Masonry, the Magic Flute and the Paut Neter

It is my joy to share with the world after 222 years the true, highest interpretation of the well-known and much beloved opera “The Magic Flute”, which was composed by musical genius and Master Mason Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The libretto (opera text) was handed to Mozart by a very close, Masonic friend and “lodge brother”, the true authorship however, remains unknown.

The Ka (hand gesture also used in Freemasonry)

Here a warning to your “Ego” (your current image of who and what you are, Egyptian “Ka”) - studying this blog and the underlying materials, if you allow them to do so, may ignite a mental process within you that may one day in the future turn out to be fatal to your Ka, as it may eat away at your current world view and perception of your life. Preparedness to change your Ka opens the potential to activating your power of will (Heru), to open closed doors in your mind (Egyptian “opening of the way”), to eventually lead you on the highest spiritual path and, if successfully mastered, to allow you to redefine your Ka to the "Ba" (world soul) and ultimately, to bring the greatest possible joy and peace to your life (Islam, Hetep, Shalom, Salem, Nirwana). If you love your ego the way that it is, this text is not for you.

It humbles me to serve as transmitter of this information and contemporary credit (the credit of our time) must go to Ra Un Nefer Amen, who has brought back a great treasure to the world, the spiritual initiation system of ancient Khemit, which he himself received through trance meditation from his ancestors and published in a series of books only a few years ago. Timeless credit must go to our ancestors in Khemet, the true, black cradle of civilization, who designed and taught the Khemetic life system over 4,000 years ago and took great care to preserve this information in a way, so that it could survive the millennia and reach us in our time. They were well aware that their culture would have to perish and that their spiritual system would die during the Piscean Age, and could only be revived 4,000 years later, in the Aquarian age, which is now.

The infant Mozart showing Masonic gesture of the "hidden hand"
Mozart visited the Isis temple in Pompeii in 1769 at the age of 13

I am just starting to work on my own initiation and while listening to the Magic Flute in my car on the way to work, the true meaning of this marvelous artwork has struck me and I have spent the last two weeks understanding and fine tuning the metaphysical interpretation. I am by no means done with my understanding, because the entire Opera, line by line, word by word, is overflowing with genius. I can state with certainty that the libretto (Opera text) must have been authored by a fully enlightened (Ausar) being, and the very fact that the Opera visualizes what otherwise could not be learned in an abstract way, makes this piece of musical art, in my humble opinion, the greatest Opera of all times and perhaps also the greatest work of art outside of Khemit, ever to be created by a European (Caucasian). Only the musical genius Mozart would have been able to supply the musical composition worthy of the divine contents. From his personal letters we know that he was able to compose outside of time, meaning, he was able to “hear” all musical notes at the same time, and thus paint a picture. He was using the capacity of his right brain hemisphere. In the picture above you see him displaying the “hidden hand”, which is a Masonic gesture.

That the Opera has “Masonic elements”, is not hard to see and nothing new. Other authors have extensively written about the tonality E-flat being typically Masonic (what is the practical value of knowing this?), the Queen of the Night representing anti-Masonic Maria Theresia, three trumpets this and 18 x 4 = 72 that (again, what is the practical value of knowing this?), Mozart being a Mason this, the history of the Singspiel that,….. The fact is that all authors on the subject up to this day have failed at even remotely capturing the highest, metaphysical meaning of this opera. 

I am going to summarize this highest meaning below and invite any so-called “scholar” to step forward and attempt to challenge this interpretation, which will be a failure, even before the attempt is made. The fact is, that we all need to re-learn ancient science, and that most things that we think we “know” today, are simply beliefs and mostly wrong. Knowledge is no product of analysis (left brain activity), it is instead received through the right brain. If admitting to be wrong hurts your ego, you are hereby invited to study the Magic Flute after reading this blog entry. The Opera itself is designed to provide the remedy to all ego problems (and all other problems of life). In this sense, it is more than just art (few people today realize that art is a science, a knowledge), this opera is a technology that can be used ritualistically, a vehicle to transcend your ego. It has a practical application

Even though I take care not to give much importance to my ego, as you see proven by the fact that this website here does not promote my person, I wish to express my great joy, as my self-instructed studies of occultism/ mysteries have led me to the deep understanding of Khemet initiation rites within only a few months. The key to this “learned, secondary” knowledge were books, my accelerated progress however, is owed to the continuous, relentless training of my right brain thinking, which I have been able to elevate beyond art (harmony perceived by 5 senses). After seeing the Magic Flute, Bavarian Illuminati member/ Master Mason/ literary genius Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe had this to say:

"It is enough that the crowd would find pleasure in seeing the spectacle; at the same time, its high significance will not escape the initiates."

This holds great truth, because all meaningful myth/ symbols/ initiation rites/ holy scriptures/ stories, etc. are designed in a way that several meanings can becommunicated on different levels. The meaning (so-called “truth”) thus lies in the mind of the observer and is a direct reflection of his/her own level of consciousness. This is how billions of people can understand the Torah/ Koran/ Holy Bible etc. as historical stories, which is the lowest level of meaning, targeted at the spiritually uneducated masses. Elevated initiates are able to comprehend the higher, allegorical meanings. It is the exact same with the Magic Flute, the opera can have a valid, different meaning to different individuals. As the contents are of spiritual nature, as I will prove, this Opera qualifies as “religious” art. “Religion” (latin: re – ligere) means to “tie back” (to nature and to spirituality and to our ancestors), and in this case, the Opera ties back to the initiation system of Khemet. I am truly not able to say, what could be more religious than this, because Khemet is the cradle of all world religions.

Even most of today`s higher initiates however, due to the density of the Piscean age, a natural effect, are not able to capture this “high significance” that Goethe mentions. As meanings of symbols get lost over time, most initiates today have limited knowledge about the highest meaning of their own myths and symbols. This is also due to the predominance of the “modern” way of thinking, which is 95% left brain (separating) and maybe 5% right brain (synthesis), a way of thinking (and thus, living) that is hammered into our brains from cradle to grave. It starts by not allowing children to cultivate chaos in their rooms and it ends by still reading newspapers at high age and believing, that this means to be “informed” about what is going on in the world. “Belief” is the natural consequence of left brain thinking. Knowledge is a right brain companion. Masonry has decayed from attempting to preserve the highest wisdom of Khemet to being a modern chain of “business clubs” (including their Rotary, Lions Club offshoots), where rituals are performed, but whose members are more or less clueless about their own symbols and true heritage. On the highest levels (33 and above), "modern" highest Masonry, as under the influence of the likes of Albert Pike, has erroneously re-interpreted our spiritual mission as human beings, away from acting as intermediaries for establishing a divine plan, to a way that justifies men to “play god”, meaning they create and implement their own plans, irrespective of divine will. The lodge system in the western world, like all other western institutions, has therefore failed and I doubt, whether it can be “repaired”. Let`s briefly analyze Masonic terminology.

The first example serves to show, how right-brain thinking works through the visual faculty (instead of left brain analysis, which relies on hearing/ language). If you look at the word “Masonry”, you will note that the son is within Mary, which symbolizes the spirit in matter that can be "born". Spirit is played in the myth by Heru (Horus, Krishna, Jesus, etc) and matter by Isis (Meri, Mary, Maria, mar, Meer, mer, Fatima). It is Horus in the lap of Isis, which is the origin of the “black Madonnas” in southern Europe. Spirit in matter is the human condition. Thus, every human being is Ma-son (son of mother Isis).

