How to build a time machine

Asar (Orion)

This blog entry starts with an appeal to all parents in the world.
...it then sheds light on the Sirius mystery
...and finally explains how a time machine is built and used.

The true kings of our planet are the children

They say, that along with a child, the parents are born. Children appear in this world as our teachers. Children are our master teachers, we as parents are the students. So, what do our children teach us?
- patience
- winding down our own needs and therefore controlling our ego
- being true of word and character
- to be consequent
- deep feelings of love that we have never felt before
- how to give unconditional help and provide unconditional care
- controlling our negative emotions
- setting ethical values
- to take responsibility for other people
- to look into the mirror
- the value of quietness (and sleep!)
- to relive our own childhood
- to improve our own character
- to realize our own limitations
- to stay focused in the now
- to stay away from harmful substances
- to learn about food ingredients
- to take more care selecting food items
- to structure family life
- to budget money
- to feel vulnerable
- to experience joy and cultivating our inner child
- and many more beautiful, but often also difficult things

They also say that children are our future. Those of us who raise children, realize that with children comes great responsibility, not just for ourselves and for our children, but for society and the human race as a whole. Children naturally seek role models and their natural role model are the parents. This is why children of writers often also become writers and children of tennis players will most likely also start playing tennis. Children tend to copy what they see. So raising children is a lot about behavior and setting examples by acting out principles, not so much by talking about these matters. If you as parent often sit on the couch staring into your phone, guess what, your child will also want to do this. Your child looks up to you, so staring into a phone MUST be something desirable and good, this is natural adaptation. So one of our great challenges is to act as role models. We can talk all we want, the children will watch us and copy behavior.

An African proverb says, "it takes a whole village to raise a child" - this is very true. In our times, living in or near big cities however, this becomes another difficult challenge, because there is so much madness around us, so many false teachings, so many lies, so much stupidity and so many bad role models, so many adults acting like children. The village in or near big cities is in a pretty bad shape. This makes our own task of acting as role model even more important!

education: based on lat. educere, "bring out, lead forth", from ex- "out" 

Our second task as parents is to educate our children. And this hugely important word, as I have previously emphasized, means to BRING OUT the best from within a child or person, and not to feed something in. What this refers to is the fact that each and every child is bestowed by nature with certain individual capabilities and qualities, which are in fact absolutely unique chaos fractals, only to be found in this one particular person. To educate the child thus means to try to discover, together with the child, what these gifts and qualities are and then to focus on developing these, in order to enable the child to become a happy adult person, who is aware of and capable of using their special talents, also knowing very well their shortcomings and limitations. How is this being done? Well, sending them to government school/ university facilities will NOT do the trick, because these govern-ment ("control- mind") institutions are 95% occupied with pushing in (learn by heart, repeat, etc) and only 5% pulling out (some individual teachers may be better, others hopeless cases).

yes, but DNA has its own will!

In terms of education, it is important to realize that each of our children is the product of a unique seed - all the basic (good and bad) information is programmed inside this seed, compressed through involution, you therefore only need to provide a good environment for the seed to unfold and prosper. But DNA itself is also mutable during lifetime, a fact that modern scientists have also been able to comprehend, this is the fairly young field of Epigenetics. Let`s take a brief look at timeless Khemau wisdom and then draw the bridge to this modern science, which will quickly reveal that we are still in the process of rediscovering very basic, ancient knowledge, that has been forgotten, but not lost.

Hieroglyph ("sacred carving") of Asar (Greek: Osiris).

As explained in my previous posts, Asar corresponds to human DNA. Asar is therefore also the Neter of our ancestors, because our ancestors are in fact a part of us through our own DNA. Ancestor worship, as exercised through the ages during this part of the year, i.e. Halloween (Samhain) thus in reality is a way of worshiping our own nature, or ourselves as part of our ancestral chain of DNA. Asar (DNA) is the one who rises again and again over the ages, he is periodically resurrected through the human spine ("Djed" pillar).

Asar depicted with tied or mummified legs, indicating that DNA is tied/ passive once resurrected, the green skin color (compare Krishna, Geb and other deities, especially in the Dravidian system that preceded Hinduism) indicates a life-giving principle, the vegetable analogy in relation to DNA as seed of a plant, and also the idea of resurrection.

