Breaking the spell

In this blog entry I will outline how and why the world is being controlled through language. As usual, the stream of thoughts will be associated with the dismantling of erroneous religious concepts to underpin the primary message. 

As I write this, the Vatican Bank is literally falling to pieces. My primary focus is the decoding of organized religion, because organized religion is currently blocking spirituality, which by the way, is precisely what is has been designed to accomplish. As a reaction to all the ridiculous interpretations and twisted teachings, more and more people are turning away in disgust, and rightfully so! But what if behind all belief systems of this planet there was a superior, ancient science, which has been hidden in order to control humanity? The large world religions serve two primary purposes today:

1. To divide and conquer humanity
2. To keep people away from true science and from their own spirituality, so they can be governed

Language is the meta-physical (=beyond physical) expression of human consciousness. It goes far beyond its physical attributes (sound, wavelength, rhythm, melody). Language serves as the bridge between the thought/ mind world and the physical world. Every action and every idea is initially generated in thought/ mind, then developed towards a  blue print (on paper or in the mind) and only then brought to execution in the physical world. This is true for scratching your head just as much as it is true for constructing a complex machine. The things that you see around you are the product of past thoughts.

In this picture, what do you see? If your answer is “a table”, then this is due to your mental conditioning. There has been a mental agreement in your society to call this object by the name “table”, but it is actually not a table. Someone from a native tribe might say that this is some sort of trap for animals. Another person may say, that these are only molecules creating the illusion of wood. The same molecules could be part of your left hand in 10 years. Through mental agreement a concept is reduced to a name. Now what if the same name describes two entirely different concepts? This is where the confusion begins. Here some examples how language can be used to destroy rational thinking:

-         “sun” and “son” sound 100% the same but mean something entirely different (= two same words mean something different)
-         “Usury” was considered immoral, so instead the word “interest” was created, which misleads the brain because to be interested in something is an entirely different concept (=a new word invented to replace a ”bad” one). Another example is “kinetic military action”, which was invented to replace “attack war”
-         “anti-semitic” is used in its opposite meaning. Arab languages are also semitic, so a so-called “anti-semite” would be someone who doesn’t like semitic languages for some reason. Semites are not a race, it is a language group.

Language is magical to the human mind, because mages (priests) have created it and the word “magic” comes from “mage”. Over the millennia, concealments in words became the raison d`etre for the priesthood, while in earlier days their function was to educate people in the temple, which was a replica of the human body (your own temple). Today, all the teachers have disappeared, teachings have been hidden and people are victim to corporate profit machines. The gatekeepers of knowledge have failed. Thus, all “secret” teachings must be revealed, which is why I am writing this blog.

In Latin language, a teacher is a “doctor”. What does your doctor teach you today? To live as badly as he does? Doctors today die at an average age of 58 years, so what can you learn from such a teacher? The very foundation of society today is concealment, based on conspiracy. The recovery of language and symbols is the only way to stop devastation on earth, as brothers and sisters are literally killing each other over words and letters. The founder of the Christian Church for example is called “Peter” (grk. Petros, the rock), the “founding stone” on which the Church is built. This is a play on the jew Peter, who is Ju-Piter, the ruler of the Piscean age, which started when IHS-Zeus was “born”. See how language is used to create false paradigms and mislead people?

In precisely such a way, language has been used and is being used today as a black art (=natural science utilized with malicious intent) by the priesthood, and it enables the incredible lockdown of public consciousness. Our controllers are literally putting us under a “Spell” = certain spelling (e.g. the god/gad spell, or gospel). They make us take courses (=curses, same word), sit in classes (get used to belong to the lower class) and train us from childhood on to be judged by authority (a “teacher”, misnomer), so we can later take up a slave job, pay off a mortgage (mort = death, because you pay until you are dead) and hand over large parts of our salaries in the form of direct and indirect taxes, which in Germany amount to at least 70%. One thing is not being taxed yet, which is the air that we breathe in, but the carbon tax aims at what we breathe out, so don’t think the air that you breathe is free!

