La Cenerentola

Last Saturday, inspired by a friend of mine, I went to the opera for the first time. I chose Rossini, without paying attention to the opera itself, and when I got there, I realized that I had booked Cenerentola, which is Italian for Cinderella. I was intrigued, because I knew that this is not just a fairy tale, but rather a story that can be found through all times and all cultures and continents. In Europe, the Cinderella story has been described by Herodotus in the 6th and by Strabo in the 1st century BCE. In addition to the Greek and Roman versions, there are countless equivalents to this story amongst the mythologies of the world, be this in Africa, in China or ancient empires like Persia - the Cinderella myth is universal to mankind and thus world heritage! It is my distinct pleasure to illuminate the world and decode this beautiful myth here in my blog. As so many times before, I seem to be the very first author to do this. I will do my best to do it justice.

By the end of the 1st Act, I saw the storyline shining on the imaginary ecliptic in my mind, with bright, colorful and radiant planetary protagonists, inspired by Rossini´s music. There were several direct hints in the stage play and in the dialogues which confirmed that I was on the right track. On Sunday I then went back to my personal notes, because I knew that years ago I had made two short entries concerning the possible identity of Cinderella. My memory did not betray me and I found an entry dated June 2014 with reference to THE LOST LIGHT- Chapter XV: noxious fumes and lurid flames, by Alvin Body Kuhn. The reference to Cinderella here is very brief, at the end of the chapter, and it does not go deep. The other note was one that I made in 2017 and it goes back to Gerald Massey. As much as I adore these two great authors - I am starting to surpass them in terms of contents - surely not in eloquence, not in grammar, nor in rhetorics - but in contents in terms of completed puzzles, it is true. I never thought that I would say this.

In most cases etymology is the best starting point, and here we learn that cinder is another word for ashes. German Aschenputtel confirms this meaning, because Aschen = ashes and Puttel is old Hessian slang for a dirty girl. Furthermore, we have old German Zinder, which refers to coals that are glowing out. The ancient Egyptian equivalent tale is the sitter in the ashes. Ergo, the story is about something that has been burnt, or something which has lost its fire...

vulcanic cinder

Questions always lead to higher knowledge. So, what is this fire that has been lost, who is sitting in the ashes in the Egyptian version? Who is this dirty girl with two mean stepsisters? Who is this prince that she adores, and what are the symbolisms of the glas slipper, the white horse, the three golden nuts, and the pumpkin carriage? Where is this mysterious, beautiful castle and why do doves help Cinderella with her work? Why do all versions of the story take place in wintertime? We are going to perfectly explain each of these symbols and answer these questions to full satisfaction.

the triumph-of-Horus-festival
The genre of Opera, just like theater plays, drama and tragedies, all of these have their root in the Mystery religions of the ancient world. Few people are aware today that by the 1st century BCE the public spiritual system of Greece were still the Mysteries, and these were imported to Greece from Egypt by the early Greek philosophers. In order to understand mystical systems we have to realize that all systems go through decay - they were created and blossomed in Africa, then transported to Europe by great minds like Plato and Pythagoras, who studied for decades at the feet of the Egyptian masters. Over the centuries, Europeans then developed their own systems based on this, the Mystery stories went into further decay and some of the remains reach us today in the form of Märchen/ fairy tales, sagas, religions and mythologies. We have long forgotten what these stories mean, but we still find them fascinating, but cannot say why...

What you are not supposed to know about religious history is that the Mysteries in Egypt, and also in ancient Greece were mostly exoteric and open to the public! The hidden knowledge was accessible for anyone who desired to be educated and develop, this was a top-down system of cultivating people, from which we get the word culture, both based on the word cult (care, adoration). The priesthood took responsibility to cultivate the population, as far as this was possible. Approximately 2000 years ago, something went horribly wrong in society...but we will see that our modern priesthood, e.g. Hollywood directors, still fulfill their task of providing ritual drama to the masses....it is just that the masses today lack education and have no clue that what they are watching is not just entertainment....far from it. However this may be, in modern, just like in ancient times, the language of the mysteries has always been the same, it is the language of astrology, a non-verbal language, expressed through colors, sounds, symbols, temperaments, seasons, measurements, and geometry, all being right-brain oriented concepts. In our modern book-based society, we celebrate the opposite: aphabets and numbers are left-brain concepts. And the left brain is to right brain, what a small candle would be to a supernova. Thus, the only helping tool that we need is the zodiac.

