Noah`s Ark & Burger King - no spiritual fast food !!

The following comes from a place of knowing. It is not based on opinion or personal interpretation. I reveal what is there, in the plain open, in front of everyone`s eyes. I base this information on my own, extensive research and my higher mind, which is non-local and therefore not just "mine", but also yours. I may miss a little info here and there but all in all, this blog entry contains nothing less than the the revelation ("apocalypse") of the Noah story. The info, when written out in words and received by the reader, may seem complex - and it is, but at the same time it is very simple. My challenge is to create a rhetoric that makes it accessible for you.

The world needs this information - it has the power to bring peace and true spirituality and unite all religions. 

My argumentation will follow three steps:

1. I will first take you through the major stations of Noah`s voyage and show you precisely the location, where the ark is moving and where it ends its voyage

2. I will take you through the metaphysical, anatomical and spiritual significance of the allegoric story. In doing this, I reveal the highest meaning of the allegories, which go even beyond the mystical, esoteric Pardes level of Hebrew exegesis (Sod, "secret"), which in former times was reserved for high initiates of the mystery schools. Today, even most high initiates no longer understand the meaning of the story, so I will actually surpass the Sod level and move above Hebrew exegesis, by expanding this blog entry to Khemet cosmogeny, which is its true origin. It is now the age to spread this information and I consider myself to be a harbinger of this knowledge, bestowed with the gift of mystical understanding of the zodiac through my very own birth chart (I am a Scorpio with Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in MC).  

3. To follow the theme of my blog, I will then establish a connection to modern times and 21 century symbolism, by showing you - as crazy as this may sound - how an aspect of the mystical meaning of the Noah story closely matches the symbolic message of the current Burger King logo. Nothing is hidden. Symbols conceal and symbols reveal. Some logo designers apparently know more than some dare to assume.


HERE A SHORT STATEMENT TO CHASE AWAY READERS WHO ARE STILL CAUGHT IN THEIR LOWER MIND (ORTHODOX BELIEVERS, SCIENTIFIC FOOLS, ETC): The key to understanding this world is knowledge of the master science of astrology. Astrology is the mother of all sciences and it is an African invention. All culture and science was taken from Africa.
(That should do the trick.)

Some heavy duty Hollywood spiritual confusion

I will NOT watch the current movie NOAH (see here) and will also not waste your or my time analyzing it. The plot is simply ridiculous. Nothing created by Hollywood comes without a hidden social engineering agenda, and this particular movie is designed to further confuse an already spiritually confused audience. I personally take great care not to implant such images into my brain recorder. The images can block higher spiritual understanding, a fact well known by Hollywood magi (top producers).

1. The voyage of Noah in (through) the ark
There is a flood myth in almost every corner of the world. See here or here for plenty of examples, some well known, others more exotic or better known in other parts of the world (e.g. Manu in Hinduism, or Nu´u in Hawaii, pay attention to all the "nu"´s). A well known early version is the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, which seems to have been composed around 2500 BCE. It contains a flood story that is almost exactly the same as the story of Noah in the Pentateuch ("five tools"), with a few variations. It is widely recognized that this story describes one circular movement through the 12 zodiac signs and Gilgamesh, just like Samson or Herkules, is therefore considered to be a classic solar hero. This means that Gilgamesh is not a historic person, but merely an allegory for the sun passing through the year, dividing it into four seasons, each divided by three parts, giving us 12 signs. Each of the 12 signs may be divided again into three parts, giving us the 36 decans shown below.

We will see that, in the same way Noah is not a historic person, and the flood not a historic event.

For those who ignorantly claim that astrology is not based on natural science, the above image shows the sine wave performed by the sun on the earth surface during one year (and also on daily basis) and how this creates the four seasons, the equinoxes and solstices, the 12 zodiac signs and 36 decans. Note how Aries opens the year and Pisces closes it. Cancer`s position in this natural zodiac is just after the summer solstice (Tropic of Cancer, north).

