The science of money

This is a another post that continues on the theme of "the 144.000 that shall be saved" mentioned in Revelation. The zodiac wheel, when properly understood, serves to explain all things in this universe, no matter on which scale, no matter whether hidden (spirit) or seen (matter). There are 12 energies active on each planet of any solar system and these are distributed according to the shape of the ecliptic, the travelling speed (length of solar year), the obliquity of the ecliptic (varying under magnetic pull of Sun and Moon, causing the Great Year), the rotation speed of the planet (day and night), the rotation of the solar system and finally, the rotation of the milky way itself. The 12 forces are a matrix combination of three modes (creation, existence, destruction) and four states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma, see here).

One of these 12 forces is the existence of solids, this is a force related to physical matter that can be experienced with the 4 senses. In the Zodiac this mode/ state of matter is symbolized as Taurus, the Bull. Taurus stands for the formation of electro-magnetic torus (Taurus) fields, which is the creation step the universe takes for creating a plasma sphere (sun), which in turn creates through torus fields the illusion of what we perceive as dense matter through photon rays (planet Earth). The word "Money" and "Moon" are based on the same root word and the Moon rules cardinal water (Cancer) - and indeed money behaves a lot like water, and we speak of things like cash flow, liquidity, current-sea (currency), off-shore, (sand) banks, economy drying up, etc. Monetary supply to an economy is like a water faucet: if you turn it on and let it flow freely, the economy will boom; if the faucet is closed, there will be a recession and the economy "dries up". Simple as that. Economic theorists eat your heart out. At the time this blog entry is written, central banks have opened their faucets completely, but the money flow gets stuck on the (sand) banks, which is intentional.

The Moon exalts in Taurus!

Just like the Moon, money is a main driver of human thought, emotion and action

Just like the Moon moves all water (and remember, the human body is 7/8 water), Money is the term for the great fiat power that moves all dense matter. Just like the Moon has no light of its own, money itself is worthless and powerless, but through money (or through reflected photons), anything physical on Earth can be moved or controlled, this includes people, resources and lands. In our times everything physical can be traded, bought and sold through fiat money, so it is perfectly represented by Taurus, the Bull. What are the secrets of money? What leads to loss of money? What attracts money? What is the behavior of money? To those who apply astrology and know the secrets of the life wheel, there is no need for any type of financial counseling or advice from financial "experts". All that is needed is astrology (true logic), the adaptation of celestial lessons to mundane phenomena.

I am TAURUS: money/ wealth, the great physical fiat power
I have GEMINI: my wealth is business, communication and all commercial activities. I naturally own communication channels, newspapers and all corporations. Whoever controls me, ultimately rules all communication and commercial enterprises. I have two faces - I give people (physical) power but I also cause their (spiritual) ruin. In esoteric circles it is said that it is a luxury to be born poor. In this way I have both Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hide in me.
I think CANCER: my thinking, communicating and enterprising is all about feeding things and creating a sense of belonging for myself. This is why advertising for financial services is usually clothed in arguments of "family" and "home" and "finding peace" and aimed at arousing great emotions (usually fear and greed). The more of me people receive, the greater their hunger for more will be. But people are deceived by advertising and the image they have about me, because my thinking is to find a home and peace for myself, not for the people who own me. I like to find rest in big accounts, I may rain in small drops, but I always like to flow back towards the sea. I easily slip through the fingers, only when I find rest in a lake (large account), I can remain still.

I feel LEO: my happiness is to show off and this is why there is a huge market for luxury articles. People who receive a lot of me and don`t show me off, become unhappy. Old money and great fortunes bring great pride with them, even though great fortunes are in generated by dominating other people (piracy, drug trade, people trafficking, war, banking, big oil, etc). I feel like a king because I can buy anyone and anything in this world. No matter in which way I am accumulated - my accumulator will feel pride and this pride requires the accumulator to show me off in some way. Old money is smart and doesn`t show off to the public, but it is by my very nature required that I am at least shown off to other old money. Status symbols are a must. I force people to have them. My happiness is also to settle down and have children (generate interest).
I will VIRGO: my pride and joy is to have employees who work for me. All physical things on Earth serve me and this includes the brains of many people. I rejoice when I am being analyzed, budgeted, grouped and well organized. The better I am conservatively taken care of and serviced, the stronger I get.
I analyze LIBRA: my enemy is marriage and partnership, because close relationships usually don`t work out well when there is a lot of me involved. Expensive divorces can separate me and diminish my power. I generate greed, so close relationships of any kind can quickly become my enemies. My enemy is also the law and contracts of any kind, because they can set boundaries to my power. My enemy is also the law of universal balance, because such natural rules force me to unite and divide against my will.

