revolutionaries. From one deception to the next, tragic.

The "left" idea was continued in Russia/ Soviet Union and the "right" idea was brought to its extreme by Hitler Germany. But also in USA today, "Democratic" and "Republican" are nothing but revolutionary titles. Revolution against what? Against the Republic itself, because USA were not founded as a Democracy and the ridiculous voting system today is nothing but a decoy to hide the fact that USA is still ruled by the Empire and Zionist forces around Capitol Hill. "Federalism" is the natural next step and this automatically destroys unity and creates a jungle of Law. Federal States like Germany and USA are lost in such jungles.

The birth of ideologies goes back to the Hegelian movement, which produced both German Marxism (Materialism) and Russian Intelligentsia. These two concepts combined resulted in the brutal "Bolshevism" (majoritaires), where intellectual could only be on the "left" side and in fact needed to be killed on mass scale later in time.

The term "communism" was coined in France around 1840. These were "radicals", which means that they wanted a radical change (latin radix = root). The first French communists were Pillot, Dezamy and Laponneraye, all of whom were Parisean journalists. Their goal of writing was to re-educate people to annihilate their ego. Atheism was a vital component of this idea (Marx, Dezamy, Feuerbach).

Starting in 1914 began the great chain of assassinations commited by Russian Jews, which I have listed in my blog entry about German TrueStory.

The first mass following of workers's class people were the German Social Democrats, founded by F. Lassalle. In 1891 they declared themselves "Marxist" with the consent of J. Engels. Marxism is nothing else but materialism, which is based on violent Atheism.

In the 2nd half of the 19th century Russian socialism replaces Polish nationalism as driving force in Europe. Revolutionaries now start to speak about "Global Transformation", which is another way of saying "New World Order", the great Zionist goal of world socialist government under leadership of intellectual, elitist Jews who rule the animal-like Goyim.

In the 1860's began a wave in and around Russia of nihilism, terrorism, anarchism, populism, a total opposition of status quo. Driving forces were for instance Necheav (dark genius), Tkachev (extremist) and Alex Ulyanov (Lenin's older brother, an outright, self-proclaimed terrorist).

The German spark also reaches Russian Jews and Zionism is born in the 1880's during anti-Jewish progroms. The BUND, which is the general Union of Jewish workers in Russia and Poland comes to life, and this very title "BUND" is what today governs post-war Germany. Germany is today in Zionist hands, because Zionist have won WWII against the pro-Christian forces of Europe, led by Hitler. In 1897 the 1st Zionist Congress takes place in Basel. The Global Zionist movement later declared war on Germany and kicked off WW2. The Jewish revolutionaries started WW2, not the Germans.

In 1903 the Bolshevik Party is created with S. Raduchenko as first "apparat". Lenin portrays himself as "master builder", which is his open testimony to being part of Jewish masonry. In 1917 Lenin is transported in a sealed train to Russia, he forms the 3rd international and dies in 1924 before the forced industrialization. Three revolutionary shockwaves destroyed Russian culture, January 1917, March 1917 and November 1917 and the Tsarist Romanov family was killed by Jewish Zionist forces. Power figures now were the Jews Lenin, Trotzky, Sobelsohn and Lunacharsky. The Ochrana secret police was created for assassinating opponents.

The above bullet points serve to show that "left", German "links" was originally the Judeo-Masonic revolutionary, anti-Christian, murdering mob that attacked society on grand scale during the 18th, 19th and 20th century. In German language left means "links" and to be "link" also means low-down, or underhanded, wicked. "Right" on the other hand is the right (correct) way of behaviour, the righteous way of defending society from (Judeo-Masonic) violence.

This is the reason why in western society today, only left-intellectuals have a raison d'etre. There can be no right-intellectuals and the right side is being branded as something evil, while the opposite is the historic truth! The evil side has clearly been the left side. In occultimsm the left path is the evil side, the right path is the path of light. On the Tree of evil we find the evil fruits (planets) on the left side, the righteous planets on the right side.

