The psyche of the elite and the 144.000 of Revelation

Revelation 14:1 contains a theme that talks about a lamb and "144.000 who shall be saved" .

Apart from the fact that these words are based on a literal, very limited English translation from a Greek original (the NT was written in Greek language), the Greek alphabet offering deeper meaning than the modern alphabet, the spiritual allegories of the NT are not meant to be taken literal and intentionally designed only to be understood by those who have eyes to see.

The Wadjet eye fractals, signifying volume measurement of both physical and spiritual contents. Note how the fractals amount to 63/64, which tells us that the sum of parts is always less than unity.  This is an extremely powerful hieroglyph offering deep revelation in itself.

The theme of "eyes to see" is based on the Khemet concept of the Wadjet eye (see above), which is a natural symbol for the set of most important anatomic parts contained in your brain nucleus and also the "measurement" of wisdom/ sun en-light-enment. We have just witnessed two thousand years of fruitless and pointless discussion about who or what the 144.000 of Revelation could possibly be. The lowest level of interpretation (Earth level, 5-senses based) is to take allegories literal (Jehovah`s Witnesses do this, for example) and assume that perhaps only 144.000 "believers" will be "saved" in the "last days", which is the child level of spirituality and fueled by ignorance of the iron age. Knowledge is the downfall of belief and we are presently in the early stages of the age of knowledge.

this is the type of art that has led common people to misinterpret scriptures and block true spirituality. The 144.000 are taken literally and gather around a man in the clouds. To initiated viewers this is legitimate, as the clouds depict the human brain/ Orion nebulae in ecclesiastical art. The man in the center is the pineal gland.

Once the true meaning of the allegory is revealed, one may wonder how it could possibly have been misunderstood by so many bright people over so many centuries (in fact two millennia).

And I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000, having his Father's name written on their foreheads. 
(NKJV, note there are more than 150 English versions of the Bible in use today) 

My Sod level interpretation (Fire, mystic level):

And I looked, and behold, Aries on the Zodiac wheel in Spring Equinox (1st house), and with it, the people born in the 12 zodiac signs with 12 possible ascendants (ancestors), the division of the attributes of universal consciousness embedded within their pineal glands. 

12 basic types of conscious characters (tribes, disciples, gates, jewels) x 12 ascendants (mansions, houses, dwellings, roads, paths) = 144 different kinds of basic life experiences on planet Earth in the school of physical life during incarnation in matter.

Basic numerology of the 144
1+4+4 = 9 (completion)
9 x 16 = 144 (9 completion in 1+6=7 cyclic growth)
18 x 8 = 144 (1+8=9 completion in 8 infinite development outside time)
36 x 4 = 144 (3+6=9 completion in 4 physical elements)
72 x 2 = 144 (7+2=9 completion in 2 duality)
144 x 1 = 144 (9 completion in 1 unity)

The 000s were added to the number 144, in order to emphasize that cycles make progress, meaning that a new 1 would be 10, an extended 1. It also serves to disguise the science, a technique used frequently in scriptures. The zeros are a mathematical abstract and have no value in creation and the zero was not utilized by the highly evolved Egyptians of the early dynasties, it was a late invention. Metaphysically, there can never be nothing, there is at least 1 and 1 is also the highest number, because it is unity. The same technique can be found for example in the Yuga system of Hindu philosophy, such as the Kali Yuga given as 432,000 years, so it is actually talking about the number 432 (nota bene: The Yuga of the Hindu system refers to brain frequencies and not to time. Different brain frequencies correspond to different states of meditation, which is based on Dravidian science that came from Khemet to Hindustan. Brain frequency of course has a cyclical link to the Great Year, but the primary science here is concerned with brain frequencies).

So the 144.000 constitute all of humanity. That's the good news, not only for Christians :-) Through cyclic learning, all of us will eventually be "saved" (bad translation, but it brings home the point). It means that the divine spark will be spared further learning cycles in physical matter (minerals, plants, animals, humans) and be ready to move up the spiritual hierarchy (existence beyond the time-space environment in non-physical form as consciousness),

Note the four Ankh symbols carried by Shu (air), who is separating Nut (sky) from Geb (earth). The longest Ankh symbol has four horizontal lines, which are also found on the Djed. These four lines are the four basic states of consciousness, which are connected to four basic brain frequencies.

Through the 144 (12 x 12, which is actually (1+2) x (1+2) = 9) we can, if we know how to utilize the scientific tools, understand everything. Yes, it is actually possible to know everything through the zodiac wheel, no guessing, no belief systems, no hypothesis, no rocket science, no experts, no priests, no gurus, just our own usage of the divine wheel. Big statement, so I will let proof follow. Let's take a random example (I chose one of which I thought it may catch the interest of many people of our time) and ask the Zodiac wheel, how the psyche of a billionaire elite, old banking family, bloodline, Illuminati, whatever, secret ruler works.

The purpose of this exercise is to show that the psyche of this type of person, just like the other 143 types, follow strict, mathematical laws of natural science. It also reveals to us how enlightened people, which we would all like to be, would behave under the oppression of these types of rulers, which is a much discussed and little understood question of our time. The Pisces system has to slowly fade out its natural cycle, which will happen in due time, but not on the spot through pressure. We will come to learn during the next 600 years that to attack this fading system in any way or to protest against oppression means to hurt ourselves.

