Health is our natural state

This post addresses a request that came in:

How can we retain the sovereignty of our bodies and souls in a mad, mad world?

The basic formula is simple: don´t consume the madness! Let´s break down what this means on the most important levels of daily life. Apart from DNA inheritance and planetary influences, health is our natural state of being, and we can break it down as follows:

- 85% of health is defined by what is on our mind, clean water, and proper breathing
- 15% of health is defined by food intake and avoiding toxins

All common dis-ease is caused by something that is out of balance, meaning that either there is a lack of nutrients, or there is is a surplus of toxins within us - and this not only inlcudes physical food, as I will explain.

1. the heart mind
What is on your mind, is the mother of your life

Jewellery with the Ab (heart mind) hieroglyph. Beneath the Ab is a white line between two red lines - this teaches us, that positivity is never stable, but also, that clouds are always followed by sunshine...

Follow your heart, they say. Let´s see, how this works. This is not some new age concept.

Your heart mother gives birth to what you are drawn to and to what happens in your life. This mother operates from your heart area, not from your head. The head is where the father resides, the mother resides in the heart. This mother is magnetic (sanskrit mag means to move) and knows what is best for you (the German equivalent of mind is Gewissen, which means knowing), while the father is striving wisdom who needs directions. In the Egyptian spiritual system, this heart mother was called Ab (see hieroglyph above). The Ab is one of the 7 human components that survive physical death. The Old Testament states that Ab-ra-ham came from Ur; which means, that your heart-energy-black came from fire, because the heart is ruled by Leo, fixed fire. If you ignore the Ab, she can give you a heartache. The mind is non-local, it is all-knowing, and your access to it is through the heart chakra, the 12-petal lotus, which symbolize the 12-ness of mind, which also expresses itself through the 12-ness of the zodiac.

Media, newspaper and films are full of violence, tragedies, lies, war and madness? Well, shut this nonsense out of your life. Stop consuming it. This is an important self-protection mechanism. The madness does not deserve your attention. If you can´t escape media bombardment for some reason, try to laugh at the stupidity in a friendly way, like you would laugh at a 3-year old for doing something silly or cute. If you allow media information to move you through emotions (like a movie), it is your own fault, because you focused on it. Secondly, they won... because the very reason for bombarding you with negativity, is to drag you down, to keep you in fear, to keep you moved. Unlike most people believe, it is not a great capability to be able to show emotions (e.g. to cry when watching movies), this is rather the expression of an uncontrolled, child-like mind. The Egyptians taught that a child can only become an adult once all tears have dried up.

We are in no way obligated to consume and partake in madness that others have created long before we have even arrived here, and we have every reason to be careful and very selective about letting other people´s thought creations enter our senses. This includes books, movies, lectures, artwork, paintings, music, everything that can enter our senses. Works of art created by other people nowadays come unfiltered and are often full of nonsense that cause emotional disbalances.

notice a difference?

For this very reason, art has a moral structure, brilliantly explained by Manly P Hall here. In a positive, practical application this means that, if you surround yourself with beautiful things, i.e. objects that you find uplifting, appealing and inspiring, this will automatically take a positive effect on your mind, make you more positive and bring positive effects to your life events. Ancient civilizations knew this very well and for this reason art was subject to rigid censorship and approval by high priests. Our modern controllers also know this very well and have, under the banner of "liberty", allowed and supported all kinds of ugliness, to keep us low (e.g. ridiculous modern art, ugly stickers on cigarette boxes, media terror, movies, millions of crime books, etc.). On the contrary, they allow fine art to be used mostly for the sake of selling something (advertising, fashion, vanity, propaganda).

To truly understand mind control, try the following: go into nature where you live, look around you and, while standing there, ask yourself: what level of importance does government have for the forest and yourself in this particular moment? Where is government here in the forest? Where are the elite banking families, the military complex, where is all the negativity? Try it, and you will realize that in any natural environment, far from cities and media, the entire negative egregor does not exist - except in the mind. So, if you choose to walk through the forest thinking about Donald Trump, fake terror, or World War 3, this is exclusively your own problem. You are in fear modus and carrier of the problem, not anyone else, and you will realize that you have fallen trap to mind control. The forest doesn´t promote negativity and neither should you.

