Perfect government

The Zodiac is the greatest treasure of humanity and I will below demonstrate one very practical application of this science: how to form a perfectly balanced government.

There is no other tool on this planet even remotely capable of producing such wisdom.
this pyramid shows how the show is currently being run 

how can such (seeming) chaos be best organized?

Unlike some modern "fashionable" spiritualists may propagate, the experience of the ages and highest wisdom teaches us that government is a necessity. Without a government, nation states quickly fall apart. It also teaches us that ruling power needs to be based on two pillars: the priestly and the kingly pillar. One is the thinker, the other the doer. The thinker needs protection and the doer needs guidance. The two must keep each other in check in a healthy way. The most perfect version of this symbiotic rulership was exercised in ancient Egypt, where the thinker was the Queen and the doer the Pharao.      

Coming out of the Age of Pisces, our governments are a complete mess. Not only are our so called "leaders" highly corrupt, notorious liars, uninitiated fools and ego maniacs, but the whole government system is also just a powerless front-show, a puppet theater for press and television. There is no way to quickly chase away the dark energies that arose during the past Age, instead they need to be handled gently and given the opportunity to "fade out" in a natural way. This process will take about 600 years from now and this period of time will have the motto of "repression", meaning that we are allowed to wake up and to know, but not yet to change society to the better. People who stick their heads out too far will be repressed (silenced) by the system in one or the other way. The proper way to deal with the corrupt system is to ignore it. Just let the idea die within you and the outer manifestation of it will die along with it.

Nevertheless, we can already start to cultivate higher knowledge again and prepare our children mentally to properly deal with this struggling, useless and ridiculous Piscean power system. This is not a time for martyrs. In this sense, I constitute below a perfect government, which of course could only be implemented once we have progressed far enough into Aquarius and the vibrational frequency of the general public is lifted high enough to understand and implement these ideas. Until then we will have to deal with corporatism, secret society dominance, government corruption, bad leadership, wars, poverty, prisons, dis-ease, deception, despair and uncontrolled royals operating out of their lower self

But one fine day these things will fade out and there will be a government in place that is handled by and acts for the people again. This government will ideally have 12 Departments (or like in Europe, "Ministries", which comes from Min, the Moon). These Ministries should be under the control of fully initiated Asar-level individuals who operate out of their higher self. Democracy is a fallacy, it is mob rule. The common people must be led, but it is essential that the leaders be initiated and rid of their ego.

Here is the science: 

4 of the Ministries set new impulses for society = cardinal
4 of the Ministries define contemporary culture = fixed
4 of the Ministries plant seeds for tomorrow = mutable

3 of the Ministries deal with the physical world (Earth)
3 of the Ministries deal with the emotional well being of people (Water)
3 of the Ministries deal with mentality, thoughts and ideas (Air)
3 of the Ministries deal with actions (Fire)

The 12 Departments are set on 6 axes, each with 2 polarities that balance each other out. These two respective Departments have to collaborate closely to ensure equilibrium in society.

1st Axis
Dept of Defense and Energy = setting action impulses for society, Aries
Dept of Law & Justice = setting mental impulses for society, Libra

Military efforts must be focused on defense (to have a standing army avoids being attacked). Military forces should have the task of maintaining equilibrium and therefore must be held in check by powerful Law, so that the military apparatus is forced to serve higher Justice and greater good. Restrictive Laws such as the U.S. Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 are therefore essential to protect society from unbalances created by aggression. Energy as source of income and as basis of all industrial and economic activity must serve peace and higher Law, and energy is therefore included in this Axis. Law, based on reason, must regulate action.

--> Mars and Venus are married as lovers, lower right brain is lifted up by higher left brain
--> mental and action impulses naturally go hand in hand

2nd Axis
Dept of Treasury = defining contemporary physical world, Taurus 
Dept of Transformation = defining contemporary emotional well being, Scorpio

This axis deals with the mystery of transforming physical labor into (fiat) money and wealth, which in turn can be channeled to transform society in a desirable way. The generation and utilization of wealth (money) is the basis for the development of a nation. The way the Treasury operates decides on the opportunities of transforming society to the better economically. Financing must have a focus on avoiding debt of any kind, because debt is slavery and prevents proper transformation of work through (fiat) money into positive emotional energies. The natural drive for money and luxury must be balanced by establishing clear tasks, wealth must be challenged by defining tasks, which serve a higher purpose. Especially very wealthy people must be properly initiated into the mysteries, because they carry greatest responsibility.

