Food for Thoth

This is a short blog entry on the revelation of Gemini. It is to provide a simple and short proof, how science was diluted by Greeks and Romans (Europeans) over the ages and how a proper syncrestism and knowledge of astrology can restore the original knowledge. Analysis (left brain, "separation") can not help much here, only syncretism (right brain, "unity") will deliver the goods.

Quick astro- facts:
- Gemini is mutable Air (fading thought)
- Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury (this is a Roman name)
- Gemini is the day house of Mercury
- Gemini is said in modern astrology to rule activity, communication, business, short trips, siblings, enterprises and language

Moon on top = Mind
circle in the middle = Spirit
cross on the bottom = Matter

The arrangement of the symbol demonstrates the two-fold nature of Mercury. The good aspect is that spirit is elevated above matter. The negative aspect is that mind is elevated above spirit. Spirit over matter (Venus) is love, but matter over spirit (Mars) is war. In short, planet Mercury rules thinking and business in Gemini (conscious day house) and disease/ analysis/ desire in Virgo (unconscious night house). 
The Gemini symbol shows two connected pillars, a Roman #2
the fundamental idea is duality. These are also the "two pillars" of Masonry, because after Gemini follow Cancer & Leo, Moon & Sun

In constellation art, Gemini is usually depicted as two children, who are twins. The concept of twins has been moved somewhat out of place, because Thomas (Diddimus, the twin or twain) today has his name day on December 21st, so exactly opposite Gemini in the wheel. The two figures should not have been twins, this is today confusing the science to dome degree. It is also not clear whether they are male of female (or both). A key feature is that the two figures hold each other firmly and they often hold a club or bow and arrow. 

Pollux = sometimes Hercules,  judge, ruler, holds a club, Horus, golden hawk, Cain, Tefnut (orange giant)
Castor = sometimes Apollo, bow & arrow, holds a lyre, coming ruler, Abel, Shu (visible binary)

"Mercury" is a Roman version, which is based on Greek Hermes. This Greek Hermes is sometimes said to be the "Thrice Greatest" and he is also synonym with Thoth. We will see that Greeks and Romans have here confused several aspects of the original Egyptian idea. "Thrice Greatest" was invented by the Greeks and refers to: high oracles, wisdom and divination (birth chart interpretation). This confuses the science to some degree because Thoth should be all about duality, not the trinity.

The above painting of Mercury/ Hermes shows the planet Mercury as the messenger with winged feet, because Mercury is the fastest orbiting planet. He has two wings on his helmet as for symbolizing usage of both brain hemispheres, a hint at wisdom. He is the messenger of god, because he is closest to the photon-emitting sun-deity (YES(us), the sun). He is also holding the Caduceus, which is the human spine with two snakes, which are the Ida and Pingala nerves. The wings on top of the staff again point at the two brain hemispheres. So in this paining both Gemini and Virgo are addressed - thinking and health, which are obviously connected. 16% of health depends on food intake, some 84% depend on thoughts, feelings, good water and breathing.

A short word on the poison religion (=pharma industry):

Pharmacy = enchantment (Greek pharmakos = sorcery/ poison)
Therapeutics = worship of gods based on the law of similars (Judeo-Hellenistic Therapeutae sect, a Buddhist Theravada is an "attendant to god")
Doctor = teacher (Latin docere)

In the Dendhera zodiac, Gemini is depicted as man and woman holding hands, which makes the point of complimentary duality much more clear than twins. Whichever way depicted in myth, the real twins are Pollux and Castor, the two most prominent stars within the Gemini constellation. It is the influence of these two stars the science is talking about. Pollux is an orange giant, Castor a visual binary. Pollux is the evil twin, the negative (feminine) part, the one raising the club. In scriptures he is Cain slaying Abel (left brain suppressing right brain). In Dendhera he is shown as Tefnut, a ferocious female lion huntress. Tefnut is moisture and she is sister of Shu (air).

