The science of marriage

The term Honeymoon is referring to the Beehive cluster in Cancer. It takes the work of two busy bees to build a good marriage. The mystical marriage between lower self (Moon) and higher self (Sun) corresponds to Cancer and Leo. Honey represents the sweetness in spiritual life, the Moon is the animating force of nature. The study of "above" provides great insight for life "below".

This is a quick post to continue on the theme of "the 144.000 that shall be saved" mentioned in Revelation. The zodiac wheel, when properly understood, serves to explain all things in this universe, no matter on which scale, no matter whether hidden (spirit) or seen (matter). There are 12 energies active on each planet of any solar system and these are distributed according to the shape of the ecliptic, the travelling speed (length of solar year), the obliquity of the ecliptic (varying under magnetic pull of Sun and Moon, causing the Great Year), the rotation speed of the planet (day and night), the rotation of the solar system and finally, the rotation of the milky way itself. The 12 forces are a matrix combination of three modes (creation, existence, destruction) and four states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma, see here).

One of these 12 forces is the creation of gas, this is a mental force, the creation of ideas and is symbolized in the Zodiac as Libra, the Scales or the Balance. Libra refers to mathematical equations and one such mental equation in human life is partnership and marriage. Below I have expanded some thoughts specifically on marriage - what are the secrets of marriage? What undermines marriage? What strengthens marriage? What is the purpose of marriage? To those who apply astrology and know the secrets of the life wheel, there is no need for any type of marriage counseling or advice from psychology "experts". All that is needed is "as true logic" (astrology), the adaptation of celestial lessons to mundane phenomena.

I am LIBRA: a marriage
I have SCORPIO: My wealth is the trials that I offer, be it in connection to love and sex, or the challenges of partnership, these trials are the spiritual wealth that I offer to those who dare to walk the path of life together. Therefore my wealth is greater than that of a loose, interchangeable or platonic relationship, or a relationship that is purely based on sex, or sexual practice that has the sole, egoistic goal of achieving spiritual enlightenment. My wealth are not only the trials as such, but also the fact that I enable partners to pass these trials of life together with a close ally. An important part of me is sexuality, which can have a transforming character, if based not just on common libido (love, sex drive) but on higher, spiritual philosophy. What is today referred to as "Tantric sex" or "Kundalini sex" is not only the cornerstone of the esoteric tradition of Qaballah, and therefore hidden basis of all three Abrahamic religions, it is also based on the Khemau Paut Neter and spiritual concept of the Ka and the Ba in combination with Ra energy. Sexuality can take place on three levels - animal, human and higher self.
I think SAGITTARIUS: My thinking, communicating and enterprising is all about high set, idealistic and lofty goals. The partners naturally have long range plans, think about procreation and the founding of a family. The partners must therefore by nature switch into an optimistic mode, trusting in destiny and their luck, and be prepared to combine this with a preparedness to stay flexible. This faith in destiny is the spiritual component of marriage. My existence arises out of pink skies and I am the mental bond for people on their life journey to a distant future. The aim is to make the best out of this life together, truly a noble philosophy.

I feel CAPRICORN: My happiness is linked to daily hard work, because I tend to get weaker if not properly taken care of.  Partners may at times feel grounded, maybe even imprisoned within the mental walls that I set. I demand daily work and communication to prosper and last. It is also of vital importance for the marriage partners to develop a clear understanding of hierarchies. Who is leading in which aspect of life? Without daily work and good cooperation, a marriage is unlikely to be a happy one. My happiness is all about building things, paving a path.
I will AQUARIUS: the joy that I provide is the intimate knowledge between the partners. My joy is greatest if the partners can be closest friends, who develop a confidential, very private, secretive pact with one another. This pact should ideally be based on highest human ethics. I also rejoice whenever partners are matched according to the elements of their birth charts, because in such cases it is most likely that I will last a lifetime.
I analyze PISCES: my enemies are chaos and entropy, which over the years are often used as excuse for having "drifted apart". My enemy are also organized religions, especially if these tend to oppress female energy, as is the case in the three Abrahamic religions. In this sense the male dominance systems labelled as "marriage" in many countries today are a disgrace to my name. Another enemy can be hidden rivals or enemies of the family. Last but not least, indifference and the undoing of the operative self in any way (drugs, addictions, alcohol, etc) often destroy me. It is not good enough to believe in a partner, the qualities must be known and visible. Belief is the opposite of knowledge and therefore my enemy.

