Apokalypse of the Beast in Berlin

This text is another apokalypse, a revelation, a revealing of something that lies hidden.  ἀποκάλυψις (apokálupsis, “revelation”), from ἀπό (apó, “after”) and καλύπτω (kalúptō, “I cover”). It is highly appropriate to use Greek words, because the concepts that we find in Berlin and other parts of the world are of Greek origin. Also to my own surprise, Hellenistic metaphysical concepts are firmly embedded in Christian doctrine, specifically in the New Testament, which was written in Greek and does contain Platonian concepts. But nevertheless it makes little sense to link this spiritual concept to any certain country or people, because the priests and ruling class, the ones aware of the symbology and creators of such art, were not linked to any nation or creed.

A quadriga on a Roman coin

We find images of Quadrigas (a chariot drawn by four horses) on ancient Italian frescos, on Indian reliefs, on Roman coins and in the form of statues on a few European monuments. The charioteers vary between Venus, sun gods like Surya or Apollo, or in the case of the Berlin Quadriga, a lady resembling Victoria, Nike or Eirene, a goddess of victory, war or peace. I am intentionally combining these goddesses without differentiating between their supposed functions and origins, because at the very source, they all represent a mixture between Virgo (the woman of arms) and Venus (the planet, that is), so the sky zone between Virgo and Libra. The great fallacy of the Greeks was that they divorced philosophy from mythology. As a result, some metaphysical thinking lacked a solid basis and some of the late myths were more fantasy and imagination than anything else.

a modern example

Due to the charioteer being a war or victory goddess, it is put forth by modern scholars that the Berlin Quadriga represents the concept of victory, and they make all sorts of wild guesses about the symbolism, linking the horses and monuments to certain military victories, to certain hostoric events, rulers or to political -isms. Such materialistic interpretations, undertaken by indoctrinated scholars can be safely rejected as conjecture and certainly as plain wrong all together. The true significance lies in the spiritual realm, which left brain - trained scholars cannot compute.

Simple research yields that the Quadriga on the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was designed by a fairly high ranking Freemason, a man who most likely intended precisely what I will explain below. The gate itself is designed after the Propyläen (entry doors, see above) of the Akropolis in Athens, another Greek clue. Just like the Akropolis, the city in the sky, and in fact just like all major ancient monuments, as this author holds, be it the Pyramids of Gizah, the Eiffel Tower, or the major cathedrals in Europe, the seven world wonders, the twin towers - all these monuments have one common denominator, one common theme and this common theme is the mystery language of astrology. A language hardly anyone speaks or understands today.

In the case of the Brandenburg Gate the theme of astrology is easy to verify: to the left and right side of the gate we find sculptures of Mars and Minerva respectively. Unlike most scholars assume today, ancient people did NOT name the planetary orbs after their respective gods - they much rather anthromorphized the planets as human godlike figures and figurines. "The gods" are the planets, because the planets influence what transpires on Earth. Mars and Minerva (another form of Venus) guard the gate on the left and right, this symbolizes the equinox points, Aries and Libra respectively, which tells the occultist that this monument is about human nature, because human life is said to take place in the valley between the mountains, which is the zone between the equinox points.

Another idea put forth is that the gate itself was designed after the Mausoleum of Halikarnassos, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Well, that may or may not be the case, but what is certain, is that the seven world wonders represent the 7 planetary gods, in their descent and rule over Earth, as follows:

Mausoleum at Halikarnassos Saturn
Zeus statue Jupiter
Light house of Alexandria Mars
Colossus of Rhodos Sun
Hanging gardens of Babylon Venus
Pyramids of Gizah Mercury
Temple of Artemis/ Diana Moon

Beneath the Quadriga we find reliefs with motives from Greek mythology, which display Hercules, the sun hero, and a variety of other characters such as Urania, Nike and Euphoria. The reliefs also show the 12 labours of sun hero Herkules, which are the symbolic tasks that entail mastering the 12 zodiac signs, the 12 faculties of mind. Life is Herkules´work for each and every one of us. Astrology everywhere. Nothing but astrology.

In Egypt, and later Greece and Rome, horses were associated with planetary movements, because they can be taken by a leash and will run in circles around you. If you imagine a group of horses with different temperaments and colors running around you in a circus arena, you will understand the association, it is just like a group of orbs with different powers moving around our plane.

The specific concept of four horses of different shading and temperament can be found in St. John´s Revelation. The Book of Revelation, as the name suggests, reveals something to the reader, and this something is the meaning of the entire scripture of OT and NT combined. This text itself is written in a way that uninitiated readers have zero chance of decoding it, and also translators, editors or censors would not be able to alter or destroy this text in any way, because it is too cryptic. As such it does not represent any danger if given to the public and this was probably the reason why it was able to survive all bible alterations and rewritings. It is a text that cannot be understood without the proper key, and this key requires knowledge of the Greek language and numerology. Once decoded the text is incredibly precise in its message, it is the very finest metaphysical truth available to us. As a glimpse into this system, I offer here below the Sod meaning of the Quadriga. For this purpose, it is necessary to understand some Platonic concepts, and as there are no proper nouns to translate these into modern English, we may attempt descriptions:

The 1st Logos/ Nous: this is the world of (mental) archetypes, divine ideas, which is the life principle of all things natural that is distributed through light, the pneuma, or holy spirit. This Ancient Greek: λόγος has been morphed into the Christian word (of god). This source of universal intelligence is non material, it is however, according to Platonic and Hermetic logic, also seated in the Microcosmos, the incarnated brain. This 1st Logos/ Nous is an aggregate of 7 forces in one, an involuted portential.

