Paradise found

The amazing roof of the Sagrada Family in Barcelona, designed by 33 degree Mason Gaudi, shows how universe mind (12) thinks creation (7). Note the four pillars corresponding to the four fixed signs/ four elements of the zodiac, properly displaying the four New Testament god spells (gospels) and representing the four un- thought thoughts of the universe.

Are you taking note, in which breathtaking speed the secrets of past ages are being revealed (to those who care to look and dare to see)? We have left the House of secrets (Pisces) in 2012 and entered the House of knowledge (Aquarius). We are in the process of receiving a 2,150 year baptism of fresh, mental, fixed air, after having collectively suffered the mutable, emotional waters of doubt and belief of Pisces for nearly 2,150 years.

Note the amazing configuration of the heavens on the day of the renouncement of the last pope. 
Nearly all signs are in Pisces, Jupiter(age of Pisces) is descending and Saturn (age of Aquarius) is ascending, Uranus ("Christ") is in Aries, Pluto is revolutionizing Capricorn (ruled by Saturn). Jupiter is getting bad aspects, Saturn is getting nice Trines. 
This is almost like a stage show, the Vatican sure enough has the best astrologers on the planet!!

We are finally in the position again, to properly interpret and to apply the correct religio-scientific concepts and to elevate our minds. To start this blog entry off in the most appropriate way, let us take a linguistic look at what the term “paradise” really means. The term is based on the Hebrew pardes (prds, see here), “a fruit garden”, as defined in the Zohar, which is the foundation of work of the Kaballah. According to the Zohar - and take note that this is taught in synagogues today - the exegesis (interpretation, “to lead out”) of the Helios Biblios (sun papyrus, sun paper) should be applied in four steps, according to mental abilities and age of the respective audience:

Peshat: “plain”, literal meaning = the child level of understanding
Remez: “hints”, allusional level = age 12+, after puberty
Deres: “enquire”, anagogical/ allegorical level = age 21+, adulthood
Sod: “secrets”, mystic level = age 40+, spiritual maturity, this is esoteric Kaballah

Let`s take a simple example from the sun papyrus: 
“Jesus walks on water on the 4th watch of the night”

Child level interpretation: Jesus, a physical man, performed a supernatural task and walked over water after three nights on a sailboat
Teenage level: by overcoming fear and having faith, the man Jesus was able to perform a seemingly impossible tasks and was thus able to uplift the morale of others after a terrible storm
Adult level: The sun rises/ moves over the water and brings new hope, the Christ-soul must travel the stormy waters of physical life
Esoteric mysticism: After three rounds of life on the mineral/ vegetable/ animal plains, on the fourth incarnation round, the sol (soul, fire, inner sun) needs to cross the material plane in the human body (7/8 water). In every seven fold cycle in evolution`s recurrent rounds of manifestation, the hidden and latent power of spiritual mind comes, as it were, walking out on the surface of the sea of life, to quiet its chaotic tempest and harmonize its contending forces and elements. (I use the words of A.B. Kuhn here)

This simple example should demonstrate that any believer taking the scripture in a literal way, is actually dwelling on the children level of understanding, which is of course due to the stubborn ignorance of the church and its agenda of keeping its sheep in darkness.

So, the churches have failed and are obviously denying us the entrance to PRDS, which means to enter adult thinking abilities. Coming out of the age of Pisces, we need to teach ourselves again, how to properly think like adults and as the divine beings that we are. There is no room for taking literal any dude walking on water or monsters with 10 heads coming out of the Mediterranean Sea or a guy with horns sitting below earth. These are all allegories and each one of them holds great truth on the Sod – level.

The government educational system of course was co- developed by the Jesuits over the past 150 years and it is absolutely breathtaking how low the level of education has fallen. I assist my neighbor`s son in math and the things he gets taught in school in 8th grade is what we did in 5th grade just 35 years ago. But instead of being asked to use his brain he is made to utilize a calculator the size of a personal computer on which you can even play games. Government education teaches us only how not to think and how to reproduce material that was fed into us. To reverse this blockade in thinking is a task more complicated than some may think. The problem is, that before we can properly think again, we need to un- learn the garbage that was fed into us, and this is a painful and difficult process.