Geopolitically, I get more and more the feeling that Vladimir Putin is the only sane and honest politician left on the world stage today. In the past few weeks he prevented Turkish forces from entering Syria and apparently nearly wiped out the Mossad/ CIA controlled ISIS and there may be hope that also Iraq and other territories might soon be cleaned from this most recent Judeo-masonic/ Zionist nightmarish tool of deception and destruction.

Western Masonic forces, mainly through Zionist-controlled news outlets, first tried to blame Putin for their very own revolutionary actions in Crimea, but Putin stayed calm, he smelled the bait. Then he stayed calm when western Zionist forces destroyed Syria and started bulding terrorist forces in the region. He now recently made a genius level chess move by declaring his support for the "war on terror" hoax in a UN speech and quickly destroying the rogue rebel forces called ISIS in Syria.

The true Axis of evil (Israel, D.O.C., London city, Paris, Berlin, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) seems to have finally found a stumbling block for their world domination plans. Or is this also just an episode within their insane plan of fulfilling Jewish prophecy?

Obama reminds me of the fairy tale "The Emperor has no clothes". The small boy pointing the finger at him is the alternative media scene.

It may just be that Putin is the force of light who is able to prevent WW3.
I am always sceptical about world leaders but Putin seems to be on a righteous path!

Hopefully this is not another fake hero, who later turns against humanity.

Peace and Hotep!


Improve your life - a simple task?

Hi world,

I decided to spend less time in front of computer screens and more time in nature.

To all of you who wish to make the world a better place, to cultivate your character and to find more happiness in life, no matter which religion or belief system you follow or where you come from, here a simple challenge for you :

Write down today three things that you personally believe an ideal citizen of this world should be cultivating and practicing during their stay on this planet.

Then start being this person.

Hotep! Peace!

PS: I have satisfied my urge to write blog entries and communicate to the general public. If you wish to ask my opinion on any spiritual topic, feel free to contact me at panamajack68@hotmail.com.


The summer of 69

Summer begins in Cancer
The symbol of Cancer is a 69
Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon
In the summer of `69, we went to the Moon. 

But that was just a dream.

Have you ever wondered, whether there can be indisputable proof that major world events are being planned in advance and encoded in occult symbols? If your answer to this is "yes", then this blog entry is for you. I post this blog entry for proving two things:

1- major world events are planned for certain dates, long before they happen
2- major world events are aligned to the planetary clock and embedded in astro symbols, because astrology is the one true religious science/ scientific religion that has validity on our planet

I have selected the specific example of the Apollo 11 Mission because there simply can be no denial. Not from a logical, sane perspective, that is. People who prefer to trick themselves into false reality may find all sorts of excuses, denial, coincidences and simply ignore spiritual facts and symbols. A sad life that is. But it is your own choice. Each and every one of us is free to choose reality and live in it. Mental prisons are self imposed. What is called "reality" is defined through acceptance. Whatever you accept as your reality, is what you live in.

In June 1985, Bryan Adams had a #1 hit called "Summer of sixty-nine". Now, the season of summer starts precisely on June 21st, when the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer. Cancer is the first 30 degrees of summer. The symbol of Cancer can be seen above, it resembles a sixty-nine, seemingly lying on its side. The first point to note is that Bryan Adams`song is hinting at the scientific fact that is embedded within this symbol. He is not singing about the specific summer that occurred in 1969, he is singing about every summer,  because the beginning of summer are literally the "best days of our lives".

