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In my previous blog I have explained how and why language is a “magi-cal” veil that covers the esoteric knowledge of the magi (priest class), why and when and how this veil has been put into place and how it can be (at least partially) lifted. In this blog entry I explain the scientific meaning of some misunderstood biblical allegories. It is key to understand that an artificial control system has been superimposed over a life system. When decoding religious doctrine, it is of utmost importance not to spill out the baby with the bath water, as we say in Germany.

Let`s start by taking a closer look at the word “science”
(lat.) Scire = “to know”, (Gothic) skaidan = “to divide, to separate”. 
The term “science” literally translates to “knowledge derived through separation”

Science = divided knowledge

Today`s scientific system has nearly perfected this separation, as scientific disciplines (from discipline = “punishment”, because we punish ourselves by dividing knowledge) today are working in isolation and even competing with another. This is the prime cause of the incredible retrogression (degradation) of knowledge today compared to earlier ages. As long as there is divided “science” (knowledge derived from division) this retrogression will persist, our brightest scholars will remain divided and conquered and society as a whole cannot produce any truly beneficial technology. The knowledge of science is “knowledge of what is known, based on separation”. It is therefore neither primary knowledge, nor is it based on an integrated/ holistic approach (synthesis/ syncretism instead of analysis = Greek “breaking up”). There really are no sciences (plural). We are experiencing one existence on this planet, through this life, thus there can only be one single, undivided knowledge and if this is the case, the word “science” immediately becomes obsolete. If you reflect on this, you will realize that the word “science” itself is the divider in our brains. “Beneficial” technology is spiritual technology, which unites man with mother nature (metu neter). The spiritual system of Khemet is the only system in known true-story that offers a complete, syncretic, perfected life-system = one single teaching that applies to all being. How this system works will be shown, as this blog evolves.

Primary knowledge must be derived from personal experience. This is why re-ligion (“backward connection”) must be experienced first hand, in order to obtain any knowledge at all. There is no room for belief, priests or churches to come in between you and your primary experience. There is no need for scriptures and symbols, except for initiation purposes. A useful life system must be practicable in daily life, in order to permanently yield its most important fruit, which can be summarized in one word: happiness. Happiness, which comes from the inside, is the basis for perfect health. To say “I would be happy, if I got better” is a paradox. It is like saying “I want to have the effect of the medicine, before I take it”. The cure has been turned into the result by industry today. Western medicine has failed miserably in healing people. It profits from suffering, as there is only low turnover to be made from healing and death. Suffering equals revenue maximization.

Watch here a clip of Khemetic Yoga practice, as depicted on the walls of Khemet (see above):

Most of us today have jobs and few of us would be willing or able to take up a hermetic lifestyle or meditate in the Himalaya. For a functional, responsible society that provides its own food and shelter, such pursue of solitary happiness is simply not practical and in this respect, the Yogi/ Guru tradition, which is one of the offshoots of the original Khemetic life system, has failed in the sense of giving humanity a system of finding permanent happiness in every day life. Happiness (Nirvana) is reserved for some transcended masters, who live a solitary life, which is not natural, as humans don’t have a mammalian body out of coincidence. We are meant to live together in groups, not as ascetics on a mountain. The original teachings of Buddhism came from Hinduism, which came to the Indus Valley with the Dravidians, who were black Africans from Kush/ Sudan/ Ethiopia who settled in India (thus Hindu-“Kush” mountains. From “kush” we also get “krish”, notice how the “u” is turned upside down and transformed into “ri”, “Krishna is India`s Christ figure). “Buddha” (“the awakened soul”, is a mystery title, just like “Mohamed”, or “Christ”) comes from Khemetic “Ptah” (He-Ko-Ptah became the Greek “Egyptos”). A beautiful and very useful leftover of the original Dravidian/ Sudan life system is the Aryuveda, which was later pinned to the Vedas, which are much younger teachings that have been made to look “old”, in order to establish the lie of the “Aryan race”, which is merely a language group (or people of  Iranian origin). Hamitic/ Semitic/ Aryan are three language groups, not races. 

What the true science behind the exoteric religious cover can bring into your life, is durable happiness, which does not depend on things that “happen” in your daily life. 

