The 7 Liberal Arts - Trivium and Quadrivium

In my free book (which I am currently also translating into English) I describe the history of the western educational system, which has been intentionally degraded over the centuries and has today reached almost rock bottom in terms of enabling children to use their own brains. You can easily pull school tests from the 1800´s from the net and you will find that for instance the math that is being taught in “high level performance classes” to “gifted” 18-year olds in western (e.g. German) schools today hardly matches what used to be taught to the average 12-year old elementary school kid in 1880! Both teachers and students have been degraded to an almost unthinkable intellectual level, from the point of view of just 150 years ago.

Especially over the past 60 years citizens of western industrialized countries have been literally assaulted through an education-driven, psychological warfare program. Along with the increasing concentration of mass media, the increasing influence of behavioural science on educational practices (research Pavlov experiments, Dewey/Wundt system), the indoctrination of leading research institutions combined with the ever more sophisticated government censorship, deliberate disinformation and scientifically developed propaganda (research Tavistock Institute), our public educational systems have incrementally adopted more and more elements of scientific mind control techniques, hypnosis and behavioural science.

Wundt system carried to the USA by Dewey

According to John Gatto (read John Taylor Gatto: ’Dumbing Us Down. The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling’) today’s school system achieves the following (some thoughts added by myself): 
  • Confusing children through presentation of incoherent information (unconnected topics are taught in different class rooms by different teachers without any apparent logical order)
  • Training of mindless memorization: information is learned to pass tests and obtain grades, information is learned to forget
  • Accepting (low) class affiliation
  • Indifference towards contents, a lack of benefit in scrutinizing information conditions children to not question such information
  • Emotional dependence of children on persons of authority through the grading system
  • Self-confidence depends on endorsement by ‘experts’
  • Customizing children to surveillance and government obedience

In a soft way the combination of these effects enable the effectiveness of PR, advertisement and propaganda, in the most dangerous way an increased predisposition to the influence of a demagogue or a potential dictator. Our ‘modern’ school system debilitates the power of intellectual supply and demand, and this is true not only for goods and services, but also for ideas and creativity. 
one of the most important books written in the 20th century
by the nephew of Sigmund Freud

Through scientific propaganda techniques, politicians today are able to evade criticism of the populace by engineering public opinion (e.g. through manipulated polls). It is possible to create societal demand for useless products, such as grossly overpriced branded sneakers, that provide no additional benefit over regular sneakers. Industry and politics can solicit the population with overpriced merchandise and shallow ideas and psycho-scientifically create consumer demand. The trailblazer for such a society is the Prussian educational system – a rather unknown German export success.

this flag salute was later slightly altered

So if today´s educational system is literally a dis-ease to society, infecting the minds of the young ones, then what is the remedy? Here is the good news: we don’t need to re-invent the wheel! All we need to do is go back in time and look at what used to be taught. We then need to internalize this ourselves as parents and then teach it to our children ourselves. As an automatic effect, the children will gradually transform the school system with their inquisitiveness. So lets look at the goodies: 

The 7 liberal arts

By far the most important thing under the sun is the ability to think for ourselves. You already know how to do this, you say? Careful what you think.... our generation (myself included) have been systematically trained, how not to think by ourselves. We have not learned how to think so we first need to learn again how this is properly done. The most recent system to do this in a proper way was called “the 7 liberal arts” and it was taught in schools from the middle ages until it disappeared about 100-200 years ago. Today it has almost completely vanished, only a useless torso remains, which no longer enlightens our children, but rather dumbs them down for life.

The 7 liberal arts consist of the Trivium and the Quadrivium, they are based on ideas of Plato and Aristoteles and the main intent is to enable people to separate for themselves between fact and fiction. It teaches how to think, rather than what to think.

The Trivium consist of:

  1. Grammar (= knowledge): how to systematically gather raw data and arrange it in a way that allows a solid basis of knowledge.
  2. Logic (= understanding): The method of how to systematically eliminate all conflicts from the available knowledge basis, in order to purify the knowledge and to reach a conclusive understanding of contexts and interdependencies
  3. Rhetoric (=wisdom): how to communicate the knowledge and understanding to others in a productive way, which means that others are able to use such information in their daily lives (this is what I am trying to do in my blog here, even though I am only an apprentice in this field, so excuse my mediocre rhetorics, also, English is not my native language)

The Quadrivium consist of:

