Language is the lockdown

I get some occasional critique and ridicule for how I apply etymology, which is defined today as "the study of the true sense of a word”. This science originated from the philological tradition (study of language through written sources, in the sense that word structures based on single letters are being analyzed and compared), a definition that automatically highlights the obvious shortcoming of such studies, because they don`t include symbolic languages. The science later adapted to also include more ancient languages, including the so-called most ancient Sumerian Cuneiform (a symbolic language), which is dated to 3350 BCE. But language studies, just like the Bible and like alleged history of man, stops here, in Mesopotamia, because history before this time has been wiped out, which is a Masonic agenda, as I have explained throughout my blog. Modern studies are made to concentrate on the (in my view erroneous) concept of "language families", which ignorantly labels the area of ancient Khemet as "Afro-Asiatic", basically a desert area in terms of language. According to these studies South America speaks "Indo-European", well that is really smart! It was colonized by Europeans, so the question must focus on the question, which languages were spoken BEFORE Europeans arrived. (see map below).

It is like a bad joke: today`s science of etymology includes all sorts of symbolic, oral and written languages (Chinese, Greek, Latin, Hebrew, etc) but excludes the language that gives us the oldest (religious) writings and "books" available on the planet (Pyramid Texts, Book of the Dead, Coffin texts, etc). Specifically the ancient Egyptian tongues are nowhere to be found in the science of etymology, primarily because Egyptians of the early dynasties (the peak of Egyptian civilization, it decayed thereafter) utilized Hieroglyphics and modern scholars don`t know how to decipher these and even if they were under the impression that they could decipher them, they still would not know how to pronounce the spoken language. It is part of the conspiracy of Egyptology to simply not promote further studies in this area. Can you imagine that the best translations Egyptology has to offer are still those of E.A. Wallis Budge, a brilliant scholar but unfortunately a spiritual basket case, which date back 100 years? No progress in 100 years should get us thinking, what is wrong here. Modern linguists, stubbornly refusing to look into the occult, are also in the dark about the usage of esoteric languages used by the priest class. Just like Khemet used a multitude of calendars for different purposes, they also used different mystery languages, some of which were only spoken in the temples and these happened to include Hebrew and Latin.

What scholars and private researchers quickly overlook, and this is the problem of the modern, purely left brain, “logical” application of etymology (a problem also rampant in all other modern separated sciences), is that etymons (“true, primitive words”) and morphemes (“smallest meaningful unit of a language”), the alleged smallest building blocks of language leading to alleged "root words", are by no means at the heart of language development. The much more important aspect, and simple logic will confirm this to anyone who stops and thinks, are the phonemes, the basic units of sound, or voice. The seen aspects of languages are computed by the left brain, but the sound takes effect on the right brain. Language started off as sound symbolized by written words, not as written words suggesting sound! Written texts were gradually introduced over time as a means of capturing sound. This process naturally had to lead to a loss of meaning and the step from a pictorial system such as the sacred carvings (Hieroglyphs) to alphabets was a huge step backwards that opened the doors for disaster. This is the reason why alphabetic languages were in ancient times exclusively used by the priest class and not revealed to the public, because the priesthood knew that language development could wreak havoc in the hands of people with a malicious intent.

Spoken language is much, much older than written language. In today`s western languages (specifically Germanic and Romanic), one sound can have a multitude of spellings, e.g. the sound “k” (brief exhaling sound) can be written today as c, ch, q or k, all of which can also be pronounced in a different way or fall silent in different word arrangements. So the letters, which are the building blocks of words, have become interchangeable and thus in themselves meaningless. Thus the door has been opened for all sorts of meaningless or distorting, misleading spellings. Language is the primary tool to trick the minds of men today. This was bound to happen, but it is now time to realize and repair language. It will take several hundred years to accomplish this on broad scale, but those who are awake can start the process for themselves and become their own priests.

"Proto-Canaanite" should be "Khemetic dialects and mystery languages" as designed esoterically by African priesthood

Written language was first established in the form of an alphabet in Phoenicia (this was actually just one seaside city in Canaan, which was an outpost of Khemet) by the so-called Hebrew, the House of Horus. At this stage, every letter was designed to have its own proper, divine, meaning pertaining to creation. As a result, it was possible to mentally “dive” into words, as every word contained letters and each single letter again became a new word of its own (e.g. the letter “D” became “Daleth” in Hebrew, which contains D (Daleth), L (Lamedh) and T (Taw), each again being a word, each containing letters, and so on, this goes into infinity) and thus the alphabet system of language was originally very meaningful and "holographic", each word serving as a whirlpool of information, following natural laws and at disposal for individual interpretation and spiritual understanding of reality.