"Freemason" is an anglicization of the Khemetic words “Phree” and “Messen”. Yes, Masons may also think that they are “free” and in the Middle Ages builders were organized as “masons”, but the true origin of these words is the Egyptian language, as the people who constructed the breathtaking monuments in Khemit necessarily had to be enlightened. Freemason therefore means “reborn children”, and the “mes” is the same “mas” that you find in holding a “mass” or in Christ-"mas”, in “Mos"-es, “mes” means “reborn”. It corresponds to the sun/son that is reborn at the winter solstice (Dec 25th), which we call “Christ-mas”. The Gnostic Christ symbol was a serpent called “Mesi”. Egyptian “Mas/ mes” also means to pour/ anoint, and this refers to renewal within the human body (as without, so within), same as the Sanskrit “kri”, as in “Kri”shna. Heru`s most ancient name was “Chresh Mes”, the sun born at Christmas, then re-born again after 9 months as spiritual seed in Virgo (the “virgin”). A “phre mes” is therefore a Heru, or Horus, or Krishna, or Christ. Compare to “Fremen” in the movie “Dune” (written by a Sufi master).

A "Ma-son" is also a “widow`s son”, because Heru`s father was “killed” by Set(h) before his birth (the sun- set, which takes place in Virgo, the virgin, ruled by Mercury, this is why “Satan” has little horns). The son/sun as the “redeemer”, is the spiritual “son of man”, which is Aquarius, the human being within the animal circle (Zodiac), who pours out his waters (origin of “baptizing”). It is also Ma-son as in Ma`at- Ra, the justice/ love of the energy contained in the rays of the sun (“Ra” does not mean “sun”, the word for sun is Aton).  Every human being is a “Ma-son” by birthright!

“Frea Maso” also means to “prepare dough”, as raw material, which refers to the allegory that man was formed from clay (“Adam”). This was first done by Ptah on his potter`s wheel, from which you get Heru Ptah, or “Harry Potter”. Hollywood knows exactly what they are doing. The idea is that objective reality was formed from subjective reality, matter was created out of mind. Therefore, "magic" is the subject of this movie series.
M.A.S.O.N.:  Mem (mother), Aleph (father), Sin (fell short, “ate fruit”), Ayin (all-seeing eye), Nun (fish, seed, first born). As can be expected, even the single letters carry a meaning, which is a tiny leftover from the times, when symbols were regarded higher than letters and right brain thinking was still the main way of operating, as communication through visual imagery is superior to left brain "reading". 

To summarize, the concept of “Masonry” is as Egyptian, as anything could be. In this sense, it is just as Egyptian, as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Hebrew and Latin languages, all mathematical accomplishments and all knowledge later claimed by Greeks, Romans and later (Caucasian) cultures. And the Egyptian system of spiritual initiation happens to be the key to Mozart`s masterpiece, which is so overloaded with hints at Egypt that it stretches imagination to the maximum how anyone can be so blind as not to see the obvious references and analogies to Egyptian initiation rites, which have later been copied by Masonry, Rosicrucians, etc. These European/ Caucasian groups claim to be custodians of ancient wisdom, but they are not. The true custodians are the walls and texts of Khemet. The knowledge is set in stone. Mozart`s Magic Flute is based on pure Egyptian wisdom (with one exception, more about this in the analysis). Let`s get started!

Physics confirms that all matter is illusion and that therefore, all is mind, and what we perceive as “our thinking” is in fact a unified working of a multiplicity of intelligent agencies, which have been assigned as “deities”, or better “Neter” (nature) by our ancestors. The Magic Flute is a personified interaction between these spiritual faculties (Neter). The Neter (faculties of human consciousness) are “played” by different characters and can thus lead conversations with each other. All involved characters are thus merely different aspects, or components, of your own, internal construction as a human being. The original libretto (text for a musical work) in German language (see here) fits the Egyptian initiation/ spiritual mystery system like a glove. In fact, every single line that is said by any character in this Opera, underlines what I have just stated. Once you have the key, which you are about to receive, you can study this artwork and, if you are interested, you can use it to develop your spirituality accordingly. If all of this is new to you, reflecting on this Opera may help you to start developing your own spirituality, which will also be the key to understanding what is truly going on in the world today. Whether you care about spirituality or not, It is your birthright to receive this choice. It is not the exclusive right of some enlightened masters (Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, lodge brothers, etc), it is the birthright of every single human being to learn about his/ her own nature. This information was taught to the broad public in universities in ancient Khemet and the largest temple was able to hold up to 80,000 people (Karnak, the largest ancient religious site in the world, see image above).

 Original costumes, note the snake on the bottom right 
resembling Apep (right side)

The tools that you need to follow my interpretation are openly available and they are the same ones that I have been suggesting throughout my blog:

-          The Zodiac, including planet rulership, (plenty available online, first step is to learn about planetary rulership and correspondence to the four elements)
-          The Paut Neter (a specific version of the Egyptian Tree of Life), as supplied by the Ausar Aset Society/ New York (here)
-          The libretto of the Opera (ideally the German original, here. The English translations that I was able to find were of such poor quality that I provide no link here).
-          A recording of the Opera, as this is some of the most divine music ever received and captured in notes. The harmonies and arias are out of this world, especially if you understand the meaning of the story.
-          An open mind, because you are about to be learn the core of initiation into the mysteries. This is going to require leaving the usual left brain thinking and activating the right brain hemisphere. Your body (the brain is part of the body) is bound to protest, put a golden lock on its mouth!

The Paut Neter, Tree of Life, carried to Canaan
by the Heb Heru ("Hebrew")

The Paut Neter (Kabalah, Ka/ Ba/ (la), the perceived image of the ego (Ka) and the higher self (Ba) was carried to Canaan by the original “Hebrews, who were the Heb Heru (“House of Horus”), who were black Egyptian priests of light energy (Ra). “Hebrew”, “Jew” and “Moslem” are Egyptian mystery titles. The Kabala is a somewhat insufficient copy of the original Paut Neter, because the original, pictorial deities (Neter) have been replaced by Hebrew words of power (Khemet: "Hekau"), which are effective, but they are not able to move the spirit in the same way that images/ Neter can. To study the re-discovered original instead of the diluted, jealously-guarded Hebrew version from Canaan, means to gain access to the practical, original knowledge, which was meant for educating and practical application by the masses in every day life. The 10 Spheres of the Paut Neter correspond to Khemet deities, Kabalah Hekau, planetary rulership and to the seven levels of human spirit, as follows:

sphere #: Khemet deity = Kabalah title (astrological correspondence), LEVEL of the human spirit (explanation)

0: Amen = Ain, triple stage darkness (universe), SOURCE/ UNITY/ GOD (black chaos, infinite potential, non-objective realm)

1: Ausar (Greek: Osiris) = Kether (galaxy) BA (world soul, union with Source, Higher Self, control of life`s events)
2: Tehuti = Chokmah (solar system) KHU (divine will, omniscience)
3. Seker = Binah (Saturn) SHEKEM (divine spiritual power, omnipotence)

4. Ma`at = Chesod (Jupiter) AB level (divine law, order, love)
5. Herukhuti = Ceburah (Mars) AB level (divine justice, oppositions)
6. Heru (Greek: Horus) = Tiphareth (Sun) AB level (balance, power of will)

7. Het-Heru = Netzach (Venus) SAHU level (imagination, harmony, beauty)
8. Sebek = Hod (Mercury) SAHU level (rationalization, external differences)
9. Auset (Greek: Isis) = Yesod (Moon) SAHU level (false “Ego”, Lower Self, mother of all living things, “mirror” of all Spheres above it)

10a: Geb = Malkuth (Earth) KHAIBIT (motive power, breath, animal spirit, “soul”)
10b: Geb = Malkuth (Earth) KHAB (physical body, individual existence)

The tree of life contracts upon itself from Amen (= involution), followed by condensation from the bottom (=evolution). Viewed top-down, the tree is therefore a symbolic reference to mind energy angles taken by universal intelligence, which moves into matter in order to get to know itself (the teacher becomes the student, which is the reason for creation). In this sense, spheres 0-9 represent “cause” and sphere 10 is “effect” (life on earth). Viewed bottom-up, the condensation process from sphere 10 upwards becomes the infinite potential that we participate in, called “life”. Every sphere thus designates (amongst other things) one of the divine, human desires. You will get to know these within the analysis below. (For detailed information you may refer to “Metu Neter, Vol. 1” by Ra Un Nefer Amen. No, I don’t earn money on these books, they are simply the best out there).

