The 12 Zodiac regions on Earth

Presidential palace in Astana, Kazakhstan, the new spiritual 
world capital for the Aquarian age

This blog entry contains another world premiere - I share with you below the first publicly available Zodiac overlay on a true proportions map of the Earth surface. The resulting information is enlightening in terms of explaining the particular differences in culture and mentality across the globe. The map also provides a new perspective on world history and it reveals geo-political peculiarities and energetic influences of certain geographic regions and people. This map truly is a revelation!

I have been wondering about such a Zodiac overlay for quite some time and have come across a number of different theories and suggestions. But none have truly made sense and none have been able to produce a complete circle of all twelve energies. I then came across some key information contained in C.M. Bey`s “Clock of Destiny”, Vol II  website here , which is based on Moorish science. I don`t endorse all information contained in these booklets and on this website but I am convinced that Brother Bey is correct about the astrological part.

True sizes of Zodiac constellations in relation to signs, months and seasons

So I experimented with the coordinates provided in "Clock of Destiny, Vol. II" and concluded that the trick must be that the influence of the Zodiac on Earth needs to be mapped according to the true size of the constellations, so that the space the constellations occupy "above" corresponds to the relative space occupied "below" on Earth. The map may or may not yet be scientifically 100% correct but it sure enough indicates a very meaningful and fascinating snap shot of world energies, the correctness of which, in my view, is confirmed by many details, the most important of which I will detail below.

Left side: true proportions of land masses
Right side: distorted "Mercator map" popularized by Masons/ Jesuits
with the aim of giving more weight to Europe and North America (white Caucasian countries)
The map that out children are using in school therefore conveys a racist intention.

Secondly, I concluded that Brother Bey had most likely used the common, distorted Mercator map and that instead a true proportions world map would have to be used.

This map is based on the Peters Projections Map and gives you an idea of the true size of Africa

Thirdly, I assumed that further confirmation would have to be available by overlaying the 36 Decans and their respective mottos, on which I will elaborate below. It must be clear that the associations that I make are of speculative nature, based on my personal perception. I basically let my right brain make free associations and write by intuition. So there is no "scholarly" claim from my side to any dogmatic correctness or exclusivity, it may well be that things look different from your point of view – but I am sure, not fundamentally different, because the energies fit very well, as they are. The basic theme is correct, no doubt about it. So, let`s first look at the toolkit that I have been using:

1. The true ecliptic measures of the 12 zodiacal constellations (approximate)

Constellation     Length on ecliptic
Aries                23 degrees
Taurus              37 degrees
Gemini              30 degrees
Cancer             18 degrees
Leo                  41 degrees
Virgo               42 degrees
Libra                25 degrees
Scorpio            25 degrees
Sagittarius        36 degrees
Capricorn        28 degrees
Aquarius          20 degrees
Pisces              35 degrees
                       = 360°

2. The 36 Decans according to the Triplicity system

3. A true proportions world map = "Peters Projection Map", instead of the distorted Mercator map promoted by Caucasian conquerors

This Peters Projection map shows true proportions of land masses; note how North America and Europe shrink and regions closer to the equator (Africa, South America) reveal their true size.
This map also shows the world view prior to the conquering of Egypt, with South Africa as "top of the center of the world"

4. the result of which is this map that I created (upside down again for orientation purposes)

I added the sine wave on this map, which touches the Tropic of Cancer near Hawaii and the Tropic of Capricorn near South Africa. At the top I have added the 12 Zodiac signs (black), Exaltation (blue) and Fall (red) of the planets, at the bottom you find the sizes of the respective constellations in degrees° and the four astrological "Gates" of the world

LEO, ruled by Sun
“I will”
Territories influenced: 2/3 of USA and Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Southern Pacific Ocean

Leo rules the heart and this is the “Heartland” of the North American continent, USA today sets the heartbeat of the world, and the US dollar is the life blood pumped through the financial veins of the planet from here. Leo energy explains the sometimes exaggerated pride and patriotism of North Americans, which is being exploited by the Vatican, who knows this science very well. North Americans have a natural self understanding of world leadership, and there is also a unique American idea of having “fun”, both typical Leo attributes. Leo energy explains why prophets have been able to correctly predict that North America would one day rule the world. The RCC/ Vatican knew about this fact prior to colonization efforts. Leo energy also explains the technology transfer of the Sun Pyramid from Egypt to Mexico.

