Astro Casino Circus

So, astrology is a non-proven theory? It is no part of our active culture and society?

well, let's have a look at popular Casino games, and prove the opposite; astrology is the fundamental basis of all that we have ever labelled as "culture".

All numbers, alphabets, philosophies, sciences, languages, creeds, religions, faiths, gods, actions, ideas derive DIRECTLY from the zodiac - and if they don't, they are flawed concepts and fade away.

36 +1

throw your ball on the wheel of life (zodiac), there are 36 numbers (12 signs x 3 decans of the zodiac), plus ONE (you, the sun, the zero). Two colours of red and black symbolize the two "bad boys" of astrology, Mars and Saturn.

Black Jack = Saturn

Black Jack:
try to collect as many cards as posible without passing 21 points. Jack is a mystical a name for the sun (as in Jack and the beanstalk for example), and black Jack is the sun in Winter, or alternatively Saturn, who rules the signs after December 21st, St. Thomas Day, 21.12., the Winter solstice. So if you pass 21, you are in Capricorn under Saturn's rule and your hand is lost.

4 x 13 = 52

Poker/ Baccarat:
there are 52 cards for the 52 weeks of the year, and there are four colours symbolizing the 4 seasons. Believe this is a coincidence? Well, the four symbols match astrology's order of the four elements, so a coincidence is unlikely:

Clubs - summer
the symbol shows a tree in mid summer
central element of summer is Leo, a FIRE sign

Spades - winter
the symbol is the shovel/ spade of the grave digger
central element of winter is Aquarius, an AIR sign

Hearts - fall
the symbol is one of intense emotion
central element of of fall is Scorpio, a WATER sign

Diamonds - spring
the symbol is material wealth
central element of spring is Taurus, an EARTH sign

13 cards x 4 symbols = 52 cards
13 Moons x 4 weeks (28 days) = 52 weeks, the lunar year
13 = 12 zodiac signs + ONE (you)

15 x 12 x 2 = 360 degrees

Each player commands 15 stones on 12 fiels, 15 x 12 = 180, which is one half of the 360 degree zodiac wheel. Each player tries to reach his own (astrology-) house first. Two dice are thrown that amount to 12 points (12 zodiac signs).

The 2 dice amount to 2 x 6 = 12 points - the 12 zodiac signs, which is no coincidence

OK, so the casinos are kind of full of astrology. Let's now go to the circus and see whether we find anything there....!

The arena:
is of course round, because we are actually in the astro - circus.

This statue is trying to tell you something about planetary powers

The horses:
the horses are a standard element of circus. Horses are an ancient (originally Egyptian) symbol for planets that circulate. Riding horses (e.g. riders of the Apocalypse in the Hebrew OT) is a perfect analogy for controlling one's star destiny. The rider holding the reins symbolizes triangulation of planetary movement.

trapezoid figure in  a birth chart

The trapeze
you are now looking up to the heavens. The idea is again showing somersaults (circles) in the sky, which refers to planetary rotations.

The magician
shows you magic tricks which are the surprises the zodiac holds for you

the poor animals suffer a lot from the stupidity of humans

Trained animals
astrology is all about training the animal impulses within you

Lion taming
a reference to Leo, your ego, which should be tamed. If you go to a circus and watch how a proud lion is being turned into a pussy cat, you should be ashamed of yourself.

they are throwing rings into the sky, this needs no further explanation

ride on just one Wheel, because there is only one Wheel

Knife throwing
try not to hit the body that is turning on the (zodiac) Wheel

Sword swallowing
this weapon has been designed after the Christian cross, and this cross, with one long bar going to the ground, symbolizes death, as in the Winter solstice, where the shadows become longest.

Plate spinning
you watch upwards, please, and try to balance all spheres of the heavens

the joke has been on you!
and you paid for the visit.
the fools are actually the people in the audience - unless people study and learn the languages of astrology and symbolism, they are doomed to remain fools

Some of my analogies are too far-fetched for your taste?
well, I am sure you found some food for thought anyway.....

One last Word on animal cruelty: this is very, very detrimental for your soul life, be it active or passive. If you are a meat eater, your money supports mass animal slaughter and torture. Can you live with this? Don't you think that this may come back and haunt you in some way? Do you think it is ok to consume meat, even if you didnt do the slaughter yourself? Even if you didnt partake in the torture and slaughter? Think again...this takes a high toll.

You are not supposed to eat animals, you are supposed to admire and protect them!

Animals love their life just like you love yours.

Animals have the same feelings that you have, precisely the same!

Are you here in this life to support suffering?
Or are you here to fight evil?

choose your side.

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  1. I don't have enough words for your blog... Thank you.

  2. Peace family,

    Was wondering have you seen the movie "I Origins" (2014). If you have, im sure many of your viewers as well as myself are interested to know your perspective and thoughts. The movie i believe was a pensive attempt to merge science and spirituality in terms of allowing the actual IDEA of different spiritual concepts become reality to many close minded individuals or those individuals who may have only had one point of reference growing up. Any insight or feedback is humbly appreciated. Hotep seneb!

    Bro Heru

  3. Peace bro Heru, I am sorry but I have not seen this movie, so cannot comment.

  4. Thank you for the reply.
    My opinion, that movie is worth a look, beyond the surface of course lol. Continue the great work! Htp

    Bro Heru