The Magic Flute takes us on the journey of spiritual evolution from Sphere 10 (life on earth) to Sphere 1 (union with SOURCE/ “god”), which is precisely the journey that the mind should take during the initiation process (if things go well). The first big revelation for understanding the Opera is therfore a right brain concept: there is only one single character in the story. All characters are one, they are a multiplicity of agencies working in a unified way. There are no “good” or “evil” characters and it also means that the entire story is allegorical, which is the exact same way that major holy scriptures (Koran, Torah, Bible) are meant to be understood at the highest level. If you master the abstract message of the Magic Flute, you will acquire the capability to understand scripture. Let`s begin with the analysis.

The original flyer of the Opera from September 30, 1791
(precisely 222 years ago)

Tamino represents the young apprentice, who at age 28 is well educated and ready for initiation but still trapped within his Ego (the false Self, Sphere 9, Auset), which is mainly fed by Sphere 8, Sebek, also home of Seth (who later became Satan/ Shaitan). Tamino runs from a giant snake (Sebek, Sphere 8/9, the crocodile deity, also Apep, the snake) to Sphere 9 (Auset, center of higher learning through trance). The ego is running from divisionary thinking (a “cunning snake”) and (mentally) cries for help (to himself, to the Neteru). The Ego thus falls unconscious and a temple door opens (the mind enters trance and opens the door to the realm of Isis) and three ladies with silver spears (silver as reference to the moon, representing Isis) appear and declare “triumph!”. The three ladies represent the three spheres of the SAHU spirit, (Spheres 7, 8, 9), which are the realm of Isis (“country of the Queen of the Night”) and which are considered to be female in the Paut Neter, thus there are three ladies.

The physical "animal" body (Khab)
The human body is the "soul catcher" ("bird" catcher)

Sphere 10 (“the wilderness”, which also in the Bible represents the human body) contains a double character: The body (Khab) and the “soul” (Khaibit), which are played by Papageno and Tamino, respectively. Sphere 10b, the human body, is “played” by Papageno, the birdman (animal man), who throughout the entire Opera is being asked to be silent, because all spiritual work requires “quieting” the body. Papageno (the human body) is “a servant of the Queen of the Night” (Isis), who is representing Sphere 9 (Auset, Isis, also the “blazing star” of Freemasonry, which is represented by Sirius. The Queen of the Night is twice referred to as “starflaming”/ “sternflammend” in the libretto). Human emotions are created between Sphere 10 and 9, thus between Tamino and Papageno. The three ladies silence Papageno (the fully developed SAHU spirit quiets the body, meditation technique) and put him on a diet (nutrition is key to spiritual development), by taking wine and sugar and replacing it with water and stone (minerals).

Auset (Greek: Isis), the Queen of the Night

Tamino is now handed the image of Pamina by the three ladies, and Tamino immediately "falls in love" with the image (not the woman!). This symbolizes transcendence of Sphere 7 (Het Heru, visualization, Venus, beauty, Art, imagination). The soul (Tamino) falls in love with a projected image. Love (sex, tantra, kundalini) is the “flaming” Isis energy that is needed to push into higher spiritual realms and must be developed in Sphere 7 (Het Heru). The Vatican has done a great job in hiding this fact and this is the answer to the question why women play a lower role in Abrahamic religions. This is key to preventing spiritual development and exercising control over the masses. Tamino thus sings the beautiful aria “This image is bewitching” (a rather poor translation of the German text), in which he mentions that he feels a “burning fire”, which is a reference to kundalini energy, the “heat” within that must be raised to proceed in the spiritual quest. His image of Pamina at this point is still based on false ideas deriving from Sphere 8 (Sebek), which are expressed to the soul (Tamino) by Isis (the false Ego, Lower Self). She mentions that her daughter has been robbed by Sarastro (Sphere 1, Osiris, the Higher Self) and that he has a "strong castle". This is the same castle as Jericho in the Old Testament, of which “the walls must fall”, so it can be conquered. It also refers to the calcified pineal gland.

Auset, note the throne above her head (her Hieroglyph)
Note that female power is the true power "behind" the king

In Scene 6, The Queen of the Night sits on a throne covered with stars. The Khemetic name of Isis was “Auset”, and her hieroglyph is a throne. In fact, the name “Au Set” resonates the English “a seat”, which is a throne, or a chair. She now sends the soul (Tamino) on a mission. As Tamino is about to leave, his body (Papageno) starts obstructing him again. Tamino says that he is too weak to help him and he emphasizes this several times. Thus the three ladies appear again and free Papageno and hand Tamino the Magic Flute. A flute is an Egyptian instrument played by air (breathing technique) and the octave on it represents the chakra system (the “seven churches”, the “seven cities of gold”, the “seven Elohim”, etc.). The three ladies also command the body (Papageno) to serve the soul (Tamino) on its mission and hand him silver bells, which may represent the endocrine glands/ or lung system. She also introduces three boys which will serve as guides on the quest. These three boys represent the AB level of the spirit (Spheres 4, 5, 6, AB level), which in the Paut Neter are considered to be masculine Spheres (even though inhabited by male and females deities, e.g. Ma`at).

Moors are often depicted as the bad guys -
this has historical reasons, because the Masonic empire took over 
from the Moorish world empire

In the 9th scene (in an “Egyptian room”) appears Monostatos and he plays the “double” of Tamino`s Higher Self, the dark Hero, the “Doppelgaenger”, the shadow of the Higher Self, in this case depicted as a Moor. I have mentioned earlier that there is one flaw in the opera. It is no coincidence that a Masonic opera depicts the “bad guy” as a black man. It needs to be acknowledged that European/ U.S. –based “western” Masonry bears a clear racist element in it, which is proven by the fact that black men were not allowed in lodges (and thus Prince Hall Masonry was created. Women were not allowed in lodges either (later the “Eastern Star” was founded, which of course is Sirius, or Isis) but this is not really based on chauvinism, it rather accounts for the fact that females are gentle and loving by nature and don`t require spiritual initiation, it is the males who need it most! As for the apparent racism (let`s call a spade a spade!), I have explained the true origin of this in previous posts. It is paradox that highest Egyptian (black) wisdom is presented and that the “bad guy” is depicted as a black man.

Seker, Sphere 3

Pamina “plays” Shekem/ Shekinah, which dwells in Sphere 3 (Seker(t), which becomes clear when she stops Monostatos` advances by using a word of power (Hekau), in this case the word “Osiris”. But shortly after, Monostatos captures her again. It is the “double” of the hero (Heru) performing “a dark version” of what the Hero intends, a natural process of the mind. In Scene 12 the Khab and the “shadow” of the Higher Self meet and each both think that the other is the “devil”. The “devil” is a character created by the Vatican on the basis of Sebek/ Seth, so this scene reflects the spiritual confusion of the general public. Interestingly, the devil is supposed to dwell “below”, which is a reference to the sub-conscious, the realm of the dark double. The Vatican has made this part of our consciousness “bad” in order to scare us away from it. The fact is that we need to look at it very carefully and get to know it, in order to keep it under full control. Vatican social engineering thus becomes apparent by studying the Tree of Life, the very spiritual technology that they are trying to hide, because it empowers the public.