  1. Arithmetic (= numbers): numbers are an abstract reflection of the physical, outside of time and space. Arithmetic teaches the nature of being itself.
  2. Geometry (= numbers in space): geometrical shapes convey a deeper meaning, this is the basis of symbology, the key to architecture and also to understanding our modern world.
  3. Music (= numbers in time): music teaches the brain natural harmony, the “involution” of the universe, i.e. how it has been shaped into form.
  4. Astronomy (= numbers in time and space): yes, people, this is the highest form of learning and must be the basis of all science. Time and space meet the abstract world of numbers, the movement of planets in our solar system will teach you the harmony and “music” of creation itself. And make no mistake here… Astrology is part of this teaching! Astrology teaches the animal (lower) nature of man (kind). It is a perfect science, based on photonic influence of sunlight, reflected by the spheres. Sunlight is pure intelligence.
The 3-D version of the Star of David (misnomer)

So if you start applying this kind of thinking, you might - sooner or later - stumble across the following controversial opinions (which I personally consider as facts):

-  The Titanic didn’t sink (which ship sunk? Who owned the shipping company? Who died on board?)
-  Columbus didn’t discover America (who did? Who was Cristobal Colon?)
-  George Washington wasn’t the first U.S. president and Obama certainly not the first black one (who was? Where was Obama born?)
- All western nations are broke since almost 100 years and have been substituted by corporations (then what is this thing they call “financial crisis” today?)
- Paper money is created by private families (who owns the Fed, the ECB, IMF and the BIS in Switzerland?)
- The planets don’t move “around” the sun (what is the movement of the sun?)
- The Apollo mission didn’t reach the moon (who directed Odysee 2001, when and in which studios, which technology was invented? Why does the boy in the movie "The shining" wear an Apollo sweater?)
- All religions have one common source (how was "Egypt" called before it was invaded? Who were the Ptolemy family? Who wrote the New Testament?)
- Carbon can`t be a problem for the earth atmosphere (what do you exhale? What do plants use in photosynthesis? What does nature do, when something is out of balance?)

Looks like a DNA model, doesnt it...?

These are just some (intentionally) provocative examples, they are fairly easy to investigate using the Trivium techniques. And remember – your truth may be different than mine, that is perfectly natural. Truth is subjective, not objective. I hope my rhetoric was good enough to make this blog entry of value to you! 

Have fun rediscovering the 7 liberal arts! This planet belongs to you and it is up to you to teach your children, not to some government, priests or "experts"!

“Govern” (to rule over, to control)
“ment” (mind)
 Government = mind control

Let´s take back the schools over the next 20 years. If our children ask the right questions, teachers will be forced to re-think. If the teachers think again, they will question the curriculum.

Change must come from the youth, empowered and guided by the adults.


Symbology of Thyssen-Krupp

A few months ago I was amazed by the discovery of a very popular set of symbols, which is literally hidden in plain sight. To my knowledge, this set of symbols has not been explained anywhere else, at least I could not find any article on it. Once made aware of these symbols, they literally jump into one´s eyes. What I share with you in this blog entry is evident - for those with eyes to see!

If you travel a lot, you may have noticed that Thyssen elevators can be found all over the world: in New York skyscrapers, in African hotels, in Chinese shopping malls, and Australian office buildings alike. The next time you enter an elevator in a department store, office building or airport, check the brand - there is a high likelihood that you find yourself in a Thyssen elevator. And if you do, you will find the above logo inside the cabin.

This logo is a combination of an Arch, which used to be the logo of Rheinstahl, a steel company taken over by Thyssen in 1973. The three intertwined rings came from Krupp´s 1875 logo and Krupp-Hoesch was fused with Thyssen in 1999. The lame, exoteric explanation of the three rings is that they were supposed to represent the company`s three main product lines, which is pretty far fetched. Today it does not even hold much logic, because there are no “three product lines”.

The Rheinstahl Arch (see picture above) in combination with the “Thyssen” letters resembles a Masonic square and compass, which is no coincident. This kind of image is not created "accidentally". Many of the famous designers of "modern" symbols apparently know occult symbols very well.

The three intertwined rings are from the Rosicrucian doctrine, representing the three higher planes of consciousness of the hu-man (the “hu”- radical means “soul”, the word “man” relates to “mind”. Today`s mankind (= a kind of man) is the soul-mind, or “human”). The symbol was later adapted by Christianity (khemet. karest ani = god force within the body (khat), this is where the word “cath-holic” comes from, the “sunny body”), which is nothing new under the sun, because Christendom (or better “dum”) does not offer one single symbol, story, character, location or idea in its doctrine, which it has brought forth on its own. Karest Ani is 100% khemetic, stolen by the victor (= Rome, Greece, white caucasians) from the defeated (= Khemet, blacks).

