What is magic?

The below text contains the true definition of what magic is - and what it is not!

The modern terms magic/ magician derive from Strongs's Greek 3097 μάγος, ου, ὁ, transliteration: magos, plural magi, which is acknowledged as a word of Persian origin, and was adopted by the Greeks, who were fascinated with the Persian astrological priestclass and labelled such knowledge as Chaldean.  Magus/ Magos/ Magi/ Magician correct translation is "a member of the priestly class", yet more precise "member of the Zoroastrian/ Persian priest class", so an oriental astrologer, a wise man from the East, who is learnt in the Holy Science, which is astrology. Astrology (astro = star, stars produce light, logos = Greek "word"), so astrology is the word of light, and as the bible correctly states god to be light, astrology is the word of god, the signature of creation. 

We stop to summarize: magic is the art of the Persian priest class, astrology
Or more simple: magic = astrology

Members of such priestly, astrological class have created the scriptures that we know (e.g. Tora, OT, NT, Quran, etc are all astrological works). Their art, literally the art of the Magi, the magic art, is to "affect the effects" of the stars. Astrology reveals that physical life is an illusive effect - the below (Earth) is a reflection of the above (heavenly bodies), and human life is therefore an image that is controlled and defined through the Elohim, the Rishi, the Cosmocrators, the heavenly bodies. Chaldean astrologists (Persian Magi, magicians) understood that the physical world is only the effect, while the source lies in the spiritual realm (stars). The art of the Magi is therefore concerned with images (and later imagination). The word sorcerer has the same meaning as magician, because the Magi studied the source of life, which is the spiritual realm, the stars. Physical life is only the effect, the image.

Magi, magician, image, imagination, magic, magus - all these words are closely linked to astrology

While the Persian Magi used their knowledge to determine the images (e.g. events) that the heavenly wanderers create in the physical, our modern Magi took the original, ancient science completely off the table, ridiculed it publicly, making sure that we do not take it seriously, and instead started creating images in our minds that fit their plans for the physical. An important technique to achieve this is to invert reality - more bout this below.

There are several ways of provoking images in other people's heads: this can be done verbally, by telling stories, or, as done in our times, via screen play and direct images, no individual imagination needed. Visual media (t.v., cinema) information enters the subconscious mind directly and unfiltered, because the subconscious has no way of differentiating between what is real and what is not (t.v.). This is a type of subtle hypnotic programming. A more skillfull and more profound programming can be done through words, because words have a peculiar effect on the human mind. Nowadays, words are meaningless sound containers and develop their meaning only in the mind of the recipient, and such meaning can be controlled. Let's take the word magician as an example: if I ask you to imagine a magician standing in front of you and you play along, the word magician will provoke a visual reaction in your mind and you will visualize whatever you deem to be a magician. In our times, such imagined magicians will likely look like Gandalf or like a stage magician with a cylinder, black robe and white bunny. Depending on how you have been programmed by society/ state education/ t.v., the word provokes an image in your head, your imagination. It is a non-verbal automatism. You have a fixed image about something you have actually never seen. This is modern magic.

The exoteric Art of the modern Magi is therefore not only to study the word of light and use it to their favor, but also to execute mind control on the public. Modern words have been manipulated and contain magic spells, a certain spelling, which is what a magic spell is. Playing with phonetics for example, serves to confuse our minds to a certain degree. Just look at how they make our children learn different spellings for one and the same sound. This is intentional, a deliberate tool to distract their minds and keep them confused. Words can also be arranged to hide secrets in the plain open, and they can be used to distort information. All these operations belong into the realm of the (modern) art of the Magi, the priestly class, specifically the more recent priests of the past 3,000 years, who started to hide more than to reveal, to trick more than to help, to distort more than to clarify, to take more than to give. Great magicians can indeed execute a very high degree of powerful mind control on unsuspecting subjects - and this is precisely what they are still doing in our times.