I have seen many attempts of explaining the symbol of Cancer, mostly related to 69 being a sexual position, which is nonsense, because astrology does not deal with such things at all. The true meaning of 69 is much deeper and more beautiful. If you divide Earth circumference into four parts of 90 degrees, as can be seen above, you have defined the four seasons:
1. spring equinox to summer solstice = spring, "springing up" to the 12 o`clock position
2. summer solstice to fall equinox = summer, days get shorter from here
3. fall equinox to winter solstice = fall, "falling down" to the midnight position
4. winter solstice to spring equinox = winter, days get longer from here

Each of these seasons, each quarter of the circle compromises precisely 3 zodiac signs of 30 degrees each. Each season therefore equals precisely 90 degrees. Earth circumference is currently (this is not constant) given at 24,859.83 miles. Divide this by four (seasons) and you get 6,214.96 miles. Now divide this by 90 degrees, you receive roughly 69 miles. In other words, one degree of Earth circumference corresponds to roughly 69 miles. As one day of 24 hours has 360 degrees, it also means that Earth rotation moves one degree in precisely 4 minutes, and 90 degrees in 360 minutes, or 6 hours. This means that 69 miles (a measure of space) correspond to 4 minutes (a measure of time). This is the divine relation between time and space on our planet and it has been captured in the ancient measurement called "mile". This measurement also captures the length of the solar year, because 365.24 days x 360 degrees of the full circle x 1000 = 131,486,400 (Feet), converted to Miles this is the figure you see above. These measurements make navigation fairly easy, provided that there is a clear sky. These measures are also the basis for the Meridian system, e.g. The Tropic of Cancer can be expressed in degrees and minutes as 23 degrees 30`N, or in decimal degrees 23,5 degrees N.

Getting back to our summer of 69, we conclude that the symbol of Cancer has been created to symbolize not just the two clinging crab claws that have difficulties letting go, but also the distance in miles for one degree of Earth circumference. And as 69 miles, or one degree, correspond to 4 minutes, the symbol of 69 has been assigned to the forth sign, which is Cancer.

We take note that Bryan Adam`s song was released in June 1985. June 21st is where Cancer starts. So Mr. Adams was allowed to sing about Moon ruled Cancer just when Cancer started. Cancer is the only one of the twelve zodiac signs that is ruled by the Moon. The symbol 69 therefore corresponds to the Moon.

Next, we note that in 1969, the only year within the 20th century that contained the number 69, the world was sold the story that man walked on the Moon. But not only did this happen in the year 69, it also happened in Cancer, because the Apollo 11 Mission started in June 1969. In fact the supposed Moon landing occurred precisely on the very last day of Cancer, on July 20, 1969, one day before Leo begins. It was launched on July 16th.

Apollo 11 landed in the "Sea of tranquility" - funny enough, Cancer corresponds to the mystical "heavenly peace", and it is cardinal water, so Cancer is indeed indeed a sea of tranquility.

The logo of the Apollo Mission reveals - to those with eyes to see - who Apollo is in mythology. The orange sphere on the left is not the Moon. The stars on this logo are those of Orion. Orion is located near Gemini, and Pollux, one of the twins, is an orange giant. Pollux is Apollo.

With little research we find that there were supposedly 12 men on the Moon, see here . The 12 symbolizes the 12 zodiac signs. These men hate to be confronted with questions, as you see here in: Astronauts gone Wild. Why such a strong reaction, if they truly walked on the Moon, they could laugh about such questions. Why get angry at all? Because they are lying, but bound to their Masonic oath of silence. 


The Moon landing also happened to be the very first live event in history that was denied free press coverage. No independent verification of any data has ever occurred, all information and images came exclusively from NASA, which makes the conspiracy fairly simple. There are many aspects of the Apollo 11 Mission that defy simplest logic and bend the laws of physics. The most obvious may be the following:

- most pictures and t.v. images were of terrible quality, but there are high quality color images from the Camcorder inside the shuttle. A deliberate effort to deteriorate the image quality has occurred.

- it is absolutely impossible for a living human being to reach the Moon. During the last 30 years, no space mission (the real ones) have dared to go any further into space than 385 Miles. This is because going any further would risk getting near the highly radioactive, deadly Van-Allen Belt. This belt is created by the Sun and Earth`s magnetic field. It was scientifically verified with Geiger counters in 1958. So, roughly 400 Miles is all that is ever being risked with living people on board, but guess what - the distance from Earth to the Moon is a staggering 225,000 Miles, so we do not even dare to go 1% of the distance.