So now we have the royal arch of “freemasonry” (a misnomer based on “phree messen”, another concept from Khemet, “children of light”, “reborn children”) in combination with the three higher planes of consciousness of the Rosicrucians (which is also Khemetic teaching, same wine in a different bottle). The rosy cross “mystery” (my story) stands for the female suffering & bleeding of the (male) sun, the Gnostic female Sophia, which was part of khemetic funeral rites. The 90 degree initiation system of the Rosicrucians is the closest to the Egyptian mystery school, masonry is similar, but somewhat condensed. So there we have the “Brothers of the boiled dew”, les Frères de la Rosee Croix/ Cuite F.R.C. linked to the children of the sun in one image.

The word “elevator” contains the radical “El”, which is the head deity of the 7 Elohim, otherwise known as planet Saturn, in Jewish writings (originally Ptah). This radical has been introduced into a lot of words that stand for “uplifting” things, such as EL-ite or EL-ection or EL-evator. The reason is that the priest class who designed the Germanic language called “English” (Ankhlish) intended Saturnian principles to resonate as something “good” and uplifting. Therefore you have the EL-evator, which permits you to “evade” EL, i.e. to ascend or descend at will!

The symbols on the two buttons, if you overlay them, give you the “star of David”, which is a misnomer (a word not properly reflecting the true nature of a thing). This is an ancient hermetic symbol (Hermes = greek version of “Heru Mes”, the reborn hero, otherwise known as the autumn equinox sun, also re-invented as the “Jesus child” by the PISO family, born in Virgo, i.e. the Virgin “Mary”, who actually is ISIS, goddess 1515) representing the law of correspondence, one of Tahuti´s 7 laws (later called Thoth by the Greeks). You also find a hexagonal shape on one of Saturn´s poles, a hint at the Saturnian origin and correlation of this ancient symbol, that can´t be denied.

 The “star of david” (misnomer) has also been used on the flag of the Zionist occupation zone called “IS-RA-EL” (the trinity, see older blog entries), which as a country has no historic right of existence whatsoever. Why? Because there was no ancient Israel, no Solomon and no David and no Moses. These are allegories, not to be understood figuratively. Gaza used to be a colony/ stronghold of Khemet. The Canaanites, despite huge efforts to make us believe something different, were blacks, not whites. This truly is the global conspiracy that needs to be exposed and dismantled.

Now, why am I so sure that the Thyssen family consciously uses these symbols? Because the Thyssen family are not our next door average Joes. Fritz Thyssen, grandson of a prominent German banker, was one of the most important early sponsors of the NSDAP “Nazi”-party (another misnomer, based on “Ashkenazi”). Thyssen had been in contact with Averall Hariman of Yale`s Skull & Bones Order 322. The Union Banking Corporation and Thyssen bank acted as NSDAP fronts. Prescott Bush became vice president of W.A. Harriman & Co. in 1926, and he was the grandfather of “W”, the man who frauded himdelf into office with the help of mysterious Florida votes supplied by his brother Jeb Bush.

To truly understand the occult background of the German “Nazi” leadership, one needs to research into the Thule Society, Dietrich Eckhart and the Germanen Orden. One good point to start such research are the precious books published by Anthony Sutton. This courageous scholar had access to Nurembourg trial original documents and his career was destroyed over his writings. If you want references and proof, help yourself, nothing is hidden. Thyssen was heavily into the occult, just like all leading NSDAP members, and just like most leaders today.  

Last but not least, the two cabins represent the twin pillars Boaz & Jachin. In order to make a change in the world, we have to get back to understanding symbols, they are far superior to written words. Let yourself be reminded of this, each time that you enter an elevator...let it elevate your thoughts!


A short video on car brands

...only in German language, if anyone is interested in translation, contact me

This is the very first video I made, so the quality is maybe not perfect.


"Blackwater" - a closer look at the name

Lets move one step deeper, from the previous openly visible every-day symbols (McD and Shell) to some more occult (hidden) and subtle ones. In this particular case it is not so much the symbol but rather the chosen Brandname, that is revealing, for those with eyes to see!

I wish to direct your valued attention to the currently largest mercenary private army on this planet, “Blackwater”. Something so big and holding so much power, must inevitably reveal its character upon closer examination. The linkage to the CIA has been publicly documented, and as the payer is the master of the receiver, we can state that the CIA is the “parent” organization of this private army. After receiving too much attention and bad press (shit, this can happen, if you get drunk and fire with machine guns into civilians) under the particular name of “Blackwater”, this enterprise has been renamed to XE and later to “Academi”, but let`s focus on their previous name.