I will decode Cinderella as follows:

1. define the identity of the major characters of the myth

2. show Cinderella´s life on the zodiac wheel

3. explain the symbology of the modern fairy tale

4. attempt a sod-level exegesis of the myth


1. The characters

In the Italian libretto, Don Magnifico refers to Cinderella as "little Venus" on several occasions, so Cinderella´s identity is actually a dead giveaway, she is planet Venus. But why should Venus have two stepsisters? Here, the 2015 Disney cinema version provides very revealing clues. I was suspecting this before, and the Disney priests confirm it clearly, by having named the stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella:

Anastasia and Drizella in perfect astrological colors

Ancient Greek Ἀναστασία (Anastasía), from ἀνάστασις (anástasis, resurrection). The name, and its male counterpart Anastasius, were given to children who were born around Eastertime during the early years of Christianity. Anastasia´s dress is therefore the royal red/ purple of Aries as 13th sign.

Drusilla is an English female given name coming from Roman Drusus which itself derived from the Greek drosos (dew). It also has the meaning fruitful or dewy-eyed). Her dress is the light green of Libra.

But also Rossini´s stepsisters have revealing names: Tisbe and Clorinda, the first (as Thisbe) being an ill fated lover taken from Ovid´s Metamorphesis and Clorinda as Italian name refers to the green one. Well, the green one in astrology is also planet Venus. 

We have here a nice example of how mythmakers go about in their work, because Venus does not have a sister (planet), she also doesn´t have children (e.g. Moons), so the mythmakers here say that she has two step-sisters.... but we still don´t know their identity.

According to Aristoteles, there are three (Greek) Venuses:
Phosphoros - "light bearer"
Eosphoros - "bringer of dawn"
Hesperos - "evening one"

Boticelli´s Three Venuses
left: Hesperos, center:Phosphoros, right: Eosphoros
Every practical astronomer/ astrologer should know the beauty of Venus as evening and morning star, and indeed, these two are Cinderella´s stepsisters. In Boticelli´s painting above, the color coding suggests the Arien morning (reddish) the Libran evening (green/blueish) and the gold of the winter solstice. So we have the personage of the three sisters clear:

Anastasia/ Tisbe = Eosphoros, Venus as morning star, the resurrected one; at the spring equinox, or Easter/ Passover/ Passah (because the orbs pass the equinoctial line), Venus is symbolically resurrected, after having been in the underworld.

Drizella/ Clorinda = Hesperos, Venus as evening star, the fruitful one; at fall equinox, or Mabon/ Thanksgiving (giving thanks for the harvest), Venus here symbolically passes into the underworld, bringing with her the fruits of summer.

Angelina/ Cinderella/ Aschenputtel, and now we get to the core of the myth, = Phosphoros, the light bearer, at the winter solstice, where she is symbolically burnt by the midnight sun, she loses her heavenly fire or is symbolically reduced to ashes, from which she must rise again to become the new morning star.

Prince Ramiro (Rossini)/ prince Kit (Disney 2015),  the distinctive astrological partner of planet Venus in countless myths and tales is planet Mars, with whom Venus gets along very well in the sky. Etymology confirms the prince as RAMiro, the Ram, which is the sheep, Aries, ruled by Mars. He is Kit.....and a kid is the offspring of a goat, because Mars exalts in Capricorn, the goat.

Disney´s prince Kit wearing Marsian red pants

2. Cinderella´s life path on the zodiac wheel

from my personal notebook

Going through the zodiac, as shown above, starting at the winter solstice at 0.00 midnight at the bottom, we can now show the life path of Cinderella, i.e. her occurence in the various signs going clockward from Capricorn.

- Venus rules the 2nd decan of Capricorn (Taurus decan, see above), this is where she meets prince Mars, who exalts here.