The story of Noah is part of the Hebrew Genesis, and it is thus a creation story - not one of destruction! References to Noah are also found in Chronicles, Isaiah, Ezekiel, the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, the book of Hebrews and the Epistles of Peter. In addition, interestingly, it is also mentioned in Sura 71 ("Surat Nuh") of the Koran and Islam recognizes Noah an important prophet before Mohammed, who is also called the "last seal of the prophets". We shall shortly see, why this is scientifically correct. 

In order to follow the voyage of (in) the Ark, we look at the 36 decans of the divine zodiac ("animal circle") wheel:

I have deliberately selected a zodiac with Cancer depicted at the bottom to better emphasize the exact route of the voyage of the Ark. The Ark (of Noah) is depicted in the heavens as constellation "Argo Navis", which is the last decan of Cancer (see above and study carefully)

Lets take a look at the etymology of the word "Ark". We must note, that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew (a mystery language taken from Egypt) and first translated into Greek (Septuagint) to fit the plot of the planned New Testament, then into Latin (another mystery language taken from Egypt adapted by the Romans), then into German and then into English (a Germanic language). Thus we have to be careful to interpret anything else but the original Hebrew (or Aramaic) words. I will focus on the Greek below but emphasize that a deeper meaning can be found in the Hebrew words (Hebrew is a flame letter alphabet, the single letters are created by light, thus every single letter has a meaning by itself, there is also a numeric code involved). 

Ark 1st meaning: Greek arche = "beginning", Greek arkein = "protect in an enclosure". 

Ark 2nd meaning: Latin arca = "large box, chest" - similar idea as the Greek words above. Bottom line is that an Ark is obviously something in which something else can be stored to protect it (e.g. pairs of animals, or stone tablets). So far, so good.

Arch 3rd meaning: English arch (same word as ark phonetically) is also a structure that spans a space and supports a structure such as a doorway. In the German version of the OT Noah`s ship is actually called "Arche". This German word is one of the many, many words invented by Martin Luther when he translated the Septuagint into German. Note that the Royal Arch of Heaven is an important (astro-) symbol in masonry:

Note how the cornerstone of the Royal Arch is Cancer!
We are about to learn, why!

Cancer has the following attributes: WATER element (represents emotions, which are electrical signals e-motions, that move the animal body), Cancer is ruled by the MOON (the Moon rules all Waters in nature, the human body is 7/8 water, again, this is natural science), CARDINAL (impulsive beginning, in this case of the summer season, remember how Greek arche means "beginning"), Cancer as 4th house stands for home, rest, family, mother, safety, belonging, nurturing. The motto of the 4th house is "I feel", a reference to the Moon ruling the watery e-motions.

The Argo Navis ("Ark") is located just below Cancer and it is one of Cancer`s decans
in classical astrology

As we have seen above, the constellation Argo (Argo Navis) is the last decan of Cancer. So right here, in the rising (cardinal, or beginning) waters starts the voyage of (in) the Ark/ Arche. If you check out the location of the constellation on the sky map above, you will see that it lies entirely in the southern hemisphere, just east of Canis Major, south of Hydra, largely within the "river" of the Milky Way. Argo Navis is the only one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy that is no longer officially recognized as a constellation. This may be due to its enormous size. At the time when Hebrew Genesis was written, the constellation was well recognized and had long been painted into the starry sky.

We must now take a look at the etymology of the word "Noah": Hebrew no-ah means "rest, peace", or shalom/ salem. This closely resonates with the meaning of the sign Cancer - at home, we rest. Dr. Alim Bey revealed to us that this goes back to Khemet Nu Ankh, which ties in to all myths containing the radical "nu", such as in the the Koran ("Sun cycle") the Surat Nuh. Nu Ankh means "light out of darkness" and we shall learn what light and what darkness this is when we get to the interpretation part.