In Scene 14 Papageno meets Pamina and he talks to her in plural, which is a hint that he and Tamino are one and the same. It is natural that the Khab responds to the Shekina first. They continue to sing about the higher purpose of love and partnership of the sexes and how man and woman have a higher purpose and together may reach godhood. (Side note, love in German means "Liebe", which refers to "libido", sexual energy. The word "romantic" relates to the Greco-Roman twisted concept of "Rome - antics", this is a mind control term. It is silly to assume that men and women should be romantic by nature, this is a detrimental belief system. The modern 50% divorce rate proves this point.). 

In scene 15 three temples are shown. In the middle a “temple of wisdom”, on the right the “temple of reason” and on the left the “temple of nature”, which correspond to the crossroads at Sphere 9 (see Paut Neter diagram). The three boys now tell Tamino to be a “true man” and to proceed. Tamino tries the left and right “doors” and is called back and finally opens the middle door (the path to Sphere 6), where a male priest explains to him the true situation concerning Pamina and Sarastro, the soul learns a “higher truth”. This symbolizes the spirit leaving the (female) SAHU realm and entering the (male) AB level of spirit. Tamino is being told that he must drop his hatred and seek friendship and thus leave the “realm of darkness” (Sphere 9, Isis, direct pathway on the Tree to Sphere 6, Heru), which he celebrates by playing the Flute.

In scene 17, Monostatos is defeated through the silver bells, the “Mono-state” of thinking is overcome by activating the endocrine gland system/ proper breathing technique. The body (Papageno) is shaking off its emotional responses.

Sarastro enters on a chariot pulled by six lions

In scene 18 Sarastro (the Higher Self, full control of all life`s events) enters the stage on a chariot pulled by 6 lions. This is a more than clear hint that the setting is now located in Sphere 6 (Heru, the power of will), the Sphere ruled by the sun, which in astrology rules Leo (a lion). Heru (Sphere 6) balances the entire Tree of Life (the will is the only "free" element in the human spirit, it balances between the Lower and the Higher self), thus Sarastro (speaking as Heru) declares that he has full control over the Queen of the Night (Lower Nature).

blindfolding and mock death are both elements 
in the Masonic initiation system

In scene 19 Papageno and Tamino are prepared for initiation and have their eyes covered (compare with Masonic initiation). Thus begins Act 2, which is all about the initiation procedure itself, which can begin, now that Heru consciousness has been met and the SAHU spiritual level is about to be fully overcome. The setting includes a pyramid and Isis and Osiris are praised.

In scene 2, the first trial begins and Papageno (the body) fears for his life, corresponding to the “mock death” of Masonry, which symbolizes the death of the Ego, not the death of the body. In scene 3, Papageno emphasizes that he doesn’t care for higher initiation (of course not, because he is merely the body), but he learns that also for him, the permanent partnership with a single woman will be more rewarding than “animal life”. This tells us that our animal nature (sex life) can also be fully satisfied in parallel with our spiritual development, it must not be “killed” or surpressed. This emphasizes the higher purpose of "love"/ sexual relationship, which the Vatican has distorted (celibacy, demonization of sex as something "bad", extensive homosexual elements within the New Testament (read "Piso Christ"), the womb has been removed from the Ankh symbol and two penises form a male cross, etc.). In Islam, this has been addressed by covering women in veils and putting them under male dominance. 

In scene 4, the initiates realize that they are blind whenever the priests leave. This refers to the fact that spiritual things can not be perceived with the five senses.

Heru, when fully developed and harmonized with Ausar

In scene 5 the first trial takes place. The three ladies (SAHU level) appear “from below the stage”, which symbolizes the “sub-conscious”. They try to scare the two initiates (Ego and animal spirit) and these have to stay silent, i.e. not pay attention to “female voices”, which are mental impulses from the SAHU level. This test of will corresponds to mastering Sphere 6 (Heru, power of the will).

In scene 7 the divine spiritual power (Pamina, Shekina, Sphere 3) is sleeping and the dark hero/ Heru attempts to force himself on her, but Isis appears and explains to Pamina that her father, before he “died”, handed a seven-fold sun circle to Sarastro. This symbolizes the 7-fold spirit of man (see beginning of this article), which Sarastro now wears on his chest. My interpretation of this is that the sun in our solar system is actually a “son / sun” of Sirius B, which imploded and thus our sun (sol/ “soul”) was “born”. Today`s Sirius (Isis) is thus powerless and Helios (our son/ sun) is master of this solar system. Isis (Sirius) thus asks her daughter (Sirius power on earth, now under the influence of Ausar) to kill Sarastro, an attempt of the Lower Nature to take the place of the Higher Nature, which of course is bound to fail. The obsession of the ancient world with Sirius is due to the fact that our sun is a "child" of Sirius B, which has "died", it is the same principle as the Christ myth, as above so below.

In the following scenes there are various plots of spirit elements to break the power of Osiris (Sphere 1, the Higher Self). In Scene 12 Osiris sings his famous aria “Within these sacred halls, revenge has no place”. This aria should be played on over-sized loudspeakers over Washington D.C., France, the United Kingdom and Israel. It is highest, divine wisdom. The countries that I have just mentioned are the ones under full Masonic control today and you will see that the Grand Lodges in Europe have been founded in France and England. Israel is the Zionist outpost created to drive wars (and justify false history).

Sphere 4, Ma`at, divine & order, love.
She weighs the heart against a feather (attached to her headband)
On a deeper level, she is Auset, elevated by Ausar 

Scene 13 contains the second trial, which again consist of silence. It symbolizes mastery of Sphere 4 (Ma`at, Jupiter). One priest mentions that failure in this trial is punished with “lightning and thunder”, which is the scientific hint, because Jupiter is a planet with intense electrical activity, it is constantly covered with thousands of storms of thunder and lightning.

Heru, standing on Sebek crocodiles and 
holding weapons in his hand (supplied by Herukhuti) is contained within the Higher Self
(this is also the origin of "St. Andrew", who slays the dragon, except that the Vatican left out your higher self)

In scene 16 the divine “help” (flute and bells) are returned to the initiates by Sarastro. They are reminded that Tamino requires courage and that Papageno must remain silent. The soul and body are assisted by the Higher Self, a concept represented in the picture above. 

18 x 4 = 72 spirits of Mercury, Shem-Ham-Phoras

Scene 20 includes another song dedicated to Isis and Osiris and various priests are carrying illuminated pyramids. In scene 21 Pamina and Tamino are finally united, and she feels that Tamino must die (which is true, the false Ego dies with the Lower Self. This is what Christians refer to as being “born again”). Sarastro, Pamina and Tamino then emphasize repeatedly, that Tamino must now leave (the Ego is about to overcome). In Scene 23 Papageno is separated from the couple and explained, that he is not eligible for highest initiation. He then wishes for a female companion, which appears as old lady in Scene 24. The animal body must accept the fact that it grows old and love must be maintained.

