The Zodiacal clock system

I have received many notes asking for further posts - the reasons for not posting anything are manyfold. Firstly, I am busy with myself. Secondly, I am coming more and more to the conviction that spreading higher truths freely does not serve a higher purpose, thirdly, and this may sound arrogant to some ears - I have reached a point in my development where I can freely associate reality and answer questions intuitively. Goodbye, scientific method, good bye, laboratory. This is what Plato, the brightest European mind (educated in Egypt), labelled so beautifully as Noesis, direct cognition, or epistemic knowledge. The higher (noetic) mind is concerned with philosophic reasoning and direct truth. The opposite to this is the lower (phrenic) mind, which concerns itself with science and religion, both being belief systems, or doxa (opinion), one based purely on the illusory impressions provided by our limited senses, the other on pistis (blind faith, unquestioning acceptance of information).

Anyway, I have decided to release some further pieces of information, which cannot be dangerous for anyone to know and which to my knowledge have not been explained anywhere else. I may be wrong on that last point, because I cannot know all sources of information, but I am quite sure that you will have a hard time finding this elsewhere in such condensed form. But enough sentimentalities, let´s look at the information.

I have repeatedly claimed in my blog that astrology permeats ALL of modern society, be this religions, mythology, fairy tales, the days of the week, the solar year, popular games, sports, social events, our holidays, movies, etc. Let´s add another one to this series: our clock system is based upon astrology. Hey, good to know, strange that nobody noticed.

The 60-system (60 minutes to the hour, 60 seconds to the minute) is not a 60-system by accident.

1st point: the number 60 has 12 divisors (just like the zodiac itself, the twelve forces of the Logos, the archetypal world): 1,2,3,4,5,6,10,12,15,20,30 and 60 itself.

2nd point: in the Finonacci sequence, the 12th element is 12 to the square (144). A potency, such as a square. is a higher expression of the same thing.

3rd point: the Fibonacci sequence delivers a perfect circle, divided into 12 division, namely 4 zeroes and 8 fives:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4148, 6765, .....etc.

Assembled in a circle, this eternal sequence looks like the face of a clock. And of course, the number 12 itself receives the highest seat:

This sequence, arranged in a 360-degree order, as in the image above, perfectly accounts for the twelve five-minute steps that make up hours and seconds. Like in the solar year, there are four prominent points, here symbolized by zeroes, which connect to the well known cross of solstices and equinoxes, the crucifixion in the physical realm. It may also provide a valid explanation for the mystical number 40 that appears in many spiritual (=astrological) texts, because the eight 5´s total 40, so a cryptic name for a completed cycle could for instance be "40 days in the wilderness", one solar cycle, one incarnation, etc. The number 40 also breaks up into 33 + 7, the meaning of which I have explained in previous posts.

The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical representation of nature´s growth pattern. And as I have shown in previous posts, time is nothing but a measurement of space. Applied to the solar day and year, time is therefore nothing but the measurement of the apparent movements of the solar and other orbs in the sky. That´s right, time itself does not exist, it is merely a measurement of space, and space is an attribute of magnetism, so both time and space do not exist on their own: one is merely an attribute without own properties, the other merely a human helping tool.

Let´s now take a look at the terminology that we use:

Minute - Min, the Moon goddess, this is a lunar designation
Hour - Horus, the Khemau solar hero that also gives us "horizon"
Second - Seker, the "second" division of the hour, which is Saturn

This trinity is the same trinity that you find in the cryptic term "(y)israel)": Moon, Sun and Saturn, (the child).

Left brain scholars will now ask, where was this system invented? Who invented it? When was it invented? Such questions are inferior and meaningless. The meaningfull aspect of things is always the content, not names, places and dates. "This was invented by Professor Doodledo in Prague in the year 1458" - this type of information yields no information at all, and should remain reserved for the Jesuit schooling and university system, a system of (dead)-ucation, where people actually manage to learn NOTHING at all over a time span of many years. They only learn to be a good consumer and not to question authority, and this system goes all the way up to our university system of intellectual fascism. Whoever questions things will soon be labelled a terrorist. Fifty years into the future and this will be true.

We live in a time of quickly degenerating knowledge. These are truly intellectual middle ages, where people believe any crap they are shown on television. The Piscean age, as any age, is strongest when it fades...here a few examples of how uncultivated we are:

- we allow children and old people to live in poverty
- we mass slaughter and torture animals and eat death
- we pass laws that support human trafficking and child abuse (I am thinking about Germany, my home country)
- we poison ourselves with fast food and supermarket garbage
- we escape reality through media
- we have not the slightest clue how to think for ourselves or how to dissect reality, the simplest things that we use we do not understand, e.g. magnets
- we are either religious believers, superstitous or deny higher realms all together
- we downgrade nature and view it to be our servant
- I can go on for many pages more with this

Coming back to the measurement of time - ancient cultures had very sophisticated ways of measuring time....primarily the QUALITY of time, not just the quantity, like we do. Measuring the quantity is actually quite meaningless. "this is the year two thousand and fourty-three", well, so what? The Maya, the Khemau and several other ancient civilizations had perfectly laid out the quality of time in such detail, that each second had its own designation. Of course such measurement could not be accomplished through mathematics alone, because math can only quantify things - math yields no qualities. Qualities are content, quantities are just the surface. The same view must be taken on astronomy - it is merely the servant of astrology.

This text took me exactly 2 hours to compose, cross-read and publish. This is one of the reasons I will continue making some posts, it actually doesn´t take much time.

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