Some details in this article:

Blackwater has been used in Afghanistan as early as 2002 (or earlier?) and they have used gas weapons in Iraq in Bagdad, they have also fought in 2007 in Somalia. Their infamous leader, Erik Prince is a former Navy Seal and he and his closest buddies are known to have a spleen for Knights Templar symbols. Well, just like the Templars, Blackwater seems to be fighting a crusade against Arabs, so it is quite fitting. Also fitting is that evil giant Monsanto has hired their service on proven occasions. Cowards, disguised as men, they would shoot me for money, I am sure. I sure would not like to see the below car near my children, would you?  

But let`s get to the etymological part, which is revealing, to say the very least! There are two layers contained in this name, one is geographic, the other religious. Both are equally important and obvious, and both help to better understand what is really going on our planet.

The Sense river
1.      Geographic component
The town “Schwarzwasser” (Blackwater) is located near Bern in Switzerland. The water referred to is that of the river “Sense”, which literally means “scythe”, which of course is the tool of the “Grim reaper”, which is nobody else than our old buddy planet Saturn, “father time”, the “crazy god who eats his own children” (time kills anyone), El, Satan, Lord of the Rings, whatever you want to call him J.

Switzerland was founded a few months after the fall of Akon (May 1291 ACE), the last stronghold of the Templars near Jerusalem. They settled and founded Switzerland, a play on “Soers d`Issis”, sisters of Isis (watch the “pharaoh show” by Sean Hross). Note the red flag with white cross on it, as known from the "Knights of Christ" (see above). The Templars became the bankers of today and this is why Switzerland has always been “neutral” (they are far from it...) and have never been attacked, not even by a supposed “madman”, such as Adolf Schicklgruber (aka Hitler, 25% jew), whom they of course co-financed, just like the Vatican, who later helped key “Nazis” to escape from Nurembourg trials (research “rat lines” and “Operation Paper Clip”). Vatican still today protected by the Swiss Guard, go figure! So here you have the connection between Erik Prince`s spleen for Templar symbols and the organization`s name. If you understand who and what the BIS in Switzerland is, you will be on the right track to find the core of the “banksters”…

Note the bear paw in their symbol, another reference to the area near Bern/ Switzerland, which as symbol has a Bear!!

Hall of Ma`at
1. Khemetology
Most people don’t have the slightest clue that English is a very young, Germanic language and that it includes a large scoop of pre-egyptian (khemetic) elements in it. The following will be revealing, to say the least. The Name “Mohammed” was not used by arab people at the time of 600CE, it was an ancient Egyptian mystery school initiation title, just like “Hebrew” (Heb Heru) was a mystery language and “Israelite” and “Jew” were initiation titles. Mohamad was a title, just like “Buddha” is a title, or “Christ” (karest). Taken apart in Khemetic language, MU – HAM – MAD literally means “Water” – “Black” – “Peace/ truth”, or better, “one pulled from blackness of waters to the truth”. “MAD” = “Ma`at” = truth/ peace. So, by taking away “Ma`at”, the word “Blackwater” remains. This tells you that this mercenary troup`s very core mission was to take truth and peace from Arabs, which we must admit, they have accomplished quite well.

The world is well advised to realize, that religion is the ultimate “divide and conquer” tool. All three “monotheistic” religions have derived from the same source, all three constructed by the same power, just as Lessing described in his “Ring parable”. One Ring to rule them all, Mr. Tolkien.


Christianity, from “karest ani”
Moslem from “mesrem”, tear born of the eye of Ra (Islam = peace)
Jew from “Djewhuti”, Thoth, Hermes (Heru Mes)

Research the “Piso family” and look into the Ptolemaic rulership of Khemet. See how Arrius Piso meant “Aries Pisces”, he was the man who “played” Jesus, the corpse on the symbol of life, which we should take off this precious symbol as soon as possible. The world is driven by a spiritual battle…and the 7 world religions all contain some truth, but they all contain deceptions, and this is 100% intentional, as I will go to prove in this blog over the next 12 months, using 21st century symbology.


Symbology of Shell Corporation

Next, before going into greater depth, let me focus once more on a “simple”, modern corporate logo. My intention is to demonstrate to you, that there is much more than meets the eye and that symbols, ancient or new, are a key to perceiving deeper levels of what we label “reality” - for those with eyes to see!

