Improve your life - a simple task?

Hi world,

I decided to spend less time in front of computer screens and more time in nature.

To all of you who wish to make the world a better place, to cultivate your character and to find more happiness in life, no matter which religion or belief system you follow or where you come from, here a simple challenge for you :

Write down today three things that you personally believe an ideal citizen of this world should be cultivating and practicing during their stay on this planet.

Then start being this person.

Hotep! Peace!

PS: I have satisfied my urge to write blog entries and communicate to the general public. If you wish to ask my opinion on any spiritual topic, feel free to contact me at panamajack68@hotmail.com.

2 Kommentare:

  1. My deepest thank for sharing your thoughts with us,
    which are very precious to me.

  2. Echt vielen Dank für Alles! You have inspired me to research many things. Your blog will be missed.