The 33 deceptions of Freemasonry

This blog entry completes the quartet of Abrahamic belief systems and designates Masonry to be a Capricorn system, which is based on the Ptah/ Khnum Memphis mystery school, which had its central place of worship in Memphis/ Egypt.

Knowing that I have some Masonic readers out there, I can only say, don't be personally offended, check the facts, learn the holy science, and if you seek truth, leave the lodge, for, spiritually, it is better to walk alone than to walk in bad company.

To facilitate this complex matter, which by priestly intention has been made as complicated as possible, we can say that the Abrahamic doctrine has produced 4 cardinal belief systems , which give the following order (from my notebook):

Note that I have here assigned Christianity to Cancer, even though it has been designed for the Piscean age. It is correct to allocate Christianity to Cancer, because the Christian "god" is Gad the Marauder, planet Jupiter, who exalts in Cancer ("in heaven"), and Cancer is ruled by the Moon ("Sin" concept), and the NT narrative culminates in Jesus riding into Jerusalem on two donkeys, which is Cancer.

Let's re-cap who are the Abrahamic deities:
Christianity: God/ Gad = Jupiter worship
Judaism: Yahweh = Mars worship
Islam: Allah = Venus worship
Masonry: G.A.O.T.U. = Saturn worship

By studying the above Cardinal systems on the divine animal wheel, we may understand the way in which religions (external belief systems) were being designed by the priest class. These exoteric religious systems are mind control systems, and all proper mind control tools have to be designed on the zodiac wheel, because the zodiac is a perfect symbolic representation of how the human mind works - therefore, it must be the natural starting point for creating any type of mind manipulation or control. The zodiac is a symbolic representation of mind - both individual and also universal, because we and the father are one. It is man who crated god, not the other way around.

The similarity of the above symbols is key to understand. The Masonic Square and Compass (far right) has a number of legitimate spiritual meanings, for example: from square to circle as symbol for moral perfection, union of higher and lower nature, "as above so below", two trines in perfect harmony, etc. - but most importantly, this symbol is a reduction of the Saturn hexagram (far left, erroneously called "star of David"), and this simple, overlooked fact provides a very strong clue towards the authors of this secret society. A cube is the symbol for physical life, and a cube fits perfectly into the Saturn star, therefore Saturn being venerated as creator....but only of the physical world!

There is a never ending discussion about how old Masonry is and how its roots are shrouded in mystery, etc. Truth is always simple, only lies are complicated. Now, Capricorn, the zodiac and sacred geometry are as old as the creation of this realm, but the lodge/ fraternal system can actually be traced to fairly young efforts, which date back not much more than 250 years. So instead of joining the debate about historicity, I am going to suggest that perhaps Masonry is yet another historic deception, the "craft" in the form of a secret society with a lodge system is a fairly young invention, and the mythology follows Abrahamic myth 1:1, so perhaps it is safe to state that this mystery school has been revived for certain engineering purposes. It is clear that lodges do good work on the lower levels, but it is also clear that Masonic handwriting is on a number of historic events, many corporations and many of Masonry's deeds are not good at all.

Capricorn symbol resembles a 76

Capricorn, cardinal Earth, is the 10th sign (counting from Aries, the first sign), and it has beeen the realm of Khnum/ Ptah, the original and first potter, or builder, carpenter, mason, architect, constructor, or creator. Jesus was a carpenter, Hiram a Mason, Khnum a potter and Solomon a temple builder, to name some prominent examples. The motto of the 10th house (not sign) is "I build", and this area of the zodiac is where the Ka and the Ba were first mythically created on the potter's wheel by Khnum, which later became Adam and Eve. Memphis was the center of worship, and Ptah was likely the very first full blown creator god, who created the physical world through his "Word", which should sound very familiar to our Christian friends. And also our Masonic friends have been looking for a lost Word. Both should search in Memphis, where the writing is on the Wall.

Concerning the Masonic "G", there are plenty of interpretations abound, all of which are somewhat correct, but only on lower levels of interpretation. Let's crack this riddle: Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the 7th sign from heavenly peace in Cancer, and "G" is the 7th letter of our modern alphabet, the 7th god (all letters are deities). Alternatively, the 7th sign from the starting point of the zodiac, Aries, is Libra, where Saturn exalts, so in both cases, "G/7" leads us to planet Saturn.

By using the zodiac, we thus have established the simple connection between the letter G, the number 7, planet Saturn and the Compass & Square, which is actually a reduced Saturn symbol, Saturn also being the 7th orb in the Chaldean planetary order - according to rotational period as perceived from Earth, so:
1. Moon,
2. Mercury,
3. Venus,
4. Sun,
5. Mars,
6. Jupiter, 
7. Saturn

NOTE: only in this planetary order, Helios lies at the center. In physical nature, the Earth plane is central, the Sun moving above the Earth plane(t).

There is no deeper meaning of G/7 than this astrological connection. The zodiac always provides for the deepest level of meaning, because it is the source of mind. The solar nature of the above symbol is supported by the rays that are emanating from the circle.

