The summer of 69

Summer begins in Cancer
The symbol of Cancer is a 69
Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon
In the summer of `69, we went to the Moon. 

But that was just a dream.

Have you ever wondered, whether there can be indisputable proof that major world events are being planned in advance and encoded in occult symbols? If your answer to this is "yes", then this blog entry is for you. I post this blog entry for proving two things:

1- major world events are planned for certain dates, long before they happen
2- major world events are aligned to the planetary clock and embedded in astro symbols, because astrology is the one true religious science/ scientific religion that has validity on our planet

I have selected the specific example of the Apollo 11 Mission because there simply can be no denial. Not from a logical, sane perspective, that is. People who prefer to trick themselves into false reality may find all sorts of excuses, denial, coincidences and simply ignore spiritual facts and symbols. A sad life that is. But it is your own choice. Each and every one of us is free to choose reality and live in it. Mental prisons are self imposed. What is called "reality" is defined through acceptance. Whatever you accept as your reality, is what you live in.

In June 1985, Bryan Adams had a #1 hit called "Summer of sixty-nine". Now, the season of summer starts precisely on June 21st, when the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer. Cancer is the first 30 degrees of summer. The symbol of Cancer can be seen above, it resembles a sixty-nine, seemingly lying on its side. The first point to note is that Bryan Adams`song is hinting at the scientific fact that is embedded within this symbol. He is not singing about the specific summer that occurred in 1969, he is singing about every summer,  because the beginning of summer are literally the "best days of our lives".

I have seen many attempts of explaining the symbol of Cancer, mostly related to 69 being a sexual position, which is nonsense, because astrology does not deal with such things at all. The true meaning of 69 is much deeper and more beautiful. If you divide Earth circumference into four parts of 90 degrees, as can be seen above, you have defined the four seasons:
1. spring equinox to summer solstice = spring, "springing up" to the 12 o`clock position
2. summer solstice to fall equinox = summer, days get shorter from here
3. fall equinox to winter solstice = fall, "falling down" to the midnight position
4. winter solstice to spring equinox = winter, days get longer from here

Each of these seasons, each quarter of the circle compromises precisely 3 zodiac signs of 30 degrees each. Each season therefore equals precisely 90 degrees. Earth circumference is currently (this is not constant) given at 24,859.83 miles. Divide this by four (seasons) and you get 6,214.96 miles. Now divide this by 90 degrees, you receive roughly 69 miles. In other words, one degree of Earth circumference corresponds to roughly 69 miles. As one day of 24 hours has 360 degrees, it also means that Earth rotation moves one degree in precisely 4 minutes, and 90 degrees in 360 minutes, or 6 hours. This means that 69 miles (a measure of space) correspond to 4 minutes (a measure of time). This is the divine relation between time and space on our planet and it has been captured in the ancient measurement called "mile". This measurement also captures the length of the solar year, because 365.24 days x 360 degrees of the full circle x 1000 = 131,486,400 (Feet), converted to Miles this is the figure you see above. These measurements make navigation fairly easy, provided that there is a clear sky. These measures are also the basis for the Meridian system, e.g. The Tropic of Cancer can be expressed in degrees and minutes as 23 degrees 30`N, or in decimal degrees 23,5 degrees N.

Getting back to our summer of 69, we conclude that the symbol of Cancer has been created to symbolize not just the two clinging crab claws that have difficulties letting go, but also the distance in miles for one degree of Earth circumference. And as 69 miles, or one degree, correspond to 4 minutes, the symbol of 69 has been assigned to the forth sign, which is Cancer.

We take note that Bryan Adam`s song was released in June 1985. June 21st is where Cancer starts. So Mr. Adams was allowed to sing about Moon ruled Cancer just when Cancer started. Cancer is the only one of the twelve zodiac signs that is ruled by the Moon. The symbol 69 therefore corresponds to the Moon.

Next, we note that in 1969, the only year within the 20th century that contained the number 69, the world was sold the story that man walked on the Moon. But not only did this happen in the year 69, it also happened in Cancer, because the Apollo 11 Mission started in June 1969. In fact the supposed Moon landing occurred precisely on the very last day of Cancer, on July 20, 1969, one day before Leo begins. It was launched on July 16th.