What is hidden in this logo, may surprise you and it will develop your thinking, to reflect upon this symbol. The first impression is that this depicts a sea-shell, as the name “Shell” seems to confirm. The second level of this symbol however, is that it contains a rising sun, note the small round nudge on the bottom, which is the sun disk. Note, that the seashell is used as symbol in the “birth of Venus” by Boticelli. Venus and the seashell, in conjunction with the sun, obviously hold a deeper meaning.

Venus is the Roman depiction of the Egyptian (khemet.) goddess Isis. Isis in the zodiac is represented by Virgo. Isis was previously called Aset in ancient Khemet (the land today called “Egypt”, after the Greco-roman imperial conquest). In Latin, a distinctly Roman language, the concept represented by Isis, was later depicted as “Luficer”, the light bearer. He is also the Greek Prometheus, who stole the fire from the gods (note how female power became male…).

Most minds today, trained by the Vatican world oppressors, will immediately associate Luficer with something negative, or “bad”. “Lucifer” is a purely Latin word creation, just wipe it from your vocabulary, use Isis instead. Metaphysically, Isis represents the Kundalini energy, which is “half asleep” (just like Aset) in your Sacrum (tailbone). Funny enough, that this is a magnetic power, thus "negative", even though negative and positive are just two poles of the ONE. In this manner, Lucifer and Christ "are brothers walking the same path", which you will understand, once you see what these words truly mean...

The sacral bone, home of Isis energy, is where the words “sacral” and “sacrament” come from. The shape of the tailbone is the archtype of "Satan", the word being, amongst other, a play on "Saturn", the planet that rules the bone structure (200 fallen angels = rays of light). He is the physical prison of Isis - thus if something "sacral" is done, Satan (Saturn/ the sacral bone = physical prison of the spirit that can free the soul) is worshipped, oops! Is it dawning on you, what is going on in the Vatican?

Aset must be awakened and joined with Osiris (Amen, the hidden one, which is your dormant soul in the pineal gland). “Amen” is still being prayed to by all 3 monotheistic religions to this day. It were the priests of Amun-Ra in the 18th dynasty who forced Tut-ankh-amun to restore Amun (Amen, the hidden one), after Akhenaton had tried to oppose the ever more powerful priest class. The descendants of this priest class are playing "wizard of Oz” with us today, they are the Saturnian brotherhood, and you can see what belongs to them, if you have eyes to see.

I have digressed a little, let me resume. The Shell logo is a clear reference to the concept of Aset/ Isis/ Lucifer. Note, how the setting (I say it is setting because the sun set aka Seth, opponent of Horus, can be associated with Virgo) sun in this symbol has 8 rays and seven red lines pointing to it. This is beautiful symbology, indeed. The number 8 stands for perfection and transcendence. Buddha (Ptah) is an 8, Christ (karest) is an 8. They have overcome the 7 (Elohim), which in the body are the 7 chakras, the 8th one above the head being the Telios, the dwelling place of ascended masters.

Now here is the question "du jour": WHY does a nature-destroying company, co-owned by proven “Nazis” (Prince Philip co-founder of Bilderberg Group, SS cavalry member, he has denied it, but it is well proven) and royalty (House of Orange) such as Shell, display such a beautiful, deep symbol? They obviously know something that we don’t. Want to have my view? I think the priest class of Amen is trying to show us something through their Saturnian fraction. They are displaying this kind of symbol openly for a) power purposes b) as a sign for those to see and c) they destroy nature to wake us up...or better, they may be used as a tool for achieving this, knowingly or unknowingly.

Good deeds force the universe to counter-balance with "bad", bad deeds do the opposite. During wars, spirituality rises. Of there is no war, people will have no definition of "Peace". Could you imagine that ultimate wisdom may be that there is a very valuable purpose in destruction, suffering and violence? Open your mind. Somebody is trying to wake you up! I dont propagate here that Saturnian forces are "good", dont get me wrong. I am trying to tell you that it is natural that they exist and they will always do. It is up to us to keep them under control.

Want to change the world. Simple, change YOUR world. Don´t buy fuel at Shell. THIS is your task, to be conscious and to act consciously. If you buy at Shell or BP, the destruction of nature is YOUR fault, and nobody else´s. YOU create, like it or not.....


Symbology of McDonald´s

Let me start this blog with a fairly popular symbol, which should (unfortunately) be known to almost everyone on this planet. However simple it may seem, it actually reveals a deeper meaning, for those with eyes to see!

