The Da´ath board - flat earth zetesis

I received a number of requests for writing something about the shape of the earth. Here we go!

For people familiar with the flat earth debate who are open minded and trying to find veritas/ truth, there is little value in me here repeating the known arguments for and against the different models, such discussions can be found on popular websites and in published literature. If you are new to the topic, I recommend downloading Eric Dubay´s free PDF on the topic, this will get your brain motor started. The most prominent scientific treaty on the topic is probably this one:

Zetesis = questioning things, debating, research...

Let me admit right up front that following my personal studies, I am currently convinced that the ball earth model is a deliberate, Jesuit-created fraud. But even though I am heavily biased, I would ALWAYS keep my mind open for new data and evidence, even though I am quite convinced that no such proof for a ball earth is possible at all. There is no ball earth.

But before examining the shape of Earth, we should examine its supposed movements in the heliocentric model. The proposed movements are 100% impossible and the reason is simple: there is no parallax in the night sky, the zodiac constellations have remained unchanged since thousands of years. On top of this indisputable fact, NASA themselves have accidentally proven that earth lies at the center of what we call the universe (all things), you find my argumentation here and here. Next, I perceive NASA´s Moon story as an easily exposable hoax, you find my arguments on this topic here. Following my argumentations and conclusions, I would assume that earth lies central and unmoving, UNLESS someone proves otherwise. Note how the angle of proof reverses. From this position it is a much smaller and also logical step to question the spherical earth model. We should note that NASA have been telling us that stars are spherical and this is an already exposed lie, because since a few years we can look at the stars ourselves, using high-power-zoom cameras. If you use a telescope or camera that is strong enough, you will see for yourself that stars (and the smaller so-called planets) are twinkling, colorful light spots, obviously electrical by nature.

also see this short amateur video here.

My main reason for favoring the flat model however is even simpler and it has to do with my favorite (and in my view most important) field of research, which is mythology. Amongst all ancient cosmologies and mythologies, there is not a single word or image about heliocentricity or a spinning ball. Unlike most other scholars I hold that ancient people possessed higher thinking powers (due to zodiacal influences during the Great Year) and the fact that many ancient mythologies show a flat earth is enough for me to assume that earth is flat - UNLESS proven otherwise! Again, the angle of proof is reversed - I would have to be convinced about the sphere, because for me the standard model should be what we see and feel - a motionless, peaceful, flat earth, with clear directions, a blue sky above and red earth below. All of nature strives upwards.

cognitive dissonance
When discussing this topic with other people, you need to be aware that the general public is indoctrinated into blindly believing and accepting the scientific models that the system has put forth and they are indoctrinated not to question information. Our entire education system is structured to train people not to question things. Just learn, and repeat. For this reason, people are not interested in debating something of which they believe they already know the facts. This problem usually suffocates a possible debate about the shape of the earth before it even starts. There are several mechanisms in place that prevent people from discussing something that may threaten their world view, some induced, some biological, others fear based. In case you do find open minded people who are interested in the topic, the below may help to structure the conversation and avoid wasting your time.

The starting point, also when talking to people who have not yet passed the mental hurdle of ridiculing the topic, should be to reverse the angle of discussion: ask people, what evidence they believe they have for a ball earth that flies through space. In this way, you start into the discussion in a leading position. If you start by promoting the flat earth model, you will be in a defensive position, which will get you nowhere at all, you will waste your time; make the ball- believing people defend their view and ask for supportive, scientific evidence. You then reject the following arguments as unacceptable and unscientific:

1. electronic photo/ computerized images, because we cannot be sure whether these have been manipulated. Military technology is usually 20 years ahead, and examples of fake images distributed to the public are abundant. Many NASA pictures have been revealed as computer generated (CGI) and in some cases NASA even admits on their website that images are fake and/or have been altered. They don´t tell us in which way, so all of NASA´s images must be rejected as evidence. We do not know whether pictures are real and we have no means of scientifically verifying this. Take a moment to look at the pictures that NASA has given us over the years, below a very obvious example of fake images. Look at these images for a while....at least one of them must be a CGI fake:

2. we reject as unscientific all videos and photos that use fish eye/ Go-pro camera lenses, because these modern lenses distort curvature and perspective.

3. testimonies from NASA astronauts, because NASA is a Freemasonic organization and most astronauts were Freemasons themselves, including all 12 who claimed to have travelled to the Moon in 1969. If people ridicule this point, ask them what they know about organized Freemasonry and its role in history. Ask them about Operation Paperclip. Ask them who Wernher Von Braun was and ask them why this former Nazi has Psalms 19:1 on his gravestone. Note that the original word used in the OT is firmament, Strong´s Hebrew 7549, which means an extended surface. Check out my view on the great lies of Freemasonry here.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."

If we can agree for a moment that the above three sources of data are unscientific and non-evident, ball-earth believing people may at this point try to change the topic, because the conversation would go into an area where it contradicts their induced worldview and potentially threatens it. This triggers biological defense mechanisms in their mind and they will squirm and feel uneasy in the discussion, try to ridicule or escape, this is a biological mechanism. This is also the point in the conversation where people would have to start using their own brain, developing their own thoughts and applying logic. Even open minded people will be forced into a thinking pause, and then realize and admit, if they can, that there are no other things that could be offered as evidence for a ball earth that is flying through space, specifically nothing scientific. We rely completely on NASA and government education for truth. People must realize that this is a problem in itself. All other space agencies are controlled by NASA, by the way.

