Sleeping Beauty

Exegesis of Sleeping Beauty renders the following learnings for us:

- how human enlightenment has been transformed into Christian hell....wow, what?
- the occult meaning of INRI
- the triple fire of enlightenment
- why the #13 has been demonized
- the symbology of the rose and cross
- the nature of the Judas´kiss
- we all have a sleeping beauty within us that we can awaken

Now....what did he say?? Human enlightenment has been transformed into Christian hell?? Oops.... in light of this fact, can you possibly realize how evil, grotesque, anti-human and twisted the mundane church is and what damage they cause to humanity? Could you even begin to realize that organized religion is nothing but Venetian warfare? It is designed to exert mind control. This is true for all religions, not just Christianity.  

After I stumbled over the Cinderella treasure, I cross read the 150 or so most popular fairy tales, to see what other gems might lie hidden there, waiting to be found. My preliminary conclusion is that there are at least ten fairy tales that are written entirely, to 100%, in the mystery language of astrology. And these happen to be the most popular ones! Isn´t that cute....what could this mean....think about it!!

For the sake of explaining how Exegesis works, here the four levels of interpretations of Sleeping Beauty, and you will see that these levels also hold true for religious belief systems.

Earth - child level: understanding the fairy tale (or religion) as historic fact, bordering into reality. Most adult people are on this level of thinking today, sad but true.
Water - adolescent level: understanding the story as literal fantasy, but attempting to explain the motivations, feelings and actions of the characters in a human way. This is where some of the self-proclaimed scholars mentally dwell, e.g. modern psychology.
Air - adult level:understanding the story as allegory for something that occurs in life or nature, i.e. the sleeping beauty could be nature during winter time, or the sun before it rises, etc. Someone at this level is fairly open minded and has started using their brain cells.
Fire - adept level: true understanding of the story through the mystery language of astrology, an explosion of knowledge takes place, it is like a supernova compared to the dim light of left brain thinking, the story produces spiritual ecstacy, because it allows our subconscious psycho-neural system to access a truth that otherwise would not pass the gate of conscious thinking. Just watch what kind of power this story unfolds...

Venus sitting by the water, meeting prince Mars

It is wise and appropriate to conclude from the lower to the higher levels, so we are here going to take the hint of nature being the sleeping beauty during winter time and expand on this idea. If sleeping beauty is indeed the power of springtime and renewal, which lies dormant during wintertime, then we should be able to confirm this through etymology of her name. The original 1634 Italian title of the fairy tale is Sole, Luna e Talia, and Talia is a Hebrew girl's name meaning gentle dew from heaven; by the water. Our sleeping beauty´s name here refers to dew and to gentleness, and both of these belong to planet Venus, who in astrology has the temperaments of warmth and wetness, both attributes being relevant for the (re-)creation of life on earth. Venus is frequently described as a maiden sitting by the water, and you will understand this if you study the Zodiac well, and realize that Venus rules Libra and Libra is located next to fixed water, Scorpio. You can see in the above image that the Disney priests respect the symbology to 100%, with prince Mars wearing a bright red cape, Mars of course ruling Scorpio, and Venus wearing the typical Venusian green. You can´t make this up!

Triangulum, next to Perseus, carrying the severed head of Medusa
In their 1959 version, the Disney priests named Venus Aurora, which is perfect confirmation! This extraordinary name contains three times gold: Aurora, Aurora, Aurora, and because in astrology gold corresponds to the sun, we actually have triple fire. Now, triple fire is located in Aries, because Aries is a) a fire sign, b) ruled by the fiery planet Mars, and c) the Sun exalts here. For this reason we find constellated near Aries the Triangulum constellation, which symbolizes the fire triplicity that occurs here in the annual cycle. What is not so well known is that in the mystery system these three fires also represent the Ida, Pingalla and the Shushumna, the psycho-spiritual internal energies that cross at the skull Golgotha to activate the pineal gland, the Lamb (or lamp) of god.

 NO, this does not refer to Nazareth,
because Nazareth did not even exist at the supposed time,
which we know from Roman records

Triple fire is also the secret of INRI - the alchemist´s aphorism that translates to Igne Natura Renovatur Integra - all of nature is renewed by fire. In the end of the day this is nothing mysterious, it is simply natural science (I dispise the word science, but I use it here for a lack of alternatives), because it is indeed fire (solar fire) that renews nature in the annual cycle of the solar year. The old sun dies in the last decan of Pisces, and the new sun is born in the first degree of Aries, this is also the theme of rebirth. The sun is born again, the sleeping beauty is awakened, it is spring time.

the 13th witch curses the newborn

Getting back to the story - 12 witches are invited to Aurora´s birthday party and they eat from 12 golden plates. The witches here play the 12 zodiac signs and each sign is nourished by a solar disc. There is no room at the table for the 13th witch and she appears at the party and wants revenge. She curses the child to die from a prick of a spindle at the age of 15. This curse is immediately softened to 100 years of sleep and an awakening by a prince by yet another witch . The 13th witch can be interpreted in two ways, which are both meaningful. The first possibility is that she plays Lilith, who is basically a demonized version of Scorpio power, or she is the 13th sign Aries and made to appear evil in this story, which might have been a measure to camouflage the contents.