1st Decan: Leo, Crater, “rulership”, Sun ruled: California “Golden State”/ Pacific Time Zone (CA, NV, OR, WA)
2nd Decan: Sagittarius, Centaurus,“reformation”, Jupiter ruled: Western Mexico, Rocky Mountains/ Mountain Time Zone, Lutheran & Mormonist regions
3rd Decan: Aries, Corvus, “ambition”, Mars ruled: Great Plains/ Central Time Zone, Eastern Mexico, Texas (“don`t mess with Texas”), Guatemala

VIRGO, ruled by Mercury
“I analyze”
Territories influenced: Eastern Time Zone area from St. Louis/ Chicago all the way to Newfoundland/ Labrador, the Caribbean, Central and South America except the Eastern 1/2 of Brazil (again, the map is not precise and should probably be shifted a little to the left)

Virgo rules the intestines and agriculture and these countries produce a significant part of the fruit and vegetable supply of the planet. This area was destined to be ruled (and exploited) from the LEO territory, which today is the USA. The District of Columbia was formed from parts of Virginia and Maryland, this is why the US Federal Government was founded with the “virgin/ Virgo Mary” idea in mind (also large Venus star in Washington Street Map just above the White House). For European RCC-agents conquering the Americas and Caribbean it was clear that it would be easy to subdue the indigenous people in these areas, due to their Virgo servitude basic energies. Also these territories were subdued by spreading European viruses, killing millions of indigenous people, which also follows the Virgo concept.

1st Decan: Virgo, Bootes, “achievement”, Mercury ruled: agricultural belt of the USA, Central America East of Guatemala, Florida
2nd Decan: Capricorn, Herkules, “experience”, Saturn ruled, industrial belt of the USA, Venezuela, Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Chile, 1/2 Argentina, and Cuba as Socialist country (workers movement fitting Capricorn energy), Labor Day is also celebrated in this Decan in the solar year
3rd Decan: Taurus, Corona Borealis, “renunciation”, East Coast financial center and Wall Street fit the Taurean theme (in fact the Bull and Bear of Wall Street correspond to Taurus and Big Dipper, both corresponding to the area of LEO and VIRGO, just like the USA! The Bear being prominently on the California Flag), also the Washington DC area, where Christianity and European aristocracy were initially renunciated by the Hermetic U.S. founding fathers and the Moors, Western Brazil

Mercury exalts in Virgo! He stands for left brain thinking, activeness, volatility, enterprising, commerce and communication, which are the very attributes of Eastern USA.
Venus falls in Virgo! She stands for submissiveness, friendship and harmony

LIBRA, ruled by Venus
“I balance”
Territories influenced: Greenland, eastern 1/2 of Brazil, the very name “Brazil” contains the word “Libra”! Bra (Z) iL. This is strong confirmation for the thesis.

Libra rules the kidneys, Law, contracts and marriages. The Amazon forest keeps the world atmosphere in equilibrium. Natural Law has human beings married to nature, we have a contract to look after nature.

1st Decan: Libra, Serpens, “policy”, Venus ruled, Amazon Indian regions, here we find tribes like the Kaxinawa, “true human beings”, Serpent wisdom
2nd Decan: Aquarius, Draco, “independence”, Saturn ruled, area of Capital Brasilia
3rd Decan: Gemini, Lupus, “expiation”, Mercury ruled, these are the big cities like Rio, Brazilian highlands

Saturn exalts in Libra! He stands for coldness, selfishness, melancholy, time and slow learning
The Sun falls in Libra! He stands for paternal pride, self-esteem, firmness and vitality.

SCORPIO, ruled by Mars/ Pluto
“I desire”
Territories influenced: Atlantic Ocean, probably also scratches the West Coast of Africa, also most likely includes the Canary Islands, Portugal and Ireland.

Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, transformation and mysteries. West Africa also experiences a lot of Mars aggression, e.g. Ivory Coast civil war (lower Mars energy). It is very fitting that this water sign mainly rules an area of water. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean also meant a great, mysterious transformation in world history. In Ireland the "serpents" (=Druid serpent priests") were "driven to the ocean", which the Irish still celebrate in their ignorance, the Serpent is one of the three forms of Scorpio (Skorpius, Snake, Eagle)

1st Decan: Scorpio, Ophiuccus, “resourcefulness”, Mars ruled, Atlantic Ocean
2nd Decan: Pisces, Ara, “responsibility”, Jupiter/ Neptune ruled, Atlantic Ocean
3rd Decan: Cancer, Corona Australis, “attainment”, Moon ruled, most likely Canary Islands, Portugal, Mauritania, Senegal

The Moon falls in Libra! She stands for sublimity, emotions and reflected images

SAGITTARIUS, ruled by Jupiter
“I see”
Territories influenced: Western 1/2 of Africa, Western Europe from Spain incl. Greece, Poland, Sweden

Sagittarius rules the thighs (locomotion) and stands for philosophy, mutable fire (action) and long distance journeys. Africans (Ethiopian world empire, Moors) and Europeans have been sea faring nations exploring and mapping the planet. Philosophy was cultivated in Europe, based on African science.

1st Decan: Sagittarius, Lyra, “devotion”, Jupiter ruled, Spain, Morocco, perhaps Ireland, this explains what makes Spain different from the other big EU countries, Spain is mainly under Sagittarian energy. In younger times this energy has been used by RCC/ Vatican to use Spanish people as devoted servants to subdue the Americas. Also, Spain is the country where a Dictator was able to hold on longest in Europe (1939 - 1975)
2nd Decan: Aries, Aquila, “exploration”, Mars ruled, France, England, Holland, the traditional colonization countries using Aries aggressive energy, also Algeria, Nigeria, Niger, perhaps western most Germany. The French cock is a Mars war symbol. The Eagle as symbol is a reference to "Aquila".
3rd Decan: Leo, Sagitta, “illumination”, Sun ruled, Central and Eastern Germany (former Prussia), Vatican, Italy, FRY, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Libya, Chad, Angola, Namibia, LEO energy (again) explains the natural ambition to rule over others and it also explains the historic Vatican/ Germany/ Italy axis, which is, just like the USA, prone to exaggerated national pride and blind action. It also explains the natural split of the Francish Empire in 900 ACE. The Illuminati were founded in Bavaria in 1776. Malta is also located in this Decan and home to the powerful Knights of Malta. This explains why horses and lions have been frequently used as symbols for power in this area.

CAPRICORN, ruled by Saturn
“I use”
Territories influenced: Eastern Europe (e.g. Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Baltics), Western Russia (incl. Moscow), Egypt, East Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, South Africa (territories until Caspian Sea), "Near East" incl. Israel, Palestine, Syria

Capricorn rules the knees (needed for climbing) and stands for success, work, career, cardinal earth, evolution (climbing physical matter). This makes the above mentioned territories natural zones for development of workers` movements, such as Communism or Socialism (I am aware these are only -isms), establishing social hierarchies, which can manifest in negative form (e.g. Stalinist Russia) or positive form (e.g. ancient Egypt, where wonderful buildings were created by large work forces, not slaves). Many Eastern African countries are still communist today. This also includes the area of alleged creation of men (Mesopotamia).