Here an example of native happiness “allegria”:

It is all about you and how you manage your electrical brain, not anything external. If you are in control of anger and sadness (= e-motions from your animal body), if you trance-sense e-motions, your body will stop experiencing stress, which is the basis of all suffering. Suffering is therefore tied to the artificial ego that we build in our lifetime and which we mistakenly identify with our “lower self” and our “self”. The self is not the ego. The ego suffers through feelings from the animal body, the self sits eternally still with happiness. Today is the natural time for the world to re-claim the perfect personal life system, which stands tall behind all religions of this world. The core of it is to re-form the ego to reflect the true self. This life system is expressed in all religious systems and unfortunately, a lot of poison has been added to each one of the “religions” and this has been done for control purposes. The purpose of my blog is to help separate the gems from the poison. 

The time we live in is no ordinary life time, to say the very least. A new great year of approx. 25.800 (12 ages x 2150) years has just started, and we have just entered the age of Aquarius. The priest class has always been creating exoteric control systems based on the zodiacal ages, here is how it works (for the sake of simplicity lets assume one age takes 2,000 years):

Age of Gemini (4,000 – 6,000 BCE): garden Eden (twins), Mercury is the seed of history - both biblically and also in false HIS-story (Sa-Me-Ra as outpost of KMT is declared as the first culture, which is a lie)

Age of Taurus (4,000 – 2000 BCE): “golden calf”, bull gods such as Apis, cow gods like Hathor, ruled by Venus. Taurus was fixed Earth, so “fixed sensuality”, an age all about material possessions and beauty 

Age of Aries (2,000 BCE – 0): Age of the lamb (of gad = Aries), Yahwe as god of war, ruled by Mars. Aries was cardinal fire, so “initiating energy, an age all about conquests and war

Age of Pisces (0 – 2,000 ACE):  Age of the “little fish” = Nasoreans, “Ichtys”, ruled by the “jew peter” = Jupiter. Pisces was mutable water, so “flexible emotions”, an age all about belief and doubt 

Age of Aquarius (2,012 – 4,000 ACE): Let`s see what they come up with this time, we are now ruled by Saturn (misnomer: “Satan”). An age that will be all about (revealed hidden) knowledge and friends. 

The "second coming" of Karast

Aquarius is the age of “fix air”, which means that it produces a consciousness of knowledge-based mind, true inner-standing and highest spirituality. In the bible this very time has been encoded as the time when we will see “the man with the water pitcher” (in the night sky), which is mentioned in Luke 22:22, which is now.  According to the alleged words of Karest ("Christ"), this is supposed to be the time of “its return”, its “second coming”. This is an astrological fact. The “first coming” of the Christ was when Cephus “put his foot on top” of Polaris, the northern star (the title “northern star” rotates, it is not always carried by the same star). Polaris then ruled the Piscean age for 2,000 years but will also rule the first 1,000 years of Aquarius, which is why the “second coming” is in the beginning of the age of Aquarius, which is now. Great efforts are taken to prevent us from understanding this dynamic.

A true egyptologist

In order to grasp the full meaning of what Karest (Christ, Kresh, Krish) means it is first necessary to completely shake off the poisoned teachings. For “Christians” this means they need to over-stand that “Christ” is not a person but a universal force of nature and that Iesus was a figurative invention and only one of hundreds of savior gods that have been invented by the priest class. As there are nearly 2 billion people on this planet who still “believe” in the exoteric, figurative version of the Iesus story, below the main points of how this character was constructed:

  • Iesus can´t be “from Nazareth”, this is a mistranslation. This city did not exist at the alleged time, which is easy to prove because the Romans have left very detailed lists of their occupied territories. The true interpretation is “Nasorean”/ "Nazarene", which were the Essenes (Qumran)
IHS = "Ies" = the sun