I balance SCORPIO: my partner is egoistic desire, greed and jealousy and I go hand in hand with both creating and satisfying these motives. I transform people when they see or receive too much or too little of me, such transformation can be to the animal level or to higher aims. Both ways are possible through either having too little or too much of me. I therefore balance myself in the transformation of people. My partner is also sexuality, because material wealth attracts the opposite sex. I also naturally bring great trials to people, e.g. temptations, material losses and gains, strong ego focus (lower three chakras, also called the "devil", which is planet Mars, ruler of Scorpio). My partner is also mystery, because I like to hide myself in obscurity and in fact I have to do it to protect myself. My partner is also a strong focus.
I desire SAGITTARIUS: dangerous for me are long travels, because I am passed through many hands. Dangerous for me is also too much optimism and risk taking, because it can lead to losses. Dangerous is also too much truth and sense of right and wrong, because my accumulation is usually connected to deception and activities that exploit others. Generosity and higher philosophy are also a danger to me.
I see CAPRICORN: my luck/philosophy is social status. The more of me someone has, the higher this person will be in the (occult) power hierarchy. Climbing the social ladder is connected to my ownership and my ownership in turn also defines hierarchy. My luck is that through me all physical things on Earth can be built. If there is enough of me, there is nothing (physical) that cannot be achieved. I never take impulsive decisions but take aggressively what I want. My philosophy is also to be self-centered, in my view I exist for myself, not for others.

I use AQUARIUS: my success is that I can make dreams come true. I use secret brotherhoods and also philantrophic channels that are disguised as humanitarian Foundations, which at the same time allow me to avoid paying taxes. I use knowledge and friends and networks to achieve my goals, which means, great fortunes naturally tend to conspire.
I know PISCES: my secret hope and dream is chaos and dissolution. I know the value of belief systems, in fact I am based on a belief system myself, because if people don`t believe in me, I lose my value very quickly. I know that I have hidden enemies, who long for my possession.
I believe ARIES: my loss is caused by impulsive behavior and spontaneous, uncontrolled actions, like spontaneous spending. I also lead to losses if purely egoistic motives prevail and my owners are too selfish or arrogant.

As can be seen from the twelve forces influencing money, money is the great dividing tool of the Piscean Age, and we will eventually be forced to get rid of it and acknowledge that it doesn`t work for humanity any longer, it is blocking our progress. There are thousands of examples where money is blocking progress, just think about planned obsolescence (computers, light bulbs, car tires, etc), patents being blocked by big oil companies and old money protecting itself against progress in society. The prison industry in the United States is a great example to show how money enslaves us. This industry is booming like crazy and this is only for money, nothing else.

For enlightened people, money has no function whatsoever. It is money that keeps us from meeting the farmers next door, because we run to the supermarket. It is money that keeps us trapped in the mortgage plan and in the jobs we dislike. It is money that causes greed and envy in us. It is money that triggers theft, violence and murder. It is money that causes people to lose their touch with reality. It is money that emphasizes and cultivates the lower, animal side of people. It is money that gives us fear of loss, fear of the future and fear of other people. It is money that separates society into classes. It is money that separates us from being independent and self- sufficient. It is money that finances and creates all wars. It is money that is currently impoverishing the countries of Europe, robbing our savings through negative interests and inflation and enabling high finance to take our assets. It is money that is destroying peace and creating hatred.

Money is of course only a tool - it can be used for good and bad. But who is holding this tool in hand? Who decides whether to do good or bad things with it? Certainly not the politicians certainly not the people. In Europe ever since the Bank of England was created in 1694, there has been no real money that works in favour of society. Try the central bankers and billionaire Foundations and you are getting closer. Try the RCC, which has been hoarding wealth in the form of lands, people and money beyond imagination and you are hitting the bull`s eye. As soon as fiat power is created, it becomes prone to abuse by people with low motives.

Natural tribes have no money, no police, no written law and no prisons. These things are not required for a functioning society of civilized human beings. They are phenomena of a materialist, uncultivated, uneducated, uncivilized, morally decayed, dummed-down society, which unfortunately is what we live in today. The level of education is still falling...how low can we go? I say, much lower.

"Primitive" means to be first. Is it always bad to be primitive?
"Modern" means to be of current fashion. Is it always good to be modern?

In these modern times it is about time we get more primitive and civilized again. I can already hear the critics "I don`t want to live as a caveman again" - well, if we keep the money system, this might just happen, because money naturally leads to war (I know Pisces and I believe Aries).

If you want to be stinking rich, this is easy - just move up the ladder in any part of society and sell yourself out. Those of us who assist most in distracting and dominating our fellow human beings, are paid the highest salaries, have you noticed? Bankers, starlets, sports stars, actors, judges, ....

as long as a nurse earns less than a banker, society is damaged.

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