So, according to Genesis, a state of peace (No-ah) receives a command to build an enclosure to protect something/ a structure that spans a space ("ark"/ Arche/ Arch). Noah also receives the command to gather pairs of unclean animal pairs and clean animals in groups of 7. Near Cancer we find the following pairs of starry animals:

2 Bears: Ursa Minor & Ursa Major
2 Dogs: Canis Minor & Canis Major
2 Lions: Leo Minor & Leo
2 Donkeys: two stars within the Cancer constellation itself, which are Asellus Australis and Asellus Borealis -- these are also the two donkeys on which Jesus (the sun hero) rides into Jerusalem (Heru Salem, Horus Shalom, "heavenly peace" = Cancer)
2 humans: the twins Pollux and Castor in Gemini

These are the unclean animals that No-ah takes into the Arche/ Ark / Arch. They are stars, and it should start to dawn on the reader that the entire text is astrological allegory.

Noah is to build the ark (=zodiac, animal circle, soul refuge) and also to "provide all food that is needed for the animals". This is a variation of the Eucharist ritual (=soul food provided by the stars) and also relates to the Cancerian theme of nurturing and providing shelter. All these are symbols of life itself, just as the Ankh symbol (Nu-Ankh = Noah, light out of darkness = peace).

The Ark now begins its voyage and Noah sends out a Raven to seek for land. This raven is Corvus, the 3rd decan of Leo (see image above), so the Ark has now moved from the end of Cancer towards the end of the sign of Leo. The raven finds no dry land, obviously not, because after Leo comes Virgo, which as element signifies mutable (disappearing) Earth.

The astro-poetry of the bible is in some respect unsurpassed in its beauty. What the church made from this book is ridiculous beyond words, and all practicing priests of Islam, Judaism, but especially Christianity should be ashamed and admit their utter failure to interpret anything at all.

Later in the story Noah builds an altar, this is Ara (The Altar), middle decan of Scorpio, which is fixed water = highest point of the "flood". After Scorpio, the flood recedes.... and here on fixed water, an offering is made on the stellar altar, lets keep this in mind.

Yet later in the story, Noah sends out a dove, this is Columba (the Dove), this is located between Taurus and Gemini, actually right next to Argo Navis (see image above circled in red) and on this old sky map it has the olive twig in its beak, just like in the bible story. Taurus is fixed Earth, so in this part of the zodiac the flood has receded and Earth is safe to step on again, the "flood" is over. Most bible allegories can be unlocked through knowledge of the decanates, planetary rulership and the signs.

The Ark finally lands on Mount Ararat, which literally means "Earth". This mount refers to Capricorn, cardinal Earth, which lies opposite to Cancer in the zodiac wheel (see image above). All four cardinal ("beginning") signs can be poetically designated as "mounts", depending on how you turn the divine wheel of the zodiac. Here below a picture of how this is to be understood in major world mythologies (Hebrew, Greek, Khemet, Christian, Gnostic):

From my personal notes, I have here summarized the four types of poetic "mountains" that can be found, among others, in in Judeo-Christian astro-mythical scriptures. In the case of the Noah allegory, the ark/ arche/ arch begins its voyage at the 12.00 noon/ north (= Mount of heavenly peace, Jerusalem/ Mount Zyon/ Mt. Olympus/ Mt. Hetep) and comes to rest on Mt Ararat/ Mt. of the Earth at 0:00 midnight/ south, as the waters recede after Scorpio (fixed water).

Therefore the above argumentation proves beyond doubt that the Argo/ Arche/ Ark makes a voyage from Cancer to Capricorn, which is 7 steps and crosses 7 signs of the zodiac that are ruled by 7 orbs ("planets", even though Moon and Sun are no planets strictly speaking), as follows:

Moon - Cancer
Sun - Leo
Mercury - Virgo
Venus - Libra
Mars - Scorpio
Jupiter - Sagittarius
Saturn - Capricorn

These seven orbs represent the seven active principles of nature. Nature builds in steps of 7. It thinks in 12 and builds in 7 (3 x 4= 12, 3 + 4= 7), 4 elements in 3 operating modes. Each of the 7 orbs absorbs a certain aspect of solar rays and then radiates it out again in the respective time of the solar year. Astrology is natural science. The Bible is natural science.