There were 22 consonants and originally 7 basic vowels (which were not written, only pronounced, as in Hebrew), 22/ 7 = Pi = 3.1428... (circumference divided by diameter of a circle) this is also why the magic number is 227 (2+2+7=11, 1+1=2, duality, one step before completion of the new 12, the new system, this is based on Orphic and Pythagorean number systems, which were taught to these European gentlemen in Egypt). Thus the idea was to create a full 360 degree circle of sounds, which reflected the spiritual idea of cymatic creative forces emitted by primordial unity (the circle) to set itself up in the Monad (dot in the circle) and to create 3D- realm in order to be able to experience itself. Cymatics controls spirit and spirit is the unseen half of creation while matter is the seen half and result of the unseen. SPOKEN language was thus designed and acknowledged to be a tool of creation.

Diagram of the names of god according to QBLH by Kircher

Now, if we accept these ideas for a moment and imagine that we would be able to apply and use a language which is based on such creative sounds that mimic original creation, then our spoken words would automatically serve as bridge from our thinking (unseen, noumenal world, "heaven", the mind) to the universe (physically seen, phenomenal world, "earth", the body), allowing us to - partially, gradually - influence manifestation of physical reality according to our intentions. We can also deduct that when we speak in our modern languages, the intended meaning of the words we use, which we do verbalize with an intent to affect the phenomenal world, may actually take an effect which we are not intending. We may be saying things that we don’t intend to say at all, perhaps the opposite or something entirely different. What we intend as result of our thoughts and what we then put out as creative sounds expressing our intentions, are no longer aligned, in fact they are often in contradiction. Thus we are unknowingly forced by modern language to create a (spiritual) reality that we do not intend (spiritual, because Cymatics affect spirit first, which then takes its effect on matter) . So, how could language decay in such a way and who influenced our languages and twisted sounds to create such reality as we have seen during the Iron age of Pisces?

English is the youngest language in the so-called civilized world, it is a Germanic language and clearly has an occult history, meaning that the language designers were never openly revealed and in some cases given obscure alter egos to camouflage their true identity, best example being Shakespeare, who was Francis Bacon and who headed the King James Bible council, which effectively introduced thousands of new words to the English language. As “Shakespeare” he also took a major influence on language through "entertainment" (there never has been such a thing in history, art automatically effects the 4 senses and takes an effect on spirit). He left his occult signature in Psalm 46 of the King James Version, there in plain sight, for those with eyes to see. Bacon was also instrumental in establishing the “scientific approach”, which is purely based on left brain logic and 5-senses “proof” as basis for capturing reality, thus 50% blind. This is no coincidence and served to further reduce people`s capability of understanding nature in a syncretic, holistic way, because 50% of nature is not perceivable by our 4 senses (there actually are only 4 senses, not 5).

The kingdom that nobody learns about in school - Khazaria. Note the similarity of "Khazar" with Kaiser, Zar, Ceasar, all titles of highest social status and power, based on "Khazar", the country that nobody learns about in school. Khazaria was a Caucasian ("white skin") populace that decided to adopt the Jewish faith (which was originally black African). From the above region they moved primarily to Poland and to what today is Germany, where they became the Ashkenazi, on which basis was created the mind control term "Nazi"

But let`s stay on topic and recap. In summary, English is a Germanic language, the German language itself had a significant Hebrew influence through the large Ashkenazi population (Hebrew speaking, “white skin” Khazarians entering Germanic speaking territories from the Kingdom of Khazaria). Hebrew itself is an esoteric (not taught to the public) Egyptian temple language that was first revealed as exoteric alphabet (from Aleph - Beth, the first two letters) in Canaan, which was an outpost of the Heb Heru following the critical Armana Period (these things are not taught in school today and modern etymology fails to take account of Egyptian dialects and mystery languages, this is my main thesis). So if this was the case, we should be able to find Egyptian phonemes and etymons in both German and English words, and this is precisely what I have been explaining in my blog, here some examples of “Ankhlish”:

Noon – Nun
Autumn, Atom – Atum
Hour – Horus

Set (as in sunset) - Seth
Kaefer (German "beetle") – Kepher
Hero – Heru
Father – Ptah
Mother – Muta

(The other family members, like uncle and aunt, nice, etc. are also based on Egyptian language, but I cant find the source right now)
Christ – Karast
Happy - Hapi
Nature – Neter