When the prophecy (zodiac reading) fulfills, Aurora indeed meets an old lady in a tower who is using a spindle. The symbology is clear for the reader who is aquainted with the sol (soul) cycle. The tower symbolizes the north pole axis, the spindle the whirl of the world, in which Aurora (triple fire) is about to be incarnated, this is entry into material life. The old lady plays Venus in Pisces, Pisces being the sign of old age and Venus is here "old", before she renews herself as morning star. This is the same old lady that plays Little Red Riding Hood´s grandma.

We then find ourselves confronted with the great theme of petrification, the 100 year of sleep that sleeping beauty and all of the castle´s servants fall into. Related to mental functions, and remember the zodiac is a mental model, the servants of the castle are the functions of the human body. Petrification of the body functions refers to a trance state. The stillness of meditation, sleep, trance, daydream or hypnosis (all of these are actually very similar) , the holding still of the physical body. The word petrification contains Greek petros - the rock. In Christian idolatry this Piscean rock has been transformed into latin Petrus, the saint who guards the keys to heaven, isn´t that we they ascribe to him? Well, Pisces is the exit of the zodiacal underworld, and heaven in the form of Aries is near. A greeting amongst fishermen in German language is Petri heil - why do fishermen say this? Well, if you ask them, they won´t know, but the rock is always associated with Pisces, the fishes. This rock is Peter, in fact he is Ju-Peter, because Jupiter rules Pisces, so we have the answer to this riddle. Virgo, which lies opposite Pisces, represents order, and Pisces as opposite polarity represents chaos, which includes the world of the not directly controllable, irrational part of the human soul. Trance states, by the way, can not only be reached through meditation, as African culture shows us. Singing and dancing with the tribe is more fun and it yields the same result :-)

We now see why Gorgone Medusa, who petrifies her opponents, is constellated near Pisces. The theme of Perseus petrifying Cetus the whale monster with Medusa´s head, perhaps the most famous and dramatic Greek mythological scene, has the same background as the castle´s servants falling asleep for 100 years. The theme is that Cetus, the Beast, the seamonster, 666, the Hephren, or lower mind, must be put to sleep, i.e. conquered through trance, debilitated, or put out of the way, so higher learning can set in. What you believe to be you, must actually step outside of the way, because the main thing that blocks your from being illuminated is your perceived self.

The rose, the cross and the triangle

As sleeping beauty and the servants fall asleep, the castle is magically surrounded by roses. We reckognize the grand rose allegory here, the reason why this flower gave name to the Rosicrucians, the rose and the cross. This allegory is quickly explained. The rose is said to have 13 petals. The number 13 is highly important, as we begin to realize. In very brief form, the rose and cross represent the cross of solstices and equinoxes and the 13th sign, which is Aries, the RAM, Random Access Memory, access to all areas of knowledge, activation of the Cerebrum, the right brain hemisphere, the lamb in heaven. So, in essence, the rose represents enlightenment.

Ram statues at Karnak temple - can you see why Egypt
worshipped the Ram above all other animals?

We will now stop and realize why the number 13 has been demonized by our dear controllers. It is because the number 13 represents enlightenment, Aries as 13th sign. The sleeping beauty that is within each one of us is enlightenment, triple fire, the Shushumna crossing the Ida and Pingalla, the quasi re-birth of Aurora, whose name literally means triple fire. It is rebirth while alive in the body, conscious immortality, the golden fleece of Aries, which can be activated through a number of techniques, some of these being surprisingly simple. There are also 13 full moons in a solar year. A full moon represents full consciousness.

a perfect representation of enlightenment

Let´s stop and acknowledge that our friend Iesous (misnomer Jesus), is also number 13, he surrounds himself with 12 disciples, making himself number 13, the higher mind, or Platonic Nous. The logo of McDonalds is a perfect symbolic representation of enlightenment. Who would have guessed that? You see the solar bow of Aries in bright yellow, on a Mars-red background. Turned 90 degrees to the side, we see a number 13. Things do not lie hidden, they are in plainest sight, in this case, due to some initiates or masons helping to design this logo. But there is also a double meaning here, because Aries as 13th sign also means physical death. Physical death and enlightenment are the exact same step in the wheel. Aries is ruled by Mars, Mars reprsents iron and iron means death. Well, anyone who switches his diet to this garbage won´t live very long, so it is a fair warning sign.

We now also see the twisted connection to the christian hell concept. The devil, aka planet Mars, sits right here in the sign that follows old age, and the triple fire in Aries is the purgatory, the hell-fire, that scared people for centuries and made death something to fear. Prince Mars is transformed into a devil, which by the way, is not a negative title at all, because dev, as in devotion or divine, is a reference to a deity.

the Christian devil awakening Christ consciousness,
the Judas kiss of handing over the sun to Aries

Following the Christian logic, we now find the devil kissing our poor sleeping beauty, and this is 100% accurate, because Prince Mars must kiss Aurora at the equinox line, this is the Judas kiss, the Scorpio kiss, the kiss of handing over the sun from Pisces to Aries, because the 36th and very last decan of the zodiac year is Scorpio, ruled by Mars.

To repeat, this story has taught us the following:

- how human enlightenment has been transformed into Christian hell
- the occult meaning of INRI
- the triple fire of enlightenment
- why the #13 is being demonized
- the symbology of the rose and cross
- the nature of the Judas´ kiss
- we all have a sleeping beauty within us that we can awaken

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