- The temperature on the Moon, which has no atmosphere, when in open sunlight, moves to a fiery 250 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 120 degrees Celsius), so without a high tech cooling system, which astronauts did not have in 1969, and still don`t have today, they would be boiled in their suits pretty quickly. According to NASA, Mr. Armstrong stayed in the sun for 2.5 hours - this is simply impossible, a fairy tale. He would have been reduced to a boiling pot of Masonic soup.

- The live commentary of Neil Armstrong, who landed the Moon shuttle manually, would only have been possible inside the suit, due to the noise of the rocket, but manual landing wearing gloves would be impossible. Either wear the suit or manually land the shuttle - you cant have both.

Top 10 reasons why the Moon landing was a hoax: here
Landing safely on the Moon is scientifically impossible: here
Impossible Moon landing shot: here
Wires and cable footage: here
Moon landings fact or fiction?: here

Danny first sees twins (Gemini Mission), then, wearing his Apollo 11 sweater, he moves to room 237, which symbolizes the mean distance to the moon (238,000 miles) minus 1, because the Mission never reached the one (moon). In the room, an attractive lady transforms herself into a rotten ghoul, strangles the boy and tears his sweater. This symbolizes Kubrick`s relation to NASA. Danny is asked what happened in the room by his mom, but Danny stays silent. In the same way, Kubrick was silenced by NASA.

Here a short video summarizing the symbols seen in The Shining.

The Moon hoax was directed and coordinated by two masters of the craft - 33 degree master Mason Walt Disney and director genius Stanley Kubrick. The first was already accommodated to fooling the world through his social engineering program in the form of cartoons. The latter was forced to participate and only late into the project found out that he is dealing with a rotten ghoul. Kubrick was forced to enter a 30 year contract and bound to silence until 1999. Finally free from the contract in 1999, he produced his first own movie, Eyes Wide Shut, for which he was killed and 30 minutes removed from the Director`s Cut. During the 30 years of silence, his only way of communication were the movies that he made. Kubrick used "The Shining" to communicate his difficult situation to the world - a true master piece! His own biography is visually embedded into the story.

To round this blog entry off, here some beautiful images from our planet:
(video removed, because it was a NASA CGI/ fake)
time lapse video by Immortal Technique


TRUEstory Germany - part III

Part I - here
Part II - here

Without going into much boring detail, how Germany was divided, re-educated and subdued into new financial bondage (Marshall Plan, 4 years beginning April 1948), here below an attempt to show the hard wall of the cinema behind the flickering light of the movie screen, the reality that would be seen if the veil would be drawn away of the movie called "Deutschland". I am going to show below that the "German" population is nothing but 80 million stateless objects (legally not human beings, therefore human rights don`t apply).

First we put our attention to a book written by Theodore N. Kaufman in 1941, "Germany must perish", which defines a final solution for the German population, once defeated. While there never has been found, in the hundreds of thousands of Nazi document and intercepted messages, a single document that could prove a deliberate plan to kill the Jews in Europe, this book openly discusses sterilization of all German people, and presents a clear number calculation for a planned, outspoken extermination of civilians, the very thing the Nazi leadership has been wrongly accused of having undertaken. Kaufman had close ties to the White House, so this was not just anybody writing some book.

June 21, 1948, the Allies withdrew the old currency and replaced it with the new Deutsche Mark at the rate of 1 new per 10 old. This wiped out 90% of government and private debt, as well as most private savings of the German civil population. It was now time to go back to the Weimar mess.

1949, at the Potsdam Conference, Germany was divided into four military occupation zones and did not regain independence until 1949. In 1949 a new state, West Germany (FRG/ BRD) was created. The three western occupation zones (American, British, and French) were combined into the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG, West Germany), the Eastern part became Soviet and Germany was thus officially divided, the Berlin wall was built in 1961.