  • IHS = Greek “Sun”, pronounced as “yes”/ “Zeus” = Greek Jupiter deity, the age of Pisces that just ended was ruled by Jupiter, i.e. the “jew”-Peter. The name IHS-Zeus thus refers to the sun in Pisces.
  • The letter J didn’t exist until the 17th century, this underlines the point that the name was IHS-us (“us” is a Greek suffix, the new Testament was written in Greek language, because the ruling class spoke Greek at the time)
  • The Christ of the gospels (according to Gerald Massey, and I agree to this) is a combination of:
    • Horus of the Osirian myth
    • Har-Khuti (Sut-Typhonian)
    • Khumsu (Amen-Ra)
    • Iu (Atum-Ra)
  • According to Thomas Burgoyne (and I agree to this), the Jesus character is a mix of:
    • Osiris
    • Yehushua the Essene, a spiritual leader in Qumran
    • Apollonius of Tyana
  • The Christ is “born in a stable”, because the winter solstice (one of the two “birthdays”) lies between Sagittarius (a horse) and Capricorn (a goat). The second birthday is spring equinox, or Easter/ Ostara/ Ester/ Jewish Passover, because the sun crosses the imaginary plane of the equinoxes
  • The Akkadian name of Capricorn was Abba Uddu = “the cave of light”, this is the cave where Mithras was born and also the cave where Mohamed received his teachings from Allah. After the transit from Aries to Pisces no birth in this cave was astrologically possible, and the very fact that Mohamed received his teachings in this "Arian" cave is the esoteric signature of the Piso family, who wrote both New Testament and Koran. Islamism (religious control system) is not the same as Islam (“peace”, salem, salam, Allat, Arabic name of Ma`at, which became “Allah”). The name “Mohamed” was not used by Arabs at the time of 600 ACE, it is another Khemetic initiation title. Mohamed is the last prophet, thus the highest chakra in the body, the Telios above the head). Krshna was also “born in the cave” and now you know that this cave is Capricorn/ the goat.
  • “Born from a virgin” because during the winter solstice, the constellation of Virgo rises in the East, so the sun (not the son) is born in Virgo (Sun in Virgo = esoteric teaching, son in virgin = exoteric control system)
  • 12 disciples = 12 zodiac = 12 body functions = 12 cranial nerves = 12 suns of Iacub (the “heel catcher”, who is the Jewish Adam Kadmon, which is the zodiac wheel, the wheel/ will of god), Christ is the center, 12+1 = 13. 13 is the result of a natural system of 12, the one that brings the new cycle of 12. 
  • “Iu” means “to come” in KMT, and the KMT deity “Iusa” had the full set of attributes that Jesus received. Io also = 10, which stands for perfection. 
  • Greek Chrestos (“good”) became Christos (the anointed one, from Christ = oil), the Latin “Christus” is plain wrong. What the priest class did here was to deliberately confuse the original differentiation between a) a god in heaven (“Christ”, Jewish Messiah idea) and b) a god in matter (Karast, Chrestos, a “good man”). The aim was to take the power from people and project it onto the fictitious character of a “savior”, so they could be ruled over. A personal fetish substituted the Chrestos. As pointed out in my previous blog entry, language is magical to the human mind.
  • Sanskrit “kri” means to pour/ anoint, “mes” = to pour/ anoint in KMT, thus you get Christ –mas (mes), the celebration of the winter solstice
  • The Egyptian Christ was called “Karest”, earlier form was “Kresh (mes)”.  
  • Iesus = Krishna = Horus = Heru = Quetzalcoatl =  (enter more names here)
  • The initials “J.C.” correspond to Julius Ceasar, the contemporary “sun king” of the Roman time
  • If this in not enough for you, the probably greatest Egyptologist of all time, Gerald Massey, has enlisted over 180 similarities between Krishna, Tammuz, Marduk, Mithras, Bacchus, Zagreus, Sabazius and all other saviour gods in his work.

So it must be acknowledged once and for all that “Iesus” is an allegorical character representing a cosmic principle, and this is why it makes more sense to say “Christ Iesus”, than “Iesus Christ”, as every good Freemason will know. In 2012 (or according to other sources in 1997) the sun has entered the house of Aquarius, the man with the water pitcher. Aquarius is the only “man” (human) in the animal wheel of the zodiac and he is the “man who is going round, taking names” that Johnny Cash sang about. He is going round the zodiac. When he can be seen (in the night sky) he pours out all hidden information (water as astrological element representing emotions, because the truth in time of the Great Year can be increasingly sensed through emotions, mainly the Solar Plexus, which is what is commonly referred to as the “stomach feeling”), as we transit from the age of belief (Pisces = belief/ doubt) to the age of knowing (Aquarius = knowing/ friends). This time is associate with the term “Apokalypse”

The “end of the world” is a mistranslation, the true meaning is “the end of the age”, which is the end of the age of Pisces, the materialistic, unspiritual age. It is characterized by Jupiter (gluttony overrides temperance/ e.g. consumer society, animal cruelty in the meat industry) and Saturn (avarice overrides prudence/ e.g. chopping down the rain forest). 

