Anubis - man`s best friend

The research concerning German Truestory, as it covers nearly 2500 years, is quite comprehensive. I have 80% completed but it will take a little longer. I therefore post a very short note "in between", which is in fact closely related to my current work. I am getting a lot of help in my research. There is a powerful helper that all of us have, most of us know, but hardly anyone of us recognizes. I wish to introduce you to this helper.

Anpu/ Anubis statue assuming a basic Yoga posture

Greek Anubis is known to most people, less known as the original Anpu, "guide of dead" and/ or Apuat, "opener of the way". What is not understood at all today is the identity and function of Anubis. First of all, he is a Neter. This means, he is a force of nature within us. One of the natural concepts that control our interior. As such, he is not a real, physical being, but also not just a theoretical concept of mind. He is what we would call a "god", but this English term is more confusing than helpful. Better to get acquainted with the term "Neter", it is much closer to reality, natur(e).

Anubis in the weighing of the heart ceremony in the hall of Ma`at

In this blog post, you will not only be shown who Anubis is and what he does for us. In addition, you will also be shown how African spirituality works and how the Egyptian Neteru are to be understood. On one side, it is so simple that it can be taught to 6-year olds (even though it is too early in life for this kind of thinking, but the understanding can be prepared, so the adult will be able to activate the right brain hemisphere more easily). On the other hand, there is such a high level of genius behind the Khemau way of thinking that thorough understanding is an undertaking that must span over decades or even a lifetime. It is a right brain, associative exercise and the longer we reflect over the Neteru and the deeper we go within (meditate), the more knowledge will add itself over time, as more neuro pathways get connected and the Christian "Great wonder in heaven" unfolds, which is the connection of the two brain hemispheres and activation of the 90% dormant brain cells and what our modern scientists in their boundless ignorance call "junk DNA".

Anubis is a canine. Whether he sits on a block of stone, whether he stands on two legs or on four, whether he has a human or canine body, whether he has black or grey fur, is not that important for a basic understanding. The functions of Anubis in mythology are suited for advanced understanding of cosmology. So once you have grasped the basic concept, you can move on to studying his place within the pantheon of Neteru (natural principles within you). Plutarch describes him as son of Asar and Nebt-het (sister of Aset). He is the messenger of Asar. The roles of Anubis in the various rituals are cornerstones to further understanding. But first things first - what must first be accomplished is to understand the canine analogy and this is achieved by simply reflecting over the attributes that make a dog a dog:

1. Dogs are loyal
dogs can be domesticated and then become very closely, emotionally tied to human beings. They even mourn if the master dies. Loyalty never fades, as long as the creature is treated well and respect is maintained.
Be loyal to yourself and others as long as you are treated well.

2. Dogs are content
if basic needs are satisfied, dogs tend to be very happy creatures. They display great joy when the master pays attention to them, when they receive food, when they are stroked. They are very positive creatures.
Think positive! Appreciate what you have and you will lead a happy life.

3. Dogs protect 
if there is a threat to the alpha animal, the human master, dogs can become ferocious and violent and fight to their death against enemies
It is your duty to defend yourself and loved ones. It is your duty and right to do this in a ferocious way. Be kind and loving but never let others step over you.

4. Dogs are social 
They live in packs and there are clear hierarchies within a pack and the strongest animal is the natural leader. Food is shared within the pack.
We should have strong, natural leaders who care for the human pack. Whoever does not suit these simple attributes is no leader and should be replaced. Sharing is an important principle that allows the entire group to prosper.

5. Dogs process language
even though dogs do not understand the meaning of words, the sound of words can be taught to them and they can act accordingly. Only very few animals have this capacity
Actually we are the same. Words are meaningless sound containers, but we process a meaning out of them and act accordingly. Words are hugely important for expressing our needs to others. Careful selection of words and an effective rhetoric are vital for being successful in life. Our loyalty and value as member of the community can be measured according to the truth of our words. Liars are sooner or later exposed.

6. Dogs can learn 
Dogs are among the few animals that can be taught, that can be educated and that can learn while growing up and improve their character
Same for human beings.

7. Dogs listen
Dogs have a very fine hearing sense, they can adjust their ears like antennas. When they hear a strange noise, they freeze and listen very intensely.
Listening is a very powerful tool in life. It is the basis for any kind of understanding. We can listen to words, but also to the "languages" of nature. Nature is the greatest teacher, so the listening faculty is the pathway to higher learning and illumination. 

8. Dogs have a fantastic olfactory sense
Dogs can smell things that have existed months or years ago, things that are not within the range of perception of human beings. They can sniff out almost anything, their sense of smell cannot be fooled
We, too should try to cultivate our ability to "smell out" things, to listen to our intuition, to activate right brain thinking greatly enhances this ability. We must try to smell out the bullshit around us. Belief and trust are often based on good intentions, but in this world they usually lead to disaster, because naivety and belief without verification sooner or later get punished. 