The letter G also has the shape of an (all seeing) eye (of Osiris in Amenta, which is the chain of ancestors that observe us), and in addition, the shape of this letter consists of a circle and a square, these facts being in further harmony with the Capricorn/ Saturn connection. The watcher in Amenta (the underworld) is actually you, because your deepest nature is that of an uninvolved observer, which is the concept of the Egyptian Ba bird. This eye is also found on the step pyramid of the Moorish Seal on the 1-Dollar bill, because Asar (divine DNA) is passed on through a system of stepwise generation.

Freemasonry's Great Architect of the Universe (G.A.O.T.U.) is therefore the mighty Neter Ptah, who created the physical world by building the path ("path" - Ptah anagram) through the underworld (Amenta). He is the first great builder, and he is none other than planet Saturn, the father of time. In pre-Osirian mythology, Ptah constructed the underworld with his 7 helpers, which were (according to Massey) 6 pre-human souls + one human (group) soul. You can read details in Massey's great work "Egypt - Light of the World", a book which I studied for the last year or so. In our time these 7 helpers became the 7 (gold-) mining dwarfs in the Maerchen of Snow White (the "poisoned" winter sun).

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is also the 7th orb, and our 7th weekday used to be Satur(n)day, Sunday should be first, and this confusion has been created by the mentally ill murderer and Christian founding father Constantine, who changed the 7th day from Sabbath to Sunday in 335 ACE, when the Christian Sun cult was rolled out and all correct science had to be destroyed.

The "G" may also stand for Gammon, the secret one, a name of Jupiter Ammon, an ancient name of the sun, which yielded the confusing wordplay of Jew-Peter, Greek petros being the rock, the living stone, which shows that litholatry is really heliolatry and explains why Jesus (the sun) is called "the Rock", when he enters Capricorn. Remember that in Greece the father of gods was Jupiter (Zeus), thus we received J-Zeus from the priestly baffoons.

Genesis 49: the stone is the shepherd of israel,
= the sun looks after (moves around in) the zodiac,
"Israel" meaning royal fire, which is nothing but the sun within the zodiac.

one of 1000's of Masonic symbols

In the spiritual, or creational zodiac, Capricorn stands for the renewal of physical nature, and it is for this reason the sign of human creation, physical renewal and evolution. It is also for this reason that we call our children "kids", because this designates the offspring of goats, and Capricorn is the goat, the devil, the opposer, whch is nothing but the human physical form, the opposer to heavenly peace in Cancer, which lies 180 degrees opposite Capricorn. It is the seagoat, physical life springing up from the Sea, which is pre-destined to die again. The goat also symbolizes thirst, and this connection only makes sense with the seasonality of the Nile flood, another proof that the Zodiac is Egyptian.

As seen on many old postcards, Masons are correctly associated with goats

The symbol of Capricorn resembles a "76", because it is the 7th sign from Cancer, which as symbol has a 69. 69 + 7 = 76. Can you now see the solar orb above with the 76 on it and see that it represents Capricorn? Amongst Jakob's (Jakob = zodiac) sons the one "playing" Capricorn is Naphtali, and Naphtali also refers to petroleum (oil from the rock). Do you think some people in the upper class know the holy science? Rest assured they do! The 76 oil symbol above is a very clear Masonic signature.

Masonic myth is jam-packed with Biblical contents and obviously part of the Abrahamic family of mythology, some simple examples are King Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem, god, Boaz, Goliath, the 12 tribes of Israel, Hiram of Tyre, Babylon, the Arch and Enoch, all being mentioned in the Masonic myth of Hiram Abiff. All these are Hebrew biblical, allegorical, non-historical figures and places. Masonic myth is 100% constructed upon the bible (OT and NT) and is thus from the same feather and ink, the same belief system. The Hebrews chapter in the OT is actually Royal Arch Masonry (RAM). Why do none or maybe few Masons realize this? Because they are not thinking syncretically and they are under Masonic mind control, which in the end of the day is same as Christian mind control. Blessed are those who read!

Mystery title system:
Entered Aprentice =  Jew
Fellow Craft = Hebrew
Master Mason = Telios

The "lost Word" of freemasonry is INRI, an abbreviation of the four elements, perhaps also the lost Egyptian Hekau of Ptah, "all nature is renewed by fire" (fire signs always precede Earth signs in the zodiac wheel!), all of this is complicated, rather useless Hebrew mysticism, the primal goal of which is clearly to hide the science, so that the priest class would not lose its power.

The Three Ruffians who slay Hiram (the sun) are the three other cardinal points of the zodiac. Aries, the RAM stands also for Royal Arch Masonry, the Royal Arch being the zodiac "roof" pointing due South (North of the equator). It is the Ark of the Covenant that no Indiana Jones will ever find, unless he searches due South in the sky at night. "Covenant" (coming together) refers to the two equinox points, because it is the zodiac (ecliptic) that brings the equinox points together.