Herukhuti (Sphere 5) holds the weapon to cut the Ego

Scene 28 is the third trial, a trial of “fire and water”. This refers to the mastering of Sphere 5 (Herukhuti). The symbolical connection here is that Sphere 5 is represented by Mars and in astrology, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, which are fire and water signs, respectively. A priest reads a pyramid text, which refers to the four astrological elements (the four faculties of the Shekina, which form the character of all things in nature. Also of note is that "Earth" and "Air" are considered subdivisions of "Water" and "Fire") and the “mysteries of Isis”. The couple thus goes through this trial united (this is the core of the Isis mystery, which has a lot to do with Scorpio energy, which in astrology represents the mysteries and sex and is a female symbol, while Aries is male). As a logical consequence, they use the Flute (male, solar) and the silver Bells (female, lunar) to overcome the trials.

In Scene 29 the three boys (AB spirit) explain to Papageno that he only lives once, which of course is true, because the animal body, other that the animal soul, has only one life, while the soul is eternal. Upon playing the bells, Papagena and Papageno are now also united and they sing a duet, in which they declare that having children together is the highest joy (on the animal level) and how it is a blessing for the parents to see the younger ones playing. How parents feel deepest happiness to see their offspring, which resembles them and will take their place. When I think about promotion of homosexual marriage and “Pussy Riot” in the media, I must say, we are still in the middle ages of spirituality. It is also part of the animal nature, to only love one`s own children. In Higher nature, one loves all children. For western governments, children are the primary target for perpetuating the economic slave system. 

The stage setting for the final scene

Scene 30 is the last plot by Monostatos, Isis and the three ladies to abduct Pamina, but she and Tamino have risen to godhood, and the entire theater is lit up with sunlight (enlightenment, illumination). Isis and Monostatos sink into the ground and Isis and Osiris are praised again.


What is there to add? Perhaps for one thing, that my analysis is unlikely to be perfectly accurate (derived from reading, not by trance) and secondly, that I have not been able to decode every single detail of the Opera, only the major elements. I leave more detailed analysis to other scholars. There are also some numerical nuts to crack, e.g. the old lady telling Papageno that her age is 18 years and two minutes, etc.

I hope this post will reach many opera lovers and lovers of divine truth in this world and that it may bring to them the same joy that this discovery has brought to myself during the last days. I write this blog with the intention to uplift people and free minds from religious dogma. The opera, using the Paut Neter key, can be used for meditation purposes and training of the right brain.

I would like to add as final comment that the Paut Neter is not just “any” system or graphical representation of our spiritual faculties. It is a 1:1 representation of spiritual reality, as received over ten thousands of years and confirmed by thousands of sages, a long, long time before any of today`s religions were created. Again, temporary credit goes to Ra Un Nefer Amun (whom I have never met in this life and I hold no commercial interest) for bringing this knowledge back to the world. My analysis of Mozart`s masterpiece is proof that the system must have been known and practiced by highest adepts in Mozart`s time.

Most people today are caught in the SAHU spirit: Sphere 10 (body worship, fashion), Sphere 9 (worship of the Ego) and Sphere 8 (left brain analytic thinking, all belief systems). Only few reach Sphere 7 (Artists, right-brain activities, but still controlled by the "Queen of the Night"). If you are looking for a “bad guy”, Sphere 8 is the one, true devil (note, how the astrological symbol for Mercury has small “horns”…) that creates most problems in the world today (typical Sebekian elements are for example money, commerce, divided religions, divided sciences, written language as primary education tool, man`s separation from nature in general. The main tool of Seth(an) is deception and the main way of deceiving is through language, as outlined in my older posts).

As Sarastro says in the Opera, if more people in this world would follow this path (allow Tehuti to slay Sebek, to overcome their Ego and unite their Lower and Higher Self, exercise divine will through their Heru facility), the world would be indeed a better place. What we commonly refer to as “evil” is part of our own nature and needs to be kept in check.

Be invited! Liberate yourself from dogma of the Piscean age (churches, governments, 5-senses science, false history, etc.)

The ancient, true knowledge is no longer hidden.




The spiritual dimension of the Syria conflict, media deceptions, linguistic traps, and how to transform society

After the brief excursion into Spanish true-story I will slightly shift the focus and move back to the occult aspects of the English language, while in parallel expanding on the concepts and dynamics of social engineering, with a focus on media deceptions.

Whenever we focus on things that we don’t like or don’t approve of, we are wasting our (life) energy, which is equivalent to our “Spirit”. Metaphysically, it is impossible, to be “against” something. Either we feed an issue with our spirit (natural energy), or we don’t. The universe knows no not-being, there is only being. Our very own Being consists of two parts:

1. our Self, which is the conscious, directed seer, devoid of energy and
2. our Spirit, which is the unconscious, autonomous, seen energy.

Accordingly, all meditation practices either aim into the direction of experiencing the Self (this is done by lowering the heart/ brain waves through breath control/ Pranayama) or at “re-programming” our Spirit (this is done mainly through visualization techniques/ Mantras/ Hekau/ words of Power).

Original logo of the CFR - "Ubique" – latin “everywhere”
Biblical “pale horse” (Mercury), or Sabazios (Dionyseus, Bacchus), or both?
In any case, this is definitely a symbol of spiritual power, and this power is present "everywhere"

An anti-cancer day feeds the concept of cancer. An anti-war protest feeds the concept of war. Unfortunately, a pro-peace protest also does not feed the concept of peace, because the very nature of a protest is to use life energy to openly display the discontent with a certain situation, i.e. to be “against” something, which is impossible. In the case of today`s events surrounding Syria, the true target of protests should be the Masonic-driven foreign policy of the CFR (the White House doesn’t make policy since 92 years, the CFR was founded in 1921as offshoot of the British Chatham House, formerly Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, see here). The CFR as “independent” round table group/ think tank constitutes the hidden colonial shadow government). John Kerry as Skull & Bones member is only the public face and “The Order 322” was founded by some of the most wealthy drug dealers in true-story (Russell family/ Opium trade) and the member list is basically an elite party list (Bush, Lord, Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhaeuser, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Sloane, Stimson, Phelps, Perkins, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Lovett, etc). The fact of the matter is that these families are the offshoot of European royalty, which they hide by assuming new family names. In the New World, there could not be any Caucasian royalty, because there was already aboriginal royalty (Moors, Dugdahmoundyah, Washita, Olmex descendants). A peace movement on the other hand, as took place briefly during the late 1960`s, has the potential to become very powerful. People got together, celebrated their happiness and projected positive vibes. This is why the Tavistock social engineers (see here)/ military industrial complex/ CIA were forced to divert this movement and they finally transformed it into a psychedelic ego trip by widely distributing and promoting unnatural, chemically produced drugs (Cocaine, LSD) and by using the increasing power of media/ t.v. and extensively influencing music/ pop culture.

Are you real, Dolly?

Currently, the cry for war is out again. It feels like a déjà-vu: the west has been covertly murdering more than 100,000 people in Syria through their mercenary troop Al-Qaida, which is done by our tax money, so everyone in the western world is spiritually involved in this killing. The last fairy tale was an alleged chemical attack, which either happened or not, this is hard to tell in the day and age of fake t.v. pictures. Take a look at this short movie and then explain to me, how we are going to differentiate between real people and computer images (or clones) in the future? Can you take a guess what percentage of images and people on t.v. that are shown to us today are computer generated? Can you guess how many events and pictures on t.v. are fake? Could you imagine that the Martyr`s Square of Tripolis was re-built in the desert and then used to generate fake protest pictures, enacted by professional actors and directed by Hollywood experts? Did you notice, that the Boston bombing was staged and that the amputees were actors?