That is my daughter, the living female one, Tefnut,
who shall be with her brother Shu.
Life is his name, Order is her name.
[At first] I lived with my two children, my little ones,
the one before me, the other behind me.
Life reposed with my daughter Order,
the one within me, the other without me.
I rose over them, but their arms were around me.
- Spell 80, Coffin Texts

Tefnut and Shu, the children of Ra

Moisture in air means emotion in thoughts. If thoughts are driven by emotions, things can become dangerous. The air will then be cleared through a thunderstorm and heavy rains. We therefore see how originally the twins were Shu and Tefnut. So how did they get transformed into Thoth/ Hermes? The Greek word "Thoth" is derived from Egyptian "Tehuti". If you play with the vocals, which is entirely legitimate for both the Egyptian and Hebrew language, THT is the exact same word in both cases. Now "Thoth/ Tehuti" is the root word of our English word "thought". Thought = Thoth.

The baboon statue in Khmun (Hermopolis)
Aoun is peaceful here, the monkey is sitting down.

"Tehuti" translates to double measure, which once more underlines the idea about duality. The place of worship for Tehuti was Khmun (not to be confused with Khnum, who is the potter in Capricorn, cardinal Earth). Now, the term Khmun is actually pronounced as "Ke-me-nu" in the ancient tongue and I am here to educate the world that Kemenu = Gemini, again, these are the exact same words, just different vocals and the hard k becomes a soft g, which is legitimate, because hard and soft vowels are interchangeable.

So, Khmun became Gemini, and Thoth became thought. Next, we must note that Tehuti was pronounced "Djehudi", in the exact same way as "Yehudi" of the Old Testament. I have shown in my post on Judaism that the English word "Jew" means nothing else but Tehuti/ Thoth/ thought. See, the scripture was never talking about ethnicity or "races" or history, it was talking about spiritual, internal principles of mind and body. Yehudi = Thoth = Jew.

The most important image of the entire Egyptian spiritual system
Weighing of the heart ceremony in the Hall of Tehuti-Ma`at

In Khmun two deities were worshiped, which are Tehuti, the Ibis man, who stands for wisdom, and wisdom is not intellect or IQ, it is syncretism of the two brain hemispheres, "double measure", and secondly Typhon, a Hellenistic monster introduced by the Greek Ptolomies. Cunning intellect is based on single measure (ego focus, e.g. "how can we beat the competition"?, "how can I get things to my advantage?", "how can I get other people to buy my useless products"?). Tehuti appears as two characters, either as Ibis man (a gentle, wise, incorruptible scribe of memory, Medulla Oblongata) and as Baboon (a ferocious, ego-driven monkey who gets aggressive, makes a lot of noise and blocks wisdom). The principle of duality is properly served throughout all these types.

A cultivated, well trained, beautiful golden Anubis

Mutable Air/ Gemini represents thinking that has been influenced and follows personal belief systems (Jackal man aspect of Tehuti). The twins are therefore two aspects of intelligence who embrace another, which in anatomy are the two brain hemispheres (also the two speech centers Brocca/ Wernecke), which compete for dominance in the thinking process, but can never be completely parted. A perfect analogy. The physical brain itself is part of the animal body and must be tamed, or trained like a dog (Jackal/ Anubis). It is not wisdom. Wisdom lies beyond thinking. Thinking blocks wisdom. A trained Jackal may "open the way" and may thus become mans best friend and lead the blind men through the maze of life.

There are two forms of intelligence (both perceived as dangerous by ancient Egyptians):
1. cunning, deceptive, ego-focused, manipulative, excusing, calculating, thinking (today celebrated as "intelligence" measured in IQ) = ANUBIS, the jackal man
2. violent reactions caused by uncontrolled thoughts, agitation, aggression, which blocks having your own thoughts = AOUN, the baboon

Our western world society is based on these two deities and worshiping them with passion. Baboon and jackal are the patrons of our left-brain, detrimental society, the basis of our thinking.

the baboon is serving the ibis "food for thought", which in Christianity is the Eucharist ritual

The Ibis man on the other hand is the scribe in the Hall of Ma`at and Tehuti and Tehuti-Ma`at (or just Ma`at) are synonymous. He records our emotional responses in the universe memory (akashic records). he is the one who helps Heru (the initiate) to overcome Seth (the ego). No victory is possible without Tehuti. A high oracle must be used to conquer the ego and this high oracle must be based on birth chart readings and transit analysis.

