The greatest story never told

In this blog entry (which will be my last) I will provide a small glimpse of the greatest story available to mankind. Experienced daily, but unknown to the masses, the same drama unfolds on all major layers of holographic nature: atomically, physically, mentally, spiritually and on planetary/ universal level and on all time frames (second, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes and ages). The information is too large to grasp and too complex to put into words, thus revelation of a simple, well known myth may help to understand. If you are searching and reflect on this myth, everything else will follow by itself and you will be able to climb an amazing wall of ancient knowledge, which has been lost, but not forgotten.

knowledge (fire) enters and exits matter (mater, water)

The myth that I choose reveals occult anatomy and true nature of man, the universal power of mysteries and of myth itself and it proves beyond any doubt that we live today in the mental ruins of ancient knowledge, not even knowing what it is that we lost and why we should have a need to get it back. I will then connect this myth to the greatest story never told, which is the greatest story of all ages because the story itself is not just a story and it is not just “great”, but the “greatest”, because there can be nothing even remotely comparable to it. It is the only story that can be told by humanity and which has been told throughout the ages in thousands of different forms, languages and styles. This master story is omnipresent in the world today, right in front of our eyes, in plainest sight, yet it lies concealed in deepest mysteries, carefully hidden from profanity by wise priests, protecting this information, guarding it against destruction and alterations, preserving it for eternity, making it incorruptible, preserving its divine truth, making it available only for the honest seeker. If you have the right mental toolkit available, you will be able to decode all ancient myth, all fables, all fairy tales, scriptures and all Hollywood movies. There is a mother of all stories, a final boss of awakening, a highest mystical revelation, a key to the All.

Who is this man?

I will now fulfill a promise that I made in this blog earlier this year, when I announced that I would prove scientifically to the world, that Santa Claus is real and does exists. Yes, that is right, Santa Claus is real and he does exist - and he does not just exist in myth, in imagination or in the mind. He physically exists and does bring presents to all children. He does live at the North pole, he is helped by many elves, he has a sleigh that is pulled by 8 reindeer, he does know our wishes and he does bring toys or coal down the chimney. And he is closely linked to what we today call “Christmas”. The nice side effect, once you receive the key to this wonderful myth, is that you will automatically solve the dilemma on how to communicate to children in a way that allows them to develop and cultivate the highest way of human understanding. Should we tell our children, that Santa is just a myth? After all, finding out, that mom and dad really bring the presents can be quite a disappointment for a child, and it doesn’t feel right lying to children in the first place, does it? Or should we uphold the myth as long as possible, so as not to disturb the romantic childhood? The answer to this dilemma is, that we can do both, because Santa does exist and he doesn’t, both is true. Children love to learn truth, and they openly accept a dual, seemingly paradox answer as the one above, because they are still in the right brain/ holistic thinking. Your great benefit of studying the below scientific facts will be that you also develop your right brain and start understanding myth/ scriptures.

The highest knowledge of humanity, 
condensed in 12 symbols

Living the ritual of Christmas/ Santa Claus today may be compared with a dance seen by a deaf man who does not hear the music to which the motion is timed and who has no clue about the characters who are performing. This is because, in our times, the myth has moved too far out of view. The ridiculous eschatology discussions (end times, heaven, hell, death, rebirth, etc.) of today are driven by a profound lack of proper education. It is not only that people today don`t know - they have also been trained to be unaware about their own ignorance and when they do become aware, there are some mechanism in place to make them feel scared. Eschatological rituals, such as Christmas, can only be comprehended by means of understanding myth. The myth alone may break mind control.

Let`s check – and scientifically explain – elements of the Santa Claus myth:
  • Santa lives at the North pole
  • He is sometimes said to live on an island
  • 8 (later 9) reindeer pull his sled
  • He is surrounded and assisted by numerous elves
  • He enters the chimney and brings toys (or coal)
  • He knows the wishes of all children
  • He is closely linked to Christmas

To understand this myth, we must look to the inside, and get acquainted with (occult) brain anatomy:

The red arrow points to Santa Claus

The Claustrum (Santa Claus) is located (lives) in the human head as part of the Cortex, which is at the very top (north pole) of the body. It is also origin of the term "Cloister" (German: Kloster), the place where monks and nuns go to live a secluded life and study scriptures.

white matter, "snow"

The Claustrum is surrounded by White Matter (snow) in the brain. Directly next to it can be found the External and the Extreme Capsule, which resemble a sleigh:

Santa`s sleigh

In the lateral view, The Claustrum is located below the Insular Cortex (Island).