Here a few rules to keep in mind when examining language:

-         l and r are interchangeable, same letter (still apparent in the famous Chinese confusion). So the words rettel, lettel, retter are the same word
-         double consonants can be dropped, so letel is the same word as lettel
-         all vowels are interchangeable, so latul, ritter and rotor are the same word
-         the letter “J” did not exist before the 17th century, it is the same as I
-         v and w are interchangeable (w is a late invention, a double-v)
-         soft letters (e.g. “B”) can be replaced hard letters (e.g. “P”)
-         anagrams are used, backward spelling is used (e.g. Suez canal = Zeus backwards. The Assuan damn was built by the Ju-Piterian fraction to destroy Nubian pyramids)
(list not complete)

In “Thoughts are Things”, E. Walker attempts to define the “thingness” of thoughts and he arrives at four classes of manifestation, i.e. four reasons why thoughts are things:

  1. Thoughts create the inward and outward character of persons, and thus control behaviour
  2. Thoughts are the means of manifesting (good or bad) ideals into concrete existence. The longer thoughts persist, the louder they cry for action.
  3. Thoughts draw likeness (law of attraction, one of the 7 laws of Tahuti, I will expand on this in another post). If you are miserable, people turn away from you, if you are loving and radiate happiness, people are drawn towards you.
  4. Vibratory thoughts radiate outwards (you can experience 1st hand proof for this by doing the “rice experiment”, as described in Masaru Emoto`s book “The hidden message of water”, there are also plenty of videos on youtube. Water is a carrier of consciousness and sensible to human emotions. Thus, in astrology water symbols represent the cooling, healing principle of sensitivity and emotion. A primary experience of this can elevate your mind. Reading these words is not a primary experience and gives you no true knowledge, it only transmits an idea. If you want knowledge, you must do the experiment yourself)

“The technology of Noumena (thought world) compared to the technology of phenomena (observable world) is like comparing a supernova to a candle.”
Thoughts are an unrecognizable projection of mind energy/ vibration and there is no scientific title that describes such transformed thought-force, because today`s science is generally ignorant about things that cannot be seen and measured, which is why there is no true  progress, but only progress that destroys nature. Our thoughts of today are our materialized world of tomorrow. This is why the t.v. news is loaded with negativity, it is designed to perpetuate negativity through your consciousness. When perception, desire (emotion), will (control over emotion) and action (conscious execution of will) are in harmony, human beings are in their natural balance and feel what is called “happiness”. This is not desirable from a control point of view! Happy people need no government and no police. Ever noticed how natural tribes never have a “police”? They simply don’t need it. Why? Because people ate taught and then follow a meaningful, natural, spiritual, ethical code. Western society lacks this kind of code, and spirituality is at a low. Instead we have a magnitude of confusing laws and an entire industry is built on interpreting it.

Control through foreign aid

Despite common beliefs, receiving help from others is really a payment to others because it puts the above chain of harmony out of balance. By nature`s laws “help” must go hand in hand with suppression of self-power and this is one of the clear errors of Christian doctrine (this error is actually by design, because believers are supposed to give their possessions to the church!). Due to this reason it is often a better deed to receive than to give. Giving money to a beggar is a good deed – but primarily for the giver, not for the receiver! If a beggar keeps receiving sufficient money, he will never get off his knees. How about asking the beggar to get off his knees and help you carry your groceries for 5 dollars? This is true metaphysical empowerment and much harder to do than dropping a dime in a hat. Thus, the nature of so-called “foreign aid”, typically to Africa, is a means of suppressing this continent. I have witnessed first hand the havoc that foreign aid causes during my travels in Africa. If free rice arrives on a boat, how is a local farmer supposed to compete with that?

The bridge between thoughts and the physical world is language. Words are incredibly powerful and have an impact beyond conscious hearing. Language is also pinned to astrology and every single letter has its very own meaning, which it contributes to the words it is used in. It is no accident that “Christu/ karest” is hidden in our alphabet: Q-R-S-T-U. As an impressive example, here are the first three words of the Torah, and what is communicated by it:

B´RASHITH BARA ELOHIM= “from the beginning in his head God unfolded from his triple powers of mind the heavens and the earth in six creative steps”.

