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Here a quick post which ties in to the previous one about Asar/ DNA/ ancestor worship.

It is time for us to re-learn the true meaning of our holidays (= holy days, helios deos = sun deities). This gives infinitely more meaning to these precious days, to the seasons, to the annual sun cycle and to our life on earth subject to these cyclic changes. Knowing the true meaning of these holy days means an immediate enhancement of life quality and happiness. Here a crash course on one of the sunny deities, which at the same time is a crash course on natural science and astrology:

There are four major holy days in the year, and these correspond to spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice, which are the starting points of the respective seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, therefore these are "cardinal holy days".

In addition there are four cross-quarter holy days, which correspond to the middle of each of the four seasons, more precisely, they are each celebrated 40 days after the respective cardinal holy day. The number 40 is mentioned almost 150 times in the Holy Bible and this is no coincidence. It symbolizes a period of gestation and also the 33 steps + cycle of 7, so not just physical, but especially spiritual gestation.

These 8 holy days are the 8 spokes within the divine wheel of life. "Divine" is based on the term "divination" and this refers to the art of reading signs, to have insight, to discover hidden knowledge, to predict future events - all of which can be summed up in the term "astrology". This 8-spoke wheel has been incorporated into Buddhism, Christianity, Tarot (Hebrew divination), Hopi traditions, (enter more spiritual systems here):

Buddhist wheel of Karma, 8 spokes

medieval Christian wheel of life, 8 spokes

Tarot wheel of Fortune (ROTA), 8 spokes

Buddhist wheel of life (note the 12 zodiac signs on the outer ring), different holy day system

natural wheel of the year, which is the basis for all the other wheels that you have seen above

Here you see the wheel arranged to the natural order, on the left side we have spring rising, Easter, this is the beginning of the new solar year (in the East, thus Easter), which should be our true New Year celebration on March 21st. Summer solstice is on the top, this was Litha, the ancient festival of fire (begin of summer season), then we have Mabon in the fall (the sun falls below the horizon), this is today a bit forgotten, just like the summer festival of fire. Finally we have Yule, the winter solstice festival on the bottom, which today has morphed into a mix of Spring and Winter celebration, due to the spiritual marketing strategy of the Roman Catholic Church.

I wish to add that Easter by its nature is an Earth and fertility festival (therefore bunnies and eggs, etc), Litha a Fire and action festival, Mabon a Water and emotional festival and Yule (or "Christmas") is an Air or mental festival, which should be a time of reflection, not of shopping. Halloween is right between emotion and reflection.

I have turned this picture upside down so that Yule appears on the bottom (sorry about the inverted Venus star in the middle :-), because the upper half of the wheel corresponds to the day, the angelic world, the Masonic Royal Arch and the lower half of the wheel corresponds to the "underworld", or the night of the year. As you can see, Halloween is celebrated at the end of October, this is the entry to the underworld, the passage to Hades, the road to inferno ("invierno" means winter, so inferno is cold), Hades corresponds to Pluto, who co-rules Scorpio (in Greek mythology Hades was later renamed to "Pluto"). The underworld has always been and will always be physical life on planet Earth - or on any other planet within a solar system, because astrology is a universal science, applying to all life in the universe. Every single planet in the universe experiences 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes, also each planet within our solar system, think about it.

The length and rhythm of day and night and the seasons on any sphere in the universe that is located near a sun, depends on orbit shape and speed, rotation speed on the own axis and finally on the angle of the own axis  (in the case of Earth 23.5 degrees). If there is no axis angle, there are no seasons. 

In the incarnation wheel, which is one of the deeper, esoteric meanings of the zodiac, Scorpio corresponds to the transformation from cardinal air in Libra (holy ghust, sunny spirit) into a fixed water body, which is the emotional (or astral) body, which is a distinct stage within the process of incarnation of the fire soul into a physical body of flesh (earth body, Capricorn). Within the system of decanates this corresponds to the entry of the Ara (Altar) decan within Scorpio, which is ruled by Pisces and has the motto "responsibility". The soul spark sacrifices itself here on this celestial altar and "alters" its state. This also gives you the theme of martyrdom, transformation, or "death" (misnomer) within Scorpio. Sacrifice (sacre face) means to make sacred, this is not necessarily connected to killing animals, it can also be food offerings, which is the more spiritual, vegetarian version. No bloodshed required, unless you are into black magic.

