Canopic jars - the four oars of heaven

(updated on March 6th, 2014)

It is strange to watch how „educated“ professors of Egyptology seem to be unable or unwilling to transcend the simplest riddles of Egyptian myth and symbols. When I first saw the canopic jars a year ago, I immediately, in an instant, knew what they represent. There can be no doubt. Mainstream Egyptological, published texts on the topic of “Canopic Jars” are not worth the paper they are written on. I am what would be called a “lay person” and have solved the symbolism while drinking a coffee, it took me one second to understand, one hour of fairly shallow research to confirm and another two hours to write and upload this article. The key is – again and again and again and again……astrology, the mother of all science.

The zodiac in the most natural, logical order, beginning with Aries on the left side (East)
This arrangement is the key to understanding the canopic jars.

Astrology is the mother and all scientific (“broken up”) disciplines (castigations) are her children. What I provide below is proof beyond any possible doubt, what the canopic jars represent. There may be small mistakes in this “quick and dirty” syncretism, but the overall theme is correct.

And as such jars were used as far back as the Old Kingdom (approx. 3rd millennium BCE), a nice little side effect is that this also proves that astrology is an Egyptian science and came to us from black Africa, it is thus a western science and it forms the basis of all western traditions. Needless to say for people who have done the research, the precipitation marks on the Sphinx prove that astrology is much older, because the Sphinx (Greek misnomer “the strangler”) is a hybrid between Virgo and Leo and was erected precisely in this part of the Great year, the shift from the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo, which occurred somewhere around 10,500 BCE (geology and astrology agree on this time frame, only the Egyptologists are hoping that this is only a bad dream).

The horizontal line represents the galactic plane - thus, in the age of Aquarius, 
the cosmic principle called "Christ" returns. It has in fact just happened and the billions of 
Christian sheeps have not even noticed.

Further logic concerning the phenomenon of slippage (also “precession”) proves that the Zodiac must have been developed at least 27.000 years ago, because the last time the signs and their stellar backdrop were in line was around 300 BCE, simply add one Great Year and you find yourself in the Age of the Ram 27.000 years ago. I wonder what it is that prevents our decorated professors from using their brain? To be precise, the right brain, which is syncretic and limitless. Let us activate it a little…..

The four sons of Horus

The Canopic jars/ 4 children of Horus, according to Spell 148 of the Book of the Dead are “cardinal compass points”, they are “wearers of sidelocks” (referring to children, young ones, utterance 263 of Pyramid texts), East and North are “hands” and West and South are “feet” (so 4 limbs, utterance 215). They are the 4 pillars of Shu, the 4 rudders of heaven, the 4 elements, the 4 un-thought thoughts of the universe, the Jewish Tetragrammaton, Yod He Wa He, the 4 amino acids, the 4 New Testament gospels, the 4 horses of the Apocalypse, the 4 children of Horus (Heru)….and as we will see, in the case of the canopic jars, they are the 4 cardinal signs of astrology, “young ones”, “limbs”, “oars”, arms of the Swastika….

Osiris followed by the 4 sons of Horus

I will now suggest an arrangement of the four sons (suns) of Horus (light) on the Zodiac - it must be emphasized that over time, the exoteric worship of deities shifted and at least six different arrangements can be seen on different temple walls and artifacts and these are from different Millenia. Therefore, I am not claiming ultimate correctness of this suggested arrangement, I do however claim that my arrangement is a very good starting point. It is based on the zodiac displayed at the beginning of this article, starting on the left hand side.

QebehsenefWest, falcon headed (formerly jackal), jar for the intestines. This is Horus the elder, protected by Serket (Scorpio goddess). He represents cardinal sign Libra, after autumn equinox, or 6 p.m. The intestines correspond to previous sign Virgo. This is the ritualistic preservation of the Earth element.

ImsetiSouth, human headed, jar for the liver. This is the “bringer of the staff of Osiris”, protected by Isis (new moon at winter solstice, also the waxing moon). He represents cardinal sign Capricorn, after the winter solstice, or midnight. The liver is a classic metaphor for spiritual cleansing and relates to previous sign Sagittarius. This is the ritualistic preservation of the Fire element.

DuamtefEast, jackal headed (formerly falcon), jar for the stomach. This is Anubis, the guide to the underworld (Libra to Pisces), protected by Neith (morning mother, goddess of war and hunting, the great fish womb in previous sign Pisces). He represents cardinal sign Aries, after vernal equinox, or 6 a.m., sunrise. The stomach represents the underworld, which has just been passed. This is the ritualistic preservation of the Water element..

Hapi, North, baboon headed, jar for the lungs. This is Tehuti, moon god, protected by Nephthys (the full moon at summer solstice, also the waning moon), the “oarsman” who rows the moon “bark”. He represents cardinal sign Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, after the summer solstice, or midday, 12 noon. The lungs are ruled by previous sign Gemini.  and put to rest here. This is the ritualistic preservation of the Air element..

Now, the 1 billion dollar question: what is the point of putting vital organs of a deceased man into jars that represent the four cardinal points of the compass/ zodiac? Obviously this is a ritualistic, symbolical act, and it is where the story gets very, very interesting, because the commonly accepted scholarly notion that ancient Egyptians tried to preserve the body so that the soul may enter it again, is plain nonsense. The organs were also not preserved to be "used in the afterlife", this is also plain nonsense. Egyptians were not primarily interested in physical matter and clearly not so naive as to believe that dead, physical matter could be revived again or that vital organs could spend life energy in the afterlife. Such naivity in thinking is reserved for the 5-senses scholars of our present age.

The answer to this formidable riddle comes as a major revelation and I will leave it open for those who seek to know, to find the answer for themselves. You can find the answer in the works of Gerald Massey, the greatest (and of course not officially “accepted”) Egyptologist of all time. It is also explained in the work of Alvin Boyd Kuhn and partially in the audio files of Manly Palmer Hall, the last greatest Hermetist of recent time, who died in 1990. Here is a hint: the Egyptians regarded the human body as a tomb and what we consider as “birth”, they considered to be a “baptism of death”. 

I salute all seekers of truth, no matter their color or creed. We are getting ready to meet the past! The Neteru are coming back…..big time! The return of the ancient ones is here.

Time to stop looking at the displays in the Museums and ask ourselves, what they are hiding in the basement. Time to remove the Assuan damn, which was built to conceal hundreds of pre-dynastic pyramids. Time to acknowledge heritage of the Mound Builders, the Dugdamoundyah Moors, the Olmecs. The Amexem, the true originals, the Ethiopian world empire concealed by Masonry. Time to understand, that western history is a fake. 

Hotep, peace, Islam, shalom!

Research notes:
It may be that North and South have to be arranged in opposite manner, Egyptians may have used the world map “upside down”, also “upper Egypt” is in the South and “Lower Egypt” is in the North. What is today South Africa may have been the “top of the world” before Caucasians have re-arranged the 6,000 years of fake, bible-based history (see older blog entry here)

Further investigation into the hieroglyphs representing the vital organs may also bring more clarity as to the correct placement of the four sons on the compass points. I am just beginning to study these and will not attempt to interpret at this stage. 

The 4 sons of Horus have also been connected in some Pyramid texts with the four square stars in the constellation of the Great Bear, which is the "great plough" in heaven, as this constellation is so close to celestial North pole that it is visible throughout the entire solar year. This is the basis of the Swastika symbol (see picture above). A great example, how a beautiful symbol has been made "bad". 

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