Fake amputees in Boston: click here
Strategic Operations truck at 0:39: click here
"Theater of War": staging a victory in Iraq: click here

Do you find it possible that some of the Boston Bombing actors were the same ones who "played" in the movies “Sandy Hook” and “September 11”? What would you say if I told you that most aggressive behavior and violence that is being shown on t.v. today is created and enacted in Hollywood-style productions? If you had proof for what I say, which would mean that you are being fooled on a grand scale about “reality”, would you still be willing to watch t.v. at all? Is it possible to prove that what I say is not possible? If only the slightest touch of uncertainty remains, can you still rely on anything at all that is shown on television? No matter how you turn it, there is only one logical, consequent solution to the dilemma of fake pictures, and that is to shut the t.v. off. It is naïve for adult people to believe anything that comes out of this box. On the other hand, people who are naïve enough to believe information coming out of an electronic box, deserve to live under tyranny! In my country of origin (Germany), most adult people still watch government t.v. and believe the information, can you imagine that?

This is not supposed to happen!
(Side note: the "peace" symbol is actually the rune of death, the tree of life turned upside down, guess who is laughing at people who "protest" and display this symbol?)

So, why Syria? There is a host of reasons, I will name the three most important and also add, what are not the real reasons.

1. Syria was, until recently, a primary example of how Moslems and Christians (and Sunnites and Shi`ites) were capable of living together in a peaceful way in a diverse country. (Side note: the tension between Sunnites and Shi`ites is a good example of how shallow today`s religious conflicts really are. The Sunnites say the office of the Khalifat Rasul Allah, the political successor to the messenger of Allah (referring to Mohammed), should be an elective office and the Shi`ites (mainly former Persia and India) see this position as hereditary/ bloodline connected. This dispute has now been going on since 1,380 years and as time passes on, our Moslem brothers and sisters (mainly the brothers, as the sisters really have no say) will have to realize that they are quarrelling over the succession of an invented, allegorical character. The Egyptian mystery title “Mohamed” was not even an Arabic name at the time of 630 ACE. Yes, he was the last prophet after Jesus (who was also allegorical), but this has an allegorical meaning, and not a figurative one.

2. Syria is currently a supposed ally of Russia and exoterically, this is supposed to be the “red line” towards provoking a war with Russia, which "could lead to WW3", which of course would fulfill the more than 150 year old Masonic plan of creating a series of three world wars (letter between Albert Pike, Masonic founder of the KKK, and Guiseppe Mazzini, Masonic founder of the Italian Mafia. The name “KKK” reveals to you its Masonic nature, as the letter “K” is the 11th of the alphabet and 3 x 11 = 33, a clear Masonic signature. The word “Mafia” contains the five first letters of the founders, the first one being “M” for “Mazzini”). I doubt that Putin is unaware of these facts. Either, the plan is not working, or, and this is a valid possibility, he is part of the show, who can tell?

3. In Roman times, Syria used to be under the control of the Piso family, which is the Ptolemaic family branch that authored the New Testament, the Koran and invented (and made “historical”) both the Mohammed and Jesus characters. The Pisos and Syria were synonymous. We find the Masonic empire waging wars (or faking revolutions) against all geographic locations with spiritual heritage that could endanger the fairy tale of ancient Israel/ Jewish prophecy. (Iraq, Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Egypt). Some major U.S. military bases have been built right on top of archeological sites. To me it is evident that some artifacts need to stay in the ground, as otherwise some huge historical lies would soon become broadly exposed.

How many people have noticed that U.S. war campaigns have occult names? “Shock and awe” clearly resonates “Shakinah”, “Moab” bombs remind me of the Moabites, and CIA trained Saddam referred to himself as “New Nebukadnezar” before he fell…this is too obvious, for my occult taste. Check this out. The frequent exoteric reason “oil” is not a primary reasons for any attack. Oil is the “Melanin” of the earth. Every bit that is pumped out of the earth is being reproduced in a deeper layer. The fairy tale about fossil, limited peak-oil is a typical Rockefeller financed lie. No, oil is not a primary reason for war. Never was been, never will be. It may be a secondary reason, a nice “side effect”. The primary reasons for war is related to the spiritual power structure.
...and they all love male power symbols from Khemet

The tail keeps wagging the dog. A small fraction of people are in favor of attacking Syria for financial and control purposes, while the majority of people (maybe 90%?) is not in favor of it, nevertheless they focus their energy on this subject and “tune in” to it. When will the dog start to teach his tail how to move? Hundreds of millions of adult people sit under mind control and watch t.v. and read newspapers, instead of creating something positive on their own. If this were the case, the illegal occupation zone called “District of Columbia” would collapse quickly, the foreign entities IRS and FED would be dissolved and perhaps the Constitution could be re-written to grant black people the status of full human beings (and not 3/5 human, another Masonic signature). Additionally, by being unhappy about war, we unbalance our endocrine/ hormone system and cause our bodies stress, which is the basis of all dis-ease. Our energy is dearly needed in the local community and our happiness is the force that can lift others up. There is no point to waste our life energy on wickedness in high places.

- - -

Let`s now leave these distractions and zoom out and take a broad look at the human situation. All spiritu-religious systems of the world – that is, both present and past – have one common root. There is one initial drop of water that became accessible to the human mind, out of which all waves of spiritual practices have later evolved. This includes Shamanism, Toltec teachings, nature worship, so called “pagan” religious systems (“pagan” means “citizens/ people”, it is pure arrogance to regard pagan systems as something inferior), modern psychology, medicine, Abrahamic religions, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism, “mystery” systems, occultism, Masonry, Hermeticism, magic, Gnosis, mythology, different churches (Christians have over 40,000 denominations and 1,500 different Christian faith groups in USA alone, all tax free 501(c) corporations, competing with one another), “new age” systems, Rosicrucian teachings, you name it…Once you are familiar with this original drop of water, you will be able to perceive its diluted information within all systems that are mentioned above. Seriously, all of them. Inka, Aztecs, Cheyenne, Dogon, Olmecs, aboriginals, Sufis, pick one and check it out for yourself. The reason why this is so, is because the original spiritual (=natural) system of life used to be a global way of living in our ancient past and this natural system was “exported” from one common source to different emerging cultures over time and diluted, changed, misunderstood and abused extensively for power purposes.

In order to “break the spell” (of spell-ing) let´s proceed to make a brief inventory of the typical spiritu-religious vocabulary and try to shine some light on these terms, most of which are misleading and prevent us from fully grasping our true situation. Written words and linguistics are predestined and designed to get in the way of understanding spirituality, because the mind works in images, not in words. This is why higher developed societies used hieroglyphs, which are superior carriers of information. Written words block more knowledge, than they transmit. Such assumed “knowledge” blocks spiritual growth and acquisition of real, divine knowledge. The saying “I know that I know nothing” is indeed highest wisdom, because knowledge is not “stored” or “produced” in the electrical brain, so indeed, it is not the “I” that can know anything. Knowledge is merely received through this illusive tool. Our distant ancestors gained their divine knowledge through trance and meditation, and this divine knowledge over time has been diluted, intentionally twisted or simply forgotten. Today, there is a revival due to our point in the Great Year (transit from Piscian to Aquarian spiritual energy), and by reading this blog you are directly taking part in this revival. We are meeting our past.

“Soul”: this term derives from “sol”, which is the sun. The term is not “wrong”, because the sun does in fact have a lot to do with human nature, but the term is generally misunderstood and therefore not well suited. What is commonly referred to as “soul” is in fact the (spiritual, natural) sun energy that is transmitted through the core of the earth, which resembles a miniature sun, to our heart. The sol is one layer of what can be called “life force”, “Chi”, or “Prana”, but it is not our “identity”. We are not “a soul”…..we have a miniature sun within us and photonic rays are our “father”, which impregnates matter (“mother”). As above, so below, as within, so without. The redemption (re-birth) of the sun in the morning is enacted by  “Heru (of the two horizions)”, who "plays" the invisible concept of Karest (Christ, Krishna, etc) in myth, so the mind can understand it.