(Mental) ascension however is a natural drive – not to move forward means to stagnate and perish. So who or whatever needs to move forward in nature, or upwards (ascend) has only one choice: to actively push forward/ upward. To stick with Judeo-christian terminology, stepping through a gate of life is called a “Baptism” (“a washing”). While in church we have only been informed about one particular level of this baptism, the one of water, there are actually four natural baptisms that we go through and in order of their occurence, these are the following:

1. Earth baptism – the entry of the soul to the realm of planet earth
2. Water baptism – the entry into the human body of flesh
3. Air baptism – the entry into higher thinking and consciousness
4. Fire baptism – ascension of the soul from flesh

The Earth baptism is physical birth of the seed of life in Virgo, which happens when the spermatozoa reaches the female egg, after the soul has courageously dived into the incarnation cycle in Leo. This explains the mystery of service surrounding Virgo, because matter (mater, mother, Mary) acts selflessly to host the soul fire in its children.

The Water baptism, as ritualized in the Judeo- Christian church - members receive it and are then left to believe that they are “saved” – is of course not sufficient for anything spiritual, except maybe blind, obedient faith. The ritual is neat, but the esoteric meaning is not properly understood and communicated and not put into the context of all four baptisms, which are of course well known to the church leaders. John the Baptist correctly states that “after him shall come one that comes before him”. As we will see, this is deepest wisdom. While the churches stop here, a baptism of air and one of fire naturally occur during our lifetime and if both are to be successful, they need our active participation. We do not just need the ritual, we also need the real thing.

The water baptism occurs when the soul (sol, sun spark) has passed the Hall of Ma`at in Libra, the Leo heart seed has been found too heavy and it is forced to enter the animal flesh, which in the zodiac wheel occurs in Scorpio, above the Altar (Ara), at the Scorpius sting, the house of death and transformation. The soul here enters the fixed water (matter, mater) body and this is why the Vatican legal system dominating our planet is based on maritime (Sea) Law. We are being shipped into life through our mothers` birth canal. After passing through the galactic plain in 5 degrees Sagittarius (the Golden Gate), Prometheus proceeds to steal the fire from the gods in Sagittarius (lower part animal, upper part human, bow aiming back at the galactic center, as seen above) and is followed by the great sea-goat of Capricorn, which is evolution and gives man the 76 trillion cells and evolution starts to climb like a goat out of the seas of life. So this second baptism, like the previous, does not require any active participation on our human side (pretty comfortable up to now, eh?).

Pharao anointment can be seen in various temples, e.g. in Karnak
Note that two rivers are flowing, just like in the constellation

Next should occur the most vital baptism of (fixed) Air, which in the zodiac corresponds to Aquarius, the (son of) man, the great sun mind. Aquarius represents the human adult condition and just as the soul prepares to enter flesh on the opposite side of the zodiac in Leo, here the flesh man should actively prepare to enter the life of the spirit (latin “spiritus” = air). The physical man (first Adam) was born in Virgo, the spiritual man (second Adam, Jesus, as in the age of Pisces) is thus born in Pisces, the great water mother. In Aquarius is the time for us to prepare our mind, which is the primary cause of our existence in this life, in case you have been looking for one. The divine spark is intended to uplift the animal world through the hybrid human being, who is half animal and half divine. If you reflect on this, it becomes clear why the Vatican doesn’t teach this baptism and instead, burned all the books and killed all those who understood the divine wheel of astrology and knew.

The baptism of Fire then occurs after the vernal equinox, in Aries, where the sun exalts and the day gains victory over the night. It is the release of the sol from its earthly prison, in the bible typified as the crucifixion which of course is on the cross of the solstices and equinoxes, the most ancient symbol of planet earth. Ideally, the baptism of fire will allow the sol spark to ascend past Taurus (the Torus field of our galaxy), pass the silver gate/ gate of man in 5 degrees Gemini, be reunited with its electro-magnetic counterpart (“twin”) in Gemini and reach the place of heavenly peace, which is Aarru-Hotep, Heru- salem or Allah-Islam, which later became Jerusalem. The founding of the city on earth followed the allegorical city created in scripture, not the other way around.
Even though the Vatican openly displays the two keys (to the silver gate and the golden gate) on its coat of arms, it doesn`t teach any of this to its unsuspecting, faithful sheep.  