The 14 pieces of DNA, which I have mathematically explained in my previous blog entry, are periodically remembered by Aset (Greek: "Isis"), which is the passive, physical medium, the force of mother nature, which largely manifests itself through the power of the Moon (analogy to the 14 days of waxing Moon, which is the "good" Moon, or Aset). Aset therefore constitutes the physical throne (of destiny), on which Asar is "seated", and for this reason this throne appears in Asar´s hieroglyph (see above). The second element in this hieroglyph is the eye, which symbolizes the awareness ("watching") of our ancestors, eternal consciousness, which witnesses everything we think and do at all times. In our chain of ancestors we are not more and not less than the current resurrection of Asar, because the DNA itself lives eternally. Finally, the figure on the right is calmly sitting, in a passive state, because once DNA is passed on and assembled by Aset (seated on the throne), it remains unchanged during lifetime ("tied", "seated", "mummified"), unless certain external influences motivate it to mutate (Epigenetics, Greek "epi" means on top of, so something in addition to genetics). This is symbolized by the knee that is bent upwards, symbolizing a latent power or potency that can be unfolded, when required, note how it resembles a large male organ.   

So Asar, Egyptology´s so-called "god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead" is therefore, in our modern language, actually the natural principle of eternal life- consciousness! The terms "afterlife", "underworld" and "death" describe physical life on earth during incarnation. "Death" is actually a word unknown to the Khemau. In their cosmology existed no such thing as death, the way in which we understand it. Nothing in the universe would ever die. Everything moves in cycles! There is only daath - and this means "knowledge". And knowledge is Gnosis. So we should know that our word "death" is derived from the Hebrew "daath". And it is indeed very interesting what knowledge the Hebrew implied with this hidden "daath" - because esoterically it refers to Sirius! 

In nature, qualities, capabilities, limitations, character, destiny, etc are all folded into the new seed of life, which remains passive but can mutate during life ("death"). The tree produces the seed. The seed must then die to produce the new tree. You may reflect over this, keeping in mind that Isis found the lost parts of Asar in a tree. The Osiris myth is the most precious myth of all. Myth is the proper, ancient language of natural science.

Ma`at - the basis of "mathematics"

Next to the DNA seed, there is however a second, hugely important component to physical life. As the seed is predefined and a life of pure fatality would not bear any opportunities for learning, there must also be a dynamic invironment that makes individual learning possible. This is why the seed must enter a physical being that is subject to dynamic forces. Now, if these dynamic forces were purely chaotic, learning would also be chaotic. Greatly advanced seeds could end up in an environment that prevents further learning, or low level seeds could be in an environment that may go to waste. These dynamic forces therefore may not be purely chaotic, but only chaotic on the lowest scale, while highly organized on higher scales. Nothing in the physical universe therefore is purely chaotic, or better said, the seeming chaos always evolves according to certain laws, laws which could be called "mathematics", or "numbers". These laws (numbers 1 to 9), which were worshiped as living deities by our ancestors, assure that development moves in certain cycles and that balance is always restored. The deity of mathematical law was called "Maat" by Egyptians and it is this word which evolved into our word "math".

The movement of Sirius A and B resembles a DNA helix

All such dynamic is actually cyclic and driven by the number 7 and expressed and unfolded through cyclic movement of the spheres in the universe. Our part of the universe is "downstream" Sirius, which is the revelation of the Sirius mystery. A year ago or so a reader of this blog asked me to explain the Sirius mystery. It is actually not so mysterious. Sirius is the father of our sun (Helios), meaning that Helios was created through the implosion of Sirius B. The energy of Sirius B ("dark matter") is thus processed through Helios, this is why ancients correctly stated that the sun is merely the demiurge.  Still further down the stream we have physical life on Earth, which is entirely depending on Helios, which is only a gateway of Sirius energy. Greek "Osiris" is an anagram of "Sirius", it is basically the same word. We find the arrangement (Helix shape) of our DNA corresponding in shape to the elliptical pattern of Sirius A and B (see above). Sirius also has a father, and this is Alcyon in the Pleiades, which is the central sun of our Milky Way galaxy. We therefore find Sirius mentioned in Job 9:9 in coded form and more openly in the Qur`an Surat 53:49.

Aset-Ma´at (Sirius) following Asar (Orion) 

The "dog star", the "blazing star" of Freemasony, corresponds to Aset and her companion, which is the great hunter Nimrod, Orion, is Asar, Osiris, the man who tries to slay the bull of matter and develop his divine nature and raise his lower animal self to unite with his higher self. I have mentioned that children are our master teachers: ma-star = mother star, this is Sirius B, Maat-Aset. All life comes from the womb of womb-man, the master creator, the master builder.