Santa`s Island on the North Pole

It is also lateral to the Putamen (“consideration” - latin putare: "to consider, to think"), which is symbolized by the red cap that is worn by Santa Claus:

Santa`s cap

The Putamen is connected to the Substantia Nigra (latin: "black substance", coal), which is involved in the process of regulating reward and addictions and appears dark because it contains high levels of Neuromelanin.

If Santa brings coal, you have been naughty

A unique feature of the Claustrum is that there is a uniformity in the function of its cells, all Neurons do the same work (Elves help Santa).

Let`s now move deeper and correlate anatomy to astrology and to scripture (as above, so below, as within, so without):

The Claustrum is sagitally (anatomical term of location, compare: Sagittarius) located in the Cerebrum, and mythical Santa Claus appears in the night between Sagittarius (Horse) and Capricorn (goat), the night of the rebirth of the sun, as it reaches its lowest point on the horizon (winter solstice). After the night of Christmas, the days start getting longer again, it is the moment of spiritual rebirth of life on earth (nature does not yet expand visibly, but days are getting longer again) . You now know why you see Santa Claus riding a goat (Capricorn is the sea-goat, or zygote) on this old postcard:

Nordic Yulegoat - pure astrology

The suture of the skull (Sanskrit "Door of Brahm,") is the external entry point (chimney) of the planetary Santa Claus/ Christ, where he enters your head (roof top). The internal chimney is the human spine. The Claustrum releases an oily substance (Christ, greek: Christos "oil", Manna from heaven), which is a secretion (a secret/ a mystery) that is used as basic material by the Pineal Gland (Joseph, father of Christ) to secrete a yellow substance (honey) to the Pingalla (electric, male energy channel) and the Pituitary Gland (Mary, mother of Christ) to secrete a white substance (milk) to the Ida (magnetic, female energy channel).
The land of milk & honey

The oily substance (Christos) moves down the spine (chimney, River Jordan) to the Solar Plexus (Bethlehem, “House of Bread", of the Virgin”, Virgo). Here the oil is transformed into a psycho-spiritual seed (Ichtys, fish, Ictus, Jesus, Pisces) which then moves (swims) through the body (ocean, body of water containing saline fluid, human blood and sea water are chemically nearly identical).

The first internal biological process (miracle) the seed (Jesus) performs is to transform water and oxygen (spirit, breath, the holy ghust) into red cell “living” blood (wine) during the chemical fusion (wedding) in the lungs (Cana) which are connected to the blood circular system (Galilee). The psycho-spiritual seed (sun, fish, Jesus) later descends to the Sacrum (Kreuzbein = “cross bone”, Holy bone, archetype of the “devil”, ruled by Saturn, “Satan” an anagram of "Santa", Capricorn), the deepest point in the sun`s journey (abyss, hell).

The Sacrum - a reddish bone, archetype of the "devil"

On the dangerous and difficult way back to the head (promised land, heaven, Israel) the seed (chosen one, messias, hero figure, Horus, Krishna) must now try to leave the lower, animal body (Egypt, Sodom and Gomorrha), defeat animal (sexual) desire (Pharao, Judas, Scorpius), cross the blood barrier (Red Sea) and climb the spine (Jacob`s ladder), which has 33 vertebrae (Masonic 33 degrees) to a place in the skull (Golgotha) where the Vagus Nerve (Tree of Life)/ Cerebellum and spine cross each other (cross). Here the seed is electrically charged (crucified), before it can head further up to the center of the Cerebrum (heaven).

Jacob`s ladder, where angels (electrical impulses) move up and down.
Jacob ("supplanter", "holder of the heel" = Adam Kadmon, the Cabalist man on Zodiac wheel) has his head on the stone (Petrus), the rock on which the Christian church was founded. The Jew Peter, which is Jupiter, ruler of the Age of Pisces.