The next step is to lead the conversation to the scientific, experimental side. Which scientific experiments have been conducted over the centuries to establish movement and shape of the earth? Chances are high that the people know absolutely zero about this research field. They are usually completely unaware about scientific efforts in this area and arguments around the laws of perspective and spherical trigonometry. They don´t know what a Gyroscope is, they haven´t studied the Analemma, don´t know semiotics, noetics, epistemology, semantics, syllogistics, zetesis, apophatism, and of course they have no clue about things like the ecliptic, the tropical year, right acsension, obliquity, Fibonacci, the golden ratio...should we go on? The state of knowledge of the general public is so limited in modern times that it is hard to believe, and this includes academia! People know a whole lot of useless shit, this is the sad truth. We think we are so advanced because we can build computers, but we don´t even know how a magnet works. People´s heads are filled with useless crap.

A gyroscope explained here
How Polaris proves a motionless earth here

So, most people you talk to will most likely not be acquainted with any of these laws and concepts, because these are not taught in school and therefore don´t exist in their view. Taking the time and effort to learn these laws is too much to expect from the average person. And why should people take the efforts and learn something new? Just to destroy their own world view and to go through the pains of swimming against the stream? Just to feel bad because they have been lied to in school? Just to realize that they have been the fools and that there are smarter people who convene in secret to control society. There is no obvious reward for tearing down one´s own world view.

If people are unfamiliar with key laws and astronomical concepts, you should consider ending the conversation, and telling them that without basic knowledge, you are wasting your time talking to them. Alternatively, you can explain that the horizon would have to drop 200 inches for every 5 miles distance, or 5 meters for every 8 kilometers. You can support this fact by drawing a ball on a paper and demonstrating the drop. This means if you observe a building from only 8km, you should not be able to see the bottom 5 meters of it, due to earth curvature! Now check out this example:

When this law is understood, tell them that all experiments that have been conducted (under scientific conditions!) over the centuries have failed to show any curvature at all. These experiments can be repeated on land, water, ice, anywhere on earth at any time; there is no measurable curvature.

I will now add something new to the conversation, and connect to the title of this blog entry. A year ago, when getting into this topic, I noticed a wordplay, which for my personal taste was just too cute to be a coincidence. The popular dart board is phonetically identical to the Hebrew da´ath - which means knowledgeDart had the original, Germanic/ Norse connotation of a pointed, flying arrow....which is precisely, what knowledge is. Let´s take a look at what we can learn from the knowledge board:

All major games and sports emanating from the Anglo-Saxon culture were designed by secret society members/ adepts - why should it be different with the game of darts? The knowledge board contains knowledge about the shape of the earth. A dart board has several concentric circles: the arctic circle, the tropic of Cancer, the equator (this one is missing in my note above), the tropic of Capricorn, and finally, the antarctic circle. This is a perfect fit.

Next thing that I would like to throw into the discussion, are recent impulses from the work of Ken Wheeler. Ken does NOT subscribe to the flat earth model and he would probably hate my blog, this needs to be made clear. According to Ken´s study results, which I find breathtaking, evident and correct, space is created by magnetism, and every magnetic field shows electro-magnetic retardation, which is a phase shift of red and blue. This is the famous egg of creation, an occult mystery that Ken solved and needs to be given all credit for, but that´s another topic.

Note how the word "Inertia" sounds like "in earth".....the dialectric plane
would be the earth plane in this model

It is a scientific fact that the earth´s north pole (acrtic circle) corresponds to magnetic south, here we find high frequency, blue shift energy, which is healing by tendency. The magnetic north corresponds to earth´s south pole, which in the flat model would have to be allocated beneath the earth surface, pointing downwards... unless, and this is what I offer for discussion, we are talking about a ring magnet. In the ring magnet model, the blue shift would be towards the middle, and the red shift outwards. This means, if we consider the flat earth model, the further one would travel outwards on the disk (away from the north pole), the less possible it should become for life to exist. If one would travel far enough, one would at some point simply drop dead from the long wave, destructive red shift energy.

Expanding this theory (and that´s all it currently is.... a theory), it would be entirely possible that the earth disk is much larger than the part that we know, and that the outer lands beyond the ice wall of the antarctic circle are 100% uninhabitable. This could be the reason for the longest lasting military treaty that is in force today, which is the Antarctic treaty. Well, if this the case, who knows what the hell can be found out there - I find it probable that there is nothing at all - just death rays and lifeless lands. The sun´s furthest reach south is the tropic of Capricorn, so the further out we go, the darker and icier it should get.

from my notes: the sun´s movement over flat Earth....in scriptures referred to
as "the meeting tent with god", e.g.Exodus 33:7
The movements of sun and moon in conjuction with the Analemma, also support the flat earth model perfectly. In the above image you see the movement of the annual sun above earth. This model, and this model only, also explains Perehelion and Apohelion, the fact that in winter the sun is closest to earth and vice versa, an officially admitted fact that lacks explanation in the heliocentric model....because it is wrong.

Another thing you might enjoy researching are the two operations above, they are very telling. In summary, ths topic of earth´s true shape is a very rich one and it offers plenty of room for our own research. The dummed down discussion in some internet forums are often infiltrated by shills and also full of uneducated morons.

If you ask me, the double torus and inertial plane, as shown in the image above, are the apple of creation. The apple´s core, french coeur, meaning heart, the green heart of the apple, heart being an earth anagram, is also the green center of the chakra system, the 12-petal lotus, the 12-ness of the zodiac, the blue shift on top corresponds to Jupiter exalting in Cancer, the red shift below is hell, with Mars the red planet exalting in Capricorn. The torus field is the Taurus-field, the big apple, the apple that was dropped when Newton let it fall to the ground and introduced his gravity nonsense!

The apple dropped...meaning the true science of the Taurus field was eliminated!

Krishna and his cows (Tauruses, toruses).....this is magnetism and its Taurus fields. Do you yet see how ancient mythology is far superior to science?