9. Dogs bark
when something is not right, dogs speak out and make themselves heard very clearly. Their voice is loud and powerful. Of course this can at times also be annoying and overdone or a sign of fear
When we witness injustice around us or when we or the people around us are treated in the wrong way, we have the duty to speak out with loud and clear voice. Let truth be known! Shout at injustice! Make yourself heard! The downside we all know, there are certain people who love to hear themselves talk and make a lot of noise about nothing. This should be avoided.

10. Dogs dig
for some strange reason most dogs love digging in dirt or sand
This is one of the most important attributes of Anubis. We too must dig deeply, which means to research information. We cannot expect to live in freedom if we don`t make an effort to dig in the dirt. Whenever we are presented with information, we need to start digging. It should actually be a pleasure! Especially in the age of WWW, there is not a thing under the sun that cannot be studied online. Anything you wish to dig into, help yourself! 

11. dogs are scavengers
in wilderness, canine animals tend to eat the dead
The "dead" have always been an analogy for people living in the flesh. We are the dead. This great analogy is maybe the deepest part of the wisdom. Out thinking and speaking (including internal dialogues), whichever nature it may be, tends to consume us during life. Only wild dogs consume the dead. Domesticated dogs do not do this, they follow the master`s voice. 

Anubis in a yoga position signalling that he is true of heart
Try this position yourself, it is very powerful

These attributes spontaneously came to my mind. There are likely more. The Khemau analogies are perfect in their selection. Anubis is by far our best friend during physical life. He is our way of operating our speech faculty, because our speech works not only as communication tool to others - it also serves as thinking bridge internally, for our internal dialogues. What you tell yourself is influenced by Anubis and in turn influences your life. He is the one who can "open the way" to higher thinking. He is guiding you through your life. He is not fully under your control, because you are walking your stars on Earth, but if treated well, he will be very loyal to you and serve you well and facilitate your life.

But beware! Anubis is also one of the two great corruptors, tempters and seducers. He can play great tricks on you and accomplish exactly the opposite in your life, ergo mislead you and block the way (to learning). In our time language has been decayed to word containers. The cymatic/ vibrational effect hardly ever corresponds to the intended meaning. Words can be used for great lies. You can be literally caged within the language that you use. I have posted two extensive blog entries on this topic and explained how and why this is the case and how it can be avoided.

Anubis acting as embalmer (preserver) of mummified Asar
A cultivated speech center makes the eternal self incorruptible

In star lore, the great truth written in the heavens, Anubis is associated with the Dog Star Sirius, who loyally follows his master Osiris, our eternal nature/ DNA. Stars are far more powerful than planets. They are much older, more advanced and produce their own light. Planets merely reflect light and "color" it. Sirius has a purging nature - he purges impurities in our birth charts, things in our lives that are not harmonious. His heliacal rising signaled the opening of the Egyptian year (the exterior opening of the way). Sirius is our sun`s father, as I have explained in my blog entry about the Sphinx (misnomer). In Christian myth, which is based entirely on a reduced and diluted version of Khemau mythology (and some elements of other religions), we are told about creation being done through words. The WORD was first made flesh (incarnation) and later made truth (Maakheru). being true of word is one of the highest spiritual goals in life. This refers to spoken words, but much more importantly, the words that we speak to ourselves internally.

Are you afraid of Anubis yet?

Oh I forgot, this is what Hollywood makes of Anubis - an aggressive predator, a wild animal, a war lord. Believe you me, the current ruling system of power, which uses Hollywood as propaganda central disguised as "entertainment" does not want you to understand and cultivate Anubis within you. A cultivated, healthy Anubis makes people impossible to fool. They sniff out the bullshit.

Time to revive this great deity, this great patron of a healthy society. 
All hail Anubis, our greatest friend!

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  1. Thanks man, i really loved this post ! But there's a point you didn't mention in your writting about the sphinx, that i will ask you here : guess you've heard the "theory" about the sphinx statue being in fact an Anubis statue at first, which head was changed later. And when you look at it, his current head is indeed very small compared to his body, and not "fitting right" ... what's your idea on that question ?

    1. The head of Heru-em-Akhat has been messed around with, this much is clear. In my view, her face has been changed by the Ptolemies, in order to make her look European - a nose job, so to say. An Anubis head makes little sense, because he was one of the constellations considered to be "evil", as I have mentioned in the post. The North stars would not receive the biggest monolith statue on earth. I would dismiss this theory. Half Lion half human makes perfect sense.

    2. I saw some while ago a video on that subject that pointed out that for example the feet of the sphynx are more doglike / anubislike then lionlike.
      I am another man then the anonymus man above btw ;)

    3. I would add this link to what I just said.
      "The Paws of Anubis."

  2. Anubis isn't represented as a dog but a Jackal.

  3. I have much gratitude for this very informative research on Anubis. It has brought me more confidence and clarity. Thank you.