1st Decan: Capricorn, Cygnus, “organization”, Saturn ruled, Egypt, Sudan, Western Turkey, Ukraine, Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria, as mentioned above, this is where workers` movements were rolled out, but also where great construction tasks were accomplished by highly organized work forces
2nd Decan: Taurus, Delphinus, “martyrdom”, Venus ruled, “Near East” incl. Israel & Palestine, Ethiopia, Moscow, Kenya, Turkey, the situation allocated to the near East is clearly one of martyrdom, also center of religious dogma surrounding “savior-martyr” ideas (it must be noted that Israel has no ancient history as a country and was placed here intentionally after WWI to create and maintain tension). The Bosporus river literally refers to oxen and the "Golden Horn" is that of a bull.
3rd Decan: Virgo, Pisces Australis, “idealism”, Mercury ruled, Western Iran, Western Kazakhstan, Oman, UAE, Russia, again an area with Virgo energy, but this time not Virgo-Virgo, but Capricorn-Virgo, so not to be ruled over as easily. Iran stands for Shia Islamic idealism and is therefore target for Vatican propaganda and enemy of Rome

Mars exalts in Capricorn! He stands for fierce energy and destruction.
Jupiter falls in Capricorn! He stands for joviality, cheerfulness, benevolence and hope.

AQUARIUS, ruled by Saturn/ Uranus
“I know”
Territories influenced: Russia, Kazakhstan, Eastern Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan

Aquarius rules the calves/ shins and stands for brotherhood, humanitarian ideas, fixed air (mentality), rules astrology and all science. Apparently Astana, Kazakhstan has already been developed as new spiritual center for the Aquarian age. Strong brotherhood can be witnessed in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan, which has made them near impossible to conquer.

1st Decan: Aquarius, Equuleus, “originality”, Saturn ruled, Eastern Iran, which is clearly the origin of much star wisdom (Sufis, Persia, Ottoman, Zoroastrism, all based on astrology)
2nd Decan: Gemini, Pegasus, “inspiration”, Mercury ruled, part of all above mentioned territories
3rd Decan: Libra, Cetus, “repression”, Venus ruled, mainly Pakistan and Afghanistan, which are being repressed today by Western forces

PISCES, ruled by Jupiter/ Neptune
“I believe”
Territories influenced: Russia, India, Nepal, 2/3 of China, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Western Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh

Pisces rules the feet, stands for self-undoing and religion. It perfectly correlates to the dreamy spiritual centers in India, Nepal, China and South East Asian Buddhist countries mentioned above. People in these areas are generally very well “grounded” and highly spiritual for this reason. This energy also opens the way for using elimination of “self” for religious control purposes, as done in Hinduism/ Buddhism and red China. Pisces rulership of India also explains why the sun avatar of the Piscean age is rumored to have spent time in this area and the ritual of washing feet in the RCC is based on Pisces ruling the feet.

1st Decan: Pisces, Cepheus, “verity”, Jupiter/ Neptune ruled, India, Nepal, Eastern Kazakhstan, "verity" is a synonym for “truth” and indeed a lot of truth can be found in the Himalaya regions, which goes hand in hand with illusive Neptune concepts and dreamy spiritual ideas brought forth in these areas, which are diluted versions of the original Dravidian teachings, which came from Egypt
2nd Decan: Cancer, Andromeda, “self sacrifice”, Moon ruled, Western Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, perhaps also Nepal, traditionally regions declared as “poor” today, which fits the theme of sacrificing self
3rd Decan: Scorpio, Cassiopeia, “vicissitudes”, Mars/ Pluto ruled, Mongolia, Central China, South East Asian countries mentioned above, phenomena of sex tourism fits the Scorpio theme (e.g. Malaysia, Thailand), many strong contrasts (vicissitudes) in these regions (high spirituality but also cruelty)

Venus exalts in Pisces! She stands for submissiveness, friendship and harmony, typical trademarks of this geographic region
Mercury falls in Pisces! He stands for left brain thinking, activeness, volatility, enterprising, commerce and communication

ARIES, ruled by Mars
“I am”
Territories influenced: densely inhabited Eastern part of China (incl. Beijing), Taiwan, Indonesia, East Malaysia, Philippines, Western 1/2 Australia, Eastern Russia, North & South Korea

Aries rules the head, stands for energy and cardinal fire (impulsive action). This is home of “red” (Mars) China, many war conflicts, such as China and Taiwan and divided Korea (which is an intentionally perpetuated and western financed conflict to keep the cold war idea alive. If Korea was any real threat to anyone in the West, they would have been wiped off the map long ago).