Hiram is the master orb, the brightest one, the Sun, which loses its power in winter time, and winter season starts with Capricorn. Masons "seek that which is lost", or slain, or has died, and which is resurrected in 1001 other world myths. Jesus is 3 days in the tomb, same story. "RAM" refers to Aries, and Hiram is therefore the temple builder, it is the higher (right) brain, the mind. Linguistically, these terms have an Aramaic background, which again follows the biblical example and shows Masonry to be Abrahamic. The master is buried in his Mausoleum, which is Capricorn.

Hi, we have no clue what the esoteric meaning of the aprons is,
but the other guys wear it, too.

The Masonic apron is also Judaic, because Judaism went to great length in eliminating the female element in Cosmology, the apron serving as symbolic gender bending tool to erase duality, the wrongs of the mother, it was the garment of shame, a menstruation cloth worn at puberty by young women. Just like in the Christian church, the Islamic Mosque and the Jewish Synagogue, all men wear female clothes and Jesus and his disciples show men with long hair for this reason. No women allowed in the lodge, remember? The master builders are women, because they build new life in their wombs. No man can ever be a master mason, apron or not.

The 33 degrees do symbolize the human spine, but also the three winter signs, which are signs 10 + 11 + 12 = 33. Humans are born with a 9-month gestation period, so we are missing 3 months (3 signs) in the womb, therefore symbolically requiring 3 initiation steps to completion. I prefer my own 360 degrees initiation, full circle, mastership of the entire zodiac.


Let us now move to the some modern time proof of workings of Freemasonry. In order to find such proof, all we need to do is follow the symbols. Research proves that the Masonic lodge system that was created in Europe and USA is nothing but a Jewish tool for social engineering to their favor in the sense of Zionism, a fact that many "old school" rulers knew, e.g. the Romanows, Hitler, etc. I suggest to study the work of Billington, "Fire in the minds of men", to grasp the historic context. He is the librarian of the U.S. Congress and not just anybody, you will find this book to be highly sophisticated and the red line that goes through it is that most revolutions and wars were initiated through the network of Masonic lodges, starting with the French Revolution in 1789.

The lower levels of the lodges are unknowing, a useful external cover, they are made to learn Hebrew words and practice useless rituals, no offense, I am just calling a spade a spade, just trying to help, because spiritually, these rituals get you nowhere at all, they are pointless formalities, cultivating the character, maybe, but not advancing lodge members in any true way. The system is a waste of time, to leave the fraternity is maybe the best advice, and if you havent joined, don't do it. You make yourself part of a negative egregor, an organisation, of which you simply do not know what is being done at the top.

Here some examples of modern masonic signatures:

Area 51, letters 5 and 1 are EA, "Entered Apprentice", the UFO deception is Masonic
NASA, being a Hebrew Word meaning "lies", all astro-nuts who claimed to have walked the Moon were U.S. Masons
KKK, the letter K being the 11th lettter, 3 x 11 = 33, Albert Pike was a member, for example

Orange, political parties, "colour" revolutions, the House of Orange, "orange" being the only word in the English language depicting a color, which adds up to 33 in Gematria (check above)
IXXI, 9-11 in Roman numerals, the letters IXXI looking like two pillars guarding compass and sqaure, you may want to check my blog entry on the astrology of 911 and see that the grand theme was a Saturnian (Saturn in Gemini)
G7, a format in which our world leaders meet
Corporate logos, some of which I have explained in my blog, including McDonald's, 76 Oil, etc.

Hollywood movies, such as the Trueman Show, the 5th Element and 1000's more. One special example may be mentioned here, which is "Clockwork Orange" by master film maker Kubrick. Note the word "orange" being a reference to Masonic power, and the movie reveals to us Masonic social engineering strategies, including mind control programs and recruiting gangsters to act as police force.

 a metal worker (builder) and a 13-step pyramid....hmmmmm
Monuments and buildings, I choose here an example from Frankfurt/ Germany, which shows a metal worker in front of the Messe-tower, a building that has a 13-step pyramid with a red shining eye on top, and which hosts the offices of Zionist money mafia Goldman Sachs.
Dating and timing of events, 911 being a good example, but also WW2, which started 1933, with 33rd degree Mason Roosevelt being inaugurated in the same year as 32nd president. WW1 on the other hand started in 1914, and 19 + 14 = 33, so both WW's have a 33-code.

There are countless more examples, and I stop at this point. The emperor has no clothes. The signs are clear to read for those with eyes to see.

In summary, we have thus identified 4 cardinal, exoteric belief systems used to divide and conquer society on the faith level:

Judaism: war mongering
Christianity: passiveness, stupor
Islamism: twisting law and judgment
Masonry: social engineering (building society)

The positive news is that there needs to be no competition about who is worshipping the real god. As can be seen when watching the sky, the 4 Abrahamic gods (Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn) are co-existing in the sky 100% peacefully. Hermeticism and Buddhism worship Mercury, the Moon belongs to natural healing/ Wicca, which completes the list of lords/ gods.

These 7 cosmocrators however have been bestowed with their creational power by an unseen mind, which is the part of cosmology omitted in these systems.

HOTEP and peace amongst all faith groups!