Zionism as a psy-op

I am going to approach this topic briefly from a historical side (none of us know the true history anyway), then shed light on the term from the spiritual side, and it should become crystal clear to everyone with eyes to see what Zionism really is.... a psy-op to induce fear.

The friends of Zion came into being in the late 1800´s. It is on record that this movement was financed by Nathan Rothschild. The payer is always the master. Nathan Birnbaum is on record for creating the term zion-ism. Moses Hess was involved in the fallacy of redifining the Judaic religious belief system as a phony national movement. In 1897 the first Zionist world congress took place in Basel (in the templar/ banker´s neutral Switzerland, the historic epicentre of destructive, engineered revolutionarism) and Theodor Herzl demanded a home for Jews in Palestine. In 1917 this territory was consequently promised by Lord Balfour to Lionel Walther Rothschild, which was a parody, because the territory belonged to the Ottoman Empire at this time. "The promised land" of the Jews was taking shape - in the form of a promise by corrupted administration to old money.

Starting 1925 the Hachschara began in Germany, these were the first organized preparations for migration by a minority of European Jews. The majority of European Jews did not want to trade living in Europe for settling in hostile, stolen territory in the middle of a desert without infrastructure; the majority had to be convinced to do so by the Zionist forces... In 1933 (note the Judeo-Masonic 33) the Havaara agreement came into force, which at that time supported the common interests of Germany and the Jewish (Zionist) Agency for facilitating the emigration of Jews from German territories to the Palestinian desert. Zionism and (so-called) National Socialism were working hand in hand. This cooperation came to a halt only when WWII broke out in 1939 and international monetary transfers were no longer possible.

Regular Jews have greatly suffered under both of these systems/ -isms, and both sides were ultimately controlled by the same forces: old money. We can retrospectively state that the Zionist agenda was carefully and intentionally pre-embedded into the re-arrangements of territory following WW1 and WW2 by higher powers, and by this term I mean powers that are above country leaders and single nations.

Isms are psy-ops, everyone should become aware of this. And psy-ops are based on the term psychology, Greek psyche corresponding to Germanic soul/ Seele - this word creation has a solar root (sol/ sel), which confirms the fact that psy-chology is nothing but the logic (word, logos) of the sun, which is astrology. All psy-ops are for this reason automatically explicable as zodiacal concepts, and it is no different with Zion-ism, as I will show below. The birth chart is a snap shot of your mind (sideral is the psychology and tropical are the ancestoral factors), so mind control plays with the forces of the zodiac. All mind control system are applied within the zodiac - your mind.

The biblical term Zion is mentioned as name for the temple mount in Jerusalem. This allegorical temple mount is 12.00 o´clock noon in the daily (tropical) solar cycle, and corresponds to June 21st in the solar year, the beginning of Cancer/ summer. Jeru-salem is literally Heru-hotep, the divine peaceful state of the psyche/ sol/ Seele within the so(u)l cycle, it is also sometimes the resting place or final destiny for the great solar heros. This metaphysical truth automatically exposes the term Zion-ism as meaningless in the material world. The priesthood has introduced yet another spiritual term out of context and downgraded it to something mundane, which serves confusion, hatred and division. The three Abrahamic religions are eyeing the temple Mount in mundane Jerusalem, which is madness, because Zion and Jerusalem are astro-spiritual allegories and not places on earth! We can reach Zion through cultivation of our birth chart and elimination of bad habits, surely not by taking a plane to Israel.

There is a another aspect to the term zion - phonetically, it corresponds to Zayin, the 7th letter of the Semitic Abjad, which means a weapon (or sword). Whether intended or not, this is precisely what Zionism is, it is a weapon. A weapon held by whom against whom? Well, it is obviously a weapon forged by high finance (old money, central bankers, old bloodlines of rulers from Persia, Egypt, etc) and held against humanity. There is this rogue, stolen territory, apparently armed with nuclear weapons, unchecked by weapon inspectors, protected by the USA, right on the mundane epicenter of the three major Abrahamic religions? Well, if that isn´t a powerful weapon for the hidden rulers to keep people in check.