Apollo 11 landed in the "Sea of tranquility" - funny enough, Cancer corresponds to the mystical "heavenly peace", and it is cardinal water, so Cancer is indeed indeed a sea of tranquility.

The logo of the Apollo Mission reveals - to those with eyes to see - who Apollo is in mythology. The orange sphere on the left is not the Moon. The stars on this logo are those of Orion. Orion is located near Gemini, and Pollux, one of the twins, is an orange giant. Pollux is Apollo.

With little research we find that there were supposedly 12 men on the Moon, see here . The 12 symbolizes the 12 zodiac signs. These men hate to be confronted with questions, as you see here in: Astronauts gone Wild. Why such a strong reaction, if they truly walked on the Moon, they could laugh about such questions. Why get angry at all? Because they are lying, but bound to their Masonic oath of silence. 


The Moon landing also happened to be the very first live event in history that was denied free press coverage. No independent verification of any data has ever occurred, all information and images came exclusively from NASA, which makes the conspiracy fairly simple. There are many aspects of the Apollo 11 Mission that defy simplest logic and bend the laws of physics. The most obvious may be the following:

- most pictures and t.v. images were of terrible quality, but there are high quality color images from the Camcorder inside the shuttle. A deliberate effort to deteriorate the image quality has occurred.

- it is absolutely impossible for a living human being to reach the Moon. During the last 30 years, no space mission (the real ones) have dared to go any further into space than 385 Miles. This is because going any further would risk getting near the highly radioactive, deadly Van-Allen Belt. This belt is created by the Sun and Earth`s magnetic field. It was scientifically verified with Geiger counters in 1958. So, roughly 400 Miles is all that is ever being risked with living people on board, but guess what - the distance from Earth to the Moon is a staggering 225,000 Miles, so we do not even dare to go 1% of the distance.

- The temperature on the Moon, which has no atmosphere, when in open sunlight, moves to a fiery 250 degrees Fahrenheit (more than 120 degrees Celsius), so without a high tech cooling system, which astronauts did not have in 1969, and still don`t have today, they would be boiled in their suits pretty quickly. According to NASA, Mr. Armstrong stayed in the sun for 2.5 hours - this is simply impossible, a fairy tale. He would have been reduced to a boiling pot of Masonic soup.

- The live commentary of Neil Armstrong, who landed the Moon shuttle manually, would only have been possible inside the suit, due to the noise of the rocket, but manual landing wearing gloves would be impossible. Either wear the suit or manually land the shuttle - you cant have both.

Top 10 reasons why the Moon landing was a hoax: here
Landing safely on the Moon is scientifically impossible: here
Impossible Moon landing shot: here
Wires and cable footage: here
Moon landings fact or fiction?: here

Danny first sees twins (Gemini Mission), then, wearing his Apollo 11 sweater, he moves to room 237, which symbolizes the mean distance to the moon (238,000 miles) minus 1, because the Mission never reached the one (moon). In the room, an attractive lady transforms herself into a rotten ghoul, strangles the boy and tears his sweater. This symbolizes Kubrick`s relation to NASA. Danny is asked what happened in the room by his mom, but Danny stays silent. In the same way, Kubrick was silenced by NASA.

Here a short video summarizing the symbols seen in The Shining.

The Moon hoax was directed and coordinated by two masters of the craft - 33 degree master Mason Walt Disney and director genius Stanley Kubrick. The first was already accommodated to fooling the world through his social engineering program in the form of cartoons. The latter was forced to participate and only late into the project found out that he is dealing with a rotten ghoul. Kubrick was forced to enter a 30 year contract and bound to silence until 1999. Finally free from the contract in 1999, he produced his first own movie, Eyes Wide Shut, for which he was killed and 30 minutes removed from the Director`s Cut. During the 30 years of silence, his only way of communication were the movies that he made. Kubrick used "The Shining" to communicate his difficult situation to the world - a true master piece! His own biography is visually embedded into the story.

To round this blog entry off, here some beautiful images from our planet:
(video removed, because it was a NASA CGI/ fake)
time lapse video by Immortal Technique

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