Let´s break the spell of the (gad-) spell/ “gospel”:
The word “God” often kills discussions before they even start, usually because people are no “believers”, are disgusted by religion and simply don’t want to read anything about religious texts. On a deeper level, this is so, because the word “god” is associated with the external personification of an internal principle, which is due to intentional word twisting of the past 2000 years. The Word “God” was derived from “Gad”, which is the “tribe” (= kind of man) of Israel (the trinity) associated with Aries, the 1st sign of the zodiac, the true first month of the year (note how Sept = 7, Oct = 8, Nov =9, Dec = 10. July (Julius) and August (Augustus) were added by narcissistic roman emperors, this is why they both have 31 days). Gad/ god stands for the impulse in nature associated with the increasing sun after spring equinox, when days become longer than nights and nature unfolds. The term GAD is therefore only suited to describe the nature of being, if the mind is sufficiently educated to inner-stand the allegorical power of the hermetic concept of “as above, so below”, or “as in heaven, so on earth”. As most people are completely unaware of this concept, they don’t have access to a definition of what they are truly saying when they refer to “Gad” and are therefore damned to lead fruitless discussions.

You have just learned the difference between exoteric and esoteric teachings:

Exoteric (for mass control): "The son of god"
Esoteric (scientific basis): "The sun of Gad"

As a result, “atheists” believe there is no “GAD”. Well, there is a certain sun-force in Aries, so the remaining discussion leads into a dead end. In addition, atheists do not know there is no gad (a double contradiction), so atheism by its very nature is just another belief system. Belief is the death of mind and logic, thus atheists are dwelling on the same low spiritual level as any “believer” in organized religion. For society as a whole, this can be even more dangerous than religion, because religion sets rules and atheism knows no rules. Agnostics are more logical in their approach, as they claim that they cannot know god, do to their limited senses. This view however is another language-based logical error, because it is tied to the misnomer “gad”, which is a personified zodiac sign. What people really try to refer to when they say “god/ gad” (=sun-force in Aries) is the force that created this sun-force, so the source of the idea that led to the creation of the sun. This force can in fact easily be experienced, as has been done globally over the millennia by our ancestors, with the aid of medicine plants. The most impressive medicine known to this author is Ayahuasca, which enables man to experience his own essence, his true self. If someone moves morally out of line in a native tribe, they are invited to an Ayahuasca ceremony and are “cured” from their ego (lower self perceived as true self).  

If you observe nature, no thing ever comes out of nothing. Instead, nature unfolds from seeds, which later grow systems that carry fruit which produces their own seed again Thus, somehow there must have been an infolding, an involution into such seeds. In ancient Ethiopia and Khemet , the name for this original creating (mind-) force, was called “Amen” or “Amun” (nouns are interchangeable), which means, “the hidden one”. It is associated with the sun at night, i.e. when it is not seen, or hidden. Amun is the concept Christians, Jews and Muslims are unknowingly worshipping as “gad”. This could be beautiful news to the world, because if everyone is worshipping the same principle, there is no need to fight. The problem is that believers are under a spell of language, so what needs to be done is to break the spell…. the gad – spell……or gospel.

Each letter is also an ideogram (a symbols that represent an idea). For example, “a” is pre-creation (two forces descending from one point, connected by a line between them), “b” is the beginning, and so forth. Each single word in texts such as the Torah thus holds multi-level elevated meaning on at least 7 levels. The spoken words are the exoteric teaching for controlling the masses, and resonate as commands for the animal body (including the electrical brain which is just a processor). The hidden thoughts appeal to the soul-mind (which is not the brain and not part of the animal body).

Here are some examples of such hidden ideas and associations. The 22 Hebrew flame-letters (see http://www.meru.org, Stan Tenen has cracked a deeper layer of the Hebrew alphabet) correspond to the 22 standard Amino Acids and the 22 main constellations around the zodiac belt, which represent 22 concepts of consciousness, 22 skull bones, 22 pathways on the tree of life (the Caballah is originally from Khemet, Paut Neter), 22 Great Arcana of the tarot cards, the 7 Elohim + 12 zodiac + the trinity of 3. The Torah is the Tarot, it is the Rota (note how single letters can be changed to reveal connected ideas between words), which means “wheel”, which is the Zodiac wheel, or the will/ wheel (will and wheel have different spelling but are same word) that creates. The 10 Sephirot (emanations in Kabala) + 22 = “32 wondrous ways” of the Zepher Yetzirah. “Tauret” was the hippo goddess in the Dendera temple, who gave birth to the heavens, this is the origin of “Torah”. She is the focal point in the center of the Swastika, the four extending arms being the four elements of earth, which are the 4 fix zodiac signs, CGAT = 4 Amino Acids, also called YHWH. 4 beasts + Tauret = Pentateuch, which are the teachings of how light affects our genealogy.

