Little Red Riding Hood - from fairy tale to Religion

In this blog entry I decode one of the most popular European fairy tales/ folk tales, and by doing so, once more prove the power of mythology and demonstrate the superiority of the zodiac as basis of western culture.

If you browse the internet you will find plenty of interpretation attempts, even some by Phd's and famous philosophers and writers. Unfortunately, none of the interpretations that you will find are even remotely correct. Some of the explanations are so silly that I ask myself where the limits of stupidity are. The most ridiculous explanations that I found were written by so-called "psychologists" - a modern profession whose name (Greek: psyche : soul) literally suggests that these folks should be masters of the logic of the soul - but they are far from it. Most of them don't even know what their title means.

Popular fairy tales as they are known today have been re-written over the centuries for social engineering purposes by paid writers such as the Brothers Grimm. In their renewed versions of ancient stories, such writers have deliberately ommited or added certain details that either camouflage an underlying truth or inserted a new truth that would serve certain purposes.

In old times, before t.v., radio and books, folk tales were the most important tool for teaching certain truths to the young ones. These truths were gradually adjusted by rulers to fit their objectives. Obvious examples, once made aware of, are for instance the young royal saviour- prince who should be admired (lower class admiring upper class) and also the old lady/ witch who cannot be trusted (children taught to fear women). In the contrary, children should actually be fearful of royals, who are ruthless and violent and trust old women, who know how to heal - but the re-engineered folk tale taught the opposite. The same principle is still being used today on grand scale by Hollywood.

Let's examine the fairly simple narrative of Little Red Riding Hood:

- A child is sent out by her mother to bring cake and wine to her sick grandmother
- she enters the dark forest, which she must pass
- In the forest she is misguided off track by the Wolf as she decides to pick some flowers
- she reaches her grandmothers house and is again tricked by the wolf and eaten by him
- the wolf is killed by a huntsman and the child is saved (alternatively, the stomach of the wolf is filled with rocks and he dies)

Let's now explain how this describes the Sun path in the Zodiac:

 - Little Red Riding Hood is the evening sun, which resembles a little red hood as it rides across the sky. The evening sun occurs between Virgo and Libra.
- the bread and wine are taken from Virgo and Leo, which has already in biblical times been the source of the bread/ cake and wine/ blood analogy.
- Upon entering Libra, the sun enters the bottom/night half of the zodiac, the "dark forest"
- When entering the last Decan of Libra, the sun moves into constellation Lupus, the Wolf/ the victim, which is ruled by Mercury, the two-faced planet, the trickster
-she decides to pick some flowers, which is a symbol for Capricorn (capricious growing corn)
- the house of the grandmother is located at the exit of the forest, which is somewhere after Pisces. The grandmother can be considered either Pisces herself, or alternatively the dawn, because in mythology the dawning sun is the parent of the mid-day sun and the mid day sun is the parent of the evening sun.
- The huntsman is none other than the Great Hunter Orion, located in the middle Decan of Taurus. When the sun reaches this Decan, the morning sun has conquered/ slain the night. Taurus is also known in biblical mythology as "the rock", because it is fixed Earth. So alternatively, the huntsman fills the wolf's belly with rocks.

You can here see Lupus the Wolf/ Victim being killed on the Altar by the Centaur, roughly between Libra and Scorpio.

It is apparent that this folk tale describes not just the sun's path, but particularly the sun's path in the Zodiac. The fairy tale is based on "death" and "revival" of solar power between evening and morning. Darkess literally "eats" the sun but is later slain by the new dawn. All three Earth signs appear consecutively: Virgo (bread/ cake and wine), Capricorn (picking flowers to get off track), Taurus (spring emerges, the winter is killed).

A masterpice by Da Vinci - but the science is wrong!

On Sod level meaning, I wish to add, this fable is dealing with the same mystery as the Eucharist/ Agape ritual, which involves the flesh & blood of Christ, i.e. the nourishment and life energy provided through the sun photons and the blood soul, which is given to man for "consumption" during life. This Roman mystery ritual practiced in Christianity was actually just one of the ten major mysteries that were taught in Egyptian temples. The above picture is somewhat WRONG science, because Jesus should not be sitting at the table - he should be the food that is being eaten on the table!

Orion, the most beautiful and spectacular constellation in the night sky

Why is Orion a hunter?
Why does the he hunt animals?
Which animals does he hunt?

The idea is that during physical life, we must attempt to slay the animal (Zoo-diac) powers that control our physical body and mind and to reach our higher self, or, as the Egyptians taught, to achieve Smai Tawi, the union (re-ligion/ yoga) of higher and lower self. This is accomplished through cultivating the Endocrine ("Chakra") system, which is controlled by the stars that make up Orion. Little Red Riding Hood is literally pulled out of an animal body!

In a layer yet a little deeper, in the original Egyptian eschatology, the soul is here released from the animal body, it is "born again" in Amenta as eternal soul - a concept misunderstood by Christianity alltogether, because Christianity has moved the mysteries out of Amenta into physical life, which is a fallacy!

Little Red Riding Hood is the same story as the Jesus myth.

Astrology is the master key to mental freedom.

the correct science - the girl enters the bed

The brothers Grimm made the girl stand in front of the bed - in the original folk tale, the girl went into the bed! Why would this matter, one might ask, if it were merely a story about a girl and her grandmother? Maybe, she was just tired? The sun does not stand still in front of Pisces - it moves INTO Pisces (into the bed).

Secondly, the Brothers Grimm added the mother telling the girl "not to get off track" - in the solar myth, this was not necessary, because the sun NEVER gets off track.

 Hope this inspires you & Hotep!!

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