It should now become clear that, in a Hermetic sense, during Christ`s mass (Khemet: Kresh Mes, Greek: Christos “oil”) within the body, the internal sun/son is reborn, just as the external sun is reborn at the winter solstice. Illumination works through a conscious, spiritual transformation from the lower mind (He Phren) to the higher mind (Iesous), the human body can be compared to a "lamp" (wordplay: lamb) belonging to god (wordplay  gad= tribe of Aries, “arise” at Vernal Equinox) and when this lamp is ignited by the process described above (exoterically at vernal equinox, esoterically at Passover), the grey matter (the dead) will be activated (reborn).

"Thou anointest my head with oil." The wise virgins now trim the wicks of their lamps and fill it with oil, before they meet their bridegroom.

The seed then remains 1 moon sign in a skull cavern (3 days in the tomb) and after three days proceeds upwards (ascends) to the Pineal (compare to Winter Solstice). Masonic (Masonry encapsulates the same information as Christianity in a different set of myth and symbols) Hiram Abif has thus created a "stone for the temple builders", a stone without the mark of the animal man (mark of Beast).

If repeated, the older, destroyed seeds/ stones can also be reactivated (the dead shall rise) and at some stage the electrical energy of the Sacrum (kundalini) is activated and the Queen of 7/ Sheba may rise to the Optic Thalamus (all seeing eye) and reactivate the Pineal (third eye), the "eye becomes single and the body is full of light". You have thus given 10% (consciousness, left brain hemisphere, Mercury) to receive 100% (right brain, dark matter of the brain, unconscious, right brain hemisphere, Venus) and are part of the order of Mel-chi-tsadiq (black-energy-righteous person). Note how the universe, just like the human brain, contains 90% dark matter. As without, so within.

The serpent Mesi (mes, mas) represented the Gnostic Christ (solar energy active through the miniature sun in the earth center through the human "heart" - the heart of the brain is the Pineal). It consists of 7 souls (planets, colors, musical notes, chakras, cities, churches) + Iesous = 8. Now it becomes clear, why Santa`s sled is pulled by 8 reindeer – the sled is pulled by the Egyptian Ogdoad. The Vatican shows you this in the form of a white dove. Nothing new under the sun!

The Ogdoad is pulling the Capsules of the Claustrum

Santa Claus is thus the giver of the most supreme, divine gift in the human body, the raw material for the oil in the lamp of the magic genie.

I hereby complete Vatican genealogy for the "Newest Testament"
and identify Santa Claus as...
....the grandfather of Jesus!

Why "X"-mas? The Vagus Nerve is cranial nerve no. 10 (roman X), see bottom right in the picture above. He is one of the elders before the throne.

This is what I teach my children:
"Santa Claus does exist! He is very real. And he knows whether you have been good or bad…”

Merry spiritual rebirth 2013!

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The answer lies within

The dream state as master Hierophant
Imagine, you are a computer and you have just been assembled and are plugged in for the first time. You are ready to receive your “operating system”, which will serve as communication system between you and the outside world. It will be the basis of your world view, as long as it remains installed. There will be updates, but the basic system stays the same. This is a perfect analogy for how we enter our lives as human beings. The initial programming of our subconscious mind, which we receive during infancy and early childhood years, becomes our “operating system” and becomes the basis for our definition of reality, of our identity, how we behave and of our purpose in life. Now, going back to the analogy, imagine that you receive an operating system which is inferior to that of other computers and limits you in your communication with the outside world. This is a perfect analogy for what happens to our subconscious mind, when we are born and raised in western/ “modern” society. We adapt a (subconscious) programming, which prevents us from properly interacting with nature. A child growing up in the wilderness, with little or no contact to other people (and receiving no language-based “deaducation”, to use a term that Dr. Phil Valentine coined), will perceive and define “reality” in a completely different way than a child raised in the city. 

Who is using whom?