Symbol of the 2nd logos, and also the astrological symbol for Earth,
the realm where spirit (circle) and matter (cross) meet to create physical life

The 2nd logos: the Christian word made flesh is of human, incarnated nature. It is symbolized by a cross in a circle, because the descending soul symbolically becomes crucified on the cross of equinoxes and solstices. The 2nd logos is the same as the first, but this time it is a material force.

The four horses: what the four horses of the Apokalypse symbolize are the four somatic divisions (Greek soma = body) of the body, the quasi rulers of the human body, the four manifested learning centers of the soul. There are only four levels of experience for us, and these correspond as follows:

Head - higher mind - Iesous - FIRE, as transporter of the Nous, 888
Heart - lower mind - The Beast - AIR, the mental world, 666
Navel - passions - The Red Dragon - WATER, the world of emotions and desires, 555
Genitals - generation - The false prophet - EARTH, the impulses of our limited senses, 333

These four centers, each being ruled by one universal force, which unfolds as a septenary, are also represented symbolically as the four archangels, the four horses of the apokalypse and their respective riders, the four gospels of the New Testament, the four seasons of the year and last but not least, and it is visible to anyone with eyes to see, the four zodiacal figures prominently displayed on the walls of major churches and cathedrals of the world: Lion, Man, Eagle and Bull. Christian churches do apply the mystery language of astrology:

Detail of portal of St. Trophime in Arles, France

We now see why there are three synoptic gospels σύν (syn, "together") and ὄψις (opsis, "view") (Luke, Mark and Mathew) and one gospel that sticks out from these, because it is Gnostic, it conveys higher truth and this is the gospel of John, the (real or symbolic) author of the Apokalypse, which is the one text that reveals the meaning of the entire bible, the 66th book, the last chapter of the bible, which reveals the truth. John himself corresponds to Aquarius, the Man, the water bearer who spills out the truth, the zodiacal home of Uranus, the orb that governs astrology. It is the Saturnian winter gospel, because Saturn is the highest of the Elohim, the 7th son, the ruler of the septenary that unfolds from the Demiurge.

I have noticed that in almost all cases, even in major cathedrals and churches, the four names of the evangelists are allocated in the wrong way. This may be due to ignorance or deliberately done to hide the science. Here is the undoubtedly correct order:

Luke/ Lukas, is an ancient name for the sun, the sun rules Leo, mid summer, therefore the Gospel of Luke corresponds to summer/ lion
Mark/ Markus is phonetically equivalent to March, in which we find fixed sign Taurus, therefore the Gospel of Mark is springtime/ bull
Matthew/ Matthäus builds upon the Egyptian Ma´at, or Mat-iu, the hall of judgment being located in the fall season, where Scorpio is the fixed sign, and a higher form of Scorpio is the eagle, therefore the Gospel of Matthew is fall/ eagle
John/ Johannes finally is winter time, Johnuary, fixed sign Aquarius is ruled by the man of the zodiac, John the Baptist, the gnostic, which is winter/ man

The lady with the four horses therefore represents the primary metaphysical concept that underlies the entire bible, both OT and NT, both books telling the same story with different characters. The quintessence of the New Testament, the entire hype about Jesus (misnomer) Iesous can be condensed to the message of the Quadriga. The message itself is simple, but its implications are far from simplex. As we see again and again, truth does not lie hidden, it lies in plain sight, for those with eyes to see.

The figurine that is directing the horses, holds a up a flagpole with the sign of a cross and an eagle sitting on top of the cross. This is constellation Aquila guarding the cross of solstices and equinoxes, which is the very symbol of the 2nd Logos, slightly altered by the German military. Aquila represents the higher form of Scorpio, again a symbol for an enlightened human being. And we slowly come to see that the victory communicated through this monument is not related to a material war - it rather conveys a spiritual victory, a victory that is possible on the inside.

The Quadriga depicts the 2nd Logos being in full control of the four manifested centers of the soul, it symbolizes an initiate achieving spiritual enlightenment and developing his own solar body, which becomes the Christian "son of man", the divine offspring that mortals can give birth to, the Christian "birth from above".

From the above you will see that "The Beast" is nothing but man in his lower mind. Uncultivated minds act beastlike - like the beasts of the zodiac. You will also see from the above, that "Iesous" is the higher mind, and not a guy who actually lived on Earth. The Red Dragon is named after constellation Hydra, the great water dragon, he is red because Mars rules all waters. Our limited senses finally, do act like a false prophet.

I hope my readers enjoy the spiritual input given here.

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  1. Your work is absolutely remarkable and deserves great recognition, your generosity will not be forgotten. Thank you so much for sharing knowledge that resonates with our higher self, Truth is spreading at a steady pace.