- Venus rules the 3rd decan of Aquarius (Libra decan, see above), this is where she moves into society.

- Venus exalts in Pisces, she is symbolically exalted towards the equinox line

- In Aries, Venus appears again as morning star after having passed the underworld

- Venus then rules Taurus

- Venus must then be back by midnight, and the story begins again.....

3. The symbology of the modern fairy tale

Time to hold on to your seats, because the entire symbology of the modern fairy tale is taken from the zodiac! Almost every version of the myth (fairy tales, movies, theater plays, images, etc.), respects the symbology, because the zodiac dictates it. I have shown this in previous blog entries on the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood - all major details are astrological clues.

- the story takes place in winter time, because the setting is in Capricorn, beginning of winter

- the doves are Columba, a constellation in Taurus, and these help Cinderella divide the good from the bad seeds, more about the meaning of this later

- the three golden apples/ 3 wishes/ three nuts symbolize the three heavenly gifts with which human beings are bestowed: mind, soul and spirit, these also being represented by three zodiac signs that must be passed from Capricorn to Aries.

Aschenbrödel riding on a white horse through the snow

- Cinderella rides on a white horse, this is constellation Pegasus in Aquarius

- the glas slipper is a reference to Pisces, where Cinderella (Venus) exalts (to the beautiful castle in the sky), because Pisces rules the feet! What a beautiful idea.

- the pumpkin coach refers to the 3rd decan of Pisces, the very last of the 36 decans, which is ruled by Scorpio/ Mars, a pumpkin is an autumnal symbol and also stands for the full Moon (full consciousness). The coach is also Auriga, the chariot, which takes Cinderella to the castle in the sky in Taurus

 4. Exegesis

So, let´s summarize, what this dramatic enactment of an ancient Egyptian myth was originally supposed to convey to us. We have drawn a clear picture of the zodiac path of Cinderella, how she suffers as dirty girl in Capricorn, where she first meets prince Mars, how she rides on Pegasus through the Aquarian snow, how she loses her Piscean slipper on the stairway of the castle, how she takes the Scorpionic/Aurigan coach to the equinox line, to be united with prince Mars, and finally enter the Taurean castle, the fortification in the sky. But she must be back before midnight! This detail hints at the cyclicity of the process, just like the doves that help her. Cinderella´s life is not a one-off process, it is repetitive, or cyclic. Love, beauty and the resistance of temptations (e.g. chosing not to punish her stepsisters) are the central themes of the myth, all these being Venusian traits. So far, so good, we have nice astro-poetry at hand - but what does it mean?

All myth and scriptures can be interpreted on four levels of exegesis, and I will here offer, as usual, the highest sod-level meaning of the myth. It is difficult to do something justice in letters and words, which is supposed to be ritually impressed upon the spirit through colors, dance and music, but I will do my best and dare to say that my short interpretation here will stay unsurpassed. In order to show the power of astro-myth and mystical astrology, I will syncretize the story with the well known Abrahamic religions.

The Cinderella myth is talking about the real you, which is a spark of the sun that behaves like the physical sun that you see in the sky. Accordingly, this has been named "soul", which in latin is sol - the sun. This sol defines your psychology, Greek psyche = soul/ sol. Ask a modern psychologist what he knows about the soul - nothing.

The Bennu- firebird of Osiris, note its light green Venusian coloring

The word "Venus" is phonetically synonymous with "Phoenix"....it is actually the same word. The Phoenicians were the Venusians and also the Venetians, because Venus exalted in the Piscean Age, just like the Venetians/ Phoenicians did. And the Greek Phosphoros is indeed the phoenix, the Egyptian Bennu Asar (Egyptian planetary name for Venus) the fire bird of the Osirian resurrection, the Phoenix bird that rises from its ashes (see image above), Bennu means more or less "the born again child".
Venus is playing the soul/ sol that has come to desolation on earth and has been stripped of its divine, heavenly fire, the sol spark loses its fire, it becomes cinder and then turns to ashes. In order to get back to where it belongs, it must attempt to reach the heavenly plane In Taurus, and in order to accomplish this, it must re-attain its higher (Iesous) consciousness. This desolated soul is the sitter in the ashes of the Egyptian tale. We currently celebrate rebirth of the sun at the winter solstice in the form of Christ-mas (Literally, the return of Christ), but this festival belongs to the spring equinox, and it has been shifted by people who are trying to hide the master science...