Telling stories evolved into creating cryptic, allegorical texts, using words and names that create/ deliver images to the reader's imagination, and such images may take a potential effect on life through impression on the spirit. This is the one, true definition of magic, and nothing else! Nowadays, magic is the art of applying lingusitic and phonetic techniques to control other people. The most devastating magic tool ever employed is television. The television program is what programs the mind, and this is why it is called a t.v. program. Watching t.v. has a hypnotic component to it and the devastating effects of television on society are a subject rich enough to fill a book. A great book to read on this topic is the one above, here the author's summary:

(...) My own feeling is that that is true – that it's very important to improve the program content – but that television has effects, very important effects, aside from the content, and they may be more important. They organize society in a certain way. They give power to a very small number of people to speak into the brains of everyone else in the system night after night after night with images that make people turn out in a certain kind of way. It affects the psychology of people who watch. It increases the passivity of people who watch. It changes family relationships. It changes understandings of nature. It flattens perception so that information, which you need a fair amount of complexity to understand it as you would get from reading, this information is flattened down to a very reduced form on television. And the medium has inherent qualities which cause it to be that way.
And the book is really about television considered from a holistic point of view, from a biological point of view – perceptual, environmental, political, social, experiential, as well as the concrete problems of whether a program is silly or not. But other people deal with that very well. My job was to talk about television from many of these other dimensions which are not usually discussed.

Druidic ceremonial wands were made of the wood of the Holly tree, thus Hollywood alludes to magic, the art of creating images, both in your mind and on t.v. screen. This is proof/ evidence that the U.S. film industry has been founded with the very idea of executing mind control. Some modern Magi are known to us, these are top producers like Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. They are aware of modern magic and they shove it right in our faces, and if you dare researching who founded the large Hollywood Studios, well, you will find they are all (self-procalimed, Khazarian) Jews, really not surprising to well educated minds.

So, what is Black Magic?

The original Art of the Magi was to explain the images of physical life through astrology (the word of light). If we want to label this as "white magic" (light sources of Earth are the Sun, stars and the Moon), in the sense of the upstairs ruling downstairs and the physical following the spiritual, then we can expect black magic to be somewhat of the opposite, and this is precisely what it is.

The modern tyranny of opinions of self proclaimed occultists and self designated Satanists, etc, will provide all sorts of uneducated, mind-controlled explanations for what they believe black magic is. You are unlikely to find any member of the broad public who can correctly explain what magic is. The true definition of black magic can only be understood through astrology, and I will not grow tired to emphasize, that astrology ALWAYS is the key. Astrology, the word of light, is the source and the solution for all mysteries.

The color black alludes to planet Saturn, and Saturn rules Capricorn/ Aquarius, which oppose the two signs that are ruled by light in the zodiac. Leo/ Cancer are ruled by the Moon and the Sun respectively, and they lie 180 degress opposite from Capricorn/ Aquarius, which are both ruled by Saturn (see picture above). It is even more than just an opposition - it is an inversion. The Sun in winter time inverts what the Sun has accomplished in summer time, it effects the opposite. While summer creates outgoing life and natural expansion, winter creates a retreat of nature and life, therefore it is called invierno in Spanish, because it inverts summer. Black Magic, the color black referring to Saturn, is therefore the art of creating inverse images, to control life from downstairs to upstairs, so the physical is elevated above the spiritual. In fact, the spiritual is not acknowledged at all in modern science, this is why it is pseudo science and cannot progress and not explain anything at all. All they produce are theories, and these are taught as truth in universities. The blind are leading the blind.

And now, to underline my point and to have some fun, I demonstrate to you what black magic is, by using the example of black magic itself. Modern definitions would make you think that magicians use physical objects (magic wand, hat, spell book, etc) to somehow affect the physical realm (e.g. to make a white rabbit appear). The opposite is true: the original art of the Magi was to use spiritual information (birth charts, transits, observations at night, etc) to understand the effects of the spiritual realm upon the physical. The original meaning was inverted, thus the human mind is confused and unable to re-think the concept, and accepts the 180 degree inversion as truth. This is a very powerful social engineering tool, and it is based on knowledge of the Zodiac. The Zodiac is a depiction of how your mind functions, therefore it is the natural basis for all mind control systems. You may now understand why from early age, our kids (a kid is the offspring of a goat, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) are made to believe that magicians can make physical objects appear (e.g. to pull a bunny from the hat), it ascertains mind confusion, because as adults we understand that this is just a physical trick, while the real Magi would be able to conjure things into your life without you even noticing it at all, for example, by creating an inverted definition of what black magic is. Confused yet?