Let me underline my point that all psy-ops are zodiacal concepts. There are several deeper cycles and models that I am aware of, one simple model that even non-astrologers might understand is the following. The 12 signs are really 6 axis with two polarities. The polarities are NOT good and bad, but rather each polarity on its own is bad, good always lies in the center, if both ends are balanced. There are 6 axis, each with one day and one night polarity. The social engineers aim to keep us in the six day polarities, and keep us away from moving mentally into the 6 night polarities. The result is the following:

1. Axis, Aries - Libra: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Aries, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with self-preservation, ego, self defense and an exalting (more than healthy) Sun, ruled by war god Mars. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Venus-ruled Libra, the part of the mind that is concerned with natural harmonies, partnership, natural law, fine arts and justice.

2. Axis, Taurus - Scorpio: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Taurus, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with material wealth, money, perseverance and the five senses. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Scorpio, where you utilize the Marsian forces within you to transform yourself, be investigative, mystic and transcendent.

3. Axis, GeminiSagittarius: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Gemini, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with external communication, business and using left-brain trickiness to your own favour. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Sagittarius, where you listen instead of talk and enrich your inner dialogues, you cultivate higher philosophies and understand higher concepts of life.

4. Axis, CancerCapricorn: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Cancer, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with home and family, feeding yourself and moving sideways in life, without progressing. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Capricorn, the great building sign, reaching a higher status in society and building things for yourself and others with exalting Marsian force. The norm is that whatever you build successfully will be taken from you in one way or the other either during or after your lifetime (taxes, lawsuits, etc).

5. Axis, LeoAquarius: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Leo, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with personal fun, cultivation of ego and child-like behaviour that is tied to material things. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Aquarius, where Uranus rules astrology, spirit and matter become balanced, brotherhood for the benefit of society is practiced and high oracles are understood.

6. Axis, VirgoPisces: psy-ops are designed to keep you in Virgo, which is the part of your mind that is concerned with fixing problems, dealing with diseases and applying great detail to minute material things. At the same time, psy-ops are designed to keep you away from Pisces, where you let go of all problems and your ego, you find inner peace and have all your enemies in open awareness.

This is one fairly simple model that thoroughly explains the functionality of social engineering/ psy-ops work. One might ask, where is fear in this model? Fear is indeed not to be found here, because fear is the great enemy of the entire mind system - meaning, if people are predominantly in fear (of weather change, war, disease, police, poverty, crime, etc..), none of the 6 axis can be balanced and none of the 12 disciplines can be properly cultivated.

We´ve got nothing to fear but fear itself.
The things that we fear are a weapon held against us.

Israel is a biblical expression for the dome of stars, in combination with the lunar/ solar system, which culminates in the zodiac. There was no ancient Israel, and this statement is fully supported by the fact that no single artifact has ever been found from such a fictional country, not one vase, one statue, a grave, nothing. This is because Israel is a metaphysical expression and not a historic site. The twelve tribes of Israel are the 12 zodiac signs, out of which the twelve solar types of people are born. These are also the 12 Christian disciples, which refers to discipline, because these are the 12 disciplines of mind in which one must excel during material life, while under the powers of the zodiac. No Hebrew nation ever existed, and the Hebrew teachings (it is a misnomer to say Hebrew people, because a language group is not an ethnicity) were an archenemy of the cradle of civilization, which was Khemet, and not Greece, India or Mesopotamia.

decadence is an overly focus on Taurus and lack of Scorpio

Where will Zionism lead the world? If you want to understand Zionist strategy, simply read their quasi-manual, the Protocols of Zion. It does not matter at all whether this is an authentic document or not, because the contents are 100% on point. This document reveals most of what is happening behind the scenes on a greater scale, e.g. media control, dumbing down of children through left-brain education, gender confusion, anti-family measures, surveillance, chemical war on fertility, censorship, false history, general decay of values, decadence, war-mongering, division, infiltration, propaganda, pornography, filth, pedophilia, false science, surpression of truth, digitalisation, etc etc etc. These just popped to my mind randomly, because they are all obvious to me.

So, Zionism is a weapon against your mind. It is a very cunning, destructive and potentially lethal thorn in the flesh of the world. Unfortunately, there is currently no way for us to take this thorn out. Over the next 300 years we are going to experience a transformation to a completely digitized, unnatural surveillance society. I am afraid this will be inevitable for humanity, for we must learn the hard way that (electric) technology is a great danger to our very own existence. I do hope my prophecy will be wrong, but I am afraid it is not.

Take note of the weapons that are held against you. But do not get depressed or scared by them. There is nothing to be scared of as human being. There is no such thing as death in nature. Nothing can harm your higher self, it is eternal and indestructible.

Hotep and be well.


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