The cat and the dog

Before even writing this blog entry, I know it will be one of my favorites.

It should do three things:

- demonstrate the power of mythology
- raise awareness about our neglected right brain hemisphere
- explain how spirituality works in practrice

Following up on my previous brain-related posts such as Anubis, the Ram and the Bull, this blog post expands on the mystery of how certain elements of our brain apparatus work, using some very simple artwork that I made, which I believe is powerful... a picture or symbol can say more than a billion words!

Words are hopelessly inferior to symbols, which is the reason why all book based spiritual systems fail in their purpose of civilizing people and bringing peace. The Kemau system was taught entirely in symbols (hieroglyphs), and such hieroglyphs can´t be translated into language...the many futile attempts to do so resulted in the magnitude of texts produced between the first millennia BCE and the 5th century ACE. Some of these texts are indeed very nice poetry, but texts, no matter how well they may be written, primarily appeal to the left brain, while spirituality finds fertile ground in the right brain. So, attempting to explain in words how the two brain hemispheres work, is a paradox in itself...

The right brain is connected to the left eye, which is the Moon eye. The left brain is connected to the right eye, which is the Sun eye. This much is understood by modern science. It is also understood that the two hemispheres perform different tasks, but what is not understood is how this correlates to reality, because the two eyes are focused on the complementary worlds of spirit and matter.

The entire western world currently applies the Jesuit schooling system. What the above famous Jesuit quote refers to, is the fact that children can be driven almost entirely into left brain thinking during the first 7 years, and this primary branding is so intense, that it is near impossible to reverse during the rest of the life. This is done by confronting children with abstract left brain concepts, such as language, numbers, writing, reading, categories and rules. This ensures the child will have no access to spirituality and become an easy customer for belief systems, such as Christianity or Islam, and also become a brave consumer slave that can be easily manipulated and controlled, who will accept laws and rules and proceed in categorizing the world and dividing it. The adult will not be able to syncretize knowledge and understand reality, neither spiritual, nor physical.

Let´s visualize, what this means:

Now, here some simple mythology summarizing the Jesuit approach:
The Jesuits want us to be like dogs - the Jesuits don´t want us to be like cats.

Mythology complete! All you need to tell children or other people, is this one sentence. All the rest of the information can be derived from it.

Here some food for thought:
The left brain hemisphere is like a dog, the right brain hemisphere is like a cat:
  • the dog serves man - but man serves the cat
  • the dog will serve any person - the cat will choose its servants
  • the dog eats and digests nearly anything, even excrements - the cat is very selective
  • the dog doesn´t mind getting dirty - the cat is cleaning itself permanently
  • the dog is focused on daytime - the cat is a night animal
  • the dog defends physical things - the cat hides in the shadows
  • the dog attaches to objects it knows - the cat is curious about what is new
  • the dog likes to follow the pack leader - the cat dislikes being followed
  • the dog begs for attention - the cat hates to be in the spotlight
  • the dog accepts hierarchies - the cat is independent
  • the dog likes to exhaust itself - the cat is a master at resting and purring
  • the dog speaks up when surprised or in fear - the cat shies away, or attacks visciously
  • the dog can be taught tricks, using treats - the cat is unapproachable
  • the dog is athletic - the cat is flexible
  • the dog is extremely loyal - the cat is not too much attached
  • can you think of more....?
one of the most beautiful pieces of art ever created

The dog and cat are man´s best friends in the entire animal kingdom. The above attributes are not to be understood as good or bad - they are complimentary.

The dog is your toolkit to operate in the physical illusion. Anpu is the guide of the dead. The dog needs to be trained to sit down and rest, it must be cultivated and placed to guard the physical treasures of human society. He primarily symbolizes your speech center, which you also use in your internal dialogues. He can be affected by words you hear, without you knowing it. Be careful, what you say and hear.

The cat is your pathway to spirituality, cosmology, religion and peace. Bastet is the beauty and harmony of life, but also a feroscious enemy, if not treated properly. The cat needs to be worshipped and adored and it will spread its peaceful energy. She primarily symbolizes your non-verbal visualization capabilities, which you also use in your dreams and daydreams. She can be affected by images you see, without you knowing it. Be careful, what you watch.

Von festem Geiste ist ein Mann, der denket, was er sprechen kann
German original Libretto, The Magic Flute

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  1. I always thought of myself more as a 'cat person' and I have had a black cat for many years who has been my mascot. I don't keep him caged up and following a routine like dogs. That's how they want us. Like dogs following their laws of behavior. Dogs also have a very addictive personality whereas cats just have a natural curiosity that leads to learning new things. Like dogs, they want to bring out the lower addictive side of human behavior. They want us to be addicted to drugs, sex, stupid trends, materialism because that keeps us slave to lower animalistic behavior and under control.

  2. This piece about "barking dogs" that I read made me think of your piece, is a nice addition i think, cats more i guess purr is the name for it (i'm not English)


    I mainly thought of "barking dogs" (noise) as a metphore btw.