There is one science that stands tall behind all world religions. The world religions are the exoteric cover of this true science. Language is the key to understanding this science.

Without (religious) belief systems, it would be impossible to have control over millions of people. Atheists unknowingly substitute religious belief with faith/ belief in other systems, e.g. “empirical science”, which is based purely on 5 senses. There is belief in the big bang theory, belief in the evolution theory, belief in the string theory, believe in market theory. Note how theo (deus, theus, god/gad) is included in each of these theo-logies, sorry, I mean of course theo-ries.  There is belief in t.v. news, belief in tomorrow, belief in history, belief in hierarchies, belief in the weather forecast, belief in politician promises, belief in a certain world order, belief in Santa Claus (well, he actually does exist, I will prove this in my blog in December this year, this will be fun). Government is also a belief system.

Govern = rule, ment = mind.
Government = mind control. 

Contexts can be shifted, senses can be mixed up, phenomena can be white washed or blacked out at will, brains can be tricked, minds can be confused, intelligence can be suppressed, knowledge can be hidden, events can be erased from or added to his-story, opinions can be twisted, lies can be disguised and minds can be led astray – all by means of language. In occult teachings based on the Pau Neter (the tree of knowledge, later re-invented as the Kabala by the Heb Heru = Hebrew), language creates a psycho-physical cube of space, it is the lowest cube in the Tree of knowledge (consciousness), the tree from which Christians are not allowed to eat, because in occult hierarchy they are the lowest cast. The hexagram, which is actually contained in the cube (see above), puts a “hex” (German: Hexe = witch) on people. The hexagram is the ancient symbol of Saturn (see north pole of Saturn), which represents the physical world. Thus, the Saturnian fraction of priests on this planet is trying to keep us in the lowest cube of awareness. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all hold Saturnian elements, there is a clear astrological connection. The Zionist fraction today is claiming world rulership, because the age of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Good-bye Jew-Peter, hello Saturn (misnomer: Satan). The core of Zionism is astrology. Thus, the world events are starting to make sense. Symbols and language are the key.

This is the cube that is worshipped by Moslems (from Khemet. “Mesrem”= tear of the eye of Ra) in Mekka, the Kaaba of Allah, strikingly similar to “Kaballah” (Ka = Eve, spirit, Ba = Adam, soul, persona, La = positive affirmation). It is the lowest realm in the creation on Ptah`s (= potter´s) wheel (= will). Ptah, creator god in Memphis, is the origin of the word “Buddha” (same word Ptah = Buddha), and Heru- Ptah has just been shown to the world as “Harry Potter”, who fights Sirius black (dark matter). This movie is loaded with religio-scientific myth, just like Star Wars and many other blockbuster movies.

Mufasa as Osiris, the "circle of life"

Take Disney`s Lion King for example, it is 1:1 the mythology of Horus. Rafiki is Tehuti, Scar is Seth and loses one eye in battle, Simba is Horus, the Hero, Mufasa becomes Osiris. Beautiful movie, what a pity that people are not being told what they are shown. And even if they knew, they still would not have the understanding of what this allegorical story really means. It describes a divine, universal principle which can be experienced within the human body. I am tempted to do a full analysis of Star Wars, but I lack the time. Maybe I will do an abbreviated text about it. It is basically the same story as Lion King. It is the same story as the Jesus story. It is always the same story. We are being shown the same story 10 million times and we still don’t get it…because we are under a spell.