In this blog entry I will verbally describe – as far as this is possible and meaningful - a fundamental shift of reality, which liberates the mind, makes life more meaningful and connects with mother nature (Metu Neter). The task at hand is not to describe a new, or “modern” (“New Age” type) reality, but rather to point out the natural, ancient, original, true human reality of nature, which nowadays is more and more blocked by the unnatural, subconscious “operating system” that western society “installs” in children. In “The Matrix”, protagonist Neo (= Neo-Cortex, the youngest part of the human brain, the part that makes a human being a human being) expresses his willingness to be (re-) initiated to reality by Morpheus (a Greek deity of dreams). Precisely in the same way we can also choose the “Red Pill” and start learning about reality again. The movie correctly points at the fact that this initiation is received through the dream state/ trance (Morpheus serves as  the Hierophant/ master initiator), because what we commonly see as “waking state/ daylight reality” is in reality a half-blind dream state that reveals only an atrophied image of reality (compare with “Plato`s cave” analogy) produced by the severely limited five senses. Up to this point, Neo (the brain) believed that it was awake, but it was not!

picture from my personal notebook. The logo of Microsoft Windows XP shows you the correct universal operating system - but for a fake level of reality

This logo displays the "earth cross", consisting of the horizontal line of equinoxes and the vertical line connecting the solstices. However, instead of a sphere, it uses a square world that looks like a flag. The astrological nature of this logo is clearly revealed by the colors, which represent the four elements, precisely as found in the zodiac wheel:
red (fire) = Leo, opposite yellow (air) = Aquarius
blue (water) = Scorpius, opposite green (earth) = Taurus

The letters X and P in Greek are "Chi" and "Rho" - together making up the symbol of Constantine, the Chi Rho, which also is name giver to the city of Kai-ro, the place from which most knowledge was taken by Caucasian imperialists

Nowadays, language has decayed into a mechanical communication system consisting of meaningless containers (words), which are made up of meaningless symbols (letters). Such a system is simply not sufficient for describing reality – reality lies far deeper than what can be communicated through modern language. That which can be expected behind the veil of nature, at the nucleus of esoteric imagery and myth, cannot be put into words. For this reason, and also because is unwise to cross a certain boundary when communicating knowledge, I am limiting this blog entry, just like all published wisdom through the ages has been limited. It took me a while to fully comprehend the full value of learning mysteries. “Facts” block the development of the mind, mysteries activate it. Modern language programs the mind with empty shells, while in the past, symbols, myth and images used to fill it with information potential for true understanding and expansion. Throughout the ancient world, knowledge was therefore communicated through symbols and myth. Hieroglyphs are superior to modern language systems and ancient myth and fables from Africa are indeed more meaningful and complete than today’s highest science. The invention of written language, especially composed of single letters was not a step forward for humanity, instead, it was one of the early signs of spiritual decay, moving into the dark age of Pisces, the age of doubt and belief.

experiencing nature cannot be put into words

In all ancient myth, there is a fine, red line between the hero bringing back the “fire” (illumination, knowledge) from the “gods” and achieving something good with it and the same hero becoming a fool or traitor on his return, or even receiving a severe punishment for his deed. To reveal from the occult (hidden) what should remain there for others to discover for themselves is a wise thing only up to a certain degree. Too much light may blind the eyes and illumination loses its value, if presented on a silver plate. It does not necessarily help others to actually help them, because help always contains a dis-empowering element. I will therefore restrict myself to summarizing, what is more or less freely available in literature and leave further experiences for others to discover for themselves, when and if they are willing or able to do so.

plug and play, the end of the species

Our society is slowly drifting dangerously close towards an obvious, long-planned trans-humanist paradigm, which is based on the above described, limited (unconscious) operating system. To drive this agenda forward, a deliberate, systematical dumbing down of society is organized (“deaducation” system), which then allows to offer human-made, mechanical, “technical help” to improve the allegedly “insufficient” evolutionary capabilities. Only if people are sufficiently estranged from nature and thus stupid enough to comply, they will accept an artificial, external replacement for capabilities they possess by nature. A vendor of medicine increases his sales by increasing the number people who need it – by making people sick. People are made to develop a belief that technology is superior to nature and today, scientific belief is taking the form of and truly replacing, religious belief. The current generation is being systematically conditioned to adapt computer technology in all walks of life (e.g. at work, nothing works without computers, smart phone zombies that bump into you), to store our personal information in artificial “clouds” (that replaces our own clout and is easy to access for others) and we are slowly being conditioned by means of behavioral science, to accept “expert advice”, idiotic legislation and “big brother” type surveillance. It is becoming more obvious by the day, how ridiculous this whole system of living is.