After the flood, Noah plants a vine yard and gets drunk and lies naked in his tent. This should make us even more curious about the deeper meaning of all of the astro-lore, so lets get to the hidden goodies and demonstrate to all the Rabbies/ Imams and Priests how true spirituality works and what nonsense they have been preaching.

2. The spiritual significance revealed

The Noah story tells us about the voyage of a sun spark, a fractal of divine unity through an incarnation cycle from "heavenly peace" in Cancer to Cardinal Earth, the individual, rigid "prison" of a physical body, in Capricorn. The flood stands for the rising waters of physical matter (mother is represented by Cancer, mother --> matter), as the human body is 7/8 made of water. The divine sol spark must prepare to preserve itself in an enclosure/ chest ("ark"), which saves it from the waters, but within the human body. Therefore, the ark should be understood as the human body itself. In this body, animal polarity/ duality is being carried through a system of evolution, the animals must be fed. Therefore, the ark should also be understood as the Masonic Arche, which is the zodiac (zoo - diac = "animal circle") itself! The Nu-ah story tells us that man is a mini replica of divinity, a tool for self- experience. This is also why the bible talks about the "god" (a confusing term based on Hebrew Gad = Aries) being within. We carry divinity/ creation source within us. We must travel the zodiac during the incarnation cycle.

Zodiac and human body correspond to each other 1:1

End of Cancer to end of Sagittarius = 150 days

The flooding is mentioned as 150 days - you will see on the wheel ("will" of Gad/ God) that this amounts to 5 months, or better, 5 zodiac signs, which is precisely from Argo in Cancer to Sagitta in Sagittarius (see above), so just before the Winter Solstice, Mt. Ararat (Cardinal Earth of Capricorn) is reached. Capricorn is the place in the zodiac where the divine sun spark receives a "clothing" of Cardinal Earth and start to physically walk on planet Earth (side note: Adam and Eve also receive their clothing here, which is a good thing, because it might be a little cold without clothes in winter). In mystical lore, planet Earth is the "refuge of the gods", the place where the Earth seed blossoms, which was infolded in Taurus (toroidal field on planetary plane) and planted in Virgo (Virgo Mary, Beth Lechem/ Bethany/ Beth Anu, the House of Bread. Mary = matter, Earth). Divinity is preserved in the ark (seed). I have explained all four elemental cycles in a previous blog post (see here). The ark thus contains the seed of life itself. Lets now take a peak at how this correlates with Khemet Cosmology:

From left to right: Mandelbrot fractal (March 1980), Khonsu (2400 BCE), and Kepher in a sun barque upheld by Nu - ...we meet the strange "Nu" again...the circle is starting to close in Khemet cosmology!

Cancer was depicted as Khonsu (moon deity) but also prominently as the Scarab/ Kephri/ Kepher. The Scarab (Kepher-Ra) was not specifically worshiped in a certain center but nevertheless a highly significant Khemet scientific concept (Neter). The German word, by the way, for beetle is Käfer - clearly evolved from Egyptian Kepher - this just as side note for all the left brainers out there who negate a connection between Egyptian and Germanic languages. In nature, the Scarab beetle sacrifices itself for its offspring, this is the idea of the Eucharist, the central theme of Cancer in astrology, the feeding of the offspring, the nurturing, the creation of a home. Kheper/ Khonsu is the Moon ruling emotions, which are "static math equations" of the human water psyche. Each human being has a unique psyche based on chaos fractals defined at birth (birth chart) and the beetle resembles the Mandelbrot chaos fractal, that each individual (= indivisible dual, the dual of higher self/ divine sol and lower self/ animal body) receives. Therefore, Noah takes 2 unclean animals of each kind, this is the duality concept.

A scarab also resembles the top of a human skull (see above). The animal also shows very strong intuition while laying its eggs, and it acts in self sacrifice by serving as food for its offspring ("provide food for animals"). It rolls its dung ball ("unclean" animal) like the sun disk Aton. Aton later became the "Lord" in Karest Ani/ Heb Heru mythology and was finally totally confused by Vatican priest.