Next we direct our attention to another book, written by by Louis Nizer in 1944 for the US Army (see extract above, pdf here), which Roosevelt’s cabinet members received as compulsive reading, and the subsequent president Truman demanded that ‘every American citizen should read this book`. The book deals with the question what should be done with the German civil population after WWII. Aside from extermination, deportations and forced sterilization (weren`t these condemned, evil Nazi methods?) several other options are discussed in this book, option 3) is called "political dismemberment", which is the alternative that was finally chosen.

"We don`t have a mandate to create a State!"
founding member of the FRG, Carlo Schmid, 1948

It was decided to grant the Germans an economic wonder (Marshall Plan/ Wirtschaftswunder) so that they would prosper and live well and be content, but as a price for this they were politically "dismembered" and eternally branded as evil monsters. As a result of this combination, Germans today are economically well off (but middle class disappearing, as in other countries), but most have a broken relationship to their own country, ancestors and no clue about their outstanding, heroic, beautiful history. Berlin appears to be playing a leading role in Europe (e.g. in the current Euro-crisis) but behind the media stage show Germany is a militarily occupied, externally controlled, artificially created, allied-run tax farm. Billions of Euros are extracted from this farm every year and sent to Israel, Brussels and London and who knows to which private pockets.

I use Zappa again, it simply could not be put any better

"Deutschland" was created by the Allies as an administration structure, the German post-war government has at all times been an ally-imposed regulatory system. German high politicians have been in on this trick and must be seen as traitors from point of view of the German people; this is true from the very first Chancellor Adenauer, to current Angela Merkel.

Well......who cares anyway? let`s binge drink

The next legal trick that has been pulled on Germany (and the rest of the world) was to deny the German Reich a peace treaty. Italy and Japan have officially received such peace treaties, but the German Reich until today has not neither been officially resolved, nor has it received a peace treaty and is therefore still officially at war. This also explains how NATO/ USA are able to attack countries like Libya or Iraq without a war declaration. If world war two is still ongoing with Germany, individual war declarations can be legally circumvented. Our hidden leaders always respect the law, this is a very important point, which also points the way to freedom.

Greeting the 1 millionth Gastarbeiter
the Gastarbeiter families were intentionally not properly integrated into German society

The next step to weaken the German culture and spirit, was to bring in foreigners, a proven strategy already used by the Roman Empire. With a booming economy and short of unskilled workers, especially after the Berlin Wall cut off the steady flow of East Germans, the FRG negotiated migration agreements with Italy (1955), Spain (1960), Greece (1960), and Turkey (1961) that brought in hundreds of thousands of temporary guest workers, called Gastarbeiter. The purpose of this was social engineering. (Note: I am arguing here from a helicopter, social engineering point of view, I am not trying to attack or blame Gastarbeiter families here - in fact I salute them for taking the burden of living as stateless objects along with us in solidarity.)

1989, the Soviet Union was shut down, and events led to the German reunification. The way in which the Eastern countries were "integrated" was intentionally destructive. The economy was killed off by immediately introducing the strong German Mark and the Treuhand sold off industrial and state assets at pennies to the Mark to wealthy Westerners, who then dismantled the infrastructure and turned Eastern Germany into an economic wasteland, while politicians were spewing lies about "flourishing landscapes", the bluehende Landschaften of Helmut Kohl, which were never intended.


A short bio of Mr. Merkel may help to understand what kind of people are leading Germany and what their true intentions are and who their masters are. Mrs. Merkel is the daughter of the infamous Horst Kasner "Red Kasner" (see here), who was a Marxist, had close ties to the STASI and to Clemens de Maizière, the father of the later last GDR prime minister Lothar de Maizière. Their task was to transform the anti-Marxist GDR Christian church into a "Socialist" church and at the time when everyone else was fleeing from East to West, the Kasner/Merkel family moved from Hamburg to the GDR to convert East German Christians to the Marxist faith. Lothar de Maizière later lifted Merkel as government spokesperson into his cabinet and again later, Thomas de Maiziere was nominated Chancellery Minister under Merkel, so to speak her right hand, responsible for secret services, Verfassungsschutz, BND and integration of Stasi agents. Within the FDJ, Merkel soon covered the highest office, Secretary of Propaganda and Agitation.