creating problems helps to implement desired solutions 

I like referring to current examples: take a close look at the current media advertisement campaign by the NSA around the “useful martyr” E. Snowden. Whenever something gets as much airtime in major, global media as the NSA/ Snowden story, it is a clear sign that the story is approved by the true power structure (of which the NSA and military industrial complex and media are of course a part) and that it fits a certain higher, often long-term social engineering agenda. Opinion is molded though application of propaganda techniques using a “problem – reaction –solution”- type, Hegelian technique, and here is how this works:

-         The desired solution may be that in approx. 30 years from now (maybe one generation), computer dominance and surveillance (two brothers walking hand in hand) should be globally rolled out, implemented and socially accepted. If very few people wish to continue ruling billions, this is a very important step towards the required power structure.

-         The desired reaction is that the general public accepts surveillance as a “necessary evil”. The systems cannot be rolled out in secrecy, the public needs to be made aware of the agenda and take part in it. An outrage is destined to occur, therefore it is advisable to scientifically design and control such outrage via the media. The population therefore needs to be made “angry” about surveillance, and exoteric (puppet) leaders serve as role models to instruct the population how the emotional and rational reaction should look like. Just like in any myth or fairy tale, certain hero figures can serve as role model to drive the story. Even the simplest member of society must be made aware that secret services of some kind are watching them at all times (electronic tagging/ Smart-phones, etc). Most people will acknowledge and accept this and not change their behavior (“I have nothing to hide”). More active elements of society will try to organize resistance and such resistance has several distinct advantages:

1.      Resistance strengthens a process in a Hegelian way and by raising awareness, it can accelerate implementation of an agenda by focusing mass consciousness (mass ritual). The universe knows existence and non-existence but there is no way of resonating “against” something. An “anti-surveillance” discussion is therefore an impossibility and it only strengthens the concept of surveillance, just like an “anti-cancer day” strengthens the concept of cancer (this is why pharmaceutical companies organize “disease days”)

2.      Observable resistance serves as “honey-pot” for the system to better identify the opposition (Infowars concept “we are the resistance”)

3.      Resistance serves as yardstick for expected dynamics, to measure the viability of certain chess moves and to plan the timing of an agenda. The NSA/ CIA use superpower computers to simulate the future (e.g. “Recorded Future”) and whenever the system makes a big move, we can be sure that it has been tested to be fool proof on smaller scale in advance.

-         The problem that is thus being sketched in media in order to cause the required reaction from the public, is to start a discussion about the discrepancy between government/ cultural ethics on one hand and the global, “lawless” activities of the NSA, which transcend borders, countries and legal systems, on the other. This discussion is currently being stage-acted for the media by high-ranking politicians (top politicians are paid actors), some of whom are in the know and others who are “useful idiots”. So, Mrs. Merkel is “upset”, the French President is “outraged” and Mr. Cameron is “seeking a dialogue”, while the truth of the matter is, that these people are well aware of the fact that surveillance goes much, much deeper than is being revealed and that the agenda is only being revealed on the lowest scale in order to create a reaction, which is supposed to lead to a pre-defined solution. Genius minds are employed in major think tanks to design problems and public reactions that produce pre-defined solutions.