Dynamic life is therefore defined and influenced by the planets of our solar system, who represent the "gods" in all major religions (Elohim, Rishis, cosmocrators, gods of the Olympus, etc). And as we will one day learn in school again, the planets also move in a DNA-like pattern around the sun, as Helios races through the void (see picture above). For this reason, because the planets provide the dynamic factor in physical life, astrology must be the one, true, original, scientific religion. The only valid religious science. The master science. The science that stands above all other sciences. All other sciences (e.g. chemistry, biology, etc) are "downstream" astrology, they merely repeat on smaller level, what astrology already reveals on the higher level. All things in nature correspond to the 4 elements, the 12 universal energies and evolve according to 7 principles or steps.

So we now have three aspects defining physical life:
1. DNA (the unfolding seed)
2. the birth chart (the dynamic environment for unfolding of the seed)
These two must be joined by a third, a power that enables the resurrected Asar to be able to influence destiny and escape pure fatality and transcend the dynamic energies. This third component, unique to human beings, is called "free will".
3. Free will

Truman finds a spotlight with the name "Sirius" on it - the camera perspective places him between the Masonic pillars Boaz and Jachin. This movie is very revealing and must have been produced by initiated Hollywood directors.

Building a time machine

Lets now take our thinking to yet a higher dimension. Let´s assume we were perfectly educated in the holy science of astrology. We could thus plan in advance the kind of children that we release into the world, avoiding certain bad angels and thus eliminate such things as notorious thieves, murderers, lunatics, etc. Secondly, we could educate our children in a way to utilize their lifetime and to educate their children in a way that would make the chain of the ones that come after us create a certain type of world that would correspond to our idea of the kind of world in which we would like to incarnate next. Our own seed would be passed through DNA and fine tuned until we rise again, living in the environment that we ourselves had designed and implemented through our children and chain of heirs. We will have traveled through time. I take this train of thought only to give you an impulse to think in such categories. I am aware that a "pre-cog" style design of human beings bears great dangers, in fact it would only be possible during the enlightened age, where the priest class thinks in terms of lifting up the entire race and the common good. So certainly not now! :-)

So if you wish to create a time machine, here is the construction manual:
1. take care of your children`s education (pulling out their very best from within)
2. be a good role model
3. explain their birth charts to them! Teach them astrology or study it with them.
4. explain to them the power of free will

The great time machine that our ancestors did build in a somewhat similar way was to foresee the dense Iron Age of Pisces, during which Mercury (knowledge) would fall, people would be susceptible to belief systems that invent an external "god", true spirituality would be destroyed, Egypt would be conquered and raped by many peoples (Arabs, Greek, Romans, Turks, Brits, French, etc), and their decision to divide up their knowledge into 7 pieces and to deliver these 7 pieces and put them into the trusting hands of 7 priest classes in 7 parts of the ancient world, which is exactly what they did and which is the very reason why today we are able to rediscover all this great knowledge and to re-assemble the pieces. The 7 keepers of wisdom to this very day are:

India - breath techniques, meditation, yoga system, kundalini teachings, Hekau, Ayuveda
Crete - mythology, hieroglyphs, metal work
Peru - gravitation/ cymatics, elemental work
Mexico - initiation system, stone masonry, calendars, measurement systems
China - Chi Gong, oracle divination, elements
Egypt - central cosmology
Chaldea - astrology

If you are able to go into trance and meditate on what I write here, you will likely find confirmation and be able to remember, to re - member the pieces. These might very well look different then what I propose here. There is no claim to some kind of absolute truth in my associations, this would be foolish.

As final note in this blog entry, after having stated what I see to be true, a short word on what I see to be wrong, In my view, all topics related to unidentified flying objects serve as distraction from our true spiritual heritage. All there ever was were identified objects of the military industrial complex. It is a military/ Hollywood agenda, to make people believe that highly advanced beings could be as primitive as to travel in a tin can from one planet to another, which is ridiculous beyond words from a spiritual perspective. Such nonsense can only be put forth and believed by non -spiritual, t.v. trained people, who have no Gnosis, who only go with what their 4 senses tell them. Space and time only have reference in physical life and planet Earth is a touching place between physical and spiritual nature. No need to travel here, especially not in a tin can!

When people claim things about "Pleiadians" or "Sirians" they should realitze that our physical bodies are in fact made of star dust and of sun photons, which channel energy from Sirius and Pleiades.

WE are the aliens. WE are the time machines. WE are the gods. WE are high technology. WE are the ancient ones. 
HOTEP, be well!

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  1. I check your blog every day for new posts. I feel like I can feel your words in my very bones and it all makes so much sense. When I was a kid I was always disappointed in history books when I would read about hieroglyphs…I KNEW there was something more to it, that their explanations lacked so much magic that is obviously there. Thank you so so much for writing, each post is so well done. Love from California!!

  2. That is nice to know, hank you. If there is ever is a topic which you would like me to write about, let me know!