Images like this one (Baphomet) are promoted as Satanic or as related to black magic

Satanism (black magic) refers to Saturn-ism and is therefore all about inversion of reality. This technique has no moral aspect to it, it is neither good nor evil, unless used with a maliscious intention in mind, e.g. to hide true science from the public. The modern image of Satanism is based on inverted truth and therefore a deliberate hoax to mislead the public. It is one of many spiritual dead ends that have been created by the real Satanists (the modern inverted Magi). The goat that you see above is simply Capricorn, the goat, one of the twelve zodiac signs. There is nothing evil about goats, I can assure you! Hahaha! The hand gesture implies "as above, so below", and the Moon in the sky is inverted to be a black Moon below. There is a torch eminating from the pineal gland. The chakra system is hinted at in the form of Hermes' rod in the stomach area. The figure has female breasts, as to symbolize that polarity is unified, the figure is a hermaphrodite. The pentagram on the forhead is the Venus star, and Venus is the star of enlightenment, based on its natural appearance as evening and morning star. There is absolutely nothing negative about the entire image, but the author did try to make it look scary...and this is on purpose.

Damn, I am standing in a Venus pentagram and I don't know why -
maybe I should use a Saturn hexagram next time?

Satanism/ black magic, involving pentagrams, sacrifices, the goat, ceremonial hocus-pocus and regalia, carrying an evil notion, is an exoteric hoax intended to mislead the public.

Secret agent Crowley in his Freemasonic regalía

There is nothing to be gained from playing around with sigils, magic wands, sacrifices, etc. The visualization techniques practiced in black magic may train the mind to some degree, this may be the only benefit. But you can light a million candles, blabber what you want, imagine whatever you wish, chant spells, dance around, have sex, make somersaults, whatever you want, the only effect will be that you have to clean the room up later. Plus, we have yet to meet a self-proclaimed, modern black magician or Satanists, who pursues something that is not ego-driven (money, sex, power, revenge, etc). Popular black magicians, such as Church of Satan members or Aleister Crowley, have been set up as something they never were. Crowley was a Freemasonic secret service agent and serving the system. The Church of Satan was a popular hoax, supported by various sell-out Hollywood celebrities (knowingly or unknowingly). Vinegar producer Anton Lavey was a paid helper in this scheme.

Hello, Hollywood named me Freddie Krueger

To round this off, I decided to demontrate an example of how well aquainted Hollywood is with the concepts explained in this text, and how well they know astrology! Many, many Hollywood movies shove the fact, that Hollywood producers are acquainted with higher knowledge, right into our faces. I have chosen one popular Hollywood horror movie, to demonstrate this fact.

The classic flic "A Nightmare on Elm Street", featuring Johnny Depp in his very first role, is overflowing with Saturn/ Capricorn symbols. Elm trees, just like pine trees, and other evergreens, are all ruled by planet Saturn. Saturn is the symbolic "Satan" in scriptures, and rules the Winter time, during which nature pulls back and "dies" (for a little time).

The main character's name is Freddie Krueger, which underlines the Saturnian idea, because German Krueger means "potter", and the potter (or builder, or mason, or architect) was none other than the Egyptian Ptah (note how the sound of the English Word potter copies the sound of "Ptah"), later Khnum, the goat headed deity that formed the Ka and the Ba on the potter's Wheel. Freddie wears a sweater with black and red stripes, because Saturn (black) rules Capricorn and Mars (red) exalts here. The black Saturn hat is also not accidental. His glove has sickle blades on it, because Saturn's ring apears like a sickle, the sickle of the grim reaper, father time, who is Saturn, ruler of physical life.

So, we find here a Hollywood horror movie character with sickle hands, whose name refers to Capricorn, the goat, which is ruled by Saturn (Satan), wearing a sweater with the correct astrological color code, acting in a movie that talks about a nightmare (Saturn rules the time from 0 a.m. to 4 a.m.) on a Street full of trees that are ruled by Saturn. Coincidence ruled out, evidence presented, I would say!

newspaper horoscopes are one way of publicly ridiculing the Holy Science

Like most good things that are available to us, the inverted Magi try to either ridicule or "make evil" (invert) whatever they wish us to stay away from. The same applies to magic. If you want some true magic in your life, the Holy Science of astrology is the only way to achieve this. From my own experience (Gnosis), I can tell you, the hidden treasures are beyond description. If you study the patterns of the Zodiac with an open heart, your mind will start expanding automatically. Many people ask me how this is done. Just look at what is there, try to find patterns, reflect on the symbols and signs, watch the zodiac at night. You must develop an authentic inner urge to understand astrology, and then follow your heart. Be prepared to invest 100's of hours, if not, a lifetime of studies.


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