Whether we like it or not, all four of these baptism take place for each one of us and the ancients were fully aware. The zodiac is also in this respect the greatest treasure that humanity possesses, because, as I have just revealed, it shows the scientific soul and evolutionary cycle. The one baptism where we as human beings play by far the most active part is the air baptism, the way in which we cultivate and feed our mind, the way in which we build out own truth and how we define the strange thing that is called “knowledge”. The goal here is what Christians would call “ascension” and I would like to take the opportunity to expand on this interesting term “ascension”, so let me use some hermetic correspondences and let us see whether we can maybe help our ascension a little…

Below a brief roadmap for ascension through the four elements, the four universal building blocks, the four un-thought thoughts, the four horsemen, the four cardinal energies:

1. EARTH / physical ascension
This is all about how we work with our physical body. The body is our temple (tempus/ time, because it is only temporary). All temples and great cathedrals in the world represent the human body. The original idea of a temple was to walk into it and experience one`s inner chambers, especially the dome (head). The stepping stone to the Great Work is to clean the own temple (the body). One should be very careful of what is offered in the own body temple. We are what we eat. But this needs to be properly understood: if we eat bloody meat we do not magically convert into a carnivore. Carnivores love blood and have a short digestion track and razor sharp teeth to tear the flesh. Most humans faint when they see blood, they have a very long digestion track (in which flesh ferments and becomes toxic) and we have monkey like teeth, which means we are fruit eaters. Nevertheless, it is proven that humans become more animalistic when they cultivate a meat diet. This is why all great philosophers and thinkers in history were vegetarians. The body vibrates higher if we feed it high vibrating, living plant material. It vibrates very low on the animal level if we feed it dead animal proteins. Bottom line: we need to clean our diet and avoid overeating. Nice side effect is that we won`t get sick anymore and grow very old, because 9 out of 10 diseases today are caused by supermarket food. Food companies and Pharmaceutical industry have the same shareholders.

Other ways of ascending our body is to nourish it with the proper cell salts. There are 12 of them (the universe thinks in 12 and creates in 7) and our body is in lack of three, according to the time of our birth in the solar year. It is easy to find out which ones are lacking and in which food to find them. Forget the modern nonsense that is based on the tyranny of opinions, our body needs minerals, minerals, minerals. Minerals are the key to health. They are contained in fresh plant food. Also a good idea is to observe the seasonality of food items and to learn how advanced cultures thought about these issues (e.g. literature on Khemet diet). Another great field of ascending the body is to cultivate yoga, QiGong or other physical/ energetic exercises that activate and direct the life force energy (Prana, Chi), to work with breathing techniques, so spend the maximum amount of time in mother nature, to get plenty of sunlight and to take care of a proper sleeping/ melanin rhythm. Maximum Melatonin is produced between 10 pm – 2 am, the time of higher learning and prudence. After 0 a.m. the dreams will be less intensive and we get less rest for the body. Exercise should take place ideally in the morning 6-8 a.m. (Aries) or 2-4 p.m. afternoon (Leo).

Moving to the next stage will be easier having addressed the first.

2. WATER/ emotional ascension
It is not enough to be sprinkled with water after birth. The baptism of water and inhabitency of the human body entails that we need to learn how to handle the seemingly uncontrollable impulses from the water body (the body and brain are 7/8 water), which are called emotions or feelings. We are vested with a water body in this life and in order to ascend beyond it we need to master this vessel and be able to control it. Emotions need to be properly deciphered and transcended and the brain needs to be re-programmed to channel them in the most positive way. We need to learn to be in full control. Otherwise we will act out of impulses and we are not in control (in the worst case, we are out of our mind). The emotions are “the children of impotent revolt that never rest”. “Children”, because they never mature and “impotent”, because if properly handled, they can not effect your life at all. So how is this done? Again, not as easily as one may expect.

The key is to “know thyself”, as the great oracle of Delphi demanded. Emotions are closely connected to what people perceive as their “ego”: our name, our family status, our occupation, capabilities, likes and dislikes, our way of social interaction, memories, etc. This ego is actually not our self. It is only our lower self. We also have a higher self. Waking up to this fact and then cutting away and later uniting the two, is highly emotional task and connected with several emotional stages, which include anger, fear, hatred, despair and frustration. It is the central theme of all (authentic, ancient) initiation practices. The process may take years (but today be achieved much faster, as the age gets less dense) and it is not really a fun thing to do. The reward however, is beyond imagination. It is an awakening to a new life and true purpose.

The attributes of the ego listed above are all visible in our birth chart. This is our navigational tool in life and it tells us our past, our present and our future, if we know how to properly read it. It gives us all answers and leaves no questions. If you think that astrology is not a science, you have fallen for 1,800 years of intensive Vatican/ Jesuit propaganda. The Vatican has literally killed millions of our people to suppress this precious science, because it is so incredibly powerful. This master science literally sets you free and allows you to navigate your own vessel through the seas of life. No intermediary needed. No church or priest or rabbi or imam needed. It is only the pain of waking up that prevents people from realizing this, the fear of having to un- learn and of losing a grip on knowledge, the fear of admitting that decades were wasted with erroneous science and lies and detrimental (often Jesuit created, like the big bang) theories.