In 2005 Merkel, whose mother was Jewish, which makes her a legitimate Jew, was honored - just like Kohl before her - by the B`nai B`rith. The audience was not only reminded of the longstanding ties between B'nai B'rith in Germany, where as far back as 1882 the first Lodge outside the USA was established, but the audience also learned that the twelve founders of the Order in 1843 in New York were Jewish immigrants from Germany. In the year 1932 the German District counted no less than 13,000 members among more than a hundred lodges, only to be dissolved by the Nazis in 1937. The Nazis dismantled Jewish Freemasonry in total, which they knew was a Judeo-Zionist revolutionary tool.

Maybe one last word about War crimes - the UK in 1991 adopted the War Crimes Act, which is a complete hoax, incompatible with international humanitarian law and designed to protect British and other allied war criminals.

The colonization of German citizens already started with the Nazis, who transformed citizens into foreigners after the Reichstagsbrand in 1934 via the Ermächtigungsgesetz (quasi Martial Law). When this Law came into force, all citizens became indirect (mittelbar) citizens, which means they lost citizenship and became foreigners. From this point in time onward, all matters of citizenship have been under the umbrella of the Immigration authorities (Einwanderungsbehörde) and citizens became colonial/ immigrants - this very procedure is still in place today in Germany and also being adapted by the European Union.

To make it very clear: what they took from we the people was our right of inheritance because prior to 1933 all passports were issued by autonomous States (e.g. Freistaat Baden, Freier Volksstaat Württemberg, Volksstaat Hessen, etc). This means in simple terms, the land was stolen from the people.

