The Messiah revealed

Mercury confiding Bacchus to the nymphs - or Jesus to Mary.

There is only one root religion and this is astrology.

Let's prove this statement in respect to the saviour/ Messiah typology utilized in Abrahamic religions, specifically Christ Jesus:

In the picture above, I made a quick sketch of the astrological origin of the Jesus myth. It is a spiritual narrative that has been utilized in both Old and New Testament, as well as in Buddhism and countless other religions. The common denominator is ancient Egypt, and the true, natural source is how planetary influences are distributed within the solar year. The underlying natural facts of religious belief systems make further discussions about historic events 100% obsolete.

All saviour/ Messiah types such as Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Tamuz, Mithras, etc., are playing the humanized role of planet Mercury in the respective mythologies. One of the ancient names of Mercury actually is Buddh. Anyone still feels that we need to discuss the historicity of Jesus or Buddha? If these would have only been human beings, the stories would actually be meaningless for us. As mythology, based on astrotheology, they are prescious and sacred.

Mercury is the "Messenger" of god - because he is always nearest to the sun and therefore "communicates" the word of god. The English word messenger provides the hint of the word messiah. The root has found its way from Hebrew to English as Germanic language through the Germanic occupation of Northern Africa, which they dont teach us in school about.

Lets take a brief look at Mercury in the system of 36 decans and this will not leave any doubt:

Starting from heavenly peace in Cancer (above image 12:00 noon), the first appearance of planet Mercury is in the 1st decan of Virgo at 4:00 p.m., where the saviour is "born of a virgin". This is the place of birth also because in Virgo, Mercury is exalted. This decan is associated with Bootes, who in mythology becomes the foster father, e.g. Joseph in the NT. So, the Messiah is born here in the celestial virgin and must make his journey through the underworld (physical life) back to heavenly peace.

Next, the Messiah (Mercury) appears in the 3rd decan of Libra, which is Lupus (the Wolf, the victim), and the motto here is "expiation", which is the act of making amends or reparation for guilt or wrongdoing. This corresponds to the crucification of Jesus on Mount Calvary, where the Messiah must walk the Via Combusta (Kreuzweg, ordeal, calvario), i.e. the sun loses its power in mid fall.

Mercury now disappears for 3 signs/ 9 decans, or as the NT says, "18 years". His next appearance is in the 3rd decan of Capricorn, which is "idealism", and the NT has actually failed to provide the correct order of events, because the crucifixation in Libra is scheduled after the ministry, which is wrong science. Next we find Mercury in the middle decan of Aquarius under the motto of "inspiration", so Jesus is here inspiring the masses with his idealism of life.

Mercury then has its fall in Pisces, which in the NT corresponds to the 2nd crucifixation of Jesús. The fact that Jesús is crucified twice can only be properly identified within the original Greek text, it is the crucifixation on Golgotha "the place of the skull". The mythmakers needed to hide this fact because it would otherwise not be possible to historize the story.

We then find Mercury in the middle decan of Taurus, where Jesús is burried in the tomb (fixed Earth) and "born again". He rises from the tomb as "only begotten of the father" to appear as ruler of Gemini, where he "gives up the ghost" and goes to his father in heaven (simplified).

So far so good - but why is planet Mercury the saviour?

The NT authors are messing around with a very old, originally Egyptian mythology, which was created ten thousands of years before any European lurked out of his cave.

There are two crucifixations, two Adams and two Jesuses, because there are two equinox points:

1st Adam = Jesus until age 12 = Horus-Makhu
the eternal child of 12 years, child of Seb & Nephtys by adoption, who became Iu-Sep (Joseph) and Mary, who in the zodiac are Bootes and Virgo

2nd Adam = Jesus the preacher = Amsu-Horus
30 years old, the only-begotten by the father, born again, the "Messiah"

In astrology, and this is the key, Mercury is the higher mind. The higher mind finds its elevation in Virgo, which depicts unselfish service, analysis, natural order and health. The higher mind, if properly developed, is what makes human beings godlike. While the R-Complex and Mammalian brain stems are driven by emotions and instincts of the animal body, the (Neo-) Cortex is to a large extent unprogrammed and if properly nurtured and cultivated, it frees the soul from dense matter and liberates the human being.

This is NOT done by reading or studying, and has nothing to do with intelligence and also nothing to do with verbalism or speech. The higher mind is cultivated through ritual impression of universal truth, non-verbal imagery. And such imagery, I assure you, does not include a bearded man bleeding on a wooden cross. Instead, what is needed is re-union (re-legion) with natural forces, with nature itself, with the Neteru.

It is only Khemet that offered an organic framework based on natural science that liberated body, mind and soul during and after physical life.

Here a brief explanation of world religions according to week days:

Monday: Moon = Wicca (mind science, natural wisdom, witchcraft)
Tuesday: Mars = Judaism (age of Aries, elemental war god JHVH)
Wednesday: Mercury = Buddhism (Buddha as cultivated, peaceful higher mind)
Thursday: Jupiter = Christianity (age of Pisces, "Gad" as ancient name of planet Jupiter, Ies-Zeus as Messiah type)
Friday: Venus = Islam (ism) (age of Pisces, where Venus exalts, Libra cult, which lies opposite Pisces and was indeed created to oppose Christianity)
Saturday: Saturn = Masonry (Capricorn is about builders, masons, carpenters like Jesus. Masonry is originally an Egyptian mystery school and a pitiful, male business club version was rolled out by Zionist Jews, also as a launch pad for revolutionary activities in Russia and Europe. Therefore we find Saturnian elements in all Abrahamic religions)
Sunday: Sun (this is part of all religions, because the sun has more light than any other orb, the sun being the great demiurge, the "jealous god", the Trinity godhead)

Be well and HOTEP!!

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