1st Decan: Aries, Triangulum, “activity”, Mars ruled, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Western most Australia (incl. Perth), perhaps Aries should start a little further to the West and include the "Golden Triangle" which would be perfect reference to this Decan Triangulum
2nd Decan: Leo, Eridanus, “exaltation”, Sun ruled, Philippines, Taiwan, Peking, Indonesia, Peking being located in the Leo area as leadership "head and heart" of Asia with natural rulership ambitions
3rd Decan: Sagittarius, Perseus, “propaganda”, Jupiter ruled, Indonesia, North & South Korea, which is very fitting in terms of the Korea conflict serving important propaganda purposes (perpetuation of cold war hoax)

The Sun exalts in Aries! He stands for paternal pride, self-esteem, firmness and vitalit, this energy explain the "pride and honour" concept that can be found in this area
Saturn falls in Aries! He stands for coldness, selfishness, melancholy, time and slow learning. China is currently made to grow like crazy, skipping all the important Saturn lessons

TAURUS, ruled by Venus
"I have"
Territories influenced: Eastern Australia, Eastern most Russia, Japan, Papua New Guinea

Taurus rules the neck and throat and stands for steadiness and perseverance but also for 5-sense materialism, money and beauty (art), which sums up the basic traits of Japan.

1st Decan: Taurus, Lepus, “determination”, Venus ruled, Japanese steadiness, Eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea, explains why Japanese fighters are so determined to even do Harakiri
2nd Decan: Virgo, Orion, “struggle”, Mercury ruled, Micronesia, Solomon Island
3rd Decan: Capricorn, Auriga, “mastership”, Saturn ruled, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands

The Moon exalts in Taurus! She stands for sublimity, emotions and reflected images.

GEMINI, ruled by Mercury
"I think"
Territories influenced: New Zealand, Pacific Ocean until (and perhaps including) Hawaii Islands

Gemini rules the lungs and arms and stands for communication, short journeys and left brain thinking.

1st Decan: Gemini, Ursa Minor, “intuition”, Mercury ruled, New Zealand
2nd Decan: Libra, Canis Major, “fidelity”, Venus ruled, Pacific Ocean
3rd Decan: Aquarius, Ursa Major, “reason”, Saturn/ Uranus ruled, Pacific Ocean, possibly Hawaii Islands

CANCER, ruled by the Moon
"I feel"
Territories influenced: perhaps Hawaii Islands, French Polynesia, Pacific Ocean

Cancer rules the stomach and breasts and stands for home, motherhood, and peace. It is therefore fitting that it rules the “Pacific” (peaceful) Ocean. On the West Coast of California we find the “Golden Gate”, symbolically pointing towards the Golden gate between Cancer and Gemini. It is also curious how Russia and USA almost touch each other in this area, how Alaska has been peacefully handed over and how there is no tension in this area (even though according to cold war hoax logic, there should be)

1st Decan: Cancer, Canis Minor, “moods”, Moon ruled, possibly Hawaii Islands, Pacific Ocean
2nd Decan: Scorpio, Hydra, “revelations”, Mars/ Pluto ruled, Pacific Ocean
3rd Decan: Pisces, Argo, “research”, Jupiter/ Neptune ruled, Pacific Ocean

Jupiter exalts in Cancer! He stands for joviality, cheerfulness, benevolence and hope.
Mars falls in Cancer! He stands for fierce energy and destruction.

As a short resume, these are the 12 regions:

Leo: USA ruling
Virgo: Agricultural belt of the Americas
Libra: Brazil (as contained in the country name)
Scorpio: Atlantic Ocean
Sagittarius: Western Europe and Africa
Capricorn: Eastern Europe and Africa, Near East
Aquarius: Kazakhstan with Astana as Masonic capital for the age of Aquarius
Pisces: India
Aries: red China
Taurus: Japan
Gemini: Pacific Ocean
Cancer: Pacific Ocean

Input and feedback from other researchers highly welcome!

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