The entire Ark symbolism was taken from the Khemau concepts of the Bark of Ra (boat of the sun)/ Bark of Khonsu (boat of the moon, Barca de Luna = Barcelona, the theme of my blog).

The next part of the whole idea is that of anatomy of the human body (as without, so within). The chain of Judeo-Christian-Islamic prophets ("seals") constitute the 7 chakras of the human body. Lets open the 7 seals of Revelation together:

1. Mohammed (Mu - Ham - Ma´at, "one pulled from the water to Truth"), above head = ETHER, Telios, crown, unity
2. Jesus (Iesous, Ies- Zeus), Pineal/ pituitary, sperm fluid = light, spiritual sight, knowledge
3. Moses (Mes, "pulled from the waters"), Throat/ thyroid = sound, speech, hearing, Cymatics
4. David (Hebrew "beloved"), Heart/ thymus  = FIRE, intuition, love, spirituality, Photon, light
5. Abraham (not-Brahm, 1st emanation from Ur, fire, "heart of the black sun"), Solar Plexus/ adrenal = AIR, mentalism, Particle, gas
6. Noah (Nu-Ankh, "light from darkness", Hebrew "rest, peace"), Naval/ spleen =WATER, emotions, Atom, liquid
7. Adam (Hebrew "red Earth"), Genitals/ testicles and ovaries = EARTH, senses, Molecule, solid

The naval Chakra, representing WATER, invites naval poetry - such as voyages on boats. It also invites the allegory of a flood that needs to be escaped. We must make sure not be immersed in our emotions. We must transcend emotions through mentality, AIR. This is what the holy bible (helios biblios, sun papyrus, sun paper) is trying to tell us and what is re-confirmed by the Koran ("sun cycle").

The boat of Ra/ Khonsu ("traveller") carries the animal life force through the zodiac, The zodiac is the study of the lower nature of human beings, the "ark". A birth chart shows you a graphical version of your psyche, also confusingly called "subconscious mind" by Caucasian scholars. No psychological therapy is needed for anyone. People can cure themselves easily by studying their birth charts.

7 colors of the rainbow match the 7 colors of the chakras

The Noahic covenant finally, is the one-sided agreement that God (= Gad, Hebrew Aries, 1st sign of the natural zodiac) made with Noah after he left the ark, sealed with a Rainbow (= Ra/ light energy made visible in a bow), that "He" would never again destroy the earth (Chakra) with a flood (Genesis 8:1 - 9:17). The colors of the rainbow of course match precisely the Chakra colors. It is all one African science that was scattered when Khemet/ Ethiopia/ Nubia were invaded by Europeans, which started with the Greeks in the first millenia BCE.

The Noahic Covenant is unique in its application to all humanity, while the other bible covenants are principally agreements made between God (Gad, the zodiac beginning, a fiery mind impulse in Aries) and the biblical Israelites (IS- RA- EL, Isis- Ra- El = father - mother - deity = androgynous creator), the "Israelites" are a concept that refers to human beings who have transcended their physcial nature and reached their higher, androgynous minds (also called "Iesous"). "Egyptians" is used as allegory for people who are in their lower self - ironically, because this entire science is Egyptian, so somebody tried to turn the table in these writings and take the divine light away from Egypt, in order to shine it on themselves.

So the "flood" destroys the lower EARTH (Root) chakra ("Adam", red clay), emotions (Noah) conquer pure animal sex desire, but the flood must be conquered through will power by Abraham. Abraham must be conquered by David, the heart chakra, through breathing techniques.

Emotions must defeat animal instincts!
Will power must defeat emotions! 
Love must defeat will power! 

The Ra-in-bow covenant promises Noah the way upwards to the Solar Plexus and Heart chakra, Abraham being the first emanation of fire, David being the heart, which is ruled by sun (Fire) in astrology. The result of water in air in front of fire (rain in air in front of sun) is a rainbow. This is poetry mixing three of four astrological elements. The rainbow is also an Ark, another allusion to the zodiac, with its 7 planets. The rainbow is also considered a "bridge" to the afterlife, which gives you the theme of "over the rainbow".