I balance ARIES: my partner is conflict of any kind. The secret of marriage is for the partners to become best friends with the greatest enemy of their own ego (lower self). Marriage is so intimate that no weaknesses can be hidden and the ego must constantly be tamed to keep the balance between the partners. Thus the real choice that marriage partners have is the choice between inner conflict (adjusting and managing the ego within) or to risk external conflict. Marriage disputes are the consequence of the scales of Libra moving out of balance (Aries lies opposite from Libra). Each partner represents one of the pans of the scale, only if both partners actively adjust their "weight" over time according to the challenges of life, can the scale remain in balance. It can often be seen that one partner (often the woman) tries to balance the scale by herself, which in the long run is impossible and usually leads to divorce or violence. In a positive way, my partner is also initial action, no marriage can exist without impulses. This is the magic effect of surprises, gifts and spontaneity. My partner is also right brain, syncretic thinking, because if both partners realize that their own happiness is linked 1:1 to that of the partner, they perceive themselves not as separate, but as a unit. The RAM is is the right brain hemisphere.
I desire TAURUS: Dangerous for me is money and this is in both directions. If there is too much money, it focuses the mind of the partners on external things that are perceived with the senses (luxury, entertainment, etc). Money generates new desires and new desires are often mistaken as being superior to older ones, while the truth is the opposite. The original desires had led to the marriage and will again become unsatisfied when replaced by new ones. This is the great divorce trap, to be under the illusion that happiness will be greater with a new partner. If there is too little money, family life becomes strained  and there is external pressure and disputes are the result. Taurus also symbolizes lust, which can lead to cheating, cheating destroys trust and the loss of trust means that I may not last very long.
I see GEMINI: my luck/philosophy is communication and mental flexibility. As long as partners communicate openly and cultivate a worthy adult-level dialogue, I have a great chance to last and be fulfilling. The twins are also a symbol of deepest unity between the partners, so my philosophy is unity of two divided parts, no matter what. If there is a general understanding that nothing and nobody can divide the partners in their minds, I will see great luck. I am activated by partners "giving each other the word of promise" before witnesses. The spoken word is the very starting point and basis for me, the word is my creation. To be true of word is a very high spiritual goal in life (Maat Kheru, or Maa-Kheru).

I use CANCER: my success is to create a home and a sense of belonging and nourishment for the partners. If I am well cultivated, I provide nourishment for the partners, both in the sense of physical nourishment, and also as soul food or food for thought (Eucharist, Wedjat, Eye of Horus, Eye of the Moon). If successful, I provide peace to the partners and their offspring and allow them to age in joy within a loving environment.
I know LEO: my biggest hope and dream is that offspring is produced and the partners have children. To resurrect Asar, to enthrone Aset, to give birth to Horus, to continue the DNA strand of eternal life. My hope is that life can be fun despite all trials, that the family can be vital and in perfect health, that the parents can be proud and their home be filled with the divine sound of laughter. I hope that the partners always have the courage to face the trials of life together.
I believe VIRGO: my loss is caused when the partners become open enemies and start separating. Service attitude can also lead to the undoing of marriage, both expecting too much and giving too much can lead to problems. My loss is caused by left brain, separative, analytic thinking, where partners perceive themselves as separate, individual happiness centers that are unconnected. It is also threatening to be overly analytic, which literally means to divide things and discuss them as if they were separate from another, which naturally leads to hurt feelings and fruitless discussions that lead to frustration. Finally, any type of mental or physical disease may break a marriage.

Egyptian Meri is the root word from which Mary, merry and also marry are derived. Another name for Egypt was Ta-meri (the land of the beloved). The English term love (based on German Liebe) originally referred to libido, and this is sexual drive, which is something that animals also have. The higher, human definition of love must therefore be to resurrect divinity, to create life. Higher love is the discovery that things are not separate, everything is one. One uni (singular) verse (harmonic words in a melody). Resurrecting divinity is an entirely different concept than modern ("fashionable") romantics (Rome - antiques). It was Rome who introduced the erroneous concept of Rome-ance through mandatory theater plays and social engineering in the form of "art". Before Rome destroyed ancient cultures in Europe, our ancestors knew that marriage is far too important to allow emotions to take the lead. Bennu Asar, the phoenix bird, resurrects DNA and all culture, we know her as Venus, the goddess of love.

Only fools fall in love!
Stand tall in higher love, know your birth chart and you will never fall in life or love!

I dedicate this blog entry to King Ra Semba Ba, who is perhaps the greatest publicly known spiritual leader of our age. I also dedicate it to all women, the true master builders, the architects of the future. I wish you the strength to select well the men that you allow to become fathers of your children. 

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