Another exercise that can be done is to train the dog. Observe what your left brain aparatus, the father, the dog, is doing. Watch the dog like an outside spectator, see how he jumps around and barks and begs for attention. If he runs off into negativity, move from the head to your heart and consult the mother. This can be done by placing a hand on your heart. You can train the father to respect the mother and follow her advice, to be loyal to her. In this link you find a fantastic initiation video by Ra Sema Ba, this video revealed to me how the Ab works.

If you know by heart that you are healthy, and there is not the least bit of doubt.... there is no way for you to become sick (except for planetary influences and DNA). In the same way, so-called faith healers, or witch-doctors are able to heal terminally ill patients: they move into a place of knowing that the patient is already healed and experience the joy of this healing in their heart, which results in actual healing.

2. clean water
Realize that the most important food/drink for you in this world is water. Added gas and minerals do not belong into drinking water and may cause dis-ease. The best water is spring water, which has been destilled in the natural water cycle through the clouds. If you have bad water on tap, the best way of purifying is to use a mini water destiller. This is the finest tasting and most healthy water you can produce by yourself. The destilling process will also reveal how much filth is in the water, because you will see (and smell...) the residue (see image above). An eye opening experience. The residue of the tap water in my area smells like a dentist office, very chemical. So clearly, I don´t let my family drink this crap.

Another important thing to realize about water is that it is made of two combustable gases (oxygen and hydrogen), which enter a symbiotic relationship to form the liquid element. This relationship is a carrier of emotions, meaning, water is able to receive vibrations and also to memorize these. A simple proof for this is the rice experiment on Youtube. So, a glass of water receiving your positivity will change its structure and become refined and improved. This is an important voodoo-mechanism and allows success in certain healing ceremonies that western scientists of course do not even remotely understand. Our body is at least 60% water. Voodoo/ Vodun is the true, African spiritual way of living. The term Voodoo comes from West Africa/ Benin, where it means more or less knowledge of god within.

3. proper breathing
Breathing should come from the stomach area, not from the chest. Chest breathing is hectic, restless and superficial, stomach breathing is calm, soothing and profound. The slower you manage to breathe (breaths per minute), the longer you live and the healthier you stay. Yoga helps you to practice slow breathing even when your body is under stress (Asana positions). If mind, water and breathing are pure, physical training goes complementary.

your stomach & intestines are a brain

4. food intake
You are what you eat. Your digestive system is your stomach brain. To understand what is healthy for you could not be simpler. Nature is signalling it to you in beautiful colors.

Man stays healthy, as long as he eats what earth provides
Egyptian proverb

For choosing what you should eat, go Reggae: red yellow and green, fresh, raw vegetables and fruits are what you need, especially fresh green leaves. Your entire body is that of a vegetarian. You don´t have teeth equipped to tear raw flesh. Most people faint when they see blood. Your teeth are similar to those of monkeys, who are fruit eaters. Your digestion system is made for a vegetarian diet. Your stomach is not able to digest meat, so meat passes through your system for more than one week, fermenting and decaying, which produces toxins. Human beings are purely vegetarian by nature. Eating flesh is detrimental in many ways and is one of the primary factors of dis-ease today. It should be our last resort, e.g. during an ice age.

Eating and digestion take away a lot of energy from you - the less you eat, the more energy you will have. Try it!

