Astrological update

The perfect recipee for dramatic changes:

Saturn (great malific) moving into Aquarius (society) in four days, staying until 7.3.2023
Uranus (sudden change) in Taurus (material wealth) until 2026
Pluto (transformation) entering Aquarius (society) on 23.5.2023 and staying there until 2043.
Neptune (illusiveness) in Pisces (dreamy) until 30.3.2025.

The digitalized, over-entertained consumers of the modern world have been sleeping…. the cheapest price to pay is to pay attention. Currently, conditioning is starting, so people will accomodate to staying at home. I will refrain from painting negative scenarios here, but the time that we are entering corresponds to the previous Pluto cycle as follows: 248 years (Pluto orbital time) + 1776 = 2024. In my view they are going to reset society over the next years in many ways, and our concepts of "wealth" and "freedom" are about to dramatically change.

My book is basically finished!
will soon have to decide how to distribute it.
Stay well.

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