Finally, to round this up (even though I could go much further, because Khemau cosmogeny goes much deeper than Christian astro-poetry), lets lift the mystery of the "Nu" etymon - Nu (or male: Nun) is one of the 8 states of being described in the Ogdoad, that can be encountered in deep trance. It is the "abyss", the primordial waters, from which all life emerges - see here how this fits like a glove to everything explained above.

Also note how the English word "Noon" is the same word as "Nun" and as we have just proven, Nun (Cancer, the Abyss, primordial waters) are located at 12:00 noon/ Nun in the zodiac clock! I take this opportunity again to remind all left brainers out there to start acknowledging that many English etymons are taken directly from Egypt. English is Ankhlish language. Germanic languages/ Jiddish/ Hebrew are clearly connected.

3. Burger King logo

Now, for the grand finale, so to say, lets take a look at the current logo of Burger King. I argue that this is based on astrological symbolism (just like McDonald`s, as I have shown in my very first blog entry, here) and it ties in perfectly with the water cycle, which looks as follows:

at 16:00 p.m. fixed water (Scorpio), where emotions are infolding, which is the state of mind of two adult beings during the sexual act, at 21:00 p.m. mutual water (Pisces), where the physical body dies and emotions are infolded into a seed,  and finally at 12:00 noon cardinal water (Cancer), where the unfolding of the emotional seed takes place on the spiritual realm, which is the place of heavenly peace, where the sol is released from all physical ties and a newly educated sol spark becomes self aware and omniscient. 

Given all that we have evidently syncretized in this blog entry, may you please direct your attention to this modern logo:

Just like in the Water cycle above, you have Scorpio (fixed water) beginning at 16:00 p.m. So the blue beam (Water!) in this logo reduces from Scorpio clockwise to 12:00 noon (Cancer). Note how the two burger buns in yellow are hinting at the sun. The (R) symbol, which means "trademark registration" is placed exactly before Scorpio. We humans are in fact being registered through our birth certificates at birth, before we enter the world controlled by Maritime/ Sea Law of the Roman Church/ Vatican. We have bonds placed against our lives which are traded, so this is a play on trading the "mark"...of the beast, which is the belly button :-)

Noah builds his Altar (Ara constellation) in Scorpio at 16:00 p.m. and brings offerings, so the water reduces from here until it is almost gone (normal level) in Cancer. The logo shows the water cycle without any doubt. It maybe perceived as going too far on this, but "Burger" is very similar to the German word "Bürger" and this means "citizen", someone who would be registered.

As a cherry on top, why did Noah strip naked and get drunk in his tent? The mystery can be solved by looking at the stars: Noah first takes off his "cover" (Tegmen, a star in Cancer), then he goes into his "tent" (Alchiba, a star in Corvus, near Leo) and then he moves to the wine-harvester, which is Vindemiatrix in Virgo. To "get drunk", has a double meaning:
1. the consciousness of the soul when it incarnates becomes blurred (negative drunkenness)
2. spiritual understanding, higher learning can be intoxicating and lead to spiritual ecstasy (positive drunkenness)

I hope this blog entry brings a lot of joy to those seeking truth and rediscovering true spirituality. At the time all these beautiful ideas were captured in symbols, there was no difference between religion and science. And there should be none!

Be well and spread the truth to your children. 

Astrology is the tool to mental freedom.

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  1. I wasn't going to watch that Noah movie either, but someone convinced me to see it (a spiritual messenger I trust). And would you believe it, they actually told you not to eat the meat in this movie. Have to look beyond the obvious bullshit was the lesson I learned. Some of these Hollywood people are trying to reveal some hidden truth, too bad most people see it as entertainment. X-men Days Of Future Past is an excellent example....esp that hidden Egypt scene after the end credits.

    1. I fully agree with you that many Hollywood movies indeed reveal a lot. I myself am not able any longer to put my self into artificial trance to watch a movie like other people do. I watch it like you say, I notice all product placement, I notice symbols, etc. Watching movies is like reading scripture: there are 4 levels of exegesis. You can watch a good movie on different levels. Thanks for the comment !!