5. avoiding toxins
The greatest enemy to health in our time is the intake of toxins through industrial supermarket food. Toxins accumulate in the body and sooner or later lead to dis-ease. In our time it is therefore much more important to take care what not to eat or cosume, than what to consume. An obvious example are Eastern European countries like Romania, where western supermarket food has been introduced only recently and the population´s health has deteriorated dramatically in very few years. If you avoid or minimize intake of the following, you are fairly safe from acquiring modern (often labelled neurological) dis-eases:

- artificial sweeteners (especially protect children from excitotoxins such as aspartam, acesulfame-k, neotame, saccharin, etc)
- white sugar (an addictive drug destroying your immune system)
- meat (decaying and fermenting meat of tortured animals spread toxins in your body)
- milk products (milk cows are amongst the most severely tortured animals today)
- ready-to-eat and quick-recipee pre-cooked supermarket foods
- all fast and convenient foods
- GMO foods

Another issue in our time, due to intensive agriculture, is the decline of nutrients in natural food. The answer is to buy local and from small farms. Eat two apples instead of one.

Two desinfectants/ immune system boosters that are easily available are lemons and wild honey. If you drink the juice of half a lemon in the morning a few times per week, you will never catch any type of virus again. It will be impossible. White sugar destroys immunity, lemon stengthens it.

For your well being also observe that no Flouride and Calcium should be applied to teeth. Calcium opens the pores of your teeth and leads to caries. Flouride is nothing but rat poison.

Another factor to be aware of are alkalizing plant foods. The body´s natural state is alkaline - our controllers are promoting an acidic diet, because this allows old money to profit from our dis-ease, keep us weak and better control us. An acidic body ph-level is fertile ground for Cancer. An alkaline body ph-level makes Cancer virutally impossible. Cancer is like a fungus, it can only grow in an acidic environment. Check out the work of Dr. Sebi here, you can download nutritional guides and alkaline food lists. When going through these lists, you will note for example, that the classic western breakfast is 100% acidic, which is no coincidence. You break the fast (of night) with acid to start your day. Well, good luck with health.

Lastly, you may apply cell salts according to your zodiac sun sign to compensate for what you lack due to the missing three months in your mother´s womb. Some healers (e.g. Dr. Sebi) promote food additives. I personally think these are only necessary as ad-hoc intensive treatment in the case of very dis-eased people, and that generally, raw vegetable and fruits are powerful enough. We don´t need specific parts of food (vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, or whatever chinese hieroglyphs terms they invent), we need the entire apple. This is syncretism. The left-brain nutritionist says, you need proteins, calcium, or this and that, the syncretist says, you need the carrot.

Your body is your temple and - the offerings that you make - this includes sounds, thoughts, day dreams, movies, food, water, etc, all intakes, are what you become, these are your temple offerings. If you offer junk food in your temple, you become like junk. If you offer chemicals, you become more chemical. If you offer animal flesh, you feed your lower, animal self. If you do mindless offerings, you become mindless. If you do careful and beautiful offerings, your mind opens up to higher knowledge, a fact that all great philosophers knew.

Einstein may have been a great vegetarian -
just be aware that his theories are Jesuit induced nonsense!

Breathe low, into the stomach. No matter what occurs, maintain your breathing, become relaxed, stay relaxed. If you are surrounded by low vibrating people, walk away. Cultivate your inner light. Be in dialogue with your heart mother. Know yourself by studying your chart and realizing your destiny and life lessons.

In positive, uplifted state of mind, with a clean temple, you will be like a beacon of light for others. Some lower vibrating people will hate you and literally not be able to stand your energy. If you have raised your frequency with fine water and foods and thoughts, you drive all cockroaches out of the dark near you, they will run for cover, they will not be able to stand you, you will have protection in all walks of life.

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  1. The dilemma some people have is not knowing their birth date. Most African elderly people are an example, due to the fact that during colonialism blacks were not allowed to learn to read or write and/or practice their culture. In this case, how can one know their birth charts? To be honest, I sometimes doubt my own date of birth! Secondly, where can I purchase a birth chart and how do I read and interpret it? Do you do birth chart readings?

    1. This is a tragic situation and deliberately created by our opressors. They know that astrology is the most powerful tool that we have. I do readings, yes.....but if you doubt your birth date, the value of doung an analysis may be not so high. In any case, contact me under panamajack68@hotmail.com if you like.