Disney's family agenda

Following Socrates' advice below, this blog entry will not talk about the man and also not talk about places and events. Instead, we will here exclusively focus on the ideas contained in the stories. There are several hidden or embedded themes that go through all major Disney successes. I have here picked the one, grand guiding thread, which I believe lies at the heart of the entire Disney agenda, and as you will see below, this thread is obvious, once made aware of.

Just as side note, keep the above quote in mind and look at the mentally retarded presidential discussions that are ongoing between the two comic characters in the U.S. election show. Minds could not be weaker than this - and I refer to those, who watch and discuss it.

The very fact that Disney was able to openly and uncontestedly transport such a theme to the public for nearly one century, if you reflect upon it, proves two things:
#1 society is engineered from the top, and
#2 the mass of the people is utterly unable to recognize such themes.
Even when made aware of an engineering agenda, most people will flee into denial. Admittably, the adorable and cute Disney characters make it hard to see through the agenda, but it is time to wake up to the truth and open our eyes.

The European heavyweight Plato nails it. Now, who tells the stories in our society? For daily news, it is the media, but for "entertainment" (there is no such thing for the subconscious mind), it is Hollywood, and Hollywood is ruled by old money, and old money invests into stories that are to their favor. How this works in the case of Disney, you are about to see below.

In the following, I present a list of major Disney successes and take a look at these from the point of view of the family. There is an almost hair raisingly obvious, in the public eye completely unrecognized theme in all of these movies. Once made aware of, you will see that it is an elephant in the room. You will ask yourself, why you did not recognize it before. If you then research further, you will observe, that children entertainment in all western countries follows a common theme.

Now, take a LOOK yourself, then further below, I will explain the aim and outcome of this engineering agenda, finally applying the concept to the zodiac wheel, which is the only tool able to reveal its ultimate power and logic. As I have pointed out in my blog, the zodiac is a representation of how the human mind works, therefore all mind control systems can be revealed through it.

Keep in mind that the target audience for these stores are your children (!).

1937 Snow White
An orphan girl lives with her wicked stepmother

1940 Pinocchio
A puppet boy enters life without a mother and is tragically separated from his father

1941 Dumbo
An infant boy is cruelly separated from his mother and left to his own fate

1941 Bambi
I his first winter in life, Bambi’s mother is killed

1950 Cinderella
After the deaths of her mother and father, a girl ends up under the tyranny of an evil stepmother, she is later saved by royalty

1950 Treasure Island
A boy leaves his mother for great adventure

1953 Peter Pan
Children escape their non understanding parents

1967 Jungle Book
An orphan boy is raised by animals in the jungle

1970 Aristocats
Three children are forcedly separated from their mother

1977 The Rescuers
An orphan girl is rescued from captivity by mice working for a UN sub group

1981 The Fox and the Hound
An orphaned boy is the main character

1985 Return to Oz
A girl lives with her uncle and aunt, parents are nowhere to be seen

1988 Oliver and Company
An orphaned child is left abandoned

1989 The Little Mermaid
A teenage girl living only with her father is tricked by an evil woman

1991 Beauty and the Beast
An evil woman transforms a young royal into a beast

1991 Aladdin
A street orphan is being taken advantage of

1994 Lion King
A young boy is traumatized by the death of his father and has to face life's challenges on his own

1996 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
A deformed baby’s mother is killed, he is raised in a cathedral

1997 Herkules
A young boy is kidnapped and grows up as an outsider with his foster parents

1999 Tarzan
An infant's parents are killed and he grows up in the jungle

2000 Dinosaurs
A mother abandons her nest, the offspring is raised by monkeys

2002 Treasure Planet
An isolated teenager is abandoned by his father

2003 Finding Nemo
A family is almost killed, leaving only the father and one crippled boy, who are then tragically separated

2003 Brother Bear
A bear takes care of an abandoned cup

2011 Mars Needs Moms
A boy’s mother is abducted and replaced by a robot

2013 Frozen
The parents of two teenagers die in a storm

We observe that Disney movies seem to have a serious issue with healthy family structures. In fact, healthy family structures are nowhere to be found in the most popular Disney movies. Instead, Disney confronts the children audience with traumatizing deaths, separations, evil women and show children growing up in which ever way, but surely not in a normal family. It can be said that the stories are distinctly anti-family and often anti-female, showing evil women to be the enemies of children.

This agenda opposes nature, where mothers are naturally the children's greatest protectors. In animal and human life, mothers are often prepared to give their own lives to protect their offspring. The idea of showing movies to children that turn this concept upside down, is the attempt to shatter their natural trust into their parents at earliest age and anchor the idea of possibly mastering life without the guidance and care of their parents. Now, who benefits from this? The zodiac exposes this concept:

Family is represented by Cancer, and it is opposed by Capricorn, the sign of hierarchies and governments. By moving children's mindset away from home/ parents, it automatically drifts towards the external world, which in our time is organized and tightly controlled by government.

Note that in Cancer (family) the greater benefic Jupiter exalts and spreads his fortune in abundance, while in Capricorn, the lesser malific Mars exalts and results in great strife, confrontation and unrest. THIS is where the social engineers want us to be!

Ever since the priesthood has been corrupted some 2,500 years ago, the (covertly) declared enemy of governments has been the family. When there are strong family structures, government is not needed. Oppressive government has to be interested in weakening family structures, and the Disney mind control system is a part of their machinery to achieve this in a hidden, playful, innocent looking way.

If you now count 1+1 together, you will find that Disney, supported and driven through Masonic power structures, through its work has transported a fundamental Masonic agenda, which is to weaken family structures and strengthen government structures, which have been and are still today controlled from behind the scenes, not exclusively by Zionists/ Masons, but to some degree, certainly yes.

Some further agendas that are being transported through Disney are for example:
- lower class criminals need to be defeated by royal/ upper class hero figures
- sympathy for authority figures is promoted
- there is a covert pedophile element (e.g. Winnieh Pooh, Peter Pan, Duck family)
- occultism is distorted as to make it seem like something that it is not (e.g. twisted concept of "magic")
- male, working class, loser-type anti-heroes are given sympathy 
- child rebellion against parents is promoted
- no intact family structures
- women are often displayed as evil
- distortion of mythologies
- distortion of historical events
- political agendas
- ....


  1. Two things - first of all Disney may well have an "agenda", but Disney didn't write any of those stories - most of them are fairy/folk tales that are hundreds of years old. Second, the Bible forbids astrology, so it's clear who's behind this site.

    1. In which crazy dream did you hear that the bible forbids astrology? Haha you are a funny guy. The bible is pure astrology.