Lets look at the psyche of such elite rulers and then acknowledge the correct behavior towards the "system" in our time. Any kind of ruler belongs into Leo energy, so we take a Leo ruler and start with Leo as the 1st house - here is how to apply the science:

I am LEO: a billionaire elite, old banking family, bloodline, Illuminati, whatever, secret ruler
I have VIRGO: My wealth are my servants (i.e. population, or dependent workers), which are also my open enemies. I always have a predetermined agenda, a careful plan in advance how I operate, and I carefully budget my money. I have a first class analysis of everything that goes on due to my elevated position. I make sure that I know my open enemies.
I think LIBRA: my way of communicating with the servants (public) and the way I think is defined through the Law that I create, the contracts I create for society through the facade of politics and the balance of the various aspects of society according to what best serves my agenda. I think and communicate through Law and harmonies that serve my agenda.

I feel SCORPIO: I transform society according to my agenda and through social engineering (music, fashion, entertainment) I decide which trends will be born and which ones will fade out. If I meet opposition or experience defeat, I seek violent retribution. It is very important for me to listen to the oppressed, therefore I establish a network of surveillance and secret services. My happiness is linked to living out my sexuality (typical elite orgies, pedophilia, etc.), to cultivate secrets and from a religious point of view, to celebrate the concept of death.
I will SAGITTARIUS: my joy is the freedom to do as I please. I also find joy in higher learning and philosophy, because the public education system is only mental programming for my servant population. I learn real world history, languages​​, music, Liberal Arts and metaphysics. Also, I cultivate male, paternal energy (masculine energy based dominance, naturally culminating in adapted, dominant homosexuality and pedophilia. This is NOT the same type of homosexuality that occurs in nature, it is an adapted one that comes with power). My joy is also to bring fortune to others, as I please.
I analyze CAPRICORN: my enemy is work, especially in connection with mundane success. I am very careful not to appear openly in worldly, visible hierarchies. My opponents are the simple working people and work itself. I am also an enemy of  natural evolution, because I can not control it, I therefore prefer Transhumanism, Eugenics and Darwinism, different -isms that justify my position, behaviour and life contents.

I balance AQUARIUS: my partner is knowledge cultivated in secretive brotherhoods, secret societies and exclusive clubs. To the public I display myself (if I have to) through philanthropic and humanitarian deeds. I use humanitarian ideas to balance and cover my inhumane deeds (e.g. multitude of billionaire Foundations that today make true politics).
I desire PISCES: dangerous for me is any kind of self-undoing, true spirituality, uncontrolled chaos, hidden enemies, prison sentences (entanglement in my own Laws), people who are indifferent towards my mind control system. I cannot control people who are spiritual and indifferent or who act outside my scope.
I see ARIES: my happiness is war, because my open enemies kill each other off and destroy their countries, and I multiply my money (war is the most profitable business on the planet). Any kind of violence, aggressive behavior, or thoughtless, impulsive action by the public is good for me. Also, my happiness depends on the control of all energy systems (oil, gas, electricity, minerals, etc). War divides people and allows me to conquer them. The best tool to achieve this is organized religion (spiritual mind control)

I use TAURUS: my success is easily summarized in one word: Money. Through the fiat power of money I can control all aspects of society, from top to bottom. I also make extensive use of all kinds of five-sense based phenomena to control people (art, movies, music, architecture, media, colors, symbols, fashion), the main tools are "entertainment" (programming perceived as harmless by the programmed), fashion (beauty cult) and music (spirit is controlled through Cymatics)
I know GEMINI: my hope and dream is to be in full control of commercial trade and all communication channels (newspapers, TV, etc) , and I hope to keep society in dual thinking, by creating artificial contrasts, I cultivate the two faces of things, so there can be no unity. My dream (always so tempting...) is to govern the public in the open. I know business and two-faced nature
I believe CANCER: the undoing of my power would be world peace, strong, happy families, female maternal energy. These are the things that I must oppress and fight in order to remain in power

As we see, the psyche of an elite ruler is based on higher laws of natural science, which define the basic character of the human psyche. As enlightened people it is our job to cultivate an attitude that recognizes this natural behavior. The knowledge of astrology is - as always - the key to higher learning, in this case, of man`s psyche. Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out! In this sense, here is what would quickly change western societies to the better:

- honor our ancestors and defend our family structures, allow minimized government interference
- remain peaceful at all times (except for defense purposes)
- do not offer our children as ascrifice to serve the war machine
- celebrate and respect female and motherly energy in our communities and families, women are the master builders and control the future through their wombs and selection of fathers
- minimization exposure to media mind control, especially protect our children
- minimize our dependence on energy and electronics, move closer to nature
- ego minimization leads to true spirituality
- become emotionally indifferent to the system and its lies and propaganda, generate emotions from within
- never vote - voting supports the dying system because elections are manipulated, politicians are powerless and candidates are pre-selected. Voting is a clear no-go!
- civil courage, support shining light on hidden forces
- turning their own weapons (man made Law) against the system (e.g. arrested bankers in Iceland)

On the contrary, the following is the type of behavior that we should not cultivate, because it plays against human development and peace:

- avoid open protests, this only shows the open enemies to the system. It also allows the system control through social engineering, and this can be avoided. It is not possible to be "against" something. Anti-war protests feed the concept of war.
- cultivate peace in all facets of our lives
- avoid any kind of violence, including mental negativity
- avoid any kind of spontaneous, thoughtless action (e.g. protests or short-lived protest groups)
- stop mindless consumption of products, media and entertainment
- divorce is a childlike, simplified easy way out - it takes adults to stay and fix the problems
- oppression of women in any way

The 144,000 will be saved, no matter what - but the suffering from lack of knowledge is totally unnecessary. Aquarius is the age of knowledge, suffering is not necessary in this age, even if we are oppressed! All suffering is self imposed!

You have been introduced to 12 of the 144, can you describe the other 132?