--> Mars and Venus are married as lovers, lower right brain is lifted up by higher left brain
--> physical and emotional cultural aspects naturally go hand in hand

3rd Axis
Dept of Education = planting mental seeds, Gemini
Dept of applied Philosophy = planting action seeds, Sagittarius

Primary education (school) must pave the way for citizens to enter higher thinking as adults, higher learning (universities) must aim at producing actions, not academic theories and status quo. All learning is pointless if no actions follow. The Liberal Arts, based on proper Rhetoric and Grammar must form the basis of learning for children to be able to think for themselves as adults. Short term learning (school career) must be balanced with long term state of mind (philosophy, higher learning). The word education does not mean feeding something in, but rather pulling something out from within: positive actions. If people are well educated, society automatically turns to the better.

--> Mercury and Jupiter balancing out, lower left brain is lifted up by higher right brain
--> learning and doing naturally go hand in hand

4th Axis
Dept of Family and Housing = setting emotional impulses for society, Cancer
Dept of Labor = setting physical impulses for society, Capricorn

This axis deals with basic human needs, which are food, clothes, work and a home. The emotional well being of families is closely connected to the fruits of labor (in the form of money to pay the bills), and high quality work is the result of a happy home, thus family (home) and labor are in a symbiotic relationship and need to be properly coordinated in order to have a prospering society. Housing should not be a tool for depriving people of their fruits of labor (rent payment concept) and government should not be allowed to substitute home and family by handing out "presents" and making people dependent (e.g. ObamaCare, Hartz IV). What society can achieve if this axis is balanced can be seen in the incredible temples and edifices in ancient Egypt, which were not constructed by slaves but by enlightened civilians under the guidance of priests.

--> Moon (reflected Sun) and Saturn balancing out, ego and higher self are balanced
--> emotional and physical impulses naturally go hand in hand

5th Axis
Dept of Pleasure = defining contemporary actions, Leo
Dept of Ethics, Science and Astrology = defining contemporary mentality, Aquarius

This axis deals with balancing out the need for individual and collective pleasure. Having fun and seeking pleasure is one of the 12 basic human needs, but it is ego-focused. Therefore a well-functioning society must define limits to fun, based on collective ethics and humanitarian concepts. All technology must be natural, ethical and serve a higher purpose, a greater good for society and may not be allowed to interfere with individual or collective well being. Development and application of such technology must be guided and consulted by priesthood based on astrological cycles of nature, in order to avoid abuse. We live in a society today where technology is used to enslave us. This tendency will dramatically increase in the next 100 years.

--> Sun and Saturn balancing out, human will and higher self are balanced
--> actions and mentality of a culture naturally go hand in hand

6th Axis
Dept of Health and Agriculture = planting physical seeds, Virgo
Dept of Spirituality (Religion) = planting emotional seeds, Pisces

This axis teaches us that soul food (Eucharist, eye of Horus) and body food (vegetables, fruits) go hand in hand! We are what we eat, both mentally and physically. What we think and eat is closely connected. Today`s obese, sick society demonstrates how important it is to closely connect health and agriculture. The human body needs whole, unprocessed, nutritious, natural fruit and vegetable to stay healthy. We don`t need products from factories, but directly from the garden and fields and trees. This goes for both soul food and body food! The term “religion” actually implies a re-connecting of ourselves with nature, the common basis of which is a natural, balanced diet. Connection with nature is a must have for emotional well being.