Mother natureMedu Neter
Math Ma`at
Joseph – Iu-Sef
Mary – Meri
Conscious – Khonsu
Satan – Set

Thought - Tehuti (Thoth)
Alchemy, chemistry - Khemet
Baby - bibi
Desert - deshret
Statue - shtut

There are also plenty of examples of Hebrew words that became English, e.g. DaaTH became deathSHiT(h) became shitHoa became whore, these are powerful examples from the Qaballah, showing how key spiritual concepts were deliberately made to be utilized as something "bad" by the public. Needless to say, Ankhlish also contains a multitude of Greek and Arabic and other words, it is a colorful mix of spells taken from all parts of the world. As a result, today`s spelling of English and also of Romanic languages (based on Latin, which the Romans clearly did NOT invent themselves, but was transported to the Italian peninsula from Khemet) is a complete mess. It is actually a SPELL that we are being made to cast on ourselves without knowing and I will now show a practical example of such a typical spell, which relates to our working lives as modern slaves. As I have been emphasizing, English has been gradually re-designed as slave language to serve as tool for oppressing populations and was thus elected to be the world language. The notion that such phonemic occurrences as the ones demonstrated above and below could be a “coincidence” is naive. There is no other language on the planet that has so many phonetic similarities between opposing mental concepts:

When you go to work in a suit (Sut = Set), you wear a tie (you are tied, symbolic gallow around your neck), on your shirt you have a collar (a dog has a collar,” collar” means to capture) and cuffs (i.e. hand cuffs). You awake (a wake is a funeral celebration) each morning (mourning is what you do at a funeral) and go off during the weekdays (weak daze) to earn (ashes are placed into an urn) your living at various jobs (Hebrew JoB means “persecuted”) and undertakings (funeral undertaker) until you come to the weekend (the weak end of the deal, only two days off versus five slave days). You work in a corporation (dead corpse) all life to pay your mortgage (death pledge).

We spell (cast a spell on ourselves) words (a ward is a prison) to pronounce terms (prison terms) that produce a sentence (a sentence is a prison term). We use curse (a curse is a hex, a spell) words in writes (rites) and cursive writing. We speak our language (languid means weak or faint from illness or fatigue, languish means to grow weak, or to be forced to remain in an unpleasant situation) in phonetics (phony ethics).

This example shows how the English language applies double meanings to create a weakening of spirit. As described above, the yet deeper (Qabalistic) influence comes from the phonemes which can be deciphered through the Hebrew numeric system in conjunction with the Gold and Silver Key, which are astrology and the sacred Tarot respectively. The 22 Hebrew letters match the 22 Major Arcana, which constitute the 12 Zodiac signs and 10 spheres of our solar system. In case you wish to learn how to decipher and apply this code, there really is just one outstanding source that I would recommend and these are the teachings of the ancient Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a Brotherhood that no longer exists - or do they? Try to find out...

Language is the great lock-down today
Language is the key to all mystery
Phonemes are the primary tool for reconstructing true history 
Words are the bridge from thinking to the universe

Becoming aware of the nature (Neter) of our language (languish) will help us to start breaking the spell (ing) and start bringing presents (presence) into our lives by being aware that we are not a ware (a commercial good).

On the positive side, if you feel depressed, consider this to be a deep rest.


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  1. what is your ethnicity?and how did you find out all this information?

  2. I continue to read your articles when I get the chance; what you are doing is invaluable. I had read something from somewhere along the lines that deemed English language as the language that is the furthest from spiritual purity. After reading this, I am finally able to reconcile that bit of knowledge with an explanation. Thank you for such helpful information, I am blessed to have uncovered another piece of the puzzle thanks to this blog. I have much to study!


  3. thanks for your quick reply.there is a lot of wonderful information on the internet some true some false.when you find new information how do you personally decipher whether it is true or false

    1. This is why I replied to you "books", and not "internet". My primary source of knowledge is books, books, books. I have come to find that nothing is hidden and nothing is lost. It is all there. My privilege in this however is that for some reason I have been permitted to activate my right brain hemisphere and the more I study the more I can intuitively "feel" truth. This may sound non-scientific to the uninitiated, but in the opposite, it is a natural consequence of entering the "kingdom", which means to be the king of your own dome, which is your head. My recommendation is that you pay special intention to the feeling you get from new information -- either it resonates and is valuable, or it feels odd is is of no value. There is no true and false, truth always lies in the eye of the beholder! I have come to find that the older the sources are (the books), the better the quality and value of information. if there is any particular source that you have doubts about, I would be happy to give my opinion. HOTEP, be well!