Symbology of Domino's Pizza

If you have heard about Pizzagate, Comet Ping PongJohn Podesta, Bill Clinton´s joyrides, Jeffrey Eppstein´s island and you have been awake and interested enough to follow the gazillion cases of abuse committed by the Catholic Church and their allies, the below will simply add a further stunning puzzle piece into the picture of global organized pedophilia. If you are new to this topic and sleeping, you might fall off your chair, or dismiss this info as conjecture.

 read on to find out what this motto is referrring to

It seems obvious to me that pedophilia is the glue that holds the global oppressive power structure together. If you reach a certain echelon in any part of society, one day you will sit in a saloon with cameras and in come the children to sit on your lap. You made it! You are are now an official club member and member for life, because pedophilia carries a potential 20-year jail sentence.

Often, spiritually awakened people become frustrated, when they realize that they cannot wake up others. There is no need to get frustrated. The level of verity (truth is a weaker term than veritas, because truth is faith based) that any person can bear depends on the level of soul development. Higher developed souls are able to face veritas without getting shook up by emotions, and do not get depressed by negative information. Sleeping souls are moved even by something as profane as novels, or t.v. movies, and truth scares and depresses them. If you think that you could get nightmares from waking up to the global pedophilia networks, this text is not for you.

Domino - dominate minors, look at the logo and let it sink
Pizza - this word is phonetically similar to ped-sa (as in ped-ophilia).
Slice - a slice of pizza has the shape of a pubic area. Slicing up children is definitely one of the things that are being practiced.

The logo above shows two cubes - seeing this logo in the sick light that it needs to be seen in, one cube may show two breasts, the other cube one hole. The number 21 also refers to the U.S. legal drinking age. Age 12 on the other hand may refer to puberty. These meanings are far fetched, but one thing the 3 dots do NOT symbolize, are the first three stores, which is the official narrative. As the global/ elite ritual abuse is a Capricornian/ Satanic (Saturn rules Capricorn) practice, the number 21 may also refers to Dec 21st- the time of the year when Saturn (Satan) takes rulership. A cube also refers to human life.

Now, interpretations and allegations as the ones above make little sense if there were no proper backround to these, no probable cause. But as I had expected, a 5-minute research into the founders of Domino´s is enough, to have pedophilia written all over your research sheet. Therefore, in my view, Domino's pizza should become the new mothership of pizzagate. we should also shine a light on Little Ceasar´s and Pizza Hut.

I will not bore you with personal details of individual people, but the founder, Mr. Monaghan, ended up in a Catholic orphanage at age 6. He aspired to become a priest but was expelled from the seminary for disciplinary reasons. He became a champion for the pro-life movement and his "invaluable" friend, Cardinal Bevilacqua is perhaps the most notorious protector of dangerous sexual predators, in the history of the Catholic Church in America. He is an alleged member of Opus Dei and known as knight of magistral grace in the Military Order of Malta, these are powerful positions in the global elite structure.

just one of countless pages that pop up:
Pizza-Vatican Connection, Domino's Pizza Founder Tom Monaghan Connected to Catholic Child Abusers
So, the 2nd biggest pizza chain in the world is promoting the pedophilia agenda openly, they have been hiding in plain open, which is, when we come to think about it, the only way to organize global crime, because the power structure gets weaker, the further it reaches down. Anyway, they have been shoving their child abuse/ torture/ ritual killings/ whatever they do right into our faces.

...put our sick intentions directly into our logo

...steal and abduct millions of children worldwide and destroyed them in every possible way
...hide our intentions in the plain open

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