NOTE: I am updating this info as of Oct 6th, 2014


What you see in this logo, is a play on the zodiac sign Aries (which due to its energetic nature is quite popular amongst global corporations, once you start noticing it). The difference to the Aries sign is, is that the middle pillar is shorter than the outside pillars, which has the deeper meaning of taking away the emphasis from the middle pillar and gives emphasis to the opposing duality (conflict). 

Next we note, that the seeming letter "M" is colored in bright yellow, emphasizing and confirming the solar nature of this symbol. Those familiar with astrology will be aware that Aries is ruled by the "red planet", planet Mars, which in Greek/ Roman mythology is characterized as the god of war. The red coloring of the logo underlines this message. 

The zodiacal nature of the logo is confirmed by turning the entire logo 90 degrees clockwise (see above) - the red block becomes a 1 and the yellow M becomes a 3 - giving us number 13, which, if you are initiated into numerical systems, spiritual astrology and the sacred Tarot or other divination systems, signifies Aries. Aries is the 1st sign and also the 13th sign of the zodiac wheel and in the context of being the 13th sign, it stands for destruction of the old system of 12, and a new cycle. It corresponds to vedic Brahma as 1st sign and to vedic Shiva, the destroyer, as 13th sign.

All this tells us that this particular enterprise is somehow involved in some kind of warfare, in other words, it is somehow part of the U.S. military industrial complex. Whenever a country is "liberated" (e.g. destroyed), almost the first thing that happens is that a clown-food-shop opens up (research this in the case of Iraq and you will see that this is true). If you do some deeper research, you will see that McD also finances round table groups who are involved in the preparation of wars, such as the AYM (see logo below). Other seemingly "harmless" corporations who also do this are for example MTV, CNBC, Edelman, Pepsi, Facebook, etc. Why do they do this? Answer: to open a new market for their garbage products. Secondly, chemical food poisoning is a war-like agenda in our times, as shareholders of food and drug companies are the same. One business supplies the customers of the other business.

At a deeper level, we note that the three pillars are masonic/ caballistic symbols and the golden arch (Royal Arch). Not really surprisingly, the three pillars point towards the letters M on the left, S on the right and ONA in the middle, which is an anagram for the word MASON (khemet. messen). The simple explanation for this is that in our time today masonic temples and lodges have decayed into business clubs. And you ain´t in it, even if you are member in some country side lodge! Note how the middle pillar is shorter than the two on the outside. The symbology is actually something entirely positive and enlightening...event though most people meet it with skepticism, as they do not understand it. Just because a bad person reads a certain book, the book must not be condemned, think about it.

Anyone doing some basic research on their own will also find out that McD is highly toxic for the human body and leads to modern "dis-eases" (dis-ease always comes from inside the body), which will then increase turnover of big pharma, enabling them to sell their toxic, useless chemical molecules to you, which perpetuate your illness and lead to a shorter life and dementia, mental decay. This "food" has been scientifically designed to achieve this. Do some deeper research and you will discover that there is also a ritual component in the chosen ingredients, as practically McD feeds its customers DNA/ body parts of human fetuses, disguised as "flavouring". Furthermore, it has been experimentally proven (check out home videos on Youtube) that for instance the "french fries" can not be organic food. They do not show any signs of decay, even after 12 months. Concerning the "meat" that is served, I think one needs a lot of phantasy to even remotely figure out, what this really consist of. One thing you can be sure of: this "food" goes way beyond making you sick, it is designed to gradually alter DNA.

War, Aries, blood, DNA. How should society deal with this kind of deliberate attack disguised as a friendly clown? Simple: dont eat it. Make others aware. Educate your children. Be responsible. It is your world and your body temple...metaphysically, there is no value in protesting against something, as you inevitably resonate with it. An anti-war protest supports war.....a peace movement supports peace..! This is why it was hijacked in the late sixties and converted into a psychadelic ego-trip. 

One last comment concerning the clown figure - in occultism a clown is always a representation of evil forces. I am not talking about a jester or fool - I am referring clearly to the concept of a clown, a figure with a painted smile. Stephen King picked up on this in "it". 

The slogan of McDonalds actually contains the same "it". The evil "it" refers to your subconscious, which of course is not evil at all  - but there are some forces out there who wish you to think that it is evil!

The Masonic philosophy of rulership goes a little like this: "if you are too stupid to inform yourself or too lazy to cook your own food, you are an animal and can be killed or made sick to make some money."

this is a twisted understanding of human-made higher law (which is actually NOT human made, as I will show in my blog)