In the area of State Law and citizenship we quickly find ourselves deeply entangled in complex Roman RCC/ Talmudic Law and I am going to focus the rest of this blog entry on this aspect, because in my view it is the key to freedom, the only way out. We must either apply "their" laws to themselves, or on individual level adjust our behavior to their occult system (e.g. distinguish our names from us as human beings) and I argue that this is the only way to bring about individual and also collective change. I will write the text in two languages, so German readers may benefit and focus their own research accordingly:
  • Whenever a citizen (Bürger) deals with State (Staat), what is really taking place from a legal point of view is a transaction between a thing (Sache) and a commercial company (gewerbliche Firma). 
  • The name of a person is property of the government according to BGB (P10 EinfG BGB, "Recht am Namen hat der Staat"). Names are used as a tool to transform a human being into a neutral object. This is why court cases are in "matter of....("in Sachen...."), because the court is a corporation dealing with matter, not with people. In fact, legally it cannot deal with real people. Only people can deal with people. A court is a corporation, so it can only deal with objects/ matters.
  • In the Law for Settlement of Occupational Rights (Gesetz zur Bereinigung des Besatzungsrecht), version 2007, the annulment of the annulment is valid, which means that Germany is still occupied
  • According to Constitutional Law (GG, Grundgesetz), the BUND carries the financial burden of allied occupation (Besatzung), the GG is valid. It was constructed on basis of the Weimar Constitution, but the allied manipulated it to serve the Versaille Dictate, one thing they did was to degrade the German States (Bayern, etc.) to territories (Länder)
  • According to Hague Regulations (Haager Landkriegsordnung), art. 24, ruses of war (Kriegslisten) are permitted, and as the German Reich has no peace treaty, the population my be tricked into believing that they are something they are not. Japan and Italy have a peace treaty, Germans are still at war, this is a legal fact.
  • The British foreign office will have to publish documents about these ruses of war in 2045, so we will have to wait another 30 years to learn the truth - but those with eyes to see can have a peek at truth right here, right now
  • Art. 7 of Shaef Law (Shaef Gesetz) 52(e) defines the term "Deutschland" as meaning the German Reich, as existed on December 31st, 1937, "BRD/ Bundesrepublik Deutschland" is the long version of "Deutschland", and BRD is defined as "administrative organisation"
  • In a protocol of a conference of foreign ministers July 17th 1990 about the 2+4 contracts, it is documented that the Polish foreign minister was concerned about maintenance of the post-war borders and the German foreign minister assured that "no peace is planned", which refers to the fact that, should the Deutsches Reich receive a peace treaty, the post-war borders could be disputed. It also means that German politicians know about the status and are aware that no peace treaty will be issued for the German Reich.
  • If you conduct a business research on Manta/ Dun & Bradstreet, you will find that all German Ministries, all German States, all German Courts and all German Bund organs (e.g. Finanzamt, the German IRS) are all listed as private, commercial corporations. I entered "Bundesgerichtshof", here the result. 
  • According to GG 133 the "BUND" assumes all rights of the united legal territory, this strange entity BUND is also listed with the United Nations. Well, no real surprise that this term was used by the Jewish secular socialist movement, see here. This is another way of saying: "Germany is owned by Jews".
  • The Deutsches Reich, just like the USA, did not have its own territory, a legal trick used on both sides of the Atlantic and this shows the handwriting of our hidden rulers. A legal entity called "State" must fulfill three criteria: 1) nationals (Staatsangehörige), 2) a territory and 3) a constituent power (Verfassungsgebende Gewalt) - so by this definition it is evident that neither German Reich nor USA have ever been States - they were and are private companies. From 1934 onward citizens were either "deutsch" or members of the "Deutsche Reich", which had no own territory, just like the USA after 1865.
  • The German passport/ Personalausweis does not serve as proof of nationality or citizenship, this is explicitly stated by German BUND organs and can be seen on German public government websites. Various letters to State/ Berlin have confirmed that "...a citizenship of either BRD or Deutschland does not exist!". If you don`t believe it, write a letter to authorities yourself, you will come to learn that this is true. German identification documents state nationality: German, which is an adjective and unfortunately not a nationality. The German ID card is called "Personalausweis", because Germans are the personnel (Personal) of the German private corporation GmbH.
  • German people are stateless objects, they have no home and no status as human beings. As the citizens accept their fate and accept the driver`s licence, the passport, the birth certificate, etc. this legitimizes the unconstitutional administration, because according to commercial code (Handelsgesetz) this means acceptance in the form of conclusive actions (konkludentes Handeln) - nobody complaints, so it becomes legitimate
  • The Lissabon Treaty is actually a contract in private Law and it constitutes the highest administrative construct for German people today - this is true for all EU members, but the big exception is Germany, due to the ruses of war (Krieglisten) and lack of a peace treaty. If ever there would be a way of awakening German people, there could be powerful change in Europe - currently they are tax slaves.
  • The true Nazis today sit in Berlin and Brussels, where non- elected Commissars have all the power and there is not democratic basis whatsoever, offices are designated (by whom?)
  • German citizenship (Deutsche Staatangehörigkeit) is today a meaningless term, and since December 18th, 2010, Germany consists of 80 million+  stateless objects
  • All elections after 1948 were in fact unconstitutional fraud and not conform to GG, so whoever "gives away their voice" (German: Stimme abgeben) actually loses it and becomes mute

The essentials for understanding the German situation today are:
- GG 16, 160, 139, 146
- CHAEF 1, Art. 3, Absatz 4
- Kontrollratsgesetz 1
- Richtergesetz 18

Here some research sources in German language which go into detail and which actually were my source of learning in this area, so all thanks goes to Andreas Clauss for his fantastic research:
- Andreas Clauss, video
- another one by Andreas here
- The German Kaiserhymne here
- Novertis Foundation (I am not associated to this and don`t receive anything for mentioning it here)

WWII was a corporate war !