The tool to break the spell that has been cast upon mankind is etymology. Keep in mind however, that great efforts are being undertaken to lead researchers off the track, so etymology usually stops at a Hebrew or Greek root. It doesn’t show you the earlier roots, because you are not supposed to understand that white “culture” has been erected entirely on African mind science. The source of all language on this planet is astrology, a natural science created by African, black priests some 30,000 years ago (minimum).  It requires simple logic to prove the minimum age of this science. Through a phenomenon called “precession”, the designated zodiac signs over time move away from their original star constellations, so currently we are about one month off, meaning that currently Aries takes place in Pisces (simplified). It is obvious that at the time of creation of the zodiac system, the signs must have been in line with their constellations. The last time this was the case was approx. 300 BCE and as there are thousands of artifacts displaying the zodiac which are much older than 300 BCE, the next possible date of creation would be one Great year before, so approx. 28,100 years ago (if you calculate the great year with 12 x 2150 years). Due to other artifacts (such as the Tefnut statue Her-em-Akhet “Heru of the horizon”, Greek misnomer “Sphinx” = “the strangler”), I personally find it much more likely that is was 53,900 years ago and there is reason to assume that is even longer…perhaps much longer than we can imagine, as true-story moves in cycles, and not linear.

So etymology must be combined with knowledge about Khemetic, Sumerian, Phoenician language and also symbols and hierogyphs – they sure are not making it easy for us. As mentioned before in my blog, I concentrate on that which is not supposed to be known, which is linked to the forbidden true-story of mankind. It may be far out for most people to comprehend, but in many words curses have been encoded, for example in the word “black”, the word “human” and in the word “soul”. The kings in Khemet were called N´gu. This is where the word “Nigger” came from. Black folks used to be the kings of this planet, the true-story of the Olmecs and Moors is slowly re-surfacing. According to the U.S. Constitution Art. 1 Sec. 2, black people are only 3/5 human. If you read it, pay attention to how these words are crafted, because it is a true (witch-) craft. “3/5” is a typical Masonic signature.

Perhaps the biggest magic wand that is being waved globally is Hollywood. Magic wands are made out of the wood of holly trees. A powerful tool to deprive people of their thinking abilities is reduction of the avail able vocabulary. The German word for denominating the average amount of words that a person uses is “Wortschatz”, which means “word treasure”. Words are indeed the true treasure of humanity. The less words a person has available for communication, the less power and knowledge he or she will have. Thoughts are arranged in words, so reduction of words also means reduction of imaginative powers.

“Smart” (stupid) phone communication and IT communication in general dramatically reduce vocabulary. In the most dumbed down form of communication man becomes a machine and is reduced to binary code (only 1 or 0 exist), there is only black or white, good or bad, Pepsi or Coke, McDonalds or Burger King. This is the “like/ don’t like” technique applied in (un-) social media (spy systems) like Facebook. The upcoming generation has a reduced vocabulary compared to kids 40 years ago, and even more reduced compared to 100 years ago. Many of the new words actually have ancient meaning, a good example is again the IT area. 

I = eternal 1, T = motion. IT = the eternal one in motion. He can be accessed through the www (in Gematria this comes to 666). The “net” catches the fishes from the Piscean Age, the “web” is the spider`s web, “her web” – Hebrew. You can search for hosted pages by using Yahoo, a Jewish deity, who literally translates to “Lord of hosts”, and websites are indeed hosted. A “computer” is a “counter”, nothing more. The Intel chip bears a striking similarity to the Edfu temple. The Apple logo is missing a piece, so someone has tasted the forbidden fruit. The world around us is loaded with religious symbols and terms and we are being handed down ancient technology in a more compressed, less healthy format. The entire virtual reality of the web/net is supposed to prevent us from accessing our mental capacities. This is what is going on, and we are slowly waking up to it.

In this blog entry I have attempted to explain, why atheism, organized religion and science are only belief systems and not based on knowledge, how the world is controlled through language and how etymology and astrology can be used to break this spell.

analyzing a car makes the concept "car" disappear, 
putting the pieces together makes it useful

There is way too much analysis (taking things apart), which is what the left brain hemisphere does. There is great need for more syncretism (putting things together), which is what the right brain hemisphere does.

Syncretism is the lock that opens the door to mental freedom and ancient Khemet is the key (in terms of astrological language). 

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