If one is able to overcome these trials and, rest assured, it takes a huge effort to achieve this, the “way is opened” as Khemet/ Kaballah calls it and mental liberation can follow. The zodiac, or Wheel of Gad (misnomer: “will of god”) is the central tool to overcome the trials of water and put you into a position of obtaining a true baptism of fresh mental air.

Moving to the third stage for an adult is near impossible without mastering the second.

3. AIR/ mental ascension
The Baptism by Air in the highest form means to literally inhale the wisdom of nature (Neter, khemet.). The human will has conquered emotions and we have willingly cleaned the temple and formatted our “hard drive” (our water-made brain). Now what? At this stage we have overcome our fears. This means that we literally do not experience such a feeling any longer. We forget what it felt like. Our self analysis and disciplining have enabled us to open our self to receive new, higher vibrating and cleaner information, which in many cases will completely contradict what we had thought to be true before. This is received from and by the mind, which is not the brain, the mind is not local.

One important step at this early stage is to practice utilization of the right brain hemisphere. We are trained from early childhood not to use this hemisphere and we need to train it before it can function properly. One great way of exercising it is to visualize (non-verbally) our solar system, including the planetary orbits, the zodiac belt, the seasons, the star constellations and the houses and to verify them visually (again, non-verbally) in nature, e.g. to watch stars at night, to observe the shift of sunrises through the year, to observe nature in general. The thing we soon realize more and more is that everything in nature is connected and the implications of this is, is that we start to understand the hermetic axiom “as above, so below” or as the Helios Biblios calls is “as in heaven, so on earth”. Thy will (wheel) is done, as in heaven (Aries to Virgo), so on earth (Libra to Pisces).

A system to follow are the 7 Liberal Arts, starting with the Trivium and then moving to the Quadrivium. In our time, with the help of the internet, we have access to nearly boundless information that can be used to spiritually ascend. One such tool is the blog you are currently reading. Other sources that come to my mind are:
- the sacred books of all religions (Qu`ran, Bible, Zohar, Talmud, Rig Veda, Pistis Sophia, Apocrypha, Pyramid texts, Book of the Dead, Book of Gates, Homeric Hymns, Hermetica, Kybalion, Orphic poems, Avesta, etc.)
- Greek and Khemet mythology with strong emphasis on the Horus myth as presented by Plutarch
- videos/ audio files and “secret teachings of all ages” by the last great Hermetic genius of our time, Manly P. Hall. The man speaks better than most authors can write today
- the great collection of videos on Youtube of Santos Bonacci, which focus on Syncretism (right brain revelation)
- the unparalleled wisdom contained in the books of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Gerald Massey and Schwaller de Lubizc

Whatever path you may take, it is a problem to get stuck in it.

They say, when the student is ready, the master appears. From my own experience I can assure you that this is absolutely true. Because what happens at a certain stage, your right brain will awaken and the teacher that you have been looking for actually emerges out of yourself – YOU are the great teacher that appears for yourself. You and nobody else! This is the secret of illumination. Illumination during lifetime is what the Egyptians called “the awakening of the mummy in Amenta”.

Moving to the fourth stage is something none of us can escape, it is the moment when “death dies”.

Here an example from St. Trophime in Arles, France . 
The four fixed signs of the zodiac are holding the four god spell texts of the New Testament. Scorpio is depicted in its highest form, the eagle.

4. FIRE/ sol ascension
After the silver chord has been cut in Pisces and the physical body dies, we live in our astral body. This is the one you know from your nightly dreams. In Taurus the sol ascends, as celebrated by Christianity. Ideally the sol (Orion, Asar) is here able to slay the bull of fixed earth, to transcend the physical and pass the silver gate in Gemini, re-unite with its sol-mate and enter Heru-Islam, as outlined above. As the astrological symbols suggest, the Torus (field) is the same plane as Scorpio, the galactic plane. There is no exit out of the necessity of the sol cycle on this plane. The exit is at the top and bottom…which are Aquarius and Leo. Perhaps more people will start noting that the “four beasts of Ezekiel are prominently displayed on every church in the world. Now we may know, why. Ascension is therefore not an automatism – it needs to be earned. Those who cannot ascend, re-enter the cycle as “fallen angels”, which completes the circle (actually a spiral).

In some of my next posts, if I find the time, I will show more details regarding the physical, scientific foundation of the soul cycle, as shown by the zodiac, the greatest tool of scientific knowledge we have at our disposal.

Peace, Hotep, Islam, Shalom.

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