"to saw off the branch on which one is sitting"

This is logical (and genius), population control. The western “Egregore” (the commonly adapted perception of reality shared by a group of people who are physical proximity) of our time is scientifically constructed by experts of behavioral science and even awake people and conspiracy-savvy people (world history is based on conspiracy!) go with the media flow, thus social engineering becomes child`s play if you are in control of major media outlets. Humanity must pass this test and the struggle between suppression and true freedom of mind has taken a U-turn development from dogma and torture to information overflow and rapidly converting the natural into a fake, electronic world. E-mails replace phone calls, buttons replace individual handwriting, scanners replace the human eye, drones replace intelligence, clouds replace brain cells, a CPU replaces the memory, RAM replaces thinking, digital images replace nature. Fake or secondary experiences (e.g. watching t.v.) replace real, first hand experiences and this necessarily leads to unhappiness and loss of purpose in life, because we are here to gather primary, individual experiences, not in an electronic world, but in nature. Environmental destruction is the natural consequence of the masses watching television. If the majority of people focus on an artificial world, the natural world fades.

unplugging can be a painful experience

There can be no freedom of mind as long as the physical world and the media as its manipulated mirror reflection remain programmed as “reality” in our subconscious mind. We are simply running on the wrong “operating system” and the only way to expand our mind beyond this fake reality is to pull the plug and to re-program ourselves (just like Neo does in “The Matrix”). Once we do so, there quickly arrives the point where language becomes insufficient to describe the complexity of holographic mind and images are needed to feed the mind. For this reason, and not because they were “primitive”, our ancestors wrapped universal laws into myth and these myths are therefore highest “primitive” science (primo means first, thus primitive things are the ones that were there first, the term does not suggest that “primitive” means “inferior”), highest possible expression of human consciousness within the limited world of the five senses. “Modern” in this context is best defined by the Latin modo, “just now”, modern science” is nothing more than a fashion trend of mind (i.e. German “Mode” means fashion). As such, fashionable science is not "wrong" per se, but it only holds true from the current point of view of the limited perception of human beings, which is fashioned after the degraded Egregore of our time (our erroneous  perception of reality, based on the original, erroneous programming of our subconscious mind). Any person transcending the Egregore of our times (e.g. growing up in the wilderness without any contact to western society) will be aware of this fact. Therefore all myth can and must be understood not primarily on the figurative, narrative level, but on the allegorical level.

the holographic eye

Knowing that the “outside” is only illusion created by slowed light particles and that the day, just like the night, are equal dream states created by sun photons, the most profound and direct way of widening ones perception, is to close ones eyes and look inward. As the title of this post postulates, the answer lies within. Nature even provides the obvious hint for doing so because we sleep 1/3 of time and wake 2/3 – so ¼ of the waking time (4 hours a day) are automatically spent day dreaming, a subconscious process people are usually not even fully aware of better. Conscious trance is a powerful tool, the modern way of living usually does not permit this, or better, it dramatically influences this process through supplying an endless array of fake images (the Hollywood mages).

I have mentioned that I will not spill the beans on occult knowledge (even though I am not bound to any oath of secrecy), but I do take the chance to play Morpheus, and supply a glimpse of what you can expect to find if you unplug yourself. This is more or less in line with Hermetic teachings, but I refuse to put myself into this or any other category, my teachings are based on everything and nothing:

  • what we perceive as “physical reality/ time” is nothing but an illusion of our senses. The totality of “phenomena” (physically perceivable substance) compared to “Noumena” (not perceivable substance) in the universe is like comparing a candle to a supernova. 
the Daath wormhole
  • What we call “death” is related to the Kaballa term “Daath”, which stands for knowledge. Perfect knowledge means death (“Daath”). Physical life on earth equals to incomplete knowledge. The moment our body dies, our soul (from “sol”, an internal equivalent of the external sun) regains full knowledge and transcends the wormhole called “Daath”. Death and life are indeed two mirrored sides of the same coin and the coin itself is universal and eternal. The small is a miniature version of the great and vice versa. The same dual principle of “life and death” runs on all temporal scales: on the scale of seconds, we in- and exhale, on the scale of minutes, we are conscious or we daydream, on the scale of days, we wake and sleep, on the scale of months, we are under influence of the moon, on the scale of years, nature dies and resurrects itself (physical birth in spring equinox, maturity in summer solstice, old age in autumn equinox, death and spiritual rebirth in the winter solstice), and on the scale of one lifetime we switch between physical life/ spiritual death and spiritual life/ physical death. The same pattern of duality expresses itself on all levels of temporary existence.
  • Man is an image of the macrocosm (universe), and the universe is a reflection of the creating mind force. Man stands at the very center of creation, precisely between highest physical creation (perfect human body with twelve systems) and lowest spiritual creation (Sol incarnated with amnesia). Heaven (mind) and earth (body) meet, fire (spirit) enters water (matter), sun and moon are divorced and the duality of wake/ dream on all temporary levels is created as illusion of the mind. The word “man” is based on “mind”.
Man, get in touch with your brain!
  • Everything outside of the human body is illusion and the human body itself is also an illusion, because it is also “outside”. The universal experience is constructed as a hologram - therefore the small reveals the construction of the large, the inner construction of the human body reveals the construction of the outer universe. Man, know thyself! As within, so without. If you look into the starry sky at night, you are looking at the macro version of electrical brain cells, because the universe is a reflection of mind. You are not “god” (this is a horrendous word based on the Hebrew “Gad”/ month of Aries/ “Tribe of Gad”) but as we are created in the image of deity, we partake in the attributes of the creating mind (omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence) on a smaller scale. Creation needs to experience itself and must therefore enter itself in the state of amnesia, which is why “you” have the illusion of existing in “your” current, individual form. (a popular myth brilliantly symbolizing the holographic nature of creation is that of deity sacrificing itself to itself: Jesus as son of “god” – sun of Gad, light energy of Aries, “arise” – descending into matter and being sacrificed to the father, who he also represents himself). 
  • The meaning of life is to gather experience and let the creating mind know, what makes us happy and thus, to let it know how to expand the universe. From point of view of the living, happiness is the only true goal in life, the only true content of existence, which we share with all physical levels of life below us.
  • The zodiac is the ancient depiction of how our body is created and the moment of first inhalation defines the alchemical construction of our lower (physical) self. I have proven in another blog entry through simplest math that due to the precession of the equinoxes and artifacts in Khemet, the zodiac must be at minimum 30,000 years old, more likely 56,000 years or – and this looks more likely, the more I reflect on it – it is eternal, just like humanity, meaning, it has always been there, because time does not exist. The zodiac is ruled by the 7 Elohim (5 planets + Moon + Sun), who served as the blue print of all gods ever created in human history and the four creational forces of the universe (Eagle, Bull, Leo, Man = four elements, four primary “un-thought thoughts” of mind energy, as displayed in the Microsoft logo at the beginning of this blog entry), which are condensed to flesh and bones by the demiurge (the sun photonic energy), which is father sun, the exterior centre of illumination of our solar system, child of Sirius B, who imploded and thus sacrificed itself and gave “virgin birth” to Helios (thus to itself, just like Jesus, because Helios is a child of Sirius B). Thus, mind is transformed into a dream that is experienced as “reality” and projected into a cyclical process culminating in “human life”, with the interior point of illumination in the pineal gland, the black sun of Melanin, which corresponds to the universal dark matter and the oil in planet earth.
  • As such, the locality of “inside the body” is just as impossible as the outside, because there is no space and no time. But to understand this and realize it for your self, it is eternally easier to view inside, which is precisely what sages of all ages have been doing (trance, meditation, ritual, magic plants, chanting, etc.). This is why and how -- the only possible, logical explanation! -- they were able to describe planets and other phenomena that cannot be seen with the naked eye, thousands of years ago and without any Hubble telescope or organizing Mars missions. If you understand astrology and know your own body, it is a logical conclusion that there must be planets beyond Saturn and it becomes evident (by evidence of the human body) of which metal/ elements these planets must be made. 
the milky way in your body
  • All answers indeed lie within our selves – because inside and outside are reflections of one another and both are actually one and the same, it is just another level of the hologram. The Milky way corresponds to the Solar Plexus (see above). The Orion Nebulae (see below) is the womb of stars and contains the Akashic records – the recording of all consciousness that ever was and that ever will be. Before looking at the below Hubble Photograph for the first time, my expectation was to perhaps find a reference to Egyptian symbolism and ....see for yourself:

Pyramid with eye in the Orion Nebulae

"There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see."
- Leonardo da Vinci