“Spirit”: frequently confused with “ghost”, or “angelic beings”, etc. In fact, the “Holy Ghost” of the Christian system refers to “Spirit”, and “ghost” is a mistranslation and should rather be “gust”, as a puff of air, or breath. The breath is closely linked to Spirit, because it controls the heart/ brain rate (Sanskrit “Pranayama”) and the heart is the place where the sol/ soul (sun force) divides from the e-motions (electronic impulses) of the animal body. Our world is controlled by Spirit and the human spirit has seven divisions, which are tied to different parts of our body/ brain, as laid out in the Khemetic life system. The English words “Spirit” and “Nature” are somewhat identical in their true meaning, as every force of nature was a “Neter” (= nature) in ancient Khemet.

“Angel”: derived from “angle”, which is an angle of photonic sun (“soul/ sol”) light. The system of angels was a late invention of the corrupted priest class, which served to manage the transition from polytheistic, “pagan” systems, to monotheistic systems. All gods but one were simply transformed into angels, demons, saints, etc. This simple fact shows that none of the so-called “monotheistic” religions today are monotheistic. It is also fundamentally wrong to classify ancient “pagan” systems as “polytheistic”, because all deities combined would constitute one entity, a concept based on holistic, right-brain thinking. Modern scholars and priests are getting it all confused, because they are trying to practice a right-brain system by applying left-brain science. This is one of the main reason why religious systems are failing today.

“God”: derived from “Gad”, which is the Hebrew name for the Zodiac sign/ “tribe” of Aries. The “son of god” (exoteric teaching for the masses) is much rather the “sun of gad” (esoteric knowledge of the priest class). The word “god” is thus a personalization of a certain zodiac symbol, which is one twelfth of human animal nature. Vowels used to be sacred and most modern written languages neglect this fact, which is one of the powerful tools used by the priest class to fool us. Again, this is why hieroglyphs were superior to alphabetic systems. One symbol could hold 20 different meanings, depending on how the vowels would be pronounced. Language would contain a melody.

”Death”: implicates that something in nature ceases to exist, which is never the case. Nature/ Neter works in cycles, therefore the term is misleading and in fact, a fairly late invention of the Babylonian priest class, based on “Daath”, an element of the “Jewish” Kabbalah. What this term really means is something like a “wormhole”, a gate of passage, through which we pass. There is no such thing as “death” or “re-birth”. Our true self is eternal. Ancient Khemet had no word for the concept called “death”. The concept was unknown. “Re-birth” has to happen during “lifetime”, by symbolically killing our lower nature (Seth, Satan, our Ego, Lower Self).

”Lord”: From “Law Ward”, which is a very important faculty within our consciousness, it is certainly not any outside person (e.g. Jesus, Gad, etc). A Law is an objective, divine truth that is valid for all human beings under any condition. The Law Ward in the Khemetic life system is “played” by Ma`at. This force of Nature/ (“Neter”) represents our divine desire for law and order and if fully developed, it can be felt as force within consciousness. This force is not subjective, it is a Law, because everyone has this desire (at a certain age, not as a child).

“Salvation”: refers to “salt”, which are the 12 cell salts, corresponding to the 12 zodiac symbols. Proper salvation of the body enhances health. The human blood is almost chemically identical to sea water, from which all life came, the "mother"/ matter/ Metu, el mar, la mer, la mere, das Meer. It is the "Reed Sea", the green sea (not red, that is a mistranslation).

“Devil”: this is a complex term, but I am here to make complex things simple. This term is related to “double”, which is the hidden double (German “Doppelgänger”) of the Higher Self that we are supposed to seek within us. It was made “evil” (“live” backwards) by the Vatican in order to divert us from our spiritual path. The horns are the horns of Capricorn, which is the time of the winter solstice, the time of the year that corresponds to the deepest darkness (and birth of Heru/ Jesus/ Mithras/ Krishna), the “abyss”, or “infierno”, which relates to “invierno” (winter), so “hell” is really a cold place. This is why Catholics drop to their knees, because in Astrology, Capricorn corresponds to the knees. All ancient horned gods (Amun Ra, Pan, etc) were made evil by the Vatican, while before they were the central theme of ancient initiation systems. The devil is the dark Heru (“hero”) that is to be searched inside. Hollywood showed him to you as “Batman” (note, how he has small horns!). The original concept was Sut- Typhon of Khemet. Life in water (“matter”/ “mother”) was transformed into a personalized boogieman, that is how far off the target of our thinking is today – due to magi-cal language.

“Demon”: Deity of the Moon, from Khemetic “Tem-on”, which means “setting sun in heaven”. Of course Seth (as in “set-ting”), who fought with Heru (the re-born saviour, symbolizing divine force of Will) was transformed into “Satan”, which also happens to be a phonetic play on the word “Saturn”. In astrology, the planet Saturn rules the bone structure (the densest part of the body), which are referred to as “fallen angels” (angels of light), because all physical substances are made up from slowed photonic light. The Islamic “Shaitan” is the same concept as the Vatican “Satan”, because the Vatican controls both Islamic faith and Christianity, both created by the Ptolemaic dynasties. Judaism is a twisting of Gnostic Christianity, so all three rings are help by one Lord of the Rings, which in the movies is Sauron and in reality is the Vatican.

The dove has always been a symbol of the released sol/ soul, 
that is why the sun is shining behind it. This is the "Holy" (= sunny, from "helios") Spirit of the Catholic Church, which is a beautiful, but also misleading concept, because the spirit is female power, which the homosexual Vatican "brothers" are trying to hide

These are the ones that spontaneously come to my mind. Reflecting over the indicated meanings of these words, may assist you in understanding what has been done to spirituality. Re-programming their meaning in our mind may help to un-block and facilitate our spiritual evolving. Spiritual evolution is not a personal choice! Human beings are spiritual beings, because what is truly meant by the word “Spirit” is the female animating force within nature, the life energy (the word energy comes from Greek “en ergo” which means, “to do work from within”), and everything in the universe contains spirit, every animal, every plant and every rock. In fact, the world we live in is completely controlled by spirit. Whether one acknowledges this or not, does not change this fact. “Spirituality” means to connect with nature, nothing more and nothing less. Just observe the movement within each molecule, Physics confirm to us that everything is in motion – so, what drives this motion within each molecule? Spirit! A spirit is an essence of something, this is where you get the name of the Gnostic Qumran sect, which were the “Essenes”. Circle starts to close?

Man automatically moves through a pre-set spiritual evolvement during his life, and as we grow older, our inner drive to develop answers to life automatically grows stronger. Avoiding or ignoring this drive often leads to unhappiness, addictions or even physical sickness, because one cannot defy nature. Our very own brain anatomy reflects this simple fact of life, as 50% of our higher brain (Cortex, Frontal Lobe) are “un-programmed” and it is our task (and our great chance) to do this programming ourselves. Man is thus capable (and obliged) to spiritually cultivate growth. In many cases today, this growth is blocked through language and the “western” way of life, which is based on materialism and 5-senses experiences, a life completely in the Lower Nature. Fundamental belief systems are in the way of grasping knowledge (Gnosis) about our true nature, e.g. erroneous religious systems, false scientific theories (e.g. Darwinism, pure evolutionism) and most of all, our own belief that we are “only human”. This is in fact the biggest mistake of all.

The original Tree of Life - Paut Neter

Out of all spiritual systems mentioned in the beginning of this article, all can be chosen and practiced, but only one happens to provide a complete and 100% accurate “map” of our human life, which is a reference system based on symbols, which completely decodes how our life and our thinking works and – most importantly – how we can work with it and use it in our daily lives.