This soul/ sol spark is here at the winter solstice in this state the Egyptian karast, which in Christian lore became the Christ, a divine spark of the first Platonian logos, the Christian word, which becomes mummified, oiled or anointed in the tomb of the human body. The sol/ soul spark symbolically enters the dense body, it is the winter time for the soul, because here it dies (or becomes mummified) in physical flesh.

And just like Iesous (the higher mind) rises from the dead after three days in the tomb at Easter, the sol spark must achieve the very same thing - same symbolism, same mystery, expressed through Venusian rather than solar analogy. The Venusian firebird must rise to be the new Venus as morning star.

This soul/ sol spark is mental, and the mental/ solar steps are: to be physically born in Capricorn, the exterior, physical world, to pass society on the winged horse, a vehicle to higher consciousness. Riding the white horse, means to be initiated into astrology and higher knowledge, this is the Aquarian phase. The next challenge is then to symbolically strip off the Piscean slipper, to lose the ego and to eliminate all passions that are fuelled through the senses. It means to completely rid yourself of the mental and ego-related concepts that you are standing upon. The five senses are the five nails that tie Iesous to the cross, this is by the way an analogy ascribed to Plato! The sol consciousness can then climb the stairway (to heaven), also called Jacob´s ladder, (Jacob being the heel-catcher, the zodiac-man), the Masons give this staircase 33 steps, all of this is Abrahamic lore, which is deeply routed in Afro-Egyptian spirituality, and merely copied by Europeans. The same is true for astrology itself, this is as black African, as can be. The entire Egyptian culture is nothing but astrology. The sol must now be born again at spring equinox, just like Iesous in the tomb at Easter. Auriga may take it from Aries to the heavenly plane, which is Taurus, the fortified city in the sky that needs to be conquered, this is Jericho in the Old Testament, of which the walls must crumble when the Shofar- Ram´s horns are blown.

You see, the entire Iesous story is based on Greek poetry, it was literally stolen by imperialists, who then forcibly merged this with the poor Jews Torah, who protested rightfully against the new doctrine and this crazy merger and the idiotic concept of a messianic saviour figure in the flesh. The Greek poetry however, just like the Torah, were both copied from Egyptian science, so this whole mess can be best understood by studying the hieroglyphic and the Neteru system of the Khemau. The original Greek poetry is talking about enlightenment and this is the true message of the bible and also the recipee of how to accomplish it, if one is able to read the language of astrology. Christ consciousness means to attain conscious immortality.

The doves are quasi-messengers from the heavenly plane in Taurus, where Columba is located, and they descend to assist Cinderella to seperate the good from the bad seeds, an Osirian task, these are ancestoral seeds and this is the same symbology as in the New Testament the parable of the Tares (Matthew 13ff) - the Osirian force of the DNA helix selects and decides, which aspects of the ancestors shall incarnate - what a spectacular myth Cinderella really is, I bow my head to whoever created this fairy tale.

churchgoers have no clue why censers are used by priests

When the priest in your church is producing fumes of some kind during his cute little ritual, he is symbolically producing the fumes that occur when fire moves into water.....the sol moves into the water body. Note the sun cap in the image above, a pedophile, male Red Riding Hood.

Cinderella attains Iesous-consciousness in this myth.
It is the same story as the Iesous story. When Cinderella breaks out of Capricorn, this is Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. The promised land is Taurus, the heavenly plane.

HALLELUJAH, people, if you seek true spirituality, time to learn astrology.

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  1. Stories to be taught.
    Stars to be seen.
    How can one be taught to use

    How do we get insight into the workings of the heavenly bodies?
    How do we make precise enough observations to guide our lives?
    Real Truth is simple. Always. What is the simple way of using the knowledge of the stars to better one's life?

    Regards, J

    1. The simple answer is that the heavenly bodies are the forces that shape you. Study your birth chart, know yourself. Know your children. Be aware of your life purpose.