Rothschild masked party, 1972

On Halloween (the hallowed evening, the halo-eve, the sunny evening, pre-Christian "Samhain" referring to Saman, the Celtic lord of death and transformation, Samhain used to be Celtic New Year), the soul spark celebrates its last night of freedom and folly, before assuming "responsibility" within a new astral body and getting ready to enter the animal body. This is why on Samhain/ Halloween our forefathers used to wear animal masks, to show that souls are getting ready to put on their "masks" of flesh, which is the very idea of having a masquerade. The souls are masked by a body of flesh. It is also the idea of humanizing animals, which is frequently done in Disney/ Hollywood movies. Animal masks and talking animals are frequently used as allegory for the process of incarnation. It also explains why the so-called "elite" (see Rothschild party above) likes to celebrate this way - putting on masks and having anonymous orgies or masquerade parties, during which you could act as you please, because you could not be recognized. In higher circles of society true spirituality has always been better known, organized religions are always hijacked, altered versions of true spiritual teachings and are developed as control tools for the believing masses. The biggest mind control system on the planet is currently Christianity, the written words are precious, but the mundane church is a parody of these words! In fact the sages who wrote the Old Testament specifically referred to the coming "monstrous" church apparatus which would twist truth as "Babylon the Great".

celebration of All Saints Day on a cemetery in Poland

In various Christian denominations this night, which should consist of folly and "partying" but which has been transformed into something about fear, monsters and mourning, is followed by All Saints Day on November 1st, because from this day on in the zodiac wheel of incarnation, the free souls are no longer free, but now have to show responsibility and try to become "saints". The term "Saint" (latin sanctus, "very holy", so very sunny, consecrated, sacred, which is the fixed fire in the Sacrum, "kundalini", all this refers to solar energy) esoterically refers to fixed stars, and this is precisely what we will become when we have evolved through all realms of incarnation: a fixed star that sacrifices its blood (sun photons) for other evolving souls. This is the beautiful truth about the cycle of life.

Vietnamese shrine for ancestor worship

Halloween and All Saints Day, or whatever we wish to call it, is the proper time of the year to pay tribute and to worship our ancestors, who have already completed their incarnation task and who witness our struggle from the astral sphere, and also take a semi-active role within our very own life through DNA (Asar/ Osiris) and are therefore a distinct part of us. Thus, if we are in conflict with our mother or father, we are actually in conflict with ourselves.

The pumpkin represents the full moon, in fact the Celtic calendar was Moon based and the festival was in former times defined by the respective Moon cycle of the year. The unnatural solar calendar was introduced by the Romans and it is a cause of great confusion today, also in the science community. In Egypt this calendar was only used for taxation purposes, not for any type of spiritual tradition or measurement of cyclic time. It is a lifeless, unnatural, static and somewhat meaningless calendar system and we should get rid of it as soon as possible. The light inside the pumpkin refers to our pineal gland inside the skull, which is the seat of deity during incarnation. It also hints at illumination of the skull, which is the result of studying and understanding nature. If you are looking for creation, look inside!

Concerning the term "pagan" - in Roman jargon this meant, of the people (referring to civilians). Most people today are not even aware that the Celts occupied nearly all of Europe, including Spain, France and parts of Germany. This term is often arrogantly applied in a negative way by Christian believers who have not yet understood that the church murdered their ancestors, destroyed their culture and that anything non-pagan, according to the very meaning of the word, is martial, or militaristic and has to do with war. Christianity was spread by the sword, not by the word. I would prefer to be pagan any old day.

1 Corinthians 3:16: 
Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1 Corinthians 6:19: 

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Luke 17:21: 
Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.


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  1. When I read about sacrifice, I would rather say "face the sacred"... ;)
    And with that you offer (open) what is seemingly hidden.
    And I just noticed that we are in the evening - at nine o clock - of the whole sun cycle.