--> Mercury and Jupiter balancing out, lower left brain is lifted up by higher right brain
--> planting emotional and physical seeds goes hand in hand

To recap what was said in the beginning:

4 of these Ministries are setting impulses for societycardinal
Dept of Defense and Energy, Aries --> energy impulse
Dept of Family & Housing, Cancer --> emotional impulse
Dept of Law & Justice, Libra --> mental impulse
Dept of Labor, Capricorn --> physical impulse

4 of these Ministries are defining contemporary culturefixed
Dept of Treasury, Taurus --> contemporary wealth
Dept of Transformation, Scorpio --> contemporary economy
Dept of Pleasure, Leo --> contemporary behavior of individuals
Dept of Ethics, Science and Astrology, Aquarius --> contemporary values of society

4 of these Ministries are planting seeds for tomorrow mutable
Dept of Education, Gemini --> tomorrow`s thinking
Dept of applied Philosophy, Sagittarius --> tomorrow`s actions
Dept of Health & Agriculture, Virgo --> tomorrow`s physical surroundings
Dept of Spirituality (Religion), Pisces --> tomorrow`s feelings

And furthermore:

3 of the ministries deal with the physical world = EARTH Trinity
Dept of Labor, Capricorn --> what things are created today
Dept of Treasury, Taurus --> what things are cultivated today
Dept of Health & Agriculture, Virgo --> what things are there tomorrow

3 of the ministries deal with the emotional well being = WATER Trinity
Dept of Family & Housing, Cancer --> what emotions are created today
Dept of Transformation, Scorpio --> what emotions are estalblished today
Dept of Spirituality (Religion), Pisces --> what emotions are there tomorrow

3 of the ministries deal with mentality, thoughts and ideas = AIR Trinity
Dept of Law & Justice, Libra --> what thoughts are created today
Dept of Ethics, Science and Astrology, Aquarius --> what thoughts are cultivated today
Dept of Education, Gemini --> what thoughts are in place tomorrow

3 of the ministries deal with actions = FIRE Trinity
Dept of Defense and Energy, Aries --> what actions are undertaken today
Dept of Pleasure, Leo --> what actions are tolerated today
Dept of applied Philosophy, Sagittarius --> what actions are undertaken tomorrow

As can be seen, organizing a government in such a way balances precisely those aspects of society which need to be balanced and would otherwise run the risk of obstructing each other and it also shows which Departments are missing today and which ones are superfluous: 

“Department of State” (foreign affairs) should be part of “Applied philosophy”. Department of State is today run by the Federal Government in a Leo, childish, egoistic kind of “showing off” fashion, while the true Leo function of pleasure/ fun are left unregulated in society, and this is why ethical behavior and morale today are out of balance. The Federal government is celebrating itself as king, the people suffer from their own boundless pleasure (Huxley warned of this in Brave New World).

“Department of Transport”should be included in the 3rd Axis (Gemini stands for short journeys, Sagittarius for long journeys), which is the question of how to physically move people for the purpose of education (e.g. schools) and longer journeys (e.g. diplomacy).

“Department of Homeland Security” should be part of Dept of Family & Housing. This Department was created in the U.S. to manage martial law and push the police state agenda, which is at the same time fed through false flag media terrorism. Defense of the country is part of Dept of Defense and Energy. 

“Department of the Interior” should be part of Dept of Transformation. Indigenous lands must be properly redistributed according to birth rights.

“Department of Veteran Affairs” should be part of Dept of Labor. The key question is how to make veterans a useful, content part of society.

It is curious how the USA currently has no Department of Science, this important area of society is left to the private military industrial complex (and non government institutions like NASA), therefore the people have absolutely no control over science whatsoever, an unthinkable state of affairs! In the same way, ethics and astrology are neglected and instead there are lobbyist groups and corporate rules.

I took the United States government as example here, because the majority of the readers of my blog are U.S. citizens (at least they think they are :-) ). In addition, it is Turtle Island that needs to wake up and change to re- establish peace in the world, because the U.S. military is currently a Jesuit toy, invasions are planned to eliminate enemies of the Vatican, reasons for such invasions are invented and promoted in the corporate press.

The Sun Year has 13 Moons (13 x 28 = 364 days), the 13th function of government is one that must be shouldered by all citizens – how to represent the values of the 12 ministries in your individual surroundings, thus the 13th Department, overseeing all other 12 Departments, must be YOU!

Oh, and please: no politics (artificial opposition), democracy (mob rule) and no -isms (artificial color game)!


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