Do you experience mood swings? Do you think out loud within your head and try to answer your own questions? Do you sometimes “drift off” during the day and catch yourself “day dreaming” about situations, which feels like a bit like watching a movie? Do you have dreams at night which seem to make no sense? Do you find yourself reacting negatively to certain situations (trigger situations), even though you would prefer to keep your inner peace? Do you wonder how and why hopes, fears and emotions in general arise within yourself and how you should be dealing with them? Do you wonder how your mind affects your daily life? Or is it the other way around? Is it healthy to live according to emotions, or better to try to suppress them? How is your subconscious mind linked to your conscious mind and how exactly does the mind-body connection work? How can you stay mentally and physically healthy and how exactly is this related? How can you achieve true happiness? What is your purpose in life? What exactly are you? Why does your body work differently than that of other people?

The great news is that the original drop of all religious/ spiritual systems provides an organic framework and coherent answers to all of the above questions 100% coherently and logically via a perfect Cosmogeny/ involution and Cosmology/ evolution. This is the system of true Gnosis (knowledge) of ancient Egypt, the system that has been hijacked and perverted by the Greco-Roman empire and that is being used today by the contemporary priest class to keep humanity in a mental lockdown and to control the world. The epicenter of mind/ spiritual control is the Vatican (which is not part of Italy), the financial arm is the London City (which is not part of the United Kingdom), and the war arm is Washington D.C. (which is not part of the United States of America). The world`s power structure is located in lodges, not in governments (govern / “ment” = mental control). Hollywood/ t.v. is the greatest mass mind control tool every invented.

Four fixed zodiac signs displayed in Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.
As can be seen, a central them here are the four elements that make up man, which correlate to four gospels of the New Testament and the four astrological elements, as follows:
Matthew = Aquariusyellow = Air = Mind
Marc = Leo, red = Fire = Spirit
John = Scorpio (eagle), blue = Water = Emotion
Luke = Bull, green = Earth = Body

The four letters "YHWH" are the same concept.
You will note in the above picture, that the four pillars reach into the ceiling system of 12 circles, which is the zodiac, which surround the sun. You will find the same symbology on St. Peter`s Square in the Vatican and in every Gothic church
(Side note: Gaudi was a 33rd degree Mason, he shows you in his "Magic Square". This also shows the link between "Christianity" and "Masonry", which are both offshoots of the same system. I will go deeper into this in one of my next posts)

The first step in mental liberation, which is the grand key to all sacred knowledge, is to get acquainted with the ancient science of Astrology. Astrology is the scientific study of the lower nature of man, the animal nature of the physical body. Therefore it is depicted in the Zodiac, which is the “Circle of Animals” (Zoo – diac). This science breaks down how our lower nature (body) is composed and why this is so. This includes our physical body (of which the brain is a part), our hormone chemistry, our way of thinking, our character, our emotions, our moods, our “biological cycle”, our capabilities, our aspirations, our dislikes, our “chemistry” with other people and the way our body reacts to certain challenges and situations, which manifest as emotions, which are linked to brain chemistry/ the Hypothalamus master gland/ endocrine system. The key is sun energy, as Master Mason Gaudi shows you this in his church, which he wished not to ever be finished, because temples (from latin "tempus"/ time) represent man himself, and man should always evolve.

This science has not primarily to do with casting horoscopes - it has everything to do with true spirituality and understanding how our animal body works and why and how it has been composed. Understanding the basics of astrology means getting answers to some of the questions above. To learn this science, I recommend reading books of key astrologers from the mid 20th century. Alternatively, you can dig in the internet, but be selective about which sources you consult. Analyze your own birth chart, try to understand planetary rulership, learn how the planets move, examine the composition of the planets, etc. As a shortcut, you can watch the educative videos of Santos Bonacci, he is the best modern teacher of astrology/ syncretism/ ancient science (myth is actually the highest ancient science) that I am aware of. His videos can be found on Youtube, here (“Mr. Astrotheology” channel).

The second (and more complex) step (we have just dealt with the lower self) will be to understand the Higher Self, which means to learn about brain anatomy and how the “marriage” of the sun-force (“sol”) and the life energy of nature (“spirit”) within human beings works. We are beings that consist of a lower nature that was constructed on earth (animal body formed by evolution, man contains portions of all animals but is not an animal) and a higher nature that was not constructed on earth, but rather transmitted to earth by a universal force through rays of the sun, which we may call as we like, according to our faith. A neutral term could be “the all”, and in fact, in the German language the universe is also called “All” or “world-all” (Weltall), which to me seems fitting, because this word is free from any religious or pseudo-spiritual bias.

Understanding the higher nature is a complex journey, and it is necessary to have a framework, meaning a symbolic construction, a chart or road map of some kind. The great tool that Khemet left for us is the Paut Neter, the Tree of Life. This concept was bent out of shape by the “Jewish” Cabalists, who actually were Egyptian exiled priests in Chaldea/ Canaan/ Babylon and who did not primarily have in mind to educate the masses. In Khemet this information was still taught in universities/ temples on a broad scale to the public. Despite all efforts of Hollywood and the Hebrew teachings, ancient Egypt was a peaceful, highly cultivated, female ruled and spiritually advanced society. To learn about this system I recommend starting with “Metu Neter, vol. 1” by Ra Un Nefer Amen. If you are on a spiritual quest and willing to expand your knowledge, it could be the most enlightening book that you have ever read.

Note the huge efforts that are being made by our controllers/ social engineers today to keep you from unleashing your own spiritual power. This includes t.v., news (lies, lies, lies), animalistic vibrations (“music”), scientific dogma (theories that are presented as facts and taught in school), religious fairy tales, artificial viruses (Aids, bird-flu, etc), artificial terror to scare you (Al Qaida are CIA mercenaries), a constant flow of negativity (called “news”), government education system (obedience training), political lies (Muslim Brotherhood on CIA payroll), banks openly stealing your tax money (“austerity”),….all of the western institutions are currently failing and none of them can be repaired and properly function, because they are not connected through a meaningful spiritual (= natural) system. Spirituality must govern all facets of society and rulers should only be those who have received the highest initiation and proven to be in their higher nature (ideally on the Osiris/ Ausar level). We also desperately need the female spiritual energy back in our life system.

It is a great illusion that any country can exist without a government. And it is another even greater illusion that any government can fulfill its functions properly without spirituality. Anything without spirituality is against nature. Anything that is against nature, must perish.

The bottom line of this post is that wickedness in high places, which is a natural thing, needs to be kept under control through spirituality of the general public. The right thing to do is to withdraw energy from the system of society. Step one is to turn off the t.v. and not allow daily news to control your mind. It will take a few month to achieve this and you will see that it is not so easy to protect your mind from the propaganda, because it everywhere ("ubique", the CFR slogan).

In this post I have explained the spiritual dimension of the Syria massacre, I have exposed erroneous religious terms, I have shown that "spirituality" is nothing more and nothing less than living in harmony with nature and that cultivating spirituality is not a choice. I have also, once again, shown the connection between different world religions, which I do in order to make the world aware that all systems are one and the same and that there is only one human family, which has no division.

The annunciation, (virgin) conception, birth, and adoration of the Child
Temple of Luxor, 1500 BCE
Tehuti --> Gabriel
Isis --> Mary
Kneph --> Holy Ghost/ Spirit
Heru --> Christ

In unity we stand, divided we fall.
Organized religion IS the biggest divider today and true spirituality is the only way out.

Islam, Peace, Hotep, Shalom, Nirvana!