"Double measure" is finally applied in the Scales of Libra, which is cardinal Air (thought) and the two measures are solved through math (Ma´at) equations of the universe. The Hall of Ma`at is the central image at the core of Egyptian spirituality. Note the baboon is sitting on the cross (= crossroads of life), Tehuti acts as scribe (the "great banker" of emotional responses), Anubis serves as guide of the dead (your belief system). Next to Anpu is Shai, god of planetary transits and above Shai is a depiction of the birth chart (Neshkenet birth stone, black box with a Heru-em.Akhat head). The Ba bird represents the divine spark that is eternal. Above are twelve signs of the zodiac which are the twelve challenges of life that have to be perfected and mastered in a chain of incarnations. The monster Aumon eats the heart (mind) of those who have not passed above the third chakra.

some simple consequences derive from this image
- we must tame the baboon
- we must train the dog commands
- we must ask Tehuti for help (use high oracles and birth chart transits)
- avoid our heart-mind to be eaten by negativity

This short blog is to give you impulses for further research on your own. Maybe it can give you a better understanding of astrology and also the spiritual system of Egypt. It should show that Judeo-Christian, Greek and Roman myths are not to be taken as hard science, they are simplifications and distortions of the original ideas. The perverted ideas of the above ceremony can for instance be found in crazy interpretations of Judeo-Christian "last days", "Judgment day" and also the Neanderthal Sharia of Islam. The three Abrahamic religions actually keep people BELOW the 3rd chakra, which coincidentally is the 3rd chakra that Aumon is guarding and called "Abraham" in esoteric Gnosticism (Ab= heart, Ra= spirit, ham=water). Of course this is only due to the incapacity of people to read.

This beast is ready to erase your mind  ("heart", Ab) 
and send you back to the school of life

Only Khemet offers perfect brain science, cosmology and cosmogeny. Khmun was also place of worship for the Ogdoad, the "city of 8" - can you find out what the Ogdoad means and guess the role it might play in the science of Gemini? How can we tame our thoughts and emotions?

Planet Mercury was called Sebku (Sebek) in Egyptian astrology and is today often confused with the crocodile deity Sobek, which was invented a little later. Sebek is the name given to the planet mercury by the Egyptians during the Greco-Roman time. Earlier it was called “Sebku.”, Sebku originally was depicted as a young man, the simple way of explaining that Mercury thinking is the way youngsters think. They are often under impression that cleverness and ego-focus are a virtue. Older people should find their way into wisdom. "Seb" means Earth and refers to external things, which are an illusion.

So what is being weighed in the Hall of Tehuti-Ma`at? It is your heart-mind, your thoughts, your belief system, your subconscious, astral reactions against divine, universal laws.

Truth is light as a feather.
Feathers provide wings to fly.

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  1. Q:How can we tame our thoughts and emotions?

    A:Observe them.
    It will raise the question, who is the observer?
    If you can observe them, you are neither.
    Total identification with thoughts or emotions will cease.
    Your higher self will be realized. Then you can observe even more, inquiring deeper into
    the mechanisms and entities of thought and e-motion.
    Why did i just think that? Why did i just feel that?

    By understanding their nature, you will know them and treat them accordingly from then on.

    You will want to expand into the realm beyond thinking after that.
    To go past thinking, you must practice to direct your awareness into the tiny intervall between one thought and the next. There are a
    couple of techniques.
    At first it feels impossible to get there, then to remain there well-nigh impossible, then you can expand. It appears, that you could
    expand it, until you totally reside in this state with your active mind. It is a state of harmony and complete peacefulness, enormous
    energy, but your so-called former identity -which is your ego- will be gone. I haven't been there for more than a minute at a time, but
    i know this is the way, if you are willing to give up your ego, which is also your wife, your children, your family, which i cannot imagine
    to do in this phase of my life.

  2. I Enjoy The Wisdom You Share , Hotep.

  3. What is my aim in life:
    A) partition-making/multiple-persona, or, unifying/integrity?
    B) born/death/rebirth cycle reincarnation ending, and/or, free a trapped soul on earth?