Let´s now define the term “Apokalypse”: 
From Latin apocalypsis, from Ancient Greek ἀποκάλυψις (apokalupsis, “revelation”), from ἀπό (apo, “away”) and καλύπτω (kaluptō, “I cover”). The word “Apocalypse” therefore means “Revelation/ to pull away the cover (of hidden knowledge)”

Thus, the information that I present in this blog is the very result of the shift in consciousness called “apocalypse”, and you are welcome to partaking in it by reading this blog and then to decide what to make of it, whether to let it change your life, or not. The information is clearly not suited for the masses. If you have been seeking this knowledge you have been attracted to my blog and may find it useful. If this information is not yet suited for you, that is also fine. The fake, exoteric version of the Apocalypse was shown to the world by Hollywood magi in fictional movies like “2012” (Roland Emerich). The “Judgment day” are the 2150 years in Aquarius (Dan, the judge). The Judgment is passed on to each one of us by ourselves. On a smaller scale this is our personal backwards view on our life when the spirit leaves our body. On a larger scale this is mankind`s judgment every 25,800 years, when “the man comes round”, which is Aquarius.

As the world has been bombarded with idiotic interpretations, I also take this opportunity to clarify the “4 horses/ riders of the apocalypse”. They are derived from the Babylonian planetary/ angelic system:
1. white horse = Venus
2. Red horse = Mars
3. Black horse = Saturn
4. Pale horse = Mercury

The bible is talking about astrological prophecy (= "speaking of truth" on the basis of astrology) in this particular section. “Revelations” is the initiate`s instructions how to open the 7 seals (chakras) of his body. The zodiac/ astrology have been trivialized in our time. We are actually dealing with the highest knowledge, the highest treasure of humanity. The zodiac reveals our nature, the involution, the cycles of time, the way to form a perfect government, the way to achieve perfect health through “salvation”, which is the correct usage of cell salts in our body, just to provide some examples. It is the answer to all questions and basis of all religious teachings. 

Pyramids ("fire in the middle") are energy generators and 
places of initiation to the higher mysteries

In ancient initiations systems, the knowledge that I pass on here in my blog would have been passed on to initiates over the course of many years. A typical initiation in Khemet/ Egypt took 33 years from the age of 7 to 40. Thus, Masonry has 33 degrees today. The numbers 7 and 40 are also used many times in holy writings. 7 is the number that describes how nature creates. 33 refers to the vertebrae of the human spine (which is part of the brain) + 7 chakras/ energy centers are the “40 steps” that must be taken to arrive in the higher self. It is the “long winding road”. Thus, if an allegorical character spends “40 days in the wilderness” this means he is taking 40 steps to transcend his animal body (lower self), he is receiving initiation. 40 weeks are also the natural period of gestation (280 days). Thus, a spiritual pregnancy is not unlike a physical pregnancy.

Today initiation can be accomplished much faster because the vibration of nature has shifted significantly higher in our time. In case you are interested to tune in to this finer frequency, this finer vibration in all matter surrounding us, you need to re-tune your body antenna. You will also immediately understand the efforts undertaken by our controllers to avoid us tuning in (Chemtrails, Wifi, electronic smog, Haarp, fast food, GMO products, 3D television, smart phones, etc) The following are some basic steps to “tune in”:

  • You first need to escape the “group paradigm” which has been designed by the high priests of your age for controlling your society. This is actually quite easy, if you have the will to do it. You need to stop consuming fiction (newspapers, fictional books, movies, all mental “escape” that you currently classify as “desirable distraction”). Use the time to get to know your self, study meaningful literature and spend more time in nature.
  • You are what you eat. A natural diet made up of fruit and vegetable changes the fabric of your body/ brain, after approx. 6-18 months you will develop an entirely different way of thinking. Eating is equivalent to the education of your body, it is genetic mind control, if you will
  • You will sooner or later become more aware of your artificially constructed Ego and discover your true self. 50% of your Cortex (highest brain) is currently un-programmed. It is waiting for you to program it yourself. So switch off the t.v. programme.
  • Follow your “inner voice”, this is your stomach feeling (solar plexus), to discover true purpose. Each of us has a certain unique skill and true purpose.
  • All answers and all knowledge lies within you. 
My next blog post will explain who the true “hero” in this world is. 
It is you.

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